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Posted by Darren Urban on August 28, 2016 – 7:45 pm

The preseason is over, essentially. The fourth preseason game is Thursday, but the main players will likely sit it out. So the Cardinals will go into the Patriots opener (assuming nothing happens bad in a practice) fairly healthy, with their quarterback ready. Did they accomplish everything they wanted in three preseason games? No. But I’m guessing, had Carson Palmer not thrown that last interception and the offense would have kept moving the ball as they were on that drive and they got at least a field goal, that would’ve been that.

Instead, there is concern with the fan base — as there has been — and little inside the team — as it has been.

Judgment is coming. Once the games count for real, we’ll see exactly how ready the Cardinals are. In the meantime:

— Nothing official on cornerback Mike Jenkins and his injury, but he was in a giant brace in the locker room and his mood hadn’t improved from when he was taken off the field. He had a chance to be a factor in the secondary configuration but that seems unlikely now. Bruce Arians said Justin Bethel was just rusty in his preseason debut but Bethel doesn’t have a lot of time to get up to speed either. Assuming Jenkins is down, the question is, will there be a cornerback the Cardinals want and can find after final cuts?

— The running backs all looked good. Every single one of them.

— Brittan Golden was down with his bad hamstring but he played well Sunday. The end of the wide receiver depth chart will be interesting. Golden probably would have an edge on Chris Hubert because of special teams. But will the Cards keep more than five receivers?

— D.J. Humphries seemed like he had his best overall game of the preseason. At least to someone who was watching out of the corner of his eye.

— The new thing to do is to complain about backup quarterback Drew Stanton, apparently. Not sure why. I thought he played better Sunday, and regardless, he’s not going anywhere.

— Bruce Arians insists that most of the tipped ball interceptions were more fluky than anything, and that Palmer is making the right reads.

— Chandler Jones got his first sack as a Cardinal, at least in the preseason. Stopped a potential TD drive when the Cards had been getting little pressure before that.

That’s all from Houston. Arians will speak to the media before practice tomorrow, and at some point, we’ll hear about the first cuts. The preseason is almost over. Thankfully.

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32 Responses to “Texans aftermath”

  1. By TucsonTim on Aug 28, 2016 | Reply

    If Palmer doesn’t know the throwing lanes by now, WHEN? Any Chicago flash backs? He clearly doesn’t know the throwing lanes, and at this point, he never will. BA has to think of that and call the plays accordingly.

    Anybody else tired of hearing how great we look in practice? If only I could insert a video of Iverson now…

  2. By John The Draft Guy on Aug 28, 2016 | Reply

    After watching the game, I have only one concern. Cornerback.

    The run game was excellent. With Larry and John Brown out there, our passing game will be fine. The cards will score and score often.

    Darren, should we be concerned about John Brown’s concussion?

    As for defense, I think we play the run great. We will be fine with pressure on the QB. My big worry there is CB.

    I just don’t think we are good enough there. I said last year Bethel is not a starting CB, so it’s not the rust. Williams is improving but he isn’t going to be good enough , fast enough.

    We are a starting CB away from the superbowl imo.

  3. By Darren Urban on Aug 29, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: Brown

    I think concussions are always a concern.

  4. By Daniel Thompson on Aug 28, 2016 | Reply

    Cole Toner earned a roster spot……..he’s a gamer.

  5. By Dr. G. on Aug 28, 2016 | Reply

    BA:: “”Everything’s fine, except for the 10 INTs; not worried.””

    News flash- – TURNOVERS are the PRIMARY reason for winning and losing in the NFL.

    For unexplained reasons, Palmer has not looked like the threat we know he can be. He came to the Cards with much needed TD to INT ratio improvement…and he did indeed fix that part of his game after some work. He is outwardly solid and seemingly self-assured, but he needs to tell himself that.

    Our best wishes for Jenkins. Many players showed well…some were exposed. Gonna be sad as usual to see the cuts. Pre-season proves so far how much we need another QB to groom, and someone needs to step up to the CB spot…now!

    Glad the regular season starts soon.. GO CARDS…!!

  6. By Dr G. on Aug 28, 2016 | Reply

    Forgot – hoping Carson is OK. He took a very cheap shot on an unnecessary late hit. This can be the ugly part of the practice games…some guy trying to make his team with a dumb move. …don’t remember who it was right now…he’ll get a letter from the league office… later Fans.

  7. By Eazy E on Aug 29, 2016 | Reply

    We looked inconsistent once again! We better get a suitable backup because their is no chance after Palmer God forbid! We looked great running the ball so that’s a positive. I just prayed for Mike Jenkins and hopefully his injury looks worse than it really is which would be a Blessing! Bethel I think we prematurely paid because they can say rust and I get it, but dang that looked bad on his part. I still think Jenkins can win it if he’s healthy, but otherwise it’s Brandon’s job.

  8. By Scott H on Aug 29, 2016 | Reply

    Well, two more “learning experiences” ( = INT’s ) for Palmer during a limited appearance. He has not looked good. And it will be hard for this offense and its plethora of weapons to look good if HE is playing poorly. I have real concerns about this at this point.

    Have real concerns about the secondary as well. Granted, it will look better when PP and the HB are on the field, but…..beyond that, there is not much to hang a hat on. The Texans were moving the ball through the air at will yesterday, doing whatever they wanted. Yeah, at a certain points, we had our back-ups out there but….so did the Texans and they continued to make it look easy.

    Yes, our RB’s looked very good. Very good! So did Darren Fells and I loved how Gresham fought for ( and got ) the first down on that one play. He showed a little nastiness there.

    Our returns on KO’s and punts continue to be mostly poor.

    Ya know, I watched the Panthers – Pats game on Fri night and watched the Panthers first team offense struggle very badly for close to 3 full quarters. Seemed like Rivera wanted to keep sending them out there until they did something right. As I watched that, I wanted to be comforted by it, thinking that we’re not the only high-powered offense that is struggling in the pre-season. But I really was not. Because I AM expecting the Panthers to fall off from last year. Not sure what I’m trying to say here, but….it’s been hard to not feel like our offense might be headed for the same if Palmer doesn’t start playing better. We are not a SB team until he does. We aren’t good enough to win DESPITE our QB.

  9. By Steve W on Aug 29, 2016 | Reply

    I think it’s been a stellar preseason thus far – no injuries to our big players! That cornerback position opposite PP has me a bit concerned I suppose, but once we get Honey Badger flying around the field along with the pressure we’re sure to get from our linebackers I bet whoever we get playing that position will do just fine.

    Funny to see how many folks get so bent out of shape over preseason. These games mean absolutely nothing, and why would you go all out and risk injury over a nothing game? Those trying to get on the roster, sure I can see it – but that doesn’t seem to be the area where folks are concerned.

    I know we’ll see the Cards and where they truly stand when they take the field against a very talented Patriots team in a couple of weeks. I’ll hold off on concerning myself with the 2016 season until the end of that game. GO CARDS!!!!

  10. By Marlin on Aug 29, 2016 | Reply


    Kind of “taken aback” by your comment “the new thing is to talk about Stanton”.

    So, if a player isn’t playing quite well over a few weeks, are we not allowed to comment? The emperor has no clothes.


  11. By Darren Urban on Aug 29, 2016 | Reply

    Marlin —

    RE: Stanton

    Respectfully, I just don’t see why everyone is suddenly making this their main concern.

    If Palmer goes down, this team is in trouble, just like every team with their starting QB. Just seems like a lot of worry for nothing. Starting CB I get. Starting OL I get. I don’t get backup QB. Not to the level it has reached.

  12. By joe holst on Aug 29, 2016 | Reply

    Observations.. I think they should keep Matt Barkley but I think he is gonzo..
    Nkimbediche I know his name is misspelled, looks like a tank and should be a force on the d-line,
    also 5 WR’s but I have a bad feeling Smokey Brown is going to end up on the IR with his headaches.

  13. By texascard on Aug 29, 2016 | Reply

    I’m a little concerned that you don’t understand qb depth concerns. This is not the ‘same ol cardinals’. You may be stuck in the past. This is a team, and a fan base which expects to play for the Lombardi trophy. This is not a time, nor will it ever be again, where a winning record, a one and done playoff appearance, and getting a few players mentioned on a few off season lists is called success. We have eaten the fruit of the Super Bowl tree and want more. The backup qbs are not that kind of quality. You know that. Or I least I assumed you understood that. Welcome to the new cardinals. Winning is expected

  14. By Darren Urban on Aug 29, 2016 | Reply

    texas —

    RE: Backup QB

    OK. Winning is expected. Show me a team that’s winning the Super Bowl with a backup QB. More importantly, show me the backup QB the Cardinals should get that would give you that peace of mind. There aren’t enough starting QBs to go around. So, to take your point that the Cards should have someone behind Palmer that can be called Super Bowl proficient is fantasy.

    I find it funny you say I may be “stuck in the past.” I’d argue, given my profession and working in the building, that I know better of what this organization is about than most.

  15. By Austen on Aug 29, 2016 | Reply


    Any chance the Cardinals sign Karlos Dansby to a one year deal? Sounds far fetched but possible.

  16. By Darren Urban on Aug 29, 2016 | Reply

    Austen —

    RE: Dansby

    Dansby plays for the Bengals.

  17. By texascard on Aug 29, 2016 | Reply

    Bledsoe/Brady. Brady/cassel. Just to name a couple. There are many. Belichick doesn’t care about the fragile ego of the starter and continually drafts qbs in order to be able to win without the starter. And he has been very successful with that practice. The cardinals decided to protect the starters ego and do nothing. Damn, at least try to upgrade the position. But I don’t sit on high and rule all from the building. If I had an injury prone elderly qb I would try (and not trying is akin to quitting) to do all I can to have a capable backup. And capable backups are not the unicorns you suggest they are. But if you don’t try then I guess it is impossible to find a backup

  18. By texascard on Aug 29, 2016 | Reply

    If it pleases his highness. Trent green/ Kurt warner

  19. By texascard on Aug 29, 2016 | Reply

    Doug Williams/mark rypien. Rex gross man. Leinart/warner. That last one should hit home even for a front office guy.

  20. By John The Draft Guy on Aug 29, 2016 | Reply


    Since we are talking QBs, let me throw this out to ya. (I know you are going to hate the what if questions)

    In 2014, Keim said he was interested in Carr and would have taken him in the 2nd round if he fell to him.
    We know, in 2014, Palmer and then Stanton went down, which would have put Carr in most likely. With Carr, who played very well as a rookie, the cards would have had a better chance winning in the playoffs than Lindley. .
    I think we can all agree up to this point.

    Question is, if all that happened, would Palmer have been the QB of the cardinals in 2015?

    I ask, because in Dallas, Romo is down for 8 weeks roughly. If Prescott plays well and has them winning, do you go back to Romo?

    Last year, the Broncos went back to Peyton, probably costing them their franchise QB of the future who left to Texas.

    So, would Arians have stayed with Carr ?

  21. By Darren Urban on Aug 29, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: Carr

    You got me. No idea.

  22. By Scott H on Aug 29, 2016 | Reply

    I meant to say this before, but maybe it was a good thing that Palmer had his helmet knocked off during the play after he threw that horrible INT. Because I think BA would have slapped it right off his head if he were still wearing it when he came to the sidelines.

    And I’m glad Palmer is OK. But if he would stop making throws like that, he wouldn’t have to have to try to make tackles during the run-back.

    Another observation – I really don’t understand what Arians was looking at when he challenged that play, the catch that wasn’t by Ellington in the first half. I was wondering WHAT he was challenging there. Was he going on what HE saw or what someone up in the booth was telling him? That play looked pretty simple to me. It wasn’t a catch and the liklihood that it was going to ruled as one seemed pretty slim.

  23. By clssylssy on Aug 29, 2016 | Reply

    After reading the comments (and watching our games as well as many others) I don’t think you are grasping the fact that there seems to be a major loss of confidence in Palmer, as well as our very recent history that made the backup position EXTREMELY important. Fans are concerned that there is zero depth at the position, which by the looks of things may very well be crucial to our season.
    The Cowboys have lost Romo indefinitely however their backup is VERY good and could end up taking his job. The Seahawks have good depth at the position and, I believe could be a contender without Wilson–really can’t say the same for the Cards! IMO, this is something we should have learned from several years ago when we had to go to the playoffs and sign Lindley on short notice. So, no excuses please as we’ve been warned.
    Granted we did not have Fitz or Smokey (who could be lost for the season) and Palmer was only in for a few series and may have leveled off, but 5 interceptions from our cast of QBs??? Palmer clearly is not into it and as the Captain and “heartbeat of our team” is not leading, which makes fans look at Stanton much more critically. Our RBs and TEs looked great and are a bright ray of hope as was Jarron Brown.
    Our secondary is NOTcutting it and the loss of Jenkins was just another blow we weren’t properly prepared for. Since Keim is the “architect” I put this on him.
    In the theater, it is generally believed that if the dress rehersal is terrible, it is a good sign for opening night…let’s hope that is the case here!

  24. By Scott H on Aug 29, 2016 | Reply

    Steve W –

    RE: Folks getting bent out of shape by the pre-season

    Respectfully, I’m not concerning myself with where we are on the calender. I am reacting to HOW the team has looked ( really not sharp at all ) and how it seemed to continue through the 3rd pre-season game, the real dress rehearsal for the regular season.

    Look, I can’t see how good or bad it looks in practice. But there is no real live-game speed or competition going on in practice. After how last season ended, I think many were hoping to see signs that this offense is back on track and ready to roll. And plain and simple, we just haven’t. That is what I am a little bent out of shape over right now.

    The way I’m looking at it, this isn’t just a sluggish pre-season – it is a continuation of the funk that this team fell into late last season. I wanted to see that we had shaken that off. But when I see us turning the ball over at the rate we are….and so often on really bad throws by either Palmer or Stanton…..yeah, I’m a little bent out of shape.

    That make any more sense?

  25. By clssylssy on Aug 29, 2016 | Reply

    Another thing…I was not aware until Bethel mentioned it but we were playing on Turf? Wow, can’t believe Houston doesn’t have grass and was still selected to host the SB. Or, is the plan to have grass for the SB? When Jenkins went down, it was reminiscent of Tyrann going down last season and sad to see. Playing on Turf, makes having Fitz, Peterson, and the Badger on the sidelines now understandable even though they were initially expected to play. I would think that the Turf issue should be something the Competition Committee might look into as a Player Safety concern with more uniformity required league wide. Really sad to loose Jenkins for the season as he looked to be a likely #2 Corner.

  26. By dkerry5242 on Aug 29, 2016 | Reply

    Paul Krueger and Terrance Knighton released today. Both pretty good players. You would think the Cards could use a guy like Krueger at least.

  27. By creditcard on Aug 29, 2016 | Reply

    I’m not a sky is falling type of a guy, but this preseason the Cards have not looked good. They’ve been out physicalled in all their games. QB play has been painfully poor, and special teams are not so special.

    Appears to me the Cards need a sense of urgency.

  28. By Kevin S Mesa on Aug 29, 2016 | Reply

    I honestly can’t believe what I’m reading.

    Come on Scott H, you’re better than that. You know that Carson Palmer is one of the main reasons this franchise has had 10, 11 and 13 wins in the last 3 years. He’s 19-3 (!) in his last 22 starts. Not sure how many franchise records he set last year, but it was quite a few (I think yards passing, TD’s, and some others). We were talking about him as an MVP candidate last year.

    I haven’t added up the minutes but he’s played probably a little more than a half of football in the preseason, and you have “real concerns” about his play? Yeah, he has three INT’s — the two yesterday were both tipped. Sure, not supposed to throw the ball where it can be tipped, but it’s not like he’s a rookie who can’t read coverage.

    Pretty much every QB goes out and has a couple clunker games with an awful stat line. Would you be writing him off if his preseason looked average, but then in game 1 he threw 3 INT’s? Of course not — and yet people are acting like it’s such a big deal that he hasn’t looked good in throwing a whopping 22 passes.

    I expect some of this from Clssylssy who overreacts to just about everything (“major loss of confidence in Palmer”???), but not from you.

    You don’t go from MVP-caliber QB to not knowing what you’re doing in less than a season. Palmer threw 537 passes last year and has attempted 22 this preseason. To make a comparison to baseball, an everyday played might have somewhere between 500-600 at bats a year — around the same number as how many passes Palmer threw last year. So imagine getting all worried because after only 22 AB’s — the same as the number of passes Palmer has thrown — a veteran .300 hitter was only hitting 3 for 22 (.136 average). Would anyone seriously be saying, after 22 AB’s, that they had “real concerns” or a “major loss in confidence”?

    The games don’t count, folks.

  29. By Jon on Aug 30, 2016 | Reply

    The Lions went 4-0 in the preseason one year. Then they went 0-16.

    The starters have played a little over a half of football thusfar. In the preseason. The sky is not falling. Time to get a grip. GO CARDS!!!

  30. By dkerry5242 on Aug 30, 2016 | Reply

    James Jones released today by the Chargers. Maybe the Cards should pick him up in case John Brown’s career is in jeopardy and can’t return due to concussions.

  31. By Scott H on Aug 30, 2016 | Reply

    Kevin –

    Well, I appreciate your faith in me but your current level of disappointment in my recent posts doesn’t mean my concerns aren’t valid.

    Yes, I’m well aware that Palmer was an MVP candidate for most of last season. And? That’s great. But how did he look to you when it counted most? Against Seattle in week 17? Against GB in the divisional round? Against Carolina in a conference title game? The MVP candidate was no where to be found.

    I’m not gonna drag this out. There are two sides to any coin you want to put out there. Yes, he has had everything to do with us having 10, 11, and 13 wins the last 3 years. I counter that by reminding you he has ONE post-season win in his entire career.

    But I’m not interested in haggling over stats or percentages or ratios. You know as well as I do you can find numbers to support any position you want to take, especially when it comes to QB’s.

    I love Palmer, and I don’t have to convince you of that. I have concerns about Palmer right now and I don’t have to justify or apologize for that.

    We will know soon enough what Palmer is going to be in 2016, and that will say it all. Very soon, the games WILL count. And you don’t know how badly I want to see that my current concerns are as ridiculous as you seem to feel they are.

    I hope you’re right, my friend. I really do.

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