Peterson not as Cardinal but as Eagle?

Posted by Darren Urban on February 1, 2016 – 10:03 am

Patrick Peterson was an All-Pro this season and is one of the cornerstones of the Cardinals’ franchise. How about the idea that he nearly wasn’t a Cardinal? That’s what former Philadelphia Eagles president Joe Banner claimed during a conversation on ESPN the other day.

In July, after the lockout was finally settled that year, the Cardinals traded cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a 2012 second-round pick for quarterback Kevin Kolb. Banner said if it hadn’t been for the lockout, the deal would have done before the draft and DRC would have remained a Cardinal, with the Cards instead shipping the No. 5 overall pick to Philly — which would have still been Peterson.

A lot to take in here. I’ll admit, I thought the original price for Kolb was a little steep in the first place and to think the Cards would have given up the fifth pick overall alone for Kolb is kind of mind-boggling. The 2011 draft was and has proven to be crazy deep (check out the first round by itself of all the great players, and that doesn’t include a guy like Richard Sherman in the fifth round.)

Of course, the Cardinals were scrambling in 2011 for a quarterback. Derek Anderson/Max Hall/John Skelton were not the answer, so they took a flier — an expensive flier — on Kolb. We all know how that turned out. I have to wonder if the deal really would have been those two picks for Kolb or if the Eagles were trying to push the Cards to that end game (since the lockout was never seriously close to ending until long after the draft and even the brief opening in April came a day after Peterson was picked) and the Cards never seriously would have pulled the trigger. I’ll say this: If it had ended up being the pick and that pick was Peterson and Peterson did what he has done, are we talking about that trade like we talk about the Raiders giving away Carson Palmer for a song?

Patrick Peterson

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  1. By Ottis Anderson Fan on Feb 1, 2016 | Reply

    Trading for Kolb was a desperation measure from Graves and Whiz to save their jobs. They had nothing to loose because the team was tanking so badly under their leadership, they would have been canned if they kept loosing without Kolb. Unfortunately, they were playing with house money and the move burned the Cards. Could have been worse though as pointed out above.

  2. By Scott H on Feb 1, 2016 | Reply

    All water under the bridge. It hardly matters anymore. But for what it’s worth, I still think Kolb would have been a decent QB for someone if he could have stayed healthy. It was his constant injuries – not a lack of talent / ability – that ended his career. Kind of a shame…especially when you look at all the QB’s who ARE healthy but DON’T have the talent / ability.

    Like Timmy Rosenbach from many years ago, some guys just have lousy luck.

  3. By texascard on Feb 1, 2016 | Reply

    Thank God Peterson is a cardinal. Please keep him for life. Paris Hilton Palmer I’m not so confident in. Beat the panthers. Stop the pounding

  4. By clssylssy on Feb 1, 2016 | Reply

    It seems it has become fashionable to bash Coach Whiz and hang all the Card’s past,present, and future on him without crediting him for two Division Championships, A CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP, and coming 36 minutes away from a SB win with less talent than the Cards have now and less resources. Who knows how things would have played out had Kolb been able to stay healthy and the team not been decimated with injuries. We started out 4-0,beating the Patriots in Foxboro, before the wheels fell off. Michael Bidwill was new to his role and still had Graves being gatekeeper so the entire climate was completely different. As we have seen these past few years how fast so much can turn with the loss of a few key players.
    Nonetheless, this is all water under the bridge as Scott pointed out, and we can be proud of the tremendous turn around the organization has managed in less than a decade. Going into the offseason I prefer to focus on the high points rather than think about possible worse case scenarios. It’s been a long time getting here with the only place left to go being up!

  5. By kauaicardsfan on Feb 1, 2016 | Reply

    Glad that never happened with PP!

    Darren as far as getting our defense up to par, any new news on DWash? Its like he dropped out of the NFL? We could have really used him especially vs Carolina. I remember he was perfect spy on Cam and the other mobile QB’s. Or even h ave that pass rush with in 🙁

    Sure felt it !!! I hope we can get him back without any of the issues??

    Nice seeing the Cards here at the Pro bowl, wish I could see all those that was invited 🙁

    Cards for Life!!!

  6. By Scott H on Feb 1, 2016 | Reply

    Paris Hilton Palmer?? What the hell does that even mean??? Not even at my most creative ( and / or drunk ) could I find any reasonable connection between Carson Palmer and Paris Hilton. Good lord….

    Is it August yet?

  7. By Andy Kw on Feb 1, 2016 | Reply

    Hey Darren,

    Any chance the Cardinals will restructure the contracts of Calais Campbell & Corey Peters to increase cap space?

    What is the status of DE Cory Redding? Will he retire?

  8. By Darren Urban on Feb 1, 2016 | Reply

    Andy Kw —

    RE: DL

    I could see that possibility for Campbell yes, although it’d have to be an extension since he only has one year left on his deal. As for Redding, I expect him back, but we’ll see.

  9. By D on Feb 1, 2016 | Reply

    The Senior Bowl game showed a lot of good players coming out this year, especially on Defense. This class is deep on the DL. Can’t wait for Indy.

    Everyone watched Noah Spence OLB destroy everyone in his path, doubtful he’ll make it to #29. But, some other names we should be aware of that could help AZ Defense next year:

    Vernon Butler DT- he would fit nicely on our line to create pressure.
    Carl Nasslb DE- the kid can sack QB’s.
    Joshua Perry OLB– he didn’t play because of an injury early in the week, but watch for him in Indy, another good size OLB.

    Later rounds: Sean Davis FS- big physical and can tackle.
    Kendall Fuller CB- big CB
    Deiondre Hall CB-another good CB that would help AZ

    Kenyan Drake -RB fast and can catch the ball
    Aaron Green RB- possible nice compliment to Johnson
    Max Tuerk Center- athletic, can get to second level.

  10. By John The Draft Guy on Feb 1, 2016 | Reply

    As everyone who reads this blog knows, I like the draft. So, I find this interesting.

    Let’s take a look back at that draft.

    In the first 36 picks, there were 6 QBs taken. One of the worst kept secrets of the draft was the Falcons, who wanted to trade up into the top 5-6 to get Julio Jones. The Falcons offered a 1 and 2 in 2011 and a 1 in 2012.

    So, if the story is true, the cards brass thought no QB in the draft was worth taking over Kolb, even if it meant dropping in the draft and picking up multiple draft picks while getting your QB.

    Looking back in hindsight, there were multiple pro bowl players taken in round 1 including PP and JJ Watt.

    But if the cards had taken the trade, dropping to pick 26 . They would have had two QBs to choose from. Kaep or Dalton.

    Now stick with me. Taking Dalton with the 26th pick, the cards would have had 3 picks in the next 43 picks . Not counting the 2 first rounders in 2012.

    So, the cards were desperate for a QB, but couldn’t understand grabbing a rookie and rebuilding an Oline that was horrible, could have saved their jobs for a few years, as most are willing to let a super bowl coach who lost his QB, develop a rookie for a few years.

    But instead, would give up the #5 pick for a back up QB. Wow, they were really off track.

    But as Scott H says, that is water under the bridge

  11. By Darren Urban on Feb 1, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: “A few years”

    Not sure what league we’re talking about anymore, because rookie QB or no, most teams won’t give a few years anymore. Whiz found that out first-hand.

  12. By texascard on Feb 1, 2016 | Reply

    1. They both are beautiful people who haven’t earned their station in life because of talent

    2. They both are soft (I get that all the inuries/excuses aren’t his fault but if I compare to a Big Ben then I find no other way to put it)

    3. When things don’t go their way somebody arrives to explain it not their fault. (Coach Arians)

    4. I’ll concede that she doesn’t throw the ball to the panthers on every snap or do all she can to give the game to the packers!

    5. They are both named hilton

  13. By Darren Urban on Feb 1, 2016 | Reply

    texas —

    RE: Analogies

    Your attempt at humor here is pretty lame, not to mention off-base.

  14. By jeffcardinalfan on Feb 1, 2016 | Reply

    1-the cards terrible ol ended kolbs career

    2-hindsight is 20/20 as far as drafts go

  15. By Scott H on Feb 1, 2016 | Reply

    texascard –

    Dude…what is wrong with you? It’s not rhetorical. I really want to know.

    Whatever it is, it’s no small thing.

    Can we just stick with football??

  16. By mal on Feb 1, 2016 | Reply


    I was surprised to hear you say during the last Underground that you don’t expect Fitz to do like Rice and play til he’s 40, beucz that’s exactly what I’ve been expecting him to try to do.

    He is so incredibly driven, knows every Rice record, been very lucky with health (knock wood) is durable, a fitness nut, Velcro hands, changed his game so it doesn’t require him to be a burner.

    What do you know about this from being on the inside that I don’t know from being on the outside? Of course the team still has to want him, too, but thats not how you said it — what you said sounded more like you didn’t think he was into doing that.

  17. By Darren Urban on Feb 1, 2016 | Reply

    Mal —

    RE: Fitz

    There are a lot of things that go into this. He’s got a lot of money in the bank. A lot. Also, don’t forget that Rice had to bounce around to keep playing. Not sure Fitz wants that either.

  18. By John The Draft Guy on Feb 1, 2016 | Reply


    . I mean, as a card fan, I am more happy with BA, who I feel is innovative in play design and aggressive both sides of the ball. So no one should misunderstand my comments.

    But, Honestly, Whiz went down hill (and Graves) over their QB choice. Kolb’s injury gave Whiz year 2. But then, when Kolb blew up in 2012 also, he is fired.

    But, I think a super bowl coach gets a rookie QB, who then shows promise (I know, assuming Dalton could have produced here) , would have given him at least 2013. Especially, if they used the extra 2012 first rounder on the oline. Maybe both 2012’s on oline, since the cards extra 2011 second rounder would have been sitting in a spot where Torrey Smith and Randal Cobb went.

    Of course hindsight. That is not the point. Im just saying the terrible decision to take Kolb over trading down and taking your QB, cost Whiz and Graves their jobs.

  19. By Darren Urban on Feb 1, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: Whiz/rookie

    Maybe. But Mariota showed promise and Whiz didn’t even get his rookie season.

  20. By Scott H on Feb 1, 2016 | Reply

    Just because I see Fitz being discussed a little, I was amazed / shocked to hear today that it sounds like Calvin Johnson is going to retire. Wow. That man can definitely still play. I wonder if, for him, this is about wanting to be done with the Lions ( ala Barry Sanders ). Not sure what his contract situation is, but I wonder if he would re-consider pretty quick if the Patriots / Broncos / Seahawks / Panthers came calling, ya know? I have to think he would LOVE to have a shot at a ring. He knows that isn’t going to happen for him as a Lion ( ala Barry Sanders ).

    And before people jump all over me, the reason I didn’t mention the Cardinals above is that they are already loaded with talent at WR, don’t know that they would be interested in CJ at this point.

  21. By Darren Urban on Feb 1, 2016 | Reply

    Scott H —

    RE: Retire

    But if he retires, the Lions retain his rights, no matter who comes calling.

  22. By Al on Feb 1, 2016 | Reply

    I want Graves and Whiz re-hired based on this news… With the sole purpose to re-fire them for even considering allowing PP21 to play for any other team.

  23. By BIGAL on Feb 2, 2016 | Reply

    Wow man I get ya!!! If that same deal was offered to the Cards??? Even tho I believe Atlanta had the 27th pick that year… still, 5 picks, 27, 59, and 124 in 2011, and 1st and 4th Rnd in 2012, “holly cow” and yet Cleveland still sucks! And
    yet there biggest problem is still probably a good QB…
    Even knowing what we now know…It is still a hard deal to make…I mean how do you replace a Patrick Peterson??? Yet w/5 more picks…again holy cow!!! if I remember correctly there were a lot lot lot of really good O’lineman in these 1st 2 Rounds…ie. center Rodney Hudson went at 55… got paid big last year to go from KC to Oakland and looked like that was a big help there…would have loved to have him…Oh yeah, we could have had him instead of Ryan Williams…

  24. By John The Draft Guy on Feb 2, 2016 | Reply


    Marriota / Whiz;

    Good point. That is when those on the outside have no idea the issues on the inside. Funny he was grabbed up by SD again to be with Rivers.Not sure his issue

    I remember when Marty Shottenheimer went 14-2 and was fired. Who would fire a coach who went 14-2. Then , I got some insider info from a NFL GM, who told me why. I won’t share that info, because Marty is a good guy, but sometimes things happen that us fans never hear about.

    Point is, I would think a team (cardinals) who had been stuck in 5-11 hell year after year, had a coach come in, take you to back to back playoffs and superbowl, and then his QB retires and he took on a rookie, generally speaking, he would get a few years to get it going.

    If Palmer retires in the offseason, I would think BA would get a 2-3 years with a rookie QB. We praise how good of a coach he is. If he lost Palmer and had to start over, he doesn’t suddenly become a bad coach. But if he chooses the wrong QB to hitch his wagon to, that is when they get cut, ala Whiz and Kolb.

    but your Marriota comment does question everything. Obviously insider stuff going on.

  25. By Darren Urban on Feb 2, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: Arians/rookie QB

    B.A. in Nov. 2014: “It always is tied to your quarterback. Every head coach in the National Football League is tied to his quarterback. Those that are getting fired don’t have quarterbacks.”

  26. By erik on Feb 2, 2016 | Reply

    Since we are strolling down memory lane…

    The OL did not end Kolb’s career. It was not that he was unlucky with injuries (Even though that was obviously an issue).

    He just sucked. If you ever saw him play with the Eagles, you knew. I never wanted that guy to play for the Cardinals and I was incredibly upset when they traded for him. I loved DRC! If you were to go back and read a few comments from me at the time, you will see I was against it. Just ignore the part about me saying how Skelton was going to be the real deal, Lol!

  27. By clssylssy on Feb 2, 2016 | Reply

    I was in KC when Marty got fired and know what it is that you were alluding to. Often times there are non football issues that play into these things significantly. The Titans are a hot mess from ownership issues on down and I doubt that even BA could have had success there. As a matter of fact, I recall his stating (after Chip Kelly’s firing) that these days the NFL didn’t even give coaches four months,which is about what Whiz got in Tennessee. I am sure Whiz is thrilled to be back in San Diego in a friendly and comfortable environment!
    I still believe Shottenheimer to be a great defensive mind and perhaps BA should give some thought to bringing him on board to fill the role of a Defensive Advisor.
    While I like JB, I have always felt he lacked the necessary experience to take us to a SB, which showed as we faced the more elite teams at the end. Our offense has the benefit of some seasoned minds,why not find the same sort of brain trust for the defense?

  28. By John The Draft Guy on Feb 2, 2016 | Reply

    Eric and Big Al,

    I remember that draft well.

    First, before anyone says we should have taken JJ Watt, most, including me, didn’t know if he was a 4-3 end or 3-4 end and felt he was good, but not top 5 good.

    Remember, there were many, including myself, who thought of PP as an Antrel Rolle. Meaning he was better suited for safety. I do have to say, the prospect of PP and DRC was very favorable though.

    I agree, Eric, that Kolb’s issues were not injuries or oline. He was bad. I still remember a play I broke down on this board in 2011 or 2012. Kolb threw a 4 yard out to the FB, and Wolfley almost came out of his seat about how great the throw was, but on the play, Todd Heap came wide open down the seam for a big TD. Kolb couldn’t read defenses.

    But back to the draft, I remember (and anyone can look back and pull it up) arguing with Darren about why Graves did not take the Falcon trade. I thought at the end of round 1, we would find our QB. I liked Ponder, and was blown away he went 12th to Minn. So, I was thinking Dalton. But to be honest, when I learned of the saints trade (a number 2 in 2011 and a #1 in 2012), I wanted to trade down.

    With 3 2nd rounders in 2011, and 3 1st rounders in 2012, the cards could have rebuilt. My QB in 2012? Well, Darren knows the answer to that. I think if Ryan Tannehill had receivers like AZ and a coach like BA, he would be one of the top QBs in football.

    In round two, I condemned Graves for the Ryan Williams pick. I wanted Akeem Ayers, who played well inside when NE switched him there. I also liked Torrey Smith, who is a good deep threat, and liked Justin Houston, if he checked out in interviews. Remember, he dropped because of off the field issues.

    But looking back, in a draft that produced all pros after round 1, like Houston, Sherman, Dalton, Kaep, Randall Cobb and Torrey Smith, Demarco Murrey, Julius Thomas, Jordon Cameron, Jason Kelce, not to mention the slew of starters who came out of this draft after round 1, how the heck did Graves manage to come out of the draft 4 years later with only Peterson???

    So, taking the sure thing in Peterson was the right move for Graves since he went 2011 with one starter and 2012, with two starters.

  29. By BIGAL on Feb 2, 2016 | Reply

    Geez, I too liked Akeem Ayers even had hopes for him in FA…absolutely loved
    Justin Houston…thought w/a 3rd Rnd pick the talent was worth the risk…When we took Rob Housler I was in total shock…I was like whose he??? And, yes we needed a receiving TE but couldn’t we have got him in the 6th Rnd? Revisiting this actually makes me feel alittle sick…Rob Housler at 69…then Justin Houston
    comes off the board next at 70…and Demarco Murray at 71…yep I’m feeling alittle
    The only thing I can think of regarding Ayers and Houston LB’s is remember we
    had just taken Daryl Washington and O’Brian Schofield in 2010 I don’t believe there were any “off field issues” there just yet altho I remember somewhere along the line Schofield was said to have been hanging in the wrong circles? So then in this draft they pick Sam Acho at 103 which I actually thought was a good pick there…And finally Quan Sturdivant at 171 never saw much there??? Still not sure
    who/how they set their board up???
    Also taken after Ryan Williams at 38 was yes yer guy Ayers at 39, but if you wanted to help that O-Line “which I could not believe they didn’t even draft a single O-Lineman???” Orlando Franklin T went at 46 and Rodney Hudson C at
    55…cart before the horse? Then you still could have gotten either Justin Houston or DeMarco Murray at 69 Rob Housler Florida Atlantic, Geez? What were they thinking? I need some Ginger Ale…

  30. By Scott H on Feb 2, 2016 | Reply

    Darren –

    RE: Calvin Johnson’s contract

    Yeah, I get it. Sounds like the same situation that our very own Carson Palmer was in with the Bengals at the end…yes? IF yes ( I don’t know for sure that it is ), we saw that things can happen a certain way that can get the player out of where he doesn’t want to be and the team can get something in return. Palmer may have felt consigned to hell in Oakland but he landed on his feet.

    With that scenario, however un-common, in mind, I wonder if CJ might be thinking of pushing for a similar outcome. If the Lions were truly facing a scenario where they could let him retire and get nothing OR be willing to trade him and get something….which seems more in their best interests?

  31. By Darren Urban on Feb 3, 2016 | Reply

    Scott H —

    RE: Trade

    No one is trading for Calvin’s current contract. $16M in 2016.

  32. By Andy Kw on Feb 2, 2016 | Reply

    We get Noah Spence or we get Emmanuel Ogbah in the 1st Round. No exception. If we have to trade up to get Noah Spence, then so be it. We have to be willing to trade up to get the player we want.

  33. By Big Ken on Feb 2, 2016 | Reply

    LMAO @ “Ryan Williams” Poor Fitz he’s had to live through it all. We got to get that guy a SB ring.

  34. By John The Draft Guy on Feb 3, 2016 | Reply

    Big Ken,

    The worst part of Ryan Williams is him giving himself the nickname of Lil Sweetness (after Walter Payton) Before he played a down in the NFL.

    That is embarrassing. BTW, I am the next Jerry Rice, but my knee hurts.

  35. By Scott H on Feb 3, 2016 | Reply

    Darren –

    RE: No one is trading for CJ’s contract

    Ever heard of the Oakland Raiders? 🙂

    Just being silly. I hear ya. On a serious note, though, you don’t think CJ would consider re-doing his contract to make it more friendly to a legit contender ( Patriots? ) for a shot at a ring?

  36. By Darren Urban on Feb 3, 2016 | Reply

    Scott H —

    RE: Re-doing

    Maybe. But he’d be trashing his reputation to the DET fan base with such a move.

  37. By Scott H on Feb 3, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG –

    Are you now known as Jerry The Draft Guy??? You wouldn’t have to change the initials on your luggage….

  38. By Scott H on Feb 3, 2016 | Reply

    Darren –

    I had not considered that. But I have no sense of what the fans of Detroit mean to CJ. And I’m basing all of my questions / comments on an assumption that winning a ring would be a top priority to him. I have no idea. But thanks for the dialogue. If nothing else, I find it interesting that another truly GREAT player is walking away from football as a Lions player at a time when they are just not in the mix.

  39. By Big Ken on Feb 3, 2016 | Reply

    Scott H, I think you’re speaking of the Las Vegas Raiders.

  40. By John The Draft Guy on Feb 4, 2016 | Reply

    Darren and Scott H,

    Between Calvin Johnson and Mathew Stafford, they account for 46 million towards the cap. Trading them both would relieve you of 23 million. That would go with the 21 mil in cap space they have.

    Maybe Stafford to the Jets for #20 and CJ to Pats for 28.

    Maybe blowing that thing up, drafting local kid Conner Cook, fixing the defense through FA (Wilkerson, Vernon, Josh Norman), Finding a solid LT (Cody Glenn), drafting a Derreck Henry, drafting a Cb like Makenzie Alexander. and a safety like Darian Thompson.

    If the Lions had the guts to blow that thing up and rebuild, they could be challenging for a title very soon.

  41. By Darren Urban on Feb 4, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: Stafford

    You think Conner Cook is an upgrade over Stafford? I don’t.

  42. By Scott H on Feb 4, 2016 | Reply

    Big Ken –

    RE: Raiders in Las Vegas

    Yeah…can ya imagine??? Can you imagine what the Raiders would have been like in Las Vegas back in the outlaw days of Stabler and Co??? Good lord! That would have been a match made in heaven. Or hell, depending on how ya look at it.

  43. By John The Draft Guy on Feb 4, 2016 | Reply


    Now, you just went against everything you have ever said about the draft in this blog. You said you never pay attention , especially this early. 🙂

    But it is not a straight move of Stafford vs Cook. It is Cook and Wilkerson or Cook and a couple of vets. Taking 23 million off the board and 46 million overall is the type of move that can rebuild a team.

    But to answer your question, I know what Stafford gives me and I for one do not believe he is a guy who can get me to the next level. Can Cook? I don’t know but for 5 million a year, I would take that shot.

    Don’t forget, I would also look at adding a LT, rebuilding a defense, and adding a RB (or two) . So, if you are asking me, is that better than stafford and his contract, yes, I do think so.

  44. By Darren Urban on Feb 5, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: Cook/Stafford

    Fair enough.

    I’ll just agree to disagree. I don’t think Stafford will ever be Manning or Brady. But I think it’s incredibly dangerous to dump a QB who has proven he can reach the playoffs for an unknown.

  45. By Dr. G. on Feb 4, 2016 | Reply

    For what it is worth, one reason that Whiz had problems with Matt Leinart was the whole Hollywood thing he got from Pete Carroll and playing in the USC locale. Whiz saw the tabloid pictorial of Matt coming from Paris’ home in an early morning escape. Matt is/was a head case… He must have had rued his tryst with that bony celeb. How she got in Darren’s blog is anyone’s speculation…. just sayin’…

  46. By Dr. G. on Feb 4, 2016 | Reply

    jtdg – – Peterson IS a safety playing CB. If you have read his BIO, you will remember that he wanted to avoid heavy contact when he was a Running Back. So he insisted in college to play Defense in the backfield somewhere…but even at this point in his career, he cannot tackle nearly as well as Tyrann or Bethel, so he got the CB position where he can just shove and try to body block… I rarely see him wrap up for a clean, sure take down….sorry Darren, for picking on your boy….later

  47. By John The Draft Guy on Feb 5, 2016 | Reply


    Cook/ Stafford;

    Funny, but last year I was making your argument about Dalton, as many wanted to dump him. So, you are right in your argument.

    But In this case, it is all about the money to me. Calvin is great and Stafford is solid. But the Lions are not. The Vikings are rising and the Pack is always there. To add a player or two isn’t enough for that team imo.. To have 43 mil to spend and multiple draft picks is a better path. Of course, you have to pick right to make it pay off.

  48. By Michael E on Feb 5, 2016 | Reply

    There’s been a little discussion on the forum about how Stafford will be 29 and possibly ready for a change of scenery when Carson’s time here is up. I like the idea, I think there’s something to be said for guys maturing and figuring things out around that age. He’s also BA’s prototypical QB in terms of size and arm strength

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