John Brown, Sendlein both active

Posted by Darren Urban on November 15, 2015 – 4:58 pm

As expected, wide receiver John Brown (hamstring) and center Lyle Sendlein (shoulder) both are active today for the Cardinals. (No, I don’t know how much Brown will play. I do expect him to play after essentially three weeks to get better.)

As a result, the inactive list is seven deep with healthy players — unbelievable in Week 10 of an NFL season.

— QB Matt Barkley

— WR J.J. Nelson (With Patrick Peterson returning punts and Brown healthy, Nelson is unneeded.)

— CB Robert Nelson, Jr.

— LB Shaq Riddick

— G Ted Larsen

— T D.J. Humphries

— NT Xavier Williams

For the Seahawks, running back Marshawn Lynch — who was added to the injury report Friday with an abdominal injury — is active.

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21 Responses to “John Brown, Sendlein both active”

  1. By sbrown on Nov 15, 2015 | Reply

    no surprises here. You can almost pencil in Barkley, Riddick, Humphries and Williams every week.
    Only question is if a injury, then who is the other three inactives for the week.

    Go Cardinals bring home a big win today !

  2. By Scott H on Nov 15, 2015 | Reply

    Great drive….held it for 7-plus minutes….and turned it over. Lousy decision by Palmer.

    We’re on our way, folks. One T/O already in the bag.

    Can somebody PLEASE tell Palmer that beating the Seahawks might be a little easier if he would stop giving away our possessions with INT’s. Dammit….

  3. By Scott H on Nov 15, 2015 | Reply

    OK, Palmer has certainly made up for the INT. The O-line is doing a good job giving him time. And they have too many weapons for the Seahawks to stop.

    Damn, Michael Floyd LOVES playing In Seattle!!! Or, at least, he loves playing in Seattle when Palmer is under center! Holy cow, he is a BEAST!!!

    I like that the Cardinals came back with a FG to end the half to counter the score by Seattle. Which came way too easy, by the way.

    This game is far from over.

  4. By Scott H on Nov 15, 2015 | Reply

    Seattle just scored again…25-17. Both of their TD drives have looked entirely too easy. And the penalty on PP kept it alive. That is why this game is nowhere near over.

  5. By Scott H on Nov 15, 2015 | Reply

    Friggin penalties. Just had a perfect trifecta of a false start, intentional grounding, and un-sportsmanlike conduct. This took us from a 3rd and 1 to Seattle having the ball.

    Not sure why we believe Seattle needs this much help, but….we sure are being helpful.

  6. By Scott H on Nov 15, 2015 | Reply

    Wow, nice blitz pick-up, Massie, on the play that might have just changed the game. You gotta be friggin kidding me….You’re gonna give that defense a free run at our QB??? What the hell are you thinking??? And even more important – WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU LOOKING???

    And, of course, TD on the next play. Did I mention that this one is far from over? And the culprits? T/O’s and penalties. And Bobby Massie.

  7. By dan on Nov 15, 2015 | Reply

    Floyd blew the game……missed that huge catch……….RODNEY GUNTER SUUUUUUUCKS!!!!! Maybe we should put in that loser LB we drafted too.

  8. By Credit Card on Nov 15, 2015 | Reply

    Cards had the Seahawks on the ropes in the 2nd, but let them score a TD at the end of the 2nd to get the momentum.

    The game is a physical battle — Seahawks have all the momentum. Buchanan is NOT the answer at inside LB with a power running back. Cards need to get Faui into the game, and get more weight at inside backer.

  9. By Credit Card on Nov 15, 2015 | Reply

    Somebody needs to tell David Johnson to run not jog

  10. By Credit Card on Nov 15, 2015 | Reply

    Long run today for the Cards is a gain of 2-yds. (no running game).

  11. By Credit Card on Nov 15, 2015 | Reply

    It’s getting ugly. The Seahawks appear to be simply a better team

  12. By Credit Card on Nov 15, 2015 | Reply

    David Johnson is jogging kick-off returns.

    Cooper allowed the inside gap for the sack and TD strip. In my opinion, the Card staff needs to re-evaluate whether Cooper is anything better than a mediocre substitute.

  13. By Scott H on Nov 15, 2015 | Reply

    Holy cow….thank you, Larry, for having the best hands in the world and putting this one AWAY.

    Well, if ya gotta stay up until after midnight to see your team finish….you want to go to bed happy!

    Good night, folks. Sleep well.

  14. By Credit Card on Nov 15, 2015 | Reply

    WOW! 2 -4th qtr TDs. What a play — draw play with Ellington.

    As for all the momentum posts, and that the Seahawks were simply better.

    Right now, I’m firing up the grill and have a healthy helping of crow.

    Good job Cards

  15. By Creditcard on Nov 15, 2015 | Reply

    Game balls to: Palmer, Fitz, Floyd, Jaron Brown, Valdheer, Mathieu, and Mauro.

  16. By cards62 on Nov 15, 2015 | Reply

    Game just ended and it is approaching 1 AM in the East, but I still want to write this while I am pissed off. So sick and tired of horrible offensive line play. I said for two years to fire Russ Grim and now I say fire Offensive line coach Larry Zierlein. I knew Massie would be a problem but my gosh he still does not even know who to block and we do not have enough sense to have a TE help him block before releasing to catch passes.

    Carson Palmer played great and he was dodging Seahawks all night. He is the only shot we have and even up 19-0 we can not run the ball or protect him. How many times did we even try to run the ball to our right side? See the pass play where Cooper was driven back into Carson? Bengals also have a very good defense so everyone pray for Carson.

    Ellington needs more snaps.
    Jaron Brown and Fitz were great. Floyd played very well last week and started this game great but then misses the bomb.
    Patrick Peterson totally outplayed Richard Sherman and I think you guys can see he is not going to take many shots returning punts. Any one gets 5 yards near him and out of bounds he is going to run.
    What happened to CC this game? Our defense was only on the field for 20 minutes and I did not see him, and why cant we tackle Russell Wilson or Marshawn Lynch. If Bengals have any sense they will run the ball down our throat against our front 7 and keep Carson on the sideline..
    Can we trade D. Buchanon for Cam Chancellor right now.
    We have to give Powers Safety help, but guess we can not because we can not get to the QB.
    Glad it did not hurt us but challenging the run on 4th down for Seattle first down was a waste of a challenge and a time out.

    Sorry I just went from being so proud of our team in the beginning especially the defense to being pissed at how we played and especially in the 4th quarter. Just glad Seattle did not run the ball more on us.

    Loved Drew Stanton celebrating Ellington TD run at end of the game, but Drew needs to stay on the sidelines.

    No one I enjoy beating more than Seattle so hopefully I will wake up in a better mood in the morning. I know some or most of you will crush me on being this negative on a win, but every time I looked Carson was dodging people or even worse taking big hits, and I have seen poor OL play for way too many years.

    Go Cards beat the Bengals.

  17. By rod on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply



    Love the Drew Stanton celebration.

    How Iupati is ok.

    I said it three games ago we will go undefeated the rest of the season. 3 down, 7 to go!!

  18. By cards62 on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    I meant horrible 3rd quarter of course and not 4th quarter.

    and like others mentioned David Johnson was just jogging on the kickoff returns. It was horrible. When Seattle was taking control special teams coach has to go to Johnson and say either you get the bleeping ball to the 30 yard line or you take a knee rookie. You are not playing Northeast Indiana State this week you are playing the Seattle Seahawks!

    I agree with Darren that both kickers had good games, but it would be nice to have a kicker that could boom the ball deep into the end zone consistently.

    Seriously what was going on with C Campbell this game? Was he double teamed all day? Only play I really saw him on was a scramble by Wilson going out of bounds and Campbell is on the field hardly moving. I have loved the way C. Campbell has played this year, but was really hoping he would be a beast this game with 2 weeks rest.

    Go Cards clean it up and beat the Bengals

  19. By Kevin S Mesa on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    cards62 —

    I watched the same game you did, and have not gone back to watch it more carefully. But Calais was the first player that Keim mentioned when Doug and Wolf asked him this morning who he thought shined on defense, so obviously your perception is not accurate. (I suspect Keim knows more about football than you or I do.)

    Sometimes guys play well but you don’t see it as readily based on just watching the game as it happens.

  20. By cards62 on Nov 17, 2015 | Reply


    Thanks for the comments. I have praised CC before many times and really like him, and I did not say he played bad, but I did not see him show in this game and Wilson was running around all day. He could have been double teamed all game as I watched on TV and not coaches tape. I was hoping someone was at the game and could give me their insight.

    Concerning Steve K. I am a very big fan of his and was very focal that Rod Graves had to be fired, Steve K. could be right that CC played a great game and that Frostee Rucker was great even thou he can not stay in a stance and draws 2 procedure penalties on special teams, but when it comes to public not private evaluations I always go to independent third parties or my own eyes.

    Kevin do you think Michael Floyd has bought into the Cardinal Way? Honestly I hope he has, as he is a great talent and I feel he could put on a show come playoff time, but I just do not see Cardinal Passion from him like I have many other Cardinals over the years.

    Thanks again for discussing and go Gards.

  21. By Kevin S Mesa on Nov 17, 2015 | Reply

    cards62 —

    Re: Floyd… I don’t know about your “Cardinal Way” comment. Nothing I’ve ever heard/read about Floyd makes me think he doesn’t work hard at his craft. I think he’s been banged up occasionally, and of course he is in a situation where no matter what he does, he’s going to be the 2nd (or perhaps now even 3rd) most popular receiver on the team from the perspective of the fans.

    He blocks really well — for all the attention given recently to Fitz’s blocking in Arians’ system, I’ve thought Floyd has been a better blocker than Fitz overall in his time here. He makes some catches that are unbelievable. His best catch of the year (IMO) was nullified by a penalty (one in which Floyd was not involved).

    The question of whether we can afford to keep Floyd in addition to all the other guys… I just can’t answer. Of course I’d love to, but I don’t want to pull a Seattle — put so much money into skill positions that then we suffer in the trenches. And Palmer and Fitz already are going to suck up a lot of our offensive cash. Plus John Brown has emerged well. How many teams would be fine with Fitz and Brown as their top two receivers? How much did our offense really suffer when Floyd could hardly play the first few games of the season?

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