Arians confident in Jones’ Arizona future

Posted by Darren Urban on March 23, 2016 – 8:24 am

The trade that brought pass rusher Chandler Jones was a big move for the Cardinals, although it came with a semi-caveat — Jones is going into the last year of his contract, and given the market, he’s going to be in line for a large, large payday sooner rather than later. This is something GM Steve Keim acknowledged and said the Cards were prepared for when the trade became official. Now coach Bruce Arians is echoing that sentiment.

At the NFC coaches’ breakfast this morning in Florida at the NFL owners meetings, Arians told the Boston Herald’s Jeff Howe he has confidence in Jones remaining a Cardinal long-term.

“When he hits free agency, we’ll have the dollars to make sure he stays,” Arians said.

Arians noted that Keim and director of football administration Mike Disner do a good job managing the salary cap three and four years out. The Cardinals undoubtedly are getting tight cap-wise for 2016 (the NFLPA has them with less than $4 million of cap space right now) but again, there is long-term focus. At the worst, there is a franchise tag the Cardinals can use on Jones (assuming, of course, they can extend a couple other guys, like, for instance, Tyrann Mathieu and probably Michael Floyd).


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  1. By MostlyRight on Mar 23, 2016 | Reply

    Peterson, Honey Badger, Jones and hopefully a strong addition from a deep D-line draft would make a strong defensive corps to build around. I’m not sure what this means for CC.

  2. By Joe C. on Mar 23, 2016 | Reply

    Darren, you once posted a web site link for me that had salary cap numbers going out several years. It also had players cap hits, dead money etc. It was great, almost more info than I could digest. Can you repost that? You could surmise who was in the future plans, almost!

  3. By Darren Urban on Mar 23, 2016 | Reply

    Joe C —

    RE: Site

  4. By Scott H on Mar 23, 2016 | Reply

    The man looks good in red! But, yeah, the off-season a year from now figures to be a stressful one. As stated, that can change if certain players get taken care of in the mean-time. I feel confident that the players they want to be here WILL be here.

    Shoot, I already find myself stressing a little over what happens next with Fitz. His age says the end is probably near. But the way he is still playing makes you feel like….well, maybe not!

    All the more reason there is such urgency ( for me ) that they go all in and all out this season.

  5. By clssylssy on Mar 23, 2016 | Reply

    Thinking about the Cards after this season is kinda scary considering this is the last year for a number of players. We have to look at our playmakers as a priority which would include Mathieu & Fitz (who plans to play even when his deeds fall out & Mchael Bidwill has consistently promised would retire a Card). Floyd has skills but sometimes seems like slow in motivation. I normally hate the franchise tag but it could be an appropriate option should Jones work out as expected.
    While it seems our offense is about where we want it, would love to see us produce the kind of high octane defense it’s going to take to stay relevant and a consistent force year-after-year. Still believe we need a defensive consultant, counterpart to Tom Moore.
    Kudos to BA for his “mini-tirade” about the need for full time professional referees!

  6. By Kayelbe on Mar 23, 2016 | Reply

    This has been asked before, but I can’t remember the answer: When a team’s cap remaining number is given, does that include what they expect to pay for draft picks? For example, I can’t imagine the 6-7 draft picks (even picking near the end of the round) will come in at less than $4milion…

  7. By Darren Urban on Mar 23, 2016 | Reply

    Kayelbe —

    RE: Draft picks/cap

    No, that is not taken into account. Also, since it’s only the top 51 cap numbers that count in the offseason, all 6 or 7 picks won’t impact the cap right away. But they likely will need to create some room.

  8. By Daniel on Mar 23, 2016 | Reply

    This doesn’t take into account draft picks coming in but you also have to look at players getting cut to make room for incoming players it is a business. And also players getting moved to practice squads.

  9. By clssylssy on Mar 23, 2016 | Reply

    LOL…how I hate auto correct on “smart” phones! Fitz recently stated pin an interview jokingly, that he would be playing into his 50’s, that his DREDS would have fallen out before he was no longer in shape!

  10. By Joe C. on Mar 23, 2016 | Reply

    I imagine Fitz would do a team friendly deal. Number one he has to want to play. I think if we have a couple 12 win seasons (is this his last year or next?) and are competing for the Super Bowl I think he’ll play for a team friendly number. If we’re not competing he will retire or go to a contender for bigger money.

  11. By NJAzCardsFan on Mar 23, 2016 | Reply

    My condolences to Tyrann Mathieu and his family on the loss of his grandmother.

  12. By Scott H on Mar 23, 2016 | Reply

    Joe C –

    Have wondered about / hoped for that myself! Fitz and the Cards have done a mutually great job of taking care of each other over the years. Can never say never, but I do NOT believe Fitz will ever be about the money. And he probably doesn’t have to be because he has done very well with his contracts and he strikes me as a guy who is taking care of his money and his future. He is not gonna turn out to be an Allen Iverson or Terrell Owens. Sad stories, both, for the financial problems they now have.

    But back to Fitz, I think we know he is truly invested in winning it all with the Cardinals. He WANTS to win it all with the Cardinals. Because I believe that, I wonder of we will ever see him in another uniform. If / when he has truly reached the end with the Cardinals, I wonder if he will just walk away into retirement.

    I could see that. But, again….never say never.

    Like yourself, I hope that for as long as the Cardinals remain a legit contender, he will stay here for that.

  13. By Big Ken on Mar 24, 2016 | Reply

    Now with no second round pick, definitely draft a center with the first pick. There are good prospects. I wonder who they value?

  14. By Joe C. on Mar 24, 2016 | Reply

    overthecap is great. In 2017 Daryl Washington has the fifth highest cap hit. Top four are Palmer, Peterson, Iupati, and Veldheer. Really not a bad situation. 2018 and beyond have tons of flexibility. Keim has done a fantastic job. Darren, what Keim started with and where he is now with salary cap and dead money and how he improved the situation would be a great off the field story.

  15. By Darren Urban on Mar 24, 2016 | Reply

    Joe C —

    RE: DWash

    Again, with any DWash cap situation, must remember that his salary will never count while he is suspended.

  16. By Dr. G. on Mar 24, 2016 | Reply

    Clssy….Re: Fitz;; can you say “”gray dreds instead?””

  17. By Dr. G. on Mar 24, 2016 | Reply

    Re: Fitz again…He has always been about the money as any good business man would be. That is why he IS successful financially. He did himself a huge favor by accelerating some serious coin up front when the team needed a few years ago.

    Darren has had no issues with his ambition for the cash…as posted many times… If he can still play WELL, he may get a more team friendly deal as with other stars that are and have been in the same boat…IF HE WANTS TO PLAY?

    Recognition wise, it will be better to handle Fitz a la Adub vs ponying up serious cash for a figure head…later

  18. By Joe C. on Mar 24, 2016 | Reply

    Copy on DWash suspension/salary. I was using him as an example of how well cap space was cleared. Cardinals have $90M committed in 2017. That’s only 56% of this year’s cap. Lots of guys to sign, but some room to do it.

  19. By Scott H on Mar 24, 2016 | Reply


    OK…to clarify, Fitz has never been about the money in regard to just looking for the biggest payday he could get, regardless of where he gets it – ala Karlos Dansby or several other players we could name. That was the point.

    Of course, he has done well in his contracts. Why wouldn’t he??? But when it was contract time for Fitz ( and we’ve been there several times ), when did you ever hear of Fitz talking to other teams or threatening to hold out, trying to use that as leverage to get a better deal from the Cardinals?

    Fitz was always gonna get paid, no matter what. A pure businessman would simply take the best deal he could get, period. I think Fitz’ focus was always about staying here, even if he COULD have gotten a better deal elsewhere. Hence, my statement that I don’t think Fitz has been, ever would be all about the money.

    Fortunately for us, the Cardinals never really it get to a point where Fitz might have thought about needing leverage.

  20. By Darren Urban on Mar 25, 2016 | Reply

    Scott H —

    RE: Fitz

    I get what you are saying. I will also argue — strongly — that in every single one of his deals, including this one, Fitz got the biggest payday/best structured contract he was going to get, it happened to be with the Cardinals.

    Also, just because nothing played out dramatically in the public, let’s not pretend Fitz never used leverage.

  21. By Kevin S Mesa on Mar 24, 2016 | Reply

    Scott H and Dr. G —

    Yeah, I tend to agree with Dr. G here. When Fitz restructured in 2014, he got a pretty significant benefit as I recall. Both parties got something they wanted. But it wasn’t like he said, “OK, I’m going to give a significant hometown discount so that we can win.”

    And most people thought, at the time of his most recent deal, that he was more than fairly compensated. Now, he did go out and earn it, but at the time of the deal, a lot of people thought $11M was on the high end based on Fitz’s recent performance.

    It’s funny sometimes how our view of the player colors the view of the contract negotiations. If the player is considered something of a jerk, diva or whatever (say, Dez Bryant), we tend to use words like “greedy” when discussing their negotiations, but with a popular player like Fitz, we don’t ascribe those same terms, even though at the end of the day, I suspect Fitz is just as much about the money as Dez would be.

  22. By clssylssy on Mar 25, 2016 | Reply

    Wow…can’t believe the sour grapes toward a true professional and football icon for our generation who has made us all look better by choosing to wear Cardinal red and become the face of our franchise. So he wants to get paid–good for him!
    If a person doesn’t place value on their skills/contributions, certainly nobody else will either.
    Fitz is respected and valued throughout the league by young and old not only for his skill set but moreover for his work ethic, his wholesomeness, and humanitarian work all over the world. I believe what drives him in this part of his career is winning a SB, and If he doesn’t win with us this year then I would support him going some place where he can win and would finish his career in style.
    The part of the football business not talked about, is the leverage a team has with players with families who are settled in communities with kids in school,friends, etc. Moving around while a reality of the business gets harder as kids get older and the security of staying in one place is often worth more than the money.
    I would be curious to know how many of those ragging on Fitz for getting paid ever passed up a pay increase or gave their employer a home tie discount?

  23. By Scott H on Mar 25, 2016 | Reply

    I did say, from the outset, that I believe the Cards and Fitz have mutually benefitted from the contracts they have agreed to. The Cardinals have done their part. And Fitz has pretty much always justified what he got.

    Bottom line, the end result has been that Fitz has been here his whole career to this point. I’m happy with that, so….I’m good.

  24. By Scott H on Mar 25, 2016 | Reply

    Darren –

    RE: Leverage

    Well, can we agree that ANY player that is as next-level talented as Fitz has leverage simply based on that alone? Of course they do. But as you pointed out, regardless of any leverage that Fitz has had, it has never gone public or gotten ugly. And that aspect of this DOES separate him from many other players whose contract situations HAVE been pretty ugly.

    The leverage that Fitz has had because of how great a player he is is there because, well….just because it is! He has never threatened a hold out or flat out announced that he is just looking to get the biggest pay-day he can, etc, and he has distinguished himself from many others in that regard.

    All I’m really saying is that I have appreciated that about him, tremendously.

    So, let me edit my original statement that I don’t think Fitz has been about the money to I don’t believe Fitz has ever been ALL about the money.

  25. By Dr. G. on Mar 27, 2016 | Reply

    Clssy …Confused again.?.. I have seen zero posts including mine indicating sour grapes or raggin’ on Fitz. We were simply discussing the money. Also, I wrote nothing this year of his performance in conjunction with the serious cash he’s been paid. Darren indicates correctly that Fitz could not get a bigger deal than he got here. I did lots of research on that. Part of his pay is tied to being the poster boy franchise figure head. Every team should have one.

    Much to Fitz’s reluctance, Arians made him a better player by insisting he run shorter and crossing routes, and start blocking…turns out, he likes it. Even Fitz did not know what he could do! I used to post that the QB issues affected his numbers, and for a couple years ARoberts had better numbers in the same situation. He’s basically a small TE now and a good team cheer leader.

    And some fans want to deify him, but he is a regular guy who is good at football and has long since cleared up some old personal stuff. He can credit his dad for much of what he has become…that’s what many guys have missed out on…be well Cards Fans

  26. By CreditCard on Mar 29, 2016 | Reply

    Tons of NFL drafting “experts”, writing and predicting the draft. Naturally, this is not news. However, what I find interesting this year, is that the selections after the 10th or so pick are all over the board. That is, one “expert” is picking a player to be selected (for instance) 15th, and the next “expert” is selecting the same player to be picked 30th, yet another expert is guessing the same player to be picked 45th to 60th.

    This tells me, there is little difference between a mid 1st rounder to a late 2nd rounder to early 3rd rounder.

    Therefore, the Cards should trade down their 1st selection in hopes to pick a 2nd and possibly 4th rounder.

    BTW. I like the kid from Grand Valley State. He lead the nation is sacks, tackles for loss etc… He was double and triple teamed all season — virtually every play.

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