Former Cardinal Cooper cut by Patriots

Posted by Darren Urban on October 8, 2016 – 12:36 pm

Injuries undercut Jonathan Cooper in Arizona, and they have already undercut his brief stay in New England.

The Cardinals’ 2013 No. 1 pick, part of the trade that brought linebacker Chandler Jones to the Cardinals this past offseason, was released Saturday by the Patriots. Cooper hurt his foot at the outset of training camp and just came off the injury report this week. He never was able to get back into the mix for playing time after initially working as a starter in the offseason.

It’d be easy to say the Cardinals “won” the Jones trade, although the Patriots dealt Jones for many more reasons than to get Cooper. They needed salary cap room, and they knew they weren’t going to be able to bring back Jones — who will be a free agent — after this season. The Patriots also flipped the pick during the draft to the Saints to get an extra third- and fourth-round pick, and took guard Joe Thuney — who, unlike Cooper, is starting — and wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell.

But the Cardinals definitely came out ahead with the trade from their perspective. Jones has been solid, with four sacks in five games, and played very well against the 49ers. The Cards currently lead the NFL in total sacks. It was worth the loss of a late second-round pick, and the reality was the Cardinals were ready to move on from Cooper.

It’s too bad for Cooper. He was playing well in the preseason of 2013 before he broke his leg. After that, he was never the same, and could never stay healthy anyway. I know some will ask about bringing him back given the injuries to the current guards, but Coop hasn’t stayed healthy thus far. Don’t see the Cardinals going through that availability problem again. UPDATE: Cooper was claimed off waivers by the Browns.


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21 Responses to “Former Cardinal Cooper cut by Patriots”

  1. By Marlin on Oct 8, 2016 | Reply

    maybe we can pick up up for depth at guard? no?

  2. By Scott H on Oct 8, 2016 | Reply

    I feel bad for Cooper. Shame.

    Cooper was no loss for the Cardinals and he was nothing but a throw-in for the Pats in that trade. What did they have to lose? If he worked out, they got a decent O-linemen. But we’re a long way from declaring a winner in this trade. We have yet to see how well Jones plays over the course of the season, OR if he will be re-signed for the future. I would guess he will be, but…ya never know.

    AND we have yet to see what NE does with the 2nd round pick they got. Knowing how they do things up there….it will be a player that fits what they do and will play well for them. At any given time, they have very few studs on their roster. They don’t need them, so they don’t over-pay for guys like Jones. They ride guys like Jones as far as they can – without doing the BIG deals to re-sign them – then they move on. But they always have the right guys, the guys that fit what they do. That includes, as we now know, their back-up QB’s.

  3. By JR on Oct 8, 2016 | Reply

    Darren, I am shocked that the Cards do not have a radio outlet in Tucson and Southern AZ. That’s very disappointing for me as I like to listen to the radio guys on game days.

  4. By creditcard on Oct 8, 2016 | Reply

    I would think the Cards should re-consider adding Jonathan Cooper as a practice squad player. I believe it would do a few critical things:

    1. Sends a message if the Cards believe Cooper can be a talent on the field, they are willing to give him a chance, and this re-enforces their statement about always trying to get the best players for the team.
    2. Cooper being back in AZ, knowing the system and being granted another chance, will really take this chance seriously and give it all he has. I think this would be an excellent motivational tactic to Cooper and anyone in the locker room
    3. Cooper has talent, he has lost confidence from a myriad of injuries, a move like this may bring back lost confidence.
    4. The Cards need experience on the interior line, not another rookie / has been cut multiple time try-out. There is a reason why the Colts and the Dolphins cut the OL recently signed (forgot name) from their practice squad.
    5. Cooper would be cheap for an experienced player.

  5. By Darren Urban on Oct 9, 2016 | Reply

    credit —

    RE: Cooper

    Cooper is not practice-squad eligible.

  6. By Joe C. on Oct 8, 2016 | Reply

    Scott H., I think we can only decide if the 2nd round pick was worth Jones. What the Pats do with it is irrelevant. Darren do you know if Cooper is even healthy? I realize to be released he has to be cleared to play, but is he limping around? I’d have to think his knowledge of the schemes would be worth something.

  7. By Joseph Robinett (Lightwing) on Oct 8, 2016 | Reply

    JR, I talked to a Cardinal official about our Tucson missing feed, and he was as surprised as I and other Tucsonans have been… Basically, he communicated that he was told that there would be a conflict with the UofA sports broadcast. Also, he continued, by saying, that the Cardinal organization is working on contracting with another local Tucson station in the future.

    I miss the great Mr. Wolfley, to be sure.


  8. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 8, 2016 | Reply

    What??? How is this possible? I mean, here is what they said on draft day;

    “I don’t think there’s any doubt,” Arians said. “Larry Allen, early in his career, was an unbelievably athletic pulling guard that when he got there, good things happened for the offense. This kid has that.”
    Cooper didn’t hear about that comparison until today. Nor one to another Hall of Fame guard, Randall McDaniel, who many know around these parts after he grew up in Avondale and went to Arizona State, or multi-time Pro Bowl guard Alan Faneca, who played for Arians in Pittsburgh during his glory days and later finished his career as a Cardinal.

    No one saw this coming. He was going to multiple pro bowls and then HOF. This is impossible.

  9. By sbrown on Oct 8, 2016 | Reply

    Scott H –
    New England already used the second round pick from Arizona, in the 2016 draft.
    With pick #30 ( # 61 overall ) New England traded the Arizona pick to New Orleans , who selected Vonn Bell, 5ft 10, 199 lbs Free Safety from Ohio State.

    New England , in the trade got from New Orleans a third ( overall # 78 ) and a fourth ( overall # 112 )
    with # 78, selected Joe Thuney, 6 ft 4 304 lbs, OG from N. Carolina State
    with # 112, selected Malcom Mitchell, 5 ft 11 198 WR from Georgia.

    Thuney is a starter at guard, maybe that is why they just cut Cooper.
    Mitchell is their #3 WR, behind Edelman, had 3 receptions in game vs Cards.

  10. By Dr. G. on Oct 8, 2016 | Reply

    JR… Very surprising if the towers for radio and tv on South Mountain have the broadcast that you cannot get it… It is really flat territory from the mountain. If you don’t have cable or a dish, perhaps an antenna on your roof or even the ceiling will help…good luck…maybe commandeer a local pub…? Also the net should be an option.

  11. By BIGAL on Oct 8, 2016 | Reply

    Wow, feel bad for Coop…he’s still young, I hope this re-motivates him to an NFL
    level…I honestly wonder if he ever understood that! A lot don’t…I always thought
    he could be a good interior lineman. Hope he works it out!

  12. By dan on Oct 9, 2016 | Reply

    I wonder if Momah can rush the QB.

  13. By mitchaz on Oct 9, 2016 | Reply

    Assessing the Cardinals’ Personnel

    Offense Through 5 Games:

    QB Palmer—seems to be laboring and forcing the issue—needs to settle down and take what the defenses are giving him.
    QB Stanton—hopefully an improved second half versus 49ers will boost his confidence
    RB Johnson—carrying the offense—can he hold up week after week?
    RB Ellington—a bust on STs, still shows flashes at RB, but can he hold up with increased roll?
    RB Taylor—ran hard versus 49ers, has not stood out on STs
    TE Fells—team missed him this past week—best TE on roster
    TE Gresham—generally speaking he’s been a huge disappointment, but did rally up versus 49ers
    TE Momah—made the STs cover team play of the year thus far, needs to emerge in the offense
    TE Valles—made immediate rookie mistakes, doesn’t quite seem ready
    LT Veldheer—starting to return to old form, carrying less weight helps
    LG Iupati—seems like every time he cuts it loose, he gets injured—out 2-4 weeks with ligament tear in ankle
    LG Wetzel—stepped up big-time filling in for Iupati
    C Shipley—high in effort, but up and down in performance
    C Boehm—will he get his shot?
    RG Watford—wildly inconsistent, but coming off best game versus 49ers
    RG Toner—may get some action soon coming off good pre-season
    RT Humphries—has been inconsistent, but is showing talent and promise
    WR Fitzgerald—just keeps turning heads
    WR Floyd—losing favor with coaches, must show a willingness to catch balls over the middle
    WR John Brown—is starting to look like the John Brown of old, needs to adapt better to the deep passes
    WR Jaron Brown—high effort player who produces in the clutch
    WR Nelson—looks like he’s getting healthy at a very good time
    WR Golden—no question he adds tenacity to the STs, but can’t have PF penalties


    RB Chris Johnson—was having a very good game versus Rams—this is a big loss for his and the team
    TE Niklas—was not getting it done and now another injury
    RG Mathis—really tried his best and played through pain, but has been fighting injuries for months

    Defense Through 5 games

    DE Campbell—big game versus 49ers was needed after so-so start (good versus run, not versus pass)
    NT Peters—has come up big in goal-line situations—otherwise, has not been a consistent factor
    DE Rucker—battling injuries again—just like Iupati just when he is cutting it loose, he gets injured
    DE Gunter—not holding up at the point of attack and not providing pass rush
    DE Mauro—good start but has tailed off due to injury
    DE Stinson—injured now, but wasn’t producing anyway
    DE X. Williams—getting close as run stuffer, but not finishing
    DE Nkemdiche—injured and not in favor with coaches
    DE Pierre—has some pass rush ability, but remains inactive each week
    LB Bucannon—starting to heat up after very slow start
    LB Minter—has blitzed well, but has not been as steady a tackler as the team needs
    LB G. Martin—has been solid on STs
    OLB Golden—might be defensive MVP thus far for his tenacious pass rush—but, loses contain too much on options, bootlegs and reverses
    OLB Jones—starting to impose himself in pass rush now that he has been moved around, loses contain and doesn’t defend the run as well as he should—he’s out of position as an OLB
    OLB Okafor—had best game versus 49ers—looks like a good addition to the new 4 man rush (Golden, Okafor, Campbell and Jones)—showed this week he can finish off tackles
    OLB K. Martin—just returning from knee rehab
    CB Peterson—has been superb in coverage (the holding call versus Austin hurt, as did the fair catch on the 5 yard line)
    CB Cooper—who would have thought he would have 3 interceptions in 4 games? Has made some mistakes, but has played good, close coverage and has shown an ability to tackle when he sets his mind to it
    CB Williams—lost job to Cooper and had stronger second half versus pats after rough first half.
    CB Bethel—has only has one good game and is only playing STs
    CB Simon—could be seeing more of him in sub packages in weeks ahead
    SS Jefferson—another MVP candidate to date—leads team in tackles, but is not a good FS in coverage, needs to stay at SS
    SS/CB Mathieu—was out of position playing FS and looks motivated to return to form as nickel CB
    FS Swearinger—runs the alley in a flash and tackles well—but is not a good deep cover FS


    LB Fua—just never got on track this year due to injuries and loss of speed
    CB Jenkins—was a tough blow because he was looking solid in camp
    FS/CB Branch—was playing super hard, but not quite as fast as he was in KC last year


    FS Christian—no reasonable explanation has been given yet, especially for keeping an injured, ineffective punter and holder another week

    Special Teams Through 5 Games:

    K Catanzaro—has been very good and has extended his range to 60 yards
    LS Brewer—only one off-target snap on XPT (to the right of holder), otherwise very good
    P Quigley—has been an upgrade as punter and holder


    P Butler—high effort guy, good team guy, inconsistent performer


    LS Canaday—got the yips which is not uncommon for rookies, especially ones from small schools

    Current Needs:


    RB—a tough runner behind David Johnson who can pound the ball 3-5 times in a row when needed. How about Elijhaa Penny?
    TE—a solid veteran like Jim Dray could help if Valles isn’t quite ready.


    DE—hopefully Rucker will get back to full strength, but the drop off after him has been steep.
    FS—the team needs a deep cover FS for nickel and dime packages—it is a glaring weakness.

  14. By shannon robinson on Oct 9, 2016 | Reply

    The choice of Johnathon Cooper was a statement by Steve Keim that we were going to create a dominating offensive line and we were starting with the Left Guard position. We all agree that Cooper looked great until he broke his leg. However the same year Watford was also drafted, out of a small school, Marshall. Watford was sold as an intelligent guy, a chess player, with great athletic ability and quick feet. He said he wanted to be a starting guard for the Cards and now he is. That Star-quality left guard is now Mike Iupati. The dedication to a great offensive line has still remained a first objective which began with the contract commitment to Veldheer, the draft of DJ Humphries and Boehm. Watford has surpassed expectations, worked hard, and has talent. I thought Wetzel was going to be our 9th lineman on the practice squad and then he makes the team! He was a pleasant surprise by coaching staff that wanted to keep extra guys for both lines, just like Olsen Pierre. Wetzel played a lot in the preseason and showed guts to finish games hurt – he did a real good job in relief of Iupati. I still think J. Cooper was worth the risk and that the statement made in that draft is about to be realized with players who are on the team roster now. Our running back just ran for 150 yards.

  15. By Scott H on Oct 9, 2016 | Reply

    Joe C –

    RE: Cooper

    Yeah, you are right. That makes sense. If Jones is all they want him to be ( AND assuming he is all that they want him to be beyond this year ), the Cardinals got great value for the 2nd round pick. Maybe there will be no “winner” in that trade, maybe it will be a trade that both teams benefitted from. Nothing wrong with that.

  16. By Scott H on Oct 9, 2016 | Reply

    Injuries already taking their toll. I really thought Mathis was going to help solidify the other side of the line. Now he’s done and we’re back to Watford. And if we were happy with Watford…..would we have brought Mathis in in the first place? That is a big loss. That one hurts. As do the losses of CJ and Branch.

    And I guess we don’t know where we stand with Iupati yet.

    And maybe, one of these weeks, we’ll get Floyd back, too. He’s not injured…’s just seemed that way.

  17. By texascard on Oct 9, 2016 | Reply

    I predicted in the offseason that golden would be defensive MVP to a swarm of thumbs down. That may be what upset the group about your latest comments. One card you missed was Dan Williams. I think peters is playing better than Williams wondered what you thought. I agree with you about Golden’s flaw but I think he is much more polished than last year. Go cards. Run the ball

  18. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 9, 2016 | Reply


    Got any insight into what the heck is going on with Lorenzo Alexander? I mean 9 sacks total in his first 9 years, and now, at 33 yrs old, leads the league with 7 sacks.

    I know this is a cardinal board but, hey, he was a cardinal for 2 years.

  19. By Darren Urban on Oct 10, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: Alexander

    No idea.

  20. By Axael Lugo on Oct 10, 2016 | Reply

    Thanks for the Spanish radio programming love listening to it it feels like he gets all into those play that guy is great keep up the great work!!!!! i am from Yuma or Somerton in AZ big fan , it sucks that they don’t show the games down here when they play on Thursday or Mondays so i do listen on the radio. which is in Spanish and its great play by play and the TOUCHDOWN!! are great lol awesome guy make me feel I am at the game ..

  21. By mitchaz on Oct 10, 2016 | Reply


    Peters has been improving the more he gets into game shape and he’s made two big plays in the end zone e, but I think Dan Williams, when in shape and hungry, is a more talented player.

    The thing is—Peters really isn’t a NT. He’s a 43 DT or a 34 DE.

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