Possible future joint practices — just not in AZ

Posted by Darren Urban on August 27, 2015 – 12:57 pm

It’s the homestretch: One more regular practice today, and then an earlier practice Friday (gates open at 9:30 a.m.) before the Cardinals break camp.

Next year, there’s a possibility not all the training camp practices will be at University of Phoenix Stadium, because, as Bruce Arians has mentioned before, he would “love” to hold some joint practices with another team.

“We just don’t have the space here,” Arians said. “We’d have to travel somewhere.”

Arians said the Cardinals talked to “two or three” other teams about joint practices but it didn’t work out. One team Arians floated as one he wouldn’t mind teaming up with? Tennessee, with former coaching cohort (and former Cardinals head coach) Ken Whisenhunt.

— CB Jerraud Powers, ILB Sean Weatherspoon and RB Chris Johnson are all run testing today to test their hamstrings. If all goes well, they will practice Friday and the door isn’t closed on them playing in Oakland.

— Defensive end Ed Stinson is sitting out with a toe injury. Arians doesn’t think it is serious. It is not the same toe that derailed Stinson’s rookie season and eventually landed him on injured reserve.

— Arians acknowledged what had been speculated on frequently, that there is a possibility the Cardinals would only keep two quarterbacks and have a third on the practice squad.

— The punting battle remains even, Arians said. The coach acknowledged Dave Zastudil’s age and injury history have to be considered, and Arians added that he thought Drew Butler did a good job last season except for that terrible playoff outing. “That was really the only game he struggled,” Arians said. However, Arians added, “it’s still the best guy for the job” and these last two games will be factors.


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38 Responses to “Possible future joint practices — just not in AZ”

  1. By Dynosoar on Aug 27, 2015 | Reply

    We have some very good players that will get cut, so it makes sense to keep at least one of them and use that third QB spot wisely. That being said, I still made my 53 man roster with three QBs.

  2. By Dynosoar on Aug 27, 2015 | Reply

    My 53.

    And yes, I expect mine to be different in some respects to everyone elses. Especially with at least one of my Special Teamers and some of my Practice Squad (I did get at least one on the new ten man PS that can play two positions – HAHA!)

    Darren, what’s the prize if we get the 53 man squad correct?

    QB – Carson Palmer, Drew Stanton and Phillip Sims
    WR – Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd, Jaron Brown, John Brown and J.J. Nelson,
    RB – Andre Ellington, David Johnson, Chris Johnson, Robert Hughes and Kerwynn Williams
    TE – Darren Fells, Ifeanyi Momah, Troy Niklas and Jermaine Gresham
    O-Line – Jared Veldheer, Mike Iupati, Lyle Sendlein, Jonathan Cooper, D.J. Humphries, Ted Larsen, Bradley Sowell and Earl Watford

    CB – Patrick Peterson, Jerraud Powers, Justin Bethel and Jimmy Legree
    S – Tyrann Mathieu, Rashad Johnson, Tony Jefferson and Deone Bucannon
    DE – Calais Campbell, Rodney Gunter, Frostee Rucker, Ed Stinson and Matt Shaughnessy
    OLB – LaMarr Woodley, Alex Okafor, Shaq Riddick, Kareem Martin and Markus Golden
    ILB – Sean Weatherspoon, Kevin Minter, Alani Fua and Kenny Demens
    DT – Alameda Ta’amu and Xavier Williams

    Special Teams – Chandler Catanzaro (K), Drew Butler (P), Mike Leach (LS) and Jaxon Shipley (Returner)

    Practice Squad – Trevor Harman (WR), Gerald Christian (TE), Stepfan Taylor (RB), Brittan Golden (WR), Anthony Steen (G), Logan Thomas (QB/TE), Harold Jones-Quartey (S), Shaquille Richardson (CB), Josh Mauro (DE) and Gabe Martin (ILB)

  3. By dkerry5242 on Aug 27, 2015 | Reply

    We need to address the punting game in the near future. Both punters we have are very average(-) at best.

  4. By Adam on Aug 27, 2015 | Reply

    Hi, Darren, In ur post u said doors open at 9:30, do u know if the players will be there, and is the practice still from 2-4:30. Thanks

  5. By Darren Urban on Aug 27, 2015 | Reply

    Adam —

    RE: Final practice

    No. Times have changed:

  6. By hummer53 on Aug 27, 2015 | Reply

    My crystal ball says we will go over and practice with San Diego and then play a pre season game with them over the weekend. Just don’t know if it will be in San Diego or Los Angeles.

  7. By Kevin S Mesa on Aug 27, 2015 | Reply

    The only reason to keep a 3rd QB is if you think you have a QB of the future. Does anyone really think Logan Thomas will be the guy in 3-4 years? Sims?

    Keeping a 3rd QB just in case your first two get hurt, while perhaps understandable to Cards’ fans given what happened last year as well as the year we went through Kolb, Skelton, Lindley and Hoyer, doesn’t really make a lot of sense. He will get almost zero practice time once the season starts. If Palmer goes down, you can always call one of Thomas or Sims back and put them back on the team to back up Stanton — it’s doubtful either of them will get picked up by anyone else. Why pay a guy to hold a clipboard?

  8. By clssylssy on Aug 27, 2015 | Reply

    With most other teams I would agree with you however, given Cardinal history, together with the performance of our offense in protecting Palmer (not just the 0-line but our receivers inability to execute their blocking assignments), it feels not like a matter of “if” but rather a question of “when” Palmer (and possibly Stanton too) goes down. I feel like the clock is ticking with some of our veteran anchors and we do not want a repeat of last year; we need to WIN NOW! We’ve barely had a glimpse of Thomas and Sims, to be able to judge what they are going to be like and really need to leave that assessment to the professionals. Preseason is not the real deal…and, I’m a big believer in insurance! Plus, our defense isn’t what it was last year which will probably mean the offense is on the field longer increasing the likelihood of injury to our QB.

  9. By erik on Aug 27, 2015 | Reply


    I like your top 53. Just one change I would make. Add Redding to the DL and lose Kerwynn.

  10. By Jon Elder on Aug 27, 2015 | Reply

    Wow, that is unfortunate about the punting game. I’m sure everyone remembers that the playoff game was NOT the only game Butler struggled, it was just the most egregious example.

    If Zasty can’t beat Butler we need another punter. Surely someone, somewhere is up to the task.

    We can’t afford to be put our D in the same spots they were in last year. Eventually, something cracks…

  11. By Eazy E on Aug 28, 2015 | Reply

    Praying that Jerraud, Chris, and Sean pass their run tests, practice, and then play Sunday.

  12. By NCcardsfan on Aug 28, 2015 | Reply


    Where is the love for Jaxon Shipley. I like what hes been showing in the preseason games and would be a better option than some of the other players fighting to make the WR spots. Seems more like a wideout then a pair of legs (Nelson). How are his chances of making the 53 or practice squad? I feel like he could be a diamond in the rough. Same with a few of the young guys fighting. Fua, Wagonmann, Spadola doing any good?

  13. By Darren Urban on Aug 28, 2015 | Reply

    NCcards —

    RE: Shipley

    I don’t know if you are just a Shipley fan or related to him, but to say he’s more of a receiver than Nelson is just misinformation. Nelson is much, much further ahead of him right now.

    I do think Shipley has a good chance to be on the practice squad. He might have an outside shot at the 53, but I doubt it right now.

    Wagenmann is on IR. Fua might have a shot to make it. Spadola, I’d think, is behind Shipley.

  14. By Dynosoar on Aug 28, 2015 | Reply

    Erik, thanks.

    I like Williams, but having Redding on the team has merit as well. Perhaps I should put Simms on the practice squad and keep Williams while adding Redding. What do you think?

  15. By Dynosoar on Aug 28, 2015 | Reply

    Truth be told, I like what I’ve seen from Butler in pre-season more then Zasty.

    I also watched a college kid from Alabama punt 70 some yards last year, but Butler had I believe the second best record for punts inside the 20 last season. That has to account for something.

    I like a long punt, but pinning the other team inside the 20 is huge in my book as well. If I were Keim (and I’m not) I’d be searching the waiver wires closely in the next couple of weeks.

  16. By Dynosoar on Aug 28, 2015 | Reply


    You wrote “Where is the love for Jaxon Shipley?”

    I have him on my 53 as a return man on special teams. And every year, elite college players and good to great pre-season game players get cut, there’s only so many spots on a roster.

    I do like what I’ve seen from him in the return game, but my 53 is mine. We’ll see if the one that counts (BA/Keim) has Jaxon on it.

  17. By georgiebird on Aug 28, 2015 | Reply

    No reason to keep the 3rd QB for 2015. If the Cards lose CP, the chances for the playoffs are a long shot. If the Cards lose DS too, then the playoffs are a pipe dream.
    Only problem- Sims and Thomas are intriguing guys who some team might take on to their 53.
    This one is really up to BA-what does he see in these two guys- I trust he still has the touch with QBs.
    The Cards’ without CP is not that good (and then throw in the injuries). That’s why the over/under is 8.5 games with CP. Without CP and BA, this Cardinals’ team would win 6 games-maybe.

  18. By Dr. G. on Aug 28, 2015 | Reply

    if Logan Thomas ends up on the practice squad it is PROBABLE that another team will try to grab him. Although he has his detractors, he has played well during this preseason so far. I do not get the criticism. He should have a better opportunity with another team, but it will be a mistake to give up on him. I am miffed with what I am hearing…

  19. By mal on Aug 28, 2015 | Reply

    I’m a Jaxon fan, too, but his battle is with Golden, not JJ.

    The top 5 are set: Fitz, Floyd, Smoke, Fire, Brown.

    Jax and Golden are the same size, but we’ve seen a year of what Golden can do. Jax is 4 years younger and has more up-side, as I see it. Everything sticks to his hands. Cut 10, keep 16.

    I would like to see us keep 6 WR, cuz if we try sneak Jax onto the practice squad, I bet he’ll be gone. NE would take him.

  20. By clssylssy on Aug 28, 2015 | Reply

    Larry Foote has until Tuesday to make a decision (or have one made for him) and sign a contract to play. He can’t play and coach and since BA’s comment about him being in the booth for the Raider game, my bet is that he doesn’t play, although it looks like we may need him. I’m completely disgusted with Weatherspoon’s lack of effort to participate and feel he really needed this period with the team to prove he still has something left and dispell some of the negative opinions that have followed him from the Falcons.
    While the 3rd preseason game is suppose to traditionally be a “dress rehersal” of sorts, the fact that we’re playing at a facility that is the arm pit of the league and a surface little better than the parking lot, I hope we play smart and can emerge with minimal injuries. I don’t think anybody wants to lose at home, and especially a season opener against the Saints. Remember, it’s only preseason and the winner is not measured by the score but by the team that has the fewest injuries!

  21. By Richard S on Aug 28, 2015 | Reply

    I rewatched the game on NFL Network last nite, because the original telecast was pre-empted by the end of another blowout game. Around 11:30 p.m. the part I wanted to really see again got pre-empted supposedly by a poor signal which lasted from the beginning of the drive I wanted to see to the touchdown and skipped the 15 plays in between. I wondered if there were some ulterior motives here, like perhaps practice squad considerations as I had seen that portion live and now on tape it no longer existed supposedly due to a poor signal.

  22. By Richard S on Aug 28, 2015 | Reply

    The reason I think that way is I remember how they hid Q not giving him much work in the pre-season, but after I saw film of the quickness he had after the draft, I told my son to draft him for his fantasy team and ignore our first round WR pick. Of course my son ignored me until after the first regular season game when Q was good for over 200 yards.

  23. By John The Draft Guy on Aug 28, 2015 | Reply


    That was a question I was going to ask you. You beat me to it. I couldn’t sleep last night and watched the replay of the game. (watched it live at stadium first time).

    I kept hearing the guys saying on the broadcast that there was a good possibility the cards keep 2 QBs. Makes ton of sense to me, since BA has mentioned he might keep 5 TEs. Plus, if we lose Palmer, we are in trouble anyways, just like if the pack lost Rodgers, or the colts lost Luck. Palmer is the guy who will take us to the playoffs/superbowl. If we get to #3 again, that would be real tough.

    I think the Logan Thomas experiment has run its course. 0 points in the two games he has played. Not moving the ball, not turning first downs. Sure he will make one good pass, but can’t sustain anything. Thomas was picked way too high. I said he would be a bad pick before , during and after the draft, and facts are, he is nothing more than, at best, a number 3 QB.

    With that being said, I don’t know if Phillip Sims can develop into a starter, but I am sure he can develop into a #2 QB.

    Therefore, I believe the rumors that the cards keep Palmer and Stanton only and bring Sims back on the PS.

  24. By erik on Aug 28, 2015 | Reply

    Great article on J. Bethel, Darren.

    I am the only one thinking he has looked good in almost every opportunity he has had? I think he should stay on the outside and “start” while Powers goes back to the slot, where he is clearly better suited. Powers does not have quite the size or athleticism to stay with the big outside receivers, it seems.

  25. By Jim Koch on Aug 28, 2015 | Reply

    Really liking dynosoar’s 53. Only would change 2 roster spots. Putting Sims and Kerwyn on the p.s. I’m liking the idea of the 2 QBs and from his comments I think BA might be leaning that way. And Kerwyn’s style is too similar to Ellington and Chris Johnson. I’m keeping Redding and Cariel Brooks. One other move I’d consider is replacing the so far unimpressive LeGree with Richardson or perhaps a waiver wire pickup.

  26. By Jim Koch on Aug 28, 2015 | Reply

    To Darren: What is the status of Gresham? We could really use him from what I’m seeing from the TEs. I’m almost done with Niklas and Momah has been good and bad.

  27. By Darren Urban on Aug 28, 2015 | Reply

    Jim —

    RE: Gresham

    He practiced again Friday and is scheduled to play Sunday.

  28. By Jim Koch on Aug 28, 2015 | Reply

    I don’t think Thomas or Sims are anything special. Would like to see Sims on the p.s. but won’t lose sleep if he’s claimed on waivers. BA basicly said if another team was to claim either 1 then more power to them. His comments make me pretty sure he’s only keeping 2 QBs on the 53. Would like to see Shipley stay over Golden. I think he has played better, not dropping balls like Golden. And I also believe 4 RBs is sufficient with 1 or 2 stashed on the p.s. My 4 would be Andre, the Johnson twins and Hughes. Kerwyn on the p.s. along with Taylor if he’s eligible. Grice on the p.s if he’s eligible and Taylor’s not.

  29. By Jim Koch on Aug 28, 2015 | Reply

    To Darren: Beautiful, thank you. I’m excited to see how he fits in. Like the fact that Carson and he have played together.

  30. By Kevin S Mesa on Aug 28, 2015 | Reply

    Dr. G — on what basis do you think another team is going to grab Thomas for their PS? Do you really think he showed that much? Remember, lots of QB’s look good in the preseason throwing against other teams’ backup defenses (or defenses that aren’t even made up of guys who will make the teams).

    This is a guy who Arians was unwilling to put into games at the end of last year, deciding grabbing Lindley off another team’s PS made more sense.

    I still think all this focus on the 3rd QB is silly. As a couple people have said above, if it comes to that this year, we’re not going anywhere. Just like last year.

  31. By Garth Short on Aug 29, 2015 | Reply

    Could the joint practice take place at Flagstaff?

  32. By Jim Koch on Aug 29, 2015 | Reply

    A couple random thoughts. My comfort level with the ILBs would increase if Foote surprised everyone on Tuesday and announced he’s playing. Although he slowed down late in the season he was one of the D’s best players, seemed to be always around the ball. I think he could be just as effective this year as long as he isn’t overused. And I’m not comfortable with Zasty OR Butler. I believe they have 2 open roster spots, not too late to try out another punter.

  33. By William Barry on Aug 29, 2015 | Reply

    Now that I am able to watch live Cardinal games due to Comcast, I was really impressed with Jaxon Shipley…..

    I think he will make the 53 man roster. We have a really good nucleus of players.
    I watched Nfl gamepass, and SF looked very average on offense. They only scored 6 points via the offense…..Seattle looks lost with Unger gone from the center position….This is our year to advance…..Moma looks good at TE….

    Blogger Dynosour, did a great job with the 53 man roster!!!!GO CARDS

  34. By Scott H on Aug 29, 2015 | Reply

    clssylssy –

    I hear ya about Weatherspoon. And without Washington….his absence looms larger. Sadly, I harbor so little hope that Weatherspoon is going to be a factor this year. Because to be a factor, you actually have to play – something Weatherspoon has been unable to manage.

    And I say there is no way Foote is even a consideration to play at this point. For better or worse, that is probably not happening. He’s been preparing to be a coach. Hard to just say “give me a helmet, I’m playing” at the last minute, ya know?

    In 2013, we had Dansby and Abraham giving us so much that we didn’t really expect but we sure needed it. Both of them are gone.

    Then last year, we got so much from Foote and Cromartie and we sure needed it. Both of them are now gone.

    This year? Sure, we already have some top notch-players on the defensive side, but….with Weatherspoon giving us nothing, I am wondering who the “surprise” contributor is going to be. I sure hope it’s gonna be one of the young guys. But I fear this season is going to be lacking a Dansby / Abraham / Foote / Cromartie-type savior.

    As always, HOPE I am wrong. And I’m wrong so often, it works in our favor! 🙂

  35. By NCcardsfan on Aug 29, 2015 | Reply

    Thanks. I just like seeing guys under the radar succeed. Im not related to him but ever since Lance Long played for us years back and being praised as he was ive been waiting for the next player like him to step up and blow everyone away. Im the craziest, most die hard cards fan this side the Mississippi and can not wait for the red sea to swallow up the land of America. GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONLY TEAM I WILL EVER USE IN MADDEN ALSO. wont even play if i have to use someone else.

  36. By NCcardsfan on Aug 29, 2015 | Reply


    I believe Minter and Okafor will step up and nail down the defense behind campbell and everyone. We have so much depth that we just need to stay healthy and keep our corners sharp. If our coverage sucks we suck. the box holds it down but without the edges covered we get exposed. Buccannon and mathieu and PP21 will slam the door. and tony will probably explode into an elite DB

  37. By Big Ken on Aug 31, 2015 | Reply

    Whisenhunt is a pre-season candidate for ‘coach in the hot seat’ category.

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