Chargers aftermath, and Okafor

Posted by Darren Urban on August 19, 2016 – 11:26 pm

The Cardinals got a lot good work in this week while practicing in San Diego. Bruce Arians said that, his players did too. But the end result didn’t feel all that good. The offense looked ugly, which really isn’t what you’d like to see at this point of camp (and things went pretty well in the first-unit’s one series in the preseason opener, so it’s not like they were bad a week ago).

But then you throw in the news that best case scenario, linebacker Alex Okafor would have to play the season with a torn biceps tendon, and that’s only if he decides not to have surgery. That’s a tough call. Okafor is going to be a free agent after the season. If he waits on surgery, he won’t be a full strength and he’ll have to have surgery right before signing with another team. Surgery now, and he’ll have no season in which to entice teams to sign him. He called it one of the most difficult decisions he’s made (and he had to make the same exact decision already, with Arians, when he was a rookie in 2013.)

Okafor suffered the injury in practice Tuesday night. We’ll see what his choice is and what it means. Okafor is/was the third linebacker to give relief to starters Chandler Jones and Markus Golden.

— Interesting that Arians said Jaron Brown is the best receiver the Cardinals have right now. Brown did make a pair of great grabs against the Chargers. One of the few bright spots.

— Larry Fitzgerald sat with a minor MCL sprain, Arians said. It isn’t serious.

— Deone Bucannon hammered wide receiver Dontrelle Inman early in the game, a clean hit (a penalty wasn’t called and the replays I’ve seen show a hard hit to the upper chest) that knocked Inman’s helmet off. Inman was checked for a concussion and cleared, but did not return.

“I’m a physical player,” Bucannon said. “That’s what it is and I like setting the tempo for the team and making plays within the rules of football. I love playing the game with passion.”

— Couldn’t tell exactly how D.J. Humphries did at right tackle, but frankly, there wasn’t anyone on offense (except maybe Jaron Brown) that will be able to be excited about how he played.

— Cornerback Brandon Williams gave up a 13-yard pass early, but held up better in my opinion. Overall, it seemed like a better performance.

— Arians, in his postgame radio interview: “You can’t play the game without passion, energy or brains and we didn’t have any of the three.”

One more week of training camp to go.

Dontrelle Inman, Deone Bucannon

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33 Responses to “Chargers aftermath, and Okafor”

  1. By John S on Aug 20, 2016 | Reply

    I like Okafor but he can’t seem to be full go healthy more then 2 weeks a year.
    That feeling you get when you remember all the games (almost all) you hated Palmer for seeming to attempt to give the game away. Here we go again.

  2. By CARDS62 on Aug 20, 2016 | Reply

    CARDINALS CAN’T HIT CURVEBALL (Sorry Darren could not resist)

    – Love coach and his style so very honest. No passion by our offense for what ever reason. Preseason, road game, coaches health scare but our offense did not show up.

    My observations.
    1) Starting defense very good, but we must remember no Phillip Rivers for Chargers, but our defense can not control that. We even had a sack, and our rookie CB Williams had a very solid game, plus our offense hurt our defense again with turnovers.
    2) Okafor news stinks. He flashed in first game and we really need him, I can not blame him if he has surgery for free agency, plus playing with a torn bicep can not be a good experience. This really hurts our team.
    3) Can we please play the first half of a football game without a turnover. Hard to win games and play well when you keep giving teams points.
    4) I praised our o line for last week game, but this week against Chargers who gave up 288 rushing yards last week against who? I think the Tenn. Titans, we can not run the ball. Where is the leadership on the o line? Someone needs to step up and be a leader for our line,
    5) We all keep hearing how deeeeeeeeeep we are on offense with play makers, but no plays are being made. Someone make a play!
    6) Our special teams were out played again and this really scares me. I think Chargers had a rookie punter and he pinned us deep couple of times and their young kicker looked great on kickoffs and field goals.
    7) Last but definitely not least, and sorry to make you read this JTDG and Scott H after a horrible game, but right now if I am only keeping two QBs this year my second QB is Matt Barkley. Now do not get me wrong as I will trade both of them today for Dak Prescott. 2014 very comfortable with Stanton as our backup, but last year and first 2 games this year and he has no game. Barkley last week did okay and receivers kept dropping balls on him and this week in the entire second half we only had 3 offensive series, you believe that we only had 3 offensive series in the entire half, and he lead us two field goals. First series Darren Fells two penalties to stall the drive, and second series Chargers punter pins us deep again and we have offensive 10 yard penalty and punt, and third series we get a FG, but not enough opportunities for our offense in second half.

    Most important preseason game is coming up and it is a home game so hoping our Super Bowl team finally makes and appearance in 2016 and NOOOOOOOOOOO bleeping turnovers for at least the first half.

    Go Cardinals beat those Texans!

  3. By mitchaz on Aug 20, 2016 | Reply

    Here’s what I would like to see the 53 Man Roster be:

    QB (3): Palmer; Stanton; Barkley.

    I think Barkley gives the Cardinals more to work with in terms of accuracy and timing than the erratic Stanton.

    RB (4): David Johnson; Chris Johnson; Ellington; Taylor.

    When your center is the weakest link on the o-line you need a situational FB…and I think Taylor can be that guy. BA and HG rely on pulling guards to block the ILBs and the ILBs today are too quick. We are getting abused up the middle. I would hope that Kerwynn Williams makes it through waivers again and on to the PS, because each year it seems we need him.

    TE (3): Gresham; Fells; Niklas.

    Curious to see Fells suddenly struggling. I think Momah will pass through waivers and be on the PS. I’d like to see what Gerald Christian would look like at FB, especially if it might be better to keep RB K. Williams.

    WR (5): Fitzgerald; Floyd; Jaron Brown; John Brown; Nelson.

    Kind of a hurting unit right now—great to see Jaron stepping up. Want more from Nelson.

    OL (8): Feldheer; Iupati; Shipley; Mathis; Humphries; Watford; Boehm; Toner.

    Would like to see Boehm start getting first team reps. Would like to see Toner used at tackle so he can be as versatile as Watford. We should be able to keep Wetzel, Crisp and DeBord on the PS.

    Offense: 23

    NT (2): X. Williams; Bryant

    Williams and Bryant are playing well. Just not convinced Corey Peters is going to be able to help just yet. I would put him on the IR and bring him back after he gets stronger.

    DE (5): Campbell; Mauro; Rucker; Gunter; Nkemdiche.

    The way Mauro is playing he could be the starter opposite Campbell until Rucker and Nkemdiche get back to full strength. Can’t see Stinson getting the nod unless they move Gunter back to NT.

    ILB (4): Bucannon; Minter; Fua; TBA

    Donald Butler looks like he’s lost the love of the game. What I would really like to see is the coaches groom Mathias Farley on the PS to be the backup at $LB. But in the meantime, Steve Keim needs to add a depth ILB via waivers or trade. Not happy with Chris Clemons’ off-season trouble, nor do i think he is suited for the position other than as a possible cover guy.

    OLB (5): Jones; Golden; Martin; Okpalauga; TBA

    Don’t want to see Okafor try to play with a torn tricep. Still can’t figure out why Steve Keim didn’t sign Dwight Freeney. But now that Okafor is injured, Keim needs to make a move. Greg Hardy is a major risk, but also could be a major bargain under the right coaching staff—and O’Brien Schofield may still be seething over how he was cut walking out the practice field on the first day of camp and getting the silent treatment from then OLB coach, James Bettcher. Teams don’t waive good pass rushers—so Keim needs to spring a trade, that is, if Hardy and Schofield are out of the question.

    CB (5): Peterson; Williams; Brooks; Bethel; TBA

    I’ve been wondering if Keim could spring a trade for the Giants’ DRC, seeing as they drafted Eli Apple and just signed Leon Hall. Not sure if Ball or Jenkins can start at RCB. Not feeling confident in Bethel either with how much time he has missed. I like Williams and Brooks as backups and ST players. I like Harlan Miller too and hope he can make it to the PS. The tall CB Hartfield has potential as well. But, if Keim can’t add a clear starter, it behooves the Cardinals to start Tyrann Mathieu at RCB.

    S (5): Mathieu; Jefferson; Swearinger; Branch; Christian.

    Most talented and aggressive quintet of safeties we’ve ever had.

    Defense: 26

    ST (3): Catanzaro; Dillon; Swanson.

    Keim should get a kicker in camp to create a competition for Catanzaro. He needs it. Dillon looks like the keeper at LS. And Swanson has a stronger leg and quicker get-off than Butler.

    Roster: 52

    1 Wild Card—they player i am most worried about losing via waivers is Kerwynn Williams. If and when one of the top 3 rushers gets nicked up, it would be nice to have Williams to turn to. So, he’s my Wild Card.

    Roster: 53

  4. By steve drumm on Aug 20, 2016 | Reply

    Okafor, for the most part has been a disappointment with this team from beginning to end with all his injuries, not to mention his “mystery injury” late last season. It’s probably best for all parties to just move on and get someone who is reliable and accountable.

  5. By Big Ken on Aug 20, 2016 | Reply

    Great photo! Great hit!

  6. By Bruce on Aug 20, 2016 | Reply

    I have seen enough of Drew Stanton to know he is not our back up QB. He has been in our system long enough that there is no excuse for the interceptions that Drew is throwing! He is over throwing the receivers so bad that the deep safety is just playing 10 to 15 yards back and playing center field waiting for the ball to come to him! This is nothing new! If Palmer goes down we might as well not show up for the rest of our games! Just like two season ago when Palmer went down we all new the season was over! And it was! Lets get a QB that wants to win! If Drew wanted to do more than draw a paycheck he would be ready to step into the starting role and lead the team to a super bowl win. I don’t see him stepping up so lets get a real QB to back up Palmer!

  7. By SeeingRed on Aug 20, 2016 | Reply

    This is starting to look like exactly what I didn’t want to happen….with all the hype-as deserved as it may be-Hollywood summer, coaches extensions, even feeling good about the offseason moves (Chandler Jones) and people forget you still have to play the games. Being good/great on paper counts for nothing. It almost has the feel of coming off a Super Bowl appearance season…a little too much confidence and I still don’t think we proved enough as a team. No? Beat down by Seattle @ home, squeaking past GB (given all the near interceptions), asses handed to them by Carolina…not exactly ending the season on a hot streak…1-5 in last 6 games played..preseason or not-never get used to losing.

    Anyways, here’s the reason I wish they would’ve found a way to resign Freeney to a one year deal-Okafor getting injured (again). I’ll say it again-you cant rest on your laurels (signing Chandler Jones)-you have to be prepared for injuries and now our depth just took a hit. Secondary still looks suspect to me-way too many completed passes. Kicker cant make a damned field goal-whole special teams unit looks tacky. Offensive line…not at all sold on Shipley. Humphries however,I think will be ok as long as he keeps improving. Stanton shows why we hope we don’t have to use him in the regular season. Palmer hasn’t looked sharp and seems to lost some zip…I’m really trying to give the benefit of the doubt but ugly and uninspiring is all that comes to mind watching them. Its like the whole team thinks they can “just turn it on” when it matters. Well, you cant and its been proven.

  8. By Scott H on Aug 20, 2016 | Reply

    Well, I certainly don’t blame Arians for being pissed. Geez, this guy just got out of the damn hospital. The way this team is playing right now….maybe BA should have kept the hospital bed on hold for awhile. This team is giving me agida, too.

    No, the sky is not falling, but…..damn, man. We have too much talent to be playing this bad.

    So, Palmer throws one pick ( returned for a TD ) an ALMOST threw another….and this was with only 11 passes thrown. Good lord, if we project his performance out over a full game…..he ends up with a game that looks like a lot like the one he played in Carolina last year.

    And he wants to call THIS a learning experience??? No, Carson, you should ALREADY KNOW what you need to know by this point. The bad throws you made last night looked like you somehow have NOT learned from your recent poor performances. And THAT is scary.

    Not as scary as how bad Stanton looked, however. Good lord. We have always wanted to not have to see Stanton play because we never want to see Palmer out of the game. At this point? At this point, I don’t want to have to see Stanton play because I REALLY don’t want to have to see Stanton play.

    Good lord, has it looked this bad in practice, too???

    Next week has suddenly become a lot more important than I thought it was gonna be.

    And the Okafor injury is TERRIBLE NEWS. His being back this year was one of the real gains for this defense. Now, he either plays hurt or he doesn’t play. Either way, we just took a hit to the defense.

  9. By Jacob Hewitt on Aug 20, 2016 | Reply

    If the cards don’t get there stuff together they
    Gonna loose to Pats. Let’s hope that does not
    Happen Cardinals Nation Baby!!!{^_^}

  10. By Eric c on Aug 20, 2016 | Reply

    Hey Darren:
    Do you think Shaq Riddick will make the team, now that Oakfor is out?

  11. By Darren Urban on Aug 21, 2016 | Reply

    Eric C —

    RE: Riddick

    First of all, it’s not certain that Okafor is out.

    Second, we’ll see. There are other guys fighting for a spot. It definitely increases his odds.

  12. By krehbieo14 on Aug 20, 2016 | Reply

    Agree with Scott H.

    I’m tired of Palmer talking about “learning lessons.” Just hit your receivers and don’t turn it over, please!

  13. By Dan on Aug 20, 2016 | Reply

    I called it the day we drafted Shaq Riddick, watched a few highlights on him and realized ASAP that the guy sucked. How can I watch a clip and within 1 minute realize this guy sucked and yet we drafted him in the 3rd round? I honestly think i can spot talent better than most of these dudes. Somebody tell Bidwill to hire me part time…..I believe me talent revolves around defense…..and I’m being serious. Unbelievable. Of course it will never happen. Guess I should have looked into becoming a scout. Anyways………go Cards!!!

  14. By Darren Urban on Aug 21, 2016 | Reply

    Dan —

    RE: Talent

    I’d think if you were so gifted at scouting you would at least know in which round guys were chosen. Riddick was a fifth-round pick.

  15. By Dr. G. on Aug 20, 2016 | Reply

    All very reasonable posting here; the fans are getting restless. Like the Fleet Admiral watching the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor said, “”It’s time to get our ship together.”” ((A bit late? Now is the time for all good men to…..etc.)) Let’s awake the sleeping giant Cardinal!

    Palmer is indeed a surprise; I am tempted to question his performance this Summer…when other guys see his lacking enthusiasm. How can he hold others accountable with that performance? I hope I am reading this wrong. NO MORE CAROLINA STUFF…! Later, Cards Fans

  16. By clssylssy on Aug 20, 2016 | Reply

    Interesting to hear Peterson talk about the loss of experience and football IQ on the defense…hmmm, THANK YOU!!! Early on in the off season, there was an enthusiasm and desire to come back to “finish things”, guys turned down more money to return, Carson seemed anxious to get back to it, but, I’m REALLY not feeling that any longer and wonder it the guys have begun to realize that this isn’t the same team, some very important pieces are missing and that having to wait on newbies to learn and catch up isn’t going to happen as fast as we need it to. Now, Okafor looks to be lost for the season and no Dwight Freeney when that would have made so much sense and wouldn’t have cost us that much…very disappointing!
    This was a golden opportunity for Floyd to shine and step up with Larry out, but again he seemed to disappear and was all but invisible. Palmer wasn’t much better than Stanton, was flat and didn’t inspire the offense to do much but go through half-hearted motions, looked reminescent of the Panthers game. We’re suppose to be “set” at QB with Palmer but I’m not so sure, the Chargers 3rd stringer, undrafted Rookie looked better than anyone we had on the field and I have to wonder if SK is even looking at possible alternatives at any positions or if he is going to arrogantly push on with what we have? Many teams have made cuts/changes after the 2nd game, will be interesting to see what happens this week.
    And, I for one am sick of hearing about rep’n the Brand, when we should be focusing on being a TEAM.
    The media says we stink so this week we need to prove them wrong and get our act together!

  17. By NJAzCardsFan on Aug 20, 2016 | Reply

    Why the Cards renewed Stanton’s contract is beyond me. Even if he knows the systems, Foles would have been a better choice. He was even poor in his showing during a regular season game. The way this team is playing…. the only \way they are going to the SB is if they buy their own tickets now.. The whole teams performance is just sad at this point in the season….. The Rams could crush the Cards at this point……

  18. By Chris G. on Aug 21, 2016 | Reply

    I would hate to see the comments if we had lost two regular season games and not these two PRESEASON games. Yes, the team looked flat. They had also practiced against the Chargers all week, and to me, it looked like the Chargers knew what we were doing before we did it. Flat play calling was a problem just as much as the flat play. BA will be back to calling plays soon, the starters will start playing to win instead of playing to not get hurt, and our first teams will have the entire game to recover if there is a flat start. RELAX. If multiple losses come in the regular season, then it’s time to freak out and start throwing everyone under the bus.

  19. By mitchaz on Aug 21, 2016 | Reply

    clssylssy—I understand your frustration. I think we are all puzzled as to why we are getting handled so easily in the pre-season when we are supposed to have one of the most talented and deepest rosters in the NFL.

    I concur with you about Dwight Freeney—but I wonder if SK and other GMs had some inside info on him that made them leery. After watching All or Nothing, you would think that re-signing Freeney, who made our pass rush respectable, one of the top priorities.

    As for losing CB J. Powers and FS R. Johnson—yes there was a loss of football IQ, but both Powers and Johnson broke down physically the last two years and were liabilities in the playoffs. Their IQ means little if they can’t do the job physically. Johnson had probably the worst two games of his career in both Carolina playoff losses.

  20. By Scott H on Aug 21, 2016 | Reply

    NJAzCardsFan –

    Geez, any time recently, I would have jumped all over you for suggesting that Foles would have been a better choice than sticking with Stanton. And I’m NOT really agreeing with you on that point, but… is really hard to jump up and defend Stanton right now. He has looked awful. He should be playing better than this at this point. Very disappointing. Then again, so was the entire offense on Fri night.

    Except Jaron Brown, who continues to give me confidence in him as a part of the future at the WR position for this team.

  21. By CARDS62 on Aug 21, 2016 | Reply

    Guys and Gals I feel your pain I really do, as you can tell from my earlier post. Lets keep it real like we are doing with our posts and bringing up good points, but lets not lose heart. Texans is the money game of the preseason and it is a home game so this will tell me a lot. Really really wish JJ Watt was playing because that will tell us even more. Just really hoping for no turnovers, Carson to play well, play makers to show up, oline and defense to be solid, and our special teams just not to get outplayed like they have the first two weeks.

    Go Cards beat down the Texans!

  22. By Trip on Aug 21, 2016 | Reply

    I have no idea how much Freeney was asking for or if he was even considered. I think not bringing him back is the only negative I would have for any/all Keim decisions. Even with this bad preseason, I cannot be any more proud to be a Cardinal fan. I just wish Freeney would be that backup that we will now need.

  23. By mitchaz on Aug 21, 2016 | Reply

    This is my intended post—the previous one got messed up somehow and I couldn’t edit it once it was submitted. Please delete the previous one, thank you.

    The best the Cardinals’ offense has looked this pre-season was in its first drive versus the Raiders. What keyed that first drive is the added protection the coach gave Carson Palmer by having the TE to T D.J. Humphries’ side chip the DE. With the extra seconds that gave Carson Palmer he was able to let the plays develop and to pass the ball when his receivers had gained a step.

    Watching tapes of the Cardinals’ practices that are open to the public, what I see, practice-habit-wise, is a up-tempo flurry of snaps. While this can help the offense in an uptempo situation, it can deter the offense in regular situations because what it is doing is making the QBs play hot potato—you always hear BA preaching “get the ball out quickly”—which, with as many zero protections as he uses becomes a necessity because of how vulnerable the QB is to the rush and especially the blitz.

    However, if you go back and watch Kurt Warner’s mastery of the passing game, he had the uncanny presence of mind and ability to wait until the exact moment his WR got free from coverage until he threw the ball.

    This past week against the Chargers, on the first play, the coaches do not offer TE chip help to Humphries and Palmer is quickly pressured and has to maneuver his way inside the pocket, which was now collapsed because Brandon Mebane has bull rushed A.Q. Shipley 5 yards backward into Palmer’s feet.

    Then when the Cardinals were backed up near their goal-line on the second series, after they ran a dive play for David Johnson that was blown up when ILB Denzel Perryman stormed the B gap untouched, the second play is a pass play. Palmer drops back and this time he is standing in a perfectly formed pocket with no imminent pressure on him. But, he play hot potato on a pass over the middle to David Johnson, who is immediately tackled by Perryman. Had Palmer waited just a second more—Perryman would have had no chance versus Johnson and Johnson would have been off to the races.

    What the coaches have to do is give Palmer added protection and then Carson Palmer has to take the extra second to hit his receivers when they have broken free.

    When i watched the SNF game versus the Bengals—in the first half, Palmer was just like he was versus the Seahawks and the Panthers, hurrying his throws and playing hot potato.

    One of the main reasons why the Cardinals were able to overcome a 7 point half-time deficit was that Palmer waited the extra second for plays to develop. For example, in the first half, on a play-action deep crossing pattern to J.J. Nelson, Palmer threw the ball too quickly when Nelson was only at the hash marks. In the second half, Palmer waited the extra second and hit Nelson when he was wide open and Nelson scored an electrifying TD which got the crowd going crazy and the defense playing lights-out, holding the Bengals to 0 yards in the 3rd quarter.

    Thus—if Palmer fears the rush of a certain team—the coaches and he have to do everything they can to offer him the maximum amount of protection given the situation and the time it takes to allow the receivers to gain separation.

    Plus—Palmer has proven time and time again that he can come back from penalties and sacks. If he has to take a sack every now and then, it’s better than playing hot potato and throwing bonehead passes right to the defense.

    The other thing with keeping a TE and a RB in to help is protection is that if things break down they can run delay safety-valve routes.

    Lastly, by increasing the protection for Carson Palmer to help electrify the passing game, the coaches need to do all the can to increase the protection of David Johnson, Chris Johnson and Andre Ellington in the running game…by either putting an H-Back in motion to lead block on the snap or by inserting a fullback who can take a fast, direct line at the Luke Keuchly’s and Thomas Davis’ of the world.

    If the coaches don’t so something this year scheme-wise to block the LB tandems of their opponents, the Cardinals will only be a pretender and not a contender.

  24. By Berdj Joseph Rassam on Aug 21, 2016 | Reply

    Just a pre-season game – won’t mean a whole lot by the end of this season when the playoffs are right around the corner.

  25. By Scott H on Aug 21, 2016 | Reply

    Trip –

    I hear ya, brother. I understood the rationale behind moving on from Freeney, so….I get it. But all the same, I have been fearing that ONE injury that was gonna make me feel like….damn, I wish Freeney were here! And Okafor might just be that unjury.

    No, this is not an I told ya so. Just a feeling of regret that came sooner than I’d hoped!

    For what it’s worth, I think the loss of Rashad Johnson – the play-caller on defense in the past, our coach on the field for the defense – cannot be understated. But as someone pointed out, his physical ability just did not seem to match his mental game. Will be interesting to see what impact his absence may have.

  26. By mitchaz on Aug 21, 2016 | Reply

    CARDS62—the Texans’ game is away. Nevertheless, it should be interesting to see what kind of effort the Cardinals put forth.

  27. By ShaqsDad on Aug 21, 2016 | Reply

    This is in response to Dan on an earlier post. As far as being hired as a scout, forget it! I can see how much research you’ve done when you don’t even know what round he was drafted in.We had people like you at Gardner Webb and WU, but that’s alright, it’s people like you that makes him take it to a higher level. THANKS DAN!

  28. By John The Draft Guy on Aug 21, 2016 | Reply

    Wow, several of you need to step away from the edge and calm down.

    – Palmer;
    He entered the game with no game planning, no smoke, no fitz and no Arians calling the plays, in a practice game.
    The chargers sent the perfect blitz off the edge. The play was doomed from the snap. Sometimes that happens. Palmer hit Jaron Brown on a couple nice throws. Not worried about this offense at all. Not a little bit.

    – Stanton; On the other hand, as I said in the off season, Stanton was not worth the money and needed to be upgraded. Palmer goes down, the season is lost.

    – Josh Mauro played a nice game. Don’t dismiss his effort. Nice pressure rotating in.

    – Team looked flat overall. Seemed out of sinc. Arians issue could have played a factor.

    – DJ Humphries on the first play was beaten by chargers Kyle Emanual easily. Seemed to play better after that, but needs to pick up his game.

  29. By Scott H on Aug 22, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG –

    I hear ya about Palmer and things to consider. But you must admit, he just has that tendency to make throws that make you go WTH??? He did it last year, even while he was playing the best he ever has, albeit much less often. And that tendency should not come and go depending on what WR’s are / are not playing or who is calling the plays. That seems to be something that is just part of him, period. Makes me nervous.

    But I agree, the TEAM has just seemed flat. And that is puzzling for a team that is as poised for a SB run as they are.

    Humphries and Shipley are legit concerns. Wonder if we still have Lyle’s number…..

  30. By clssylssy on Aug 22, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG,mitchaz, & others–
    Yes, this is only preseason HOWEVER, attitude is everthing (or a big part) and that is what distresses me as much as anything, more than the ugly execution of basic skill, and the all together appearance of a cluster mess. There is a seeming lack of pride and lazy attitude we have seen for putting a quality product out for public viewing. Carson is SUPPOSE to be “the heart and soul of this team and our leader” and he doesn’t seem to be into playing. His affect is flat, he has no “spark” and there seems to be a trickle down effect from there. He looks exactly like he did in the playoffs, like being on the road and away from the family is NOT what he wants to be doing? True, many of our players didn’t play in this game but that is a lame excuse; leaders lead w/o excuses. I would have expected the team to want to play well for BA…they are, after all, professionals. Other teams didn’t play many of their starters, had the same game planning as we did (including San Diego) and came out with the appearance of a pulse. Most young players are using this preseason as an opportunity to showcase their best work, taking initiative.
    I am very concerned that our loss of veteran leadership is now manifesting in weak leadership in general as well as the necessary football IQ to allow us to “finish things”. I worry that we don’t have enough to bring these new guys along fast enough to reach our goals, After all the hype of the off season, I expected to see guys kicking down the door and totally amped to be the best they could be and show the world the Cards are legit.
    Watching other teams, it’s very difficult not to measure where they are against where we appear to be, and in general draw comparisons. Some teams look like they are just picking up from where they left off and again will be contenders–this is with their backups playing which shows real depth and why they are “top tier” teams.
    That’s what I expected from this team, because we’ve all seen that a team is only as good as it’s backups once the bell rings and it’s “next man up”. NO EXCUSES

  31. By John The Draft Guy on Aug 22, 2016 | Reply

    Scott H,


    Will he force a throw he shouldn’t have thrown? Yes. and it is frustrating. But I also watched him pass for 35 TDs. I watched him make throws into windows before the receiver broke that are amazing. I also watched a team go from 5-11 to a super bowl contender mainly because of his play.

    So Palmer makes a bad read, forces a ball, or just makes a bad throw, hey he is human and as much as we hate it, it happens.

    This is the best QB we have had in AZ and I think , before we crucify him for a bad throw in a practice game, we should remember how good he has been.

  32. By John The Draft Guy on Aug 22, 2016 | Reply


    Can’t disagree with you more. I watched the cowboys in the 90’s go 0-5 in preseason, looking lack luster, and then go on to win the superbowl.

    I just watched the DBacks have one of the best spring training records, only to fall flat on their face in the regular season.

    These practice games are all about individual battles. Can Humphries handle and edge rusher? Can Shipley get the right call and move someone off the ball? Can Williams handle press coverage with no help?

    It is not about Palmer, Fitz or Floyd. It’s not about PP or Chandler Jones. These guys are getting work in like a practice. Trying to keep their bodies healthy and going through some reps.

    Practice games are so meaningless, BA lets a young coach calls plays to get experience. If it mattered, would he do that?

    Passion??? For 2 series? On the Palmer pick, the cards seemed to be working the receiver screen as they threw two before this one. It was a play, like in practice, they were working on. In a real game, with the chargers crowding the line and a CB blitzing, I am sure Palmer would have checked out of the call and went deep.

    Guys, Preseason is a glorified practice that is meaningless. That is why teams, like the chargers, sit their starting QB or other stars. It means nothing for the team. It means a lot for those bubble players or guys fighting for a starting position. Even back up QBs, need to show their worth. But guys like Palmer, Fitz, Floyd, PP, it is just another practice that they end up watching most of it.

    What I see that matters?
    – Stanton is terrible out there and would be a concern to me. Frankly, one could argue, Barkley has outplayed him. (which isn’t good)
    – Williams is not ready to start at CB, looking forward to see Jenkins
    – Humphries is getting beat by back ups.
    – Not sold on Shipley
    – back ups at Oline, Safety battles, LB battle both in and out, that last receiver spot and RB spot.

    Thats it.

    The 3rd preseason game has some game planning and BA will be making the calls. The starters will play longer. Still doesn’t matter but Tell me how we look after practice game 3.

  33. By Scott H on Aug 22, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG –

    Whoa, whoa, hold on there! I’m not looking to crucify Palmer. After the cast of characters we endured for 3 seasons, post Warner, he has been a gift from the Gods. I know that.

    And respectfully, I have to disagree that he is the best QB we have had in Arizona. For me, I believe Kurt Warner still holds that title. There’s a fair debate to had there, for sure. But that is my honest opinion.

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