Rashad Johnson sitting out again, Ellington active

Posted by Darren Urban on December 27, 2015 – 12:58 pm

Safety Rashad Johnson (ankle) will be inactive today, meaning the Cardinals’ secondary will be without two key members after Tyrann Mathieu was put on IR last week. The Cards are deep in the secondary, but those are two valuable pieces to be without. Running back Andre Ellington will play today for the first time since the game in San Francisco last month.

The full inactives list:

— QB Matt Barkley

— CB Corey White

— LB Shaq Riddick

— S Rashad Johnson (ankle)

— T D.J. Humphries

— NT Xavier Williams

— DT Josh Mauro (calf)

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4 Responses to “Rashad Johnson sitting out again, Ellington active”

  1. By CARDS62 on Dec 27, 2015 | Reply

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

    Hate not having Johnson today without Honey Badger.

    Darren question for you. Has Okafor role in our defense changed since he came back from injury? End of last season Okafor was showing a lot of promise getting after the QB, but I have not seen this since he came back from his injury.

    One of the pregame shows made an interesting point concerning the Packers and Cardinals today. The Packers play the Cardinals this week and the Vikings next week and then there is a chance the Packers will play the same two teams the following two weeks. Vikings week 1 in the playoffs and Cardinals week 2 in the playoffs. The Cardinals play the Packers this week and Seahawks next week, and in the playoffs we could play the same two teams. The Packers in week 2 of the playoffs and the Seahawks in following week in the NFC championship. Kind of cool. With that in mind knowing we need this game for the # 2 seed I have the following question.
    If you were our defensive coordinator how much would you blitz Rodgers today knowing he has not done well against the blitz this year, but with us without 2 starters in the secondary and knowing we could very well see Rodgers again in 2 weeks? Me I am only going to bring 5 for 95% of the game and just bring 6 or more 5% of the game.

    In Jacksonville and have the Cardinals on Fox again. I do love all the respect we are receiving. Looking forward to an exciting game and will love to see the offense click this game with no turnovers and no drop passes.

    Thank you to the entire Cardinal Organization for another great season.
    Go Cards beat those Packers!

  2. By CreditCard on Dec 27, 2015 | Reply

    Impressive victory by the Cards. D-Line was dominate.

    a few comments:

    Even though there was a replay about the Freeney sack at the goal line — it sure looked liked a safety to me.

    Appears that D Johnson was sitting due to either calf injury or that the Cards had enough points or they wanted Ellington to get more touches and playing time.

    Not sure if the Green Bay tackles are extremely poor or the Cards Outside linebackers are really coming into their own

    Bethal’s play was good considering how many times his side was targeted.

    D Johnson is special, as is Fitzgerald, Floyd, and John Brown. Then the Cards have excellent tight ends, and Ellington. Many Weapons.

    My opinion, the defense was getting so many turn-over touchdowns; the defense was on the field abnormally long — which attributed to the Packers 8 points in the third.

    Interior D-Line was awesome.

    Back=ups played extremely well.

    This Cards team is a very good team —-

  3. By CreditCard on Dec 27, 2015 | Reply

    It might be me, but I think Rashad Johnson will someday be a head coach in the NFL, and be very successful at it.

  4. By Dr. G. on Dec 27, 2015 | Reply

    Well, Cards Fans, it looks like the Packers may end up #5. The way the Vikings are playing, and with the Packers injuries, week 17 will decide that division.

    Now, our Cards can get the #1 bye if Carolina loses and we beat Seattle. The cool thing is that Arians will likely know how that earlier game turns out.

    If Carolina wins, it will be moot, but I’m thinking the brain trust of Bidwell//Keim//Arians may just want to set some records anyway… They can still be selective regarding who gets to sit a bit based upon how we do.

    Personally, I want to embarrass that butt head coach in Seattle… later

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