With Brown to IR, what to do at WR?

Posted by Darren Urban on October 25, 2016 – 3:54 pm

Bruce Arians said the Cardinals will look at their options at wide receiver now that Jaron Brown officially is on injured reserve. Brown was put there today but the Cards did not make a corresponding roster move, meaning they have a slot open. The team did bring back training camp sensation Chris Hubert, who had begun the year on the practice squad, to the practice squad. That gives the Cards two wideouts on the practice squad right now: Hubert and Marquis Bundy.

The Cardinals also worked out veteran wide receiver Aaron Dobson Tuesday, according to Adam Schefter. Dobson, a former second-round pick of New England, has 53 career catches but also had a injury-plagued stint with the Patriots. He spent time with the Lions earlier this season after the Patriots cut him after the preseason.

If everyone currently on the roster is healthy, the Cardinals could get away with not making another receiver the 53rd player on the roster. But that’s the question. Michael Floyd should play this week, but he had to play through hamstring issues against the Seahawks. Smokey Brown should be back at practice, but his sickle-cell problemĀ gives at least a little pause. That leaves Larry Fitzgerald, J.J. Nelson and Brittan Golden. Again, if Floyd and Brown are OK, then you’re OK. But the Cards might want to cover themselves too.

Bringing up either Bundy or Hubert is also an option. But as the Cardinals get ready to play a Carolina team with a struggling secondary, wide receivers figure to play a big role. The Cardinals want to be in position to use that to their advantage.

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20 Responses to “With Brown to IR, what to do at WR?”

  1. By kauaicardsfan on Oct 25, 2016 | Reply

    Aloha Darren,
    Just my opinion but you can tell that Michael floyd is trying to hard, maybe because of his contract coming up? What if GM Kiem just does a 1 year extension just so that floyd can concentrate on football? We know what he can do, we need him more then ever this year since everyone is getting hurt?
    Let do this and get his mind right !!!

    GO CARDS!!!

  2. By TLT on Oct 25, 2016 | Reply


    Seems like Momah and Ellington could be short term answer as receivers. There is also PP in a pinch. Your take? Also, Bundy is big, is he fast?

  3. By Darren Urban on Oct 25, 2016 | Reply

    TLT —

    RE: Receivers

    Peterson isn’t an option. Ellington will remain DJ’s backup, although he may get more time. Momah can catch the ball, but he’s strictly a tight end. They are options to catch, but not play the position.

  4. By Corgon on Oct 25, 2016 | Reply

    Hello Darren,

    What abot Jaxon Shipley? He looked promising two camps in a row. Has a good speed, quite good hands, played in special team as well, probably knows the system. Is it public what is the problem with him? He’s not even in the PS.
    Is he in someone else’s roster/PS?

  5. By Darren Urban on Oct 25, 2016 | Reply

    Corgon, Julian —

    RE: J Shipley

    Shipley is currently a free agent. His issue in part is he cannot play special teams. Beyond that, I can only guess that they like the upside of Bundy and/or Hubert more. Or they bring something different to the table — Bundy size, Hubert speed.

  6. By texascard on Oct 25, 2016 | Reply

    More two tight end sets

  7. By Julian on Oct 25, 2016 | Reply

    Darren, I gotta ask, what am I and a lot of other fans missing when it comes to Jaxon Shipley? The kid has excellent and sure hands, he wowed in the last 2 pre-seasons, he’s tall and runs decent routes, and has decent speed. What gives? Why aren’t the Cards taking him into consideration? Is there something like a character flaw or locker room chemistry problem or something? Because he definitely outplayed Hubert and Bundy, and seems more reliable than an injury plagued vet. We just can’t see what the problem is, and we are hoping you can shed some light on it.

  8. By GARY HICKERSON on Oct 25, 2016 | Reply

    WOW!!I HAVE TO SAY! THAT WAS THE MOST EXCITING AND BIZAR!! game i have EVER seen in my entire 43yrs. as a loyal CARDINALS fan. FORGET the 6-6 tie LOOK at the stats!. the CARDINALS DOMINATED THE GAME STAT WISE OFFENCE and DEFENCE!!.. NOW I just want the CARDINALS TO GO TO CAROLINA AND PLAY WITH THAT SAME INTENSITY AND NO TURNOVERS,(except blocked kicks!!) AND THE CARDINALS WILL WIN!! despite cards special teams woes!,i think if CARDS can keep CAROLINA special teams from getting good return field position and they dont fumble on returns, CARDINALS special teams should be alright..ALSO im sure CANTANZARO will be practiceing his kicking SKILLS ALL WEEK IN preparation for CAROLINA GAME!!. AS A LONG TIME CARDINALS FAN I HAVE TO SAY I WAS PROUD OF HOW WELL THE OFFENCE AND DEFENCE PLAYED, GO CARDINALS!!..AND REDEEM YOURSELVES IN CAROLINA FOR YOUR EMBARASING LOSS IN THE NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME LAST YEAR!!!

  9. By clssylssy on Oct 25, 2016 | Reply

    I read where we brought in four players to look over including Aaron Dobson and QB Mike Bercovici, who I recall looked pretty good in preseason for the Chargers.
    I would think at this point, a seasoned veteran and playmaker like Roddy White, on an incentive type contract like was given to CJ and Freeney would provide some stability to the #2 position, if he could be talked out of retirement. I like Floyd but do we really want to depend on someone who has proven to be undependable? A lot of guys are in contract years but are showing up without a case of “nerves” that immobilizes. Too bad we didn’t go after Torrey Smith but it seems Keim is either a little slow on the draw or being frugal after giving the Honey Badger the big contract (for which we have seen little return). Considering we are going into our 7th game, the season is almost half over so hanging our hopes on a PS player seems like a big gamble.

  10. By dan on Oct 26, 2016 | Reply

    I like Hubert

  11. By Scott H on Oct 26, 2016 | Reply

    Well, yeah, it all hinges on how OK Floyd and Smoky are / can be going forward. Unfortunately, Floyd has been off all year, injured or not. And I think his drop off has contributed HUGE to how our big-play ability has also dropped off. But as long as he is out there….it helps. And maybe he finds himself in the 2nd half of the season, like he always does.

    It is hard to imagine we can be fine with our 1,4,and 5 WR’s and whoever is on the practice squad going forward.

    Again – GET THE TE’S MORE INVOLVED!!! What is it going to take to get the TE’s more involved???? Maybe if we lose Fitz, too??? You don’t even have a choice now. GET THE TE’S MORE INVOLVED. Because if we keep working DJ like we have, he is going to wear down at some point.

    Smoky’s status from here is the biggest thing. I don’t know anything about this ailment he has. But… did he go from being able to play ( and play well ) against the Jets one week to not being able to play at all the next??? NOT questioning Smoky here. Just wondering.

  12. By mitchaz on Oct 26, 2016 | Reply

    * Been thinking a lot about one play the Cardinals dodged a bullet on. During the week I posted how the Cardinals had to be wary of Pete Carroll’s blindside DB blitz play—which every year seems to stop a drive or create a turnover. This time around they knew if Palmer saw it coming he would throw the quick slant to Fitz, thus they had Earl Thomas sitting on Fitz’s route and thank goodness Palmer threw the ball low, otherwise it would have been a 7-3 Seahawks’ lead. Plus—to add another concern—what in the world was Jared Veldheer doing on the pass play where he blocked inside and let the DE have a straight full-speed shot on Palmer? It’s these breakdowns in assignments that are costing the Cardinals the ability to finish off drives and build leads.

    * BA cannot continue to believe that David Johnson can withstand 30-41 touches a game. The problem is that BA doesn’t want to pound the rock when Ellington is in there—so for crying out loud—put in a RB who will pound the ball. I don’t care if it is Stepfan Taylor or Kerwynn Williams—but—wouldn’t it seem like the RB who is made to order for that assignment is Elijhaa Penny? Chances are he is a stronger STs option than Williams anyway.

    * Very encouraged by Momah’s play—he looks faster than normal these days and I think he could take some of Jaron Brown’s reps at WR. BA says he likes the progress Valles is making at TE. That should be interesting to watch. Man, it would be nice if Gresham had a breakthrough game.

    * Playing the Seahawks was good prep for facing the Panthers’ quick and good-tackling LB corps. In last year’s playoff game I thought BA played right into the Panther’s hands with his conservative playcalling. The o-line almost never got a hat on Kuechly or Davis and they were cleaning up on Johnson. This time around I hope BA designs plays to block their LBers and attacks the Panthers where they are weakest in the secondary.

  13. By D on Oct 26, 2016 | Reply

    Is Momah on punt protection? I would think his big body would be better suited than Kerwin

  14. By joe 67 on Oct 26, 2016 | Reply

    Like a lot of others, I really like Jaxon Shipley. Just don’t understand sometimes why some guys never get a real chance. The kid seems to have all the tools. Probably can’t do any worse than some of the others on S T. And he can return punts and K O

  15. By circleroundoval on Oct 26, 2016 | Reply

    Jaxon Shipley reminds me of Beasley with Dallas. He’s got good hands, is tough, and can return punts. Would love to see him back and get a chance.

  16. By shooter28 on Oct 26, 2016 | Reply

    Arizona needs to re-sign Jaron Brown this off-season. At 6″3 with elite 4.38 speed n excellent hands/route running & a big time STs asses & is an excellent top tier blocking WR , Jaron Brown has the potential to be a beast of a #2 WR & The Cardinals know it Jaron Brown if given the reps could be a perennial 1000K+YD WR n given that he hasn’t had a season like that yet AZ Could sign him for rather cheap (4yr/8 million or 4yr/6 million) , let Floyd go save the cap money to re-sign smokey John Brown (4.29spd) n JJ Nelson (4.25spd) in a couple years when they come up & then next year draft a big bodied WR with speed n ideally the 2nd round or even 3rd round!!!! If Floyd realizes he isn’t worth Elite Money and would be ok signing a deal at 4yr/28million (7MIL YR) then I would be more than OK with keeping Floyd.

    As for Arizonas WR Depth Arizona is absolutely LOADED, The lost wont hurt their receiving core as AZ still has Elite WR Larry Fitzgerald , an excellent big bodied WR with Elite 4.41spd in Michael Floyd, 5″11 John Brown has developed into a Elite deep threat WR and is an absolute beast while 5″11 JJ Nelson (4.25spd) is really developing into something special!!!!!! Outside of AZs WR Core both of AZs RB have Elite speed and double as excellent receivers & AZ has 3 excellent receiving TEs. The Cardinals are just absolutely stunningly loaded with receiver depth, they will be just fine.

  17. By Scott H on Oct 27, 2016 | Reply


    Well, we are loaded at WR RIGHT NOW. Most likely, that changes after this year. Fitz may play through 2017, that may be it. Who knows? Floyd could be gone after this year. Who knows? I mean, I was HOPING he was going to have a 2016 during which he TRULY took over as the alpha dog at WR on this team and that made it absolutely necessary to keep him. But it hasn’t even been close. His 2016 season has only made me think we might want to think in terms of Jaron Brown taking over for him after this year. But….have we REALLY seen enough of Jaron to go that route??

    The guy who has always led the way at WR has been Fitz. No one on the current roster has stepped up to claim the mantle. And we are coming to the end with Fitz. Who is the heir apparent? We don’t have one.

    And once you get beyond Fitz and Floyd, we aren’t very big at WR.

    We’re loaded now. But the landscape will be changing.

  18. By clssylssy on Oct 28, 2016 | Reply

    Loaded? As Scott pointed out, once you don’t have Fitz, what’s left? Jaron Brown is now on IR, and while everybody has been hoping Floyd “would find himself”…for the last two years, then there are the little guys. Floyd has the size and physicality needed at the position but lacks the tenacity? Everyone from coaches on down to fans seem more concerned about Floyd’s success than Floyd. He is a nice guy and has showed he can come up with big plays but something has been broken or off, for quite a while. Smoke has had good days but hasn’t been the same since Detroit last season, and JJ has had a few Ah-Ha moments but hasn’t proven “special” beyond those few plays. None of the speedster receivers have stood out on returns and BA seems to have to go back to Ellington and Peterson. At the first of the season, the Cardinals were ranked no#1 in the NFL, now we have fallen and are behind the Redskins! If we didn’t have DJ and Fitz we would have no offense at all…so, loaded? LOL…elite? ( sounds like somebody needs a dictionary and explanation of what “elite” in the NFL means.) Last season we started out “loaded” in our receiving corp but what’s happened? Jon Gruden said he thought Fitz could play until he was 40, and was on pace to pass Jerry Rice, who retired at 40, but I don’t see Fitz having any desire to do that. To me, PS guys may be full of POTENTIAL talent but they are raw, and going into the second half of the season you really needs guys who have experience and know the little secrets to, not only surviving while getting better but who are patient and recognize opportunities to be capitalized on, they need to be veteran road warriors, You need guys who know the value of learning from their experienced leaders and aren’t repping their brand, but rather, recognize that with success bigger opportunities will come for everybody. I believe in giving guys opportunities and “the next man up”, but, the first half of the season is really better for that than crunch time. We need physical guys who can block and aren’t afraid to get dirty, and who are football savy of the nuances of winning in the NFL. This is when you look around to find guys who have retired early, because they really are elite and chose to retire with multiple Prowls and SB experience…they are out there, not that old, and Fitz knows who they are!

  19. By Jeremy on Nov 3, 2016 | Reply

    Its time to move on from Floyd. Shipley can catch a ball and should be on the roster. Arians destroys players, pounding Ellington into the line last year you could see it coming, HB was hurt last year on a meaningless play should not have been in, playing HB when clearly he is not ready this year. The cards need a MIC, and a tight end that can catch a ball, a QB prospect, they gambled this year and its not paying off!!

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