Goodwin to call plays Friday, and the “out” list

Posted by Darren Urban on August 10, 2016 – 12:41 pm

Every preseason, Bruce Arians — who is the Cardinals’ playcaller and has been and always will be, as long as he’s coaching — turns the reins over to offensive coordinator Harold Goodwin to call plays. It’s to get Goodwin experience in the area, as Arians tries to prep him for a future head coaching job. This preseason, Goodwin will call plays (and gameplan, such that it is in the preseason) in three of the four games. The only one Arians will take is the third one, of course, the “most important” of the preseason games.

So what will that make Arians Friday night?

“Bored,” he deadpanned.

Arians loves to call plays. “That’s the fun in coaching for me,” he said. But he’s committed to helping coaches — in this case, Goodwin — grow. Exactly what will Arians do on the sideline? “Deciding if we are going for it on fourth,” Arians said. “Or go for two. Tough job. Someone has to do it.”

Arians also acknowledged it’ll free him up to bark at the officials too. But that’s something Arians is never going to give up.

UPDATE: Goody weighed in. “I love him for it,” said Goodwin, who also called the plays in three of the four preseason games in 2015. “He’s been a mentor for me since 2007, back in Pittsburgh. He’s always put me in a position to learn and grow as a coach. For him to do this for me is special. Tells me he thinks a lot of me, and I don’t ever want to disappoint him.”

Goodwin said he’s learned his lesson about taking shots down the field as a play caller as well. “The first time I called plays a couple years back, the halftime speech he gave me, it wasn’t very nice,” Goodwin said. “It was still professional, but he said ‘You’ve got to call more shots.’ ”

— The list of players officially not playing Friday against the Raiders because of injuries: Everyone on the PUP list, of course, plus CB Asa Jackson, CB Mike Jenkins, WR Smokey Brown, OL Earl Watford, OL Taylor Boggs, DT Corey Peters, LB Alani Fua, DT Robert Nkemdiche and WR Brittan Golden, who hurt his hamstring Tuesday.

Arians said CB Cariel Brooks, WR Jaxon Shipley and DT Olsen Pierre are all questionable right now. The Cards are hurting at receiver and cornerback, but “it’s a great opportunity for the ones that are out there,” Arians said.

— Watford is on crutches after hurting his knee, but Arians estimated he’d only be out a couple of weeks. Even if it’s a little longer, the good news is that Watford isn’t seriously hurt. He’s become important, as a guy who can legitimately play all five spots, as the top backup offensive lineman.

“His value is sometimes higher than a starter,” Arians said.



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9 Responses to “Goodwin to call plays Friday, and the “out” list”

  1. By D on Aug 10, 2016 | Reply

    My surprise release/cut this offseason: C. Peters.

    Locks on Dline: Campbell, Stinson, Gunter, Rucker, Nkemdiche

    Players that should make it: Bryant (cheap, good leader and he still makes plays), Mauro, (good rotation player, good hustle and can play special teams), X. Williams, coaches love him.

    Also released: P. Olsen.

    Mr. Keim is searching for a backup OT.

  2. By joe holst on Aug 10, 2016 | Reply

    I have a gut feeling Corey Peters might not make the final roster since they are so deep on line and he is the 2nd highest paid on line.

  3. By Scott H on Aug 10, 2016 | Reply

    Arians is a good guy for his loyalty and how he lets his coaches grow and develop. Heck, his insistence that Todd Bowles be on his staff had everything to do with his being OUR head coach instead of the Bears head coach. And THAT turned out to be a great call for everyone ( except the Bears ).

  4. By red2616 on Aug 10, 2016 | Reply

    This is why I am so psyched to have Arians. He actually cares about others, his players and Is even Coaching Coaches. This man AND team deserve a ring!

  5. By red2616 on Aug 10, 2016 | Reply

    D, that’s what I have as well. I

  6. By Leeskiicitizen on Aug 10, 2016 | Reply

    A spiritual law that has been recorded in many scriptures and the reflections of many wise men states, “You truly don’t posess anything until you give it away”.

    BA is a giver, and has evidently understood this spiritual law of giving to the point that he not only doesn’t withhold his gifts, but he has established this principle as a key component of the Cardinal’s team culture. From Mike B. throughout the entire organization there isn’t one person who sticks with the team that isn’t a giver.

    This is why I believe we, the Cardinal’s fans, will be the recipients of a Super Bowl championship. The Cardinal’s organization truly wants to give us the Lombardi.

  7. By clssylssy on Aug 11, 2016 | Reply

    It’s good to see Godwin getting some experience calling plays. With all the speculation about Fitz and Palmer’s future with the team, given their ages (before the extensions), I have also wondered about BA’s possible retirement should we win a SB and given his acknowledgement that this was his last stop. While I think age seems to make many coaches better as they enter their twilight years, given their accumulated knowledge of not only the game but of how the NFL really works, the question can’t help but occasionally enter into one’s mind..”what if” he would become ill, “what if” he would tire of the hoop dancing and organizational politics (philosophical question, not so applicable with Cards), “what if”???Looking at the crop of possible young assistants etc., I don’t see a very deep field although I love seeing players like Adrian Wilson exchanging the pads for a suit and big desk with an organization. I know BA has said that he would like to start his own coaching tree and Coach Boyles was part of that long term goal so it’s good to see others, like Coach Godwin getting some “hands on” real game time OJT even if it means BA being bored! As I’ve said often, I am a BIG believer in insurance–on all fronts. GOOD LUCK CARDS, STAY HEALTHY!

  8. By shannon robinson on Aug 11, 2016 | Reply

    I’ve been going through the 2015 games on nflreplay and I’ve enjoyed trying to anticipate Coach Arians’ calls. The process is an education. I’m often tricked and usually amazed by his audacity. I can hardly wait till he has his power running game going this year. Carson Palmer talks about the honor of being one of Bruce’s quarterbacks. I feel the honor of being one of his fans. Don’t ever forget, Coach Arians is the guy who quashed our victory dance by directing that last minute drive for the Steelers. I’m flying out for the Raiders game to watch DJ Humphries, DJ Swearinger, Troy Niklas, AQ Shipley, Brandon Williams, The Marquis, Jaxon Shipley, Amir Carlisle, #19, Rico from NMSU, Cole Toner, Wetzel, Josh Mauro, and Durrell Eskridge. Just some of my favorites.

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