Mathieu again talks the truth

Posted by Darren Urban on April 6, 2016 – 2:08 pm

One of the reasons Tyrann Mathieu resonates with not only fans but his coaches and his teammates is because the safety can’t help but be real. He has no problem talking about the truth, including the dark truths that he lived before he reached the NFL. He did again recently, talking with Pete Prisco of in a riveting video interview while Mathieu rehabs his right knee after an ACL tear. It’s definitely worth a watch.

The video shows Mathieu working out, including some of his treadmill running with the support of an upper body harness. Mathieu, who is in the process of becoming a vegan, also said he is able to work out five to six hours and has no doubt about his comeback. But the video, which is themed toward comebacks of all kinds, isn’t just about Mathieu’s current comeback but of the one everyone knows — after getting kicked out of LSU in college, later being arrested, and then recovering to set his life on track and turning into an NFL all-pro.

“I’ve been depressed before, trying to find every excuse in the world why I should not continue to go forward,” Mathieu said. “I probably smoked so much marijuana, you know what I mean, that I could just forget about it. Nowadays, that’s not my escape anymore.”

“I want to handle things head on,” Mathieu added. “I want to surround myself with people that have been in similar situations I’ve been in … and lean on those people.”

Once upon a time, Mathieu said, “I always felt like I had an excuse … doing the things knuckleheads do. He got to the point, right after he was arrested, that “I got tired of disrespecting myself.”

You know the story from there, coming to the Cardinals and a great support system, including teammate Patrick Peterson. (One interesting quote, about Mathieu’s contract negotiations heading into the last year of his deal after two ACL tears: “They have concerns, which is understandable. I’ve had two knee surgeries. At the same time, they know who I am as a teammate, as a football player, what I mean to the community and what I can do on the football field. The easiest thing is to pay me as a safety. But if Pat’s guy goes down, I have to check Pat’s guy. For me, it’s about me being compensated for everything I do.”)

Another notable part of the video, especially in light of the departure of coach-on-the-field Rashad Johnson. Mathieu said he is always asking for as much information about the defense that he can get and that he wants to know what every position on the defense is doing all the time. If anyone was unsure who is planning to become that new coach-on-the-field, it’s not a secret.


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  1. By Scott H on Apr 6, 2016 | Reply

    I’ve been feeling like this kid seems like a good fit for coach-on-the-field. Aside from his tremendous physical ability and predatory tendencies, he just seems like a very intelligent guy. And very instinctive. Would love to see him take on this role, if he is truly up to it. Have had nothing but love for the Honey Badger!

  2. By Lloyd wolf on Apr 6, 2016 | Reply

    in short….what a pleasure to see him grow, if ever a movie script is obvious…this is one.

  3. By lloyd r wolf on Apr 6, 2016 | Reply

    and another thing……congrats and blessings to his support system…for their time and energy….they should all be proud.

  4. By CardinalChris on Apr 6, 2016 | Reply

    In the words of Teddy KGB, Payz dat man heez Moany.

  5. By mitchaz on Apr 6, 2016 | Reply

    The Cardinals player who caught my eye as an eight year old kid watching his first pro football game at Yankee Stadium, was #8 FS Larry Wilson. There was something unique about him—and I truly believe I was witnessing the player who transformed the free safety position into what it is today. Wilson’s versatility—his acrobatic interceptions in deep coverage, his storming on a dime down the alley to meet the RB full force before the RB could break into the open and his uncanny ability to blitz the QB from all angles were stunning to watch. The day I laid eyes on Larry Wilson—I fell completely in love with him, the Cardinals and the NFL.

    I really didn’t think there would ever be another Cardinals player who could fill Larry Wilson’s shoes, at least in my eyes—but—amazingly there was—a third round draft pick from North Carolina St. named Adrian Wilson. Ironic isn’t it?—another Wilson. While A-Dub was more of an in-the-box SS, like Larry Wilson, he was the tone setter of the defense, he was the statement maker, he was the guy every offense had to account for as to where he was on the field—the guy teams had to do everything they could to avoid. And A-Dub took what Larry Wilson did as a blitzer and took it to another level. I still to this day do not understand why his coaches didn’t blitz him every chance they could. Had they—i believe A-Dub would have posted HOF worthy sack totals. He simply, no matter what, was not going to be denied when he was going after the QB. Then, I think my proudest moment as a Cardinals’ fan came when A-Dub hoisted the Halas Trophy crying tears of utter joy. To me the number #24 is sacred and will always be.

    Now—we are privileged to watch: the Honey Badger, Tyrann Mathieu, #32. To me he is the quintessential defensive back, because he, my dear pals, can do it all. To hear him say on this interview that every day he wants the coaches to load his plate with as much as they can is so true to his spirit as a player and a person. To hear him say he even want to know and study what defensive ends do—is right at the very crux of his genius as a football player. Have you ever seen a defensive back blitz under such amazing control? Have you ever seen a defensive back be able to anticipate what the QB is going to do, so that even if he doesn’t get to the QB he can stop on a dime and time his jump perfectly? Have you ever seen a defensive back play with such savvy and aplomb all over the field from every which angle? Have you ever heard a man be more honest about himself?

    We have been graced with watching three of the greatest safeties ever to lace up the pads—and what’s so wonderful too is how committed all three of them are to the Cardinals’ organization. They all are fiercely loyal—they bleed Cardinals’ red and white they way we do—and they have every intention of paying it forward.

    I don’t know if you felt this way, but the one sense of solace I felt after the dud of the NFC Championship Game at Carolina was the thought that it just wouldn’t feel the same to win championships without The Badger.

    When I dream of the day…I dream of the Honey Badger doing what A-Dub did, and hopefully taking it one game further.

  6. By Dr. G. on Apr 6, 2016 | Reply

    Only those close to Tyrann truly know what he has been through and how he behaved during the dark times. But, when he came to the realization that his life was on a collision course, his “true candor” was necessary to call it like it was in order to heal and put it behind. Actually, he will admit that he is surprised that he could muster the willpower; he points to lots of help. A profile in courage!

    ((Every story like this brings sad thoughts of Dwash…he’s not there yet.))

    Yep a story line here for a future film. Good on ya, T….

  7. By Craig on Apr 6, 2016 | Reply

    Seems like he wants to get paid more that P.P.

  8. By Eazy E on Apr 7, 2016 | Reply

    First Darren, would you refrain from using the word ”dark” in that the meaning of it is usually negative among so many people??!! It is nice to see the Honey Badger so real and honest like very few people in this world are. It was just marijuana, which is legal in a number of states medicinally and even recreationally! A lot of guys facing issues like weed or whatever should look to the Honey Badger after God about how to conquer their demons! He has done a whole 180 and congrats to him. God bless him!

  9. By Darren Urban on Apr 7, 2016 | Reply

    Eazy E —

    RE: “Dark”

    He was arrested. I think that qualifies as “dark.”

  10. By Dr H on Apr 7, 2016 | Reply

    What a great guy and an asset to the Cards…..but kudos to the Cards for having a supportive culture! Love the Cards!!!!

  11. By Marlin on Apr 7, 2016 | Reply

    This young man is a pure, natural leader.

  12. By Rock on Apr 7, 2016 | Reply

    MitchAZ – Fabulous submission. Yes, we have been blessed. And the Honey Badger will lead us to the Promised Land – SB51 in Houston. GO CARDS!

  13. By MikeFlorio on Apr 7, 2016 | Reply

    I just gave everyone a thumbs down…well I actually read the top four comments and gave you a thumbs up….everyone else….thumbs down

  14. By Eazy E on Apr 8, 2016 | Reply


    If I said something was ”white” or ”light” and it almost always meant something negative because of our society for the last few hundreds of years, how would you take that? You probably wouldn’t take that well, I’m speaking on something much deeper! What Tyrann did by today’s political correct society is wrong, but you can refrain along with so many others from using words like dark and black although you didn’t use black, but many people do to describe something bad!

  15. By Darren Urban on Apr 8, 2016 | Reply

    Eazy E —

    RE: Politically correct

    Aren’t you just falling into the same PC crowd by refraining from describing such things?

  16. By texascard on Apr 8, 2016 | Reply

    Hold high the stoner

  17. By emm7777 on Apr 8, 2016 | Reply

    The struggle between good and evil, aka, “Light and Dark” has been a ubiquitous theme throughout the world for as long as man has been around. And that is true for ALL cultures. Your connotation of the word is your own and something you must deal with. I enjoy reading your posts and I mean no offense to you personally, but how far will this PC stuff go?

  18. By Darren Urban on Apr 8, 2016 | Reply

    Emm7777 —

    RE: “PC stuff”

    Again, he was arrested. He contemplated suicide. Explain to me how this was not a dark time in his life?

  19. By guy on Apr 8, 2016 | Reply

    Mathieu we need you to get better and you will very soon WISH YOU THE BEST FOR YOUR ACL CANT WAIT TILL THE SEASON WE LOVE YOU #32

  20. By Dr. G. on Apr 8, 2016 | Reply

    Darren – – Some of this preposterous exchange depicts clearly the lack of many who cannot survive in society without trying to force others to coddle their feelings even when they are wrong and skewing certain words to accuse.

    Respect and consideration are “earned,” not just appointed by hovering parents who unknowingly teach manipulation whether by gender, color, words, etc. When these kids reach adult age, they don’t know how to deal with truth and reality.

    Dark? Yeah, pumpernickle is good. Black autos are considered elegant. Demons, as mentioned, yeah, are evil dark. Twisting words is a manipulative art for some. How to create problems in society? Just play the “_________” card…fill in the blank with the word that suits a cause to try to create manipulative guilt…and expect a free ride.

    This blog article was probably intended as a fact based rewritten autobiographical story as an inspiration for others. Tyrann has experienced some things that he can educate others to take heed of the dark corners than can lurk to take you down.

    We should see his story as positive guidance…not something that creates PC debate… Let’s talk FOOTBAL related stuff here..!

  21. By Eazy E on Apr 9, 2016 | Reply


    All I’m saying is would you use a different word than ”dark”? Like you can use difficult, tumultuous, etc. That’s it!

  22. By Richard L on Apr 10, 2016 | Reply

    Darren, So many people afraid of the dark

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