Keim: Mathieu extension is “our goal”

Posted by Darren Urban on February 11, 2016 – 6:50 pm

Tyrann Mathieu wants to remain a Cardinal, and he has said as much. General Manager Steve Keim agrees, and with the safety due to become a free agent after the 2016 season, Keim said Thursday night on the Big Red Rage the team wants to get an extension done. When that might be is still a question, Keim acknowledged, but “I don’t think there is any doubt that’s our goal.”

Keim has been mostly holed up in his office this week watching as much college video as he can in advance of the upcoming Scouting combine. But he took some time to be a guest on the Rage, hitting on a variety of topics, including the fact he remains disappointed with the way the season ended, with the Cardinals “embarrassed” in the NFC Championship game against the Panthers.

“Our expectations as an organization, our expectations as a fan base, are to hang banners every year,” Keim said. “Not just the West (division) championship, but the big one.”

Among the other topics Keim addressed:

— Yes, an edge rusher is an important target, but it’s not the only spot. Keim said there are “a lot of areas we need to improve,” and he said that includes depth positions and not just looking at starters.

— Keim said the Cardinals will be as active in free agency as they usually are. But he reiterated that when looking at players who are seeking longer contracts with big guarantees, there must be a certain amount of caution with that aggressive mindset. There are usually reasons these players couldn’t get such deals with their original teams.

— While he would not get into specifics about the Cards’ own free agents — saying there are, as usual, some the team would very much like back — he knows the market could dictate how many return. As for both free agency and the draft, “you can’t force signings and you can’t force picks,” Keim said. “I’ve said that for a long time. When you get into a habit of forcing need, you are leaving better players on the board.”

— Keim wouldn’t be specific with how much cap space the Cardinals will have but added he feels “very good” with where the Cards are right now. Since arriving in 2013 to his current job, “the thing we’ve done the best job of is eliminating the dead money,” Keim said.

— There is always planning for the future, but even with the possibility of guys like QB Carson Palmer or wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald retiring in the next few years, that doesn’t change the expectation of the franchise.

“The NFL doesn’t allow you not to be in a win-now mode,” Keim said.

— Speaking of Palmer, Keim didn’t hesitate in saying he thinks his quarterback will be fine in 2016 even after the rough NFC Championship and has no concerns there is a mental hurdle for Palmer to overcome.

“When we made the trade for Carson three years ago, there was a perception, because you’re talking about a guy who sat out a year in Cincinnati, that maybe he was a quitter or whatever the thought was across the country,” Keim said. “After getting to know him for three years, I haven’t been around many people who are as tough mentally or as competitive as he is. I have a tremendous amount of confidence in Carson Palmer in every aspect of the game.”

“I think Carson Palmer has good football left in him,” Keim added, noting that there are 12-to-15 teams looking for a quarterback. The Cardinals are not one of them. “I’m proud to have Carson Palmer as our quarterback.”



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  1. By joe holst on Feb 11, 2016 | Reply

    Will they draft the fastest player again? Also do they regret cutting Ted Ginn and why did they do it to begin with,

  2. By John The Draft Guy on Feb 11, 2016 | Reply

    Holes that need to be filled;

    OLine – Keim has addressed the left side of the line, but the right side has issues. He drafted Cooper, who has been a bust. He drafted Humphries, who never dressed out. Sendlein is on his last days, there are questions. If Humphries can make a comeback and start and play like a first round pick, that would help. But we must address center and right guard.

    QB – As the article says, Palmer is an older QB who will retire in the next few years. Maybe he gets another injury and retires sooner than later? We need to find the QB of the future.

    OLB – We must find someone (draft or FA) who can win his one on one battles and put pressure on QBs.

    CB- opposite of PP, there needs to be another player. But more than that, how much trouble would we be in, if PP was injured? Powers is a FA. Bethel gives depth, but I just don’t know that after 4 years, he is a starting CB.

    ILB – I would like to upgrade Minter. I also would like to either see a bigger version of Buccannon or move him to an in the box safety and add a second LB.

    Safety – I like Jefferson. I think he does a good job with coverage, blitzes, and the run. Who our other safety is depends on what you do with Johnson and Buccannon.

  3. By MikeFlorio on Feb 11, 2016 | Reply

    Damn Proud of Carson Palmer as our Quarterback!!! I wouldn’t have anyone else behind center, hypothetically, nope, Carson Palmer is our Quarterback, you are either all in or nothing. I am not saying anything about our fan base, but if you think there is another Quarterback out there than can take us to where we want to be, then you haven’t endured what a majority of us have.
    I am not talking about the drop in production from 2009 on….no I am talking about the drop after Plummer left us.
    Sure, sure we get it, you lived in AZ in 88′ but you haven’t been a fan, a real fan, a fan when the Phoenix Cardinals were just the NFL team in Phoenix.
    I didn’t adopt the Birdgang I was born into it, my greatest memory was getting an Arizona Cardinals from my father when I was 8. I am here sitting, waiting, I’ll let you think your the biggest Cardinals in the room, but I have shed more tears for this team, in a regular season loss, then most fans do for their teams.
    I bleed Cardinal red, I am the RedCOriginal, and those of us who have been here, know, that Carson is a true leader, a Quarterback, our Quarterback, hasn’t he proved enough? He is still grinding!! He’s all in, just like I am, Just like the Red Sea is!! Dig deep Birdgang cause we are coming back for our Savage Season in 2016

  4. By John The Draft Guy on Feb 11, 2016 | Reply

    So, what to do about the holes?

    Here is a way to early plan.

    OLine – I think I would need to know more regarding our RT, so I am going to assume he will break through. At RG, I would bring in Alex Boone. He had an off year in 2015, which may allow him to be with in budget.. At center, I would consider Alabama’s Ryan Kelly in round 2. The center spot is not strong in FA or draft. We may need to reach out to Sendlein again.

    QB – I think it may be time to draft a QB. The question remains, do you take one of the big 4 if they fall to you at 29 ( Goff, Wentz, Lynch, Cook ) or do you take a 4th round shot at either Coker or Hogan. Both Coker and Hogan have strong enough arms and can throw the deep ball. Big, athletic guys who are pocket passers.

    OLB – I believe we need to add two, maybe three. I would resign Freeney as one. Now, Junior Galette seems like a good target. Heard he might not be a good teammate, so there is some things to be checked out. Bruce Irvin , to me , is like adding nother Marcus Goldon. A guy who will work hard to get to the QB, but doesn’t have that burst. Drafting Floyd makes sense. He has a great burst. Noah Spence is ideal, but might not make it out of the top 15. If he does, trade up to land him. As a 3rd rounder, I really like Eric Striker.

    ILB – Jaylon Smith would be ideal. But so much depends on what you do with Buccannon. Is he staying at LB or moving to safety? Moving him to safety, I would look at two FA. Danny Trevathon and Zack Brown. Heck if we could get them both, that would be huge.

    CB – Janoris Jenkins has done a good job against the cards. This is a top target for me. Another option would be Eli Apple in the draft. I would not bring back Powers.

    Safety – I think I might flirt with the idea of moving Buccannon back to safety with Jefferson. This would give the cards 2 hard hitting, good tackling safeties. What the give up in coverage won’t matter if you have Jenkins and PP at CB and Matheu on the slot. Bethel could come in as a dime back.

    The cardinals have a 36 year old QB. It is a win now business. With that being said , the cards have 23 million in cap space. Cutting DWash will add another 2 million making it 25 million. Both Fitz and Campbell are huge hits to the cap, and if possible, both need to have contracts extended or redone. Other possible cuts could be Cory Redding (saving 3 million) and Cooper (saving almost 2 million. I think with all these cuts and moves, they could have as much as 30-35 million to spend.

    So, my way too early off season plan;

    Oline – I sign Alex Boone and trade up in round two and land Ryan Kelly, center

    QB – I would look in round 4 at drafting Kevin Hogan or Coker. I would not resign Stanton, Barkley moves to #2 and our rookie sits for two years. Lets face it, If Palmer goes down, it kills us with or without Stanton.

    OLB – I resign Freeney. In round 1, If spence is nowhere near to trade up for, I am leaning towards Floyd with the 29th pick. But in round 3, I also draft Eric Striker.

    ILB – I would sign Zack Brown. a fast ILB who can cover and can blitz the QB. 10 sacks and 5 ints in 3 years. I also like Danny Trevathon, A fast LB who can cover.

    CB – Janoris Jenkins would be signed.

  5. By Dr H on Feb 12, 2016 | Reply

    Let’s make sure the Honey Badger never leaves the Cards!! Can’t imagine what we can do with all of our players healthy.

  6. By texascard on Feb 12, 2016 | Reply

    What? No mention of the greatness of the regular season? And no mention of some 1920 linebacker. If Palmer is to recover from that embarrassment then the cards must be prepared to run the ball in the playoffs.

  7. By Cardinal's Chick on Feb 12, 2016 | Reply

    This time of the year is the hardest because there is no football to look forward to. But, I do find myself looking forward to the way SK drops into business mode, although I’m sure he is never out of it, and begin to work through filling the necessary holes, determining those players they keep, who they want to keep but aren’t able to hold on to, who to draft, free agency, etc. In 3 years he has built a pretty strong foundation. Barring injuries, there is no place to go but up! I love being a Cardinal’s fan!

  8. By Scott H on Feb 12, 2016 | Reply

    I agree, I absolutely believe that Palmer has a few good years left in him. From a physical standpoint, he shows no signs of wearing down, still has one of the stronger arms in the league. Mobility was never his game but he has shown the ability to slide in the pocket to buy time. He can run for it when he needs to. Needs to work on his sliding! As long as he can avoid tearing up his knees again, he should be fine.

    From the neck up, he needs to make better decisions at times.

    Love the Honey Badger and I hope he is here for a long time to come. He is the Troy Polamalu-like player that the league has not had since Troy Polamalu retired. I DO worry about him, physically, however. He is more on the field than off, but still hasn’t played a full 16 games. And losing him late last season killed us.

  9. By georgiebird on Feb 12, 2016 | Reply

    HB is the type of player the Cards need to win the SB. However, two major injuries in a three year career makes locking him up a very dangerous commitment.
    As long as Lloyd’s of London is part of the deal, we can all that it turns out for the best.

  10. By georgiebird on Feb 12, 2016 | Reply

    SK is not much of a 1st round draft choice guy but otherwise he is an excellent GM. SK says “there are a lot of areas we have to improve”. My reaction- with 13 regular season wins, BA should have been COY in 2015.

  11. By Andy Kw on Feb 12, 2016 | Reply

    It’s rather we keep Andre Ellington or Kerwynn Williams. I’d trade Ellington for a 5th-6th RD draft pick. Kerwynn Williams is the healthy option. I really want Chris Johnson back.

  12. By Andy Kw on Feb 12, 2016 | Reply

    Tyrann Mathieu is the heart of the defense.

  13. By CreditCard on Feb 12, 2016 | Reply

    I believe a sensational nose-tackle with an average edge rusher is greater than (>) a sensational edge rusher with an average nose-tackle. This leads me to a few questions:

    1. In your opinion how did Rodney Gunter perform?
    2. What is the health of Cory Peters?
    3. Did Gunter gain experience and slowly improved throughout the season?
    4. Xavier Williams — how was his play?
    5. Does rookie lineman have a normal jump in improvement from year 1 to year 2
    6. Any free agents in the NT area?

    One of the reasons Denver Broncos did so well, was because of the internal push by Derek Wolfe. Wolfe was doubled teamed (guard and center), and sometimes the RB. Wolfe still stopped the run, pushed the pocket backwards, and still got into several QB pressures along with a sack. Pressure like that makes Ware’s and Miller’s job much more easier.

  14. By TucsonTim on Feb 12, 2016 | Reply

    “the thing we’ve done the best job of is eliminating the dead money”

    That is Keim’s own words and his self assessment.

    Wow.. What exactly does that mean. Were there follow ups???

    You have 2 first round o-line men on the bench or inactive…that looks pretty dead to me. 93 makes no sacks and 2 tackles in 2 play off games…is that un dead money. Follow up questions please…..

    Folks, this is the franchise that made our beloved Kurt Warner get on a private jet and fly to San Francisco as a free agent in order to get the contract he deserved after the frickin super bowl. Dead money…. WTF Keim. Who where what when….

    I guess when Kent Summers is your most challenging sports reporter, thats the kind of unmitigated BS you get

  15. By dynosoar on Feb 13, 2016 | Reply

    Joe Holst,

    I don’t regret cutting him. Other than one Punt Return against the Giants he didn’t do anything for us. He’s a Panther and will probably not perform for anyone else. And that’s ok. That’s ok.


    I love your in depth assessments. It’s a year away, but there are two running backs in Tennessee that may prove top (not necessarily 1st round, but top) draft picks in the 2017 draft. I’d love your take on them mid way through the season.


    This season was great and I’ll address my thoughts on the end later, but the season was awesome!


    I agree, Keim is a master at later round drafting and free agents. I don’t understand what has happened to our first round picks, but Cooper’s broken leg must’ve been devastating psychologically, or perhaps it didn’t heal right physically. Still, that was a bad break.


    Chris Johnson and Mathiue observations, I think your spot on.

  16. By dynosoar on Feb 13, 2016 | Reply

    It’s been a while and I’ve missed being here. My thoughts on the Seattle and Panthers losses. Part I of III

    As a fencing coach I’ve learned what happens when a team has low stress/motivation, we see a lackadaisical performance and the player/team gets walloped like we did in our final game against Seattle. There was no real motivation to win, we were second seed regardless. That may have changed if we saw the Panthers losing in the first quarter, but they weren’t.

    No motivation = lackadaisical performance = huge loss. It’s a simple problem of managing stress levels and motivation. No more, no less. That’s on the situation (and honestly, that game had no motivation, period, unless Carolina starts losing to Tampa and they didn’t). There is nothing the coaches or team leaders are going to do to change the motivation of a game where the situation eliminates motivation.

    I’m good with this loss. It’s perfectly understandable. If we had a legitimate shot at number one seed, or had not had an AWESOME! season, I’d have wanted something more. But we did have an AWESOME! Season and Didn’t have a shot at number one.

  17. By dynosoar on Feb 13, 2016 | Reply

    My thoughts on the Seattle and Panthers losses. Part II of III.

    Against the Panthers, the stress level/motivation was at the opposite end. There is an ideal amount of stress/motivation that creates a curve that looks like a bell curve (because it is).

    Too little stress/motivation = lackadaisical performance = poor results.

    Too much stress/motivation = trying too hard = abnormal mistakes = poor results

    (Examples:Fitz dropping a ball in his hands, PP choosing to take a punt on the fly and fumbling, Gynn Jr. running out of bounds instead of cutting back like Fitz did in OT against the Packers.)

    This game was all about, “we have to win this, we HAVE to and so the motivation was too high and performance suffered.

    The right amount of stress/motivation = highest part of bell curve = best performance (not necessarily a win, but best performance and against the Panthers, best performance would’ve been a win.)

    Our problem in this game was too much stress/motivation.

    That’s on the situation, coaches and team leaders. And in part III I will acknowledge my part. The coaches and team leaders should have reduced the stress during halftime like the Seahawks did against the Panthers the previous week and unlike Seattle, I believe we would’ve won the game.

    This game we had Too much stress/motivation (“we have to win”, “we have to make plays” instead of, “let’s just play our game and we’ll more than likely win.”)

    I am disappointed in this game, not because we lost, but because for the first time all season, we tried too hard and didn’t properly manage the stress/motivation. The last game against the Seahawks, there’s no motivation in that situation, so not disapointed. The game against Carolina, disapointed the Cardinals didn’t manage stress/motivation.

    They tried too hard.

  18. By Big Ken on Feb 13, 2016 | Reply

    Floyd is a reach at 29.

  19. By dynosoar on Feb 13, 2016 | Reply

    My thoughts on the Seattle and Panthers losses. Part III (and last)

    If the team listened to me (and I’ve heard BA, Fitz, PP and many others say the same thing) “The Lombardi Trophy or Nothing at All, then the stress/motivation level of the Panthers game is going to be too high.

    That’s the strength of our five prime time regular season wins and the strength of Seattle over the last three years, no game has a “we have to win” motivation factor.

    I realize two things this season.

    1. My focus on the SB win or nothing creates a situation with too much stress/motivation and that leads to trying to hard which leads to little mistakes that always lead to poor performance.

    In other words, my focus creates a situation where we lose in a game like this, a situation where seven interceptions and PP fumbles and Fitzgerald dropping passes are guaranteed.

    2. The Nothing at All is simply not true. I loved this season and while our players didn’t get the ring, our Cardinals and us fans certainly had a whole lot more than “Nothing at All.”

    Now, I don’t believe the players and/or coaches are reading my thoughts throughout the season. Nor do I believe my thoughts would influence them. But if they did and I helped create a feeling that led to too much stress/motivation, I’m sorry. I have taken this experience to my fencers and they are actually managing there stress/motivation in tournament better now. So there is that.

    My last takeaway, that last loss was simply too much motivation. Easily fixed going forward. And my new mantra (still in progress)…

    Do our best and there’s no regrets!

  20. By dynosoar on Feb 13, 2016 | Reply


  21. By jasonuscg on Feb 13, 2016 | Reply


    Hey buddy, long time no post for me but I was having too much fun enjoying the season. I think with the job Keim has done it’s easier for all fans to get on the same page for offseason needs so I agree with your assessment.

    Putting them in order I’d say pass rush, defensive backfield, offensive line and then qb.

    1. Marcus Golden will be better in year two so that is a good start and you have an interesting piece in Shaq Riddick already on the roster. I believe we need multiple choices so doubling up in the draft and free agency is the route. Noah Spence has been mocked to us by some and is top 10 by others so his value is all over the place, if he checks out in the combine I think you’re right he’s top 15. A trade up would be interesting but given Keim’s history unlikely. Kevin Dodd from Clemson is a name that might be available for us and the player I’m going to take a hard look at. In free agency Olivier Vernon looks like the type of player Keim would target for a big contract (ala Veldheer and Iupati), but it sounds like Miami might franchise tag him. If he makes it to the market he’d be option #1.

    2. It’s strange to say that defensive backfield is a weakness because they played well last season and with a better pass rush they would be fine. The reason they’re #2 is the contracts. Mathieu is getting a new big $$$ deal, Bethel just got a deal, Powers and Rashad are UFA and Jefferson is a RFA. If you’re going to spend the money it might make more sense to explore free agency for younger, longer, athletic talent, but you lose the veteran savvy that Powers and Rashad give you. Trumaine Johnson is a guy I’ve seen posted about on here and a player I like, but I think he will be too much $$$. George Iloka is the player I’d target in free agency and then draft Apple in the first or Jalen Mills/Kendall Fuller in the second.

    3. Here is my Keim time special: signing Jahri Evans to a one year deal. I’m not sure what happens with Cooper, but he has had enough time to prove himself. I believe he still has the ability and I always wonder why they’ve never tried him at center? He played there in college and his ability to play there was mentioned throughout the draft process that year. If Cooper is able to beat out Evans…awesome. If Cooper can play center….awesome. If Cooper spends the year as a back up and we don’t resign him….not awesome, but it happens. I also would see what the price tag for Stefan Wisniewski would be.

    4. I don’t see us drafting a QB this year. We are too close to a championship to spend a high draft pick on a QB and the odds are always slim for a late round/UDFA QB to ever be a franchise guy. Here is an interesting name that I have kicked around with my friends for our QB of the future. Matthew Stafford. I know it seems far fetched but hear me out. He only has 2 winning seasons in Detroit and an overall record of 42-51. He has two years left on his contract extension and the money goes to Detroit’s favor heavily these last two years. If he plays out his contract he’ll be 30 and having made so much money (he was paid as a rookie before the new collective bargaining agreement) $83 million guaranteed so far, playing for an inept franchise and in the cold weather of Detroit he might want to play somewhere new. What better place that Arizona? We have a great ownership and front office, a young roster, a coach that loves to throw downfield. Throw in the chance to win and I think we could get him signed in two years.

  22. By dan on Feb 13, 2016 | Reply

    Ryan Kelly or Glasgow at Center

  23. By Dr. G. on Feb 13, 2016 | Reply

    Darren – – Well, here we are at your favorite time of year with all the speculation for FA and the draft, who to keep, who not to over pay from learned experience, and lots of reading for you to monitor! As usual, for me, I will defer to later on to make my wishes known as more needed info is available. But, it’s fun for some.

    Still on subject…what would your take be on a lottery system for the draft, something a bit simpler than the NBA? The NFL has made some strides toward parity by choosing in reverse order of success; this makes it reasonably predictable, especially early on. It might provide some hope for the higher valued players to have a shot a many teams….and it may discourage the bottom dwellers to develop their team with all the strategies, not just TANKING near the end of the season for a guaranteed top rung player….be well

  24. By Darren Urban on Feb 13, 2016 | Reply

    Dr. G –

    RE: Lottery

    IMO the draft process is fine. One player can’t change a team’s fortune in football as much as basketball. I’d leave it as is.

  25. By pacardsfan on Feb 14, 2016 | Reply

    I read on “The Score” APP, that Thomas Davis Sr.’s contract was voided and as of March 15th, he’ll be an unrestricted FA. If this is true, do you see the Cardinals going after him? I know he’s had injuries in the past and ended the with a broken arm (yet still played in the SB), and he’s getting up there in age, but he is a beast at LB and would be a great leader as well. If the Panthers don’t get him back, he sure would look good in red 🙂

  26. By Darren Urban on Feb 14, 2016 | Reply

    pacards —

    RE: Davis

    Given everything he has been through in his career, I can’t see him leaving Carolina.

  27. By mitchaz on Feb 14, 2016 | Reply

    2016 Arizona Cardinals’ Roster Blueprint

    Trade #1 (at NFL Draft): DE Calais Campbell to Buffalo for Buffalo’s 3rd (2016) and CB Nickell Roby

    Trade #2 (late in TC): OLB Alex Okafor to NY Jets for Jets’ 6th (2017)

    QB (3): PALMER, Barkley, Dak Prescott (R3 from BUF–Miss. St.)
    RB (4): D. JOHNSON, C. Johnson (UFA-AZ), Ellington, Tyler Irvin (R5-comp-San Jose St.)
    WR (5): FITZGERALD, FLOYD, Smokey Brown, Nelson, Jaron Brown
    TE (4): FELLS, DWAYNE ALLEN (UFA-IND), Niklas, Christian
    OL (9): VELDHEER, IUPATI, STEFAN WISNIEWSKI (UFA-JAX), COOPER, HUMPHRIES, Crisp, Watford, Shipley, Sebastian Tetola (R5-Arkansas)
    NT (2): A’SHAWN ROBINSON (D1-Alabama), Peters or X. Williams
    DE (5): GUNTER, MALIK JACKSON (UFA-DEN), Rucker, Mauro, Stinson,
    ILB (4): MINTER, BUCANNON, Fua, Steven Daniels (R6-Boston College)
    OLB (5): GOLDEN, BRUCE IRVIN (UFA-SEA), D. Freeny (UFA-AZ), Victor Ochi (R2-Stony Brook), Wagenmann
    CB (5): PETERSON, TRUMAINE JOHNSON (UFA-LAR), Bethel, Roby, Eric Murray (R4-Minnesota)
    S (4): JEFFERSON, MATHIEU, Swearinger, Jeremy Cash (R3-Duke).

  28. By mitchaz on Feb 14, 2016 | Reply


    Trade #1: Campbell’s prohibitive cap figure, the ability to upgrade with UFA Malik Jackson, and when Rex Ryan can’t get Malik Jackson or Muhammed Wilkerson he needs a difference maker at DE. Adding a 3rd rounder and a good nickel CB in Roby is a plus.

    Trade #2: Okafor could fill a need on the Jets with Todd Bowles and he is unlikely to make the Cardinals’ roster after adding Bruce Irvin, Victor Ochi and with Zach Wagenmann making a charge.

    UFA Signings:

    RB Chris Johnson—is a nice fit and can share the load with starter David Johnson.

    TE Dwayne Allen—BA coached him as a rookie In Indy and sees the fit.

    C Stefan Wisniewski—best option, too risky to start a rookie.

    DE Malik Jackson—give Campbell’s money to him—he’s more disruptive and a better pass rusher.

    OLB Bruce Irvin—34OLB is his natural position and he brings the speed off the edge the team needs, plus it is taking away from a rival.

    DE Dwight Freeney—provides production and leadership.

    CB Trumaine Johnson—has the length and playmaking ability at CB that Steve Keim is looking for.

    P Drew Butler—made enough progress, especially in situational punting to warrant a new contract.

    LS J.J. Jensen—one of the best in the NFL.

    2016 NFL Draft:

    1. A’Shawn Robinson, DT, Alabama. Rodney Gunter is better suited to play 34DE and with Peters coming back from an Achilles, the Cardinals need a space eater like Robinson to stifle the likes of Gurley, Rawls and Hyde, just within the NFC West.

    2. Victor Ochi, OLB, Stony Brook. Has the edge speed, power and athleticism to be productive in the system.

    3A. Dak Prescott, QB, Mississippi St. Has good athletic ability, mental toughness, accuracy and strong leadership skills.

    3B. Jeremy Cash, S, Duke. Big-time tackler. Can be the starter at SS in 2017 if Jefferson leaves via FA.

    4. Eric Murray, CB, Minnesota. Good size, smooth in transition.

    5A. Sebastian Tetola, G, Arkansas. Athletic, light on his feet and tough.

    5B (comp.): Tyler Irvin, RB, San Jose St. Can really scoot. Excellent feet and balance.

    6. Steven Daniels, ILB, Boston College. Like Minter last year, he shed weight and because a stalwart for the leading defense in the NCAA.

  29. By Dr. G. on Feb 14, 2016 | Reply

    Darren – – Re: draft… One player can’t change a team’s fortune?? A franchise QB or a guy like JJW sure can. ((We can name many)) You must be speaking in general terms as in there are 5 times as many players on an NFL team as in hoops…. Of course, this is a mega team sport, but 1 or 2 guys can affect chemistry, motivation, leadership, and make plays that bring influence, don’t you think?…later

  30. By Darren Urban on Feb 14, 2016 | Reply

    Dr. G —

    RE: Point

    I did not say “one player can’t change a team’s fortune.”

  31. By Scott H on Feb 14, 2016 | Reply

    Some seem resigned ( and perhaps OK ) with Barkley as our back-up QB for next year….and that, I just don’t get. I’d be OK with Barkley under one condition – a guarantee that Palmer will take every snap again and Barkley will never see the field.

    I’ve heard people say it doesn’t matter who the back-up is because we fall too far from where we would be with Palmer, regardless. But if you happen to be with one of those….think about what you are saying. Then think back to 2014 and consider what we were with Drew Stanton ( still quite competitive ) against what we were with Ryan Lindley ( hopeless ).

    I, for one, would prefer to still be able to remain competitive if Palmer goes down ( whether it is with Stanton or another QB who is at least a viable option ) as opposed to being hopeless. And IMHO, we would be hopeless with Barkley.

    And don’t tell me I don’t know because I haven’t seen Barkley play at the NFL level. Because I see pretty much every game the Eagles play, and – to the extent that Barkley HAS played at the NFL level – I HAVE seen it. And I am NOT interested in seeing it here.

  32. By Andy Kw on Feb 14, 2016 | Reply

    mitchaz —

    RE: Offseason Moves

    I will counter your 2016 NFL Draft and Off-Season acquisitions with some of my suggestions:

    Before Free Agency: Sign DE Calais Campbell to an extension, can’t restructure because he is in his final year of his contract. Release DE Cory Redding, he is old and although he has brought the leadership to the locker room, he has not played well as a pass rusher. He is a rotational DE anyways. Trade RB Andre Ellington for a 5th Round Pick or move up in return. We have David Johnson and hopefully a re-signed Chris Johnson which means Ellington is expendable. All of the moves should increase our cap space by a lot.

    Tender: SS Tony Jefferson, DE Josh Mauro (ER), TE Ifeanyi Momah (ER)

    Free Agency:

    DE Akiem Hicks, NE: This guy can really push. I watched him play on the Saints and the Patriots. He is nothing short of impressive as a reserve. When he started, he was impressive as well. We could be getting more for less. (Might be our biggest free agent signing of 2016. Not a big name but he is an upgrade)

    SS Roman Harper, CAR: He is old but he is still a fantastic leader in the defensive back field. We need to replace SS Rashad Johnson, who will likely leave for more $$ in FA, and I believe he will bring the same quality of leadership. Harper is a better tackler and we can get him for cheap compared to RJ.

    CB Morris Claiborne, DAL: He wants to prove to NFL teams that he has what it takes to be an effective CB in the NFL. I think he wants to be here because of his former LSU teammates PP and Ty. Many Cardinals fans want him too. This should be one of Keim’s signature one year prove-it deals. We need a replacement for CB Jerraud Powers.

    OLB Junior Galette, WAS: Sign him to a one year prove it deal. He had the entire 2015 season to heal and he was cut by the Saints because of his off the field issues. We can never have enough pass rushers, first off we don’t really have any but Freeney.

    OLB Dwight Freeney: He was our best pass rusher in 2015 and is a very important leader in the Cardinals locker room. He must be brought back.

    RB Chris Johnson: He is still an amazing RB. He is a nice complement to David Johnson and I am sure Bruce Arians would like to keep the potent running game alive.

    OG Willie Colon, NYJ: Another long time veteran that Arians should know back in his PIT days. We need someone to challenge Jonathan Cooper after the departure of FA to be Ted Larsen.

    OT Eric Winston, CIN: He knows the system and we did want him back after the 2013 season. He should be able to sign here for cheap. DJ Humphries is going into the season as a starter but Winston would be a nice challenger to get him started.

    LS Morgan Cox, BAL: It will be a lot harder to sign a LS than people think. But we obviously need one because of the retirement of Mike Leach.

    2016 NFL Draft:

    Round 1: Leonard Floyd, OLB, Georgia
    Round 2: William Jackson III, CB, Houston (trade 2nd Rd pick & Ellington)
    Round 3: Jayron Kearse, S, Clemson
    Round 4: Kevin Hogan, QB, Stanford
    Round 5: Evan Boehm, C, Missouri
    Round 5: DJ Reader, DT, Clemson (compensatory pick)
    Round 6: Luke Rhodes, ILB, William & Mary

    Sign: UDFA Drew Kaser, Texas A&M, ILB

  33. By clssylssy on Feb 15, 2016 | Reply

    Still can’t believe we gave up a draft pick for Barkley but the pickings are slim at QB and maybe Keim can still recoup the loss with a trade for some other hole that needs plugging. Stanton has proved an excellent backup so why mess with what works unless he really wants to test FA. He knows what we have going here and how close we are, is BA’s protege,so I have a feeling would be reasonable in negotiations. I also could see Matthew Stafford as a possibility CJ is a keeper,is tough, and knows how to get the job done; he still holds the Combine record for the 40,so has not lost a step with age and a dynamic compliment to DJ. Junior Gallette was such a problem in New Orleans that they cut him despite owing him millions in guaranteed money because,in addition to his off field issues, he was felt to be bad in the locker room…we don’t need that kind of negative energy.n
    I do hope they can lock up a deal with the HB, who is considered by many to be the most dynamic defensive playmaker in the NFL and who will be able to go anywhere he chooses. We have done a good job with working on speed, now we need some size and toughness to go along with it.

  34. By mitchaz on Feb 15, 2016 | Reply

    Andy: I appreciate all the work you out into your plan. You make some excellent choices.

    Best call? UFA CB Morris Claiborne (DAL)—the LSU Tigers’ connection is real and if MC can stay healthy (which has been an issue), he could help make our secondary potentially elite.

    2nd Best Call: DT Akiem Hicks—great potential, albeit unrealized as yet. Actually he once was at LSU, but it didn’t work out.

    What I like was how frugal you were in FA, which is a SK trademark, except that I think we will see him sign at least one player to a big contract, a la Veldheer (2014) and Iupati (2015).

    What I question: (1) Tony Jefferson (not Rashad Johnson) is the starter at SS, so we wouldn’t need Roman Harper. SK has been saying he wants to add a young rangy FS type. (2) Are you set on starting A.Q. Shipley or 5th round rookie Evan Beohm at center? (3) QB Kevin Hogan has such a slow release—it’s hard to imagine BA being keen on him.

  35. By John The Draft Guy on Feb 15, 2016 | Reply

    Scott H

    Back up QB;

    I think the logic is this. To reach the super bowl, you must have a healthy Palmer. Sure Stanton might win a couple games, but he just isn’t a starting QB.

    So, my thought is, promote Barkley and draft a QB. You save about 5 million in salary or more mot resigning Stanton. That money could go to getting an offensive lineman that can actually protect Palmer.

    The fact the cards kept Barkley means there is something there. Maybe not much, but enough to give up a draft choice and keep him around. If Palmer goes down short term, maybe he can get you a win or two. If Palmer goes down long term it could be time to prep a rookie.

    But I say, use the Stanton money on a RG. Then, maybe Palmer doesn’t get hurt.

  36. By John The Draft Guy on Feb 15, 2016 | Reply


    Welcome back. Been a while.

    Before I get into your post, come on now, are you going to say I was right about the 2013 draft (3 years removed) ???

    I will say I liked the high motor Golden showed. And it would seem he would build on his rookie performance and become a decent OLB.

    But then I think of Sam Acho who had 7 sacks as a rookie and then went down from there. Or what about Okafor, who followed up his 2014 year of 8 sacks with his 2 sacks this year.

    So, although he seems like a guy who might be a piece in the cards defensive puzzle, I am resigning Freeney, and drafting/signing another OLB to be sure.

    Trumain Johnson is a name that has come up a few times. Jenkins was the rams #1 corner. I know Jenkins can play. But the Rams were 23rd against the pass. Is Johnson that good? Is he a step up from Bethel ? I’m not sure.

    As much as I said Bucannon is not a safety, it must shock you that I believe, if we land a top notch CB, then I might move him back to safety with Jefferson. With Matheu in the slot or the 3rd safety, we would be ok there.

    The more I think about it, the more I like drafting Eli Apple in round 1.

    Evans would be a great pick up if the price is right. He also has played LG all his career so that would need to be worked out. I think there is a couple of players to consider. But I would bring back Larsen also. Valuable backup.

    But at center, I give up a 2nd, 5th and 7th to move up in round 2 and get Ryan Kelly. Big strong kid who is smart. Plug him in for the next 10 years.

    I can’t believe Stafford is ever released by the Lions. Now traded? I proposed that a few blogs back. But I am trading him for a ton, which might not work for the cards.
    But I like Hogan and Coker as 4th round picks. Unlike Thomas, Coker has a 67% comp ratio and showed great touch on the deep ball in the game against Mich state. Hogan lost his dad during his junior year and went out and fought through a tough year. But he bounced back and showed character and toughness, passing for 68% comp ratio. He threw 12 TDs that were over 40 yards or more.
    These two guys seem like the perfect flyers to bring in and take a look. Big, strong, smart QBs.

    Today, I’m drafting
    Eli Apple
    Ryan Kelly
    Eric Striker
    Kevin Hogan
    and signing
    G – Kelichi Osemele / Jeff Allen / Alex Boone (one of them)
    OLB – Freeney, John Simon, Junior Galette (two of them)
    ILB – Travathon and Zack Brown

  37. By Scott H on Feb 16, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG –

    I hear you and I get your thought process, it makes sense. I am OK with them drafting a QB IF the right guy is there. Is he there this year? And will he be available at a point at which it makes sense to draft him? You would have a better take on that than I would.

    I know drafting QB’s is never a sure thing ( unless it’s a Peyton Manning or an Andrew Luck ), but….I don’t want to see them draft a QB who is basically a repeat of Lindley or Thomas or another Matt Barkley. We already have one of those. My thoughts tend to be simple but my thoughts are don’t draft a QB unless you REALLY believe he is a legit candidate for your QB of the future.

    Again, simple thoughts but since we already have Barkley ( a young question mark ), I would prefer to have a veteran QB on the roster. Then again, are they going to carry any more than 2 QB’s? No one knows right now. But I can’t stomach the thought of no one behind Palmer but Matt Barkley. Doesn’t sit well with me.

    Could Barkley be a guy who could win you a game or two as a short-term fill in? Well….let’s keep in mind that the next game he wins will be his first. There is very little there to inspire any confidence in Barkley.

    I am OK with using the money that re-signing Stanton might require to address another need. That seems a good way to go IF Stanton is going to cost too much to keep him. The salary cap IS increasing by $12 million this year….just sayin.

    Bottom line, I really don’t expect them to keep Stanton but if they don’t, I believe they need another option ( at least during training camp / pre-season ) besides just Barkley.

  38. By clssylssy on Feb 16, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG…Sometimes “winning a couple of games” can be the difference between making the playoffs and not. Stanton got us to the playoffs when Palmer went down and we saw what happened when we tried to plug in a fill-in. IMO, QB is not a place we want inadequate insurance to save money.
    On a different note, is anyone else wondering how Denver was able to buy a SB winning defense and stay within the Cap OR is this another chapter of the Elway years when they were in violation (multiple times) and ended up with fines and losing draft picks?

  39. By John The Draft Guy on Feb 16, 2016 | Reply

    Scott H and cssylssy;

    I get your points. But none of us know Barkley as a cardinal. Right?

    Let’s go back to the draft. Mike Mayock makes the comment that Barkley is the most ready drop back QB in the draft and he is confused why the eagles and their spread offense choose him.

    Here is what one scouting report said;
    Experienced running a pro-style system. Makes adjustments at the line of scrimmage (including the run game) and unloads the ball quickly when seeing a favorable matchup before the snap. Usually accurate when he is able to set his base and stride into his throws. Offense was designed to move the pocket to account for his height, and, while he isn’t overly athletic, he showed the mobility to throw accurately on bootlegs and half rolls.Looks off and pump-fake safeties and communicate with receivers pre-snap on the opposite side of the field from which he intends to throw.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Barkley is the answer. I’m just saying, keeping a 5-6 million dollar backup who really isn’t that good, is crazy to me.

    What are you hanging your hat on that says Stanton is the savior if Palmer goes down? His career 54% comp ratio? Or the 9 games in 2014 he played in which he had a 55% comp, 190 yds per game and had 7 tds to 5 ints. Those are not numbers that are going to beat good teams.

    Time to free up the money and give Palmer a chance to win it all.

  40. By clssylssy on Feb 16, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG…as usual, you make some good points however, what is more important than stats is how Stanton was able to step in for Palmer pretty effortlessly, with the full confidence and support of the locker room and not miss a beat to lead the team to victory. These are intangibles that are crucial to success and not reflected on your stat sheet. With this being a QB driven league and seeing what’s happen in recent years to teams who lose their QB to injury even for a few games, it only makes sense not to skimp on insuring the position even if it costs; it’s a matter of what cost a championship is worth. This is no longer a league that develops players and Logan Thomas had more playing time than Barkley. A lot of players never make the transition from college to the NFL and Barkley,to me, is another Matt Leinert, who could have been an unfortunate mismatch…or not?
    In this day, ideally, I would rather see Keim pay more and go after a Brock Osweiller, who has shown his potential, if the Broncos can’t afford to keep him or be patient and not make an emotional purchase. We’re out a draft pick so let’s hope it proves to be worth it!

  41. By Scott H on Feb 16, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG –

    Well, let’s be fair to Stanton here – point out any numbers you wish from the games he started for the Cards in 2014 but don’t forget the ones that mattered most, which would be a winning record in those games. Forget stats. You don’t need your back-up QB to be a fantasy stud, you need him to keep the ship afloat by playing solid and not losing games for you. By THAT simple measure, Stanton is about as good as it gets among back-up QB’s in the NFL right now! I don’t agree with your assessment that he really isn’t that good.

    That said, I am not necessarily beating the drum for them to re-sign Stanton. As stated, I know that is not likely to happen and I’m not out on the ledge over it. But the thought of nothing behind Palmer but Matt Barkley might put me there!

    Look, until we see how it all shakes out….what more can we say?

  42. By Scott H on Feb 16, 2016 | Reply

    clssylssy –

    RE: Stanton

    Well said, sister! Stanton’s numbers in regard to completion percentage or ratio of TD’s to INT’s don’t even matter. He is a back-up QB. You don’t count on back-up QB’s for stats. You count on them to guide the ship and you make an excellent point about the confidence level the coaches AND players obviously had in him.

    These are the only numbers that matter – Carson Palmer started only 6 games in 2014. AND Drew Stanton actually had to come into one of those games ( against the Rams ) and lead the team to a win in a game they were losing when Palmer went down. Let’s not forget that. So….if Palmer only started 6 games….and the team won 11 games that year….and no games were won by QB’s named Lindley or Thomas….then that means that Drew Stanton was a vital part of the success we had that year. We were NOT a playoff team without him. We weren’t even a .500 team without him.

    THOSE numbers matter a whole lot more than his completion percentage.

  43. By John The Draft Guy on Feb 17, 2016 | Reply

    scott H and clssylssy;

    Oh how we forget. The 2014 team was winning by defense, hence the Todd Bowles promotion to HC.

    If you think Stanton was out winning games, you are mis-remembering.

    The current cards have added the ability to run. With a good defense and run game, Barkley will be just as effective. But neither Stanton or Barkley are taking us to a super bowl if Palmer goes down.

    Again, use the money to get me a guard and center instead of a back up QB.

  44. By Scott H on Feb 17, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG –

    I don’t discount the role that the defense played in 2014. I feel you ARE pretty much dis-counting anything that Stanton did to contribute to the offensive side of the ball. Our D was good. But they weren’t shutting teams out every week. The offense still needed to be productive. And they were as productive as they needed to be.

    BTW, if we were winning games in 2014 with our defense, then does that mean the defense was winning the games Palmer started, too?? Or did the defense only win the games Stanton played in? Ya can’t have it both ways here.

    To be clear, I never said STANTON was winning the games. I said that Stanton did what a back-up QB is supposed to do – he played solid and DID NOT LOSE GAMES FOR THEM. And because he did that over an extended stretch of that season, the TEAM was able to keep winning without Palmer.

    They showed NO ability to win with either Thomas or Lindley. That is the distinction I am making here among all the QB’s that played that season. Palmer was the best. Period. No debate. Stanton was solid. HE didn’t win the games – he played well enough to help the team win more games than they lost. He kept us competitive. Do you disagree with that? Lindley and Thomas were just bad and the team could not win games with them.

    As always, I enjoy the dialogue and the back and forth! Heck, we don’t have anything else to do right now….

  45. By John The Draft Guy on Feb 18, 2016 | Reply

    Scott H,

    Win with Lindley or Thomas;

    I said the defense was good. Not the ’85 bears, 2000 Ravens and the Steel curtain of the 70’s. all rolled into one.

    Win with Thomas or Lindley, ha ha , That’s a good one.

    But seriously, with the ability to run like we did in 2015, and play defense like we did most of the year, we could win some close ones with a back up other than Stanton.

    The run game wasn’t so good in 2014, so I will say Stanton made enough plays to help the 2014 cards out. I just think the 2016 version of the cards won’t need a 6 million dollar man at back up QB.

    Fitz has hit his stride in this O, DJ is running the ball really well, the OLine did a nice job although 3 of the 5 starters are FAs. The defense is a couple players away from being really good. I just think Barkley is good enough to get us through a couple games.

    And again, I will say, if Palmer goes down for the year, neither Stanton or Barkley will get us to the Super Bowl, which is all that really matters. Right?

  46. By Scott H on Feb 18, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG –

    Yes, at the end of the day, we do not have /probably will not have a back-up QB ( Stanton or not ) that will get us to a SB. Agreed on that point. And when you get to the point of being a legit SB contender – as the Cards are right now – it matters even more.

    Could we win close games with a back-up other than Stanton ( with a productive run game and good defense )? That is not a yes / no question. I can only render a judgement on that one knowing who this back-up QB is. Look at the games we played against Seattle and Cincy in the middle of the season. Neither our defense or our running game were keeping those games close. That was ALL Palmer and the offense. Was a back-up QB going to win THOSE games? No. Not Stanton, probably not anyone else.

    More often than not, our defense was not a lock-down defense. IMHO. Our defense would have to be better than in it was with MUCH greater consistency to keep us winning games with a back-up QB.

    And I think you know that if we lost Palmer and other teams KNEW we would be leaning more on our run game, it would get harder for our run game.

    I HAVE agreed with you in that in that I don’t think we need a $6 million man for a back-up, Stanton or not. Going all in with the gamble that Palmer will stay healthy and using that money to get better elsewhere IS the way to go for this team. No argument. Keep in mind, all of my belly-aching about Stanton here has been about looking back to 2014. It has not been about my thinking that we have to keep Stanton, no matter what going forward.

    That said….how do we KNOW keeping Stanton would cost the team $6 million a year??

  47. By John The Draft Guy on Feb 19, 2016 | Reply

    Scott H,

    You made my point . Yes the Seattle and Cinncy games could not have been won by any back up QB, because we played top notch teams and they will beat teams with back up QBs. Our defense and running game won’t be enough (at least the 2015 version) to win those games alone.

    My point is, with Stanton, we don’t win those games either. We had an MVP type QB leading this team. We throw the ball down the field, get leads and with a good secondary, we blitz like crazy. That is the game plan. But it works because of Palmer. If it fails on defense, Palmer was good enough to bring us back.

    This offense falls off with Stanton. The 2015 version of this defense can’t shut down teams in close games in the 4th quarter. We get knocked out in the first round of the playoffs. Now some are saying, we can get to the playoffs with Stanton. Maybe so. But one and out isn’t what we look for.

    Let’s say we improve the right side of the OLine. We had a CB who can flat out cover, we add that pass rusher off the edge and get a little bigger at ILB. A team like that can win with defense and run game.

    I just think, this, 2016, is our window of opportunity. Don’t waste money on a back up who really won’t matter come playoffs. But a new RG would. Or a new CB, ect……….

    Maybe I am wrong. I have been wrong before. I didn’t think DJ was ready and wanted us to call Ray Rice and kick the tires after CJ went down. So……..

  48. By Scott H on Feb 22, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG –

    Before we move on from Stanton, do you figure he might be a starter for somebody next year? There are clearly some teams – Brown, Rams, maybe one or two others – for which Stanton is a definite up-grade over what they have now. If those teams do not see their QB or the future in the draft this year….a solid vet like Stanton would make sense.

    Or, how ’bout the Cowboys? The Cowboys definitely know two things after last season – Romo cannot make it through 16 games AND they need a viable back-up to keep them competitive for however long Romo will be out. Stanton would be a good fit there as well. He would sign on as the back-up but it seems almost certain he will play at some point. Heck, if Romo were to go down with the broken clavicle AGAIN, the Cowboys and / or Romo would have to consider that he is just done. Maybe that opens the door for Stanton to become their QB going forward?

    Also, who knows if Kap is the guy Chip Kelly wants to roll with in San Fran. Seems like some of the better possibilities for Stanton might be right here in the NFC West….imagine that.

  49. By John The Draft Guy on Feb 22, 2016 | Reply

    Scott H,

    I don’t believe Stanton is a starter in the NFL. I could see him backing up Cousins in Washington, or maybe getting into the QB lotto in NY (Jets).

    Dallas needs to get a young QB to come in. The Browns are sitting at 2 and will most likely take a QB. Maybe the Texans take him.

    truth be told, yes, his best situation is in AZ. But not at that price tag. So, is he willing to take whole lot less? Also, what is Barkley’s situation. Does Bruce like him enough to make him #2. What if we take a QB at 29, doesn’t he need to be the #2?

    Not being on the inside, it becomes speculation. I personally, if I was Stanton, would go to Houston. Strong running game, solid receivers and most likely a rookie QB who may or may not be ready to start. Now, does Houston want Stanton?? No idea.

  50. By Scott H on Feb 22, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG –

    Oh, I think for a team like Cleveland – who is just NOWHERE at QB right now – Stanton could absolutely be a starter. They have gotten NOWHERE drafting QB’s over the last several years. And after the Manziel debacle? They may not want to go that route again. Not yet, anyway. Yeah, if Andrew Luck were there for them this year, sure. Short of a VERY sure thing? They may be more inclined to try a solid veteran QB to stabilize them for a year or two while they draft to build at some other positions.

    I mentioned the Cowboys because I think they still want to be Romo’s team ( foolish or not ) but after last year, they can’t afford to be hopeless behind him. I don’t think they see themselves as re-building. I think they still see themselves as a contender ( especially in the weak-ass NFC East ). Heck, they are only one season removed from a very good year in 2014.

    Jerry Jones is an idiot but he tends to exist in win-now mode. He’s not one for giving up the present to re-build for the future. Therefore, I think they are definitely going to plan to have a much better option behind Romo this year. And I think Stanton would be right up that alley.

  51. By John The Draft Guy on Feb 22, 2016 | Reply

    Scott H,

    When BA took over, do you think he cared what happened in the past in AZ?

    Point is, there is a new regime in Cleveland with a new coach. They don’t care about Tim Couch or Johnny Manzeil. They took the job, as did BA, because they believe they can turn things around.

    Now, nobody wins without a QB. I am almost certain they will be looking at Goff and Wentz with a fine tooth comb. Why would you take a 30 something back up QB to build your team around?

    You can’t hope you can get a QB next year and you plan on not picking that high again. So, you have a shot at the top QB in the draft, you take it. It would be a huge mistake not to draft one.

    Maybe the draft pick doesn’t start right away. That is why you have Josh McCown. McCown is the perfect guy to help a rookie QB.

  52. By Scott H on Feb 22, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG –

    Well, neither you or I are behind the scenes in Cleveland ( as you pointed out ), so…neither you or I know what their mind set is. For all we know, maybe they ARE looking at a QB that may be coming out NEXT year as their QB of the future. IF possible, maybe the “top” QB in the draft THIS year is not where they are going.

    Hey, all I can do is apply the mindset I would use as a Cardinals fan. And I don’t necessarily see drafting the best QB in the draft this year just because you are picking that high as what you have to do if the best QB in the draft this year might not be the right guy or might not be the guy you really want.

    Nor do the best QB’s have to be taken high in the first round! Often times, they are not. It’s the ultimate crap shoot. And Cleveland tends to find the crap more often than not.

    And I didn’t say they should build their team around a 30-something QB. That wasn’t my point at all. I suggested that a solid, veteran QB that could give the team a viable stater for a year or two while acting as a mentor to a young QB ( or just hold down the fort until their QB of the future comes along ) might not be the worst thing. Heck, who’s to say they couldn’t draft a QB this year AND bring in a vet like Stanton? It’s not like Stanton is gonna cost a king’s ransom.

    And in that regard, yes, McCown might continue to be fine for that. But he is WAY past 30. And coming off an injury-plagued season.

    And why the hell are we suddenly talking so much about the Browns??? 🙂 I swear, this is gonna be a LOOOOONG off-season, man.

    Good dialogue. I’ll leave the last word to you, if you have one. Then, I think it’s time to move on!

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