Fitzgerald: McCown cost me No. 1 overall spot

Posted by Darren Urban on October 29, 2015 – 2:36 pm

Larry Fitzgerald held a grudge, at least for a little while, against Josh McCown.

“I got mad at him, him and Nate Poole, because I might’ve gone number one overall that year if you guys don’t beat my Vikings,” Fitzgerald said Thursday, with the Cardinals set to face the McCown-led Browns Sunday.

The faux anger had truth to it. Then-Cardinals coach Dennis Green loved Fitzgerald and there was a chance he would have been the Cards’ pick regardless of where they picked. (The McCown-to-Poole Hail Mary moved the Cards from No. 1 to No. 3 in the first round, where they took Fitz.) Plus, Fitzgerald was upset that his hometown team was knocked out of the playoffs.

“I was a ballboy,” Fitzgerald said. “I was going to be able to go to the game.”

(Yeah, probably not. Fitz was indeed a ballboy for the Vikings for a few years, but I feel confident in saying he no longer had any ballboy duties — playoffs or no — after his Heisman-finalist 2003 season at the University of Pittsburgh.)

Fitzgerald and McCown became teammates anyway. There was something to talk about when Fitz got to Arizona, for sure. McCown threw the pass that was Fitz’s first NFL reception (a 37-yard flea-flicker in St. Louis.) The two became friends, playing hoops together long after McCown left the Cardinals. Fitzgerald raved about McCown’s ability to dunk and do 36os in charity hoops games.

“This was six years ago,” Fitzgerald said with a smile. “I don’t know what he’s capable of doing now.”

McCown is 36, but Fitzgerald said he wasn’t surprised his old friend has stuck around the NFL. “All he ever needed was someone to believe in him.”



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19 Responses to “Fitzgerald: McCown cost me No. 1 overall spot”

  1. By Shoorer McGavin on Oct 29, 2015 | Reply

    Do miss the ol’ white/white. Would be cool to see them come back for a game at UoP.

  2. By dwoofer on Oct 29, 2015 | Reply

    Yeah, do miss those uniforms. In my opinion, that year’s uniforms with the AZ flag on the sleeve were the best looking uniforms the Cardinals ever wore.

  3. By Richard L on Oct 29, 2015 | Reply

    Darren, when was the last time the Cardinals had the number 1 or number 2 rusher in the league?

  4. By Darren Urban on Oct 30, 2015 | Reply

    Richard L —

    RE: Top 2 rushers

    I’d guess in the Ottis Anderson days of St. Louis. I’d have to check.

  5. By Ben on Oct 29, 2015 | Reply

    Man I miss those jerseys.

  6. By Blakew on Oct 29, 2015 | Reply

    anyone remember the hit that Josh took in a game against the Giants, he ran for the first down but one of the Giants almost took his head off , he got up immediately and signaled first down , the Giant player ( forget who ) left the game and i dont believe he returned . BTW i think it was the same game we sacked Kurt Warner 6 times , which led to Eli Manning starting the next game .
    Josh is one tough guy , but i still like Carson better 🙂

  7. By Red Dead Redemption on Oct 29, 2015 | Reply

    Even though these uniforms were tied to years of losing outside of 1998. Would love to see these used for flashback uniforms. I’d gladly trade them for the black ones.

  8. By Aiden on Oct 29, 2015 | Reply

    Love these uniforms. Not that I hate the black ones. But these have history and look amazing. I would gladly change out black uniform games for these fans a flashback. I’d at least like to see them once a year.

  9. By JohnnyBluenose on Oct 29, 2015 | Reply

    Agree with Shoorer and dwoofer….classy uniform.

  10. By D on Oct 29, 2015 | Reply

    The 2004 draft by far was Graves and Denny Green biggest achievement while working in the desert. Fitz, Dockett Dansby and A. Smith in that draft. Looking back, clearly Denny had more power than Mr. Graves. Graves was probably the only GM that bought Josh McCown was the team’s future QB when Big Ben and P. Rivers were available for AZ in that draft.
    And this was one year after A. Boldin rookie year when he set the NFL on fire, so it wasn’t like AZ was void of talent in the WR department. Larry is a hall of fame WR and several years down the road, Big Ben will be a HOF QB with 2 rings.

  11. By jaime on Oct 30, 2015 | Reply

    It would be AWESOME if the Cards played a game in these throwback uniforms. I hope in comes true one day. It would be very entertaining I think.

    Could that ever happen?

  12. By Marcelof on Oct 30, 2015 | Reply


    Is there any rule for the using of throwback uniforms in a game?!

  13. By Darren Urban on Oct 30, 2015 | Reply

    Marcelof —

    RE: Throwbacks

    I do believe it has to be cleared by the league. I do not know the details, however.

  14. By Eric G on Oct 30, 2015 | Reply

    I remember being excited at the play and getting the win, but when the dust settled, the only thought in my mind was, oh no, we just lost the 1st pick to win a meaningless game. Glad it worked out.

  15. By 'ZonaFan89 on Oct 30, 2015 | Reply

    Those old unis – especially the red ones – sucked. Way too plain. If you like plain, buy a Bears/Colts/Packers jersey – those are terrible. Glad we updated to a modern look! Please never go back to these!!!

  16. By Scott H on Oct 30, 2015 | Reply

    My gosh, look at those uniforms! They look like throw-backs now. And look how short Fitz’ dreds are then compared to know. My, we have come a long way from those hopeless days at Sun Devil. And Fitz coming here had a lot to do with getting that transformation started. It continues to this day at least in part because Fitz is STILL here.

    I agree with Fitz, I think McCown is a talented QB who seems like he had more to offer than he has really had a chance to show. Geez, I remember him being in Chicago only a few years ago and how that offense became a MONSTER when Cutler went down and McCown took over. He made that offense go like crazy and he made it look easy. They were CLEARLY a better team with McCown. But you know how that goes….Cutler was out a few weeks, he got well enough to come back, and he got his spot back because he was the guy they were paying to be the starter. But you know every player on that team wanted McCown to keep playing, especially the WR’s.

    I wanted McCown to keep playing that year, too, ’cause I grabbed him for my fantasy team and he was giving me the best weeks I had all year!

  17. By Biggest Cards Fan Eva on Oct 30, 2015 | Reply

    This is a really good article about the old uniforms Darren… Oh wait…

  18. By Coach K on Oct 30, 2015 | Reply

    Go Cards! Cards 42 Browns 17

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