Williams, Boehm and rookie impact

Posted by Darren Urban on July 30, 2016 – 9:23 am

We’re only one practice into training camp, nowhere close to being able to know what rookie will walk in and help a team. But already, it feels like things are shifting with a few draftees. Robert Nkemdiche is the first, a guy who is sitting for now with a bum ankle. You figure the defensive lineman will be back sooner rather than later, and frankly, even if he missed a week or two, it probably wouldn’t make a big difference once we got to the regular season.

But you look at the next two picks: CB Brandon Williams and C Evan Boehm. When the picks were made, given the Cardinals’ circumstances at both spots (which both had and have uncertainty), the safe guess would have been that Williams would come along slow and Boehm would have the best chance to start.

Instead, early in camp, the situations have reversed. With Justin Bethel sidelined, Williams is running with the first team, and actually looked pretty good in his first practice, continuing the arc he finished up in the offseason work. Boehm, meanwhile, is behind A.Q. Shipley now, as coach Bruce Arians has repeatedly noted the steep learning curve Boehm must climb before he is ready to play.

There’s a long way to go. The two could switch again before the season. Bethel could come back and fight off the Williams challenge for that starting job. But for now it’s an interesting twist from where we were in May.



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8 Responses to “Williams, Boehm and rookie impact”

  1. By CARDS62 on Jul 30, 2016 | Reply

    Training Camp begins and football games near and children return to school. Truly the most wonderful time of the year.

    Glad that Williams is hanging with Patrick Peterson and hopefully some of the other young dbs will also. We all know that if Bethel is healthy he will be running with the ones and Coach will be saying rookie has a lot to learn. Glad young guys are getting reps, but worried about our secondary’s health.

    It is very early but I have no doubt that Watson or Boehm will be our starting center at some point this year. In another post coach said A. Q. did not lose his starting job but that coach gave it to Lyle S. Sorry guys but when your coach pulls a retired player off his couch that no other team in the league wanted you have big trouble at the position. OL is still my biggest concern for this team with DBs next.

    Sorry that Robert N. hurt his ankle really looking forward to watching him and Williams play this preseason, but cool that he will be our full back.

    Read where J. Cooper was carted off the field for the Patriots. I always rooted for him as a Cardinal and hope he will make it with the Pats. I understand and totally agree with us trading him as it was a bust of a pick for us.

    Go Cards

  2. By rod on Jul 30, 2016 | Reply

    Ugh..already in a walking boot. I think he started every game in college right? I hate to be doom and gloom but that sucks!

  3. By sportsblogger16 on Jul 30, 2016 | Reply

    Any chance Nkemdiche plays in the next few practices? Sucks to see him on the sidelines. Also, is the brandon williams hype train just hype? Or is there a legit chance SK found another diamond in the third round.

  4. By jkzolla on Jul 30, 2016 | Reply


    Would it be more surprising if Elie Bouka beat out Harlan Miller for a roster spot?

  5. By Darren Urban on Jul 30, 2016 | Reply

    jkzolla —

    RE: Bouka

    Bouka isn’t even practicing yet, so he’s got a while to go.

  6. By faster on Jul 30, 2016 | Reply

    i expect williams to add at least serious deepth at the secondary, and if we are lucky, we could see the best secondary in the NFL at work. williams has the work ethics and if he stays healthy, and if he get the right chemistry with peterson and mathieu, watch out.
    as for boehm, give him time, and let`s hope he stays healthy.

  7. By Annette F Richters on Jul 31, 2016 | Reply

    Don’t count Bouka out yet, and Brandon is getting great coaching from PP. He’ll be a starter. Did ya’ll see him block a catch from Larry? Robert NK(can’t spell it) our first round pick? He’ll be fine. Let’s look at our ILB’s. I think they put Chandler on one end, 44 on the other, and let Nkemdiech roam. Between “Big Bob” and the “Badger” (who is able to move more now since we have another fast Safety) I see a lot of “spy’s) in the game. JMHO

  8. By shooter28 on Aug 6, 2016 | Reply

    Either way Arizona is going to have a very solid Center. 6″1/315PD Center A.Q Shipley is a very solid above average Center who in his 3 seasons he has started he ranked via Pro Football Focus !!!. In 2012 with Bruce Arians running his offense Shipley ranked 10th of 35 ranked Centers w/ a plus +8.1 run blocking grade , a plus +4.5 pass protection grade allowing zero sacks. In 2014 with the Colts he ranked 14th overall of 36 ranked Centers with a plus +2,9 pass blocking grade n plus +6.9 run blocking grade allowing 0 sacks. Shipley has been in this offense for years knows its like the back of his hand , is a good pass blocker & is an outright bull in the run game!!!

    6″3/310pd Center Evan Boehm is going to be a very good Center for a long time for Arizona , I wouldn’t rule him out just yet because all he needs to learn the offense thru n thru & we still have 4 more pre season games to go so he could break out n get the offense down and start shining or take over at some point during the year. Either way I believe Boehm is going to be n exceptional Center for a long long time !!!

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