Veteran cornerback Hall scheduled to visit

Posted by Darren Urban on March 11, 2016 – 3:00 pm

The initial wave of free agency is over, and the big money — for the most part — is gone. Now it’s a game of musical chairs, as the free agents left try to get in with teams that still have spots to fill. What money they can get, regardless of what is still a lot of cap space around the league, is to be debated. This is the area in which Cardinals GM Steve Keim thrives.

So comes the report that veteran Bengals cornerback Leon Hall is scheduled to visit Arizona Monday. Hall is 31, having played nine seasons, and has been solid in his career with 26 interceptions (including one of Carson Palmer last year). He’s had injury issues with a pair of torn Achilles, but he has played in 29 of 32 possible games the past two seasons. He would be a nice if short-term addition to a room with Patrick Peterson, Justin Bethel and 50 percent of the time, Tyrann Mathieu. If Hall were to sign, it would also seem to signal the end of Jerraud Powers’ time in Arizona. Again, free-agent musical chairs is real.

Of course, things can change over a weekend too. We’ll see where things stand by Monday.

By the way, the Cardinals, according to the NFL Players Association website, have about $16.8 million in salary cap space (I am guessing that is before the Tyvon Branch deal.) The NFLPA site had the wrong numbers earlier in the week, after accidentally putting Mario Williams and Leodis McKelvin on the Cardinals’ roster following their free-agent deals.


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24 Responses to “Veteran cornerback Hall scheduled to visit”

  1. By Scott H on Mar 11, 2016 | Reply

    Well, if we ain’t gonna have much of a pass rush, we might as well get better in the secondary. We’re gonna need to be.

  2. By lacardsfan on Mar 11, 2016 | Reply

    Forget the cap space, would someone ask if they are even going to approach the cap.
    They dont normally get to the cap.

    That’s all that matters.

  3. By Big Ken on Mar 11, 2016 | Reply

    Fingers crossed, he looks like Cromartie without the feaking baggage.

  4. By CreditCard on Mar 11, 2016 | Reply

    Darren, When and where will the veteran combine be held?

  5. By Darren Urban on Mar 11, 2016 | Reply

    Credit —

    RE: Vet combine

    They are not holding one.

  6. By georgiebird on Mar 11, 2016 | Reply

    The Cardinals have to change their philosophy from prior off-seasons. Yes, prior off-seasons were used to make the Cards highly competitive. Now, only the NFC Championship and the SB is left to win. But to get to the final goals requires the Cardinals and SK to change their philosophy as follows:
    The Cardinals have to think BIG. Yes, possibly overpaying for a top player is one of the risks of thinking BIG.
    But the Cards have a lot at stake right now. It would be a shame to fall back from an amazing 2015 season. Not thinking small this off season is the Cards’ biggest challenge.

  7. By JD on Mar 11, 2016 | Reply


    Is Tyrann going to be kept mostly at slot CB (presuming health, of course) no matter what?

    If not Powers could still be a possibility if Hall is signed and Tyrann moves back to safety if we lose RJ and TJ.

    I don’t get to watch a lot of games and what you see on TV limits your perceptions of the whole field, but Powers’ game last year seemed to drop off, especially considering he was PFF’s number one slot CB a few years back.

    I’ve always thought Leon Hall has been a really solid CB. He’s getting older, but a good signing for a win-now team.

  8. By Darren Urban on Mar 11, 2016 | Reply

    JD —

    RE: Mathieu

    You are correct, but if Hall signs, there may be even less money there for Powers.

  9. By Aschatte on Mar 11, 2016 | Reply

    Darren –

    Is Keim still trying to get any Pass Rush? So far it doesn’t look like we have done anything to strengthen our pass rush. At least, I hope he is able to sign Freeney. A bit disheartening but building the secondary is better than nothing.

  10. By Darren Urban on Mar 12, 2016 | Reply

    Aschatte —

    RE: Pass rush

    Does he still want to improve it? Yes. Are there free agents left out there he thinks can help? Maybe not.

  11. By NJAzCardsFan on Mar 11, 2016 | Reply

    Darren- Have the Cards made offers (if you know) to Rashad and Powers? And are those two looking to for better offers?

    Was Jaron Brown given an offer?

    Any talks with C Johnson or Dwight???

  12. By Darren Urban on Mar 12, 2016 | Reply

    NJAz —

    RE: Questions

    1) I wouldn’t be surprised if they got offers before free agency. Probably lower than they wanted. Of course they’re looking for better ones, and as of now, there is no guarantee previous offers are still available. Keim laid out his philosophy here:

    2) Yes, Brown was tendered:

    3) Doubt there is much work yet on those veterans. Those would come later, I’d guess.

  13. By James Campbell on Mar 11, 2016 | Reply

    go CARDS

  14. By Eazy E on Mar 12, 2016 | Reply

    We still should have plenty money left, around 16, 17 Million sounds correct give or take after Branch and Stanton after starting off with 20 which is a good number for a team that was in the ”final four” of the league. Leon Hall would be a very nice signing. He can play the outside as well as the slot if need be. He and Pat would be very nice! As for the pass rush, we still gotta get that ”guy” and keep all stones unturned including Greg Hardy. Look I know it would be unpopular with the public and with some fans, but the public and the fans shouldn’t run the team. All they can do is suggest and his situation was overturned and he amazed in Dallas honestly with such limited resources, trust me I know because I live here. He collected 32 QB Pressures, 6 sacks, great run defender, 1 pick, etc. The reports said he partied too much and was late to meetings, but Jason Garrett is no leader of men as a head coach. He is nothing but Jerry Jones’s puppet, that wouldn’t be tolerated here without a fine or suspension and our locker room is too tight-knit also. The Cowboys may have 1 true leader especially if Greg leaves and it’s Dez who some people think shouldn’t lead, but he’s their only one and Dez is still working on it(maybe Sean Lee, but he gets hurt often). The Cardinals easily have at least 7,8 leaders and Greg would respect that I believe along with Coach Arians and Steve Keim!

  15. By joe holst on Mar 12, 2016 | Reply

    31 years old, I wouldn’t go more than 2 years/9 million, …

  16. By Scott H on Mar 12, 2016 | Reply

    I think there is NO WAY the Cardinals would consider touching Greg Hardy. Nor do I think they should…not if what he showed in Dallas last season is what he has to offer at this point. He’s a loose cannon, got a lousy attitude, and just flat out looked like he quit at times. Oh, and I almost forgot, he’s a thug and a criminal.

  17. By texascard on Mar 12, 2016 | Reply

    Oh no. Another ginn deal

  18. By Chris Robot on Mar 12, 2016 | Reply

    Important to note that Hall is a great slot guy, and its very possible we draft a #2 corner or Bethel gets a shot again early on.

    Hall would not be a bad signing as long as the Keim Time deal comes through..

  19. By Big Ken on Mar 13, 2016 | Reply

    Oh no! Dak Prescott popped for a DUI!

  20. By clssylssy on Mar 13, 2016 | Reply

    Cards fans are on top in the Division but as the Seahawks have seen, it’s not getting there that is the hard part but staying there and improving is where the real test comes. Talk about “being aggressive” in free agency and focusing on building a dominant pass rush is cheap and results will speak for itself. However,it seems that the fact we’ve had two strikes and misses at FAs who could indicate that perhaps we’re over estimating our “curb appeal” as a respected “contender team”. This isn’t going to be the same team as last season and we’ve only got big talk to hang expectations on so far. If Freeney ends up playing for another team, that will be a major indictment of how strong we are from a player’s perspective. The fact that Greg Hardy’s name is even being mentioned is more than a little discouraging!
    I don’t know if anyone else caught it but I found it particularly bothersome that Fitz commented that “most players didn’t get to retire but were retired” and had to fear that he was getting some pressure from the FO already. Glad to hear our core players are getting “antsy” to get started as we have a lot of improvement to accomplish if we are to continue foward progress.

  21. By J Centeno on Mar 13, 2016 | Reply

    We really need some secondary… Grimes was the man but Leon Hall is not a bad decision for our No-Fly zone

  22. By clssylssy on Mar 14, 2016 | Reply

    The “no fly zone” is in pieces. Rather than gamble on somebody else’s rejects, makes more sense to go with what we know and keep the “zone” in tack, as much as possible. It may cost a little more but there is a lot to be said for consistency and not having to gamble on time lost with the learning curve.

  23. By CreditCard on Mar 17, 2016 | Reply

    The 3rd component of a game is special teams. Special teams often win or lose a game. That said, what is the special teams depth chart look like right now for the Cards?

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