A pass rusher arrives as Coop leaves

Posted by Darren Urban on March 15, 2016 – 2:55 pm

Not even 24 hours had passed since the Cardinals had lost the NFC Championship, and Steve Keim made clear his offseason priority.

Create a pass rush,” the Cardinals GM said.

Easier said than done. There were a few pass rushers on the free agent market, although none were coming off eye-popping seasons. That didn’t stop the money from flowing, however, and the Cardinals tried to get into it, making a push for Jason Pierre-Paul that ultimately came up short. It didn’t look all that promising going forward, unless the Cardinals could grab someone with the 29th overall pick in the draft. Free agency overall was quiet for the Cards.

And then suddenly, the news broke Tuesday. A trade, and Keim had his pass rusher. Chandler Jones, who made the Pro Bowl with his 12.5 sacks in New England, was coming to Arizona (pending physicals, of course) in exchange for guard Jonathan Cooper and the Cards’ second-round draft pick in April. It’s hard not to see this as a huge win for the Cards. The reality was Cooper had never really developed into what the Cardinals wanted, and flipping a second-round pick for a proven pass rusher was simply a good move. This trade won’t be evaluated fully for a while, but on the day it happened, it is a Keim win.

Some other thoughts:

— Jones is going into the last year of his contract (making $7.8 million this season). That’s reportedly one of the reasons the Patriots were willing to deal him, because they have others who can do his job and they have so many players who need to be extended. The Cardinals, meanwhile, are in the same boat. The laundry list of scheduled free agents after this season is, right now, frighteningly long: Jones, Fitz, Floyd, Mathieu, Campbell, Rucker, Gresham, Minter, Ellington, Jefferson, Catanzaro and Fells, for starters. But I am guessing there will be an extension or two the Cardinals will be trying to get done.

— Jones was hospitalized in the postseason, reportedly after a bad reaction to synthetic marijuana (which, apparently, has no actual marijuana in it and is not illegal). It was a mistake, but one source in New England said it was not reflective of who Jones is and shouldn’t be an issue going forward.

— The addition of Jones shouldn’t rule out further pass rush help if the Cards find some in the draft or elsewhere. It will be interesting to see if Dwight Freeney will remain in play, and what this could mean for Alex Okafor, who had been starting along with Markus Golden.

— Cooper’s departure leaves a lot of unknowns on the offensive line. Center is still a mystery. With the possibility Ted Larsen could leave as a free agent, so is right guard. The assumption is D.J. Humphries can play right tackle, but that is no lock, especially with the news Andre Smith could still sign. Earl Watford could have a big chance to win a starting job, and the Cards have been intrigued by Antoine McClain on the practice squad. But there is still work to do to fill out the group next to Jared Veldheer and Mike Iupati.

UPDATE: This could change some things. Ian Rapoport reports veteran guard Evan Mathis visited the Cardinals and he was offered a contract. Rapoport also said veteran guard Geoff Schwartz is also supposed to visit the Cardinals.

— The saga of Cooper is over. He will not be playing center (I’m not sure that was ever really a serious option, to be honest). He will not be the guard, he will not be getting back to his pre-broken leg level, at least not with the Cardinals. Three years into his career, questions still swirled around Coop. He admitted after the season he struggled with criticism — including from coaches — which is tough in this business.

“I will work on that because that is a major key to me improving is me being able to have my headspace correct,” Cooper said. “Letting one or two mistakes snowball and keep me down, I can’t let that happen anymore. Even hearing negatively from outsiders, I can’t let than bring me down.”


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73 Responses to “A pass rusher arrives as Coop leaves”

  1. By sportsblogger16 on Mar 15, 2016 | Reply

    Wishing best of luck to cooper! One can only think about what could have been if he hadn’t broken his leg. I’m sure he just needed a change of scenery. Its a win win for everyone. For all the people bashing SK for the pash rusher, this is why you wait before giving an unproven rusher a huge deal. Chandler jones is better than any one of the pash rushers that hit free agency this season. He is also a pure 34 linebacker.

  2. By azjam on Mar 15, 2016 | Reply

    Love the trade. You are right that some tough decision will have to be made on contracts for the 2017 season. However, you need to build your team on young guys like Mathieu and Chandler.

  3. By hummer53 on Mar 15, 2016 | Reply

    Good luck Coop. Still remember when he first came and made an appearance at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. He was playing the ukulele to a Taylor Swift song. Was cracking me up.

  4. By vandyman2424 on Mar 15, 2016 | Reply

    After poking around the internet, it seems like New England people are happy about the 2nd round pick and the cap flexibility needed to sign their other core defensive players. Some say CJ takes plays off, most are asking who J. Cooper is. BASK have been good at roster moves- no reason to doubt them now!

  5. By Jon on Mar 15, 2016 | Reply

    This is very much a “win now” move. I love it!!!!!!!!

  6. By D on Mar 15, 2016 | Reply

    Okay, Mr. Keim, I’ll give you a pass on blowing up my mock draft. Great move by Mr. Keim and BA.

    A. Smith coming here doesn’t make sense, unless all of this talk with DJ doing great is just smoke. He isn’t wanting Guard money, he’ll be looking for RT $.
    (using AZ for more $ in MN?)

    Watford has a chance, but I would assume a free agent RG will be signed.

    My mock draft just changed to: Round 1- R. Kelly Center, ALA.!

    If I am a Free agent CB looking for work, I would think AZ should move up to the top of many lists, even if the $ is not the best offer.

    A. Okafor most likely won’t be on the team much longer…

  7. By Robert on Mar 15, 2016 | Reply

    This gut McClain caught my eye last me he played the best of any OLINEMAN when he played. Keep an eye on Him. I also like Wattford..always thought he was better than Cooper. Still need some more pas rushers to allow the cardinals not to blitz almost every down…
    Also i do not like Buchanen as LB Everyone say what some of the more physical teams did to us towards the end of the season. He is just to small.
    I don’t understand why we lose MAssey and get NOTHING..that is poor job by our GM..Great teams look ahead and figure out ways to get something..He got PAID so someone thought he was playing good. Honestly i think LUpati and the LT played not up to their standards last year and Massey didn’t play bad.

    Maybe the GM should talk to me and get my opinion on things LOL!!!

  8. By clssylssy on Mar 15, 2016 | Reply

    This was a shocker! How many draft picks do we have left now that we gave one for Barkley, gave away a 2nd rounder but got an extra 5th? With all the various senators swirreling about, can’t help but wonder what this will mean for the O-line…interesting😐

  9. By Scott H on Mar 15, 2016 | Reply

    Dang it, I already posted my reaction under the previous blog. But it was too good to keep! To sum it up –

    – LOVE the trade! LOVE having a bona fide pass rusher who is NOT just a situational guy.

    – kinda glad to be done with Cooper….that whole thing about trying to make him a center just didn’t sound right.

    – STILL want Freeney back! Having a guy like Jones here makes him even MORE dangerous.

    – a 2nd round pick was absolutely worth a 26 year old player who fills a critical AND who may just now be entering his prime

    – the Patriots loss ( of a first round pick this year ) is our gain. Losing that pick set this up for an opportunity that Keim did not miss.

    Yeah, there IS the matter of what getting a deal with him done next year may entail. But I’d rather worry about that THEN then not having a pass rusher NOW. As stated elsewhere, this deal makes little sense for the Cardinals if they are not planning on keeping him here beyond 2016. You don’t trade a 2nd round pick to rent a player for one season. Most likely not, anyway….

    But I like this move. This is a win NOW move. And let’s look at the bright side – at least Jones has ALL his fingers.

    Have not been feeling right since that NFC title game and have been waiting for SOMETHING to bring back the feeling of excitement. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!

    Still want to see Freeney AND CJ back for 2016. CJ absolutely saved our asses last year. Yeah, DJ is now the main guy going forward ( and that is not a bad thing ) but CJ would be the PERFECT complement and the PERFECT guy to have on board if DJ ends up missing some time. Definitely not out of the question.

    Let’s go ALL IN this year and take the BEST shot we can at bringing home some more banners, one real nice trophy ( they call it The Lombardi ), and some new jewelry. We GOTTA do this while Fitz is still here and Palmer is still at the top of his game.

  10. By Steve on Mar 15, 2016 | Reply

    Darren: Jones played DE in New Englands 4-3 defense, the Cards play of course a 3-4 defense. Chandler is an every down player so does he play Strong side OLB on Betchers defense or on the line with his hand on the ground?

  11. By Darren Urban on Mar 15, 2016 | Reply

    Steve —

    RE: Jones

    He’ll do both, depending on the package.

  12. By georgiebird on Mar 15, 2016 | Reply

    A couple of days ago, I posted that the Cards had to think BIG this off season and not small. The reason is that we are too close to the BIG prizes to be scared of taking a chance. I received a lot of thumbs down on that post.
    So what does SK do ? He makes a BIG move It’s a risky move giving up a #1(Cooper) and this year’s #2 for Chandler Jones- who may stay only one year.
    But you know what- the Cards are at a place and time where making a BIG move is well worth the risk.
    Kudos to SK for making a solid move.

  13. By vandyman2424 on Mar 15, 2016 | Reply

    Hey Darren-
    If Jones were to balk at a long term deal, about how much would it cost to franchise him for next year and the year after? If we are paying 8 mil this year, and say 15 next year and 20 the year after, then we can essentially get him for 3 years/43 mil. That would be a great contract for a top 5 pass rusher. Am i way off?

  14. By Darren Urban on Mar 15, 2016 | Reply

    vandy —

    RE: Franchise tag

    This year’s franchise tag # for linebackers was $14.1 million, and it will probably go up some next year.

  15. By joe holst on Mar 15, 2016 | Reply

    addition by subtraction, Cooper was a mystery. I still want another monster down lineman, a Dockett type when he was in his prime.

  16. By Ottis Anderson Fan on Mar 15, 2016 | Reply

    Looks like Adrian Wilson is a client of Evan Mathis…

    Another story for Darren to write about Adrian.

  17. By NJAzCardsFan on Mar 15, 2016 | Reply

    Great trade- it seems this is year is SB or BUST!!!! Lets hope we win SB #51….

  18. By Black on Mar 15, 2016 | Reply

    Now go get Ben Grubbs!

  19. By robert swenson on Mar 15, 2016 | Reply

    Wow ….. Really….. I can see giving up Cooper and a 3rd rd pick… Giving up Cooper and a 2nd rd pick…. Way too much just to get the Patriots problem child.

    Why not keep Cooper, keep your 2nd rd pick and sign Greg Hardy…..

  20. By Darren Urban on Mar 15, 2016 | Reply

    Robert —

    RE: Problem child

    What are you even talking about? Pats dumped Jones mostly because of money. If you think Jones is a “problem child,” what does that make Hardy?

  21. By All Day on Mar 15, 2016 | Reply

    Can’t be any more happy with this trade we get a young stud to rush the passer and only spent a second rounder on him. Wouldn’t mind taking Connor Cook now he’s my favorite QB in the draft. Otherwise a Center or a Middle Linebacker would be solid. If we get Mathis and/or Smith our O-line will be stacked and won’t miss a beat without coop who did nothing anyway

  22. By Big Ken on Mar 15, 2016 | Reply

    Nice! Now what? A trade up in the first round?

  23. By jetstreamgreen81 on Mar 15, 2016 | Reply

    This is a great trade all the way around. Get rid of a nice guy who hasn’t shown to be tough enough to be a mauler on the o line and couldn’t handle coaching and criticism. Basically trading a 2nd round pick for a proven pass rusher. Only JJ Watt and Ryan Kerrigan have done the #’s Jones has since he has been in the league. You never know what you would get with a 2n round pick and other than Golden, our 2nd round picks haven’t been great ( still holding out hope for Minter and Nicklaus). Get a free agent guard and shore up cb 2 and get dline help and we will be set. Great job by the Cueball once again.

  24. By CreditCard on Mar 15, 2016 | Reply

    My opinion:

    1. Still trade down the 1st round pick; m/b pick up a 2nd and 4th. I’m not impressed with this years’ probable 1st round draftees.
    2. Trading or doing anything with the Patriots — the Cards are taking the devil to the dance. I simply don’t trust the Patriots.
    3. 2017 is a long way from here, but as I see it, the Cards will be having to dump some very good players in order to meet next year’s salary cap.
    4. Risky trade. Suddenly, the right side of the OL is the new #1 priority. No starting center, guard, or tackle — or at least all unproven.
    5. Adrian Wilson probably was instrumental in this Chandler Jones trade, which is good — I think Mr. Wilson has a good pulse on good players.
    6. Next year … $100M for Jones over 5-years? … yikes!

  25. By georgiebird on Mar 15, 2016 | Reply

    Right now, the Cards have about a two year window with Carson Palmer-and Palmer is not the best QB in the league. So let’s just concentrate on 2016 and then a franchise tag for 2017 if things play out in the Cards favor.
    Now, if a franchise QB shows up then the long term becomes a lot more important in evaluating the Jones trade.

  26. By rod on Mar 15, 2016 | Reply

    12.5 sacks last year? I’m thinking of the production that Abraham and Freeney got playing in this system, I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy got 15+ this year.

    Great trade, and also looking forward to Watford time !

    And, watching this Chandler mic’d up today on youtube, he’s silly too, he’s going to be a great teammate.


  27. By georgiebird on Mar 15, 2016 | Reply

    Here’s a baseball analogy for all those looking at the Jones deal on a long term basis.
    The Washinton Nationals were going for the NL pennant in 2012. In the playoffs, the Nats decided to rest one of their best pitchers, a young Stephen Strasburg.
    The rationale was that the young, talented Nationals would be back in the playoffs year after year and there was no reason to risk Strasburg who had reached his arbitrary limit for pitches thrown in a season.
    The Nats haven’t been back to that place in the playoffs since- moral of the story is “strike while the iron is hot” or is it “make hay while the sun shines”.
    Good move SK.

  28. By Tradersbrain on Mar 15, 2016 | Reply

    Darren, Any word on Hall? Do you know if Keim presented an offer? Thanks.

  29. By Darren Urban on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    Traders —

    RE: Hall

    Only word on Hall is that he then went to visit the Cowboys.

  30. By dan on Mar 15, 2016 | Reply

    Hmmmm…….so we will have Jones for one season and then he will leave cuz we won’t pay him the money……..bad move………we lose a 1st round player which was a wasted pick and now lose a 2nd pick……..retard move. Some good pass rushers in this coming draft…………Oh, I guess Shaq Riddick isn’t going to pan out…Riddick pick was an absolute moron draft pick.

  31. By Darren Urban on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    Dan —

    RE: Bad moves

    I highly question, since this team makes you so miserable, why you bother being a fan.

  32. By dan on Mar 15, 2016 | Reply

    And this is why the Patriots have been to so many Super Bowls……..and why we haven’t……..moves like this.

  33. By Eazy E on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    Dang Darren that was cold, ice cold, you didn’t have to do him like that(Drake Voice). Anyways, I love the move finally we got that kind of ”guy” I was talking about. Chandler is a helluva talent and pretty much dominated last year! We get him for Coop who consistently underachieved and disappointed. Injuries ain’t his fault, but his below average play is. He couldn’t really beat out Ted Larsen who is a good football player, but you’re Jonathan Cooper the 7th overall pick in the 2013 draft! New England also gets our 2nd which is really a 3rd because it is so low so I ain’t tripping for a Chandler Jones, that’s a deal! I hope we keep going and start signing these free agents that are visiting and our own too. I wouldn’t stop here for our pass rush needs though, I would get greedy like a Denver or Carolina and get a steady rotation of excellent front 7/defensive line players. Freeney still should be in play along with another defensive lineman that can get after that QB! Load Up!!

  34. By Big Ken on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    Hello? Tennessee Titans?

  35. By Marlin on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    Great Move !

  36. By Eric G on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    Fantastic news. Best of luck Cooper, so many what ifs had that leg not been broken. Still think they go for Spence, Floyd or Lawson in the first round.

    Welcome to the red sea Chandler

  37. By Scott H on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    Darren –

    Do you suspect there is the possibility that something / anything will come of the incident involving Jones using synthetic marijuana?? Could that be something that leads to a suspension down the road, when the NFL decides to get around to it? Or does that incident appear to be water under the bridge for good? Any thoughts?

  38. By Darren Urban on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    Scott H —

    RE: Incident

    From what I understand, he didn’t do anything illegal. He didn’t get arrested. Not sure what they could suspend him for.

  39. By Scott H on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    Robert Swenson –

    Dude, looking at your post…I would say there is a good possibility that Jones may not have been the only one using synthetic marijuana. And I’ll leave it at that.

  40. By Scott H on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    Darren –

    Never mind my previous question. Since synthetic marijuana is not illegal, I guess we’re OK on this?

  41. By clssylssy on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    Darren….any word on Mathis, whether he signed or is still thinking about it?

  42. By Darren Urban on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    Clssy —

    RE: Mathis

    No word.

  43. By Cardinal's Chick on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    At first I was a little concerned about giving up a 2nd round pick. But, your article makes a good point in that a 2nd round is a small price for a developed Pass Rusher. Besides, we have 6 left…

    Now I am wondering about the possibility of only having Jones for 1 year. Especially when you consider all of the other contracts expiring next year. Be that as it may, this was a great move. I definitely agree that we got the better end of this deal.

  44. By Richard L on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply


  45. By Ottis Anderson Fan on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    Darren –

    Is Chandler Jones now in the first stage of the NFL’s substance-abuse program?

    “As Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reported at the time, the alleged incident itself is grounds to land Jones in the first stage of the NFL’s substance-abuse program. Any more missteps, and the Redbirds’ prize acquisition will be a spectator for a good long while.”

  46. By Darren Urban on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    Ottis —

    RE: Program

    Possible. No way to know unless he fails again.

  47. By Steve on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    Darren: I’m sure your aware that Los is getting released by the Browns, could the Cards be interested and would he still fit our defense?

  48. By Darren Urban on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    Steve (and all) —

    RE: Dansby

    Don’t know if they have interest. We will see. On a personal level, would love to have him back.

  49. By D on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    Bring back Dansby for 2016, Vet min, replace Weatherspoon.

  50. By NJAzCardsFan on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    Darren- My One D Wash question of the season….
    At what point or when can the Cards send this guy packing, so they can get him off the payroll and clear out the cap space???

  51. By Darren Urban on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    NJAz —

    RE: DWash cap space

    The only cap space he is taking is cap space he would take even if they cut him. So it’s moot right now.

  52. By Scott H on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    dan –

    And how many of those SB’s have the Pats gone to with the aid of cheating? Can we acknowledge that a big factor in the trade involving Chandler Jones was the Pats wanting / needing another 2nd round pick – because they lost their first round pick this year as penalty for the incident with the deflated balls? Can we acknowledge that?

    Go out and get yourself a Patriots jersey if you think they are so wonderful.

  53. By clssylssy on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    If I’m not mistaken, synthetic marijuana is what got Tyrann Mathieu in trouble at LSU however, given SK’s position on “at risk players”, I feel pretty confident that he did his due diligence on Jones before giving this deal any consideration. With the leadership we have within our team, plus a top tier coaching staff, this guy could have his dream career opportunity with the Cards. Still would like to keep Freeney for depth and to provide extra teeth. If we can do something equally impressive with the O-line, this could make for a rip roarer of a season. A big part of our success was having such great veterans as infield teachers and anchors.
    On a different note Darren, do you plan to do an update on our coaching staff–I’ve lost track on the comings and goings and FO additions etc?

  54. By Darren Urban on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    Clssy —

    RE: Staff

    There have been no staff changes.

  55. By dan on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    Was hoping to trade Calais Campbell………..I know dead weight when I see it. He’s just not good enough for his paycheck.

  56. By Marcus on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    Hey I know this is off subject, but do you see the Cards wanting to bring back Dansby since he has been released?

    I would love for him to come back because he strives in the cards defensive system.

  57. By Scott H on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    Ah, I see that people are aware that Dansby is available again. I would love to have him back AGAIN. He’s never been anything but a dynamic play-making machine when wearing a Cardinals uniform. As a player, I love the guy.

    Third time’s a charm? Just sayin. Hey, at least we know if we sign him for a one-year deal, that’s all we’re getting! You always know where you stand with Karlos! If he can get himself mo’ money somewhere else after that, he’s gone. And I don’t even care – I’d still love to have him back for 2016!

    I’d guess it’s not happening, though.

  58. By rod on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    Just saw that Evan Mathis was signed to a Keim 1 yr.

    Keim is friggin maniac!!

  59. By Dr. G. on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    “”Head space?”” ((Cooper)) Such a physical specimen. Too bad… If coaching and a little yelling stumps you in the NFL, you are indeed a throw-in during a trade. “”Here; see if you can make him listen without hurt feelings.””

    This trade was only about the 2nd pick…and leaving room for another acquisition with no cap issue. Thanks Pats..!

    We still need to find an heir apparent to Palmer…somewhere? Go KEIM…!

  60. By Dr. G. on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    Ad now, and now….Evan Mathis is on board…! Keim gets no sleep…way to go!

  61. By Andy Kwong on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    A hometown discount by Karlos Dansby. I would love this. Come back

  62. By Dr. G. on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    Dear Mr. Keim: ((wishful telepathy)) At this point, Noah Spence is ranked #29 on a major list. But, you cannot pass on Paxton Lynch..! His up side is the best you will see after the early QB picks. This could be your guy for a decade post Palmer. Go forth…this is may be a no-brainer…later Cards Fans

  63. By CreditCard on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply


    Excellent move by Keim in getting Evan Mathis. Mathis is a great run blocker and an OK pass blocker. Mathis is normally a left guard. Who will move to right guard, Mathis or Iupati?

    Will Cards try… at least try Watford at center again?

    Any word on Andre Smith? He would be a great depth pick (guard or tackle). Had a down year last year — good insurance policy.

    Lastly, please understand Card fans, I’m in favor of the Chandler Jones trade. The only thing is that I simply don’t trust the Patriots! Plus, having Freeney coming off the bench to spell in for a winded Golden or Jones … wow! Plus, Kareem Martin — talk about how one player can make a position weakness into a position strength.

  64. By Darren Urban on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    Credit —

    RE: OL

    Mathis will play right guard.

    No word on what might happen with Smith.

    If I had to bet right now, I think there’s a good chance they draft a center. If we are talking about guys on the current roster, Shipley the most likely.

  65. By Scott H on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    I continue to be so amused by this thumbs up / thumbs down thing. I get a thumbs down for asking Darren a question that is nothing shy of 100% appropriate ( to Jones’ incident with the synthetic marijuanna )….yet, Darren gets several thumbs up’s for answering the question!

    Thumbs down for ASKING A QUESTION? Good lord…..folks, if we stopped asking questions, there wouldn’t be much conversation going on, would there?

    Just saw the news of the Mathis signing a little while ago. I think that is a solid move. He was a very good player for the Eagles and I was shocked ( as were many Eagle fans ) when they released him. But like so many other things that Chip Kelly did, that was just a dumb, foolish, ego-maniacal thing to do. He seemed to have a quiet year in Denver but he certainly helped along the way. I really think his anger over being treated as he was by the Eagles stayed with him. I wonder how much he really enjoyed being in Denver and winning a SB there. I’m sure that was awesome but a very recent interview with him was more about his bitterness toward the Eagles than anything else. I’m hoping that is out if his system and he is ready to embrace a new home in Arizona. I’m expecting him to be a VERY solid player for the Cardinals this year. Geez…wonder how many thumbs downs’ I’ll get for saying that.

  66. By Darren Urban on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    Scott H —

    RE: Thumbs

    I still don’t understand why people get worked up one way or the other on the thumbs.

  67. By Kenny Stapler on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    What do you guys think of Tony Jefferson? Up and Comer or nah?

  68. By Scott H on Mar 16, 2016 | Reply

    Darren –

    As stated, not worked over it up as much as I am amused by it. I do wonder exactly what people actually respond to, ya know? The ONE thing that gets me a bit ( and others do comment on this as well ) is when a post gets a bunch of thumbs-downs but you find no comments that actually respond to what you said. That is just laziness. And that doesn’t jibe with being a fan.

  69. By clssylssy on Mar 17, 2016 | Reply

    @ Scott…always enjoy reading your comments as I find you are able to articulate in a more”pc” way, sentiments and observations shared by many others ( especially the long timers). It’s always refreshing to hear a fan perspective from outside the valley;growing up in the KC area & in a rabid Chiefs family,I know we have different standards and ways of seeing things. I agree the thumbs are amusing …kinda reminds one of junior high, but kinda fun!
    Love the Chandler Jones and Evan Mathis signings, as well as our resigning but hold out hope for CJ,Freeney, & RJ, as the season is long and it comes down to who has the most talent left standing in December.

  70. By John The Draft Guy on Mar 17, 2016 | Reply

    Scott H,

    Thumbs up and thumbs down;

    There are people on this board who give thumbs down just because the message comes from me. Others just come through and give everyone a thumbs down.

    So don’t take it so badly. Some people come on to have conversations and some people , well, I don’t know why they come on.

  71. By Scott H on Mar 17, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG –

    First and foremost, hope you enjoyed your vacation! I was wondering why we hadn’t heard from you on the Jones deal…:) Sweet, huh?

    Trust me, the thumbs thing does not get me down. If I’m counting on that for some type of validation, then I’m really screwed. Again, I find it amusing, so I comment on it once in awhile. Onward!

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