11 Cards still top 10 in Pro Bowl voting

Posted by Darren Urban on November 25, 2015 – 12:19 pm

The Cardinals continue to do well in Pro Bowl voting (which you can do yourself by clicking here or going to Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald has dropped out of the overall top 10, but quarterback Carson Palmer remains there, seventh overall and the fifth quarterback. Fitzgerald is now fourth among wide receivers, behind Odell Beckham, Antonio Brown and Julio Jones.

The top Cardinal at a position remains free safety Tyrann Mathieu, who is still second among his position, 14,000 votes or so behind Carolina’s Kurt Coleman (the Panthers have a fanbase dedicated to the voting; they rank high at most positions.) The other Cardinals ranked in the top 10 at their respective positions:

— RB Chris Johnson is fifth.

— Mike Iupati fell to sixth among guards.

— DT Calais Campbell is fifth.

— CB Patrick Peterson is fourth.

— Rashad Johnson is sixth and Deone Bucannon is eighth among strong safeties.

— David Johnson is 10th among kick returners.

— Justin Bethel is fourth for special teamers.

Pro Bowl voting continues through Dec. 15.


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12 Responses to “11 Cards still top 10 in Pro Bowl voting”

  1. By whoisgregtoler on Nov 25, 2015 | Reply

    It won’t matter when our boys will be in the Super Bowl! BIRDGANG!!

  2. By Scott H on Nov 25, 2015 | Reply

    All very nice. But it ain’t the Pro Bowl I’m interested in. We got bigger Bowls to fry!

  3. By Richard S on Nov 25, 2015 | Reply

    From todays

    There’s no need to wait for Black Friday at Levi’s Stadium. 49ers fans are reselling tickets for a bigger discount than you’ll find at most stores you plan on visiting this weekend.

    As of Wednesday morning you could get an upper deck seat to watch the Niners take on the division-leading Cardinals for $25 on StubHub. That’s a discount of about 70 percent off the team’s lowest face value of $85. By comparison, parking passes were listed for $57 and up on the resale site.

  4. By faster on Nov 25, 2015 | Reply

    another vote, folks, and i hope you will contribute today:

  5. By georgiebird on Nov 25, 2015 | Reply

    Not too good for an 8-2 team. Looks like another COY for BA.

  6. By clssylssy on Nov 26, 2015 | Reply

    I think many Cards fans are so caught up in the success the teams has been having that they already have the Cards in the SB and see no need to vote for players for the various recognition awards that come as a result, including the ProBowl. As much as I hate how football has become a media driven sporting event with player “popularity” so important (to the league) in determining player value, I am still a big believer in recognizing outstanding achievement in the work place and as such am a little surprised that Cards fans have not been more supportive in voting for team members for weekly honors such as “Rookie of the Week”, “Clutch Player of the Week”, FedEx “Ground/Defensive Player & Probowl.
    When our players/coaches win these honors we all win and the team gets the recognition on a national scale (even if it’s just a media award) that many fans complain that we never receive!
    So, let’s show our support and start bringing some of these Awards to Cards Players. While a lot of people think the Probowl has outlived it’s use, it’s still a honor to add to a player’s resume and some players even have incentives in their contracts tied to it, so while they do their job on the field, let’s get behind them and start bringing some of these recognitions to Cardinal land. If you BELIEVE in our guys, then GO VOTE! Every week players like Carson Palmer, Andre Ellington, JJ Nelson, Chris Johnson, Chandler Cantazaro, David Johnson get nominated and then are beat out by voting from fans who want their voice heard loudly. Let’s show them the Birdgang is as tough as our team and are LOUD & PROUD in the voting!

  7. By marlin on Nov 26, 2015 | Reply

    Could not care less. Years ago when I lived in SF… one ever talked about Pro Bowls. All anyone talked about was Super Bowls. Now that we are in AZ we are die hard Cardinals fans. The “old Cardinals” talked about Larry in the Pro Bowl and all because that’s all there was to talk about. We are a real good team now. Doesn’t matter who is in the Pro Bowl or how many votes somebody gets. That’s the type of discussion that losing teams have.

  8. By Scott H on Nov 26, 2015 | Reply

    marlin –

    My man, that was very well said. As a fan since the mid 70’s, I can attest to the all the years I / we had to hang our hats on the little things like players going to a Pro Bowl or an up-set win over a better team ( as we were en route to another miserable losing season ) because that WAS all we had. But the mind-set we are adapting to now? THAT is a culture change.

  9. By Scott H on Nov 26, 2015 | Reply

    Hey, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We sure do have lots to be thankful for!

    Just saw where we signed Red Bryant, so I guess he is the next man up. I just hope he didn’t come here looking to be a comeback player of the year candidate….because on this team, he’s got no shot! We’ve got too many of those already! 🙂 But I welcome him just the same. I actually remember him being a player I thought would be a nice addition a couple of years ago. Maybe he’ll remind me why I felt that way!

  10. By dan on Nov 26, 2015 | Reply

    So glad we drafted Shaq Riddick……paying huge dividends? Bonehead pick……called that the day we drafted him. Am I a genius?

  11. By clssylssy on Nov 27, 2015 | Reply

    Really Thankful that SK is signing some veteran talent to fill out the roster as guys go down with injury. As excited as I am about the young talent we have, it is especially important this time of year to have some experienced & proven talent at various positions to provide stability and serve as anchors as we push on through some tough games. If we can make it through our division with success, it will serve as a good practice run for facing the Panthers in the play offs (who have proved beyond a doubt they are for real).
    Marlin…dude, this isn’t your daddy’s NFL, step into the light and support our players! This award thing isn’t about the fans anymore than COY is, but can be a small recognition of the quality of players/personnel that this team has been able to assemble. Fans whine about the Probowl and media awards in the same breath they cry that we never get any recognition! Other teams get seriously into the voting because they have pride in their team and want everyone else to know it, whereas Cards fans talk a good line but are are a little slow when it comes to actively marketing the brand!

  12. By Bob on Nov 27, 2015 | Reply

    It doesn’t matter how many of the Cardinals players make the pro bowl because the players on the 2 teams that make the Super Bowl don’t play in the pro bowl.

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