Keim: Iupati sore but OK

Posted by Darren Urban on November 16, 2015 – 8:20 am

Considering how scary it was to see a 6-foot-5, listed-at-331-pound man down on the field to the point where an ambulance had to come on the field to take him away, the news about guard Mike Iupati was incredibly excellent after the game. Bruce Arians said last night Iupati has been cleared going forward. General Manager Steve Keim didn’t quite go that far during his appearance Monday morning on “Doug and Wolf” on Arizona Sports 98.7, but it sure sounds like there is at least a chance Iupati could be ready for next the upcoming Sunday night game against the Bengals. (Iupati looked like he was walking around fine when I saw him on the plane last night.)

“He’s pretty sore, but thank goodness there were no major issues from an injury standpoint,” Keim said.

Some other Keim points on a (very) short night, after the Cardinals didn’t even land at Sky Harbor until 3:15 a.m.:

— Keim wouldn’t say the Cardinals needed to win in Seattle, but echoed the sentiment of some of his players, that it was a “confidence-builder.”

“Playing up there you know you’re going to face adversity at some point,” Keim said. Yet the Cardinals rallied. The Cardinals, by the way, didn’t even win the turnover battle, with a minus-two for the game. No one expected that in Seattle, but now, that’s two Palmer wins there in a row despite losing the turnover faceoff.

— Keim noted the communication issues a couple of times with the pass protection.

— Keim said the drive that really stuck with him was the one ending with Jermaine Gresham to give the Cardinals a lead they didn’t relinquish. For Carson Palmer, that “was a statement drive.”

“That was a drive that really embodies the type of guy he is,” Keim said. “The leader he is, the mental toughness he has and the competitive spirit he has.”

Keim also marveled at the way Palmer continues to keep plays alive with his footwork in the pocket. Palmer was really, really good at that Sunday night.

— Props from Keim to wide receivers Jaron Brown and Brittan Golden, who came up big when no one expected.

— Some other players he noted for playing good games were defensive linemen Calais Campbell and Frostee Rucker. As for wide receiver Michael Floyd, “he has really, really matured,” Keim said, adding that his practice habits are good and Floyd has “completely bought in.”

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40 Responses to “Keim: Iupati sore but OK”

  1. By Eric G on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    Great news on Iupati, you never want to see a player carted off the field in an ambulance. First thoughts are always “hope it’s only a season ending injury” and not a career ending injury. But for this to be nothing more than a game ending injury is beyond unbelievably fantastic news. We need Iupati out there to win.

    Looking forward to another late night game on Sunday (ended at 12:30 AM here on the East Coast). Go Cardinals! Can’t wait to cheer you on at the Philly game!

  2. By Kevin S Mesa on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    Great news on Iupati.

    Just checked the updated stats — our Cardinals now lead the entire NFL in offense (at least, the most common measure, YPG). Just behind NE in points — by a single point after 9 games. And we are 3rd in total defense.

    Let that sink in a little. The #1 offense and #3 defense in the entire league.

    Take notice of those two stats, all you writers who do your “power rankings”… Yeah, we had a hiccup in our two losses — basically, turnovers — but the Patriots and Cardinals are the two best teams in the NFL. Yes, the Cardinals are better than either the Bengals or the Panthers. As it relates to the Bengals, we’ll get a chance to show it on Sunday. The Panthers? Hopefully we will get to show them as well… in the playoffs.

  3. By DTL on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    Monday morning after a win…. ahhh. Well done Cards, well done.

  4. By D on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    One could make an argument that win last night was as impressive as any since the playoff run in 2008. (I still rank the Packer home game in 2010 as the best but this was the best on the road) I give Palmer tons of praise how he stood in the pocket, took the shots and kept winging it. When in a night where the run game was basically stopped (except for that last Dre TD run) and still be able to slice and dice the legion of spoon was Superbowl caliber.

    Did D. Stanton pull a hamstring during his celebration?

  5. By Bay Area Bad Boy on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    Glad to hear Lupati is ok. Hope Floyd will not be out too long either.
    Great team effort.

    Hate to change the subject, but I am all about the “Stanton Dance” 🙂

  6. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    You know, as I watched that game, the more and more I grew my dislike for everything Seattle.

    I always disliked our rival, but it grew more to a hate for the seahawks, their fans, and their city.

    I could see it in the players too. After Palmer came to the sidelines, he gave that little gesture to the fans, as other player did too. It was almost like we finally turned around and decked the bully, and then said to everyone watching, “do you want some of that”.

    I mean, we won in seattle before. But this was a message game that the top of this division now belongs to the Cardinals.

    I think Palmer showed the world on a national stage that he and his offense can score on any defense at anytime. I can’t agree more with Keim about that drive. I think the league was served notice. This Cardinal team is flat out good.

    I save all the emotional post to Scott H and Dyno, but I think it is time for the Red Sea to come out loud and proud and send the Bengals back to Cinncy

  7. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    One thing I noticed;

    On the one play seattle shot the middle, stripped Palmer and took it for the TD, Ellington was suppose to get the backer.

    I know this, because, on the next drive, they ran the same protection and Ellington picked up that blitzer as Palmer hit his guy.

    Why that stood out? How many times do we shy away from a guy/play/formation/scheme , when something bad happens. BA believes Ellington can make plays and stuck him right back in to make that block he missed. Such confidence in his players.

  8. By CC#93 on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    Darren, Do you think Collinsworth will be all for Bengals next week like he was drooling over the Shehawks. If so please punch him in the face for all Cardinal fans. Just kidding give him a gut shot instead. Bring on the Bengals!!!

  9. By Daniel Varmaz on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    I still don’t understand why the media dont give the Cardinals the credit they deserve. They are still not talked about as much as other teams, especially losing teams. I think it is so unfair that as grest a season as the Cardinals are having, teams like Dallas and guys like Hardy still dominate the media. It’s a joke.

  10. By Rock on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    Joy Today!

  11. By lacardinalsfan on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    Any news on Floyds leg?

  12. By Darren Urban on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    lacardinals —

    RE: Floyd

    Arians said Floyd, Iupati and Redding are all day-to-day.

  13. By Credit Card on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    Watford played a very important role — coming in for Iupati. I still have concerns about Cooper at right guard. At times Cooper is being physically beat.

    Gutsy draw play call on a 3rd and 4. Cards have been passing all night in similar situations. Nice hesitation by Ellington to allow the left tackle to move up field towards Carson. Nice balance and 2nd gear by Ellington. I agree with a previous post Golden blocked his man seemingly for an hour.

    My opinion, Mauro played very well. Cards doing a nice job in rotating front defensive line. Campbell was quiet, Hawks were double teaming him.

    Game was played by both sides like a play-off game. Very physical game by both sides. Hawks know the odds would be stacked against them if they were 3 games down and a record of 4-5. Hawks gave it everything they had.

  14. By Eric G on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    @ Daniel Varmaz:

    The reason why is simple, readership. Yes the Cardinals are in a big market, but the fan base isn’t as big as Dallas, NE, Giants etc. The reason the Cards don’t get the same press coverage is simple, $. More fans = more readers. Until the Cards win a super bowl, they aren’t going to be overly talked about in the media. Personally, I don’t care. Frankly, I don’t also care what any one’s opinions are about the Cardinals. Most reporters don’t actually watch Cardinals games, so their “insights” and analysis mean nothing. I’ll stick with Urban and his updates on the team.

    @ CC#93:

    Collinsworth gushing over Seattle was annoying as he!! last night, but that’s what is expected of announcers when talking about good teams. Madden did it with Favre, everyone does it with NE, Green Bay, Pittsburgh etc. Seattle won a super bowl 2 years ago and was seconds away from winning 2 straight, so gushing is expected from announcers. They shouldn’t, but they do. I’m sure announcers would gush over the Cards if the Cards had won a super bowl and went back the next year. I’m sure other fans will complain about how much announcers gush over BA and the Cards in 3 years time after back to back super bowl wins. 🙂

  15. By Kevin S Mesa on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    A bettors’ guide to the Cardinals since the BA/Keim/Palmer days:

    2013, over/under was set by Vegas at 6.5 wins. After a slow 3-4 start, the Cards reeled off four straight wins, and were 7-4 on November 24, and everyone who had bet on the over knew they had a winner with 5 games left. (Final record, 10-6.)

    2014, over/under was set at 7.5 wins. Cardinals were 8-1 and this bet was a win on November 9. (Final record, 11-5.)

    2015, I guess people still didn’t have faith, as the number was set at 8.5 wins despite the double-digit win totals of the previous two years (including 11 wins in a season where 10 of the games were started by the #2 or #3 QB). Cardinals are 7-2 … I feel pretty good about counting the SF game in the win column so if we can beat the Bengals this week, there’s a good chance that this will be the third year in a row that betting the over on the Cardinals will be locked up as a win IN NOVEMBER. I’d be willing to wager that no team in NFL history has locked up a winning bet on the over three years in a row before December 1.

  16. By ored on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    3 with guys we chose,we better have faith in them.great heart and fight;looking for awesome play from this team going forward,new players starting in a winning tradition,our draft picks learning winning habits,learning what it takes to be a winner at this somewhere that it’s a good time to be a redbird fan,add to that, an awesome time,just keep the ball rolling.

  17. By Scott H on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    In regard to the media not respecting the Cardinals….first, who cares? But the fact that we are going to see the Cards again on Sunday Night next week – because their game against the Bengals was flexed into that spot – is a TREMENDOUS sign of respect for this team. And, yes, the Bengals have something to do with that, too. THAT, to me, is the most respect I’ve seen shown to the Cardinals….maybe ever. AND as I hear people talking about who the most complete / for real teams are in the NFL right now, I hear the Cardinals being mentioned at the top of everyone’s list.

    Gotta be honest, I am not a Collinsworth fan but…..I really had no problem with him last night. He pointed out how the momentum seemed to shift in the game at a point where I was feeling exactly the same way – especially since the Seahawks had just taken the lead on a defensive TD. But when the Cardinals were driving en route to the Gresham TD, I also heard him comment on how impressed he was by how the Cardinals were responding. So….I really didn’t find him to be one-sided.

    On the Ellington TD….was anyone else AMAZED that he didn’t step out of bounds on that run down the sidelines??? I was. I thought for sure the refs were either going to mark him out at about the 15 ( or so ) or a review was going to show where his foot touched the side-line. WOW…..I didn’t even dare celebrate that one until after the Cat Man put the extra point through.

    Some other things really went right yesterday around the NFC, like the Rams and Packers losing. My lord, what the hell is wrong with Aaron Rodgers???

    Then again, the Panthers keep winning ( perhaps en route to the top seed in the conference ) and the Vikings are suddenly legit. Honestly, I don’t feel like I believe in either of those teams, but….their records are putting them on a collision course with the Cardinals right now. I feel like I would rather play THEM come Jan that Seattle or Green Bay. But maybe I shouldn’t.

  18. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    By the way,

    Loved Stanton’s “dance” on the sideline.

    That was awesome.

  19. By shane on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    im glad i was wrong about this game.. even tho they gave me a scare in the 4rth this team showed what there made of .. this team is special .

  20. By Dr H on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    Did you see Pete Carroll’s jaw just drop and his mouth open when Ellington made that run for a TD? I love how gutsy BA is in his play calling.

    I made sure I tuned in to Mike and Mike in the morning hoping to hear how great the Cards were and how Carson is having a MVP season but alas, all they talked about was Peyton and how badly he’s playing. They did however acknowledge that the Cards are the next best team after the Pats…..and yeah, really annoying when Cris Collingsworth couldn’t wait to tell us how the momentum has shifted after the 2 turnovers….he did say that the drive by Carson that ended in a TD to Gresham was one of the best he’s seen in recently…..BTW, Drew keep dancing! Start choreographing the dance for the SB!!

  21. By Steve on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    Darren, how are you able to do a superb job on little to no sleep? 5 hour energy drinks all day?

  22. By Darren Urban on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    Steve —

    RE: Sleep

    I appreciate the compliment.

    No energy drinks. Trust me, I’m headed for a crash. Unfortunately, have to take the son to basketball practice tonight. So no extra sleep.

  23. By JohnnyBluenose on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    @ Credit Card….agree with you about Mauro. I don’t know if he will ever be a dominant player but he is definitely contributing and hopefully he will be around for a few more years and be a part of the “next wave”.

  24. By Kevin S Mesa on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    Scott H —

    Re: Being flexed to Sunday as a sign of respect…

    I agree, it is a good sign. That said, with the way this year is going, there aren’t a lot of marquee games. Out of 12 Sunday games, there was only one other option the NFL and NBC had where both teams have a winning record… GB/Minnesota is the other game.

    At this point, the Dec. 27th Sunday night game is Pittsburgh/Baltimore. Obviously the Ravens aren’t going anywhere, but that game might be meaningful to Pittsburgh. However, GB/AZ that week might decide one of the byes, or have other major implications. Carolina/Atlanta and NYG/Minnesota are the other two games that week that I’d say could be flexed — but right now, I’d say our game is the most attractive one. Let’s see if we can get on the Sunday night game again that week.

  25. By Richard S on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    The system picked only 3 of 13 game winners this week so far, Carolina, Pitt and New England. It has Cincy winning by 13.41 tonight. Az will move into the #2 ranked spot unless Cincy wins by around 20 points. Then Cincy would be rated #2 behind New England. I’ll update the system after tonights game. As for the sideline dancing, I hope Stanton sees how Fitzgerald was screened out by a Cardinal player on the sideline to prevent him from making a tackle in the last play of the first half in the only game the Cards played in the Superbowl. Stay away from the field when you do your dancing.

  26. By faster on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    sunday night next week again, that`s 2.30 to 5.20 am, oh f……., another blue monday.

    but it`worth it, if i see drew “Baryshnikov” dance again next week.

  27. By kycardfan on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    Darren, what was the unsportsmanlike like penalty called on the cardinals bench about? Never heard anything…

  28. By Darren Urban on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    kycard —

    RE: Unsportsmanlike

    I think it was for just constant complaining to the refs.

  29. By Scott H on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    I took today off ’cause I knew I was staying up for that whole game. I also knew I was either gonna be real happy or real pissed off the next day and I just wanted the day to myself. And oh, man, did that ever work out well. This was a good day!

    Just wondering if the first thing I should do tomorrow when I get into the office is ask for NEXT Monday off….big game, after all. And if they flex any more games, I’m gonna start running out of vacation days.

    Just a little something, looking ahead….with the Bengals playing tonight, that gives them a shorter week before a road game. It matters not to me whether they come in still un-beaten or not. I think there’s no way they lose to Houston tonight, so I imagine they will remain un-beaten. That could be good. You know they’re not going un-beaten for the season….so, let them come in feeling good about themselves so they can come up against the best team they’ve seen so far. That will be a good spot for their first loss.

  30. By BIGAL on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    OK, I hate to be a downer as this was an incredible win!!! But I must call out on what I saw, that no one here has yet mentioned??? So I’m calling out some of you’s that I normally respect for knowledge & honest visual take…
    Scott H
    And where is Coach K cause he & you guys usually catch these type of issues…

    That said…someone prior mentioned that “Watford played a very important role-coming in for Iupati” & that is true & damned near an understatement! However, same person also mentioned “concerns over Cooper @ right Guard being physically beat…” I disagree emphatically w/that!!! In fact my take on last nights game is regarding Bobby Massie @ RT!!! So my question to all of you is??? Did anyone else see B Massie time after time especially in the second half actually block the Air??? There were several occasions were Cliff Avril was clearly his assignment (sack & fumble return for TD) Also vs KJ Wright who I believe had the
    fumble return for DST TD… also Massie several times chose to block no one & Wright also sacked Palmer!!! He got beat on several plays & it looked like he was either totally confused or just didn’t want any part of Avril! Did anybody else see what I saw? I honestly couldn’t believe how poor his effort was! Pathetic! Palmer did a great job last night of stepping up into the web of the pocket that was built by the other lineman…If you DVRD the game as I did & you can watch & see for yourself if you missed it? Did anyone else see this???

  31. By Chuck 1 on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply


    Right on about Massie. I wondered why no other posters commented on the “elephant in the room”.
    Hopefully, Harold Goodwin and Stump Mitchell will clean up the pass protection before the Cards lose Palmer for a game or more.

    Also, it’s nice that someone above praised BA for his play calling.

  32. By georgiebird on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    @ Big Al,
    Read my post on “Seahawks aftermath”. Cards offensive and defensive lines were abused by the Seahawks.
    It was a game so seldom seen where the battle in the trenches didn’t dictate the winner of the game.
    Cardinals receivers were far superior to the Seahawks receivers.
    As a passer, Russell Wilson was terrible.

  33. By Richard S on Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

    RANK TEAM* RATING Win margin on neutral field Homefield 3 point advantage Won by
    1 NE(5) 101.76 9.69 12.69
    2 ARIZ.(13) 98.35 2.49 5.49
    3 KC(10) 96.76 10.98 7.98
    4 CINCY(14) 95.86 -2.49 -5.49
    5 CAROLINA(17) 95.59 6.92 9.92
    6 DENVER(4) 95.55 7.47 4.47
    7 SEATTLE(2) 95.5 12.46 15.46
    8 PHIL(7) 94.71 11.09 14.09
    9 GBAY(1) 94.42 2.53 -0.47
    10 PITT(9) 94.23
    11 INDY(3) 92.48 3.02 0.02
    12 BUFF(15) 92.07 -9.69 -12.69
    13 GIANTS(19) 92.03
    14 MINN(23) 91.89 -2.53 0.47
    15 MIA(11) 89.92 0.04 3.04
    16 DALLAS(6) 89.88 -0.04 -3.04
    17 ATL(21) 89.46 -3.02 -0.02
    18 BALT(8) 89.37 1.95 4.95
    19 JETS(24) 89.22 0.29 -2.71
    20 HOUSTON(16) 88.93 -0.29 2.71
    21 WASH(28) 88.67 -6.92 -9.92
    22 CHICAGO(26) 88.08 -7.47 -4.47
    23 RAMS(22) 87.42 -1.95 -4.95
    24 OAK(32) 85.85 1.18 -1.82
    25 NO(12) 85.84
    26 SD(20) 85.78 -10.98 -7.98
    27 DETROIT(18) 84.67 -1.18 1.82
    28 JAX(30) 83.96 1.45 4.45
    29 TAMPA(29) 83.62 -11.09 -14.09
    30 SANFRAN(25) 83.04 -12.46 -15.46
    31 TENNESEE(31) 82.51 -1.45 -4.45
    32 CLEVELAND(27) 82.46
    Week 11 byes Cle, NO, Giants, Pitt 14 games in Week 11
    3/14 correct picks in week 10. A really bad week picking games.
    After week 10, 93/146 63.70% Dropped 5% points
    Initial ESPN power rank in parenthesis after team name. This week Cards favored to win by 5 1/2 points. The numbers move by what happens vs. what’s expected. The only prejudice in the ratings was the original order of rating put out by ESPN back on Aug.31. The teams have moved as indicated from original rating in parenthesis to new number indicated. Carolina has risen 12 places from original rating, Arizona has risen 11 places. Most probable missed pick this week I think would be Dallas since Romo is supposed to have returned but the numbers don’t show that.

  34. By Kevin S Mesa on Nov 17, 2015 | Reply

    Wow, just a couple weeks ago, I was more worried about St. Louis, with Gurley making such an impact, than Seattle.

    Now they’ve dropped two straight, including getting blown out at home by the Bears, and they are already turning away from Foles… to Case Keenum.

    I think it’s safe to say the Rams aren’t going anywhere.

  35. By shannon robinson on Nov 17, 2015 | Reply

    Really great attitude and insights on our blog comments – reading comments from fans that study the game is refreshing. Loved the comments at half time from Roy Green when he acknowledged that not many play callers have the guts to go deep to Floyd right after Palmer got his “back waxed” as Wolfley likes to say. It’s a thrill to hear Roy’s articulate comments after watching him make touchdown runs up the middle catching balls so fearlessly in Sun Devil Stadium. I’ve got a solution for the Collinsworth commentary – listen to Wolf and Dave on the radio and watch the broadcast – I don’t even care about the delay. Wolf joins all of us in admiring the courage of BA’s play calling especially the draw to win the game. Palmer is a great quarterback and there is nothing like the spine tingling joy you get when a receiver breaks free and the ball’s already in the air! Palmer’s right about BA’s attitude has permeated through the team and now the Bird Gang has that feel too. There’s no one as tough as the Polynesians when they get smacked – pound for pound they’re bigger than life. I’m not surprised iupati is going to play.

  36. By Scott H on Nov 17, 2015 | Reply

    Big Al –

    Not sure if I covered what you were looking for but I posted several entries during the game ( a few blogs back ) and absolutely blasted Massie for allowing a free run at Palmer.

    If not….sorry I let ya down!

  37. By CARDS62 on Nov 18, 2015 | Reply

    BIG AL

    Read my post under Darren’s who is active for the game, and then go back and watch the game again. Carson had to move around all game to keep from being killed. Entire blocking upset me including coaching, but especially Massie. I mentioned before the game that I was concerned about Massie as he can not handle speed rushers, but he played much worse than I even imagined he could..

    My concerns remain our OL and our front 7 on defense, but no NFL team is perfect. Carson can take us to the Super Bowl if we can keep him healthy.

    Go Cards beat the Bengals

  38. By jeffcardinalfan on Nov 18, 2015 | Reply

    the thing I liked the most bout thiss game was that ba stuck with run n that paid off with ellingtons td run. ol has some issuesin pass protection…massie looked awful several times…our dl did an awesome job imo…don’t have the numbers in front of me but lynch was pretty much kept from dominating game and how many throws out of bounds did Wilson make to avoid a sack? this game was close to being a beatdown by cards, afterall we did just give them 14 points. heres hoping that greshams production leads to keeping back in to aid in pass protection-as stated at beginning of season-if carson is protected cards have a real chance to win superbowl. how sweet it is to beat the arrogant seahawks in their building and the look on carrolls face-PRICELESS!!

  39. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 18, 2015 | Reply

    Big Al,


    I think Massie is an average RT. Like most RTs, he gets beat with speed.
    I think he is average in run blocking and really, the reason the cards wanted to upgrade the RT spot in the draft. Unfortunately, they guy drafted is light years away and may never be ready.

    But to defend Massie, Gruden did not know the protection calls and neither do we. Maybe a back was suppose to come over and block or a guard pulls or maybe it was a “hot” and the receiver ran the wrong route. Unless we are in the film room, tough to know.

    I will defend Cooper (stop the presses), when Gruden said he needed to block down on the free rusher who hit the QB and caused a fumble for a TD. It was clearly the backs (Ellington) job to pick that guy up.

    Usually, when I pick apart lineman, I grade them on the obvious. But missed assignments are hard unless the lineman is the one standing there blocking no one.

    Massie has been less then stellar the last couple games I will say though. He has missed blocks and not sustained blocks. I wonder what PPF has him rated?

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