Now, Cardinals will visit L.A.

Posted by Darren Urban on January 13, 2016 – 8:10 am

At least for now, the NFL has settled — finally — what will happen with teams possibly moving to Los Angeles. It was a lot of talk and speculation, especially over the last year or so, but in the end, what went down seemed the most likely scenario from the start. The Rams are leaving St. Louis and going back to Los Angeles, where they once left (in 1994, when Aeneas Williams broke up that pass, pictured below, to Flipper Anderson) to move to St. Louis.

The Rams moved, of course, after the Cardinals left St. Louis to move to Arizona. But that isn’t why this matters now to the Cardinals. This move matters now because it means the Cards now have a different trip every year within the NFC West. Now, instead of a flight to St. Louis, it’s a quick hop to L.A. for one division game a season (if there is a road night game now against the Rams, no more getting home in the really wee hours. So there’s that.)

The other reason it’s important is because the speculation can now stop about whether a team might have to switch conferences (and whether that team might have to be the Cards, which I never really thought anyway.) There was talk that if the two AFC West teams were L.A.-bound (Chargers and Raiders) then one would have to switch to the NFC West and an NFC West team would have to go to the AFC. Now, never mind.

The Chargers and Raiders are in limbo. The Chargers have a year (and maybe two, if you look at the details) to decide if they want to leave San Diego for Los Angeles. The Raiders have to figure out some things. And the Rams are going to have a JerryWorld-type stadium in a few years, which the Cards will get to visit every fall.

It also figures to increase the stakes in the NFC West. Not that Rams ownership didn’t have money to spend before, but with a stadium/complex that will likely cost near $2 billion when it’s all said and done, the Rams are going to push hard to win in a division that has been difficult anyway.

Aeneas Williams


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27 Responses to “Now, Cardinals will visit L.A.”

  1. By Chris on Jan 13, 2016 | Reply

    I remember taking a bus trip with my dad and other cards fans to see them play the LA Rams in that old stadium. Only play I remember from the game was Ricky Proehl missing on a bomb down the left sideline, and Buddy Ryan benching or cutting him shortly after.

  2. By Al on Jan 13, 2016 | Reply

    Best news I’ve heard all year ! ..I’m a longtime Cards fan living in Los Angeles and I am very happy to hear the news. I have vivid memories from 70s pulling for Jim Hart, Coryell, Grey, Metcalf, Bakken and the “Cardiac Cards” which they were called back then. And now we get to see our new crew Brown, Johnson, Peterson and company..Can’t wait !

  3. By Scott H on Jan 13, 2016 | Reply

    Wow….it is really sad to see St Louis lose another NFL team. There are probably still people there who never gave up their allegiance to the Cardinals. Now this. That is a shame for them.

    It really shows how calculating and heartless the NFL is. This about money, nothing but money, period, plain and simple. A lot of fans in St Louis AND possibly San Diego will suffer but the NFL will not lose a minutes’ sleep over it. They just want another over-sized stadium like Jerry World in Dallas so they can fill it up with people – after they pay for their PSL’s, of course.

    Crazy…the Rams were in LA before. If they had such great support there, then why did they ever leave in the first place??? LA may be the 2nd biggest market in the country but…it just doesn’t seem like a great FOOTBALL city. If it WERE, then how has another team not landed there since the Rams left 20 years ago?? This has the potential to blow up in the face of the NFL, because the Rams are NOT a good team right now and without a good / great team to follow, why are people in LA going to come out to fill up this huge new stadium? The answer is, probably, they will not. Then what? Move the Rams again?? To London, perhaps? Wouldn’t surprise me…..

    Given how I feel about Goodell these days, I hope this does blow up in his face. That will at least be SOME small measure of poetic justice for the fans in St Louis.

    Geez…with this move, is there division in football that will be traveling fewer miles every year for their divisional games than the NFC West???

  4. By DTL on Jan 13, 2016 | Reply

    This is as it should be, NFC West: SEA, SF, LA, PHX symmetry. Cards will now “travel” even better. LA with a huge stad and likely 2 teams, we’ll get tix for a good price when we travel there. Our grass stad with luminecent roof wil never get old, football always will be grass, goal posts and 100 yards… Go Cards, Beat the Cheeseknuckleheads. (Anything more annoying than those stupid cheesehats?, sheeezzz).

  5. By Lorie on Jan 13, 2016 | Reply

    So excited only for the fact that now we get to see our team AZCARDS play here in LA and then take down the RAMS again on top of all the games we go to AZ for it’s about time Arizona Cardinals get some recognition!!!! Got my Cards in LA for a game and at our favorite colle teams coliseum USC!! That’s season is gonna be AWESOME!!! GoCARDS!! RISEUPREDSEA!!!!!!!!

  6. By dynosoar on Jan 13, 2016 | Reply


    anything more annoying than cheesehead hats, I have three, Pete Carrols gum chewing, the Cardinals head hats and the Broncos head hats. (I’d add a fourth and thats any cheesehead hat NOT shaped like a wedge of cheese. Like the bowler hat or cowboy hat.)

    I think the cheesehead hat is unique.

    I do like the “Cheeseknuckleheads.” It sounds like fun banter and not derogatory as a fan nickname.

  7. By dynosoar on Jan 13, 2016 | Reply

    I would hope the NFL did there due diligence to see that the Rams and Chargers can actually fill a stadium.

    LA has lost three teams through the years (Chargers, Rams and Raiders.)
    St. Louis has only lost two. (Cardinals and Rams.)

    Cleveland lost one, Baltimore lost one, New York has, Chicago has, so other cities have lost a team. How would that be to be a fan all those years, going to games to have the team pull out.

    Scott H., regarding money, Cleveland fans were in masses to get the future Ravens to stay and they left anyway, Rams fans attendance was down and they’re leaving. So I think your correct, once a decisions made it’s made.

    I just hope the Rams go back to the blue and yellow and leave the gold color in St. Louis.

  8. By lacardinalsfan on Jan 13, 2016 | Reply

    BEST NEWS EVER, 25 min drive to see a Cards game once a year!!!! AWESOME!!!!

  9. By Scott H on Jan 13, 2016 | Reply

    DTL –

    RE: Anything more annoying then those cheesehats?

    Yes. Seahawk fans. I sat near a few of them of them during that last game. And trust me, a few of them was enough. That stupid Sea-Hawks chant they do has GOT to be the most annoying thing ever. But consider the source.

  10. By Kevin S Mesa on Jan 13, 2016 | Reply

    Scott H —

    Of course it’s about money. It always is.

    That said, I’ve never felt that badly about franchises moving. Sure, fans in St. Louis will suffer — but LA, the second-largest city in the whole country (with a metro area of more than 10x the St. Louis metro area) hasn’t had a team for 20 years. What about NFL fans in that city? Don’t they deserve something?

    You are right, there wasn’t a ton of support for the Rams the last time they were in LA. I don’t know all the backdrop of why that is, but I can guarantee this — they will sell out every game in that stadium, no matter how bad they are, for at least 10 years. The NFL is more popular than ever, and a metro area of 18 million people (many of whom are affluent) that hasn’t had an NFL team in two decades is going to be buying up tickets to a state-of-the-art stadium. Look at the Cardinals. In a much smaller market, with a franchise that was historically among the worst-run in the NFL, we’ve sold out every game since our new stadium opened in 2006. Of course you can say, the first year or two were gimmes because it was a new stadium, and then we had those couple years of success with Warner, but then we also had the Anderson/Kolb/Skelton years in there before getting to the Arians/Palmer era.

    We wouldn’t have the Cardinals if they hadn’t moved here from St. Louis in the first place. Then the people of St. Louis got the Rams. St. Louis is actually a pretty small city. One way of looking at it is, they got 20 years of the Rams when they really didn’t deserve a team any more than a bunch of cities that have NEVER had a team, or only got one more recently via expansion. I don’t really feel sorry for the people of St. Louis.

  11. By Lord Hearteater on Jan 13, 2016 | Reply

    Actually, dynosaur, Cleveland was the first city to lose the Rams, so they have 2 lost teams. Talk about doing your due diligence.

  12. By faster on Jan 13, 2016 | Reply

    nothing to do with LA, just read this from

    1) Are you buying tickets for Wednesday’s Powerball drawing?;
    2) What would you buy if you won?;
    3) Would you quit you job.

    and drew butlers answers:

    1. Absolutely. Can’t win if you don’t play.
    2. Figure out a way to join Augusta National Golf Club.
    3. I wouldn’t quit my job.

    and now i`m scratching my head, if he really wins, maybe he would by a windsimulator for the UOP stadium or the training field, and polish up his punt abilities. no, i`m not complaining (ok, maybe a tiny little bit), but anybody can get better, lol.

  13. By Rock on Jan 13, 2016 | Reply


    Is there a way for the Raiders to continue as Oakland but play in Santa Clara? Using that stadium would not involve name change – the 49ers didn’t.

  14. By Darren Urban on Jan 13, 2016 | Reply

    Rock —

    RE: Raiders

    I think that’s still out there, but neither the Raiders or 49ers want it to happen, so …

  15. By sbrown on Jan 13, 2016 | Reply

    @ Lord H – yes the Rams left Cleveland, but the reason was that Paul Brown had formed the Cleveland Browns and they were playing games in Cleveland.
    The Rams left to another market, Cleveland still had the Browns.

  16. By Bohefus on Jan 13, 2016 | Reply

    I don’t feel for the cities that can’t keep there NFL teams. This is a business and having a new stadium is the cost of keeping your team. Whether it’s publicly or privately financed or a combination of both. Fans cry and moan that the NFL doesn’t care about the fans and it’s partially true. You can spend all kinds of money on your favorite team and support them through thick and thin but when you have financial issues, do you think they’ll pay your mortgage or put food on your table? It’s just an illusion of caring for any specific area or people. A better situation(city) comes along and all of a sudden your the red headed step-child that’s left behind.

  17. By D on Jan 13, 2016 | Reply

    As long as Kroenke has that mustache, Jeff Fisher as HC and No QB, I am not worried….my Ram friend in LA will just have to watch the Desert Birds this year get Crowned !

  18. By Richard S on Jan 13, 2016 | Reply

    The only city of the three to not put up money was Oakland (as they are still paying for a stadium refit that isn’t even used, Mt. Davis I think it’s called) and the Raiders are staying in Oakland. Lesson to be learned if your team wants to move, call their bluff. No tax dollars to support a billion dollar business. I just had my oil changed at a Bay area business owned by ex-football jocks. I told them don’t rip me off and that I had the 30,000 mile check done in Washington, Missouri when I went to my mom’s funeral for a total of $70 and that included getting new rubber placed in the wheel well for free after hitting a retread while driving back home. Out her in Californy it seems like every business is in the business of ripping people off from the bank that baits and switches the APY rate and then instead of depositing the money in your CD so it earns the APY stated, puts it in your checking account to auto dealers who do unnecessary work as the Missouri dealer called it when he said “We don’t do unnecessary work.” Poor rams have to move out to California when they were in a place where people are basically honest to a place where Diogenes can’t find what he’s looking for.

  19. By Brad oneill on Jan 13, 2016 | Reply

    This benefits the rams far more than the cardinals, before all of their division games were long jaunts across the country now they have 3 short flights. I hate to see any city lose a team and i really hate to see a division rival get a more fair chance at beating us but in the grand scheme of things this makes sense. Cards trip to Disneyland? 🙂

  20. By dwoofer on Jan 13, 2016 | Reply

    So glad to see Rams go to L.A., but not for them. I’m happy that the Cardinals don’t have to play in that musty basement of a stadium in St. Louis. Yuk.

  21. By Dr. G. on Jan 13, 2016 | Reply

    Cards fans…
    LA does have lots of fans, but will they pay to go to the games? They didn’t before. They will buy a hat and jersey. LA is an expensive place to live…the majority of the blue collar guys ((necessary fan base)) can’t do it. ((Blackouts again?)) This is being sold such as a Hollywood high dollar experience. It may be a novelty to start, but it could end up like the tenants in the Astrodome…filled every Sunday. The facility can probably have decent ROI for other variety events.

    Can you say, “”St. Louis Raiders?”” (((In jest, I say!)))

    I’m not seeing the Chargers leaving for LA…something will get done there. Renting as a tenant has an ugly ring to it. $100Mil is a good start. San Diego needs the tax revenue…

    As for not having a team had the Cardinals not moved to ASU Stadium, that is 20-20 naivete. We had detailed plans to have a dual-purpose stadium planned where the baseball park is downtown. And, we were in line for an expansion franchise…I was on that committee. But, it went south when ASU made all those promises including additions to their stadium… Bidwill was mad at St. Louis for rejecting a new building.

    On deck…shred the cheese…be well Cards Fans

  22. By jeffcardinalfan on Jan 14, 2016 | Reply

    having been a card fan since 1970 i do not feel sorry for st louis fans at all! they did not support the cards when the cards were there except during their successful years…same for the rams, as soon as the warner era was over the city turned their back on the rams. st louis is a baseball town. the nba was unable to keep a franchise there also. i lived an hour west of st louis from 2000 to 2009-during that time i met several people including the owner in a sports memorablia store and they argued that the football cards were never in st louis…lol. additionally the st louis media generally favored illionis college sports teamds over the mizzou teams neven when mizzou was competing for a national championship. even if the rams and possibly the chargers win in la the stands will still be full of visiting team fans after the newness wears off. this was all about the money. hopefully seahawk, packer, viking, cowboy fans will b more likey to buy ram ticets now.

  23. By Scott H on Jan 14, 2016 | Reply

    Kevin –

    Sound points, as always. But you and I both know that a stadium by itself is not going to be a reason for people to fill the place up. At some point, the team has to be good. Period. With ticket prices….if the team is lousy, people will realize there are better places to be and better ways to spend their money than watching a bad football team for 3 hours. NFL football is a great product, no doubt. But I think about how many times I tune out from a Thurs / Sun / Mon night game at or by half-time when the game is just a dud.

    And I don’t know that what people in any city “deserve” has a lot to do with it. Again, it’s much more about money than that. LA isn’t getting a team after 20 years because they deserve one. They are getting one because they are a huge market and the potential for making money there is obviously greater than in San Diego or St Louis.

  24. By K.G.Regan on Jan 14, 2016 | Reply

    I have heard the Seattle Seahawks called the SeaChickens, the SeaHags as well as a few others which I can not repeat here. However I think the name that has the most poetic ring to it would be the Seattle SeaDorks. If you ever saw a “sea” of these dim whitted so called 12th man fans, I think you might agree. They say the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. So in that repect the teams persona can not be too far from what we see in the stands. I just can’t wait to see them walking out of the University of Phoenix Stadium after the chamionship game. Their feathers all ruffled up and amiss as they go back to their rain soaked city as we head off to Super Bowl 50!

  25. By BirdsSTC on Jan 14, 2016 | Reply


    Cleveland has lost two teams.

  26. By clssylssy on Jan 16, 2016 | Reply

    Very well stated Scott! The only person this will benefit is Kroneke and the Evil Emporer, Roger Goodell with his self-serving agenda and grandiose, multi billion dollar vision in la la land! It’s said that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing repeatedly, expecting different results…how about three separate times? Usually three strikes and you’re out but, not so with the NFL who makes it up as they go to suit those at the top of the food chain?
    And, what about the fans who are largely blue collar folks who have faithfully supported them through the years,sacrifice so they could by merchandise and go to maybe a few games (no small deal when you are trying to support a family). Thanks for your support for which you get the middle finger salute! WFor those who condem St Louis, Oakland & SanDiego for “not supporting” their teams, LOL you obviously weren’t a Card fan “supporting the team” circa 2006 when we played at Sun Devil stadium and the visitors out numbered the Cards fans! Guess we got our stadium in the nick of time!
    RG has plans for this to be some sort of spectacular venue that will host future drafts and NFL grand events…which means our venue hosting major sports events will be history! California is broke , LA is an entertainment town that has NEVER been a football town and has the mentality of a spoiled child who wants whatever toy is hot at the moments. And, the idea of this entire cartoon making football better is something ALL football fans will end up paying for through inflated prices for NFL merchandise just to put lipstick on a pig!
    (Sure am hoping Michael Bidwill didn’t get seduced by the Jerry Jones/Stan Kroneke/Roger Goodell movement)!

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