Surgery for Floyd and his hand

Posted by Darren Urban on August 6, 2015 – 6:07 am

Let’s start by saying that the Cardinals have not said anything officially about the Michael Floyd timeline after he hurt his left hand in practice Wednesday. Floyd will miss time. How much? We’ll see, but Floyd himself confirmed as much when he tweeted out a picture from late last night after he had surgery.

Reports originally said Floyd could miss six weeks, or maybe five, or four or maybe even three, that his fingers were broken, or dislocated. The Cardinals probably won’t update Floyd’s status until Friday when Bruce Arians speaks to the media again. The good thing is the reports seemed to trend toward the lesser numbers, so maybe Floyd doesn’t have to miss any regular season time.

Regardless, the Cardinals have depth at receiver, even if Floyd’s absence were to trend into the regular season. Larry Fitzgerald — who was Carson Palmer’s top target for that brief stretch when Palmer was healthy post-shoulder last season — should be No. 1, and John Brown is primed to be a No. 2 target even with no Floyd. Jaron Brown, Brittan Golden and J.J. Nelson have all looked good in early camp. For the Cards, this is an injury that can be overcome, assuming Floyd doesn’t miss significant regular-season time.


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38 Responses to “Surgery for Floyd and his hand”

  1. By jeffgollin on Aug 6, 2015 | Reply

    To be clear, you’re talking about finger(s) in the plural? Holy cow! How so?

  2. By Travis on Aug 6, 2015 | Reply

    Sounds good! Could’ve been a lot worse. I am expecting a good year from Mike. I want to see him roll Sherman

  3. By Dynosoar on Aug 6, 2015 | Reply

    I’m expecting great things from Floyd this season. I love the photo above, the color are spectacular. All the gray makes me think it was a dismal day with him getting injured, but the Cardinals uniforms make a bright spot.

    Our Cardinals are poised for their best season ever. We have never won more than 11 games in a regular season, this is the year.

    As Cardinals players have been saying “Super Bowl or Bust!”

    I like “The Lombardi Trophy or nothing at all.” But if the Cardinals win it all, I don’t care what phrase they use to get there.

    Looking forward to our aerial attack. And supporting that, I looked at a photo of Robert Hughes and Andre Ellington from yesterdays practice, man Hughes is Huge!

  4. By Andy Kw on Aug 6, 2015 | Reply

    That actually gives the Cardinals an opportunity to keep both JJ Nelson & Brittan Golden. Who knows, maybe UDFA Rookies Jaxon Shipley and Trever Harman have a better chance too.

  5. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Aug 6, 2015 | Reply

    Any thought our FIFA star might spread out?

  6. By Brett In Co. on Aug 6, 2015 | Reply

    Hopefully Floyd will not miss any regular season games, so get well Floyd and see you real soon!!!

  7. By Scott H on Aug 6, 2015 | Reply

    Look….I agree with some of the sentiments from the previous blog in regard to the next man up thing. Ultimately, teams do not win SB’s OR conferences OR divisions by losing their best players and going with the next guy in line. Teams that win SB’s are generally teams that have pretty good fortune with staying healthy. The 2014 Cardinals are the perfect example. The next man up thing can take you so far. But the losses will eventually take their toll.

    Here is another example from the 2014 – the Seahawks. For the first half of the season, maybe a little more, they were just not the same wrecking ball of a team they had been in 2013. But they were also missing some key players. Then, they started to get their guys BACK and look what happened. They became that wrecking ball again. They won the division, got the top seed in the NFC, went all the way to the SB. The only thing that stopped them from hoisting the trophy again was bone-headed play calling on the goal line.

    Floyd’s injury is not devastating. It appears he will be back early in the season and ( barring any other losses ) our depth at WR is good. They can weather that storm. The injuries at RB are far more of a concern.

    After last season, I didn’t want to hear the words next-man-up ever again. But…here they are.

  8. By Tina Olade on Aug 6, 2015 | Reply

    Get well and take us to the super bowl 50 and kick butt and win In Jesus Name. Amen!. My husband and I and our children are rooting for you guys by the Grace Of God and so is the whole world(We dare them not to). Go Cardinals! Go Red!

  9. By Eric G on Aug 6, 2015 | Reply

    Best thing I can say is at least its not a torn anything muscle and he will return early in the season, so good news.

  10. By dkerry5242 on Aug 6, 2015 | Reply

    Anytime you need surgery you’re going to miss significant playing time.
    The Cards have to face the fact that it will take Floyd time to recover and feel comfortable catching passes again. Not to be pessimistic; but I think he’s going to be out 6 to 8 weeks. First game back 9/27

  11. By georgiebird on Aug 6, 2015 | Reply

    Don’t like to see anyone have an injury. That being said, the Cards are a faster team without Floyd. Having both Floyd and Larry slows down the offense. If Carson has a stronger arm this year, then maybe a faster wr like Jaron might be a good thing. I don’t look at Floyd’s loss being a big negative- it’s an opportunity for one of the younger guys to be a star.

  12. By Jim Schu on Aug 6, 2015 | Reply


    Any word on whether Larry Foote is going to play? And also, where is Zastudil?

  13. By Darren Urban on Aug 6, 2015 | Reply

    Jim —

    RE: Zasty/Foote

    Zastudil is here and competing with Drew Butler.

    I doubt Foote will be anything but a coach.

  14. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Aug 6, 2015 | Reply

    Hand surgery, 4 weeks to recovery is possible. Therapy starts pretty quickly, he just might be back…just wonder if they’ll let him on field to run routes or put on that Virtual reality headset.

  15. By G.Witt on Aug 6, 2015 | Reply

    A speedy recovery to you Michael Floyd!!!

  16. By carlo milano on Aug 6, 2015 | Reply

    why a broken finger required a surgery?
    i tought a plaster for 3 weeks was enough

  17. By Darren Urban on Aug 6, 2015 | Reply

    Carlo —

    RE: Surgery

    There was a report that the fingers broke the skin, which is why surgery was needed.

  18. By Andy Kw on Aug 6, 2015 | Reply

    We cut Ted Bolser and waived John Fullington. Are we making room for Tony McDaniel & Chris Cook?

  19. By mike in mesa on Aug 6, 2015 | Reply

    Its only his hands. Its not like he really needs those to catch the ball. Has anyone reported how this happened?

  20. By Darren Urban on Aug 6, 2015 | Reply

    Mike in Mesa —

    RE: Injury

    He dove for a pass and somehow the fingers were caught underneath him as he hit the ground. No defender involved.

  21. By Scott H on Aug 6, 2015 | Reply

    Drew Butler….my lord, I can’t believe he is here at all. For me, he is the punter equivalent to Derek Anderson. Butler is a reminder of the frustrations of last season that I would much rather forget.

    Dave Zastudil, please ( PLEASE! ) take care of yourself!

    Regarding Floyd, I think we mostly agree this is not a tragedy. He will be back and I think we are all excited about the prospect of seeing a little more of the Brown’s. I know I am. But all the same, I cringe at the idea that someone would suggest that the team is slower with him on the field. I don’t see that. As far as a true deep threat is concerned, I think Floyd is the most qualified WR on the team – even if he’s not the fastest. There’s more to it than just being a burner.

    And how are we “slower” with Fitz??? Geez, didn’t anyone see him take a short slant-in 80 yards for a TD against Philly last year??? Didn’t he basically out-run the Eagles defense from the 50 yard-line all the way to the endzone??? No, Fitz is not a burner. Never has been. But that man can go when he has to! Like that 63-yarder he had in the SB. When he needs to get there….he’s gonna get there! With his overall skill level, his speed is more than fine.

  22. By Jim Schu on Aug 6, 2015 | Reply

    @Scott H

    Yes Fitz outran the Eagles secondary, but they were known last year for being slow. If you want a measuring stick, watch Smoke on that play. You’re right that Fitz was never a burner, but his ‘spring’ isn’t what it once was. The spring that got him out of his break that little bit faster, and got him that little bit higher than DBs on jump balls.

  23. By rod on Aug 6, 2015 | Reply

    Well fudge, he was catching everything and beasting! Get well soon big guy.

    Link to picture with 3 dislocated fingers, I am suspecting it’s not actually Michael Floyd.

  24. By CreditCard on Aug 6, 2015 | Reply

    Broke skin = compound fracture = 4+ weeks (at least for us mortals). I’m guessing the Cards med staff knows on how to wrap his hand with a fiberglass form fitting cast at the end of 4 weeks for complete healing.

    The roll of the dice for the Cards and all the other NFL teams is the 1st preseason game concerning injuries. NFLPA’s negotiations with the NFL regarding padded practices and physical contact — the test will be next week. If countless injuries throughout the league will mean this experiment is not successful. If on the other hand, there is good contact and action w/o massive injury, then their recommendation has worked.

    My limited experience and personal thought would be that it is better to slow crescendo the hitting before the 1st game, vs. what the league is doing — we shall see.

  25. By cards62 on Aug 6, 2015 | Reply

    Fitz is not only my favorite receiver, but he is my favorite Cardinal of all time, but father time comes for us all. Fitz can still be successful for us 80+ catches 1200 yards but more of a possession receiver. I still think Fitz has the best hands in football, but I just do not see him getting much separation from dbs.
    We need speed and size and ball skills and Floyd has all three. I also like the Browns and think we have 4 really good receivers and we need all 4. I think Floyd and maybe little Brown can draw attention away from Fitz helping Fitz to be more successful, but we need a healthy Floyd with his head in the game. Even with a healthy Floyd hope the other WRs shine so that the coaches have to keep 6 on our roster. Sorry that Floyd is injured for his sake and I wanted to watch him play this preseason for my sake. Had such high hopes for Floyd last year after his 2013 season, and I know our QB situation last year was not the best, but have to tell you that Floyd was the 2nd most disappointing Cardinal for me last year, Washington the first, even more than Patrick Peterson. So many times he just disappeared in games and many times I watch him go up for the ball and not come down with it. I know he can play I just do not know what went wrong last year with Floyd so Mr. Floyd wishing you a speedy recover, a healthy 2015, and hopefully a pro bowl year. Floyd is another high first round draft choice of ours and we need these guys to be stars.

    Darren thank you for letting us know how he was injured, and is Floyd under contract with us for 2 more seasons?

    Go Cards

  26. By Darren Urban on Aug 7, 2015 | Reply

    cards62 —

    RE: Floyd

    Floyd’s deal runs through 2016.

  27. By canadian redbird on Aug 6, 2015 | Reply

    I agree with Scott H. Why is Drew Butler even in camp considering his deplorable performance last year against Carolina in the playoff game. We lost 20 -30 yards in field position every change of position. I said in an earlier post that we needed to draft a punter who could be a difference maker

    Stay healthy Zasty or we are in big trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. By Bay Area Bad Boy on Aug 7, 2015 | Reply


    Get well soon. The team will need you come the regular season.

  29. By faster on Aug 7, 2015 | Reply

    best wishes for a speedy recovery to mike.

  30. By Scott H on Aug 7, 2015 | Reply

    Jim –

    Well, not many WR’s have the same “spring” 10 years into their career that they had earlier. That’s just the laws of nature. Ten years down the road, Smoky won’t have the same “spring” either! Fitz has always been more of a total package WR, someone who could do EVERYTHING well, several things better than most, and few things that no one else could do. Given all that, his speed was always more than adequate. It still is.

  31. By clssylssy on Aug 7, 2015 | Reply

    When I read about Floyd, my reaction was not so much that our receiving corps would be effected by the loss of his ball skills but more that we would be losing a big bodied receiver to help block for the little guys. To have John Brown our #2 guy now is like having Andre Ellington there– he may be a “burner” but the first time he is pancaked by a big corner, like Sherman, he’ll be out for the count and we’ll be in serious trouble (nothing against Brown just a simple fact).
    I was hoping that this season would be different for Floyd and he would have been inspired by the fact that he got his extension and wasn’t traded (yet), that he had found new focus and had cured his case of the “drops” and vanishing act.
    Speed is great but having the physicality and toughness to be a “defensive” type threat on offense plus having the ball skills (great hands) trumps being a situational player. In a day when size, physicality and toughness is becoming the norm for most teams and necessary to get to the SB, we need a guy like Floyd to be a tandem threat along with Fitz. Floyd and Brown have entirely different skillsets and I’m hoping Floyd’s healing time will be fast so we won’t be crushed by the New Orleans defense in our season opener at home! I hate the thought of putting John Brown in a vulnerable position against some seasoned (and nasty) corners like Brandon Browner, Jarius Byrd, Brian Dixon, Keenan Lewis, etc. Granted, injuries are going to happen and I would rather have them earlier than later but so far, it seems “Camp Cupcake” has exposed a lack of durability and toughness that was our demise last season and was suppose to be addressed by Keim and company in the offseason. With the first preseason game just around the corner, it will be interesting to see just how well we’ve corrected our biggest issues from last season, namely toughness and duribility–talent has never been the issue that stopped us from succeeding!

  32. By Scott H on Aug 7, 2015 | Reply

    Just for some perspective, I’m just seeing where Aldon Smith ( 49ers ) was arrested for DUI. Man, if there is a team out there that truly had a rough off-season, it is the 49ers. Between the retirements, the FA defections ( Frank Gore was a huge loss ), and now legal issues….that team really got beat up pretty bad.

    Wonder what Darnell Dockett is thinking these days…..

  33. By Scott H on Aug 7, 2015 | Reply

    Oh, I’m sorry, it wasn’t JUST a DUI Aldon Smith was arrested for – it was also for hit and run and vandalism. Nice.

    Anyone want to wager on Smith getting re-instated before Washington does?

  34. By mike in mesa on Aug 7, 2015 | Reply

    thanks Darren

  35. By erik on Aug 7, 2015 | Reply

    I was thinking the same thing, Scott H. I would not make that bet with you. Smith will be back before D-Wash. The lack of news on him is frustrating as s#*t, to say the least.

  36. By Jim Koch on Aug 8, 2015 | Reply

    This comment is in response to Andy KW. As far as signing Tony McDaniel I believe our depth is good enough that its not really necessary. And although Cook has good size he has 0 career INTs. Not much of a playmaker. But I wholeheartedly agree on the need for a big CB to play on the outside.

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