Slow starts cost Cardinals later Carolina time

Posted by Darren Urban on October 12, 2016 – 1:22 pm

It wasn’t — somewhat surprisingly — made a primetime matchup, given the fact that the Cardinals and Panthers met in the NFC Championship game. But the Oct. 30 game in Carolina was given the late kickoff — 1:25 p.m. Arizona time, 4:25 p.m. in North Carolina — ostensibly so it could be showcased on Fox.

Then the Cardinals had their issues with a 2-3 start and the Panthers have struggled mightily, falling to 1-4 after a “Monday Night Football” loss at home against the Buccaneers. So maybe it shouldn’t have been a surprise when Wednesday the NFL officially moved the Cards-Panthers kickoff, up to 10 a.m Arizona time. The Falcons (who are playing well and lead the NFC South) host the Packers that day in a game that was originally at 10 a.m. Arizona time and now gets that open 1:25 p.m. slot on Fox.

What it means is a much earlier start for the western team, and the one game the Cardinals had with such a time this season didn’t go so well (an ugly loss in Buffalo.) The Cards will leave on Friday that weekend to try and get acclimated, but it is an early start.

(Then again, the Cards got a night start in Carolina in January, and that didn’t turn out well either. So …)


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18 Responses to “Slow starts cost Cardinals later Carolina time”

  1. By Scott H on Oct 12, 2016 | Reply

    Yup. Last year, the Cards were being flexed into primetime games left and right. This year, our games on the east coast get moved up. Yet another indication of how the mighty have fallen. ( spare me the thumbs down’s, folks. I’m not pointing out anything that isn’t supported by how the NFL is looking at this game, AND I’m actually referring to the Panthers more so than the Cardinals right now. )

    But this is no small thing here. It is a well-supported trend that west coast teams do not fare well in the eastern time zone. So….getting moved UP to a 10:00 start is less than ideal, to say the least.

    And Darren already pointed it out, but we haven’t fared well in Carolina recently no matter when the game is played.

    How interesting is this match-up right now?? Because there aren’t two teams in the NFL further from where they should be right now than the Cardinals and the Panthers. We were in a very similar boat going into Week 5. We continue to be in similar boats this week in that both teams get their starting QB’s back and both need to re-assert themselves.

    But right now, nothing but the Jets in my field of focus. Decker just went on IR today. so….glad to know we aren’t the only team that has lost a piece or two.

    Just a random thought – how bad must it be to be a 49ers fan right now??? How bad must it be when you are going BACK to Colin Keapernick because your other QB has played so poorly??? Good lord…’ve already got Chip Kelly as your coach, and now you’re going back to Cap??? OMG….

  2. By rod on Oct 12, 2016 | Reply

    I don’t mind the game at 10AM, I like that really so I can get on with the rest of my day. But it SUCKS for the west coast teams that travel and still have to play that early. I hate the east coast vs west coast time thing, it’s always been better for the east coast folks.

    I kind of deal with the same thing sort of, I work remotely from home with a crew that’s based in the east coast. So, they start at 9AM, I start at 6 or 7 am, but it’s whatever.

    Anyways, come on Cardinals, time to kick this into gear guys!!

  3. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 12, 2016 | Reply

    Back on the Jets,

    With a 1-4 start (and Ryan off to a 3-2 start in buffalo), I would imagine NY is getting a little antsy.

    If the Jets fall to 1-5, could Bowles be on the hot seat? Especially if they finish 4-12 or 3-13.

  4. By Dr. G. on Oct 12, 2016 | Reply

    jtdg ~ ~ your Jets hypothetical bears subliminal humor… Best Bowles be on the hot seat than Arians if we lose this game…it’s kinda like a bye…!!

  5. By dynosoar on Oct 12, 2016 | Reply


    JTDG posted an interesting question. Could Todd Bowles be on the hot seat? I’d think he can only do as good as the players he’s given, but he did phenomenal things for Arizona.

    Awesome DC, I’d have thought he’d be an Awesome HC. If NY (which is a tough place to coach) let’s him go, would he have another shot elsewhere immediately as some coaches do, or have to wait a season or two like Whizenhunt did?

    Honestly, I don’t expect you or anyone to know the answers, just your thoughts. And maybe, if you’re feeling generous, throw in some thoughts of your own to questions I didn’t ask.

    Personally, I think he gets another year. Hopefully he gets a Steve Keim of his own to get him a better roster.

    Regardless, I’m a team fan and as much as I like Bowles and am thrilled he’s a Head Coach…

    Go Cardinals! Right the ship and make the playoffs!

  6. By Darren Urban on Oct 12, 2016 | Reply

    Dyno —

    RE: Bowles

    I understand the reasoning given the market, but I don’t understand after his success last season why one bad year — with injuries — would cost him.

  7. By Joseph Robinett (Lightwing) on Oct 12, 2016 | Reply

    It’ll be interesting to see how the Cardinals handle themselves in Carolina, no matter what the timeline is, or their memory of losing the last two there… I believe it will be Interesting because of the adversity that both teams are currently facing when it comes to win and loses, and who’s confident, collectively, or not.

    It’s a beautiful, fantastic, thing to have our general back; Mr. Palmer, welcome back, sir.

    Sincerely, Lightwing

  8. By TLT on Oct 13, 2016 | Reply

    Noticed worrisome stat:
    7 Cards played all 78 defensive snaps v 49ers. Think about the implications of that. Brandon Williamas got 0, Tharold got 0.
    Mathieu 78? wow…

  9. By mitchaz on Oct 13, 2016 | Reply

    BA has said recently that they actually like the earlier time slot out east because they get back to AZ at 9 PM. If I were one of the coaches or players I would agree with that, especially since they arrive on Friday to acclimate to the time zone.

  10. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 13, 2016 | Reply

    Re: Bowles

    It sucks to be 1-4, but wow, they’ve had it tough. They’ve played 4 double-digit win, playoff teams from last year (CIN, KC, SEA, PIT), along with Buffalo who was 8-8 and pasted us and is obviously at least a decent team if not elite. And now they have to face another playoff team that won 13 games last year (us). Obviously we’re not playing well so far, but if you looked at that schedule at the start of the year, you could understand why a slow start from the Jets might be expected. They haven’t faced a weak team yet. After us, they play the Ravens, who sucked last year (5-11) but were also Flacco-less for some of that time and are clearly a better team than they showed last year.

    The first patsies on the Jets’ schedule don’t come until weeks 8 and 9 (Cleveland, Miami).

    AND, they still have two games against the Patriots.

  11. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 13, 2016 | Reply


    Bowles on hot seat;

    Yes, Bowles had a good year last year. He also has injuries and a horrible secondary, not to mention a QB who is turning over the ball in bunches.

    Would I fire him? Heck no. I would get him a QB and some DBs. But it is NY and people start to grumble a little faster in NY.

  12. By joe holst on Oct 13, 2016 | Reply

    the way the NFC is shaping up the Cards are going to have to win the division to get in playoffs, so 11-5, have to go 9-2 the rest of the way- very very tough

  13. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 13, 2016 | Reply

    Joe —

    See my post in the previous blog entry. Highly unlikely that you’re going to have two wild card teams at 11-5 or better. I could see a WC team out of the North being 11-5 (or even 12-4), but not the East (take a look at the Eagles’ schedule). And it doesn’t look like we have to worry too much about a WC team from the South, barring a huge turnaround by Carolina.

    There are always teams that start out hot, and it warps people’s perspectives about what’s needed to make the playoffs. Last year, the NFC still had 3 undefeated teams after week 5 — the Packers, Falcons and Panthers — and we were 4-1. Falcons fans were probably thinking, “OK, all we need to do from here is go 6-5, and we’ll be in great shape!” Instead they went 3-8.

    With all due respect to Eagles fans, if they make the playoffs this year, I’ll be shocked.

  14. By dynosoar on Oct 13, 2016 | Reply

    I also saw Lovie Smith take the Bears to the playoffs and get fired. And Harbaugh took the 49ers to the NFC Championship game three times, winning won and going to the Super Bowl. He was let go.

    So it worries me that even with injuries, one bad year can lose a good coach.

    I appreciate your thoughts and I’m with you, I would keep him and as JTDG said, get a good QB.

    Kevin, appreciated your comments as well. especially the observations of who they’ve played and will play.

  15. By dkerry5242 on Oct 13, 2016 | Reply

    Look earlier or late it should not matter. Do your job, stay focused and win the damn game.

  16. By Scott H on Oct 14, 2016 | Reply

    Kevin –

    Please feel NO need whatsoever to show Eagle fans any due respect! Most of them deserve none. Yeah, their schedule becomes brutal after this week. And as well as he’s played and as much as I like him, Wentz is going to play like a rookie at some point. Against Cleveland and Chicago in their first two weeks, they might as well have had bye’s, ya know? And, right on cue, Eagle fans went completely overboard about their team, their coach, and their QB. As usual, they will be brought back to earth and they will whine and complain about how un-fair it is that they haven’t won a SB yet. You can set your watch by them. SO predictable.

  17. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 14, 2016 | Reply

    Something else to remember is that we came very close to making the playoffs in 2013 even after a slow start (3-4). 7-2 over the last 9 games.

  18. By Wild Blue Yonder on Oct 14, 2016 | Reply


    That’s a worrisome stat about so many defensive guys playing so many snaps.
    Since Training Camp, we’ve been fed the line that one of the strengths of the team was that the it had great depth on defense, especially the DLine.
    It would be interesting to know whether it was the DBs or front seven that had the most snaps.

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