Rams (and Palmer) aftermath

Posted by Darren Urban on October 2, 2016 – 7:20 pm

These visits by the Rams.

Two years ago, Carson Palmer was left with a torn ACL. Last year, the Rams delivered a painful loss at the time. Sunday, it was both — a painful loss (one that, given the circumstances is more hurtful than last year’s) and a Palmer injury. The Palmer injury hopefully isn’t nearly as bad, although his concussion very well could keep him out in Thursday’s game at San Francisco. The Cards need their quarterback, although the hole in 2016 got much deeper in a six-minute period Sunday. Drew Stanton awaits his chance to start for the first time since late in 2014.

Bruce Arians was definitely trying to stay positive postgame. For those looking for fire and brimstone, it’s not coming. Not publicly. Not right now. Arians clearly sees a steady message as important to his team.

“Stick together,” is what Arians told all the players, one-by-one, postgame. The players are going to try and do that — “There is nobody in here saying the season is over,” wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald said — but a win soon is crucial to help the message take full root.

— We’ll see how Palmer goes through concussion protocol. If he’s iffy at all, you’d think the Cardinals will have to put practice squad QB Zac Dysert on the active roster.

— The Cardinals did a great job on Todd Gurley running. Unfortunately, he got loose a couple of times as a receiver, including gaining 8 on a third-and-8 on the Rams’ game-winning TD drive. A stop there, and a field goal, and the Cards might’ve been just fine.

— It can be traced to Justin Bethel getting poked and going down early on the play, but again, a special teams play — this time the Tavon Austin return — hurts the Cards bad.

— It was good to see Smokey Brown break out as a receiver. Funny, but even after playing little in the first half, Michael Floyd still ended up with seven targets, tied with Fitz for second most to Brown’s 16. Floyd played well after a very slow start. Drew Stanton admittedly tried to force that one into him late, and it cost the Cardinals their one decent chance at a late rally.

— The Rams are lucky. They got two 15-yard penalties on the Cards’ last possession. The Cardinals probably shouldn’t have even been in position to heave a Hail Mary.

— Best game Chandler Jones has had with the Cardinals.

— Aaron Donald is a beast.

— Remember how the Cardinals hadn’t turned the ball over at all and were plus-5 after two games? They’ve turned the ball over 10 times the last two games, and despite that early cushion are now, amazingly, a minus-1 in turnovers on the season.

— The Cardinals ran the ball well. Chris Johnson looked good until he hurt his groin. David Johnson looked good but had a costly fumble. Right now, every silver lining seems to bring with it a hefty cloud.

— Short week. Practice Monday, flight to the Bay Area Wednesday, game Thursday night. There’s going to be another NFC West game before you know it — probably with Stanton behind center — and we’ll see how the Cardinals respond.


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37 Responses to “Rams (and Palmer) aftermath”

  1. By Dr. G. on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    Well, at least the cheer leaders were in good form.! They are always in sync and well coordinated…perhaps the head cheer can pay a visit to the Monday practice to provide some input on how to work together…consistently…

  2. By Ottis Anderson Fan on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    At least we’re in the running for the second pick in the 2017 draft, and only Cleveland is ahead of us at 0-4. But then again, our team is so good that we sit our first round picks their entire rookie seasons.

    Seriously though, I do like the idea of this team finishing the season on fire and needing to win to make the playoffs – versus the hot early start and early playoff clinch followed by resting players followed by embarrassing playoff defeat. BA just hasn’t been good at keeping his team motivated for the playoffs when they clinch a spot so early.

    However, no NFC West team is going to make the playoffs at 9-7 this year. 12 games to go and 7 on the road. Like they say, you find out more about the character of an individual when they are under adversity. This team will be no exception in 2016.

  3. By Marlin on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    The goals need to change. We have to scrape for every win, and maybe squeak into the playoffs. This is not an elite team.

  4. By TooFarAwayFromAZ on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    Right now this team just doesn’t have it. Maybe they are trying too hard to live up to the hype of last year’s team. Thursday will be a tough one on a short week, especially without palmer. To be honest, I don’t trust Stanton slinging it. We might have to run the ball much more than we usually do. Good to see the defense get stout with the run D. There’s still a lot more games left to be played but I don’t have any more expectations for this team. Play hard and hope for the best.

  5. By Patrick on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    For all the bandwagon fans their are two exits in the back and one on each side, for real cardinal fans, feel free to stretch out until the bandwagoners come back.

  6. By Havasu Tom on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    Hi Darren,
    A few takes from the game:
    1) Andre doesn’t want to return kickoffs
    2) I’m I the only one that see Carson is throwing differently. I watched some games from last year, before the finger injury, I had on the DVR, There’s something wrong.
    3) Floyd is killing drives. I know he had a catch and a touchdown. But, he dropped 2 more today. I think that’s at least 5 drive killers this season. time for the bench.
    4) The O-line seems to be very porious.
    5) New long snapper, great job.

  7. By creditcard on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    Coaches are saying not to panic … but this team has something missing. Spirit, fire, desire, something is missing. Poor locker room? Bad / egotistic coaches? Something is flat out wrong.

    I think the management and coaches can hear the fat lady doing her warm-ups.

    Palmer does not “have it” this year. Stanton’s play is arguably as bad as I’ve ever seen in recent history for any back-up quarterback. Release of Barkley looks questionable. Release of Marquis Christian really looks questionable.

    Rookies Nkemdichie, and Williams both look not NFL ready.

  8. By steve on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    Tough to watch the Cards squander so many opportunities today, this team is clearly not as good as last year and just making the playoffs will be tough now. The only positives I saw today was David Johnson (minus his fumble) doing his thing, John Brown and our new LS and punter doing their jobs. I hope Palmer will not be out for an extended period of time, if so Cards will probably have a top 10 draft pick next April.

  9. By TucsonTim on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    As I was driving up today it just dawned on me that we released Christian so we could keep the worst punter in the NFL on the roster and he isn’t even going to suit up. That is some strange decision making.

    But then only one of our recent draft class suited up.

    Pretty much a good ole’ ass whupping…again, by the Rams. And now a short week to try and recover. Lots of Cardinal injuries…not so many Rams. I think we’re kind of soft…certainly by Rams standards.

    And I wish I didn’t have to say I told you so, but fades and end zone corner routes to John Brown, never work and they never will. What works is what worked all night long…why mess with success. Happy to see him have a break out game working under the deep safeties. I guess when you have that kind of front 7 you can afford to put 2 safeties 30 yards off the line of scrimmage….I bet we see that over and over.

    Hard to win close games on the short end of the turn over battle, stupid penalties, and terrible special teams play.

    Very cool of Palmer to trust Floyd with that TD throw. Very cool of Floyd to catch it. Hope Floyd is OK because that was quite a shot he took (to the head?) there at the end, and then he was crushed with a blind side block after that Stanton interception.

    Funny how we can afford to keep an extra punter on the roster, but we couldn’t keep a 3rd QB.

    Good to hear D Pasch call out #93 on the post game.

    No points in the first quarter again. I’m sure that will get better with Stanton, on a short week, on the road, against another division rival who can’t wait to play the movie stars.

  10. By Jim Richardson on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    It was a tough loss. On the bright side, though, I got to take my grandson to a Cardinal’s game for the first time and he had a great time.

    This loss did not surprise me. We haven’t been the same team since Palmer broke his finger last year and we haven’t recovered from the Seattle and Carolina losses. We can still make the playoffs with 5 losses. Let’s hope we get a win this Thursday.

  11. By rod on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    Maybe the spirit of this team left on that helicopter that brought Patrick Peterson to training camp… Just kidding.

    But seriously, we suck right now and I sure don’t want to watch Stanton try to throw footballs…

  12. By Dan on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    Calais Campbell is a piece of crap.

  13. By John Cole on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    Tough to watch and game rewind has given lots of information. The team is getting owned on both lines, especially offensive line. It happens more often than not and it throws the offense off and on top of that they are not clicking.
    The middle of the defensive line is much worse than last year. You can gash them big time. The secondary also isn’t as good.
    Palmer hasn’t looked right in a long time. Have to wonder if that NFC Championship thrashing was the first chapter in losing for awhile.
    8-8 looks to be a good season 9-7 a miracle.

    Just not as good as last year, that simple.

  14. By Dan on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    Any chance of Robert Nkemdiche playing soon? At least he can get to the QB better than the stiffs we have…..miss Frostee Rucker. Stick a fork in Campbell……..can’t wait til he’s outta here…….take his roller skates with him.

  15. By GARY HICKERSON on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    I AM A LONGTIME CARDINALS FAN(43YRS.) SO! now that i am passed my” pissed off at loss stage!!”we have a lot of football left to play yet!!!,we have seen this team run off 9 wins in a row with basicly the same players CARDS have now,SO IT CAN BE DONE!!.NOW THE CARDINALS NEED TO START THAT STREAK THURSDAY NIGHT AT LEVI STADIUM!! I HOPE CARSON PALMER IS OK!!BUT DREW SHOULD BE FINE!! coaching staff just needs to find a game plan that features ball controll with the running game,and throwing safe passes to running backs and TE’s only take a handfull of shots over the top to brown or nelson way down field(if its intercepted it will be like a punt)and CARDS need to run the ball into the end zone more!!HOWEVER IT WILL BE UP TO THE CARDINALS D!! TO WIN THIS GAME!! I THINK with some interceptions and fumble recovery help!! ,NEED A BIG GAME FROM D STARS CAMBELL,JONES, PETERSON, MATHEAU,GOLDEN,JEFFERSON AND OTHERS. AND CARDINALS O LINE NEEDS TO TURN INTO A STEEL WALL THE REST OF THE SEASON FOR WHOEVER WE HAVE AT QB…GO CARDINALS!!!

  16. By dynosoar on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply


    Cardinals till I die (and forever in the afterlife.)
    I’m stretching.

    To all others,
    this one stings, but as someone said in another post, the Seahawks were 4-5 last season and made a playoff run of two games.

    We can do this.

  17. By dynosoar on Oct 2, 2016 | Reply

    On another note,

    Roy Green,

    it’s too bad we couldn’t give you a win on your day. My memories of your playing are awesome ones. This day is long overdo. Now let’s add those who threw the ball to you, Hart and Lomax. (Well, there were opposing QBs who threw the balll to you as well, but we won’t count them. Hehe.)


    what are your thoughts on Georgia’s Eason as a QB. I’m thrilled that My Volunteers called the Aaron Rodgers play to win the game as time expired, but Eason looked real good to me.

    I bleed Orange on Saturday and Cardinals red on Sunday (and this Thursday).

  18. By Dan on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    Nice to see Bethel living up to expectations……would that be considered another turnover?

  19. By Marcelof on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    Well, Cards’s got talent, hands down. With that well stated it all falls back on coaching.

    the solution must be found urgently soon.
    May it be with the calls, may it be with the motivation. We’re 3 games away and there’re 12 last, playoffs may be way too early gone if substantial changes aren’t done.

    Last years Cardinals used to allow 10,15,20 points a game, but they also used to respond to that with 30, 35, 40.

    another painful monday to read articles regarding NFL, hope is still there although it has been weakened a bit.

  20. By jetstreamgreen81 on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    I am starting a new movement: F.A.N. (Fire Arrians Now) before all the thumbs down here me out. I know we have the best 3 year record in team history and he is part of it but: 1) this team still hasn’t scored in the 1st quarter. 2) we were running the ball @ 7 yards a clip and first and goal you throw a fade pass to John Brown? 3) David Johnson rotating series with Chris Johnson? The only time David Johnson comes out of the game is for a breather or is hurt 4) after the game Honey Badger says the team is still searching for “it” movitation! Seriously! 5) Johnson only gets 15 carries or around that. I could go on but something is seriously wrong with this basically same team on offense and you know who the play caller is. Also cut Christian to keep Butler on the team! Who does that, oh wait Arrians. I have been a diehard fan from the late 70’s when the ripped my heart out and left for Arizona and still am but this team is Pathetic and with this talent if this is what is being put out there, the head Coach is responsible. All the blame lays on him for his pathetic special teams play, non tackling and awful playcalling and everything else. Lose in SF and heads need to roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. By Eric G on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    Great, I now get to watch this team’s season possible go down the toilet in person on Thursday if they lose. So glad I wasted … er, spent the money on tickets for the game. Right now, this team can go 9-7 at best, and that includes splitting with Seattle (only because they seem to do that).

    However, this team has no heart right now and 9-7 looks like a pipe dream rather than a possibility. There are only three players that seem like they give a damn on this team right now, PP, Fitz and DJ31. Everyone else seems to be phoning it in.

    The offensive play calls are predictable and why are they throwing when the run was working extremely well? The Defense is also predictable. Does Bettcher even have a stunt in any of his pass rushes? Seems like the mentality is to just try to bull rush straight up, which is fine if you have the players for it, but the Cardinals do not. I’m watching a team that is going to pick in the top 10 next April here in Philly.

  22. By faster on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    two comments @this game: first, the NFL wants desperately to help the LA team to become a sucess. and the other teams have to live with it (and with 15 yard penalties). if you are good enough, you win nevertheless.

    second, the special team coaches need desperately new blood.

    now on to the next game, the 49`ers are in the NFL doghouse, and chip kelly is a “special friend” of the cards (remember the most important win last year, where palmer got his injurie?). that`s a must win (all of the next three are), and i bet on it (bowmans injurie is sad,but it should help).

  23. By faster on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    after tree years of arians coaching it must be allowed to ask, why players were evaluated and not coaches?

    yesterday we had another day where all of the TE dropped balls. what is rick christophel doing about it? does he need replacement?
    and what is amos jones doing about special teams? another special teams slip cost the team the lead, and maybe the win.

  24. By clssylssy on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    That turned out about the way I was afraid it would, like most games do when we play the Rams…with a bunch of injuries to key players, and fighting for our lives. This team is not physical enough or nasty enough to keep up with the big boys, playing big boy games. Our defense was TERRIBLE. We have terrible technique, and don’t know how to execute basic skills necessary to put a top five defense on the field; our defense needs to learn how to tackle, break tackles, hold onto the ball and get the lead out, as well as execute their own assignment . So we held Gurley to minimal yards–he wasn’t their only weapon to worry about and so they were still able to score! And, for having such a poor offense, the Rams made us look like amateurs in our own house, taking away key players–doesn’t get much worse than that!
    Larry is our #1 receiver, has great hands and can consistently make big plays, so why don’t we start using those weapons? It’s like BA is forcing the ball to Floyd and especially John Brown in an attempt to get their numbers up to save their jobs; Brown did better but was no match physically for the coverage he was facing and after 60 touches was wearing down–poor use of resources.
    I agree with BA, that I would rather the team be hot in December but, at this rate, that is looking to be a mute point–it’s not like we are the Seahawks, who, after starting slow now really are playing some VERY good football.
    Chris Johnson was hot, and when he was in, our run game had teeth now I fear that going into San Francisco we will not only be without a viable QB, but also w/o much of a run game.
    And, I put this on Steve Keim, the guy getting paid to make the big decisions, and find us talent. As Tyrann says (who was all but invisible yesterday)this is NOT the same team from last year and the person responsible for that is our GM. Our secondary last year had a special chemistry forged in the SEC which Keim apparently didn’t understand the importance of. He needs to be on the phone to Red Bryant, Cory Redding , anybody else that can make an immediate impact for helping this team before Thursday.
    This game had an erie feel to it, kinda dejavu, a few years back when we lost our QB to the Rams and were going into a major game having to draft Ryan Lindley on short notice!

  25. By shannon robinson on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    It was tough to watch Carson take those hard hits throughout the game. The third down sack in the first half told the story for me. “Give him time; Protect him!” was my cheer. I’ll listen to Otis Anderson Fan on how we get through this malaise. By the way, great to see Otis turning that crank on the Cards’ Fire Siren. Roy Green you deserve to be honored for Greatness after gifting us fans those crossing routes and the deep post TD’s from Neil Lomax at Sun Devil Stadium. Gracias. I had a great time at the game, thanks to all the Cards fans that helped me with my elderly friend – we were a pain to deal with but everybody was kind to us. Going down the stairs to our seats looked like a freeway backup – the Staff let him sit in the remaining seat in the wheelchair area during the second half which was perfect! Thank to all, What a great game experience the Cards put on. I have coached a couple rugby teams to division championships that started out with slugfests and close losses. Stress and urgency are fun too.

  26. By Scott H on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    The Rams were not the problem yesterday, just as the Bills weren’t the problem last week and the Pats were really not the problem in Week One. And just as the Panthers really were not the problem in January. Could go on, but….you get the point.

    The problem(S) this team is having right now are completely internal. The teams we are playing are winning these games ( rather handily ) because THEY are executing their game plans / taking care of business against a team that is just totally lost right now. The Cardinals are not functioning well ANYWHERE right now. Yeah, you can pick out little individual performances here and there, but….c’mon. That’s crap. That gets you nowhere.

    Here’s what occurred to me last night as I watched the Sunday night game – last week, the Steelers went to Philly and got taken apart by the Eagles to the tune of 34-3. And they were in-explicably bad from top to bottom. Totally inept in every phase of the game. They were lost, hopeless, pathetic, any word you want to use. They were all of it. But look how they came back from that last night – focused…sharp….angry….intent on getting back on track. And they flat-out PUNISHED the Chiefs as they got back to doing EVERYTHING right.

    And all I could do was wonder, why can other teams do this but we can’t? We have good coaching, a HC that has been a coach-of-the-year candidate every year. We have a veteran QB. We have the talent. We have a great home field environment. And we should have had a whole lot of motivation to bounce back We have everything the Steelers have. Yet, they can right their ship. We can’t. They can come back from a total humiliation and un-leash a wrecking ball on a quality opponent. We can’t. We can only manage 13 lousy points in front of a packed house.

    I’ve been using the word “concern” over and over since the first pre-season game. More recently, I’ve been using words like “virus” and “pervasive.” And the snow-ball just continues to gather size and speed as it rolls downhill.

    This team is a just a damn mess right now.

    I’ll add another word to the mix today – adversity. This team / coach has not had to deal with that in recent years. But it is looming over them, big time, right now. So far, the response has been weak and un-inspired. They now have to show what they are made of. They will either rise up and assert themselves ( as the Steelers did ) or they will fold ( as they did yesterday ). And it scares me that there are few signs right now of a team that looks like it is going to rise up and fight back.

    I would say they only have a few days to figure it out. But….really, if this team IS who we believe they are, should we still be waiting for it at this point??? Should we be harboring desperate hope they can just find a way to scrape out a win against the 49ers??

  27. By Canadian Redbird on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    Would have been nice to see what Palmer could have done in those last two drives . Not sure what BA sees in Stanton, however he is clearly living off what he did a couple of years back. Hate to say it, but we could be in big trouble with Stanton steering the ship; sort of reminds me of having Lindley or Anderson at the helm. Don’t know much about Dysert, but hoping he gets some reps in the next couple days.

    Something very suspicious about the ” Diche ” as Wolf refers to him as. I think both special team players ( centre and punter ) were an upgrade. The Rams have a pro bowl punter and it makes a huge difference for field position. I wish one year we would find it in us to draft a dynamite punter in the later rounds vs. the alternatives. I agree with an earlier submitter, in releasing Butler in favor of a 3 rd QB.

    Great effort by JB however the corner end zone pass doesn’t work when the receiver is 5 ‘ 9 “. That is a route designed for Floyd , Fitzy or Jaron.

    Result aside, it was a fun game to watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. By Jacob on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    Anyone notice that the Arizona CARDINALS AND THE CAROLINA PANTHERS
    are mirroring each other there both1-3 Palmer and Newton both leave game with
    concusion in 4th Q and there lost the same way week 1 PANTHERS AND CARDINALS MISSED THE GAME WINNING FIELD GOLE

  29. By NJAzCardsFan on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    It seems that every week this team sinks to a new low…. More question on the pre-season decisions seem to arise. The Cards will lose big time to the 49er’s with Drew “Mr Interception” Stanton at QB. While Barkely wasn’t the long term answer, at least he was a lot more accurate than Stanton. Who has been awful since last year. The Cards at one point had Hoyer in their system who would have been a better 2nd string QB, but BA let him go. The defensive backfield has been in disarray ever since the FO let Powers and Johnson walk. It doesn’t seem like there is any chemistry there…..Jaron Brown while smaller should play more than “Hands of Stone” Floyd. Who has dropped too many key passes lately. B Williams as I have posted before should have never started nor should have the rookie LS. The Cards have dug a hole for themselves that they won’t get out of. If they lose the game this Thurs. they will be done. Any good college QB prospects in this upcoming draft class?
    SB bound this year…??? Uh… NO!!!!

  30. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    This game is eerily similar to last year’s Rams loss, also at home, also in week 4.

    In the 2015 game, we had 26 first downs to the Rams’ 13. In this game, it was 26 to 12.

    In the 2015 game, we had a 119 total yard advantage (447-328). In this game, it was 132 (420-288).

    In the 2015 game, we were minus three in turnovers. In this game, same thing. (Yeah, I know, technically we were minus four, but I don’t think you should count an INT on a Hail Mary on the last play of the game as a turnover — it’s essentially no different than an incompletion).

    in the 2015 game. we had only one touchdown. Drove several times deep into the opposing territory, only to end up with FG’s. Cat had 5 FG’s that game, 3 of which were less than 30 yards. This time, he had 2 FG’s, the long of which was 25. Could’ve had a shot at a third, until the 3rd-and-2 became a 3rd-and-7 due to a penalty and then we didn’t convert.

    Bottom line? We should’ve won both games, but shot ourselves in the foot. Whether it was a penalty or a turnover or a mental mistake, we made all of ours at exactly the wrong time.

    Primary difference between the two games is that this time, we let Case Keenum beat us instead of Todd Gurley.

  31. By David Cheney on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    Can’t help but notice that the Jets, Panthers, Colts and Lions are starting off as badly as the Cards. That said, and having a long season ahead of us, I won’t comment too badly on how the team has played so far.
    However, I can’t help but point out a few ominous signs. First of all, regardless of what was said, I thought the Cards had a miserable preseason on practically all levels. I understand most of the preseason is to try and arrive at the season opening roster but I think we needed to show a little more offense and cohesiveness. Secondly, having your 1st and 2nd round picks from the draft inactive for game #4 does not bode well, and lastly…what happens when your 2nd string QB who has sat on the bench for almost 2 years is brought into a pressure situation with the game on the line? He throws 2 interceptions and almost 3. ‘Nuff said. Hope the Cards can rebound on Thursday and whip the whiners butts. Go Cards!

  32. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    At the end of the day, Cardinals fans need to remember that this is the NFL. The other team is getting paid, too. We went into Buffalo, which seemed like it was completely reeling, and we were only a 4-point favorite. The Rams are always tough, and after seeming to be the laughingstock of the league after getting beat 28-0 (!) by the 49ers on opening day, are now tied for 1st in the division — OUR division — after 3 straight wins.

    You simply can’t take winning for granted (ask a Panther fan).

    And you HAVE to win close games, because most games in the NFL are close.

    Darren wrote a blog after the TB game in which he pointed out that we were 7-0 in turnover margin. I posted that one of the problems with this is that we were only 1-1 despite that margin (much of which is just luck) — losing to the Patriots despite forcing two TO’s and committing none really hurt. Because sooner or later you’re going to have a game against a lesser opponent where you’re the one committing the TO’s and they aren’t, and it’s going to cost you. Like what happened yesterday.

    Even in our one win, which a lot of people thought was dominating, we weren’t all that dominant. I mean, sure, the score was 40-7, but Winston was actually moving the ball pretty well against us. Then he’d throw an inaccurate pass and we’d make him pay. But you can’t count on that.

    The simple reality is that if we kick a FG that an NFL kicker should make over 75% of the time, we win in week 1. And if in this game, we don’t go for broke on 1st down (INT on the attempt to Brown) and fumble two more times in the opponent’s territory, we should win easily. Or even simply not giving up a big punt return — our D, while porous on 3rd and long, had still held the Rams to only 10 points, so when we punted, I would’ve been confident that at most we’d give up a game-tying FG, as long as they didn’t have a huge return. I even turned to my son at the game and said, “Wouldn’t hurt right now to still have Drew Butler, because he’d only kick it 39 yards, but they’d end up fair-catching it.”

    We should be 3-1, but we’re not, because we didn’t make plays. Yes, I’m frustrated with Arians’ play calling from time to time (including the throw to Brown), but at the end of the day, our losses are on the players. PP committing a hold on a 3rd down when we had great pressure on Keenum and he likely had zero chance of getting a decent pass off? Come on, you’re one of the best CB’s in the league… you don’t need to do that. Gresham holding on what was either a TD or, at worst, a run by CJ for a first and goal at the half-yard line? Humphries with a false start on a critical 3rd-and-2 in Rams’ territory? Floyd’s drops?

    Final point — notice how the Rams break up passes with big hits. Our defensive backs try to break them up by getting a hand in the way or making a play on the ball. I have to go back and watch the game on TV (I was at UofP), but I can recall several big hits on our receivers just as the ball arrived, forcing an incompletion. I can’t recall any by the Cardinals.

  33. By krehbieo14 on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    I believe this season the focus should be more on the running game. After all, you have the best running back in the NFL. This would take pressure off of Palmer to force the ball into questionable windows. I am amazed that we run the ball into the red zone, and then go against the run with high risk pass plays. There’s no need for “no risk, no bisquit” when you have a wrecking ball like DJ. Let his running set up low risk play action passes. Let’s simplify the offense, take some pressure off the Oline. Hopefully, we’ll see that approach in Santa Clara.

  34. By phx1sjc on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    “It’s just preseason don’t worry”. They’ve been bad since August. Nothing has changed.

  35. By Richard S on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    I believe I read somewhere before the game that the Cards strong pass defense would be too much for the Rams QB. I wish that were so. Unfortunately it wasn’t. In the one game the Cards won, Palmer was extremely well protected. I haven’t seen much of that in the games the Cards dropped. Thursday is certainly a must win game. At 1-4, I can see visions of the old New Orleans coach saying “Playoffs, what do you mean playoffs.”

  36. By clssylssy on Oct 4, 2016 | Reply

    Wasn’t it the year that we started 4-0, that the bottom fell out shortly thereafter, and Whiz was fired? We’re now 1-3, as are the 9ers. This is a MUST WIN, but, if we can sqeek out a win, while battered and broken, it could be a sign of life! LET’S GO CARDS!

  37. By Eazy E on Nov 1, 2016 | Reply

    Humble Pie Part 2

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