QBs, bucket tosses and Gatorade chaps

Posted by Darren Urban on December 4, 2015 – 9:09 am

On Fridays, the Cardinals quarterbacks (and cornerback Patrick Peterson) take part in a bucket competition — heaving passes at a trash can from about 15 yards away. It’s a friendly way to battle. But there are very real consequences. Here, let’s let Carson Palmer explain.

“It depends,” Palmer said. “If it’s a home game, and you lose that Friday bucket competition, it’s pregame dress out on the field for warmups. If it’s an away game, it’s an outfit you have to wear from here to the state we’re going to play in.”

Wearing it on the road trip isn’t too rough, since the number of people outside the organization that see it is limited (although there is a chance social media will have it go viral.) Home games, during early warmups, there are some fans and definitely media who will take notice — which is what happened when third-stringer Matt Barkley had to run out to midfield wearing what Palmer called “Gatorade chaps” prior to the Cincinnati game.

“You never know what the guys are going to think of,” Barkley said of the Drew Stanton creation. “We’ve gone through almost every iteration that we can that’s legal. I feel like mine was almost illegal.”

Peterson was stuck wearing a kid’s cowboy hat once, and he had to parade out at University of Phoenix Stadium before the Monday night game. But Peterson, who asks for and receives no advantage despite the fact he isn’t a quarterback, proudly points out he has won the past two weeks (click here for video), and the week the team stayed in West Virginia.

As for the outfits, “often, it’s a collaborative effort, all of us pulling something off,” Palmer said.

“It’s all fun,” Barkley said. “As long as we are winning, I think these guys will wear whatever. I think we’ll have to tone it back, not be so racy.”

Palmer hasn’t lost yet — he warned reporters not to jinx him — and Barkley said however Palmer might have to dress, it wouldn’t be Gatorade chaps.

“He couldn’t pull that off the way I did anyway,” Barkley said with a smile.




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6 Responses to “QBs, bucket tosses and Gatorade chaps”

  1. By Scott H on Dec 4, 2015 | Reply

    Holy cow….yikes! I can see why this thing is so competitive.

    Great to know these guys are having fun, staying loose with this kind of thing. Well….fun as long as you don’t lose, apparently. My man, Drew, doesn’t look too happy here. But with his little sideline dance in Seattle, we know he knows how to cut loose and act a fool ( and have fun doing it! ).

    Sure seems like our guys are having more fun than they are in places like Dallas, Philly, Cleveland, New Orleans….maybe a few others. I guess that what naturally happens when you don’t have to be on a team with a criminal like Greg Hardy or be worrying about your coaches being fired.

  2. By PFT-made-me-change-my-handle on Dec 4, 2015 | Reply

    Great way to keep it loose and really build a T-E-A-M.

  3. By Dr H on Dec 4, 2015 | Reply

    My eyes, my eyes……..Drew, the dance legend, looks like he could whip out a disco move in those pants…..

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