Bidwill talks “All or Nothing,” owners meetings

Posted by Darren Urban on March 22, 2016 – 8:42 am

Cardinals president Michael Bidwill is at the owners meetings in Florida this week, and Tuesday morning talked about a variety of topics — including the new “All Or Nothing” eight-episode series coming on Amazon that will chronicle the Cards’ 2015 season from the draft through the NFC Championship. Bidwill, appearing on the “Doug and Wolf” Show on Arizona Sports 98.7, said it was just about a year ago when he started a dialogue with NFL Films to capture many of the behind-the-scenes parts of the team “many people have never seen before.”

“I think it’s going to be very good for the Cardinals and the players and coaches,” Bidwill said. “We’re going to be able to tell some great stories.”

Bidwill said he believes the series won’t just be on the premium Amazon Prime but “potentially in front of their pay wall,” which would open up the availability to many more people. Ultimately that’s what Bidwill would like to broaden the fan base and “continue to improve our footprint” as a franchise.

As for the comparison’s to HBO’s training camp documentary “Hard Knocks,” Bidwill said “it’s different and I think it’s better. I wasn’t interested in doing “Hard Knocks” but I thought there were elements we could do in a completely different way.”

— The owners will vote on various potential rule changes/new rules on Wednesday. One is the concept of player ejections with two unsportsmanlike fouls or some variation there (Bidwill noted rules, if passed, can often morph during discussions). “It should be the rare exception that any of our players or personnel on the field are acting in an unsportsmanlike manner, and if it happens a second time, I’m all in favor of getting them off the field completely and sending a strong message,” Bidwill said. “Because we have millions of kids watching us. … National Football League football is about playing hard within the rules, within the white lines and doing it in sportsmanlike fashion.”

— On the concept of commissioner Roger Goodell retaining the power to discipline players — something the NFL Players Association would like to change: “At a very high level, it’s about the NFL brand,” Bidwill said. “We don’t want to outsource that ultimate decision about discipline to a third party. That’s just my opinion. I feel like no one has more reputationally to lose than we do, and we don’t want our commissioner to lose that power.”

— Bidwill didn’t say the Cardinals are on tap to play any of the international games on the horizon — there have been reports of potential future games in China and Germany — but was clearly behind the concept. “When you think about the global brand, the NFL is an important American brand and everyone wants to continue to expand their presence in the global marketplace,” Bidwill said. “We want to continue to bring live games to the international scene, that’s how many global sports grow.”

— Not surprisingly, he was bullish on the Cardinals’ offseason moves, especially the trade for pass rusher Chandler Jones.

“We all recognize what happened in the Super Bowl,” Bidwill said. “Steve and his team did a great job of crafting a trade that is true win-win with the New England Patriots.”

Michael Bidwill

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7 Responses to “Bidwill talks “All or Nothing,” owners meetings”

  1. By DTL on Mar 22, 2016 | Reply

    Michael Bidwill, on fire. Who knew? His papa for one, huh. Rare combination of critical thinking skills from law discipline and knack for marketing. Bravo Michael. #SB51. He wont quit until he gets one, or more. Go Cards.

  2. By Scott H on Mar 22, 2016 | Reply

    More games abroad? Ugh. What next? Games on the moon? Because if there are life forms there with money in their pockets, Goodell and the owners are going to want to make it theirs.

    Hate to sound ignorant but if the rest of the world wants to see NFL games so bad, they can –

    A) Come here to see them
    B) Get the NFL Ticket in their countries, or
    C) Get together and form their own pro football league

    The NFL really needs to get a grip on their willingness to ship games that belong to NFL cities in the US to other countries. THAT IS SO WRONG!

    Want to kill multiple birds with one stone? Let other countries start bidding on the Pro Bowl ( the way American cities bid for Super Bowls ). That takes a game no one really wants off our hands and gives other countries an NFL game that is not a precious regular season game. Heck, they can do the same with the HOF game, too. But STOP GIVING AWAY OUR REGULAR SEASON GAMES.

  3. By texascard on Mar 22, 2016 | Reply

    Darren. All or nothing sounds a little harsh. You still have time to work toward a more mediocre or less committed title. Maybe “pretty good season” or “better than last”. Or my favorite “regular season greatness”. It’s almost like the film makers don’t know everybody gets a trophy

  4. By D on Mar 22, 2016 | Reply

    It’s 100% confirmed, ESPN does not drug test.
    Did you see J. Clayton (mr seattle) say that the SeaChickens still have an edge in the NFC West?????

    I think John is smoking his ponytail.

    Has he seen who will be R. Wilson’s Left tackle?? B. Sowell or best case a low first round draft pick at LT.

    Did John forget that his team has lost this off season: B. Maxwell, CB, M. Smith LB, J. Carpenter, OG, B. Irvin, OLB, M. Lynch RB , B. Mebane DT and R. Okung OT. And they didn’t add much due to cap concerns…

    SF is rebuilding.

    LA Rams don’t have a QB and have an over rated coach.

    Speaking of Jason Deli, I will suggest they raise the ice cream machine and cones higher so my 3 yr old can’t reach…lost track on how many customers he may have annoyed with his sugar dancing..

  5. By DTL on Mar 22, 2016 | Reply

    D: you are right, Clayton very good but biased for Seahags. He said on radio he looks out his back yard at their training facility…a homer for sure. Otherwise pretty good though. His post also had a good analysis of roster and contract contrasts. Consclusion a bit dubious.

  6. By thepoofighters on Mar 22, 2016 | Reply

    I remember when Michael took over, I thought “well it can’t get any worse…”.
    Wow, I had no idea how good he would be.
    Can’t wait for the series. The world will see BirdGang.
    Fan since ’76 and lovin’ this.

  7. By William Barry on Mar 22, 2016 | Reply

    I totally agree with blogger “D”—-Does John Clayton, who I respect, realize that the ARIZONA CARDINALS, not the Seahawks, won the NFC West Division in 2015….and with our most recent moves, we will continue to have success.

    Ever since Michael Bidwill became president of this franchise, we have improved greatly!!!!!

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