Peterson, Bethel sidelined for now

Posted by Darren Urban on April 20, 2016 – 11:11 am

Earlier this month, Justin Bethel was at his former high school in South Carolina, giving them a $100,000 check as a way to give back. He did so while on crutches, telling reporters it was a foot injury but that he would be back for training camp. So it wasn’t a surprise when Bethel was one of the few who has yet to be at the voluntary work that began this week. Another guy who is sidelined, according to Kent Somers, is Patrick Peterson, who also had surgery (ankle) and is hopeful to be back for some of the organized team activities later in the offseason. (Peterson later tweeted out the news.)

Neither situation is expected to sideline them for training camp. But it does emphasize the need for cornerbacks, at least in the short term. Right now, if you include Tyrann Mathieu’s slot work, the Cardinals won’t have their top four cornerbacks from last season for at least some of the offseason on-field work: Peterson, Bethel, Mathieu and free agent Jerraud Powers. (Powers, unsigned, still could return, although at this point nothing is expected to happen before the draft.)

The other cornerbacks on the roster: Cariel Brooks (whom the coaches like), Carrington Byndom, Asa Jackson, Shaun Prater, Kevin White and former Australian Rules Football player Joel Wilkinson.


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21 Responses to “Peterson, Bethel sidelined for now”

  1. By LadyBird04 on Apr 20, 2016 | Reply

    Well, everyone has kept both of these injuries VERY quiet! Heard yesterday, Fitzgerald telling Gambo that both Peterson & Mathieu would be “at” his softball game this weekend but not playing. He didn’t mention any surgery for PP.

    Now, has Bethel had surgery and what kind? What surgery did PP have? PP had trouble most of last season with a nagging ankle so his surgery isn’t shocking, just curious that nothing has been mentioned anywhere that I’ve seen.

    The date they can return to full workloads will be determined by not only what was done, but more importantly, when the surgery was performed and how far along in their rehab process they are right now.

    So much for “100%” participation yesterday as noted by the strength & conditioning coach.

  2. By Leesters on Apr 20, 2016 | Reply

    Yeah, CB is a need. Unfortunately, you can’t draft to need. Yeah, yeah, yeah… that’s what the media talks about…. But “Best Available Player” as a staple, abd that will build you a good program over the years. Especially since Free Agency happens before the draft now. Fill your holes in FA, and draft BPA.

    That being said… LOL! I want to trade down to pick 40 and pick that center from Alabama, and get that 2nd rounder back, or an extra 3rd or 4th would be good too. CB’s are deep, and I think they’ll look at something 2nd or 3rd round. And we need some young hammers at LB.

    But, to the double domers, don’t listen to me… Just do your thing. 🙂

  3. By DTL on Apr 20, 2016 | Reply

    Any informaiton on why they waited until April for surgery? Seems like 2 months of recovery time wasted?

  4. By Darren Urban on Apr 20, 2016 | Reply

    DTL —

    RE: Surgeries

    I do not know. Bethel may have had his before then.

  5. By D on Apr 20, 2016 | Reply

    After listening to BA and SK yesterday talk about impact player at #29, it made me think about and dive into the current Card roster.

    Let’s face it, at #29, its going to be difficult for any player to beat out a current AZ starter.
    – Even if Kelly from ALA is still on the board, doubtful he would start Week 1 over AQ. But, with AQ and Mathis/Watford on their last year’s of their deals, a G/C is needed.

    Any CB/S they draft would not start over Bethel/Mathieu/Branch…but with the injury history of Branch and Mathieu, they need to draft another S/CB.

    Both of those positions are needed, but both can be found in Rounds 3-4.

    If a stud WR falls to #29 (could be last year of Floyd and Fitz), I wouldn’t be shocked they go that route.

    But the one position that a Rookie impact player could make a difference this year would be on the DL. I am not saying they would start over Frostee, but we could see them make a difference on Passing Downs.

    Frostee/Campbell/Peters are old and in Peters case, have a injury history. The Cards really can’t afford having Stinson/Mauro/Bryant (old) play 50-60 snaps in a game.

    If on the board at #29, could be hard to pass up on these DL players..

    J. Bullard
    C. Jones
    R. Nkemdiche
    V. Butler

  6. By John The Draft Guy on Apr 20, 2016 | Reply

    Big news about Josh Norman;

    I wonder what happened ?

    Maybe it is about how much money he wants. Reportedly, he wants 16 million a year, making him the highest paid CB and two million a year more than Darrelle Revis.

    No doubt he was good this year, but he has started only 36 of his possible 64 games. Much like Malik Jackson, who got paid off one big year or Brock Oswieler who got paid for 7 games.

    My opinion, before everyone starts saying the cards should get him, and if they cut Calais, they might be able to, is he worth it? 1 good year? There are too many good CBs in the draft to even entertain the idea.

  7. By John The Draft Guy on Apr 20, 2016 | Reply

    Browns – Eagles trade.

    Looks like the Eagles are prepared to take whoever the Rams don’t. Of course, this puts the chargers on the clock at number 3, who have to decide between Ramsey and Tunsil.

    But, where does this leave Sam Bradford? I think he will stay with the Eagles this year, but I wonder if the Eagles are trying to work a trade with the Broncos since they picked up Chase Daniel who could start till Goff / Wentz is ready.

    But what if Bradford became a FA in 2017? The guy is 28 and is coming off 3800 yards and 19 TDs in 14 games with a 65% comp ratio.

    OK, not sure Bradford would come here, not sure what he would cost, but if those things could be worked out, would you want Bradford to come here in 2017 with the thought he takes over in 2018?

    Just a thought

  8. By Don on Apr 20, 2016 | Reply

    My question is was he injured while replacing Powers and if so shouldn’t we expect him to be much better this year?

  9. By Brett on Apr 20, 2016 | Reply

    Josh Norman is available

  10. By clssylssy on Apr 20, 2016 | Reply

    If Peterson hurt his ankle against the Bengals,seems like it would have been the wise to fix it at the beginning of the off season. Can’t help but feel a little worried about our defense’s durability and stability. The picture on Twitter looked like Peterson was in a cast which looks more serious than is being disclosed…hope Keim is lining up some quality reinforcements.

  11. By Dr. G. on Apr 20, 2016 | Reply

    jtdg….Bradford? Not in this decade…super injury prone…

  12. By L.A. Phil on Apr 20, 2016 | Reply

    Sign Josh Norman!! It would solidify our pass defense. Dont fool yourself, New England signed Revis to put their defense over the top. It’s the difference in championship organizations. Bethel was a target last year. Let Bethel continue to develop. He could be a great cover safety. We could also keep him on special teams.

    Calais is such a locker presence, you dont cut a guy like that. Our organization has to make some sacrifices, soon. We’re too close to getting to a super bowl. No more 2nd place finishes. Carson and Fitz windows are closing.

  13. By Scott H on Apr 21, 2016 | Reply

    I would not have any interest in Sam Bradford. To me, this guy just doesn’t have it, as in that magical, intangible ‘It” that great QB’s have. As usual, I see most games the Eagles play and my on-going impression of Bradford was that he looks scared and does NOT look confident. More like dazed and confused, as the great Led Zeppelin would say. That aside, his history of injuries is just too hard to ignore.

    I think what the Eagles are doing says a lot about how they feel about Bradford, or maybe even more so, how they do NOT feel about him. They can’t possibly feel real good about him if they are giving up what they gave up to get into position to draft a QB this year. You’re probably not giving up a king’s ransom to take a QB right now if you feel you have the right QB, right now.

    Where Bradford is concerned ( no pun intended ), I’ll pass.

    I’m also very curious as to why this trade with the Browns didn’t INCLUDE Bradford. That, too, is interesting. Because last off-season, the Browns were apparently pretty interested in him. One year later – and still very much in need of a QB – they’re not? Are they really that confident in RGIII getting his act together? Or, might they have had a change of heart about Bradford? Worth considering.

    If nothing else, at least that trade and the Norman story gave us something else to talk about other that this draft, which will never actually get here.

  14. By John the Draft Guy on Apr 21, 2016 | Reply

    LA Phil,

    The cards have 5-6 million in cap space. How are you signing Norman without cutting Campbell and others?

    Scott H ,

    I think Bradford was not part of the trade because of his contract. The Browns may be waiting till he is released. Funny, Bradford and RG 3 I the same team. #1 pick in 2010 and #2 pick of 2012.

    I agree that I probably would not grab Bradford for cards. In both Warner and Palmer, the had success and were revived in AZ. Bradford never really had success, but it would be interesting if he was floating around in 2017-2018 and we have not drafted a QB.

  15. By Scott H on Apr 21, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG –

    Are you surprised that the Browns didn’t stay at #2 and draft a QB themselves?? I definitely was. If either of these top QB’s are legit franchise QB types, how are the BROWNS not sitting tight and taking one of them?? If I’m a fan, I’d rather see that than an attempt at re-claimation with RGIII.

    Man, is there anyone in the NFL that has been without a decent QB longer than the Cleveland Browns??? Hence, my wonder as to why they didn’t seek Bradford in return from the Eagles. I really don’t see the Eagles releasing him any time soon. He does have trade value, so….why give him away?

  16. By John The Draft Guy on Apr 22, 2016 | Reply

    Scott H,


    If there is a mistake to be made, look for Cleveland to make it. Remember, their the franchise who fired Belichick after the year before he lead them to an 11-5 record and a playoff win.

    Manziel, Weedon, Couch, but it goes further than that. Justin Gilbert, Barktavious Mingo, Trent Richardson, Philip Taylor, They have drafted terrible since 2010 (in which they were on a roll with Joe Haden, Alex Mack, and Joe Thomas the 3 years before)

    But honestly, I understand the move if you feel you have to implode the team and start over. In that case, yes, I would trade away the QB spot at two and go with RG3.

    Why? No run game, weak wrs, Joe Thomas is the only Olineman I trust. So, as good as Wentz might be, he would fail in Cleveland. I might move down again if I were them.

  17. By clssylssy on Apr 22, 2016 | Reply

    Is anybody else wondering what’s up with Matt Barkley situation who we already used up a pick on? Possible trade bait??..or just a wasted pick if we draft a QB? Like Bradford, he doesn’t seem to have much of an upside that would draw value but surely BASK had some method to their thinking other than him being fromUSC (so was Matt Leinert) and he’s supposedly a nice guy?

  18. By Scott H on Apr 22, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG –

    What, all that Cleveland Browns QB history and no mention of the immortal Derek Anderson??? Yes, I’m smiling as I say that! 🙂

    My gosh, do we really have to go all the way back to Bernie Kosar to find the last legit Browns QB??? Wow….that’s horrific. And we do know the feeling.

    I get what you are saying about what a mess they are right now, so how could a young QB even hope to get off the ground there? But…then again, maybe a good young QB is the spark they need to get the process started. It’s a QB-driven league, so….are top quality FA’s gonna want to be there if they don’t see one they believe in? I hear ya, though. If I’m one of these young QB’s, I probably don’t want to be there, either.

  19. By John The Draft Guy on Apr 22, 2016 | Reply

    Scott H,

    The next article Darren writes, I will put my first round mock down.
    Looking at this, I think more trades and a player could drop out of the top 10.

    Top 4 are easy;
    1. Rams – Jared Goff
    2. Eagles – Carsen Wentz
    3. Chargers – Trade with Cowboys????
    4. Chargers – Trade with Dolphins???


  20. By John The Draft Guy on Apr 22, 2016 | Reply



    He will be traded to the Broncos for the 31st pick. Why not, every other Qb is rumored to go to Denver 🙂

    Seriously, if they draft someone (QB), then he will be a camp arm. If they don’t, he will be the new version of Ryan Lindley. Don’t open unless an emergency.

  21. By Scott H on Apr 25, 2016 | Reply

    clssylssy –

    Believe me, I wish Barkley DID have some trade value. I’m sorry WE traded for him. But I’m wondering why anyone else would. Not when they can easily reach into the draft at any point and pick up their own Barkley.

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