More than 53: No bad days allowed

Posted by Darren Urban on June 21, 2016 – 10:48 am

There were multiple things that ranked as priorities for GM Steve Keim when he first got his current job, and one of those was to build depth on the roster. On that, he has most certainly succeeded. Where might that leave the Cardinals at the end of training camp?

“We have more than 53 (players),” Arians said at the completion of minicamp. “We have 65 probably that I am comfortable with. You can’t have a bad day. Especially with certain position groups, you just can’t have a bad day. You’ll fall too far behind.”

There are still areas in which the Cards could fortify. A veteran cornerback. A veteran right tackle. If the team ends up signing one or both of those guys, then the Cards have 66 or 67 guys with whom Arians would be comfortable. It sets up the possibility of a camp trade for a late-round draft pick, but it means the Cardinals will definitely release some players who will be considered “surprises.”

So much is left to be fought before then. The defensive line was one of those overstuffed spots last training camp, but the dynamic changed considerably when Corey Peters hurt his Achilles and was lost for the season. Still, it was a mild surprise when Matt Shaughnessy was released, and someone else would have had to go had Peters stayed healthy.

What are the positions this year? Defensive line, once again. The back end of the secondary — while there is inexperience, drafting three defensive backs will make those choices intriguing. Reserve offensive linemen and outside linebackers. Arians isn’t wrong. Bad days won’t help.


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  1. By Scott H on Jun 21, 2016 | Reply

    My, how the culture has changed. And this blog here is the perfect illustration of that. Has anyone else taken note of how the Cardinals are suddenly being referred to a model franchise and one of the best run organizations in the NFL everywhere you look these days???

    All that is missing is a Lombardi trophy. Please let this be the year….

  2. By Jacob on Jun 21, 2016 | Reply

    Daren. Do you know when Dyral Washington
    sepention will end? The Cards could use him again

  3. By Darren Urban on Jun 21, 2016 | Reply

    Jacob —

    RE: DWash


  4. By D on Jun 21, 2016 | Reply

    I could see this scenario playing out:

    Cards sign CB L. Hall and release F. Rucker (if he is healthy)

    It would be difficult since Frostee has been a good pro and a solid locker room guy. But if you look at the Dline, you have R. Gunter that should swing over to Rucker’s spot if X. Williams makes the final squad and C. Peters stays healthy as your DT’s. Plus R. Bryant can play DT and his salary is low.

    Stinson and Mauro are solid and cheaper backups than Frostee .


  5. By Scharf on Jun 21, 2016 | Reply


    You might as well name him DWashedUp because he is gone! lol.

    It’ll be interesting to see what big names are cut this year, those surprises always scare me at first but Keim certainly has earned my trust.

  6. By Bob on Jun 21, 2016 | Reply

    Daren, if a player is cut and ends up on practice squad can he be signed by another team?

  7. By Darren Urban on Jun 22, 2016 | Reply

    Bob —

    RE: PS

    Yes. Once a player is cut, he is available to everyone else. Anyone on the practice squad is eligible to sign with another team as well.

  8. By NJAzCardsFan on Jun 21, 2016 | Reply

    The pass rush needs Freeney, he is too good not to have back…..

  9. By Joe C. on Jun 21, 2016 | Reply

    Darren, I’m surprised you’re having so much difficulty getting the scoop on D. Wash. It seems like you are asked about him in every blog. It must be frustrating to spend all the time investigating to no avail.

  10. By Darren Urban on Jun 22, 2016 | Reply

    Joe C. —

    RE: DWash

    There is really nothing to investigate. He is still suspended, because he either a) failed a test when he applied for reinstatement or b) never applied for reinstatement, likely because he knew he wouldn’t be approved. It’s a moot point, because I feel confident in saying the Cards have moved past him anyway. If it weren’t for the salary cap/efforts to recoup bonus money, he probably wouldn’t be on the roster anymore.

  11. By azdesertrat1953 on Jun 22, 2016 | Reply

    DWash is G O N E, Gone, get over it. He is never going to play again in the NFL Even again!

    So unless the Cards move to Canada, He Is G O N E!!!

    Sorry Darren, but Jeez Everyone enough already with the DWash Q&A!

    He is flatulence in the wind that we do not have to worry about, that’s all.

    GO CARDS!!!

  12. By Eric c on Jun 23, 2016 | Reply

    Is there any way you can just block the words Dwash, I’m sick of reading people ask about him? There has to be a setting that you can use so we don’t have to ever see that name.

  13. By Scott H on Jun 23, 2016 | Reply

    What a damn shame that someone as capable of having a standout career in the NFL obviously chose to make his relationship with illegal substances more important. And I’m doubly sorry it happened to THIS player, who could have made the Cardinals even better than they’ve been over the last couple of seasons. How much could our defense have used a player like HIM last year in Carolina???

    Josh Gordon, same thing. That man was absolutely un-stoppable when he played. He could be setting NFL records and maybe even putting himself into conversations of being one of the best WR’s ever to play the game. But as the song says, then he got high. What a damn waste.

  14. By Joe C. on Jun 24, 2016 | Reply

    I was being sarcastic! You have more then covered the situation and are actually very patient with the questions.

  15. By Scott H on Jun 24, 2016 | Reply

    Jacob –

    Damn, man….could you have squeezed any more tragic spelling errors into a 2-line post??


    C’mon, man. Is this more evidence of what texting does to people???

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