Palmer active, but no John Brown against Seahawks

Posted by Darren Urban on October 23, 2016 – 3:56 pm

No surprise after Friday’s news, but wide receiver John Brown won’t play tonight against the Seahawks because of his leg issues stemming from a sickle-cell problem. I think there is optimism Brown will be back at some point. When that is is an unknown for now. Coach Bruce Arians said the team was working on a solution. Short-term, a game off makes sense.

Other than that, an expected inactives list. Jaron Brown (knee) is going to play. Carson Palmer (hamstring) is going to play. The full list:

— WR John Brown (leg)

— CB Brandon Williams

— LB Gabe Martin (knee)

— G Cole Toner

— DT Olsen Pierre

— DT Ed Stinson

— DT Xavier Williams

For the Seahawks, safety Kam Chancellor (groin) is inactive tonight. He didn’t practice all week so it isn’t a surprise, but it’s a key missing piece.

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16 Responses to “Palmer active, but no John Brown against Seahawks”

  1. By Scott H on Oct 23, 2016 | Reply

    3-0 at the half and we are doing a very good job on defense against them. But we are making mistakes that have kept this game closer than it needs to be.

    First, it is a shame that the refs missed the call on the blocked FG attempt. Bennett’s foot clearly touched the center as he came over en route to the block. BUT why is Arians throwing a challenge flag on a play you can’t challenge and losing a T/O that we sorely needed later??? C’mon, man. Know what you can challenge and what you can’t.

    Palmer is – again – missing throws that I just don’t get. Near the end of the first half , that play to Nelson along the sidelines was THERE. We had it. And Palmer throws it right off the field, way out of bounds. That is totally on Palmer. He missed that one. And that was a bad one to miss.

    Our punt returns……good lord, can SOMEONE / ANYONE on this team make a damn return?????????????????????????????????

    Then running out of time at the end of the half when we should have at least been able to attempt a FG. Gee, a T/O sure would have helped there, huh? That was a missed opportunity and there have been too many of those so far.

    I can only hope we aren’t lamenting ANOTHER loss to Seattle tomorrow morning and looking back on these mistakes, missed opportunities.

  2. By L.G on Oct 23, 2016 | Reply

    just give them the dam game

  3. By creditcard on Oct 23, 2016 | Reply

    Yikes! 3 to3 after regulation. Card game calling questionable. Unspecial teams is doing it again.

    This is the classic type of game, when you’ve dominated the game, but did not put the game away, then lo and behold a freak play, then you lose.

  4. By dan on Oct 23, 2016 | Reply

    Carson “Tunnel Vision” Palmer, Special TEAMS COACH SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED WEEKS AGO, Catman sucks footballs. WE SUCK

  5. By dan on Oct 23, 2016 | Reply

    That had to be one of the worst f-in games I’ve ever seen……..pathetic……..I thought J.J. Nelson was fast?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Yet he ALWAYS gets caught from behind…..he ain’t fast when he can’t run away from people. Seriously, he isn’t fast enough so people quit saying he’s the fastest guy in the league because he’s not even close. Wish I could get those hours back I wasted watching that crap game. What a joke. Michael Floyd is a joke, I trust him about as much as a politician. Always get called for offensive interference, catches with his pads, drops easy balls, doesn’t know how to block and thankfully he won’t be back next year unless we are stupid enough to keep him.

  6. By Dan on Oct 23, 2016 | Reply

    Neither team deserved to win.

  7. By creditcard on Oct 23, 2016 | Reply

    special teams blew this game.

    somebody please tell me, why the special teams coordinator is still employed.

    Please somebody out there in electronic internet land, please shed light as to why the Card special teams coordinator is employed.

    Obvious, when it was 4th down on the 19 the Cards elected to go for it — Arians confidence in the field goal team is simply not there. It shouldn’t be, this is a talented team, and 1 component of the team is simply awful — and it will cost the Cards the opportunity to even get into the play-offs.

    Cards should feel awful about this outcome. Home game, dominated the game and stats, in Seattle territory most of the game, and only came out with 6 points.

    The only positive, the defense must be gaining incredible confidence — they are close to pitching a shut out game in / game out.

    Offense, the play call — has to improve. Seems like anytime the Cards throw on 1st down, and it is an in-completion, they will run the ball up the middle on 2nd on second down — very predictable. Seattle also knew it, then stuffing the 2nd down run, making it 3rd and long. Play calling must improve.

    Getting back to special teams, in the Oakland game, the Raiders punter was punting 45+ yards, and on a bad snap was able to run 26 yards for a 1st down. We do not have a punter that has that level of athleticism.

    Hopping on the plane — Seattle must feel good. They got beat physically, and had no reason to even be close in the score, and walk away with a tie — must feel great.

  8. By Dr. G. on Oct 23, 2016 | Reply

    Lots of vomit in the stadium parking lot post game….

  9. By Dan on Oct 23, 2016 | Reply

    Another thing, these referees suck too. Almost had our last FG blocked but Catwoman missed it…….besides that, the Seahawks D-lineman forcefully held down our O-lineman so #54 could jump over the top again…….should have been a FLAG…….AGAIN! Call the game fair……..holding penalties etc… is getting pretty lame……..officials ruin everything.

  10. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 23, 2016 | Reply

    Well, I guess I can stop worrying about tiebreaker scenarios for the wild card spots, because it’s highly unlikely anyone else ends up with a tie. At this moment, with all 4 East teams and 3 North teams at 4-3 or better, that means we’re behind 5 teams for a WC spot. Very little margin for error at this point. 10-5-1 would be optimistic based on how we’ve been doing lately, but probably gets us in. 9-6-1, probably not. Can this team go 7-2, with five of its last seven games on the road?

    How many NFL kickers miss two game-winning field goals in seven games — including one that’s basically the old version of an extra point — and keep their jobs? Soooo close to 5-2. (Actually, sooo close to 6-1, considering all the giveaways in the Rams game as well.)

  11. By Dan on Oct 23, 2016 | Reply

    Not drinking the Kool-Aid……….we couldn’t beat a one legged QB with a horrible offensive line……..that is pretty sad. We held the ball and wore out their defense and still couldn’t manage a TD……stupid penalties and stupid non-calls and stupid decisions cost us the game. Special Teams is a disaster once again, special teams coach should be fired just to send a message.

  12. By clssylssy on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    Tons of outrage and criticism being directed towards a miserable job by the Cards Special Teams and offense w/o recognizing the toughness and skill of a Seattle team that always brings their super sized best effort to playing the Cards in our house…and They Really Are That Good! At least we didn’t just let them come in and tear up the place this time. That this is on one or two players is simply not the case! Our defense played hard and put up a heroic effort against some masterful play calling and against anyone else our Special Teams would have been adequate…they got into Catanzaro’s head on that first blocked FG and I think anyone would have been a little edgy and off, their kicker missed a chip shot that could have won the game too. My biggest disappointment in our Special Teams was not at Catanzaro, but, that we use to make an effort to block FGs and play more aggressively ourselves, which now seems like it was a long time ago, must have been in the Whisenhunt era? I remember when our Special Teams got the win in these nail biters and it was by blocking kicks with us getting into our opponents head. I really was disappointed that we didn’t get any sacks on Wilson,that has been effective in the past at shaking him up.
    We were definitely hurt on offense without the two Browns, and I was happy that Gresham was in the game plan, just wish we would learn to utilize our TEs more efficiently. Momah was a bit of a surprise and had a good game.I thought Palmer played better under this intense pressure but perhaps didn’t look as glitzy as he was short some of his best targets and had to play while under a fierce physical attack; he did hang on to the ball even when they took him down and played smart, that he had a few errant balls, i credit more the Seahawks ability to get pressure rather than Palmer’s shortcoming, every QB has a few of those.
    I hate ties and would have liked to have been able to play until one team scored. With winning the time of possession and all the stats that are suppose to determine a winner, excluding points, that sure felt like a loss, and I only hope that our team will not just give up now and let this “stall” kill our intensity. We need to move forward and win on the road with a new found purpose and redemption on our mind. We looked like warriors last night rather than victims and to me that counts for a lot. Enough with all these negative tie breaker scenarios…let’s just start winning one game at a time and let the chips fall. On to Carolina!

  13. By CARDS62 on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply


    With all due respect! The Seahawks are who we thought they were, and that is why we took the field.Our defense destroyed them and our offense, coaches, special teams, and even officials could not even get out of their own way so if you want to crown their asses go ahead and crown them, but our defense owned the field. Dan I agree with you and I my anger burned so much last night that I had to wait until today to write anything or my language would have been too harsh. Our special teams have not been good for years and many of us has been calling for his head all season, Scott H thinks he has inappropriate photos of some high ups, and if he keeps his job this week I will know that Scott H is right. They interviewed Bobby Wagner after the game and he said he knew he could do this because they watched our center on film. Why is K. Williams playing inside on punt protection? Did you see him get abused on the punt block??????????????

    Have many of you feel we tied this game or lost it??? To me we lost another game at home by giving away another game. Coach not knowing the rules and wasting a timeout we needed for another field goal try, Experience QB not getting rid of the ball with few seconds in the half and no timeouts. Officials not making defense get off offensive players for over 10 seconds. If we hit that field goal we are up 6-0 and Coach does not go for 4 -1 because FG will give us two score lead and now we are up 9-0.

    So very angry and Scott H I do not wish to get your blood pressure up, but I was wishing for Ted Ginn back there on punt returns every time I saw Golden back there.

    Now we get to go to Carolina for an early start and face a team that has had two weeks to prepare for us and our unspecial teams.

    Go Cards!

  14. By clssylssy on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    CARDS 62
    LOL…I don’t recall saying I wanted to “crown their asses”…merely acknowledged that they are an extremely tough competitor who are Really Good (I would say keeping us from scoring on the 1/2 yard line makes them either really good or us really, not as much,). We had opportunities and their offense w/o Russell’s mobility was good enough to keep our defense from scoring a defensive TD, intercepting the ball or sacking Wilson, although props to them for a heroic effort at holding them at bay while wearing them down.
    But, you are correct, “they are who we thought they were”…which is why they have been to the SB twice in the past three years. While disappointing, we did good and I can’t think of another team who would have played them (last night) any better! Next time, their house, our game!

  15. By CARDS62 on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    Clssylssy Just having some fun with you and channeling my inner Denny Green.

    Very frustrated with this team and coaching staff right now.\

    Go Cards!

  16. By Infitzwetrust on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    Today my transmission went out, was late for work, had my 3 kids and wife in the car at the time, had to walk up the freeway exit to the nearest gas station to use a phone since my phone was dead, only to realize I left my wallet at home preventing me from paying a cab, tow truck, ect

    I was extremely pissed last night with the results of the game totally unaware of what the next morning would bring.


    Just like my situation, there’s time to bounce back, play another game and who knows what tomorrow, or next Sunday will bring.

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