Arians picks Massie for right tackle

Posted by Darren Urban on September 27, 2015 – 12:17 am

Given Bruce Arians’ comments that Bobby Massie is a better pass protector – and given that Carson Palmer’s health is paramount to the success of the Cardinals this season – there was not much surprise Saturday night when Arians said Massie would be moving into the starting lineup at right tackle against the 49ers, replacing Earl Watford, who had started the first two games of the season.

“We’re going to go with Bobby Massie and see how it goes,” Arians said during his weekly TV show, “Flight Plan with Bruce Arians.”

“Earl did a heck of a job. We had a few too many hits on the quarterback. I’ll say this: Bobby is on a short leash.”

Massie missed the first two games of the season because of suspension.

“It’ll be good to get back on the field with those guys and help them win,” Massie said this week.

Arians also said he’d like running backs Chris Johnson and David Johnson to each get 10-to-15 touches this week. David Johnson only has nine touches in two games so far, including two kickoff returns.


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11 Responses to “Arians picks Massie for right tackle”

  1. By LadyBird04 on Sep 27, 2015 | Reply

    We have to believe in the coaches’ evaluation of the players and the on field need. I feel hopeful for the future as Watford really impressed for his first time playing at Tackle…Massie lost so much of my respect for his actions prior to the Super Bowl and I hope he has learned and changed, unlike a linebacker who will remain unnamed here.

    Cards have had horrible tackles (Levi Brown anyone?) in the past and now it seems like there is a glimmer of hope for the future if Watford continues to grow – even if Massie leaves in free-agency next year. Our LT Veldeer is a stud and hopefully he stays healthy and productive for years to come.

  2. By JohnnyBluenose on Sep 27, 2015 | Reply

    Maybe we will see Watford at fullback a few times in certain situations, mostly short yardage running plays but maybe to also add an element of deception on deep passing plays.

  3. By jaime on Sep 27, 2015 | Reply

    Lets go BIG RED!! This is a Huge game!! No quarter given!!!

  4. By clssylssy on Sep 27, 2015 | Reply

    The efficiency of our 0-line and ability to protect Carson Palmer will be critical this week and so, I’m for whatever it takes to beef up our offense into a defensive mode. If Massie is the better at Pass Protection then I don’t see what the problem would be? I do think Watford has done a good job and shouldn’t be held totally responsible for hits on the QB. I was especially impressed with Chris Johnsons ability to block and “put his face in the fire” in Chicago, as this has been an area our RBs haven’t been especially skilled at–makes me glad he’s in there this week against a team looking for our head on a stick!
    Our defense is REALLY going to have to step up this week against an opponent quite unlike the first two weeks. If we give Kaepernick all the time we gave Cutler, it’s liable to be a very long and sad day as he’s got the ability to become a one man wrecking crew. I’m looking for a big game from Tyrann Mathieu and our secondary; if he can be as distracting to Kaep as he was to Brees, it will go a long way to throwing him off his game! Let’s Show Em that we are a legit Contender and not a Pretender by making this a flawless victory! GOOD LUCK CARDS, THE BIRDGANG WILL BE LOUD AND PROUD!

  5. By Chuck 1 on Sep 27, 2015 | Reply

    It’ll be telling how “turnstile” Massie does.
    Stanton was creamed last season, thanks to “Turnstile”.

  6. By Patrick Hoog aka Don't Take Losses on Sep 27, 2015 | Reply

    If Massie does well today, his little mistake works out well for Cards. They get a solid RT back and have a very solid RT RG LG backup in Watford, now with experience. Jaworski in long 98.7 interview said watched a lot of tape of Watford and Larsen, critical of Larsen generally and somewhat of pass blocking of Watford…but recall Sowell was like a matador out there, so there’s that. Iupati on deck…doubting he goes, but who knows… Get W vs 9ers, get Iupati and Ellington back for Rams, stars aligning…

  7. By robert on Sep 27, 2015 | Reply

    BA..come on…he has never impressed on tape of live when at the games. man we were winning with wattford and running, how bout that! since when did we ever run the ball. I don’t like this move..Massey after becoming a FA next year will be out of football. BA why break up the good vibes?

  8. By hminus on Sep 27, 2015 | Reply

    Should have stuck w/Watford…

  9. By clssylssy on Sep 27, 2015 | Reply

    Guess BA knew what he was talking about and made the right decision without breaking up any vibe! Offense did a great job although Palmer took some pretty ugly hits–the guy is tough! Defense was great getting pressure on Kaep and our secondary is scary good. Love Chris Johnson’s scrappy play and aggressiveness, much more multi-dimensional than Ellington. We actually have a run game in the first time since forever that I’ve been a Cards fan 20 years. WHAT A FEELING!

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