The Rock isn’t coming, but Arians attracts

Posted by Darren Urban on July 11, 2016 – 10:10 am

So Sunday, actor, former professional wrestler and one-time college football player Dwayne Johnson — The Rock — tweeted out a video of Bruce Arians with the message “Would’ve loved to play for this man.” It got me thinking about something GM Steve Keim said about one of the benefits of having the “All or Nothing” series out there for public consumption.

It helps not only the brand, but it helps create resources you didn’t have before,” Keim said. “Sometimes, when you talk about free agency, there is a recruiting aspect to that. So when there is a perception of a team or an organization and it is good, it makes it that much easier to talk players into signing here and sometimes signing for less money, because they want to be part of something special.”

OK, The Rock isn’t signing a contract with the Cardinals (and, it should be noted, the video clip Johnson used was actually from the Arians bio “A Football Life” and not from “All or Nothing.”) But it underscores what Keim said about the Amazon series. It’s clear the biggest “star” of the whole thing is Arians. Without his personality, I’m not sure the series is as successful as it is, and that’s not to knock anyone else in the program. But the head coach is naturally going to be at the epicenter of a series like that, and — as all of us know who work with Arians on a daily basis — Arians has that kind of charisma.

Yes, he can MF you on the practice field, but players can see it’s about the football. Arians forgets about it as soon as the work is over. He can separate the player and the man. That’s why guys love to play for him. And while The Rock isn’t coming anytime soon, you can bet there are active players out there who have watched “All or Nothing” or Arians’ “A Football Life” and are thinking that they too want to play for Arians and the Cardinals. That’s a powerful tool.

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16 Responses to “The Rock isn’t coming, but Arians attracts”

  1. By Scott H on Jul 11, 2016 | Reply

    Hey, maybe someday The Rock will be as big as Bruce Arians! 🙂

  2. By texascard on Jul 11, 2016 | Reply

    The real hero (that rarely gets mentioned) is Michael Bidwell. Thank you Mr Bidwell. p.s. I hate no risk it no biscuit

  3. By jstork69 on Jul 11, 2016 | Reply


    Here, Here,

    Culture changed in the Red Sea the day Michael Bidwill took over, the organization hasn’t looked back and he personally took chances on the Cue Ball Brothers who then molded Cardinals into a real Football organization to be proud of.

    The new Found Success and Gutsy-ness rolls to the top.

    I truly believe the largest C’ahonas in the organization belong to Mr. B as he could have continued to put a mediocre product on the field and continued to profit but he chose to lead the team to success!

    As a devoted Arizona Cardinals fan I applaud you, Thank You Mr. Bidwill

  4. By joe holst on Jul 11, 2016 | Reply

    Does Bill Bidwill live in Arizona(Phoenix area) and does he have anything to do with the team anymore? I would like to know what he’s up to, I know he’s probably around 87- thank you

  5. By Darren Urban on Jul 11, 2016 | Reply

    Joe —

    RE: Bill Bidwill

    Mr. Bidwill still lives in Arizona yes. But he has long turned the reins over to his son, Michael.

  6. By Scott H on Jul 11, 2016 | Reply

    jstork69 –

    What you say is a fair point, but…..the Cue Ball Brothers?? Seriously? C’mon, man, that’s not necessary. And unless you mean that very affectionately, it’s an insult to what makes up two thirds of what many believe is the best owner/GM/head coach trio in the NFL right now.

    No one member of that trio is THE guy that’s making it ALL happen right now. They are a sum that is greater then the sum of its parts. Let’s love all of them equally for what they are doing for this organization, what they are doing for US.

    No one loses sight of what Michael has done since taking over. But where something like this Amazon series is concerned…..really, who do expect to be more prominently featured?? BA just has more the personality and swagger that lends itself to that kind of thing. Among pro sports coaches these days, BA is like a gift from the gods for the way he tells it like it is and with more “cool” than maybe ANY pro football head coach ever has.

    BA and his presentation / personality is probably a very big part of the reason the Cardinals were chosen to be the team they followed for this series. And….this is a bad thing??? NO. It’s a wonderful thing.

    Michael, Bruce, and Steve are all necessary ingredients for this stew we have cooking right now. Let’s just enjoy the aroma that’s coming from the kitchen right now, shall we?

  7. By texascard on Jul 11, 2016 | Reply

    Point of clarification: Mr bidwell is not “the guy” he is the man. Keim and arians work for the man. They may be good at what they do but make no mistake the man is at the top and his leadership is what has changed this culture and will continue to evolve this franchise. Nobody in this franchise is his equal. He is the man. I appreciate what keim and arians have accomplished but without the man they are nothing. Now lets go win the big one

  8. By Darren Urban on Jul 11, 2016 | Reply

    texascard —

    RE: “The man”

    One other point of clarification, with all due respect: It’s Bidwill, not Bidwell.

    But you are correct: Michael Bidwill has made a huge impact on the franchise.

  9. By Scott H on Jul 12, 2016 | Reply

    Well, I’m glad we clarified how to spell “the man’s” name.

    I don’t think anyone would foolishly try to discount the TREMENDOUS job Michael has done. That wasn’t the point of the blog. No one is saying Arians is “the guy.” The blog is about how the All Or Nothing series is going over very well, is doing so much to show the culture that has been created here, and yes, how Arians is a clear focal point during the series. Why anyone would have a problem with that – especially CARDINALS FANS – is way beyond me.

    And saying that Keim and Arians are nothing without Bidwill? That is just as foolish as discounting the importance of Bidwill and all that he has done. Absurdly ridiculous.

  10. By steve on Jul 12, 2016 | Reply

    Darren: Any live chats planned in the next couple of weeks?

  11. By Darren Urban on Jul 13, 2016 | Reply

    Steve —

    RE: Chats

    I am off for a couple of weeks. I will probably have one right before camp.

  12. By texascard on Jul 12, 2016 | Reply

    Thank you mr urben

  13. By Scott H on Jul 13, 2016 | Reply

    Just saw the news that Tom Brady’s 4-game suspension was up-held. I’m not sorry to hear that. I have to believe the Cards can go toe-to-toe with the Pats with Brady or without, but….nothing wrong with catching a break here and there.

    And, actually, I believe the Pats will still be quite formidable without Brady, so it’s not gonna be a cake walk.

  14. By clssylssy on Jul 13, 2016 | Reply

    Ok,OK,OK…ALL OR NOTHING was well done and provided entertainment for the football drough fans suffer through this time of the year. That was then and this is now so can we focus on the here and now and try to remember this is a football team and not a movie. Moreover, this is a different football team than last season and in BA’s words, “we ain’t done —-“! Most articles on barely mention us and ProFootballFocus seems to think we Re posers…we have a lot of work ahead to live down that Championship game!
    I find it somewhat tragic that our marketing department is hyping Patrick Peterson as the “young legend”…LOL, PLEASE…he’s not been in the league long enough and a few good seasons does not a “legend” make! I like Peterson but, it makes me uncomfortable for our mouth (i.e marketing dept) to start writing checks we might not be able to back up.
    How about letting our play speak for itself least this marketing extravaganza come back to bite us…keep in mind how we seem to follow up our biggest victories with our most heart wrenching and humiliating defeats. I’m afraid this “Brand” promotion has put us at the top of everybody’s hit list just ti prove we arent who we think we are!
    GO CARDS… Our work has been cut out for us!

  15. By Darren Urban on Jul 13, 2016 | Reply

    Clssy —

    RE: “Our marketing department” and Peterson

    What are you talking about?

  16. By Scott H on Jul 13, 2016 | Reply

    texascard –

    I like the reply with the intentional ( ? ) mis-spelling of Urben. Funny!

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