Arians: Doomsday hasn’t arrived

Posted by Darren Urban on August 22, 2016 – 7:29 am

Bruce Arians watched his team Friday night. And he knows the Cardinals did not play well, especially offensively. But he said this week was like any other, noting that Carson Palmer has played only about 20 plays thus far — not even a half’s work most games.

Arians also knows there is concern out there from the fan base. He matter-of-factly said while that’s expected, maybe it shouldn’t be.

“Tendency is to ‘Woe is me,’ ” Arians said. “But when our starters have played 15 plays, 20 plays maybe, that’s not even a good half. We’ve had bad halves before and come back and won games. It’s not a doomsday situation by any stretch of the imagination.”

The game in Houston this week is going to be a better and more important barometer. But with all due respect to Denny Green, it still will not be the end-all, be-all as a foretelling of the regular season, whether the Cardinals play well or play poorly.




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  1. By texascard on Aug 22, 2016 | Reply


  2. By The Chris B on Aug 22, 2016 | Reply

    Arians record in preseason games: 3-7

    Relax everyone.

  3. By clssylssy on Aug 23, 2016 | Reply

    And would he admit it if it had? I do remember last season him admitting he lies and somehow the words coming from his lips don’t sound like the crusty character from ALL OR NOTHING. He is sounding now a lot like Coach Ken Whisenhunt…”We have to do better”…w/o acknowledging there may be a few problems.
    Yep, it’s just preseason but, when will it be a Doomsday Situation?

  4. By Darren Urban on Aug 23, 2016 | Reply

    Clssy —

    RE: Doomsday

    When Kurt Warner retires and the QBs are Anderson, Hall and Skelton.

    Honestly, it’s frightening how pessimistic some people are.

  5. By Kevin S Mesa on Aug 23, 2016 | Reply

    My favorite baseball manager of all time, Earl Weaver, was known for saying (in regard to spring training), “No one gives a damn in September whether you won a game in March.”

    There is virtually no correlation between teams’ preseason performance and regular season. Many people have analyzed this over the years.

    Also, I would hypothesize that IF there is a type of team for which such a correlation MIGHT exist, it would be an up-and-coming team, perhaps with a brand new QB. Seeing good things from a rookie QB might give one a little more reason to put stock in the preseason than usual (although the fact that teams aren’t game-planning and that the rookie QB might be compiling big numbers against another team’s reserves or guys who won’t even be in the NFL in a couple weeks should give one pause even in that situation). The Cardinals are not in that situation.

  6. By clssylssy on Aug 23, 2016 | Reply

    LOL…Excellent answer Darren! Sometimes I almost miss the old days when there were no expectations and that elevator ride wasn’t so scary !😂

  7. By shooter28 on Aug 25, 2016 | Reply

    By clssylssy on Aug 23, 2016 | Reply

    LOL…Excellent answer Darren! Sometimes I almost miss the old days when there were no expectations and that elevator ride wasn’t so scary !😂

    All of your comments on this board are always Negative ( Negative Nancy fits u as a tagline much more) on this site with ure sky is falling bull. Arizona always sucks in the preseason , he treats preseason as practice to get better, Since 2014 Arizona is 3-7 in pre season and 24-8 regular season overall , Arians total record as HC 34-14…………… Last year at this time after the OAK preseason game where the O-Line had a bad showing u and ure ilk were trying to convince us how doomed we were and how the line needed to be rebuilt , that line ended up ranked among the NFLs top 10 elite for the season……

    This is just preseason play where 85% of the time its a bunch of guys who wont make the team playing , they don’t game plan or scheme or target miss matchs , its practice football.

    Arizona has an Elite top 5 QB , Elite top 5 Offensive Line with two of the best All-Pro elite top 5 OGs (by this next year will have two elite OTs as LT has ranked a top 10 OT of 76 ranked 2 years running) AZ has the best WR Core in the NFL with speed n depth for day & they have one the top 3 best if not the best top Elite RB Core in the NFL with a far above average absolutely loaded excellent TE room esp with Troy Niklas now breaking out. You pair AZs top 3 offense (#1 offense overall last year) with Arizona’s Elite Defense that has depth for days and is absolutely loaded now boasting an Elite Pass Rush which will only make the NFLs BEST ELITE secondary even that much better where they will Be able to create turnovers much easier this season thanks to an elite pass rush forcing bad throws after leading the NFL in INTs n Takeaways last year……

    You seem to not know much about AZ AT ALL & you definitely jump to conclusions FAR TO FAST OVER PRE SEASON FOOTBALL where the #1a hardly play……CTFDWN and remember what Palmer and CO. have done under Arians watch since 2013, AZ is the most winningest QB/HC/Team since 2013!!!!!!

    AZ brought all the skill players back and almost everyone else offensively just upgraded along the Offensive Line making it much better overall….. AZs offense is even more much more dangerous than last years version!!!! Esp with this run game .

    Defensively AZ only let go of CB Powers N FS R.Johnson which AZ found n signed bigtime massive upgrades over the two.

    AZ has an Elite Defensive line up front that is one of the best in the NFL That is just loaded with talent in Campbell, top 5 talent pass ,rushing monster Robert nkimdiche, DE Rodney Gunter is going to be a monster off the edge with NT/DT Corey Peters back healthy, Frosstee Rucker healthy is a beast of a pass rusher n is now fully healthy, then u got run stoppers though can alsp rush in Red Bryant, Ed Stinson, Josh Mauro, and X. Williams. AZ is loaded at ILB , ILB Deone Bucannon has developed into a top 5 ILB , Kevin Minter is very solid, Donald Butler likely makes team and so will Alanu Fua.
    At OLB Arizona has one of the best pure edge rushers in the NFL in 6″5/260pd OLB/DE Chandler Jones, 6″3/260pd Markus Golden was Pro Football Focus’s highest ranked pass rusher as a rookie ranking 17th of 49 ranked OLBs PFF credited him with 7.0 sacks n 49 QB pressures , he Is set to breakout in a big way…. Healthy in his 1st game Alex OKafor had 2.5 sacks , next week tore his calf muscle and could no longer get the jump or u, length his explosivness anymore so last year he had just 3.5 sacks/35 pressures. Healthy in 2014 he had 8.5 sacks in 12 games, in a rotational role no reason he can have 8-10 sacks,,,,, AZ has two young very tall OLBs with speed,length n power starting with 6″6 Kareem Martin now at 255pds since making switch from DE with 35in long arms n 4.59 speed & 6″7/260pd Shaq Riddick w/34.5in long arms n 4.59 edge caliber speed , both have extremely promising futures and will rotate for AZ.

    Now to mention outside of having one of the top 3 best front 7s in the NFL Arizona flatout has the best secondary in the NFL hands down with crazy depth to boot.

    To hear you come on here everyday and post the stupidest stuff year in and year out about how badly AZ sucks this that and the other and how they are no better than a 5-6 win team ??? I mean the only person that makes look stupid is u …… Everyone knows AZ is a 12-15 win team this year , even their enemies know that so take ure troll game back over to SEAs site where you will actually find some play

  8. By clssylssy on Aug 25, 2016 | Reply

    No, it’s not doomsday, but what is a bit distressing is that very basic plays aren’t being executed and there seems to be a general apathy from coaching staff on down; “It’s only preseason…”. Preseason is more important than ever for fixing the problems that stopped us from being successful last season, “practicing” against players we don’t encounter everday, in real time , in pads etc. and offers the opportunity to practice mental awareness.
    No, nothing counts and it is more important to avoid injury but…. Come’n man, what’s the point of even watching if this is just an empty exercise that nobody cares about?
    Now that we’ve walked the Red Carpet,perhaps we could “act” like a team that was hungry to “finish things” and change any lasting impression we left in the post season games as pretender rather than contenders.

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