Fitzgerald, Mathieu, Peterson to sit out Texans

Posted by Darren Urban on August 28, 2016 – 12:57 pm

Earlier this week, Tyrann Mathieu talked about being “mindful” of his health, weighing it against whether playing in the preseason was important enough to trump where he was in his rehab. The reality is, for many starters, playing in the preseason simply doesn’t overrule health (right, Tony Romo?)

There is no official “not-expected-to-play” list but three key Cardinals — Mathieu, CB Patrick Peterson and WR Larry Fitzgerald — all are in street clothes and not in uniform and they won’t be playing today. Mathieu, of course, is coming back from his ACL tear. Fitzgerald has been dealing with a minor MCL sprain and said this week he just wants to be ready for Sept. 11 against the Patriots. Fitzgerald was out in early warmups — helmet on, which is rare for any player at that time of the pregame — catching passes, and was moving around fine. This feels precautionary.

Not sure what Peterson’s issue is, if any. He did have his foot/ankle taped during Friday’s final practice so perhaps that is a factor, although he looked OK. In any case, it opens the door for the three cornerbacks battling for the other starting job — Brandon Williams, Mike Jenkins and Justin Bethel — to get important work. It’s unknown how much Bethel will play coming off PUP. Jenkins has yet to play in a preseason game himself because of his broken hand.

WR John “Smokey” Brown, coming back slowly from his concussion, also isn’t dressed, as is RB Kerwynn Williams. Not sure of his injury, although he was watched carefully by RB coach Stump Mitchell and trainers Tom Reed and Chad Cook early before the game.

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8 Responses to “Fitzgerald, Mathieu, Peterson to sit out Texans”

  1. By Scott H on Aug 28, 2016 | Reply

    Well, if anyone saw BA talking to Palmer after that GOD AWFUL INT ( his second ), I think it’s safe to say he’s not just shrugging it off. And I’m pretty sure his question was something along the lines of WHF are you looking at??? Why are you making that throw??? I know that was my question as well. And it is a question that has been prompted way too often by the throws that Palmer is making recently.

    Two more INT’s for Palmer in a very limited appearance. Yeah…..more learning experiences, Carson?

    When the hell are we supposed to see the benefit of all these learning experiences?

    I am officially concerned about Carson Palmer at this point. He has looked terrible during his pre-season appearances. They have just appeared to be a continuation of how he was playing at the end of last season.

  2. By Scott H on Aug 28, 2016 | Reply

    No Troy Niklas today?? Did he play at all?

  3. By Scott H on Aug 28, 2016 | Reply

    If anyone cares, I think it’s safe to say the Matt Barkley experiment was a waste of time. And I don’t want to hear about how good he was in college, blah, blah, blah. He has been terrible since the day he entered the NFL. And it’s not getting any better. He is not an NFL QB.

  4. By creditcard on Aug 28, 2016 | Reply

    Pounded by Oakland
    Out-played by San Diego.
    Physically abused by Houston
    I know it is preseason, and preseason as fans we should not be concerned … However this is not a good way to start.
    I just get the feeling the Cards are playing lethargic. The QB play (by all three QB’s) has been well below average. The team looks slow and lifeless.
    I hope I’m incorrect, but the Cards currently do not look like a winning team, let alone a play-off team this year.

  5. By texascard on Aug 28, 2016 | Reply

    Nobody has been a bigger critic of Palmer than I have but (and I mean this ) the time to get qb help has passed. We are what we are. Warts and all. This is the 2016 cards. It will be better than it looks in preseason. And Palmer will throw some bad picks. The d is good enuf to overcome. And the running game can be very good. Don’t freak just yet Red Sea.

  6. By Big Ken on Aug 28, 2016 | Reply

    I don’t know if I’d say Matt Barkley earned a roster spot unless they just want to keep a third QB around. Lackluster at best.

  7. By Kurt Zimmerman on Aug 29, 2016 | Reply

    Carson is in trouble. Just my feeling and opinion. I have been at every training camp for the last two years at Phoenix stadium. This year he lacks the confidence he showed last year. He is moving and bouncing around never planting his feet and seems to be nervous making timid throws most of the time. I think that his last play off game has destroyed his self confidence. He is practicing the way he is playing,and Bye the way, in training camp he was picked at least on five different occasions on screen plays let alone in preseason twice. Why are we throwing so many screens and quick out to the wides?
    The Cardnials as a team have looked look the way they played so far. Slow an just touchy-feely going at half speed,with an afraid to get hurt attitude. It’s like they are just going through the motions expecting opponents to back off because the are soo good. Like haven’t you read how good we are? I feel sick to my stomach with fear, like our cardnial players, that we are going to have a terrible season from all the pressure and hype.

  8. By clssylssy on Aug 29, 2016 | Reply

    Very good observations by Kurt and I agree. I don’t think Palmer’s problems are due to lack of skill but more psychological, and a lack of confidence.
    It might be worth it to hire Dr. Jan Welter, sports psychologist, to work with Carson and the entire team b/c I don’t believe they have moved on from the loss to the Panthers.
    We had entirely too much hype in the off season and the pressure is crushing us. We have a huge target on our back and it’s like there are a lot of people out there who are wanting us to fail. BA doesn’t even look healthy with the same spark that has become his trademark.
    I can only hope that Keim/Bidwill are open to bringing in some help as it’s now the eleventh hour. We need to be mentally prepared to go out and “finish” with a genuine confidence and swagger.

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