More than 11 starters, “too dumb” and other notes

Posted by Darren Urban on August 1, 2015 – 1:12 pm

Not a lot of news yet from Bruce Arians at training camp, in part because the Cards still haven’t had a practice yet (and even when they do today, it’ll be without pads. No pads until Monday.) But here are some quick tidbits:

— Carson Palmer’s arm is stronger, as Michael Floyd noted, because he has recovered from his shoulder issues of a year ago and also went through a rigorous rehab process on it while he was rehabbing his bad knee. He doesn’t know if it is stronger than it ever was, but he said he has noticed an uptick in velocity from last season.

— Arians on discussing starters, especially in this era of sub-packages and evolving gameplans:  “We have about 16 starters on offense, we have about 18 starters on defense depending on what package we play that week,” Arians said. “Don’t get caught up. We introduce more starters than most teams because you try not to hurt anybody’s feelings that way.”

— That said, Arians said the inside linebacker job next to Sean Weatherspoon is Kevin Minter’s to lose, at least in the base package. In other packages, Minter would come off the field, most of the time for a defensive back.

— Arians singled out undrafted rookie inside linebacker Gabe Martin as a player who he is intrigued by and will be watching closely.

— It’s rare for a team to have five quarterbacks in camp, Arians acknowledged. One of them could be the first to be cut off the roster if injuries force a move at say, wide receiver. It ups the pressure early in camp.

— On the heels of his “Camp Cupcake” comment, Arians noted that the daily work involves players going to meetings in the morning to go over that day’s plays, then the team has a morning walkthrough going through those plays, and then the team practice the same plays full speed in the afternoon.

“If you can’t get it by then you’re probably too dumb to play,” Arians deadpanned. “That’s the evaluation process.”


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5 Responses to “More than 11 starters, “too dumb” and other notes”

  1. By rod on Aug 1, 2015 | Reply

    Fells and Spoon left early…ARGH

  2. By Richard S on Aug 1, 2015 | Reply

    Reminds me of a basketball player who was a freshman in high school when I was a senior. When he was a senior who played on a team that lost only one game in 2 years and won the state championship in their division he told me he’d like to go to my university. I had no idea about his grades, but I went to see the university basketball coach and he asked what high school and I told him and he named the player and added “He’s too dumb to go to school here.” He ended up playing basketball at Missouri State and from a conversation I had with another friend who graduated from there he told me he never went to class and flunked out after one semester. That’s the only time I ever heard a coach use the expression “too dumb”.

  3. By Cards fan in NorCal on Aug 2, 2015 | Reply

    Do you see the Cardinals having interest in the recently released Tony McDaniel from Seattle?

  4. By Darren Urban on Aug 2, 2015 | Reply

    Cards fan —

    RE: McDaniel

    Do not know, but already have a surplus of DL so I would doubt it.

  5. By brinnc on Aug 7, 2015 | Reply

    If it makes for better competition, and doesnt break the bank then bring him on!!! Somehow I dont see him falling to the Cardinals on waiver claims, afterall he was a starter for one of the best defenses in the NFL, he is almost certainly an upgrade for almost evert team outhere!

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