Keim: Special teams issues, maybe a Jones contract

Posted by Darren Urban on October 24, 2016 – 8:19 am

Steve Keim was “disappointed” in Sunday night’s tie, and that’s probably not a surprise. “It was one of those games where I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything like it,” the Cardinals’ General Manager said during his appearance on the “Doug and Wolf” show on Arizona Sports 98.7.

One thing Keim did make clear as well: He is frustrated with the play of the special teams. He even said, seven games into the season, that consistency on special teams is his biggest concern, especially since he likes how the defense is playing and even feels (aside from the obvious red-zone issues) that the offense seems to have found a nice balance between the run and pass.

Keim said the Cards got the punt blocked when “our wing got soft,” and has for the missed field goal in overtime, “Chandler’s got to make that kick.”

Keim didn’t rule out looking at a new kicker. But he said the Cardinals need to support Catanzaro right now, and that Catanzato knows “consistency is what creates longevity in this league.” Besides, getting a new player/kicker isn’t an automatic upgrade.

“If you can’t meet expectations, we’ll try to find somebody who can,” Keim said, emphasizing the word ‘try.’ “Now, the trying and attempting is a different story. Generally, players who are on the street right now are on the street for a reason. More than likely, it’s because they missed several field goals, or missed a kick in a clutch situation. Or have injury concerns. There are a lot of moving parts to that. It’s not as easy and probably most think. But it’s certainly something that, on a daily basis, we spend a lot of time researching.”

— Maybe a new contract at some point with Chandler Jones? Keim said the team has been talking with Jones’ agent since camp about a new deal (Jones is scheduled to be a free agent after the season). Now, contract conversations and getting a deal done can be completely different things. Just because they have been talking doesn’t mean much, and Keim certainly didn’t indicate anything was close. But they are talking. Keim said he was “proud” of the way Jones has played. As an edge rusher, Jones is “something we have not had here in years.” Jones has been excellent, and was again Sunday night.

— Jones was also part of one of the plays Keim lamented after the fact. Asked what plays might eat at him following the tie, Keim mentioned Jones’ strip-sack and wishing the Cards had been able to fall on the ball inside the Seahawks’ 5-yard line. He mentioned the J.J. Nelson catch and Nelson getting tripped up shy of the goal line. He mentioned perhaps if David Johnson had dove at the pylon, maybe Johnson scores on that late run instead of kicking the pylon.

“Never in my life have I been associated with a game like this,” Keim said. “I don’t really care to be again.”

— No real injury updates, although he said cornerback Patrick Peterson (back), while sore, was a tough guy and sounded optimistic. (That injury report figures to be pretty long come Wednesday.)

— The Cardinals are still working on a solution for wide receiver Smokey Brown and his sickle-cell trait issue. Keim said research is being done to find how much Brown can practice and still be effective but so he does not wear down. It feels like a matter of when Brown returns, not if.

— Keim was happy with the defensive play and feels like it has come together well. He also like how physical both sides of the ball were. But he was certainly in the camp where a tie didn’t work for him. “Mindset-wise, if you don’t win, what is it?” Keim said. “Everything else is inconsequential.”

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  1. By D on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    4th and 1 at the 19 yrd line and BA goes for it?? I believe this was early in the game before all of the BS began…

  2. By azjam on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    How on earth does Special Teams Coach Amos Jones keep his job?? Amazing.

  3. By Cards1 on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    The special team as a whole unit doesn’t perform. At what point will Keim/Arians hold coaches accountable?

  4. By Marlin on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    All 3 losses and the tie are on Arians.

  5. By HB#32 on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    This loss is on BA. Going for 4th down, challenging the play and losing a TO so we couldn’t get FG at half. And oh, not running DJ on 3rd and goal in OT. Special teams coach is a joke, how many games are going to be lost until changes are made. May not even make playoffs now as well as other divisions are playing. This game should of been a blowout.

  6. By Eric G on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    This was a loss plain and simple. you don’t dominate the way the Cards did and feel good about a tie. Anything that doesn’t put a mark in the W column is a loss. Like most here, I’m scratching my head at why the special teams coach hasn’t been fired yet. I just don’t understand Kerwynn Williams being in there to block. Shouldn’t that be a tight end? Literally anyone but the smallest guy on the field.

    Pitiful, just plain pitiful. The offense doesn’t seem like it has a sense of urgency and other than Fitz and DJ, it doesn’t seems like anyone wants to win on the offense. Ugh, going to be a long rest of the season. This makes the Xmas game against Seattle a must win to try and get the division, which is the only way the Cards can make the Playoff. The way they are playing, they have no shot at a wild card.

  7. By TLT on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    Please stop constant second guessing and harping. Cards played guts out, news flash, humans error. Its what you do after that matters. This was an epic struggle. We’re still in it. Seattle now knows we will punch them in the mouth…and so does rest of league. Just feels like we will overcome the adversity and build character. that 9-7 team got on a roll, this team is better. When we do get rolling that much more satisfying.

    PS: The replay angle they showed last night on NFL Network looked like ball crossed end zone plane as DJ went out of bounds. Did not have every angle available, but the one frozen frame HAD the ball in end zone…damn.

  8. By Scott H on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    Of the plays that Keim is lamenting, how did he miss Floyd’s drop of a pass that hit him right in the chest??? Granted, there were many plays and I have no issue with any he did specify. But the Floyd drop was a killer, too.

    And this one has been mentioned by others, but I was cringing when they went for it on 4th and one. With it becoming very obvious at that point that a FG probably WAS going to be the margin of victory, I wanted them to try to put 3 more precious points on the board. I know some have said that maybe BA felt like he had to go for it because of a lack of confidence in a FG at that point, but….man, if that really is the case, then what does that tell you about how bad it is right now???

    Where is Jay Feeley when you need him???

  9. By shane on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    idk how people didnt see that on the 24 yard kick if chandler had kicked it any more too the right ( twords the middle of the filed goal ) it would have been blocked any way lol i watched that repaly about 50 times and Richard Sherman beat cambell off the edge stright up and almost blocked the kick with it hitting the cross bar also Wagner jumped over again and was in position to block it again . So even tho chandler deserves blame for the missed kick … honestly if he would have hit it right down the middle like he was supposed too it would have been blocked for a second time . So really the problem is on the whole special team blocking team … the seahawks kicker is the one who shanked it with no pruesser

  10. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply


    it is nice to be optimistic but in reality, they have a very hard road to get to the playoffs.

    See, winning at home is a trademark for playoff teams.The best the cards can do at this point is 5-2-1. So 5 wins at home.

    Right now, if the season ended, The cowboys, Vikings, Eagles, Seahawks, Packers and Falcons are in with 3 teams (lions, redskins, giants) who are over us.
    So we are 10th seed. Lets say the 3 teams ahead of us and say the packers only go 6-4 the rest of the way, we will need 10 wins. The likely hood that 4 teams all just play a game over .500 is not very good. But , lets go with it.

    That means the cards must go 5-3 on the road. So that means winning 4 of these games. At Carolina, Vikings, Falcons, Dolphins, Seahawks and Rams. While not losing another home game just to get to 10-5-1.

    If you need 11 wins, which I believe, you have to go 6-2 on the road and win 5 of those remaining games.

    You have to win at home. There is no other way to look at it. They didn’t and it will take a heck of an effort on the road to have a chance.

    That is reality folks.

  11. By Joshr on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply


  12. By shane on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    lol to all these “cards fans” cry me a river … the cards played there harts out and the game ended in a (TIE) NOT A LOSS .. Carson once again came up big when it was time to get the team in position too win the game just like he did in week 1 .. but once again special teams failed him . Either way this tie can either make this team even better with character or it can break them because of finger pointing like TY kinda did with his comments he was right in a way .. but he probably shouldn’t be talking since he was the one that gave up that big catch too baldwin to set up that shank by the hawks kicker .. i love TY but he had no room too talk tbh

  13. By Cardinalguy on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    Going for it on 4th down that early in the game made no sense. You are ahead, you are facing the best defense in the NFL, and there is still plenty of time left in the game.

    Let’s hope that BA learns from this. He doesn’t like to admit mistakes, but he can change. Although he would not admit it in the Jets game he changed his deep ball strategy to taking what the defense gives him and claiming that was always his strategy, Really?

    He is too enamored of his “no risk it, no biscuit” approach. Because it gives him some notoriety, that and being the “cool uncle” you want to have a drink with. He is young as a head coach a position that has to make the critical decisions during the game. He has only been three full years with the Cardinals, he had a temporary position as head coach at Indianapolis, but the system and players were already in place.

    Still BA and Keim along with M. Bidwill have done a lot with the Cards since they have been in charge. And there is still hope that we can make it to the Superbowl.

  14. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    Scott H,

    “I know some have said that maybe BA felt like he had to go for it because of a lack of confidence in a FG at that point, but….man, if that really is the case, then what does that tell you about how bad it is right now???”

    Absolutely right . Says everything. No faith in the kicker, the blocking, the whole FG special team.

    What is worse, he ran the ball twice inside the 5 instead of bringing in the kicker to end it. That says a lot about his faith in them. The hawks let the clock run down and kicked it right away. No hesitation. He missed but he had faith in him. I think he kicked it on third down in case there was a bad snap or hold, you can just cover up and try on 4th.

    Special teams is a mess. How do you have Kerwynn Williams as the wing. That seahawk ran right over him to block the punt. Go back and watch. It was like a little kid vs a grown man.
    Special teams have been a problem all year and in their biggest game, “Teams” cost us the game and maybe the season. At minimum, the season is a whole lot harder.

  15. By George on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    Like to see the Cards have a chance at ASU kicker Zane Gonzales. Still games to play but it is going to be a hard road to get to the playoffs. I hold out hope for a winning record. I believe they won’t pack it in. GO CARDS!!!

  16. By TucsonTim on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    Isn’t it the special teams coach’s decision to put the 5’8″ K. Williams on the “soft” left wing of the punt team?

  17. By TLT on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    9 games left, win 8, we’re in; 7, we’re “probably” in. If we don’t, we’re out. So…

  18. By Scott H on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG –

    RE: Kerwyn Wiliams

    Yes, I DID see that and I thought the same thing. If the guy he was TRYING to block wasn’t a full 2 feet taller than he was, than it just looked that way. If it hadn’t been such a tragedy ( in other words, if it hadn’t been MY team this was happening to ), that might have actually been funny.

    But I wasn’t laughing then, and I’m not laughing now. I haven’t laughed at anything all friggin’ day because this game has been very hard to get over.

    To me, this was a lot like the game against the Pats in that it was a game that we spent ALL NIGHT losing. Even as we had a lead, the more opportunities we missed, the more the feeling grew that the Cardinals were NOT going to win this game. And a sicker feeling, I cannot remember.

  19. By Dr. G. on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    Cards Fans…
    Fitz, Jones, CalaisC, Mathis, Floyd, Minter, Gresham, Okafor, Watford, Simon, Swearinger, Jefferson, Cooper, Rucker, JaronBrown, Shipley, Cantanzaro, Fells, are among the player contracts expiring this season.

    Here’s a link if you are curious.::

    The list is dizzying!

    I would not want Keim’s job next Spring; but as usual, he has given Arians no excuses for losing. Personally, I think Palmer may be ready to retire. Gotta draft a QB this time around and//or maybe a weird trade… Gotta! Gotta!

  20. By TucsonTim on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    After gifting the Seahawks last week by not calling obvious pass interference, I was a little surprised that the obvious PI against Nelson in the end zone wasn’t called in the OT. All the elements were there, defender never turned around, fully engaged Nelson before the ball got there, and it was a catch-able pass. It also happened right in front of an official…. no way he didn’t see it.

    I guess you could argue that we got to the one yard line eventually (different series though) and we still didn’t score.

    And I agree with Keim that Catanzaro has to make that kick, but there were a lot of people on offense and special teams that made critical penalties, drops, missed blocks, etc. But maybe worst of all was BA wasting a time out that could have maybe put at least 3 points on the board before the end of the first half and avoided OT in the first place.

  21. By mitchaz on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    I remain very encouraged by what I saw last night.

    Until last night, i wasn’t sure the Cardinals could play with the kind of toughness they displayed in this game. It was like watching your little brother take on the bully and match him punch for punch.

    That’s the way i feel about my Cardinals today. I feel proud.

    And while the toughness wasn’t rewarded with a least the Seahawks didn’t get to gloat all over the field at the end..

    What the Seahawks were left with was the seed the Cardinals planted in this game—we are coming after you and are coming after you hard.

    Turns out the Cardinals’ did take last year’s drubbing in Week 17 personally.

    That’s the most important thing that this game showed.

    Quickly emerging as one of my favorite Cardinals in quite some time and a player I think is the kind of leader our team has needed…look at how Markus Golden handled himself after the game and listen closely to what he said:

    I remain very encouraged by what I saw last night.

    Until last night, i wasn’t sure the Cardinals could play with the kind of toughness they displayed in this game. It was like watching your little brother take on the bully and match him punch for punch.

    That’s the way i feel about my Cardinals today. I feel proud.

    And while the toughness wasn’t rewarded with a win…I feel an extra sense of comfort that the Cardinals actually got the last laugh, because the Seahawks didn’t.

    And what the Seahawks were left with was the seed the Cardinals planted in this game—we are coming after you and are coming after you hard.

    Turns out the Cardinals’ did take last year’s drubbing in Week 17 personally.

    That’s the most important thing that this game showed.

    Quickly emerging as one of my favorite Cardinals in quite some time and a player I think is the kind of leader our team has needed…look at how Markus Golden handled himself after the game and listen closely to what he said:

    When teams go through a metamorphosis often the immediate results are not exactly what one hopes for—but this team is evolving into a tough team while abandoning the old finesse ways of past teams.

    We have a running game and a prize running back. But, to feed the RB the rock it takes a change in play-calling philosophy and tempo. While it takes a little pressure off of the QB at times, it also puts the QB in more pressure third down situations.

    When you slow the tempo down it also means tighter games where all three phases of the team have to perform in the clutch down the stretch. This is why the Seahawks have been so tough for the past 5 years—all three phases of their teams have risen to the occasion, far more often than not.

    The Cardinals are trying to get to that point.

    Last night the special teams, once again, did not get the job done. It cost the team the win. Other teams see the Cardinals’ ST flaws and try to capitalize on them. The Cardinals have yet to solve those flaws.

    But, unlike the Seahawks, the Cardinals coaches have been loath to play some of their best players on STs. Clearly, in Seattle the buy-in on STs for the players is significant.

    Bobby Wagner changed this game. Richard Sherman stormed his edge on the FGs. Those guys are Pro Bowlers who are not only willing, but eager to do whatever they can to win.

    The Cardinals have to make a similar commitment. If it means playing David Johnson as punt protector rather than K. Williams—so be it. If it means getting Patrick Peterson, arguably the most talented punt returner on the planet to embrace being the game changer the Cardinals need in order to take the team to the championship level—so be it.

    Coach Arians needs to take command of STs himself at this point. James Bettcher has college experience as a STs coordinator—get him involved as well. Make it a team and staff effort all the way.

    BA loves to coach situational football. Now he needs to do so more than ever. No more delays of game…no more wasted timeouts. If a player is running on to the field late and there is confusion, then burn a timeout. Then it is warranted…but work like crazy to make sure there is no confusion next time or in the game next week.

    When was the last the Cardinals ever blocked a punt? Why has it been so long?

    Why are other teams getting after it and the Cardinals seem timid about it?

    Why can’t you get a chip shot FG lined up in the middle of the field, when you have a down in which to do it?

    This is where situational football in practice is so important.

    But the point is—

    These are fixable problems.

    The toughness part—that’s not always fixable.

    Last night—the Cardinals showed America how tough they are.Oh and let’s not forget that in the last 10 Prime Time games (excluding playoffs) the Cardinals are 8-1-1.

    Again listen to what Markus Golden said about embracing the physical and mental aspects of playing football.

    We’ve got ballers now.

    It’s on.

  22. By georgiebird on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    Here’s my takeaway from the game. Yes, we were so close and there is no condoning missed field goals and dropped passes But here’s what griped me most about the game.
    1) Ryan Quigley blocked punt is totally unacceptable. Quigley looked like he was trying to boom a 60 yarder instead of shortening his approach and getting the kick out. This seems like a coaching mistake and failure to realize the situation. Also, being short in stature, Kerwynn gave the defender a better view of the punter.
    2) After the Cards kicked the field goal in overtime, the ensuing kickoff put the ball on the Seattle 25. Here are the next 5 plays by Seattle in order:
    1) 10 yd run
    2) 13 yd pass
    3) 8 yard pass
    4) 6 yard run
    5) 14 yard pass
    That’s 51 yards down to our 24 and resulted in a FG. Even with overtime, the Cards defense was on the field for less than 29 minutes. Totally, unacceptable. One thing about Dwight Freeney, he knew how to FINISH. Who is the Cardinals FINISHER now.?

  23. By tom on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    –well on the bright side,oh wait there isn’t one.we took plays of,blocking assignments off and it cost us.floyd with his penalties and drops,i know we didn’t have a choice with him being on field,but cost us dearly.this defense can play and shut down anybody,we are supposed to score more than 6 points.we are not going to win 13 games every year,but our kicking game sure has cost us a couple games.hell as far as I’m concerned we had 2 plays to get 1/2 yard if we didn’t trust kicking team.

  24. By georgiebird on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    What is the Seattle offense all about that we’re giving the Cards’ defense so much praise. If we are talking about intensity then I agree. The Cards’ defense has come to play in both the Jets and Sea games. But the Seattle offense has a compromised QB and Bradley Sowell at RT. And TE Jimmy Graham was usually open when his number was called. But is THIS Seattle offense that much better than the Jets’ offense?

  25. By Ben on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    Maybe a new kicker will get us going in the right direction. And actually passing the ball around to all our receivers, seems of late we only start trying to pass when the clock is closing in on the end of the game as palmers not reliable enough.

  26. By JEAJ on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    If the kick in OT has been straight, looks like it would have been blocked too. 2 hawks were right there. Terrible blocking. Why do u think Pats keep winning. Hint, it’s not the QB.

  27. By Joseph Robinett (Lightwing) on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    The Cardinal players were battered and bruised physically, but, more importantly, I believe, psychologically, for when next Sunday comes around, they will be facing a Panther’s team that has been well rested and that is absolutely starving for a victory, no matter what their record is…

    Sorry to hear Tyrann go on about how much better they are than the team they just tied with and, thus, will be used as bulletin material against the whole Cardinal team when playing Seattle the next time.


  28. By JohnnyBluenose on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    Despite not winning, we had a great time at the game. As expected there were a lot of Seahawk fans from Seattle in attendance. I spoke to some of them as we were walking around the big lawn tailgating area and I asked them what tailgating was like in Seattle. “Nothing like this” was the response. They were very impressed and rightfully so. The Cardinals do a great job providing us football fans a great experience. Thank you Cardinals and I hope to get back again next year.

  29. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    As for the game;

    – Worst game so far from Humphries. Could not handle the edge rushers.

    – On the 4th down play, Watford absolutely whiffs his guy. I mean, doesn’t touch him. Watching the replay of BA, you could see him mouth F@#%ing Watford.

    – Not sure what Floyd is doing anymore. This guy seems to have freaked out over his contract year. What a disappointment he has been.

    – Palmer has well over 300 yards and DJ has 100 yrds rushing and we managed 6 points. Is that the definition of bend-don’t-break defense??

    – JJ Nelson showed up and made the game winning catch, beating Sherman and putting us inside the 5 yard line. Oh wait, we missed the kick.

    – Bad coverage, blocked punts, blocked and missed FGs, bad returns. The cards may have the worst special teams in the NFL.

    – The defense has strung together 2 straight very good games. We have 2 OLBs who can really disrupt the passing game. Campbell has come alive and is playing his best ball, the CBs are doing a good job and the ILBs are making tackles. Swearinger is playing great.

    -I love the safety combo of Jefferson and Swearinger. Too bad they are both FAs and we payed the Badger 12.5 million a year to play the slot.

    – Finally, did anyone hear the comment the announcers made. They said they believe Palmer and Fitz are a package deal. If one leaves, the other leaves. They then added, I wouldn’t be surprised if BA was part of that package also. With the beating Palmer has taken, is this the last hurrah? Here’s to hoping for 2017.

  30. By georgiebird on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    Everybody is talking big about how they would have managed the game. Others are talking about the Cards chances of getting to the playoffs. What I want to see is a game where the Cards thrash one of the projected playoff teams that remain on this years schedule.
    If the Cards are as good as a lot of people here think, then let’s see see a game where the Cards dominate a good team.

  31. By Dr. G. on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    Keim is happy with the Defense?? Any GM, HC, DC, OC, Owner, Fans, dog pound worker and on and on…would be ecstatic with holding your opponent to 6 points…!

    They were fantastic – and again DJohnson was probably the sole highlight on Offense.

  32. By Scott H on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    The people who are looking ahead to the Week 17 game against Seattle right now…..I just don’t get it. Do we know if that game is even going to matter for the Cardinals at this point??? Right now? I’m not seeing it, folks. Give me all the damn thumbs downs you want, I don’t care. We’re almost at the half-way point and we haven’t been above .500 yet. And with our 2nd half schedule…..most of those games on the road….our special teams a damn joke….injuries piling up….you’re really going to look ahead to December, thinking it might matter? OK. I’m just not there.

    If we wanted to be a factor in December, we needed to beat the Seahawks last night. In October. And we were up to it. And we blew it. Those who are saying we have a lot of season left need to get that with Week 8 approaching, there is much less season left then you think.

    Our clock is ticking NOW. And the fact that we STILL have not beaten a good team just makes the ticking seem louder.

    A lot of season left? No. We barely have half a season left.

  33. By Richard S on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    The way the defense was playing if everytime the Cards got in field goal range. they just kicked the field goal the Cards would have won the game. That was atrocious not being able to attempt a field goal at the end of the half. Make a kick there and the game doesn’t go to overtime. With the defense doing their job, the offense didn’t need to run up the score going for a TD, just kick a field goal and game won. Maybe Arians didn’t have confidence in the field goal kick after the bad snap a few weeks ago. I was just wanting a plain old field goal when they got within range. On the blocked kick the leaper did have his foot touch the center. I saw the shirt move with contact.

  34. By Richard S on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    That game reminded me of the first game I saw. In 1966 Terry Nofsinger led the Cards to a 6-3 victory over the Steelers. I hadn’t even gotten in the stadium when the first Cardinal field goal was kicked. I only saw the 3-3 tie portion.

  35. By Scott H on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    Amidst the rubble, here is what went VERY well last night – and I’ve been harping on this in recent weeks – our offense’s ability to stay on the field, sustain drives, control TOP ( man, did they ever! ), and keep Russell Wilson on the sidelines. My God, how cool was it to see Wilson and other Seahawks offensive players standing over there, waiting, anxious, looking up at the clock, wondering when the hell they were going to get another chance??? That was absolutely a thing of beauty! And as Collinsworth himself even pointed out, it shows that the Cardinals are transforming to a different kind of team. Because DJ is now their best player and it makes sense that they are building the offense more around him. No complaints here.

    We executed ball control to near perfection last night and the only reason it didn’t get the job of winning the game done is we didn’t end enough of those drives with points. THAT was a shame. We put ONE TD on the board last night, that game was out of reach. Our D was ready to make it stand up.

    But we are on to something here. Yes, we are still big-play capable and we are still going to take our shots. But that now seems secondary to ball control. And I think that is a good way to go.

    There. I felt the need to say something optimistic!

  36. By Richard S on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    From the San Francisco online edition “Left tackle Joe Staley will be available before the trade deadline Nov. 1 and the 49ers are hoping to receive a first-round pick for the five-time Pro Bowl selection,” reported. Anyone interested in giving up a first round draft pick for a 32 year old 10th year player.

  37. By Richard S on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    I remember another game I went to in St. Louis at Busch Stadium. When I bought the ticket the guy at the booth said all they had left were seats in the end zone. When I found my seat it was on the 50 yard line. They didn’t even know where the seats were located. I never experienced the heat at Sun Devil Stadium, but I did experience the nose freezing qualities of Busch Stadium.

  38. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    I can think of so many games where we’ve dominated the game and lost (or, in last night’s game, tied). Examples besides last night: Both this year’s and last year’s home losses to the Rams, where we had twice as many first downs in both games, but turned the ball over several times. Last year’s lost to the Steelers, where we had a 469-310 total yard advantage, but couldn’t put the ball in the end zone and, again, had 3 turnovers to their zero.

    I am struggling to remember a game where we were similarly dominated but escaped with a win, though. I remember the Tampa Bay game in 2013 where we were extremely lucky to come back with 13 points in the 4th and win 13-10, but the stat line for that game was pretty even.

    Can anyone think of a game where we were outplayed to the tune of, say, getting doubled in first downs, or a significant total yard discrepancy, but we still lucked into a win?

  39. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    Scott H —

    I liked Jay as much as the next guy, but I still remember him clanking a pretty easy FG (I think less than 40 yards) off the upright against Buffalo to win it (and then we lost in OT). This was after he kicked a 61-yarder earlier to tie it!

    My concern about Cat is, does he make all the FG’s in the blowouts and then come up small in the pressure situations? Unfortunately, the sample size on game-winning kicks is usually extremely small — to have two in seven games is highly unusual. Hauschka has been kicking for what seems like forever — at least 5 years for Seattle plus some previous experience — and I think they put up a stat last night that showed he had 5 previous potential GW FG’s in his entire career. So that amounts to around one per year. Very difficult to know, when a young kicker misses a couple kicks, is it just bad luck or are they not the right person for the job. (Look at Aguayo, whom the Bucs spent a 2nd round pick on, and who started out really struggling.)

  40. By tntwitner on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    c’mon fans, stop crying, the cards played their hearts out and smashed a really great football team, we rush in team and beat the hawks in every phase of the game. i fell for the kicker, what would you do if you already had on block filedgoal, and bobby Wagner ready to block another.
    i am a longtime AzCards to when they first come here!!! so it bother me when bandwagon fans get on here and rip our team apart. when you look at the schedule and the way the defense is playing, and Johnson playing like a beast, we will win 8 of the 9 games and get into the playoffs

  41. By NJAzCardsFan on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    Darren- with the WR corp being decimated, are any of the PS WR’s going to be promoted?? Any chance Mo’Ma is moved to the WR position??

    What a game Sunday night…. It is a horror the Cards defense played so well and the game ended with a tie…. Best part was the look of Coach Carrol’s face when the Seahawks kicker missed that final chipshot.

    The problem I believe with the Cards offense is the play calling. There is too much emphasis place on D Johnson. Last year Ellington/C Johnson were used more often. I think the opposition defense is keying to much on DJohnson. The Cards never used that quick pass sideline play to the RB out of the backfield. The 4ht and one play would have been better if it was a play action to DJohnson with a quick slant pass to Fitz. There was no one in the defensive backfield.

    The spot was also wrong (placed at the one yard line) when DJ kicked the pylon…..

    Michael Floyd being a FA next year every drop is costing him 100’s of thousand in future contract money….

    Kicking tryouts should commence immediately to send Cat man a message.

    The Cards should be 5-2 not 3-3-1

  42. By jocardo on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    2 holding penalties on floyd 2holding penalties on fells,a 40 yard punter.hosed by refs at home

  43. By clssylssy on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    Sounds like Smokey will be out for awhile, but now we are down another receiver since Jaron Brown is on IR. BA/Keim alluded to some “roster moves” which means what? Is Keim looking into possibly signing another receiver? It seems they like to bring guys up from the PS but, I can’t even remember who we have now or if there are any free agents left or possibly some kind of trade? We can’t afford to expect David and Larry to carry the offense the rest of the season and it seems Keim has been slow on the draw to find us replacement players.
    Last night’s game showed us a defense who is tough and can hang with the big boys, we have the core talent on offense but need to “fluff it up” a bit in order to maintain balance.
    I have to say I’m rather disappointed in Tyrann Mathieu’s bashing his teammates to the media, AS IF he were above reproach and playing up to his previous level for which he was given the huge contract.We need to see more cohesiveness now more than ever and as a Team Captain he should be providing leadership or perhaps give the job to someone who can.
    There were a lot of good things in last nights game; it was a TEAM loss and TEAM is what it’s going to take to go on and win in the future.

  44. By texascard on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    That was embarrasing. If it not a win then its a loss in the nfl. Arians cant manage the clock or the game. Signing jones would be foolish (but i really have come to expect foolish decisions out of steve cant see talent keim). First it was long snappers fault then it was brandon williams fault. Then the punter. Then we were supposed to blame the drops with a feature on floyd. Now its all catanzaros fault. Hard to follow cards blame game. Maybe its time for the head coach to take responsibility. Release the thumbs down clowns

  45. By Marlin on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    and who was it who insisted on keeping his old buddy as special teams coach?

  46. By creditcard on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    Special team injuries. We tend to forget, that the Cards lost Troy Niklas, and Alani Fau were huge in special teams. Niklas also did a wonderful job in TE blocking. Plus add in Jaron Brown — replacing those players with an undersized Kerwynn Williams — you’ll have problems.

    The back end of line-up injuries as piled up, and is being revealed on the special team roster.

    Not trying to make excuses, but Fau an Niklas were very good special team players. Aside from that, the special team coordinator needs to be replaced. Anyone who does this poorly for such a long period of time — has proven he is inept.

  47. By CARDS62 on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    Let me first start this by saying that over the decades I have followed the Cardinals our front office has made many mistakes but the largest was firing Don Coryell, The second biggest mistake would be to fire Bruce Arians after this season even if we do not win another game. There are only a few really good head coaches in this league and we have one of them so lets ride him for several more seasons.
    Now with that said Cardinal faithful. There is no way and I repeat no way we lose that game last night if Bill Belichick comes in and coaches us just for this one game.
    1) Steve Keim or Michael Bidwill needs to step in and fire our Special Teams Coordinator. It has been years of poor play and it is only getting worse over time, and it is in all areas of special teams. Coach Arians is too close to the situation, but the man has to be taken out to send a message to our special teams players and to our other coaches, especially our QB and WR coaches. Special Teams is the main reason we lost this game but that is Coach’s responsibility just as much as offense or defense.
    2) Wasting a time out on challenge that you can not challenge. If we have this time out we get to kick our field goal at end of first half and lets hope go up 6-0. I agree our veteran QB should know better to get rid of the ball but of course he does not. I am trying to keep my faith in Palmer but did you fans notice how many times he almost threw interceptions? Russell Wilson also had pressure on him all game and I did not see him throwing the ball carelessly.
    3) If we are up 6-0 Arians does not go for 4th and 1 I think as 9-0 is two scores and our defense oh my gosh what a great game they played, no tds 2 games in a row never saw that coming.
    Okay I think we win the game now in regulation even with the block punt, but lets continue.
    4) Overtime and Floyd drops a perfect pass for a first down. Did you guys watch Floyd this game? Every time he caught the ball he was running out of bounds or immediately diving to the ground. Go back and watch the tape, He was like a boxer not wanting to get hit so he was taking a dive on every catch. I cant put this one on coach, but had to get it off my chest so forgive me for digressing.
    5) David Johnson did he score or not in overtime? Officials were poor this game, but we rush our second down play, Why not cuss at them and even use a timeout to have them review that play? If review game could be over right then. Arians said after game he was going to kick on 3rd down which I have no problem with so why not take your time and if wrong still try to score on 2nd down if lose appeal but make sure you run the ball to a hole that will center the ball if you do not make it on second down.
    6) We do not even need to do a coin toss at beginning of games? If we win we always take the ball and if we lose the other team always make us take the ball. I always like to defer especially in big games and especially when our offense is struggling to start games.

    Well that is all I have on this and I am a big fan of coach and our front office right now, but coaching blew this game for us, and special teams coaching is costing us a season so it is not easy but we really need our front office to step up and make a move or two this week to try and save this season.

    This game reminded me of the Monday Night Bears Game with Denny Green and those are two of the most frustrating games I can ever recall watching in all my years.

    Panthers are well rested and have had two weeks to prepare for us in their place for an early start so I think just like the last two games our defense will have to play great again if we hope to win.

    Go Cards beat those Panthers and Michael Bidwill be the bad guy and make the move so you can bring a Super Bowl for your Dad and all of us long suffering Cardinal Fans. Just think the Indians or Cubs Fans will finally be able to say they are World Champions, and I just want to buy and wear my Football Cardinal Championship Shirt and for one year say my Cardinals are Super Bowl Champions!

  48. By dan on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    Bethel was a waste of money

  49. By dan on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    J.J. Nelson 4.2 40 yard dash…….J.J. Nelson in football pads and running with a football 4.7 40.

  50. By Dan on Oct 24, 2016 | Reply

    Hate to criticize David Johnson but I’m going to…….he should have scored on the pylon play, he without a doubt should have scored…..could have dove, if not dive then run through the tackler or tacklers cuz they were out of position. Lets me honest, he blew it.

  51. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 25, 2016 | Reply

    The thing about going for it on 4th and 1 (and I think it was more like 4th and about a half-yard) is, there is NO criticism of the coach after the fact if he makes it.

    Yes, at the time, I thought we should take the points too. But it was so early in the game, there was no way to predict that it was going to stay THAT low-scoring all night long. So sure, 3 points would’ve proven to be extremely valuable, but by the same token, 7 points would’ve been great.

    The biggest criticism of NFL coaches from the “analytics” crowd is that they don’t go for it on 4th down often enough, whether it be a punting situation or a FG situation. Yes, perhaps it’s different when it’s Seattle, when the game seems like it’s going to be tight, etc. But let’s be honest — if Johnson plows through, picks up the first, and we end up scoring a TD a few plays later, there isn’t anyone on this board who would be saying, “Why’d we go for it there?” Going for it on 4th down is one of those things that everyone loves to see when it works, and everyone criticizes when it doesn’t work as if the coach is an idiot.

    We even have one poster above who is complaining about going for it on 4th down early in the game AND also simultaneously complaining about NOT going for it on 3rd down from the 1 in OT. Which is ludicrous… an NFL coach has to have enough confidence in his kicker to kick the equivalent of an (old) extra point, and you kick on 3rd down in case there’s a bad snap or something. The same poster would undoubtedly be all over BA if we went for it on 3rd down and Johnson fumbled, or went for it on 3rd down, didn’t make it, and then on 4th down, bobbled the snap. Kicking on 3rd down was absolutely the right play. Heck, many NFL coaches would’ve brought the kicker out immediately on 1st down from the 5 yard line, or would’ve just used the 1st down play to center the ball and then kicked on 2nd down, so let’s not act like it was dumb to kick on 3rd down just because the result turned out wrong.

  52. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 25, 2016 | Reply

    I’m curious about what other posters think about the new (well, not so new any more) OT rules. Personally, I hate it. I had no problem with the old sudden-death rule, which I know gave a premium on a coin-toss, but honestly, after 60 minutes of fighting to a tie, I have no problem with that.

    And the new set-up just seems too complicated. Get a TD and it’s over, but not if it’s a FG? Why shouldn’t the opponent get to answer the possession if it’s a TD?

    But the thing I like the least about it is the way the pendulum swings to the opponent if all you get is a FG. As the announcers pointed out, basically you have 4 downs on every series in that situation, at least until you get into FG range… you have nothing to lose. And giving an NFL team 4 downs to get 10 yards on every series, it’s pretty tough to stop them. Notice that the ONE time Seattle moved the ball against us with ease was in that first possession of OT. After our D had allowed 130 yards the entire first 60 minutes, the sequence was: 1st down from the 25, 10 yard gain; 1st down from the 35, 13 yard gain; 1st down from the 48, 8 yard gain; 2nd and 2 from the AZ 44, 6 yard gain; 1st down from the AZ 38, 14 yard gain. And now, in field goal range, suddenly they got more conservative, and it was a 1 yard rush, a 5 yard pass, and then on 3rd and 4, an incompletion followed by a FG.

    I’m sure to a Seattle fan, the reason they moved the ball so well there was Russell Wilson’s superstar status in those situations. And he definitely was good. But I think a lot of it is the fact that, with 4 downs to work with, the offense was able to play more loosely. Ironically, they had 4 downs to work with every series, and didn’t even need them… there wasn’t a single 3rd down (and only one 2nd down, with only 2 yards to go) until they already were in FG range. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the one time they had nothing to lose, they moved the ball well. Even in the 2nd OT possession, while they moved the ball down the field, it wasn’t quite as easy — they faced two critical 3rd down plays and converted.

    I would prefer that the rule were either the old way, or maybe the college version but starting on the 35 instead of 25 since NFL kickers are pretty close to automatic from inside 40 yards (notwithstanding the misses Sunday).

  53. By Adrian Vidal on Oct 25, 2016 | Reply

    I’m honestly a little bothered Keim would even Admit to have looked at another kicker just in case. You can not in any way put any blame on the kicker “In this game.” His first career miss inside the 30, and they look at other kickers? Get your head out. You have the most talented team in the NFL, time to start acting like it.

  54. By clssylssy on Oct 25, 2016 | Reply

    How about giving Roddy White a call for one of those “special contracts” like the one given to Dwight Freeney that brought him out of retirement? We need another quality big receiver who is tough and can help Fitz block–he qualifies. Or, maybe try getting into the Torrey Smith trade conversation?

  55. By Scott H on Oct 25, 2016 | Reply

    Kevin –

    RE: Feeley, game against Buffalo

    You are correct, sir! Good work by you. You have a great memory for details and I have so much regard for that.

    If not Feeley, then….how ’bout….Jim Bakken? You think he could have gotten us a 24 yarder??

  56. By Scott H on Oct 25, 2016 | Reply

    Richard S –

    Much respect to anyone who has sat at Busch Memorial for a Cardinals game!! Wow! Hard to imagine that they once played in a cold weather city. I was a fan then but my memories of anything related to that stadium or remarkable weather there are hazy, at best. I do remember the funky shadows that used to come across the field from the way the top of the stadium was configured.

  57. By dobie on Oct 25, 2016 | Reply

    Kemi don’t blame it on the Kicker may be Arien made some bad calls may be not but all the Running game and passing game and no touch down give me a break could you have done better Cat a good Kicker not the best but good special team coach should have told the long snapper not to look where the ball is going and rise up to block he stayed down on two of those block what was he playing leap frog like I said that is on the special team coach I’m just saying you made some bad calls on singeing some players

  58. By Dr. G. on Oct 25, 2016 | Reply

    ScottH ~ ~ Gotta jab our most prolific poster this year…. “”Not above .500 yet?? Yeah, we are…1/2 a game above .500. But I get your mood…the most fixable things seem to have been ignored. It matters not in the end. Plenty to gripe about…legit.

    JTDG ~ ~ 4th year with Palmer…one may contest your favor of this guy. If we don’t make it to the big show, I think he retires along with Fitz. Odds are not sterling. A QB with a big arm that can’t scramble some in this league now is passé. He is a statue with the multiple knees… I do grant that he is tough though. But, tough and mobile differ.

    I can still rant that we need an OC play caller. BA has final say on some boneheaded decisions. Another play caller would at least have an alternate view to consider…be well men.

  59. By georgiebird on Oct 25, 2016 | Reply

    Blame for the Cardinals loss has been attributed to Cat, Quigley, failure to enforce the rules, clock management, bad coaching, bad luck. But let’s put the BLAME where it truly belongs- on the Cards offense.
    Palmer and the offense had nearly 50 minutes to score a TD and couldn’t. If the Cards can’t score a TD in nearly 50 minutes of offense – that’s a big, big part of the Cards’ tie.
    Palmer is the second coming of Jim Hart- great passer when the right play is called- but overall very shaky in the pocket against big time defenses. Not blaming everything on Palmer but when the Seahawk defense was fresh, Palmer looked intimidated. When Seattle’s defense got exhausted, then Palmer played a lot better.

  60. By clssylssy on Oct 25, 2016 | Reply

    Curious as to who you would consider a good team…in this decade, and moreover in present day. Seems like you don’t consider anyone “a dominant team”?

  61. By Scott H on Oct 25, 2016 | Reply

    Anyone else wondering how thin the ice under Catanzaro is right now? Honestly, I feel like I would not have been surprised if Monday brought the news that he was released. Because I think missing THAT 24-yard FG at THAT point in THAT game is pretty in-excusable.

    Like the Pats game in Week 1, I don’t blame the loss on a missed FG because there were so many other things that played out over the course of the game that brought us to the point of a loss. Or a tie. But….the miss against NE was at least a 47-yarder, which is no gimme, not for any kicker. And WE, as a team, did much more over the course of that game to lose it, long before it came down to a FG at the end. It was hard to forgive at the time, but…..I NEVER blamed that one on the kicker.

    But THIS game was a much different animal. The way these defenses were slugging it out, you knew at a certain point that it was going to be a game of FG’s. It was SUCH a hard fought game. And when your defense has stopped the other team ALL NIGHT and your offense fights its way into position for a FG that is 10 yards shorter than an extra point…..and you miss THAT KICK??? No. That is just in-excusable. And in-excusable often puts a kicker on the street.

    Anyone think Cat’s job was saved only by Hauschka’s miss? Anyone think he would have been shown the door on Monday if we’d LOST that game?? I gotta say, I think he might have.

    And I think he is on a very short leash at this point. One more bad game, and I think he’s gone. And, frankly, one more bad game, and I think he should be. We’ve already had enough of this season un-done by poor special team’s play.

    Darren – can you say, are any kickers being tried out this week?

  62. By Darren Urban on Oct 25, 2016 | Reply

    Scott H —

    RE: Kickers

    I do not know.

    I will say, I disagree his job was saved with the Seahawks miss. If you are going to cut him, it shouldn’t matter is Hauschka made or miss. Catanzaro had nothing to do with that. Why would it impact that decision?

  63. By JohnnyBluenose on Oct 25, 2016 | Reply

    Scott H…I wish I shared your optimism about our offense. No doubt, David Johnson is a very good running back and receiver but our o-line is average and our play calling is predictable, unimaginative and fails to utilize our tight ends. Good defenses will concentrate on shutting down Johnson and limiting his long runs and, when they do, we don’t have enough to answer back with. If we somehow manage to make the play-offs this year it will be because our defense continues to play at a high level.

  64. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 25, 2016 | Reply

    Dr G;


    Yep, I have been maybe the strongest backer and defender of Palmer. I think he has been the number one difference the cards became contenders.

    I loved our chances in 2014, until he was hurt and lets face it, yes he had a hard time in Carolina in 2015, but also had an MVP type year taking the cards to a 13-3 record.

    But something is different this year. He missed some deep throws the last few games and has had moments of being shaky at times. But he put up 300+ yards against a very good Seahawk defense. His game has been adjusted and I think he has played well the last two games. His game has evolved to a power run game and play action pass.

    What does that mean for next year? Only time will tell. I hope Palmer, BA and Fitz all return. I would like to see them make a run one more time at it. I think BA is figuring out who this team is. I think Betchler started off with his terrible zones and has now gotten back to who the cards are. Badger is back in the slot and Cooper is sooo much better than Williams.

    If I am Keim, I would be all in.
    Knowing Fitz and Palmer’s contracts will drop off in 2018, you could adjust the longer term contracts to make room for new contracts.

    I would sign our two safeties (Swearinger and Jefferson). I would offer Campbell a one year deal. I would let Minter walk and bring in Kiko Alonzo at ILB. He can play both the run and pass.

    I would watch how Cooper develops along with Simon. If they continue down a good path, I would resign them. If not, I would look at Logan Ryan of the Patriots.

    On offense, I would let Michael Floyd walk. I would see if Boehm is going to step up and be the starter. I am signing Kevin Zietler at guard, knowing in 2018, I am releasing Mike Iupati. But for 2017, Iupati and Zeitler will give us two good guards to protect Palmer.

    Jaron Brown may sign a 1 yr deal due to being out for the year. That gives us Fitz, Brown, Brown and Nelson at receiver. I would also look at a 1 yr deal with Vincent Jackson to give us another guy with size. He may be done, but kick the tires.

    In the draft, I really like 3 DLineman in round one. Jonathan Allen is a beast for Alabama. Malik Mcdowell can rush the passer and play the run. And a sleeper is Carlos Watkins with Clemson. Every game I watch, he just jumps off the TV. I, then, would trade back into round one to land Deshone Kizer or Chad Kelly at QB. Then grab a 4th/5th round receiver in Simmie Cobbs of Indiana.

  65. By Wild Blue Yoder on Oct 25, 2016 | Reply


    Keep it shorter.

  66. By Wild Blue Yonder on Oct 25, 2016 | Reply

    Dr. G.,

    Thanks for adding to what I’ve been writing for some time (i.e. signing a FA QB (as good as Palmer was when Keim acquired him from the Raiders) or trading up to the first round to draft a “Franchise” QB.

    However, Keim will NOT do that (see Logan Thomas). Hoe did that work out???

    Keim will draft a QB in the fourth or later round to HOPE to find a gem.

  67. By Wild Blue Yonder on Oct 25, 2016 | Reply



  68. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 25, 2016 | Reply

    Georgiebird —

    Re: “Domination”

    You wanted to see the Cards dominate and thrash a playoff contender? They pretty much did Sunday night.

    We came pretty close to doubling the Seahawks in total yards. I think we WERE doubling them at the end of regulation, and we had more than triple the first downs. They had 5 — the fewest I can ever remember in an NFL game. We just didn’t put the ball in the end zone. Blocked FG. 4th and 1 where we didn’t convert. Floyd’s drop on the 15.

    You are right that the drive by the Seahawks in OT was disappointing… but the defense NEVER let the Hawks past the 50 yard line for four quarters. Seattle’s ONE trip on our side of the field was courtesy of the blocked punt — and our D held them right where they were, 3 plays and a FG. I’m not going to fault our D for allowing that drive, especially when it only resulted in a FG. Everyone is lauding Seattle’s defense and we had several drives deep into their territory.

    I may have mentioned this on another thread, but I’m convinced that the reason Seattle moved the ball so well that drive in OT was that they knew they had 4 downs to work with every series. They HAD to get at least a FG to extend the game. It’s very freeing to an offense to know you have 4 plays instead of 3 to get 10 yards. It allowed them to be more aggressive on first down, and as you pointed out, they had several plays of 10+ yards right off the bat. But then they got into FG territory, got more conservative, and got to a 4th down.

  69. By Dr. G. on Oct 26, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG ~ ~ Your item “”His game has evolved to a power run game and play action pass.”” Yes, and another way of saying that – – 1 (one) new player can have that cause & effect on the entirety of the Offense …David Johnson… A new QB can positively affect things as well. A good coach will roll with the skill sets he has.

    I will never be able to get the riskit//biscuit stuff…it could work now and then, but the league knows the BA dna by now. He can’t resist. He just needs to go to the Belichick school of enjoying the process vs gambling. How many times this year have we seen the speedsters really open down field and not doubled? Nada!

    I know you want to see an effort to get the new QB-in-training. We gotta look to whom could be a good pick//trade for 2017.

    Despite it all, ’tis nice to see a good team for a pleasant change…after years (decades) of losing…be well

  70. By Dr. G. on Oct 26, 2016 | Reply

    Blue Yonder ~ ~ Re: Palmer. jtdg loves him, but his window is closing fast. FWIW, I really wanted Alex Smith when the 9ers opted for numb nuts. He would have been good for BA’s ambitious aerial game, plus he can scramble some to save a broken play. Coulda, woulda, shoulda…

    Priority ONE for 2017 ~ ~ A QB to groom, among all the expiring contracts, mind numbing how many. G’DAY CARDS FANS

  71. By Dr. G. on Oct 26, 2016 | Reply

    Darren ~ ~ The fan base is restless, huh? We haven’t expressed our gratitude for a while for your efforts with your blog. This particular subject and responses must be the longest I have seen for quite some time… kudos to you…

  72. By Darren Urban on Oct 26, 2016 | Reply

    Dr. G —

    RE: Restless

    Everyone had and has high hopes.

    And thank you.

  73. By georgiebird on Oct 26, 2016 | Reply

    @Kevin S. Mesa
    I admire your spirit as a Cards’ fan. But you do know that there is only ONE statistic that counts.
    BTW, since I like all my fellow Cardinals’ fans, here is a tip that will surely make you a lot of money. The all-powerful juggernaut- called the Seattle Seahawks- is only a 2.5 point favorite over the lowly 2-4 Saints in N.O. this weekend. Why only 2.5 points- maybe the ‘hawks are not that good. What an easy way for you to make a lot of money by backing the Hawks without having to give up even a FG..

  74. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 27, 2016 | Reply

    Georgiebird —

    Thanks for the tip. I think I’m going to institute a moratorium on my NFL betting though. I had a sizable chunk on the Cardinals on Sunday night (giving 1 1/2 points). After sweating the entire game, you can imagine it felt pretty good when we had first and goal from the 5 on our 2nd OT possession and any score, TD or FG, would win it. What should be the Cards’ win percentage at that point, 99%? Then Cat clanks the try off the upright.

    And the problem is, for betting purposes, the tie was a loss. So even though as a fan I was happy to escape with the tie when Hauschka also missed, that didn’t do me any good as a bettor.

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