Brandon Williams, Nkemdiche sitting vs Rams

Posted by Darren Urban on October 2, 2016 – 11:57 am

After a week in which Bruce Arians talked about young players needing to follow the example of the veterans more often, the inactive list is filled with rookies — including cornerback Brandon Williams, who has gone from starter to inactive in the last three weeks. Marcus Cooper is the starter there now, with Tharold Simon apparently primed to get some defensive snaps if necessary.

Defensive tackle Robert Nkemdiche remains inactive as well as the Cardinals look to avoid a second straight loss.

The full inactive list for the game:

— P Drew Butler (calf)

— CB Brandon Williams

— G Cole Toner

— DT Olsen Pierre

— DT Robert Nkemdiche

— DT Frostee Rucker (knee)

— NT Xavier Williams

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22 Responses to “Brandon Williams, Nkemdiche sitting vs Rams”

  1. By Michael on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    Really? 1st 2 draft picks are both healthy scratches? I assumed Williams would at least be a factor on special teams this year and BA is playing with fire when it comes to disciplining Nkemdiche, not all kids react well to the tough love approach

  2. By Mike nave on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    I hope this makes him hungry and that’s what they are after. I am tired of seeing Ed Stinson get blown up. If he can’t beat him out, I might be worried.

  3. By joe holst on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    I wouldn’t worry about this years draft class they will pick it up later in the year when we need them, look at last years top 3, DJ Humphries , starter, Marcus Golden Stud, starter, David Johnson, starter, highest rated RB in NFL, …

  4. By creditcard on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    Cards unable to score in 1st qtr again. Rams took lead on long 65-yard play. I get the feeling this will be a very long season for the Cards. The only win was against Tampa Bay, who is losing to everyone. Mis-tackling, unable to block, unable tackle, unimaginative play calling, no mis-directions, no quick passes, no power plays, only way to get to QB is via blitzes…. long season cometh

  5. By Scott H on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    So….we have a TOP edge of 15 min to 9 so far….and the score is 10-3 RAMS??? The score doesn’t surprise me. Going in, I gave us no better than a 50-50 chance in this game. But our loaded / vaunted offense has had the ball this long so far and has put 3 points on the board???


  6. By creditcard on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    10-3 Rams.

    This season just doesn’t feel right. Locker room issues? Tired coaches? Un-emotional players? Lack of desire? … something is missing, and it shows.

  7. By clssylssy on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    Rams “terrible” offense is having it’s way with our hot shot defense…guess all our problems weren’t because of our LS and punter! Offense is playing with more fire and I have to wonder why Chris Johnson is being wasted and not used more. Again, the chunk plays are killing us! Hope this gets better cause I see the 9ers are kicking it in Cali which doesn’t bode well for us on Thursday night (national TV again). Come on Cards! Let’s settle down and get to work!

  8. By Crash on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    This team is done. Maybe next year.

  9. By Scott H on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    A loss. 1-3. Pathetic.

    Time to embrace the horror – the sky IS falling.

  10. By GARYHICKERSON on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply


  11. By jaime on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    this years team sucks

  12. By creditcard on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    I sure hope the coaches and players get the message that the fat lady not only is clearing her throat, but is doing a full warm up.

  13. By Dan on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    Nice to see Marqui Christian celebrate after the game……way to go boneheads……….was Calais Campbell active for the game?? Never know when he plays or doesn’t play……..about as useless as fun bags on a boar. Pass rush looks lame as usual, offensive line looks offensive, Michael Floyd looks like a rookie, our special teams coach should be fired, Coach Arians doesn’t look like he cares, we don’t throw the ball to Fitz enough, John Smoke and Mirrors Brown is average at best…….Palmer forces balls to Brown way too much…… Ellingtons vision sucks, our punter sucks………special teams pretty much sucks……..I bet our cheerleaders don’t even suck.

  14. By Scott H on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    Carson ain’t the only one, because I feel like I might have a concussion myself right now.

    Don’t know about anyone else but I am officially withdrawing any hope that this is going to be a SB season. I’m officially withdrawing any hope that this even going to be a winning season. And why not? What reason is there to maintain hope of either??? The way this team is playing?? Please.

    Right now, there is not a team in the NFL that you could line up against us that I would predict a win against. Not one. Because teams that can’t even get out of their own way usually can’t beat anyone without a whole lot of help from the other team. I watched the 49ers game today. And even in a loss ( to the Cowboys, no less ), the 49ers still showed more heart than I’ve seen from the Cardinals in a long time at this point. A LOOOOONG time. Thursday night already looks like a loss, I don’t even care WHO is playing QB at this point. I mean….does it look like it matters??

    How pathetic….that here we are, watching the Cards line up for the last play, hoping for a miracle….against the Rams… home…..only to see Stanton’s pass land where the Rams were waiting for it and no Cardinals WR’s had even got there yet. Boy, that’s execution, huh? How’s that for preparation?

    Bruce Arians, the spotlight on you is growing at this point. Because you ain’t had any answers for a long time at this point. A LOOOONG time.

    We need a jack and a tire iron. Because, folks, let me tell ya – the wheels have definitely come off.

    This team is nothing but someone’s next meal at this point. And I would imagine the 49ers must be hearing the dinner bell right now. And we get to watch it on national TV! I would say let the humiliation begin, but….who are we kidding? It’s already in progress.

    How does all of that All Or Nothing crap look now??

  15. By Daniel Thompson on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    Anybody want to buy my extremely overpriced tickets for the Jets game?

  16. By creditcard on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    Basic observations:

    1. 5 turn-overs
    2. Poor special teams play …. again
    3. Poor, should I say extremely poor QB play
    4. Poor tackling
    5. Questionable personnel moves (I’m sure the Rams are thankful Marquis Christian is in a Rams uniform right now.
    6. Poor play calling
    7. Poor blocking
    8. Poor drafting (Is there any 2015 draft pick suited up for active playing?)
    9. Team looks lost,and lethargic,
    10. I disagree with the rhetoric that “everything is easily correctable”, the team needs over-hauled. Something is truly wrong. M/B poor locker room attitudes?, M/B the gifts of contracts, certain players are taking off plays / games? Doesn’t look like a cohesive team. I question the Chandler Jones move. He looks like a stats player. Teams literally run right over and by him. Just looks for sacks — hurting the entire defense; just concentrates on sacks.

  17. By Scott H on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    Can we bring back the guys who played the 4th pre-season game? Might as well. They really couldn’t do any worse than the guys who were supposedly a SB-caliber team. And I really couldn’t be surprised if they were more competitive than what we’ve seen so far this year.

    Yeah, this is what it’s come to.

  18. By card26 on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    Robert whats-his-face is a pure bust! talk about a pure dead=ass!

  19. By Daniel Thompson on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    Rams looked like the better team…….thats not a good sign.

  20. By CARDS62 on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    Coach Airens is correct as it is better to be playing good football in January than October, but only if you are a playoff team and I do not see a playoff team when I watch our Cardinals this year.

    We should have had a 28-10 point lead at the point that our special teams let us down yet again. but this is not the same offense as the last 2 years so this year special teams matter.
    Speaking of special teams do you fans know we have a special team coordinator and 2 assistants for special teams? They have done nothing for us the last few years so Mr. Bidwill my advice to you is that you step in and clean house as no one else but us fans seem to notice how weak they are, and while your at it why don’t you go ahead and fire our QB coach Freddie Kitchens the last 4 years or at least explain to me why Drew Stanton is regressing more and more each year he stays in our organization or name for me a young QB that we have on our roster that Coach Freddie is developing?
    Gee Drew Stanton it is no longer the preseason so are you worried now that you stink up the place every time you go on the field, and that my sisters throw the ball with more zip on it than you do?
    Steve Keim pick up the phone and call Tampa Bay and trade Drew Stanton and a draft pick for Mike Glennon and then do not have our QB coach go anywhere near him.
    No Carson Palmer on Thursday and without our defense playing lights out and San Fran with several turnovers we will be 1-4, of course I could also write the same thing with Carson at QB.
    Carson and Drew’s first interceptions were just horrible.
    M. Cooper looked horrible.
    Robert N. why can’t you get on the field?
    Overall our defense played well and Tony Jefferson another strong game.
    I am just so frustrated we move the ball but just can not put it in the end zone, turnovers everywhere, dropped passes, bad passes, bad oline play, and always starting games poorly on offense.
    I still believe in our GM and head coach, but they need to show me something right now and I mean right now!

    Go Cards beat the 1-3 49ers so we are not the worse team in the NFC West.

  21. By GARYHICKERSON on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply


  22. By clssylssy on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    Our basic mechanics are atrocious for an NFL team, can’t tackle, can’t hold on to the ball, can’t run without tripping, can’t sack, can’t block(except for Fitz) can’t fight for the ball, etc., lack size and strength to win match ups, etc…old story catching up with us b/c additionally we now lack cohesiveness and heart!
    This is on Keim as much as BA (or more so, remember he’s the guy getting paid the big bucks to get results) and the coaches can only do so much with the Cards dealt them. Our DC has needed help from day 1, was gifted some quality veterans last year to help with the on-field coaching, but SK wasn’t happy with a sound defensive locker room and had to get glitzy. No, this isn’t the same team–it hasn’t been since we lost the Badger (where was he anyway?).
    And, once again, after playing the Rams we are back where we were a few years ago, without a quarterback,going into a major game with our team badly injured and our chief assets taken out. I can take losing if we learn something from it but ??? this is nonproductive!
    Sure hope Whisenhunt warned BA of the ground shifting under his feet b/c besides players, coaches are the fall guys in Arizona!
    With the climate change, hostile front moving in, I could see Palmer after sustaining this concussion deciding to pull a Warner with a year left on his contract; time to start finding that franchise QB like JTDG has been stressing!
    Even the 9ers scare me as THEY were able to shut out the Rams! W/O a defense or a rum game, we are looking to be embarrassed on national TV AGAIN.

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