Keim: Palmer still in protocol, Iupati TBA

Posted by Darren Urban on October 10, 2016 – 8:10 am

Injuries are starting to play a big role in what is happening with the Cardinals this season, and even though we are four days past the Cardinals’ last game, General Manager Steve Keim still didn’t gave anything concrete to say about guard Mike Iupati, who hurt his ankle against the 49ers. Keim, during his appearance on the “Doug and Wolf” show on Arizona Sports 98.7, said the Cardinals would find out more either later Monday or Tuesday if Iupati would miss any time, although it would not be a surprise if Iupati did miss at least the game against the Jets a week from today. The Cardinals, of course, will definitely be without their other starting guard, Evan Mathis, who went on injured reserve over the weekend. (Keim said there was still a chance Mathis could be the one player to come back off IR this season.)

As for quarterback Carson Palmer, Keim said he remains in the concussion protocol, but Keim said in his communication with Palmer he was encouraged and Palmer is “doing great by all indications.”

The Cardinals don’t return to the practice field until Wednesday, and have an extra day to prepare because of “Monday Night Football.”

— Keim said the win over the 49ers “certainly instilled some confidence” although there remain concerns, like yet another slow start on offense.

— Losing Mathis cost the Cards a core player and strong leader, Keim acknowledged, but the Cardinals have some options. Earl Watford is expected to start in Mathis’ absence, and if Iupati is down, John Wetzel will likely get the call. Keim praised John Wetzel for filling in for Iupati in San Francisco.

— Overall, the offensive line played well, Keim said. Right tackle D.J. Humphries still has work to do in the passing game, but the GM really likes how Humphries is playing in the running game.

— Keim felt backup QB Drew Stanton “played solid.” He was hampered by a few dropped passes. As the backup, there is “no doubt we have a lot of confidence in him.”

— Keim echoed Bruce Arians about Michael Floyd’s issues, calling it strictly inconsistency and a loss of confidence. “We know what kind of player Michael can be,” Keim said. “When he gets hot, he can be a difference-maker for us.”

— Five games into the season, Keim remains optimistic. “I’m still confident it’s going to be a special year.”

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29 Responses to “Keim: Palmer still in protocol, Iupati TBA”

  1. By edward on Oct 10, 2016 | Reply

    I have been a cardinals fan since st. louis days.the offence is too vanilla,and the defence always have the wrong have great players on defence let the play and make plays. james betcher was not ready for the big the pro league u play the best player the defence is not about betcher play ur best players.he never played the game its just certain things he will never understand

  2. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 10, 2016 | Reply

    If it’s going to be a special year, we can’t afford to lose a single game against a lesser opponent like the Jets, Dolphins, Saints, etc. Those all HAVE to be wins, because we have two games against Seattle and games at Carolina, Minnesota and Atlanta all coming up. In fact, after our Jets game, we have Seattle on a short week at home, @Carolina, then what should be a breather (home vs. SF) before taking on the Vikings and Falcons away, who are a combined 9-1. That’s going to be a very tough stretch — we will likely be underdogs in at least three of those games.

    Ryan and Bradford have both had lousy games against us historically, but I don’t think we can continue to count on that… at least not with how our secondary leaves guys wide open. We have some serious issues to fix before taking on Wilson, Newton, Bradford and Ryan in 4 out of 5 weeks.

    Based on how we’re playing, I’d say it would be very optimistic to assume we’d win 3 of those games. And if we lose 3, we’re toast. I’m hoping we can go 2-2 out of those four. Then if we win every other game on the schedule that we “should” win (home vs. Jets, Niners, Dolphins, Redskins, Saints; away vs. Dolphins and Rams), we’d be 10-5 with the game at Seattle in the second-to-last week possibly deciding our fate (11-5 and I think we’re in for sure; 10-6 and we could be on the bubble.

    And yes, I’m counting on @Rams as a game we should win. We lost to them at home this year just like we lost last year to them at home due to turnovers, and then we pasted them on the road 27-3. Hopefully we can do the same.

    Amazing to be worrying about whether we can even make the playoffs at this juncture. I’d say there’s an outside chance we could sneak in at 9-7 — if we beat Carolina, then I could see them stumbling to the same record (and we’d own the tiebreaker). I don’t think the Rams are real and I could see them losing 4 out of their last 5 (@ NE and Seattle, home against Atlanta and us). MN and GB are likely both in, so then assuming we beat Carolina and they likewise stumble to 9-7, the question is whether a second team from the East can finish better than 9-7. Philly has a tough schedule; their win vs. Pitt was impressive but their other two wins were against two of the worst teams in football, so I think Wentz & co. come back to Earth. And if you assume that we beat the Redskins, then as of today we’d have the same record and own the tiebreaker. I can’t see them going 10-6.

    All very speculative of course, but I think it drives home the point that we can’t lose any more games like the Rams game.

  3. By Mark DeAngelis on Oct 10, 2016 | Reply

    I am a Philly fan. But I love Coach Arians! Do the coach a solid Arizona! Go get Philip Rivers!!

  4. By NJAzCardsFan on Oct 10, 2016 | Reply

    The defensive backfield still needs improvement…..

    Darren- Will Nkemdiche ever play this year….???

    Stanton performance was “respectable” for a change against the 49er’s
    I saw that Hoyer threw close to 400yds yesterday. Too bad the Cards didn’t give him a chance….

  5. By Darren Urban on Oct 10, 2016 | Reply

    NJAz —

    RE: Nkemdiche

    Yes, I think he’ll play this year.

  6. By TLT on Oct 10, 2016 | Reply

    Obvious comments, I know: As with NE loss, Buffalo loss does not look as bad now that a few more games played by that opponent. Rams game sticks out as the one that hurts most, can cause biggest issue. Todd Bowles on way, this will be another desperate team, Cards cant afford to play down, gotta run the rock with new new Gs in lineup. Jets secondary susceptible, but the line of scrimmage key in exposing the DBs…if we can get the rush/sacks, can be nice win.

  7. By Chuck 1 on Oct 10, 2016 | Reply


    Why did you change your moniker from DTL?

  8. By Richard S on Oct 10, 2016 | Reply

    I hope it’s a special year. As a youngster I started rooting for the Cardinals their last year in Chicago as I had a baseball team, the Cardinals and so the Cardinal football team seemed appropriate too. I’m sure Keim is thinking forward to the next quarterback. You can’t help it. That’s his job, to keep the team as a contender. The Cowboys sure look like they got a good young one. Hopefully the next QB will be a young long lasting QB who can keep the Cards at the top of the heap. I guess you have to have a bad year to get a really good one in the draft though. I guess I won’t see the next game as it looks like I’ll be landing at the airport and fighting rush hour traffic to get home, but the way the Cards have been playing I won’t miss much in the first quarter anyway.

  9. By Scott H on Oct 10, 2016 | Reply

    With some time for teams to emerge into what they truly appear to be, here’s what I’ve seen – we’ve played 3 good / great teams and lost to all 3. We played 2 bad teams and we beat them both. Looking at our schedule, we have more good teams left than bad teams. See where I’m going with this?

    Simple – we better start beating some of the good teams. And that means we have to start playing up to / at a level we really haven’t seen since Dec 20th in Philly last year. And as I write that, I can’t believe it’s really been that long.

    Time to stop wishing and hoping. Because that is kinda how I felt going into the game against San Fran. Yeah, that was with Stanton at QB, but…..2 things – first, it was STILL against a very bad team. And second, it really hasn’t felt much better when Palmer has played.

    Regardless, I’m sick of feeling that way. Start playing at the level you are supposed to be playing at. Your roster says you are one of the best teams in the league. Start being the team you are supposed to be. Start contending. Stop pretending. Start playing like the big boys.

    The Jets are an absolute train-wreck at this point. Fitzpatrick has been a disaster. But they are going to come in here pretty much in the same frame of mind the Bills had coming into their games against us a few weeks ago – pissed, backs against the wall, and wanting to take it out on someone. Needing to win to turn their season around. That makes them dangerous. So does the talent they have on that roster.

    But ya know what? I don’t see us as being any different right now. WE should be pissed, our backs ARE still against the wall ( a loss put us at 2-4, folks ), and WE are still very much in need of turning our season around. I shouldn’t need to be saying this in Week 6, but IF this season is going to turn around and start to get right, it HAS to start right now. We have to get to .500 this week, and take it up from there.

    For Palmer, it is defining moment time for him. Seriously. And as Kevin Costner said in Tin Cup – when a defining moment comes along, you either define the moment or the moment defines you. I think that is where Palmer is right now. He is either a great QB, or he isn’t. Great QB’s DO NOT play as long as he has and only have ONE win in the post-season. That’s Andy Dalton. And Andy Dalton is not gonna win you a SB. Palmer needs to define who he is NOW. And I think how that goes will pretty much be how it goes for the Arizona Cardinals.

  10. By rod on Oct 10, 2016 | Reply

    Darren, somebody posted this in the cardinals forum…how is it that Stanton is still with our team when you look at these stats? And please don’t say because the offense is so complex that Drew knows it :

    posters comments below the line

    Carson is expected to pass protocol. BA mentioned in his presser
    that he hasn’t practiced yet with his helmet on. That is next step according to BA.

    No New England is not undefeated. But you have to give B.B. credit and his team.

    They are 4-1 They surprised me by beating us at home. This was done without Brady, Gronkowski, Nate Solder and Ninkovich

    I am no New England Fan at all I respect their process.

    Garopolo goes down Jacoby Brissett comes in

    Brissett stats for 2016 34-55 400 yards 61.8% O Ints O TDS Rating 83.9 A ROOKIE QB 3RD STRING < now on IR

    Drew Stanton's stats 2016 16-43 172 yds. 37.2 Com% 2 TDs 2 INTs 45.9 RATING 10 YEAR VETERAN

    10 years to prepare for the limelight VS a rookie and Garopolo a 3 yr vet. His stats 42-60 70% Comp 4 TDS O INTS 117 rating

  11. By Darren Urban on Oct 10, 2016 | Reply

    Rod —

    RE: Stanton

    Not sure what you want me to say. For one, obviously Arians and Keim want him here. Two, you’ve clearly made up your mind on the subject. That’s fine.

  12. By red2616 on Oct 10, 2016 | Reply

    Patriots did NOT beat the Cardinals. They didn’t win the game and they were not the better team. I also think if Brady had played, Cards would have anialated them. The reason for my “they didn’t lose the game is because the game came down to a snap. Zero of what the Patriots did. Also in the 1st qtr the refs made a bad call they led to a at TD. Bothe had zero to do with how good the Patriots are. Cardinals won but their long snapper (now cut) snapped 1” to low. If you want to give all this credit to a team because the otherr team had a bad snap. Than your an idiot. If I was a Patriots fan I would be saying “we got damn lucky, we should have lost but luck was on our side. Few Patriot fans are that smart. Don’t take offense if it was the Seahawks, Rams, Broncos, Panthers or 49ers, they’d say the same. Arians would say “we got lucky”. Then again Arians would probably tell the scab refs to give the win to th Packers if he was Pete Carroll on the Hail Mary that was wrongly called. Very, badly called.

  13. By Big Ken on Oct 10, 2016 | Reply

    Looks like Carson might be good to go against the Jets. At least we don’t have the QB injuries the AZ State Sun Devils have.

  14. By texascard on Oct 10, 2016 | Reply

    Stanton is on this roster because palmer is comfortable with him as backup. No other reason.
    Moral victories are for high school teams
    Kim diche is a textbook case of an extremely gifted athlete who never learns his position because he is just bigger, faster and stronger than any one on the field. His time at cannibis state college with tunesil and the boys didnt help (was he the one video taping the gas mask scene? We will never know). Now everybody is as fast, as big and as strong as him. He must catch up by learning technique. Will he learn? Maybe. But it will take time. He will not be ready to help in this years campaign.

  15. By clssylssy on Oct 10, 2016 | Reply

    Hallelujah Brother! Only, I fear that with both teams reeling, desperate, and with their backs against the wall, it will come down to coaching. Todd Bowles knows defense and knows our defense intimately, knows our players, their strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities; he also knows BA, who is a creature of habit and painfully predictable. I have a feeling he will know what plays BA calls before he does, and will come in and completely dismantle our defense. I don’t see PP containing Brandon Marshall without some miracle transformation from last week and I think Marshall is looking forward to the opportunity to take on our “shutdown corner”, even making it personal to drive his team.
    It concerns me that BA acts like Palmer’s return will be flawless and some sort of magic bullet carrying a guaranteed win, that Michael Floyd’s drops can be overlooked while he works out his performance anxiety issues. We just lost two of our 0-line pro-bowlers/ veteran leaders with a QB barely out of concussion protocol and this is not a concern?
    Historically, we have not responded well when we’ve had extra time after an important win, and I can only hope this team will find some passion and come out strong, ready to make this a statement game for the full sixty minutes. The Jets came out strong against the Steelers before losing steam and we can’t afford to risk it–gottta draw first blood to feed the frenzy (like we did in Philly)!

  16. By TLT fka DTL on Oct 11, 2016 | Reply

    Chuck 1
    I love my country, and our Cardinals. Go Cards, big test against Bowles front 7.

    TLT refers to The Loyal Nine, group of patriots during American revolution, + 1 is us, Ten. DTL a stock market trading moniker in back pocket until America recovers. 38% of employable Americans are out of workforce (not even counted in so-called unemployment rate) 55% in black communities. Highest since 1960s. Not forum to assign blame…

  17. By clssylssy on Oct 11, 2016 | Reply

    See where the Vikings signed Jake Long…hmmm, Steve Keim, what have you been doing? Lots of injuries around the league with lots of roster moves, and while I can understand wanting to stick with guys who know the system, experienced Pro-bowlers are generally a safe bet to be able to learn quickly (they’re experienced at this). It’s frustrating to be where we are after so much was promised but even more so when the front office seems complacent.
    I don’t like the Cards 0-line odds against the Jets front seven—now, let the negative come!

  18. By Chuck 1 on Oct 11, 2016 | Reply

    TLT fka DTL,

    Thanks for the explanation.
    I’ll have to research The Loyal Nine..

    Hopefully, the Cards can come out of the game with a W and Palmer can regain his form from most of last season.

  19. By Scott H on Oct 11, 2016 | Reply

    Red2616 –

    Respectfully, I disagree. IMHO, the Pats DID beat us. They came into our house, with a back-up QB, they ran on us, they passed on us, they took away anything deep against us ( shut us right down ), and they played better than we did all night. Again in OUR house. And with the Cardinals being healthy and ( we thought ) ready to go.

    Yeah, could we have won the game with a 47 yard FG at the end. Yes, we could have. But two things – one, we didn’t. And two, do you REALLY think it should have come down to that?? I do not.

    Just my opinion. Doesn’t mean I’m right. But I don’t get how you see where the Cardinals won that game ( except for the missed FG ). The long TD pass to an in-explicably wide open Chris Hogan ( WHO????? ) very early in that game set a tone that never changed. They started losing that game right there.

    But at this point, who cares? Regardless of what you or I think, the game went in OUR loss column. Period. And right now, all that DOES matter is the Jets. Let’s move on.

  20. By Michael E on Oct 11, 2016 | Reply

    I’ll always root for Stanton because he seems like a good person but I wish BA would just make him his qb coach or something because he is just not an acceptable backup. I live in Connecticut and Stanton’s even getting bashed on the radio over here after that Thursday night game

  21. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 11, 2016 | Reply

    clssylssy —

    Where have you read anything that suggests Arians is saying CP’s return is a magic bullet or will guarantee a win? Assuming he clears the protocol, he is our QB, he will play, and the coach will expect him to play well. What do you expect Arians to say? “Oh, I’m very concerned about Palmer returning to action after missing a week. He could be very shaky, and we might have to think about a different game plan”???

    Or why do you have the sense that Floyd’s drops are being “overlooked”?

    They’re hardly being overlooked — Keim and Arians have faced many questions about Floyd’s drops, and they’ve answered them. What options do they have? They can’t go out and catch the balls themselves — Floyd has to do that. The only thing Arians can do is bench him, which he (sort of) did last week, as Floyd was in on a fairly low percentage of snaps. Keim could’ve traded him, and there were some people here arguing he should do just that (for a CB), but that ship has probably sailed at this point.

  22. By Wild Blue Yonder fka Chuck 1 on Oct 11, 2016 | Reply


    Inspired by you, I’ve decided to change my moniker also. 🙂
    From now on, I’ll be Wild Blue Yonder. (until I change it)
    I ‘Binged’ “The Loyal Nine” and found an interesting description about the group’s beginning and involvement in the Revolution.
    For others who might be interested in learning more about the group, here’s the URL

    Re: Cards’ football; What will Keim do if Palmer decides to retire after this season because of concussion or other issues? Draft a “Franchise QB” or sign one as he did with Palmer?

  23. By CardinalChris on Oct 11, 2016 | Reply

    Stanton had a good game, after a poor start throwing everything high. His receivers had a few drops. Nice to see Drew get another win! The TD to Larry seemed to energize and calm everyone down.

    Still concerned by how many open receivers or totally blown coverages there have been. If Gabbert hadn’t stunk up a couple throws to totally open receivers, the outcome might have been different…

    Surprised there hasn’t been more fan praise for the defensive front which was able to generate a lot of pressure.

  24. By clssylssy on Oct 11, 2016 | Reply

    What makes you think that my comment was based on anything I read? Actually, it is the fact that in his pressers this week, BA’s focus has been Carson’s anticipated return after clearing concussion protocols AS IF, there was nothing else that needed fixing on our offense! I find this curious, since Palmer likely could be “fuzzy”, just as others have been in the past, or, just plain tentative and reluctant to get hit again. This is a lot of pressure to put on someone returning from a head injury, and it might be prudent to work on some new, less risky plays (which could also lessen the likelihood of turnovers). Besides what happened to BA’s “brutal honesty”? I don’t think anyone would be opposed to a different game plan when we have the weapons readily available with our run game.
    As for Floyd, he has shown “flashes” in the past but, as of late (beginning last season) has just seemed to be “checked out”, at times nearly invisible and others fumbling and not at all on his game. What to do? Get him help. Get a sports psychologist to at least evaluate the problem to see if this really is “performance anxiety”. The Bucs had their rookie kicker work with a sports psychologist when he was having problems in training camp and it paid off with him nailing a 60 yd FG (in a light hurricane) during preseason, and then again last week coming through against the Panthers when the win was on the line and the seconds ticking. What could it hurt? I like Floyd and when he’s on he can be a big asset but somethings been wrong for awhile that losing reps doesn’t seem to be fixing.
    Just say’n, sometimes it helps to get a second opinion.

  25. By Havasu Tom on Oct 11, 2016 | Reply

    Hi Darren,
    I’ve lost all confidence in Michael Floyd. He has killed drive after drive this year. We don’t have time to coddle him. It’s time for Jaron Brown. I know Floyd is 6’3″ 220# but being the perfect size doesn’t mean you get to have 2 or 3 drops a game

  26. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 11, 2016 | Reply

    If you think a “sports psychologist” helped Aguayo, you need a psychologist.

    He’s 4 for 8 and all four misses have been makeable. Yeah, he made a game-winner last night, but it was only a game-winner because he botched two earlier.

    As far as Palmer, there isn’t a team in football that wouldn’t be happy to have their #1 QB who was an MVP candidate the previous year back. I just don’t understand the thinking that Arians was saying or implying that this was a “magic bullet” or “guaranteed win.” After losing games unexpectedly, I think Arians realizes this is the NFL and anything can happen on any given Sunday.

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