Ravens make first trip to University of Phoenix Stadium

Posted by Darren Urban on October 22, 2015 – 9:42 am

There are only four teams left that have never played at University of Phoenix Stadium. The Ravens — who come in for “Monday Night Football” this week — are one of them. (When the Cincinnati Bengals come to Arizona in late November, it’ll be the first time they have come for a regular-season game, although they were here in 2014 for a preseason game. And the Patriots have never been here for a regular-season game, last visiting in 2004, but they of course have played two Super Bowls in the stadium.)

The others on the list, all AFC teams (of course): Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets, Tennessee Titans.

It’s the quirk of the rotating schedules and the fact the NFC West got flip-flopped at one point between home and road trips to help spread out Eastern teams’ travel. The last time the Ravens (and the Bengals, for that matter) played a regular-season game in Arizona was 2003. The Ravens won that game, 26-18. The Bengals lost that year to the Cardinals, 17-14. The Cards played in both cities in 2007 and 2011.

The last time the Jaguars played in Arizona was 2005, a 24-17 Jacksonville win (there have been trips to Florida in 2009 and 2013). The last time the Jets came to Arizona (and Sun Devil Stadium) was 2004, a dreary 13-3 Cardinals’ loss. The Cards played at the Jets in 2008 and 2012. The Titans played in Arizona last in 2005 — a 20-10 Cardinals’ win — with the Cards going to Tennessee in 2009 and 2013 (in the regular season; there was also a preseason trip mixed in there.)

In 2016, the Jets and the Patriots will get their first meeting at University of Phoenix Stadium with the Cardinals.

Terrell Suggs



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18 Responses to “Ravens make first trip to University of Phoenix Stadium”

  1. By jaime on Oct 22, 2015 | Reply

    cant wait for the BA and Bowles showdown!!!

  2. By Dynosoar on Oct 22, 2015 | Reply

    I like those red pants with the double stripe. We should wear those with our black jerseys.

    I also like the new helmet better, while I became a lifelong fan of our Cardinals as a child because of the helmet in the above photo, I like the current Cardinal so much more.

  3. By NJAzCardsFan on Oct 22, 2015 | Reply

    This is a MUST WIN game for the Cards…..

  4. By mal on Oct 22, 2015 | Reply

    Scott H-

    I would really not want to be on this Raven’s team coming into Arizona at this time.

  5. By Dobie on Oct 22, 2015 | Reply

    Not an expert but what I know of football when you get a third string quarterback on the field you blitz him and I can’t remember if the defense did that and Carson Palmer is not consisted and not thinking BA is getting out coached I’am just saying

  6. By TucsonTim on Oct 22, 2015 | Reply

    Just watched Seattle dismantle the 49’s. Wow, we can not afford to lose any more games we are supposed to win. Seattle is not going to go gently into the night.

    Hard to believe Baltimore lost to the 49’s. 49’s are a dumpster fire, almost feel sorry for them…almost hahahaha

  7. By coach K on Oct 22, 2015 | Reply

    Palmer needs to STOP CHOKING in games where we are behind. He gets tight and makes bad throws. It’s time to get the job done Carson and RELAX for crying out loud.

  8. By Eazy E on Oct 23, 2015 | Reply

    T-Sizzle AKA Ball So Hard should be in Red, Black, and White, DOH!!!

  9. By Scott H on Oct 23, 2015 | Reply

    Just heard an interesting take on the Raven’s season so far. Their only win was by 3 points ( in OT ), so they are only 3 points away from being 0-6. But their 5 losses have been by a total of 27 pts, so they are also 27 points away from being 6-0.

    So, never mind the Ravens record, they have been very competitive in every game so far this season. And I honestly have a feeling they are going to be competitive on Monday Night as well. I’m a little nervous about this one.

  10. By Scott H on Oct 23, 2015 | Reply

    Regarding the game last night…, the 49ers just plain suck at this point and I believe that Kap has a lot to do with that. He is just NOT a good QB. He and RGIII have pretty much been on the same downward spiral since that one season where they both took the league by storm. Russell Wilson has sustained his success because he IS truly a great QB. He is mobile and dynamic but his greatest asset is his football intelligence. He has it. These other “read-option” guys do not.

    Hard to say the Seahawks bounced back / looked more like their old selves because the other team on the field with them was SOOOO bad. Unfortunately, that was just a total gimme for the Seahawks. But, never mind that. The Cardinals can / should maintain the two game cushion by taking care of business on Monday Night. I do NOT think the game will be “easy” for the Cardinals but I expect them to re-gain their focus and be VERY tough to overcome at home.

    To whoever will be at the game that night, do us proud by providing a loud sea of red and white for all the world to see. And HEAR!

  11. By Dynosoar on Oct 23, 2015 | Reply

    Cardinals 47, 49ers 7

    Seahawks 20, 49ers 3

    I’m less and less woried about the Seahawks, but I also wasn’t worried about the Rams or the Steelers.

    Still, we should be 5-1 in our Division come Game 16.

  12. By Mike Hadzinski on Oct 23, 2015 | Reply

    Bring back them retro jersey damn that is all.

  13. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 23, 2015 | Reply

    Scott H —

    That is exactly right. I heard someone lump the Ravens into the mix of “bad” teams when they were talking about the schedule of a team that had played them, and trying to argue that that team had played a lousy schedule.

    The Ravens are struggling in terms of wins, but they are not a bad team. They’ve played some tough teams. The schedule makers were not kind to them early, opening with 5 out of 7 road games (although they have two stretches of their schedule later where they play 3 at home in a row). Almost beat Cincinnati. All losses by 6 points or fewer.

    I think their players may be losing motivation — can they really come back from 1-5? — but this is an opponent the Cards can’t take lightly.

  14. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 23, 2015 | Reply

    Easy E,


    Seems like the exact guy Keim will sign in the off season in 2016 for a 1 year deal after the ravens release him due to salary cap.

  15. By Scott H on Oct 23, 2015 | Reply

    Kevin –

    Don’t know if the Ravens can come back from 1-5. But I know this – they can win one game this week and get to 2-5. They can take one step in the right direction. They can try to win a game so they can sleep better that night then they have in a while. With Harbaugh and enough veteran olayers that still have some pride, that team is not just going to roll over.

    They can feel like winners for one night on national TV. They are gonna want this game. AND the Ravens are 4-1 on Monday Night in their last 5 appearances.

    I don’t think this is gonna feel like a game against a 1-5 team. And, really, I HOPE it doesn’t. I hope the Ravens DO give the Cardinals all they can handle because the Cardinals need to be tested right about now. This needs to be a game like the ones they have played against the Rams and Steelers – but with a different outcome.

  16. By clssylssy on Oct 24, 2015 | Reply

    Obviously some of our fans haven’t been paying attention to the Ravens in the last 15 years…they are one of the most physical and competitive teams in the NFL who have found their way to the playoffs 10 times since 2000, winning two SBs in that time. They are a old time smash mouth team much like the Steelers (who they beat with Big Ben healthy) and Flacco is at his best on the big stage under pressure. He can throw interceptions, recover, and pour on the juice in the fourth quarter to come from behind for a win…something the Cards have been unable to accomplish this season. As noted, they have been VERY successful on Monday Nights, which makes me VERY uneasy; they are a VERY solid organization and a VERY tough, well coached team–to underestimate them based on their record is pure folly. This week we play with the big boys and how we emerge will be pivotal as we define ourselves.
    We still have a very long way to go and many teams are just learning the play book, finding their grove, so, we can expect that everyone is going to get better week by week. The Seahawks don’t seem to be bothered by a slow start and Thursday night seemed to be like an awakening so we need to keep our division lead as long as possible and not let it slip away as in years past.
    We are going to have to play a more aggressive defensive game, getting pressure on Flacco, with sacks, as well as disrupting plays.
    I wish I could say I had a good feeling about this game but it feels like a trap, and with John Brown’s hamstring issues, I can only hope Palmer doesn’t try to force the ball to him in double coverage but will decide to make it a night of “fine wine”.

  17. By jakeplummersghost on Oct 25, 2015 | Reply


    Ravens beat the Steelers WITHOUT Ben. They beat Vick, in OT. Point taken, though, 1-5 or not, they are still a tough team that knows how to win and has been there before much like last week’s opponent.

    And retro jerseys need to come back ASAP. So fine. Original Logo was better, as were the unis. Get rid of those black abominations they call “alternate uniforms”.

    go big RED!

  18. By clssylssy on Oct 26, 2015 | Reply

    Thank you sir, you are correct…the Steelers lost Big Ben to the” QB Killers”, Rams, the week before however the Ravens are the Steelers most bitter rival and the record speaks for itself! Both are old time, smash mouth, good, very physical teams from a legendary division.
    No excuses this week, I believe I’ve about heard them all in twenty years!
    Go Cards!

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