Housler signs with Browns

Posted by Darren Urban on April 9, 2015 – 2:19 pm

Rob Housler wasn’t coming back to the Cardinals. The team had decided to move on from the tight end and 2011 third-round pick, so he was always going to have a new address in 2015. It turned out to be Cleveland, where Thursday Housler worked out a one-year contract. He joins former Cardinals teammates Karlos Dansby and Jim Dray. Once the Cardinals drafted Troy Niklas last year, Housler’s days were probably numbered, and with Darren Fells emerging as a future possibility at tight end, the Cards had — along with John Carlson — the tight ends they needed.

Coach Bruce Arians has said he is hoping to add an H-back-type tight end. Right now, the Cards have five tight ends on the roster: Niklas, Fells, Carlson, Ted Bolser and Ifeanyi Momah.


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24 Responses to “Housler signs with Browns”

  1. By joe67 on Apr 9, 2015 | Reply

    I sure pulled for Housler. Had all the tools it seemed, but just didn’t happen. Plus, bad luck with injuries. Was probably a good pick at the time and was probably a good decision to let him go at this time. I wish him luck.

  2. By Steve on Apr 9, 2015 | Reply

    We drafted Housler over Justin Houston. That’s all I need to say. Thanks Rod Graves, there’s a reason you’re out of the NFL.

  3. By Andy Kw on Apr 9, 2015 | Reply

    He had the skills but he was never much of a target for the Cardinals. He has the speed and size to match with Jimmy Graham but he shares the same traits of not being an effective run blocker.
    -I see the Cardinals keeping 4 TEs in the 53 man roster. John Carlson, Niklas, & Fells probably are locks. Ifeanyi Momah, Ted Bolser, and potential signee TE James Casey could compete for the final spot and probably also compete to move up the depth chart.

  4. By georgiebird on Apr 9, 2015 | Reply

    I didn’t like Housler because he lacked toughness. But Cards fans’ will wonder -who will be the next Jay Novacek or Robert Awalt that we let get away?

  5. By BirdsSTC on Apr 9, 2015 | Reply

    Good riddance. What a disappointment.

  6. By krehbieo14 on Apr 9, 2015 | Reply


    In defense of Rod Graves, he was responsible for positive draft picks like Michael Floyd, Bobby Massie, Justin Bethel and Patrick Peterson, In retrospect, he struck out on many picks. Should he have been retained by the Cards, I think not.

  7. By sbrown on Apr 9, 2015 | Reply

    Steve –

    not to depress you, but in 2011 Draft Round 3 …

    pick 5 / 69 overall was AZ taking Housler

    pick 6 / 70 overall was KC taking Justin Houston
    ( just the Def player of the year 20 sacks )

    pick 7 / 71 overall was Dal taking DeMarco Murray
    ( just the Offence player of the year )

    if you look at all of the 2011 Az picks, P. Peterson is the only player out of the eight picks, still with the Cards. Not how you build up a roster.

  8. By clssylssy on Apr 9, 2015 | Reply

    Good for him, hopefully he can get the opportunity for another chance. After he was injured, he never had a chance in Arizona as we have never known quite what to do with a TE and this fan base is a pretty unforgiving.
    Most of our fans blame the players for not developing into Probowlers when our system hasn’t really done much to coach them up.

  9. By Andy Kw on Apr 9, 2015 | Reply

    Hey guys check out my fanpost at the link below:

    Would be nice to have insights to what you guys think. Hey Darren, you should check it out too

  10. By Big Ken on Apr 9, 2015 | Reply

    El Busto

  11. By drstiegler on Apr 9, 2015 | Reply

    The guy dropped way too many balls, period. Not going to miss him one bit and the thought of missing out on Houston and DeMarco makes me sick to my stomach.

  12. By Steve . on Apr 9, 2015 | Reply

    You guys keep blaming Graves for those picks but you have to remember that Whisenhunt was behind a lot of those choices and Graves mistake was putting to much trust in the coaches evaluations of draft prospects.

  13. By Mark on Apr 9, 2015 | Reply

    Rob Housler was the softest player I have ever watched. I will never erase the image of him getting pushed down on a special teams play and just letting the other team bully him. He kept getting pushed down and showed no fight. You need to be a tough player or atleast stand up for yourself as a person. I am glad to see him go, and he will not be missed. I was a big fan of housler’s athletic ability when he came into this league. I seriously thought he was going to have a chance to break out with his speed. But he dropped so many passes, and only had ONE touchdown in his time here. Safe to say, Troy Niklas needs to step up!

  14. By Coach K on Apr 9, 2015 | Reply

    Perfect fit for the Browns. This will insure they continue losing.

  15. By American Sports Legacy on Apr 9, 2015 | Reply

    Housler has a ton of talent, I just don’t think he was a good fit for the Cardinals. I think he will excel in an offense that has a better quarterback and a better running back to take pressure off the passing game. The Cardinals will sign someone who is more of a fit in the near future and I think will have a legitimate title shot, provided they also come up with a decent running game and a good run defense.

  16. By Big Ken on Apr 10, 2015 | Reply

    Cards have a decent group at TE. I can see a late round pick being used or a UDFA coming in though.

  17. By CORMAC on Apr 10, 2015 | Reply

    The Cardinals tried to get a Jimmy Graham type tight end, and on paper all the numbers added up to a be great one. BUTTTTT Housler is no Jimmy Graham. It seemed he dropped a lot of balls (like JOHH CARLSON) year after year so he was not a good receiver. He was not that big and strong, so never a good blocker either. He was only FAST. What good can you be to the team, if you cannot do your job?

    I am hoping John keeps it real and gets the job done, as I think this is a make or break year for him. I also REALLY like the MAN CHILD Troy. He should be a Viking warrior in some far away land. He is a beast.

  18. By D on Apr 10, 2015 | Reply

    My April Mock Draft:

    Round 1 M. Gordon RB Wisc (Dupree was off the board) You don’t spend all that $ in the offseason on the OL and not get another difference maker at RB

    Round 2. D. Hunter OLB LSU

    Round 3 J. Collins CB LSU

    Round 4 R. Wilson LB GA

    Round 5. L. Gibson OT VaTech

    Round 6. J. Mbu DT Houston

  19. By Scott H on Apr 10, 2015 | Reply

    OK. Good luck to him. I feel like he really wasn’t even here, to be honest, but that is no knock on Housler. No TE that has been here in the last decade has really had much impact, so….he fit right in with everyone / anyone else who played that position.

    Will be curious to see what he does in Cleveland.

  20. By Dr. G. on Apr 10, 2015 | Reply

    Was it a Grave mistake to let Housler stay instead of giving him a chance with another team.?

  21. By B.J. Rassam on Apr 10, 2015 | Reply

    Rob is an okay peripheral type player – typically maximum a few catches a game. Keeping or losing him won’t make a difference in the quest for a ring.

  22. By Dr. G. on Apr 10, 2015 | Reply

    ScottH…Cards Fans… Yeah…It has not been much an issue for our TEs as offensive weapons. Everyone has read my posts on Arians missing out on great opportunities. Fells ((with good hands)) says he loves contact as a receiver…at 6’7″ 281++, what defender will be happy seeing him in their backfield with the ball knowing they will probably get a knee in the sternum trying to stop him?!

    As I said before, I get a little rush thinking about this, but then it subsides when I think how BA wants to use them primarily as blockers….a waste of weaponry. Let’s hope the lights come on for him this season to compensate for JGraham types.

  23. By TucsonTim on Apr 12, 2015 | Reply

    Couldn’t block, couldn’t catch, couldn’t stay healthy; where is the story here, other than the Browns have become the new bottom feeders of the NFL.

  24. By Big Ken on Apr 13, 2015 | Reply

    Is the Cardinals interest in Blake Bell genuine or is it smoke and mirrors?

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