Keim: “It’s OK to take this thing personal”

Posted by Darren Urban on October 3, 2016 – 8:28 am

Steve Keim is, admittedly, not happy.

“We have a chance to create sustainable success and I hold myself as accountable as anybody,” the Cardinals General Manager said Monday during his appearance on the “Doug and Wolf” show on Arizona Sports 98.7. “It’s OK to take this thing personal.”

“This” is the Cardinals’ 1-3 start, after Sunday’s loss to the Rams. Keim, like everyone in the building, is trying to figure out how the Cardinals can fix their issues, knowing they play again Thursday in San Francisco and starting quarterback Carson Palmer is unlikely to play after suffering a concussion. The Cardinals had been winning these close games, especially at home, during the Bruce Arians era.

“Those were different teams and this is a different time,” Keim said. “We will find out what we are made of quickly.”

Keim did say — and acknowledged it sounded weird — that he saw a lot of good things against the Rams. There was a good run defense, the Cardinals were the more efficient team in total yards. But the same issues continue to plague the team. Miscommunication in the secondary. Turning the ball over. Missed tackles. Finishing drives. Those things aren’t new, “which is difficult to deal with,” he said.

“There were signs that let me know we have, one, a talented football team, and number two, we have time on our hands,” Keim added. “At the same time, we can’t mess around. We are in a position, as we all know, that it better start changing quickly.”

— Keim called it “embarrassing” the Cardinals had already lost two home games. The Cards went 6-2 at home last season.

— Asked directly if the Cardinals were missing the leadership of former safety Rashad Johnson on the secondary, Keim said no. “I think we have enough leaders back there and have guys that can get people lined up,” Keim said. “It’s a matter of execution.”

— The pass rush was decent, Keim said, but he said he was bothered that when guys did get pressure they didn’t keep their eyes up, allowing Rams QB Case Keenum to move in the pocket or scramble for yards.

— Keim said his interpretation of panicking is doing things out of the ordinary, and he doesn’t see the need to do that at this point. “I think we have good football players that need to play better,” he said, “and guys that need to get their heads straight in terms of preparation off the field. The mental side of it.”

— There was no update on the condition on Palmer. My guess is that there won’t be today, other than he’s going through the concussion protocol. Again, Arians said Palmer was likely to miss Thursday’s game.

— Most of what Keim talked about was overall with the team. Few names were mentioned. He said he thought Deone Bucannon played well, but fellow linebacker Kevin Minter made some mistakes. He said he thought overall, the offensive line held up. The Rams definitely beat them a few times, but with talents like Aaron Donald and Robert Quinn, that was going to happen.

— Keim said rookie defensive tackle Robert Nkemdiche was still not 100 percent on his bad ankle, one of the reasons he remained inactive. But Keim also said Nkemdiche needs to “continue to grow” off the field, including studying the playbook.

— Keim said he thinks Arians will be meeting with the captains and leaders, and he would guess there will be meetings among the players themselves. “There was definitely anger in the locker room after the game,” Keim said. “In a good way.”

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  1. By 'ZonaFan89 on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    We’re not playing well. But we’re not destined to miss the playoffs just because of this bad start. The truth lies – as it does in most situations – somewhere in between. We’re a good team that’s making too many dumb mistakes right now. Look at the Seahawks last year, they started 2-4 and everyone was sticking a fork in them. But it’s way to early to mail in this season because we’re 1-3. It’s football, sometimes things don’t go your way. Honestly, I thought we’d been pretty fortunate in some of these close games the past few years. At some point you’re going to have some ‘regression to the mean’ type of stuff take place. We’ll be back soon. The foundation and leadership of this franchise is stronger than it’s ever been. I’d look for the Cards to come out fighting like a wounded animal on Thursday in San Fran. Let’s go BirdGang!

  2. By Rugbymuffin on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    A team is as good as its record.

    The record is 1-3 and the play reflects it on the field.

    Time to start thinking about the 2016 Cardinals team for who they are, and not what they were expected to be.

    Lots of issues with the new players brought in this offseason, and that is OK, at least for one year. With all the great moves over the last 3 years, it would be crazy to think that trend would continue.

    Still a competitive game yesterday, and I expect the same versus the Niners, but I would not be surprised to see this team at 1-5, and having a 3-7 record by week 11.

    Its going to be a long season, and until the offseason comes along, and these weak links are fixed, it will stay that way.

    There is talent, but the weak links on this roster are so weak that they cannot support the talent.

    Is what it is. Still football and still a competitive team, just not the powerhouse it was over the last 3 years.

  3. By clssylssy on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    Now that we are again without a QB and going into a Divisional game on a short week, I have to wonder if Patrick Peterson could be an option to fill in for Carson, in the interim. He practices with the QBs every week and has for a few years, there would be no tape on him in this capacity and it would likely throw off any planning the 9ers had done based on old Stanton tape–a new option that may seem extreme but extreme circumstances call for extreme measures! Peterson is athletic enough and has the football IQ to perhaps give this tired and predictable offense a new, more athletic look. Hopefully, with David Johnson, Fitz in the slot, and perhaps using our TEs differently we could still pull this off–would be almost too good to hope to get CJ back but, we have the weapons if they are utilized more efficiently. As ironic as it is, it appears we now have more depth at Corner than QB, or at least possibly enough to get through IF the rest of the defense could pull it together and play tougher.
    Bucannon looked like he was finding his form again, which leaves a secondary that Keim all but cut the legs off with his “improvements”; still not too late to give Red Bryant and maybe Cory Redding a call.
    Actually, I did see some improvements this week but don’t think some of our guys really had a clue as to how the Rams play and were relying on being in the comfort of our house and the extra man to pick up the slack.
    Talk is cheap…time for the brain trust to figure it out!

  4. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    What all those cardinal fans are feeling and experiencing is something called the window closing. Each team gets a window of opportunity to win. That window is closing and here is why I believe that.

    OK, I will admit, this is total speculation and accept arguments against me.

    Carson Palmer revived this team. We were without a “Real” QB since Warner retired after 2009. Palmer put up huge numbers and seemed to be the guy to lead us to the Superbowl. But he was injured last year and lost in the Championship game. He came back, and has taken a beating. He is 37 and has a concussion. The team is 1-3 and without Palmer, could be done.

    1. Does a 38 yr old Palmer, after suffering a concussion, come back for another year?

    2. Since Keim has not addressed the QB spot sufficiently, who takes over?

    3. If Larry sees Palmer walk away, does Larry walk away?

    4. Floyd is really struggling and may need a change of scenery. He is a FA.

    5. Mathis is aging and on a one year contract, with Boehm not stepping up and Humphries isn’t first round material, not to mention Iupati is not the same guy he was, this line will be in trouble next year.

    6. On defense, we have a defensive coordinator who isn’t no where near Todd Bowles. This defense is not the same. Bowles made guys better than they were. We are now seeing the lack of talent this team has.

    ” Slam ” That could be the sound of the window.

  5. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    “We have a chance to create sustainable success and I hold myself as accountable as anybody,”

    Yes, I do too. How do you enter a season without a CB opposite PP? How are you so blind? (Both TDs were against Cooper). That is unacceptable.

    Why do we not have a QB in waiting? The Cowboys do. The Patriots have 2 QBs who can play behind Brady. Even the Raiders, who have a young QB in Carr traded up for Conner Cook. While the Broncos felt pretty good about Seiman, they still moved up to get Lynch.

    Keim, well he sits on his hands and says I’ll take Bucannon over Bridgewater or Carr. I’ll take Logan Thomas over AJ McCarren, I’ll not trade up for Lynch like the Broncos and I will not take Brissett (who I liked) in round 3 like the Pats. Instead, I will take a DE and hype him up to the fans while he doesn’t dress out. Or take Brandon Williams, who cant play over Brisett.

    You are right Keim, you had a chance to keep this thing going. If Paxton Lynch is the back up, you have a chance to keep winning.

    You had a chance to keep it going but you drafted on the oline Cooper, Humphries, Watford and Boehm. Ugh

    You had a chance to keep it going but you forgot to get a CB opposite PP.

    You had a chance to keep it going but you watched Dansby and Washington leave (for different reasons) and replaced them with guys who would be backups on other teams.

    Yep Steve, you are to blame and you should be held accountable.

    BTW, great 2016 draft when no one dresses out. Gives us hope for 2017 and beyond.

  6. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    Oh forgot to add to the window closing;

    Calais Campbell and Frostee Rucker are FAs . It would make sense, due to contracts to watch them walk.
    But who fills in? Nkemdiche can’t even dress out while Gunter has one assisted tackle for the year. For the year folks. X Williams isn’t dressing out either.

    Does anyone still have faith in a dline of Nkemdiche, Williams and Gunter ? Especially with a 208 pound ILB behind them?

  7. By IACARDINAL on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    Draft Guy, they had Mike Jenkins, until he blew out his ACL. one bad start in 3 years and everyone wants to jump ship. Pick a different team you unloyal bandwagon fans.

  8. By PC on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    Cards were 6-2 last year at home, so there is still a chance…

  9. By CARDS62 on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG you missed the poor special teams play for several years and no sign of moves to improve them as also closing our window, and little to no tight end production yet again as two other reasons for our window to close, but besides that you nailed it.

    You are correct and it is talked about very little that the losses of Dansby and Washington with no decent replacements as being huge losses for our team.

    We have had plenty of o line problems in past seasons and this o line also has problems but I think overall they are better than what we have put on the field in the recent past so I am amazed and puzzled as to why our offense is playing poorly and starting every game so slowly.

    My opinion is past season our offense put so much pressure on other teams that it made our defense look better and for our unspecial teams to be over looked. We can bounce back this season but it has to be the offense leading us, and it has to be Palmer, as in my opinion Drew Stanton has regressed every year he stays in our system. If our offense continues to play like they have it will be a long season as no NFL game is easy, but this is the easiest part of our schedule and we are 1-3 with 3 home games already played,

    Sorry Steve Keim but I am panic and for that reason I fire our special team coordinator and our QB coach today to wake up the staff, and if the poor play continues I trade some players before the deadline ends as the window is definitely closing on Palmer and Fitz and several others.

    Go Cards and go defense so we can beat the 49ers!

  10. By Tradersbrain on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    Overall decent play, we got some big breaks but couldn’t capitalize. That is the difference this year. Both the Jets and 49ers are winnable games, so let’s focus on getting to 500. The test will be in Seattle on Oct 23. The outcome of that game will decide the entire year.

  11. By TLT on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    This is all meaningless but worth getting off my chest: Noticed Trumain Johnson (?right name) played off all day, kept things in front of him and took INT in end zone, smart, heady. You can press and be aggressive, but someone MUST have your back

    Its called growing pains. When your supposed leaders in secondary for 2nd time in 4 weeks cover same guy and let 2nd receiver run free for ball over their heads, you don’t have the knowlege or leadership in secondary. (Mathieu and Peterson both covered same guy, again for a big gain, happened vs Pats). It happens but shouldn’t.

    And on 65 yd TD, Cooper nearly made great play, but as is often the case, Jefferson over ran. Keim was kind, said he slipped, but slip came when he had to come back after overplaying.

    These scenarios plays out over and over, correctable growing pains. Not sure how Mathieu and Peterson get on same page w/o acknowledging errors in on field judgment, but understand why Cards/Keim might want to not embarrass the egos and do it internally. Keim did acknowledge biggest problem was in secondary, so, he knows.

    Cards played butts off, and Marcus was right, we were “winning” except on scoreboard at the end.

    Guess we know who BA was talking about re lack of prep, Nkemdiche, Brandon W, Marquis among them?

    TOUGH loss yesterday of Tyvon Branch and Chris Johnson, they both were playing really, really hard.

    DJ fumble was tough, tough, its going to happen. Carson hitting head on ground, its going to happen. Bethel getting thumb in eye and being out of play on punt return at end, seems just bad luck, again, these things come in waves, gotta be prepared to absorb them by getting lead or making countervailing plays. We have to get and build a lead so there is room for error, until we are good enuff to do that…we’re going to be in last place.

    Cards just 4 plays from 4-0. Bur Bellichik called us out “those guys say they’re Superbowl contenders”.Humility can be a great motivator if they find it in time. I expect they will. But the guy who fair catches a ball at the 4 yard line has to get his mind right during the game. Same guy who tipped cap to himself after Buffalo game about what an amazing interception he made…while we lost by 3 scores. Get yer mind right Pat.

    BA has it just right, stick together. But get better. We beat 9ers, we’re alive, we lose…well…

  12. By mitchaz on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply


    As they say on ESPN: “C’mon, Man!”

    Steve Keim has been far more a part of the solution than the problem.

    His first big move was to hire BA…and allowed BA to make an unprecedented number of coaching hires.

    Then, he made brilliant trades for Carson Palmer and Chandler Jones.

    He has re-signed the CORE players (Fitzgerald, Palmer, Mathieu, Peterson, Bethel)—he has brought in quality FAs at bargain salaries (Veldheer, Iupati, C. Johnson, Rucker, Gresham, Abraham, Freeney, Dansby, Cromartie) and he has drafted some flat-out gems in Tyrann Mathieu, David Johnson, John Brown and Deone Bucannon, and he has fortified the roster with very good UCFA finds such as Tony Jefferson, Jaron Brown and Chandler Catanzaro.

    Rookies are finding it hard to get playing time because the roster is so deep—because of Steve Keim.

    If Keim has a flaw, perhaps it is listening too closely at times to the coaches—

    * they told him that Justin Bethel would be fine as the starting CB and would be much improved this year—BA has always raved about Bethel’s physical talents.
    * they told him that re-signing Drew Stanton was a high priority.
    * they suggested that he draft Logan Thomas.

    Keim does not have a crystal ball (who does?)—thus your comments are aided and abetted by hindsight.

    Plus—so much depends on how well the coaches develop the players. Playing for BA is no walk in the park. He takes some getting used to—and he is loath to play any rookies if he can help it otherwise.

    Furthermore, Keim, like everyone else in the organization, has had a fair share of bad luck—an ACL for Carson Palmer—2 ACL’s for Tyrann Mathieu—a rookie season ending leg fracture for Jonathan Cooper who was really coming on at the time—the injury to Drew Stanton when Palmer was already lost for the season. Nkemdiche has been battling leg injuries from day one of TC.

    Just thew same, Steve Keim does make excuses for the team or anyone associated with it—and he is completely honest with himself. He is going to prevail—he’s too diligent and passionate not to.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Keim makes a bold move in the next week or two to try to give the team a much needed spark.

    it also wouldn’t surprise me if Keim puts his foot down and forced BA to make changes to his staff and to the roster.

  13. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply


    So I can’t be a fan and question the moves. I have had season tickets for 24 years now. I lived and coached in Texas for 5 years and kept my tickets and flew back for the games. I sat in sun devil stadium in 115 degree games to watch the team go 4-12.

    Unloyal bandwagon fans? That is so weak. Comments like that are a joke.

  14. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply


    Over the years, I have given Keim credit when due. Unlike too many in this world, I do not think everyone is good or bad.

    I think the BA hire was great and the Palmer trade (although I was calling for it before anyone said anything) was team saving.

    Without Palmer, this team would still be struggling. No doubt.

    But Keim also has made crucial mistakes that are now showing up. You can’t argue that.

    I never said fire Keim. What I said was he needed to take accountability. He needs to address his mistakes and figure out why he is making them and correct them in the future.

    How do you draft Cooper, Watford, Humphries and Boehm and you played Oline?

    Stop making excuses. Got to fix it.

  15. By Jacob on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    Who will start against the 49ers Palmer may not play and if Drew Stanton
    plays its almost a 65% chance there gonna loose Drew threw 2 int in about
    4 mins i would give Jake Coker or other guy a chance

  16. By Steve on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG: I do agree with one part of your assessment, that being not having a replacement for Palmer, I have a feeling Logan Thomas not working out here has made Keim a little more skeptical about drafting QB’s in later rounds. The achilles heel of this team has always seemed to be not drafting good pass rushers or QB’s or simply bypassing a talented QB (Derek Carr, Paxton Lynch) for someone else. I imagine Keim will go the veteran route again for a QB after Palmer, someone like Jay Cutler.

  17. By Hammy on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    Yes Mr. Keim this is embarrassing! Case Keenum????? What the? You are telling me our defense could not stop him from making plays? We already stopped Gurley and all we had to do was limit those big pass plays. I dont know what needs to be done but for God’s sake can we get a young quarterback already? Case Keenum??? really?

  18. By Richard S on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    One call baffled me. I was watching a baseball game on one monitor where a no hitter was being thrown by the Blue Jays and the football game on the other so the sound was off. They called an illegal procedure penalty on Shipley. Does that mean the center moved before he snapped the ball? That seemed awful strange.

  19. By Joe on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    As a Cardinals fan living in Patriot country (Rhode Island) I admit it’s been beyond frustrating so far this season…but as soon as that game ended in another loss Sunday, I went ahead and bought a new Cardinals shirt for the gym. I’m proud to rep the Cards over here and I’m not giving up on this team. Besides injuries, I honestly believe this is all mental. They came into this season expecting the “All” without giving thought to the “Nothing”. That sense of entitlement has gone to their heads. If they can just play with that chip they had last year, they’ll get back in the W column.

  20. By dobie on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    Right now they should be 4 – 0 and down the line they should have lose 2 at the most lose 3 now they have lost the 3 looking at the rest of the season they are going to lose 2 more or 3 get the picture a wild card at the most depends how the division and the conference ends as far as I know one team got a wild card and won a Super Bowl that was the Raiders don’t know what years that was so here to miracles for me I hope they do get there crap together and start kicking some butt I will still yell my butt off and give the visiting team some attitude win or lose I have all most gotten in to some scuffles this few years I am getting to old for a fist fight but I will do my best I will not back down to all those that yell a scream on the way to the parking lots I am not a bad ass just do’t like taking crap from people dam I love this game

  21. By mitchaz on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply


    First of all, I like all of the o-linemen Keim drafted. Cooper’s natural talent was unmistakable. The broken leg so early in his career did a number on him.

    Earl Watford’s physical talent is obvious—as is his versatility. But they brought him a,long slowly because (a) BA’s offense is difficult to learn; and (b) he’s from a small school.

    D.J. Humphries is playing his tail off—even BA lauded him last night despite giving up the sack to Aaron Donald—which any o-lineman on the planet can do because Donald is so strong and explosive. I think Humphries is way ahead of where Massie was when he first started.

    Boehm is patiently waiting his turn—and was very impressive in the pre-season.

    Plus you forgot to mention, Cole Toner, who was a superb surprise at RG in the pre-season.

    When has Steve Keim ever made excuses? The whole point of my last response to you post was that Keim has openly admitted his own mistakes and has repeatedly said he is learning every day on the job. Steve Keim is about as honest and humble as any GM in the NFL.

  22. By mitchaz on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply


    Right now we shouldn’t be 4-0…we should be 1-3…because the script has not changed in all three losses:

    1. Offense comes out flat—0 1st Q points.
    2. Defense gives up an early TD on a missed assign,went or tackle.
    3. offense makes a bit of a 2nd quarter charge.
    4. Both offense and =defense come out flat in 3rd Q. defense tend to give up another TD.
    5. When offense does get a little on track, it starts forcing the ball and turning the ball over.
    6. Defense gives up far too many 3rd down conversions.
    7. STs makes a game-changing mistake.
    8. Other team secures the lead and wins.

  23. By TucsonTim on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    “Those were different teams and this is a different time,” Keim said. “We will find out what we are made of quickly.”

    We are four games into a season with a team that is largely intact from 2015. You seriously don’t know after 2015, OTA’s, training camp, pre-season and 4 regular season games what this team is made of???

    That’s right up there with presidential debate rhetoric. Don’t you hate it when you’re being BS’d

    We keep being told that this is a highly talented team. EVERYONE in the NFL is highly talented. Not everyone is a play maker though, and our play makers aren’t getting it done. Is that due to effort, injury, poor game planning, or just plain bad luck?. I don’t know, but I can’t believe that SK and BA don’t know. It should be on the film. I’m troubled because it doesn’t seem like it is getting fixed. That would seem to be a coaching and leadership issue.

    It is odd to think though, as poorly as this team has played in every facet, change: a field goal, a bad snap, a forced fumble recovery and a TE that could block rather than hold and we could easily be 4-0.

  24. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply


    I am a big fan of Palmer and hopes he continues to play for several more years. I do think that was not the same Palmer from 2015 though. He seemed much more jumpy in the pocket. Last year, he trusted his backs and stood in there. I noticed on one play, even though the back was there, he threw it away. He seemed to be much more predetermined in his passing as you could see him forcing throws to John Brown.

    He has been hit a lot this year. Warner had years on his contract, but walked away after the brutal game against N.O. As Stanton put it. Palmer is the toughest guy I know, I think he is hurt and he just gets back up.

    If Palmer wants to return, he is my guy. I just have to wonder, after the beating he is taking, will he want to come back at 38??

    Cutler. Interesting name.

    I don’t think BA will want to start over with a rookie. So you may be right.

  25. By Chuck 1 on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    A couple of blogs ago I wrote that I see 9-7 this season.
    For that comment, I received several Thumbs Down.
    Now, I see a few other posters seeing the same 2016 record.
    It’s nice to see that I’m not alone.

    JTDG, you beat me to commenting that Keim, being an offensive lineman, should have better judgement on which of them to draft.

  26. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    Mitchaz —

    I think all Dobie meant was, if we kick a perfectly makeable FG at the end of the Patriots’ game, and if we don’t turn the ball over 3 times in Rams’ territory, in a game that we dominated from the perspective of total yards and first downs, then we’d be 3-1. (I’m not sure what play/plays in the Buffalo game he thinks would’ve completely turned it around; obviously the high snap on a FG that made it 30-7 hurt, but even if we kick that FG, it’s only 23-10 and we are still in trouble.)

    So I’d say we “should” be 3-1 (not 4-0), if a couple breaks go our way. And if we were 3-1, we’d be criticizing the team for some of the poor play, but we’d overlook it. Just like last year, when we were 3-1 after 4 games — people were still critical of certain specific players and/or plays, but winning is ultimately the panacea.

    We had more blowout wins (and a bad blowout loss to Seattle) last year than an NFL team usually has, but there were several wins that were very close. We were fortunate to beat Cincinnati and Minnesota, the Ravens had first and goal on our 4 yard line with under a minute to go and could’ve tied the game and forced OT, the first Seattle game we had a huge lead and then the Hawks came back to retake the lead before Palmer led the team for a go-ahead TD, and the game at SF was 13-13 going into the 4th. All of those games finished within one score, and we won them all. But we only lost one such game, the 24-22 loss to the Rams.

    That kind of luck ordinarily doesn’t sustain itself. It suggests the Cardinals of 2015 were more like an 11-5 team than a 13-3 team — which is still very good, but not necessarily as good as we all thought.

  27. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply


    Here is where we differ,

    Anyone who reads this blog since 2013 knows I hated the Cooper pick. Sure he was athletic but lacks power at the point of attack.

    But on all the guys you mentioned, there is no evidence any of them are who you think they will be. Truth is, in 4 years, Watford was unable to claim a spot and was very shaky as a fill in last week. Humphries might be working hard, but I really can’t see this first round pick as someone better than Massie. Remember, this is a 1st rounder in his second year. Cooper’s potential was all on paper, as he never produced on the field, and Boehm is sitting on the bench behind our worse lineman. Toner isn’t dressing out at all.

    So, your argument is potential. No proof on the field. Just some preseason stuff or things you heard from camp. On the field, one of the 5 is playing and is average at best. Meanwhile, Palmer is getting hit way too much.

  28. By Joseph Robinett (Lightwing) on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    Thank you, Mr. Green, for your passion in running like the wind and for your receiving as the intrepid spirit, who catches for free… Your honor, sir, reflects your brilliance.

    To The Good King, Mr. Michael B., and to The Arizona Cardinals, may the winds of prosperity be, now and always, at your backs.

    Sincerely, Joseph Robinett (Lightwing)

  29. By luis on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    It is time to feature more Jaron Brown…since has better hands catching the football than floyd right now. Also, when in trouble go to LARRY FITZGERALD, John Brown, David Johnson and bring up Elijhaa Penny on the offense side of the ball.

    Move Chris Johnson to kick return duties, Ellington to practice squad and make Penny the handcuff to David Johnson. Go CARDS!

  30. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    Kevin S Mesa,

    I get what you are saying about the record, but the teams we are playing could say the same thing. I mean, if the rams don’t drop 3 big passes, maybe the rams yardage is more than ours and they score more points?

    You see, truth is, we missed the FG and we had the fumbles and ints, just like teams against us drop balls or throw ints. I believe in what Bill Parcels said, your record is who you are.

    You can be the most optimistic fan or the most pessimistic fan, truth is, the cards were 13-3 last year and that is who they were. This year, they are 1-3 after 4 games and that is who they are.They can turn it around ( BA sounded more positive about Palmer’s concussion a few minutes ago, although things for CJ didn’t sound so good). With Palmer, this team has the ability to beat anyone.

    With the niners and there 32nd ranked run defense, (and just lost Navarro Bowman), we should be able to run the ball with DJ all day.

    But just a few days ago, I was pointing out the rams were the 32nd ranked offense and went through the first two games without a offensive TD and they put up 17 points and won. So, we will see.

  31. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply


    Point well taken about the plays we left on the field — yes, it’s true, the other team can say the same thing.

    But this is two years in a row where, based on the stat line, we should easily have beaten the Rams, and instead, because of a failure to finish drives (either due to turnovers or penalties), we ended up with FG’s instead of touchdowns.

    The Patriots’ game, as much as we made Garoppolo look like Brady, was basically a statistical toss-up. Could’ve gone either way, and sure enough, it came down to a missed FG.

    One of the maddening things about football is that they only play 16 games, so every game counts so much… the difference between 3-1 and leading the division, and 1-3 and looking like we’re chasing a wild card at best (and only if we right the ship quickly), is a missed FG vs. the Pats and a play or two (turnovers) vs. the Rams.

    I do think some fans expect to win every game by double digits, which isn’t realistic. There’s a reason why almost every game in the NFL has a line of a touchdown or less.

    I’m also starting to wonder about all this stuff the pundits have been saying about our “talent.” Sure, PP and Fitz and some other guys are talented — but I wonder how much our talent has become overrated based on our team’s good performance in the past three years. Funny, the Pats win 10+ games every year but no one talks about all their talent; they attribute it to the coaching or the system.
    But somehow the Cardinals have been labeled not as a team with great coaching that allows them to play above their talent, but as a team that’s oozing talent, as if Barney Fife could be the coach and lead them to the playoffs. I just don’t think that’s true.

  32. By SeeingRed on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    I feel as frustrated and ticked off as everyone did yesterday and does today still but I have to admit that this team is still capable of winning and really just have to figure “it” out. Whatever the hell “IT” is. Getting overly angry and frustrated does nobody any good-from the front office to the fans. Have to take it day by day and week to week. Which isn’t what the team was doing mentally to begin the season. I think they were gearing for the playoffs and that took their focus off the bigger picture which is winning one game at a time to get the opportunity to make a run.
    It’s not too late and us fans need to show some class and back this team WIN OR LOSE. This is the same team that gave us thrills last few years so let’s not revert back to the same ole fair weather fan days. Yes, there has always been plenty of those.

  33. By Scott H on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    Anger in the locker room after the game? Really? ‘Bout friggin time, man. This team could use a little anger right now. Been waiting for some sign of a pulse from this team. Any time your ready, fellas. One quarter of your season is already over.

    Hate to say it but I feel no real sense of confidence in Stanton for this week. And if you’ve paid attention to my posts at all in recent years, you know that I have been one of Stanton’s biggest fans and supporters. But ya know what? He has been horrible pretty much any time he has played since his starts back in 2014. The guy seems to be over-throwing everything. Can we start tiring out his arm now, so he’s not so hyped up on Thursday night? Seriously. He has not played well in recent memory. And the confidence that he will play well on Thursday is just not there. Therefore….

    ….there needs to be a change in the play-calling for this game. Forget this swagger about how when Drew comes in, we don’t change anything, we don’t dial it back, it’s damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead. I swear, if I see that mindless play-calling on Thursday night, I will lose my damn mind. It IS time to dial it back. It is time to run the ball, make short throws to the RB’s out of the backfield ( Andre Ellington, anyone?? ) and work the short middle of the field with the TE’s. Take a few shots just to show that we WILL do that, but…..forget the bombs-away approach. Keep the ball for extended drives, wear their defense out, keep our guys fresh. Hard to believe the 49ers can make this a shootout.

    Play smart, play smaller, play efficient. Don’t be reckless with a QB that hasn’t played well recently. BA needs to try to control this game from the sidelines.

  34. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    OK Maybe this can shed light more on the frustration I have had with Keim this year.

    Look at Elway and the Broncos and Keim and the Cardinals.

    Elway started off looking at an aging QB to come in and lead them. Keim did the same. Elway had receivers in place, as did Keim. Protecting Manning was an issue and drafted 7 olineman in 5 years, Keim drafted 5 in 4 years for the same reason.
    They both drafted versitle running backs. They both signed players on one year deals to fill a spot.

    The broncos won the west 4 straight years and went to the superbowl, only to get beat by seahawks in a blow out. The cards won the west and go blown out in the championship game.

    Sounds like Keim is doing everything right. But here is where they differ.

    Elway missed on some draft picks (although not first rounders) so he goes out and signs Demarcus Ware, Aqib Talib and TJ Ward evan Mathis, Ryan Harris and more after their superbowl loss, then he traded up to add another pass rusher in Shane Ray. He was all or nothing and won the super bowl. Yet winning once, he wants more and trades up again to land a QB of the future.

    Keim, after their loss against Carolina, says it is all or nothing. He signs Mathis, trades for Chandler Jones, but then stops short. Instead of getting a true center, a RT, a CB, he hopes back ups and draft picks can fill the spot. He then drafts a guy who isn’t dressing out in round one.

    That is what is so frustrating. This is the window. Just like Manning was fading, Palmer is too. Why did you not go all in and sign a true CB, restructure pp, Campbell, Fitz and Palmer and sign an Alex Mack at center, a Casey Hayward at CB, Draft a Miles Jack and be all in in 2016.

    This is why I am disappointed in Keim. Yes, he has done many great things, but stopped short. If Palmer is back next year, be all in

  35. By NJAzCardsFan on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    While no one has thought of it… I wonder if BA’s health issues has affected the play calling?

  36. By Scott H on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG –

    I know you have been saying it all along, but it really has started to dawn on me how frustrated I am by the first round misses for this team over the years. We had to wait a damn year for Humphries to be ready. AND perhaps only to find out NOW that he might not have been worth it? Nice. And now, same thing with our 2016 first rounder? I mean, same thing in that here we are, into the regular season and our first round pick is nowhere to be found. Yeah the ankle injury is a part of that, but….aren’t we also hearing comments from the GM seeming to indicate that maybe this kid isn’t working hard enough?

    Cooper? Gone. Never made a mark here. Doesn’t look like he’s gonna make a mark in NE, either, if that’s any consolation.

    Floyd? Not really working out as we’d hoped, is he? He shows flashes of dominance for a spurt, then he disappears. The only word that really describes him at this point is in-consistent.

    And you are right – this O-line is just getting older.

  37. By clssylssy on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    I think what the team is missing is Dwight Freeney’s cookies after a win–nothin’n says love’n like something from the oven! The big man knew how to build team morale!

  38. By Chuck 1 on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    Just wondering. Why do the Cards have a TE?
    Do the other teams throw passes to their TE?
    Can you say Gronk et al???

  39. By Rosie on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    To be clear, I am a long time Cardinal season ticket holder-ASU days in the horrible heat watching so-so football! I had one of the first Cardinal speciality license plates…not a bandwagon fan…I was a fan when it was not real cool to be one of their fans! Yes, I had higher hopes for this team then what they are delivering …..but I do see am unusual amount of talent on that field without the WINS that should come with talent so… What is problem? I have no real answer just observation we desperately need a quality QB! In my observation last year was a fluke for #3…USC has a scary record for quality QB’s Cards should have learned after the Leinhart debacle. You could not have more talent… Without less production, this QB is out of sorts and we have nothing in the hopper!! We truly are missing Bowels “D” mind!! Special teams is way out of control! Ownership has spent the money so it’s coaching, use of talent and pure desire!

  40. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    Since BA claims we cut down on mental errors, did anyone ask him (or PP) about fair-catching a punt on the 5 yard line?

    Three things can possibly happen with that ball:

    A) It bounces backward, so we’d end up in a better spot than the 5.
    B) It bounces toward the end zone and the Rams can’t stop it from going in, so we get it on the 20.
    C) It bounces toward the end zone, but in a nearly-straight-up direction, so the Rams are able to down it inside the 5.

    In case A, we gain an indeterminate number of yards. In case B, we gain 15 yards. In case C, we lose yards — but the MOST we can lose is around 4. Also, I don’t remember any Rams being in a decent position to down the ball behind PP if he let it go.

    C is probably the least likely scenario as well. If I had to put a number on it, I’d say fair-catching a ball on the 5-yard line, on average, probably costs the team an average of 5-10 yards, between the times it bounces backward and the times it rolls into the end zone. Basically, a dumb play… I seem to recall PP fair-catching a ball on the 3 once, and acknowledging the mistake. Is the 5 really any different? I can’t recall seeing any player on an opposing team fair-catch a ball on the 5 or inside the 5 in the past few years, but I’ve seen PP do it twice.

  41. By Dr. G. on Oct 3, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG…OK, you asked for it…here is my serious disagreement with your post. It’s not the window closing; it’s the arcadia door sliding shut and Keim’s draft hand is caught in it….

    We keep saying that one key position that can cause dismissals – – QB…QB…QB…QB!

  42. By shannon robinson on Oct 4, 2016 | Reply

    Question to us all: If you went to the game, did you enjoy it? As Kurt Vonnegut said, “If this isn’t nice, what is?” JTDG, have you ever gone on a trip and things start going wrong from the beginning? Did you work it out? Great trip? I’ve agreed over the long haul with you some and can see there’s thought and study behind your criticisms. Andy Stands Up rows with you on the other side of your boat. If I was sitting next to you guys at the game I’d have to tell you to ‘ease up, you may not be right.’ You want to get rid of Freddie Kitchens? Fire Amos Jones? Declare the O-Line a bust? Cut some guys? I’ll join in since that’s what we’re doing today with TLT and mitchaz to say the Cards can stop the run and we can run the ball. We’re half way home on the big stuff. Fix the protections Goody so Palmer gets more time, and Carson, when Fitz is open on the goal line, you can’t throw to the corner.

  43. By houstoncardsfan on Oct 4, 2016 | Reply

    I hope Keim reads these posts and passes. It along to Keapernick.
    I am 67 and have been a Cardinal fan since I was a kid.
    But I will not watch the Thursday game as long as the unappreciative Kaeernick is on the field showing contempt for those of us who fought and often died so we could live in America.
    Maybe if that S.O.B. Would have seen many of his fellow americans die (2 tours as a helicopter crew chief/door gunner in Vietnam) he might see his disrespectful actions differently.
    Those brave men & women will NEVER share the joys of life that he gets to enjoy everyday!!!!!

  44. By clssylssy on Oct 4, 2016 | Reply

    Darren & anybody else…
    I see we’ve signed Zac Dysert to the active roster, and resigned Kerwynn Williams since CJ was injured. Also see that Arians is saying Palmer is feeling better and there is the possibility of his clearing protocols in time for Thursdays game (altough I’m not sure a concussed Palmer would be that effective except from a morale standpoint). What is Chris’s status? I know a groin injury can range anywhere from “soreness” to requiring surgery and am hoping he is doing OK and will be back soon; he’s tough and having him Thursday against the 9ers would be a gift.
    I really worry that using David Johnson as an every down back just because he can do the job is exposing him unnecessarily to an injury that could take him out the rest of the season. Our run game is going to be major this week as well as an angry Badger, if we have any hope to get this Divisional Road Win.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if they bring Kaepernick out for this one as we are weak and vulnerable, plus he is a very physical and mobile QB and his popularity in the locker room is at an all time high. Can’t discount the power of emotion and hope as evidence by the Bills and Rams.

  45. By mitchaz on Oct 4, 2016 | Reply


    My biggest frustration with Steve Keim this year was not addressing the elephant in the room all off-season which was Calais Campbell’s $15.4M cap figure.

    That has been the albatross around Keim’s neck and is the main reason why, as you point out, he didn’t finish off thenevessary upgrades at CB, C, DE, LS and PR/KR.

    In my opinion, Keim should have persuaded Campbell to take a pay cut—especially as this was an “all in” year and window.

    I still can’t figure out why Keim didn’t—sure, he didn’t want to commit more money to CC on an extension at this point in CC’s career—but he should have done something.

    Weirdly, once SK wasn’t able to do anything it was like even he started thinking that this might not be the year and that next year with all the cap space he is going to acquire and with having all of their draft picks in place—he can make all the signings he needs to.

    Maybe too this is why Keim was very quick to extend Palmer and Fitz another year.

  46. By Darren Urban on Oct 4, 2016 | Reply

    Mitchaz —

    RE: Campbell

    If you are Campbell, going into the last year of your deal, why would you take a pay cut?

  47. By mitchaz on Oct 4, 2016 | Reply


    I get your point, business-wise…and clearly Campbell took his sweet time hiring a new agent and was able to stall the discussion.

    But, if it would help the team (and him) win the ultimate prize in football, why wouldn’t Campbell take a pay cut?

    Maybe that’s naive of me to think…but other veteran players who have already made multiple millions ($55M/5 years for Campbell) have done it before..

  48. By Darren Urban on Oct 4, 2016 | Reply

    Mitchaz —

    RE: Agent

    I’d be careful about making assumptions about talks and lack thereof.

    Players very, very rarely take a straight paycut. And I don’t blame any that don’t.

  49. By Scott H on Oct 4, 2016 | Reply

    When Palmer came here in 2013, it didn’t start well. Halfway through the season, he had thrown more INT’s than TD.s. But by the latter stages of the season, he started getting it together. In 2014, he was playing VERY efficient before he went down in week 9 for the season. In 2015, he was an MVP candidate for 15 weeks, having his best season ever, having the best season ever by a Cardinals QB.

    Then came week 16 against Seattle and he was suddenly un-recognizable from the QB we had been seeing all year. And he has basically stayed there ever since. We get a brief glimpse here and there of the great Palmer, then it disappears again.

    What the hell happened??? What accounts for such extreme peaks and valleys, in the absence of ANYTHING that could reasonably explain the change???

    I can only return, yet again, to the finger injury he suffered in Philly late last year. It has been denied time and time again as a factor. But it is the ONLY significant event that occurred at EXACTLY the time his play started to fall off which may provide ANY explanation at all. If anyone can point to anything else, please do.

    Because, otherwise, it appears that Carson Palmer went to bed one night as an MVP candidate and woke up the next morning a totally different person.

    HOW do you go from playing for 15 weeks at the level he did to doing a total face-plant in the toilet the next time you take the field??? Honestly, I can’t remember seeing anything like it before. And I’m really sorry I’m seeing it now, but….man, it’s like he entered some type of Bermuda Triangle for NFL QB’s and has disappeared without a trace.

  50. By Infitzwetrust on Oct 4, 2016 | Reply

    It’s been a blur since, but I’m sure you all remember the year we went 4-0 an everyone was saying playoffs this and playoffs that, only to end up – an I might be off by a loss or so – 5-11.

    The media an articles like power ranking really emphasis failure and success on a WEEKLY basis which is very fluid. I wonder where we were at in the power ranking that year after beating new England at home compared to where we were that same year after week 17.

    You heard it here first: this team will win 10-11 games.

  51. By TucsonTim on Oct 4, 2016 | Reply

    Get Well C Johnson!

    I know David Johnson is the future but I loved watching Chris Johnson run the ball. I always felt like he was just a step away from breaking a long run…one of the all time greats. Hope he’s not finished.

  52. By Scott H on Oct 4, 2016 | Reply

    Just seeing the news that CJ and Branch are done for the season. Ugh. This is just getting worse. A lot worse. Very quickly. I like that we have Ellington ( a very well rested Ellington ) to slide up into that spot, but….how long will that last?? And it’s not like we can take it easy on him, ya know? With Stanton in at QB and us needing to be careful we don’t run DJ into the ground, Ellington needs to play. Is he up to it? His recent history says he probably isn’t. I hope we see something different.

    Well, I hope we see a LOT of things that look different this week. Ellington taking on some of the road and staying healthy is just one of them.

  53. By Halagator on Oct 4, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG –

    I have read a bunch of your posts over the years and do appreciate your analysis of the team…but I will say you are often too harsh on the behind the scenes of football operations. Lets face it, none of us is a GM in charge of a major sports franchise. If we were, none of us would be sitting her reading these posts, but rather focusing on player personnel moves and re-signing FA. You’ve had season tickets for 24 years. You’ve seen some bad football. We’ve had 6 winning seasons in 28 years…and 5 of them have come in the last 8 years. So lets not be too quick to judge or throw the towel in. Lets remember how far we have come in the last few years. Being a huge Cardinals fan up here in Canada, I was literally maybe 1 of 10 fans in the entire country. Now I see hats and Cardinals gear everywhere…whereas before I could only get stuff if I visited my Grandma in Mesa. So lets wait to see how the season plays out, us true Cardinals loyalists always have faith our squad will pull through!

  54. By Joseph Robinett (Lightwing) on Oct 4, 2016 | Reply

    I thank you, Mr. Tucson Tim, and Mr. Scott H., for your notice of concern and appreciation for our noble warriors, Mr. Chris J. and Mr. Branch. May The Great Spirit of healing surround them, Mr. C. Palmer and our other battered men of the gridiron, now and forever….

    Sincerely, Lightwing

  55. By truths4all on Oct 4, 2016 | Reply

    Shouldn’t all players, coaches, team officers, and fans have taken every game and every loss personally at the beginning of the regular season?

    By saying it is OK to take things personally by now is self-insinuating that the Cards haven’t taken things personally before.

  56. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 4, 2016 | Reply


    Maybe I am a little too harsh. If I owned the Cardinals, I think I would be too much like Jerry Jones or Al Davis and hire myself as GM because no one else could do as good a job in my mind. But to be honest, as crazy as they are, they have won superbowls.

    I think, as a fan for all those years, I have watched the team make it to the playoffs in 98 only to watch management dismantle the team. I have watched a team draft one QB in the first round since coming to AZ – 1988 . I’ve seen the team make just terrible draft picks and bad decisions over the years. Here the cards finally have a legit chance to be a super bowl contender and they made such bad mistakes.

    But to your comment about being a fan and not a GM, that is MY argument.

    How can me, as a fan and not a GM, know Cooper was a bust before he was picked ? , Bucannon isn’t a safety before he was picked?,How Can I see we needed a CB and a Center, as a guy sitting home and Steve Keim can’t.
    Keim is the expert studying film and all the things you said, but a guy sitting at home sees it and he doesn’t?

    I think that is what drives me crazy. I used my Elway and the Broncos example to show how, when close, to go all in and make a run. Keim didn’t. Its frustrating to see that.

  57. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 4, 2016 | Reply

    mitchaz and Darren,

    I agree that something needed to be done with Campbell’s contract. I also agree, if I am Campbell, I am not taking a pay cut.

    So, either extend it or cut him.
    Here is where Keim’s bad judgment comes in (or at least they way I view it) . Keim knew he needed Campbell this year but thought, with Gunter and Nkemdiche, the cards would be fine next year at DE.
    He could be right and some would praise him for sticking to his guns, as next year the cards could have 2 good ends and no big Campbell contract.

    Problem is, by not doing anything, he had to do some make shift moves at other positions. He also grabbed Nkemdiche to fill Campbell’s spot next year instead of worrying about this year.

    His moves may pay off next year, but left huge holes this year. And as I pointed out, what if Palmer goes down again and decides he has had enough? Well, some cap room for Cutler or Fitzpatrick, might be a wise move. He should have been all in for this year.

    Here is what I would have done. I would have released Campbell and traded Floyd (maybe for a two and 4) . With the cap savings, I would have grabbed Alex Mack at center and Casey Hayward at CB, a vet OT and kept Red Bryant. Drafted Miles Jack in round one and used my 2 , 3 and two 4’s on a QB, G and Dline. Think if we grabbed Jaron Reed (starting for Seattle ) in round 2. Brissett in round 3 . (I wanted Brissett before draft)

    Would we be better?

  58. By clssylssy on Oct 4, 2016 | Reply

    Only week 4 and already losing players to IR, hopefully, Chris Johnson will be back in 8 weeks and we’ll have that dual Johnson & Johnson threat going into December when the going gets even rougher and hopefully the stakes are still high. Hate to see anybody lose the entire season so early and with the inordinate numbers of injuries, I have to wonder about conditioning and the conditions of the field–read somewhere the grass was wet and there was a lot of slipping and sliding by both teams. I have my doubts about Ellington’s durability and toughness but, he does have speed so hopefully he can stay elusive. During the offseason, there was a lot of talk about the numerous subsets we were going to have this year, and I have been waiting to see some of these innovative new schemes…now would be the time to pull some surprises on both sides of the ball!
    Not feeling real confident about our QB situation for Thursday, nothing personal against Stanton but he hadn’t played in two years , and Keim “didn’t see this coming” …OMG, like that should come as a surprise to fans…NOT!
    I really feel if somehow we could pull a win out against the 9ers it would go a long, long ways to helping everybody psychologically. Larry talks about the flags disappearing around town and I see some fans starting to thrown the “bandwagoner” label on anybody who is unaccepting of substand Cardinal play however, that just goes to show how far we’ve come because I remember the day when winning was not the norm and the people of this town not only accepted but even expected this team to lose. Good to have reached the level where we have high standards and Don’t Take Losses! Need to play fast but smart on Thursday night and bring home a win! Go Cards!

  59. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 4, 2016 | Reply

    Shannon Robinson,

    “You want to get rid of Freddie Kitchens? Fire Amos Jones? Declare the O-Line a bust? Cut some guys? ”

    I think you would have a hard time finding anywhere that I said someone should be fired or cut.

    I will let you in on something. When I go to games, I never criticize during the game. I actually watch the game and make observations in my mind. But most of the time, I cheer on the defense and watch the offensive plays develop.

    When I get home, I never get right on this board like many do. I usually wait till Monday after I hear Keim and BA talk on the radio. I then compare what they say to what I observed. If I feel Keim or BA are trying to “snow job” the fans or cover for their mistakes, I speak out.

    But most of all, I usually try to say something that gets fans thinking. I take a side and make tough judgments. If wrong, I admit it. There are some on the board who enjoy my post and others who can;t stand them. Some enjoy arguing with me while others ask me questions. I am not a politician. I am not a cheer leader.

    I know some of you want me to be positive. Some question me as a fan. But this isn’t little league. This is professional football. People (like me) pay lots of money. This is a results profession. You can’t be a Super Bowl contender and start 1-3 and expect everyone to say it is going to be alright. Keep trying.

    Understand how bad this start is. We have road games with SF, Panthers, Vikings, Falcons, Dolphins , Seahawks and Rams. If we win all our home games (we are 1-2 now at home) the rest of the way ( Which have Hawks, Jets, niners skins and saints) and win 4 of the 7 away games, we can get to 10-6 and maybe get in the playoffs. Drop one more home game and thats 9-7.

  60. By Halagator on Oct 5, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG –

    I do agree the franchise has made some bad picks over the years, give up on players only to have them perform like stars elsewhere (Thomas Jones) or unable to sign our valuable free agents because we were brutal on the field. (Calvin Pace and Simeon Rice come to mind here) Only until recently have we been able to attract decent FA’s.

    On the Cards lack of picking a QB…I concur that the only relevant QB we have taken since moving to the desert was Jake Plummer in 1997 and he was a 2nd round pick. Some QB’s we could have picked but missed out on over the years…

    1991 – Favre – 2nd round
    2000 – Brady – 6th round
    2001 – Brees – 2nd round
    2004 – Rivers and Roethlisberger – 1st round
    2005 – Rodgers – 1st round
    2011 – Dalton – 2nd Round
    2012 – Wilson – 3rd round

    The 2004 draft is an interesting one…We draft Fitzgerald (Not that any of us is disappointed with this choice), but we are coming off a 2003 season that produced 4 wins. Jeff Blake and Josh McCown are the QB’s. RIvers and Roethlisberger are both available. But at the time Fitz was the best player available so I understand the logic. This one is open for debate…lol

    On the note of Cooper…Why would the Patriots trade for him and make him a starter if he was so terrible? The Patriots rank number 32 on my depth chart and it pains me to say this but I will say they have been the best run franchise since Belichick took over in 2000.

    Bucannon is a stud. They picked him thinking he would be a safety, but ended up creating the money backer position to get him on field because we had a deep secondary at the time. Now other teams have drafted players for this money backer spot.

    A couple observations I do have though…Injuries/recovery have killed us. Realistically our starting 4 DB’s would have been great. PP, Jenkins, Honey Badger and Branch. With Bethal coming in on nickel situations. Then you have Cooper and DJS as depth. Williams never sees the field except on special teams. BA said we have leaders in the secondary, and I do agree with that, but losing Johnson hurt us because he was a field general. We don’t have that right now. You always need a guy to give direction in your unit. Someone has to step up.

    I think if we can rattle off 2 wins in a row vs the 49ers and Jets the season is still very much alive. A loss tomorrow might stick a fork in us.

  61. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 5, 2016 | Reply


    The patriots took Cooper to help in cap relief as we took on Jones contract. Sending Coopers 5 million away was part of the deal. Starter? Cooper hasn’t played a single play this year. In preseason, he was penciled in because there was a 5th round rookie sitting behind him. But as the cards learned, the 5th rounder could play. Mark my words, Cooper will be released by the patriots at the end of the year.

    Bucannon? That is the smoke screens I talk about. Keim had no safeties in 2013, so he thought he would draft one in round one. Go back before the draft. Look at how many times I said the kid can not cover at all as a safety. They saw he could not cover. Therefore, They moved him to backer and gave him a fancy name because he didn’t like to be called an ILB. But that is exactly what he has played every down since becoming a pro. You can’t argue that. It is fact.

    Stud? He has Zero passes defensed this year. Only 3 last year in 16 games. In comparison, DWash had 11 passes defensed and 3 sacks in 12 games in 2013.
    Remember, this is a safety who has a career of 5 passes defensed. As a safety, shouldn’t he be better at coverage than tackling?

    Mike Jenkins was a disappointment in Dallas. Since 2013, he has started only 5 games (14-16). To say he is the answer is just hoping. Nothing supports it.

    Bethel was bad last year, which prompted Keim to get Jenkins and Ball and draft Williams. Not sure why he was an answer.

    Branch, I believe, has been out of position and would like to see what he can do as a centerfielder.

    PP is as good as it gets and Badger is hard to watch. It is like watching Ali vs Holmes. You see he knows how to make plays but his body isn’t letting him. Can’t wait to see him healthy.

    But again, if you are all in, you have to get a good CB. As I said, Elway had Chris Harris (who is a top 10 CB). But that wasnt good enough. He drafted a CB in Bradley Roby in round 1. Roby is pretty good but Elway wanted to be sure and then signed Aqib Talib. Same at OLB. He had Von Miller, drafted Shane Ray in round one and signed Damarcus Ware.

    Those are studs and he doubled down. Gee, when thinking about that 2015 super bowl, did the defense have anything to do with it?

  62. By Halagator on Oct 6, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG –

    I agree D-Buc is a run stopper first. Washington is a stud. I agree on that. When we had him and Dansby, hard pressed to find a better linebacking duo.

    I agree on the Badger – it has been painful to watch – I hope he can unleash tonight…we need him.

    Speaking of Washington…Does anyone think he will ever play again? My gut feeling is no. Darren? Any news on him?

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