Ellington extended in final K.C. tuneup

Posted by Darren Urban on August 13, 2015 – 4:37 pm

Andre Ellington isn’t limited anymore. That was clear at Thursday’s practice, the last full one the Cards have before Saturday’s preseason opener against the Chiefs (there is a “mock game” walkthrough Friday which is closed to both fans and media.) Ellington made catches and ran with ease and quickness. On one run he broke into the secondary and slowed, normal for a practice where there was just shells and shorts. But cornerback Patrick Peterson came running up behind, getting Ellington to sprint away from him, both of them smiling. Ellington’s explosion looked evident and there was no sign of his hamstring woes. A good sign.

— Coach Bruce Arians didn’t mention it at his presser earlier but defensive end Matt Shaughnessy wasn’t practicing. The day before Shaughnessy had come out and had ice on his left knee. He never left the field, but my guess is that they will be cautious with whatever it is.

— Quarterback Carson Palmer had one of his rest days, which makes sense because he’ll play the least against the Chiefs out of the four QBs on the roster.

— It was a day for interceptions. Once again, safety Tyrann Mathieu got a pick, although this time it came on a batted pass. Honey Badger is always around the ball. Safety Tony Jefferson and UDFA cornerback Cariel Brooks also had picks. Brooks is a name to remember — he’s making a push to find a way on to this roster.

— Shorty wide receiver Smokey Brown made a nice leaping TD catch over cornerback Jerraud Powers on a Drew Stanton pass, and Phillip Sims hooked up with WR Jaxon Shipley on a deep TD bomb later on.

— Injured wide receiver Michael Floyd got in some light conditioning with assistant strength and conditioning coach Roger Kingdom after practice.


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9 Responses to “Ellington extended in final K.C. tuneup”

  1. By Eazy E on Aug 14, 2015 | Reply

    No news on Chris Johnson yet..

  2. By Eric G on Aug 14, 2015 | Reply

    Can’t wait till tomorrow. Glad Ellington is healthy, we need him bad this year to take some pressure off Palmer. With Ellington looking healthy, I hope the Cards have pulled the offer to Johnson at this point given that it doesn’t seem like he wants to play for the Cards.

  3. By clssylssy on Aug 14, 2015 | Reply

    With all the injuries in the games last night, my heart will be in my throat with this first preseason game against a much improved KC Chiefs and some of our players still marginally “healthy”. Since this is really an exercise for the new guys to show what that can offer to the roster, I don’t think any real fans would mind forgoing the customary two or three series by the starters. We know what Palmer and Ellington can do and the real questions are about the backups and depth. I am anxious to see Logan Thomas for a sustained period of time as compared to some of the other backup QBs we are seeing. So far Garrett Grayson (Saints rookie from Colorado) looked pretty sharp as newbies go, but this is JUST preseason and a learning exercise so no reason to overreact.
    Am hoping that no news about Chris Johnson means the FO has moved on from that idea. According to Mike Jureki, Johnson is wanting guaranteed money and matching touches with Ellington… what an arrogant clown! This coming from an out-of-work guy who couldn’t cut it with the Titans or Jets and whose career has been known more for the firestorm of controversy than anything else.
    Good Luck Cards and remember winning in preseason is not about the scoreboard but more about getting out of the game injury free!

  4. By Billy D on Aug 14, 2015 | Reply

    The Cardinals are going to absolute dominate the competition this year !!!!

  5. By cards62 on Aug 14, 2015 | Reply

    Great post clssylssy agree with everything you said. No need for Palmer and Ellington to even play in my mind, especially with everything I have read about our oline so far. Lets give the oline another week to gel before putting Palmer and Ellington in a game. The only running back name Johnson I am anxious to see in a Cardinal Uniform running the ball is David Johnson. Chris Johnson could have a good game or two for us, but he is more trouble than he is worth, Hopefully we do go after a veteran back so we have 3 to share the load.

    Looking forward to seeing all of our young wide receivers Saturday and hoping Thomas can get the ball to them.

    Really like what I am reading about our defensive line and it has me thinking if we are going to see some 4-3 this season? Do not expect us to show it in the preseason but with linebacker thin and line stacked it has me wondering.
    What do you other Cardinal Fans think?

    Go Cards

  6. By Billy D on Aug 14, 2015 | Reply

    The Cardinals run game is going to be absolutely sick this year …. RB Andre Ellington was absolutely dominate his rookie season!! As a rookie Ellington lead the NFL in multiple categories , including leading all RB’s w/ 5.5YPC, Broke tackles on an NFL High 17.9% his touch’s , led all RBs with 20+ plus yards on 14.9% of his carries, in OCT of 2013 he led the NFL AVG 8.28 YPC , he had the longest run of the 13 season of 84 yards , led all rookie running backs with 49 1st downs & lead all backs with a 1st down percentage of 22.9% !!!! Then of course as a rookie he finished with well over 1,000 yards from scrimmage w/6 combined TDs……. Ellington rushed for 660 yards on just 118 carries AVG 5.5YPC , and caught 39 passes for 381 yards …..

    A Lot of what happened last year wasn’t Ellington’s fault !!! Arizona’s two starting OG’s in Larsen/Fanaika , absolutely sucked and couldn’t open up any running lanes , they got zero push. Center Lyle Sendlein is usually one of the NFLs better well above AVG run blocking Centers , in 2013 he ranked as the 11th best run blocking OC of 35 ranked , with a very high Plus +9.5 overall run blocking grade…… Last season though he tore his calf muscle , a very bad grade 2…. He tore it training camp last season 2014 , if people recall he sat almost the entire training camp last year. the injury really affected his ability to anchor his base and drive his lower body power up thru his hips n then thru his arms….. He also was struggling with other injuries thru the season , but the Calf injury really affected his run blocking…….. Natural Decline doesn’t explain going from being the 11th ranked run blocking Center w/ a +9.5 overall grade ( 8th ranked OC had a +9.9 run blocking grade so It was very close) and ranked 15th overall w/ a +3.5 grade overall. You don’t fall of that far in a year , All of Lyle Sendleins problems were from playing banged up and injured !!!!! An injured Sendlein paired up with two crappy Guards , gave us some of the worst run blocking in the NFL last year, and Andre Ellington took the brunt of it & a unnecessary brutal pounding !!!!!!

    RB Andre Ellington struggled last season because his run blocking was horrible along the interior offensive line and almost NON EXISTENT!!!! On top of having a terrible line he played with a torn foot ligament all season long which really affected his game & suffered a hip injury in the season he played thru. The fact that with all of all those issues Ellington was able to PUT UP 1,100+ YARDS FROM SCRIMMAGE & 5TDs IN JUST 12 GAMES at the time with all he was dealing with & no run blocking is amazing ……

    With the Elite Offensive Line Ellington now has in front of him that is one of the best top 3 to 5 lines in the NFL I think ELLINGTON is in for A MONSTER SEASON!!!!! Ellington is a extremely talented RB , and now that he has an elite offensive line , that can open up the massive holes n Ellington with his elite straight line speed/explosiveness & with his elite lateral speed, I think Ellington is going to rush for anywhere between 1,150-1,200 rushing yards w/ around 225-235 rushing attempts , with 60-65 receptions for between 600 to 700 receiving yards & around 8-11 combined Touchdowns ………..

    The Offensive-Line Ellington is going to have this season is EASILY & by far & away 100X Times better than any line Ellington has ever had. Left Tackle 6ft”8 325 pound Jared Veldheer is an elite LT that is one of the best n the NFL. Pro Football Focus ranks Veldheer 8th out of 84 tackles ( Ranked as 4th best LT ) and only gave up 1 sack last year…. New LG All-Pro & 3X Pro-Bowler Mike Iupati is an absolute MONSTER!!!!! Iupati was coming off a broken leg he suffered in the 13 NFC-ChampGame & also dealt with & played on a BROKEN FOOT for 10 games last season & still finished as the 11th best OG in NFL & ranked as the 2nd BEST RUN Blocking OG in the NFL last season. Healthy he is going to absolutely maul people this year. Veldheer/Iupati on the left side are going to absolutely truck fools. At Center I am extremely glad we have Lyle Sendlein back. Sendlein is good in pass pro ( gave up jus 1/sack last year) but an excellent run blocker, he was just playing injured last year with a tore calf, in 2013 he ranked as the 11th best run blocker n NFL w/ extremely high +9.5 run blocking grade. Now healthy again , he is going to be the rock solid steady presence at OC he’s been for 8 years with us. At RG we have 1st RD Pick Johnathan Cooper starting and finally 100% healthy again. He has been looking like he did as a rookie & like the player AZ drafted , he has been EXCELLENT in camp & dominating Linemen at times, playing EXCELLENT foorball. Cooper is showing the Natural Athleticism, Speed , Bend , Technique & Handplacement & understanding of leverage that all got him drafted 8th overall. He is getting to the 2nd Level extremely fast & Pulls with EASE , left or right …. One positive of him missing time, is that he knows the offense inside and out up n down. He had elite power n strength before, at the combine he lifted 225 Thirty-Five times more than n e other OG at the combine. Cooper has spent All Off-Season at O-Line Performance working on improving his game ,but most of his time went to lifting weights and re-defining his body. Their is a big noticeable difference n Cooper between last yearn this year. He re-defined his body and the 6″3 310 pound RG looks absolutely yoked , his upper body n base look noticeably stronger.
    Lastly is the RT position. I actually think it is a blessing in disguise RT Bobby Massie ended up suspended the First 3 games. 6″6 310 Massie is appealing the suspension, he wasn’t driving when he got the DUI , he was in his car at the Cardinals parking Lot Asleep in his career & was going to drive home when he woke up sober. Since Massie was not driving & being he has never been in trouble w/ NFL , I think he will only miss 1 or 2 games as players in trouble for 1st time always have suspensions reduced by 1-2 games…. Last season was RT B. Massie’s 1st season starting in Arians offense, he ranked out as AVG n gave up 7 sacks. If Humphries doesn’t take his job , I believe Massie is going to be a whole lot better in year two, Massie is run blocking mauler , he is going to see a ton of run blocking improvement & not give up more than 4 sacks..

    That’s if Massie plays at all this season though , cause now that he has to miss a game or two he could lose his job to AZs 1st/RD Pick. AZs 6ft”5 1/2in 310 OT DJ Humphries is an absolute Beast!!! He is Proto-Typical LT with his size , NFL dot com had him tied for the 2nd best LT in the draft. I think Humphries right now is better than Massie but his Ceiling once broken in & used to NFL, Is a perennial Pro-Bowler & one of the best elite LTs n NFL. Many NFL analysts & scouts thought he was the best LT prospect in the draft, including both Mike Mayock n Daniel Jeremiah. D. Jeremiah (former scout) has said Humphries has better feet & Elite Athleticism/Speed as he’s ever seen in a LT. He compares him to Dallas’s 6″5 310 pound Tyron Smith n believes he will be as good. AZ just plans on breaking Humphries in on at RT to ease him into NFL, and in a year or 2 will move him to LT n Veldheer to RT.
    6″5 DJ Humphries is so much more naturally gifted than Massie in every aspect its not fair to compare the two. Humphries has the foot speed & power to handle both speed n power rushs , he needs to refine his pass rush technique a bit but he excels in his pass protection and can easily be an elite pass protector. Nasty play demeanor with legitimate toughness to his game. Plays through and past the whistle. Stays cranky. Into it all game long & dominated LSU’s Danielle Hunter. Flexible hips and knees offer up leverage wins as run blocker. Humphries excels as a run blocker as well , he almost street fights when he run blocks, very dominant, and is only going to get even better.

  7. By clssylssy on Aug 14, 2015 | Reply

    I see that the Cards are bringing Chris Johnson in for a workout and physical on Sunday. OMG…does that now mean we will be Titans West rather than Steelers West?

  8. By Jim Koch on Aug 14, 2015 | Reply

    I’m very excited to have both Ellington and Johnson on the roster. Besides 6 straight thousand yd seasons Johnson has never missed a game. Pretty impressive in that like Ellington he is not a big guy. That dependability considering Ellington’s injury woes ( not to mention already injured rookie DAVID Johnson) is huge. Welcome Chris, its a pleasure to have you.

  9. By Jim Koch on Aug 14, 2015 | Reply

    Just wanna address a couple points by cards62. First , it looks like Chris Johnson is the veteran back the cards are signing if you didn’t see that by now. Secondly I’m intrigued with your thought about possibly going with a 4-3 defense. They are stacked on the line and as of now considerably weak at ILB. I actually think Minter would be better suited as a MLB in a 4-3. The outside could stay the same with a combo of Okafor and Woodley/Golden. The D line would be impressive with Campbell and Rucker/Redding at the end spots and Peters and Ta’amu at the inside tackle spots. I guess you noticed I’ve left Spoon out of this lineup. That’s due to my lack of faith in him being healthy. But if he is healthy maybe he could play OlB opposite Okafor, moving inside on passing downs with Woodley or Golden taking his outside spot to provide a pass rush. By golly I think this could work and work well!

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