Bucannon, Jefferson active against Bears

Posted by Darren Urban on September 20, 2015 – 8:39 am

Both game-day decisions for the Cardinals at safety, Tony Jefferson (hamstring) and Deone Bucannon (groin) are active today for the Cardinals. Kerwynn Williams is also active at running back — although that’s not a surprise, since it would make no sense to promote him to the 53-man roster and then sit him. The inactive list ends up pretty run of the mill:

— QB Matt Barkley

— RB Andre Ellington (knee)

— LB Shaq Riddick

— G Mike Iupati (knee)

— WR Brittan Golden

— T D.J. Humphries

— DT Xavier Williams

For the Bears, wide receiver Alshon Jeffery (calf/hamstring) is sitting out. Linebacker Pernell McPhee, one of Chicago’s best pass rushers, is going to give it a go despite a bad wrist.

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9 Responses to “Bucannon, Jefferson active against Bears”

  1. By Tyler on Sep 20, 2015 | Reply


    After having such a fantastic camp and preseason, how is it Xavier Williams remains inactive? I’m assuming this is injury-related?


  2. By Darren Urban on Sep 20, 2015 | Reply

    Tyler, cards62 —

    RE: Xavier

    No, he’s healthy. If he plays, who do you make inactive?

    As for the rule, it is intended to level the playing field. If the Cards had five injured players and the Bears one and everyone could play, the Cards would have four fewer players for which to play. I think the rule is fine. Coaches would probably love to have everyone — until that point when they are on the wrong side of that injury situation I mentioned earlier.

  3. By cards62 on Sep 20, 2015 | Reply

    If Bucannon and Floyd can go close to 100% for us I think we get the better of the injury report. Alshon Jeffery not playing is big so Patrick Peterson should definitely be able to shut down one side of the field and allow us to key even more on Matt Forte.

    Darren I am surprised to see X. Williams inactive for us. Figured he would have a bigger role this week with Chicago running game. How is Williams health and how is he progressing? I hate this NFL rule that you have to sit some players for a game. If a player is on a teams 53 man roster I think they should be able to suit up with their teammates. I just never liked this rule. Darren how do coaches and GMs feel about this rule?

    Will love to see Chris Johnson run for 120 yards, TEs with 5+ catches, and Carson with +70% completion percent and over 250 yards, Powers with an interception, and Okafor and Campbell with 3 sacks between them.

    Cardinals 24 Bears 13 Go Cards beat Da Bears

  4. By Dr. G. on Sep 20, 2015 | Reply

    This game is freaky entertaining with everyone on both sides of the ball getting involved…loved our giant linemen stepping in to brawl after Palmer was chopped…their guys backed up real quick.!!

    Tyrann is just our best everywhere guy, but I blurted out a chuckle when he leaped to tip a pass ((dunk style)) and Kyle Long pushed him like he was a little kid back about 10 feet. But Ty will not quit… loving what we see….just wish Cutler was not out…no excuses…

  5. By cards62 on Sep 20, 2015 | Reply

    Darren thank you for your feedback. Other teams could pull players up from their practice squads. We are not really talking about the star players but I just think it is nice for all 53 to suit up for games and if a blow out game or injuries get some playing time. I guess if it is me I go with my 3 RBs and do not pull up K. Williams from the practice squad or maybe I sit the safety Clemons, but I do not know if Clemons plays on special teams, and have to assume that he does.

  6. By cards62 on Sep 20, 2015 | Reply

    Great win for our Cardinals and so very happy that our o line has not given up a sack in two games – and must admit very surprised by this fact, Palmer, Fitz, Peterson, and David Johnson playing great. Very very happy for my man Fitz. He really looks good going after the passes from Carson. Lot of our players playing very well. Dave Johnson on the kick off return I am going no no no – man he looks slow and then yes yes yes yes man he looks fast.(Our team also had a lot of great blocks on the return) I guess he knew he had it all the way but it was a great return. Really like the way he ran the ball in the second half. If he will not fumble the ball I really think he will be special for us. Another week of total happiness as we are now alone in first place and bring on the 49ers.
    GO Cards!

  7. By Scott H on Sep 20, 2015 | Reply

    Ya know….I’ve tried, but I just cannot come up with anything to complain about! This team brought it in every phase today. And when this team does that….they are a beast. Better than most in the NFC and just as good as anyone else. PERIOD!

    Obviously, the first TD for the Bears was rather embarrassing, given that there were no Cardinal defenders in the picture, but…..they slammed the door after that. HARD.

    I must say, playing in Chicago has been great for this team in recent years. I guess they like going “home” once in awhile.

  8. By Credit Card on Sep 20, 2015 | Reply

    The 108 yard kick-off return really set a tone for the game. I (think) it was back-up linebacker Fau laid leather and literally owned Bears’ # 57 or 27 opening up that middle crease. Fau’s block was not only impressive, but looked like perfect technique.

    I can also see why the Cards want Stephen Taylor on the team, just for special team purposes. Taylor too made an impressive block on that play.

  9. By don on Sep 21, 2015 | Reply

    well . i could go on , on about the great things we seen from our team .
    so i’ll mention the few things i didn’t really like .
    the muffed punt return by JJ was cause for concern ..
    you loose close games on mistakes like that .
    Palmer took some big hits .never a good thing .
    i’d love to see Gunter get a tackle .
    miscommunication on coverage gave up a huge touchdown
    Floyd was only targeted once .
    Fells wasn’t targeted at all . when you have a beast .
    . you need to feed it some
    it’s a luxury to play so well . have areas you can improve ! !
    i have to add . blown away by Tony Jefferson’s play so far .
    he’s been very good . but suddenly he’s playing at an elite level.
    so he’s my biggest surprise player at the 1/8th point
    GO CARDS ! ! ! !! ! !

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