Remembering a serious Derek Anderson

Posted by Darren Urban on February 5, 2016 – 3:50 pm

If the Carolina Panthers win the Super Bowl Sunday, Derek Anderson — Cam Newton’s backup — will earn himself a championship ring. It’s a good place to be in, and a far cry from where Anderson was in 2010, when he came into the season as the surprise starter for the Cardinals after Matt Leinart’s relationship with Ken Whisenhunt completely fizzled. The team wasn’t good, nor was Anderson. The most memorable moment for Anderson came in a “Monday Night Football” game against San Francisco, after which Anderson went off in a postgame press conference when Kent Somers questioned him about MNF cameras catching Anderson laughing on the sideline during a bad loss.

In retrospect (and I just went back to look at the telecast), Anderson’s reaction was brief. But color commentator Jon Gruden criticized Anderson for not being more upset given the way the game was going, and the fans saw and heard it at home. It’s why Kent’s Twitter feed (and mine) blew up with angry fans. So Kent asked Anderson about it after, and when Anderson said he hadn’t laughed, Kent pursued it. It got memorable — in Cardinals’ lore, it was close to they-were-who-we-thought-they-were memorable. Anderson apologized a few days later, but that wasn’t live on SportsCenter, so …

But that was five years ago, and Kent got a chance to catch up to Anderson at the Super Bowl, writing a really good column about that time and Anderson’s rear view of it all. Anderson explains what guard Deuce Lutui was saying to him and why he reacted as he did. Anderson admits he could have handled it better, but probably goes without saying. It was an ugly year, one that nearly pushed him to retire, but Anderson said he rededicated himself to football and now finds himself on the cusp of being part of a championship team.

“I grew from that situation,” Anderson told Kent.

Anderson takes this … stuff … serious, after all. Real serious.


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  1. By NJAzCardsFan on Feb 5, 2016 | Reply

    It would be a really bitter moment, if DA gets a ring and the 2015 Az Cards didn’t….. DA was horrible when he was with the Cards….
    It makes the loss to the Panthers even more humiliating……

  2. By Scott H on Feb 5, 2016 | Reply

    I think of guys like Derek Anderson or Tedd Ginn getting a SB ring while a true great like Larry Fitzgerald is watching another opportunity get away from him…and it makes me sick. Ginn actually played well this year for the Panthers. And he was playing well for the Panthers in 2013. What was in-between? Oh, yeah – that ONE season that he was a TOTAL ZERO for the Cardinals in 2014.

    Friggin bum. I wish he’d just stayed where he was and spared us a full season of contributing NOTHING as a WR and doing NOTHING as a punt returner but calling for fair catches at or inside our 10 yard line.

    I hate to be a poor sport, but….I’m sorry, I’m not gonna root for a guy like that.

    I say GO BRONCOS on Sunday. I CAN root for a guy like Peyton Manning, who truly deserves a chance to go out in a blaze of glory. And with their defense, I say they can do it. Heard the stat today that top ranked defenses are 9-2 in Super Bowl games. There is just something about great defenses in Super Bowls. They just about always over-come great offenses. Look at what Seattle did to the Broncos just a few years ago. Well, Manning has that kind of defense on HIS side this time, and I hope the Broncos prevail.

  3. By texascard on Feb 5, 2016 | Reply

    As long as people believe a good regular season is good enough to be called successful then the only chance players have of winning Super Bowls is by playing for another team. It’s time to expect more from this team. It’s time to win a Super Bowl for and with Larry. That means finding a way to beat the panthers. It’s time for an offensive line built to go forward. Some if not all of those linemen are in place. Take the burden off of fantasy football Palmer (he is really good in the regular season). Draft a qb to sit and learn the position for when fantasy football Palmer retired and let’s keep this talent in the playoff conversation and not just a regular season mirage. It’s time to move to the next level. For fitz

  4. By dDobie on Feb 6, 2016 | Reply

    all I know the team need to beat the 49 er cause they where hot at one time then came the Seahawks need to beat them win over there was good but they kicked ass down here the writing was on the wall now its the Panthers was the Cardinals over confident maybe out coach who knows but now the got another wall to go over that is the Panthers I am not a coach but I would not take the team down there on a Saturday practice the same day then play the next day but Arian is much smarter that me so who knows but I think the team need to get there composer back and not rush things so here hoping every body learn something from this hope they retool which I know Arien ans Keim can do it was a good season and here to a better season this year I hate it when the visiting team wins and all I hear then cheering all the way to my car but me and my big mouth tell them where to go I coming back this year and I am going to yell my ass off win or lose I am a found believer to root for the home team like some of this jump on the band wagon fans go CARDINALS if you don’t agree with me don’t want to hear about

  5. By tJones on Feb 7, 2016 | Reply

    DA didn’t even play, he gets a ring, if Panthers win, another reason for me to want them not to, however, I feel they will. As for TGinn, that was brought up, I remember he had a great PR for a TD, when he played for Cards, I can’t remember if a penalty called it back or if it stood at this point, I guess it doesn’t matter, he made some good plays, but not great most of that season.

    However this story is about DA, and my feelings on the topic of that he was caught on camera laughing, then denied it, well, there could be many explanations for it that meant it looked worse than it really was. I personally don’t even care about that. It could have been caught the moment he heard something funny, as he later stated, and possibly when first asked didn’t even recall that he had laughed or what he had laughed at, games are busy for the players, I’m sure they can’t account for everything they do, hear, or say during the course of a game. No, but bugs me about him getting a ring, is he probably still sucks as a QB, but that’s the way it rolls, the whole team, whether everyone participated, did a good job or did nothing gets the ring. I don’t really have a deep issue with that, but when teams with players long deserving of a ring, never get one, it’s a little hard to take.

  6. By Big Ken on Feb 7, 2016 | Reply

    Go Bronc’s

  7. By truths4all on Feb 7, 2016 | Reply

    How can real Cards fans still hate a QB who had to play behind an awful Offensive Line that coild not pass block nor run block against any team?

    In Retrospect espcially when compared to BA and the current staff of coaches, Whisenhunt had no clue how to coach anyone or how to be a head coach, Russ Grimm had no idea how to coach up the Offensive Line, and Rod Graves was blind in evaluating talent.

    As a player, when everything has turned to crap, you either suffer in silence, cry, or laugh at how bad it is (or as the rumor goes, DA and Lutui were chuckling at Whisenhunt passing a big smelly gas bomb).

  8. By clssylssy on Feb 8, 2016 | Reply

    Truth4All…no clue???yet Whiz got us to two Division Championships,a Conference Championshiops and 36 seconds away from a SB win, then went on to San Diego and got their offense good enough to make the playoffs ! He was so clueless that the Chargers snapped him up nanoseconds after they dumped this year’s OC & he was available! Just say’n, this organization has moved forward light years in the last decade and has kept building on what was started in those magical seasons when it all started turning around!
    On a different note, the Panthers loss mirrored our loss in theConference Championship, and like the Cardinals, will only come out hungrier and more driven next season which will make the playoffs tougher than ever. More than anything, I think we saw that Defenses really do win Championships and that in these high stakes situations experience and wisdom trumps youthful arrogance!
    Still,couldn’t help feel bad for the Panthers as they really did have an amazing season, like the Cards, which is now all but forgotten

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