With 2016 here, a look at the 2017 opponents

Posted by Darren Urban on July 27, 2016 – 10:51 am

Training camp officially begins tomorrow when the Cardinals get back together at University of Phoenix Stadium to hold their annual run test. The first practice of camp is Friday (keep in mind, because of the CBA-mandated “acclimation” period, the Cardinals won’t be in pads until Sunday, making these next two days a little bit like glorified OTAs.)

We know the Cardinals’ schedule for 2016, of course, which starts in the regular season with a home “Sunday Night Football” game against the Patriots.

But what about 2017, I’m sure you were about to ask? Fear not. Here are the opponents for 2017, home and away:


— Dallas Cowboys
— New York Giants
— Jacksonville Jaguars
— Tennessee Titans
— NFC South team that finishes in same 2016 divisional place as Cardinals
— Seattle Seahawks
— San Francisco 49ers
— Los Angeles Rams


— Philadelphia Eagles
— Washington Redskins
— Houston Texans
— Indianapolis Colts
— NFC North team that finishes in same divisional place as Cardinals
— Seattle Seahawks
— San Francisco 49ers
— Los Angeles Rams

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11 Responses to “With 2016 here, a look at the 2017 opponents”

  1. By Scott H on Jul 27, 2016 | Reply

    Ah, always love a chance to beat the Eagles! But I can’t even think about 2017 right now.

  2. By Blakew on Jul 27, 2016 | Reply

    Hopefully you are missing at least one 2017 opponent , for a game played in February 🙂

  3. By texascard on Jul 27, 2016 | Reply

    Opponents you goin down. We goin to houston!!!!! Texas!!!!

  4. By Grabling on Jul 27, 2016 | Reply

    Darren, do you have any news about D. Washington suspension ?


  5. By Darren Urban on Jul 28, 2016 | Reply

    Grabling —

    RE: DWash


  6. By Jon on Jul 28, 2016 | Reply

    Wow, I know its a year out but that schedule today seems like a total cakewalk. Every game sans the visit to Seattle the Cards should be a favorite, and often a clear favorite. This would seem to be the best schedule draw we’ve had in years. Go Cards!!

  7. By vandyman24 on Jul 28, 2016 | Reply

    PP v OBJ! I bet PP shuts him down…

  8. By s brown on Jul 28, 2016 | Reply

    fill in the NFC South as Carolina and the North with Minn / Green Bay, and the schedule does get a bit tougher.

    two east coast trips to Phily / Wash, two midwest trips to Hous / Indy ( both should be better teams ) and add the up and coming Jacksonville to the mix…

    I would not pencil the Cards in to a trip to SB 52 just yet., too many players on the Cards that will need contracts going into 2017 season, Cards will still be a top team in the NFC.

  9. By Eric G on Jul 28, 2016 | Reply

    Can’t wait to see the Cards here in Philly again, especially after last year’s beat down, and most likely in DC as well. Woohoo!!!!

  10. By Eric Toomer on Jul 29, 2016 | Reply

    Why the heck does Josh Gordon get reinstated and Daryl doesn’t? I’m happy for Josh because I think weed should be legal especially for football players and what they have to go through and endure during the season and afterwards, but Daryl can’t get back on our team?! What the heck is going on here?

  11. By Dr. G> on Jul 29, 2016 | Reply

    Eric – – This DWash thing is very old news. He has a contract through 2017, and then he is off the books. For the newcomers, we re-post…

    Though weed is legal in some states medically or otherwise, your employer may rule it out and the consequences can be grounds for dismissal. DWash had “multiple” events and plenty of opportunity to follow the terms of his contract. He chose to thumb his nose at the consequences…BIG $$$$ and all.

    Many will agree that hooch “may” distract a person from pain etc. I have no issues with some who want to use it legally, but I would not want the traffic cop or my surgeon high the night prior or the day of performing their work. The NFL has its rules – – they consider them reasonable – – as the Players Association also agrees. Some other possible restrictions:: Scuba, skydiving, motorcycles, cage fighting, viper snake handling among them. Some of it is humorous to think a player might have interest, like wanting to have a firggin’ panther or cougar…!! The players can be surprisingly creative, thus creating continual contract reviews.

    I hear you – – this DWash thing is sick, because he was sooooo good, but the ball has been in his own court to act. He has not complied. Too bad…

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