Keim: Veldheer triceps injury, and roster change?

Posted by Darren Urban on October 31, 2016 – 8:11 am

The Cardinals have a bye week coming. And there will be some roster changes, General Manager Steve Keim said Monday.

“I would say there will be a few,” Keim said during his appearance on the “Doug and Wolf” show on Arizona Sports 98.7 “We’ll take a look at some different players. There should be a change or two.”

How much of that is voluntary and how much is forced upon the Cardinals is yet to be seen. Keim said left tackle Jared Veldheer — who was wearing a heavy wrap on his right arm in the locker room after leaving Sunday’s game — has a triceps injury. Keim said the team was still determining the extent of the injury, but that’s one where you wonder if it could be serious. Even if it isn’t long-term, the Cards may need an extra tackle available if Veldheer misses time. (Keim didn’t address Tyrann Mathieu’s shoulder, but he too is getting an MRI today.)

UPDATE: Veldheer needs surgery and is done for the season.

The rest of Keim’s shorter segment had to do with the second half and the big picture.

“The bye couldn’t come at a better time, not only getting healthy but also to reassess where we are at,” Keim said.

The loss in Carolina was a “microcosm of the season as a whole,” Keim said. A slow start, unacceptable mistakes after. There were too many penalties, Keim said, and the pass protection was poor, which certainly was no secret. Keim said he was particularly disappointed in the play of guard Mike Iupati and Earl Watford.

— Keim didn’t have much to say about the fumble/review non-change, other than to say “if there are any complaints on our side, it’s frustration and excuses, because we had the opportunities to overcome those.”

— Keim said he thought Carson Palmer threw the ball exceptionally well — when he had time — and that J.J. Nelson has made excellent progress.

— He was disappointed in the tackling, and that the edge rush and intensity the team had had on defense the past few games was missing.

— Keim said the “silver lining” of the postseason scenarios is the NFC West and the fact no team is running away with anything. “We are certainly in a position to challenge,” he said. Keim is right of course, saying the Cardinals still basically control their destiny. He noted that in 2008, the left the field in both Philadelphia on Thanksgiving night and in New England wondering if that team was below average. Then they got hot and made the Super Bowl. Keim emphasized the wasn’t saying that would happen with this year’s version, but noted this team has a similar chance to prove people wrong.

— “We will certainly see the second half of the season how many of these guys are mentally tough,” Keim said. “This team hasn’t faced a lot of adversity the last few years. Now, we have.”

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  1. By lacardinalsfan on Oct 31, 2016 | Reply

    Is there any way to start a GoFund me page for Bidwill and Keim to afford the NFL package through directtv? It is painfully obvious that they have two blind mice working our review booth at games. How was a challenge flag not thrown on the play before he third TD??? I was screaming for what felt like a minute to throw the damn flag!!! I think it was Olsen that only dragged one foot.

    This happened on the no challenge thrown in the Bills game too!!!

    So here is what i would like to know.

    1. Who handles the challenges in our booth?
    2. Did he relay to BA to chcallenge either the bills no catch or the CAr out of bounds
    3. If the call was made to bA to challenge then why did he choose not to?
    4. Is there any way you can give me the cell phone number of the person who handles our replay booth. Obviously I am the only one watching replays. Then I can text our guy CHALLENGE, and he can relay that to BA

    Sorry Urban, but it is flat out embarrassing that I am on my couch and can see CLEAR AS DAY!!! and our replay booth people are sitting on their hands..

    Oh unless it is a clear catch by ted ginn, then the flag come in right away smh

  2. By sbrown on Oct 31, 2016 | Reply

    in the eight games played, only in one game has the Cards scored in the first quarter.
    the first five possessions, punt, fumble ( def TD ), punt, punt, punt.
    no team can give the other team a 10 or 17 point head start in the first quarter, the NFL is just too good to give up so many points early.

    I was hoping for the Cards to get any score, first then play good defense and give the offense a chance, but again, that did not happen.

  3. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 31, 2016 | Reply

    Keim is right about the postseason scenarios.

    Obviously, to win the West, we need to beat Seattle in Seattle. If you assume we can do that (and it’s a tall order but Palmer has beating them both times he’s played there; we lost the year he was hurt), then that gives us 4 losses and a tie, and it gives them 3 losses and a tie.

    They also have one more game to play than we do, because they’ve already had their bye. For sake of argument, let’s call that game the Patriots game, because the way NE is playing, Seattle isn’t beating them in Foxboro.

    So now you’d have both of us having 4 losses and a tie, with us owning the tiebreaker, having won and tied in the two head-to-head games.

    Now let’s look at the opponents we both face besides playing each other and Seattle playing the Patriots:

    Seattle: Home vs. Buffalo, Philly, Carolina, LA. Away vs. Tampa, Green Bay, SF.
    Cards: Home vs. SF, Washington, NO. Away vs. Minnesota, Atlanta, Miami, LA.

    I’d say we have the tougher schedule BUT it’s not like any of the teams is a world-beater. The Vikings looked bad last week, so they are beatable. Atlanta will be a shootout; question will be whether our offense shows up and whether we can get a turnover or two.

    We have a week to rest, and then on Nov. 13, we’ll beat the 49ers and Seattle will most likely lose to the Patriots. At that point, as crazy as it sounds, Seattle will be 5-3-1 (assuming they beat Buffalo this Monday), we’ll be 4-4-1 with a trip to Seattle later in the season, and so we’ll control our own destiny. Can’t ask for anything more than that, considering our slow start. The key will be those two road games against MN and Atlanta. Win those and get to 6-4-1, and we can salvage the season.

  4. By TLT on Oct 31, 2016 | Reply

    Well, anybody who criticized C. Palmer as aging, weak minded, yada yada can now be quiet. His was was epic in context of the beating he took, the failure of his blockers. he played from behind the entire game, went 75%, 340, 3/1, the 1 Int almost fluky…(although he has thrown more 5 yd Int than most). The NFC Ch game in my mind can be put away.
    Easy game to analyze, hard to fix. Undeniable, just as pass interference was not called v Sherman in Falcons game, Palmer shovel was clearly that, not a fumble. BLOWN call of major impact. Thereafter went 23-20, maybe win that game “but for” blown call.
    Disturbing lack of mental/emotional energy/preparedness at start. Undeniable bad (soft) OL play and poor DL, LB play…inexplicable? No, tired after last game, east coast travel, early start, Carolina off bye, and after 1-5 start and close losses…so we knew the challenge, but why did guys get punched in the face and take 1/2 the game to get back up off canvas…that’s what bothers me the most.
    Don’t get Keim’s penchant for criticizing young players for lack of prep. And never says names (not that I want him too, but so vague). Whats that? Seems misconception that every player will have self prepared. Idealistic concept. there ALWAYS are those who prepare less, my view is with 20 coaches, they need to ferett it out and kick some ass to make sure they’re ready. So Keim talks “roster changes”? BS, get your guys ready, we got plenty of talent…BA and Keim need to assess selves, coaches prep of players…they say, “thats up to the players”, BS! Your job is to get them ready to win, if young guys dont get it yet, you dont let them hurt you, man up, get em ready even if you need to babysit.
    SEA loses, Cards still in it, also some fast starting teams fading, we still have chance, until we don’t. I don’t see a game we “can’t” win. So, adversity here, let see what the coaches are made of. I haven’t quit, lets see if Cards have.

  5. By LadyBird04 on Oct 31, 2016 | Reply


    Any word on Larry’s foot/ankle injury?

    This game was painful to watch. I know, duh!

  6. By Darren Urban on Oct 31, 2016 | Reply

    LadyBird —

    RE: Fitz

    It did not come up. He did come back into the game and made a few catches. I will ask Arians about it today.

  7. By Joe on Oct 31, 2016 | Reply

    As a fan, I will watch, I will support, and I will believe in this team.

    As a logical being, I do not see this team getting to the post season. Good run, but the window looks to have shut on the core of this team.

    Time to reload/rebuild. Too much age in key positions, and the current team is not in a position to compete.

    This is the NFL, this is what happens to teams every year. Again, good run, and I have a lot of faith the Cardinals will rebuild this roster into something that will compete again, and soon.

    Tough season, but looking at things in the big picture, this organization as a whole has come so far in relatively such a short time.

    Go Cardinals

  8. By davemaham on Oct 31, 2016 | Reply

    They’re loosing close games that they won last year. There is no drastic difference in their play or the team. In fact the team by all accounts this team should be better than last years. They’re just not catching the same breaks. Many games last year were barely won, yes a few blowouts, but a lot of close games where one or two fourth quarter plays make or break the game.

    They’ll get it together and make the playoffs. But what’s the point? They don’t seem to have an answer for good defensive lines and that will crush you in the playoffs, every time!

    We need more pitches to get DJ outside, and get Carson outside of the pocket if he can’t be protected, he’s able enough to bootleg. There’s has got to be an answer to slow down the rush, because the line doesn’t seem to be capable, they miss assignments far too often, or just simply have bad protection schemes.

  9. By D on Oct 31, 2016 | Reply

    Midseason Report Card- D

    This team maybe one of the biggest disappoints in the league. Mr. Keim was gambling on this year since 22 players are UFA after this year. He has much work to do and might as well start trying to resign some players now.

    Priority will be C. Jones, but his payday and huge $ amount will take time, hopefully they can get it done by March.

    C. Campbell, I see him being able to shop the market and hopefully gives Keim a chance to sign, much will depend on the C. Jones deal.

    -T. Jefferson-resign him today.
    -K. Minter- he has turned into a above avg MLB, I would resign him
    -A. Brewer-LS, much better than the rookie.
    -R. Quigley-P He is an improvement over the former punter
    -M. Cooper CB- I like his toughness and size, I would keep him
    -J. Gresham TE- worth bringing back if he will do another lower cost deal
    -J. Brown. WR- if he recovers 100% from his injury, good special team player and has good hands at WR.
    A. Ellington RB- needs more touches the rest of the year, but a good compliment back to D. Johnson.

    On the fence to resign

    D.J. Swearinger -much depends on how much you give T. Jefferson.
    C. Johnson RB-would like if he can come back this year to see how he plays, health is an issue and would only do another min deal.
    E. Watford OL—maybe as a backup reserve only, but he is not a starter for long durations, has not made DJ Humphries any better.
    S. Taylor-RB-special teams may need him back

    Would not resign

    M. Floyd WR-
    E. Mathis OG-will probably retire
    AQ Shipley C-over matched, need the rookie to get some snaps
    A. Okafor
    F. Rucker
    Probably a few more, but I believe I have mentioned the bigger names.

    Right now, the Cards are drafting around 12. IF they can get to 8-10 wins by the end of the season, drafting around 15-20 in Round 1.

    Round 1–Corey Davis WR-W. Michigan- If Floyd isn’t retained and the chance Larry could retire, could be in the market for a WR to go along with J. Brown, J.J. Nelson.
    Round 2– M. Rudolph QB-OK State–strong arm big kid who would fit nicely in BA’s system, would need to learn behind C. Palmer for a year.

    Round 3– J. Caspers OG Stanford–Need a strong, smart RG to improve the interior OL.

    Round 4– D. Godchaux DL LSU– If Rucker and Campbell don’t return, and with the slow development of R. Nkemdiche, need to restock some talent.

  10. By lacardinalsfan on Oct 31, 2016 | Reply

    Oh one another thing on the Cards in house replay booth. Good news we can save some money with our GOFUNDME account. All we have to do is pay for the NFL audio feed not the entire NFL package. Since the ANNOUNCERS of the game sit there saying, why isnt he challenging the play, its clear he dropped the ball, or it is clear that he didnt get the second foot down.

    All we have to do is turn off all the TVs in the replay booth and have them listen to the national broadcast. They would be 2 for 2 on challenges right now. And possibly have prevented 2 TDs.


  11. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 31, 2016 | Reply

    OK, I have preached this all offseason and now, I just believe it might happen.

    With the emergence of JJ Nelson, John Brown, and Britton Golden able to contribute, I believe it is time to move Floyd.

    The Eagles are actively looking for another WR. Floyd would be a possible fit. I am not sure what you can get for him at this point, but it has become obvious you can’t give him a big contract in 2017. So, if he stays, he walks away for nothing.

    He is a ghost right now on the team, having no catches yesterday. The faith Palmer has in him seems to have disappeared. Move Floyd before the deadline. Get a pick next year.

  12. By Scott H on Oct 31, 2016 | Reply

    It’s not sounding good for Veldheer right now. And that is a loss to the O-line we cannot afford.

  13. By KurtK on Oct 31, 2016 | Reply

    I was at the game in the upper deck and I could see even from way up there that the Olsen play needed to be challenged. Similarly on the first fumble/TD play Palmer. I want to know why neither were challenged.

    Then I could also tell in the upper deck that the Panthers/Ginn catch that WAS challenged was in. We couldn’t have done any worse. 0-3 on plays that needed review. I certainly would like to hear a knowledgeable explanation for what happened. It was faiy visible to everyone in the stadium.

  14. By clssylssy on Oct 31, 2016 | Reply

    Why is it that we haven’t played the Panthers in Arizona since October, 2013? That three hour time zone difference is a killer for our guys traveling, especially after a mentally and physically exhausting game like the one we had against the Seahawks; anybody who has done much traveling knows what I’m talking about.
    I’m guessing that the last two years haven’t been regular season games but still…? Seems like other teams have more of alternating back and forth, like Seattle and Green Bay…dumb luck??

  15. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 31, 2016 | Reply

    As for the game,

    As a long time AZ Card fan, certain games take me back.
    Jake the Snake Plummer was always exciting to watch. Mainly because he would dig a huge hole and then try to bring the team back. Sometimes he would, but you always thought he had a chance to.

    Yesterday, we had a fumble for a TD and 5 straight punts. We sure dug a hole and then tried to come back. You started to believe as the team marched and scored. When Jefferson got the fumble (even though we needed 2 scores) you started to think this thing isn’t over. Then Palmer threw a pick.

    Those teams with Plummer were exciting but would win 5, 6, maybe 9 games (1998). But they lost usually.

    This team flashes, gives us moments to cheer and believe, but frankly are 3-4-1. Maybe I am the only one, but I feel like I am back at Sun Devil Stadium rooting for , as the media use to call them, the “Same Ole Cards” .

    An answer to fix this team, seems to have slipped through everyone’s hands. You thought we would have a good oline, then Mathis goes down and Iupati is showing his age. We have another disappointing 1st round pick at RT (Not to mention the Nkemdichi disappointment) . A big time receiver in Floyd has taken a red-shirt year (or at least it feels like he is not playing), Our QB has been beaten and battered. Our legend WR is limping. Our defense just can’t hold up and make enough plays.

    The only thing the coaches can say is ‘we have to play better’ because there is no relief coming. No answers to be found. No quick fix or solution to turn the corner. Watford, Shippley, and Iupati have to play better. But how? Maybe that is their best. The defense has got to step up and make plays, but how? Palmer is shell shocked and Fitz is hurting, Veldheer is out, there just isn’t an answer to be found.

    Give DJ the ball again and again. Let’s do like the cowboys did in 2015 with Demarco Murrey and give him 300+ touches, but at what cost. Is it really worth it with this team? Are they really going to win it all? If not, you can’t abuse DJ like that.

    I don’t have an answer. But I do know what I would do in the offseason and draft. Oh, that is another thing this team has in common with the Plummer teams. We would look ahead to the draft round this time too.

  16. By Eric G on Oct 31, 2016 | Reply

    This team is toast. With Veldheer now going down, it’s only a matter of time before Carson is knocked out with an injury for the season. The O-line is porous and the way Palmer has played, I honestly hope its his last season. He is no threat to run, which makes him an easy target for blitzes.

    The coaching is horrible on all phases. The team is just not prepared to play each week. Bettcher’s blitzes are so predictable and get picked up by every team. This team just doesn’t have it this year. Whatever it did have last year is gone. I don’t see a competitive team on that field, not enough to win the West.

    It’s time to rebuild this franchise and draft a QB with the first pick, let Stanton start next year and then let the QB take over the year after that. As for Fitz, I hate to say it, but I honestly hope they trade him to NE so he at least has a chance at a ring because he is never going to win one here. I hate NE with a passion, but Fitz is too awesome a person not to win a ring.

  17. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 31, 2016 | Reply

    I will say this about yesterday — as much as the result sucked, it gave me confidence that Palmer still has it.

    Problem is, he took a beating and likely it will get worse with no Veldheer.

  18. By clssylssy on Oct 31, 2016 | Reply

    I think you echo the thoughts of many old timer Card fans. We haven’t successfully drafted a QB since Jake Plummer although we now supposedly possess a full staff of “quarterback whisperers”. I realize that things have changed and this is no longer a developmental league at any position, but what’s the answer when supply doesn’t keep pace with demand? I always get hammered with thumbs down when I bring up the lack of talent pool coming into the league, and listening to various sports programs it seems to be the general consensus that there aren’t any first or second rounders even on the horizon. Your thoughts?
    At the same time, Bradford and Foles both seem to have found new life after being pretty much thrown on the scrap heap…much like Carson Palmer was.
    Looks like Badger is going to miss 3-6 weeks, good thing he got that big new fat contract early so his contributions this year wouldn’t have to be figured into his FA value.

  19. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 31, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG —

    At this point, if you were a GM on another team, what would you give us for Floyd?

    He’s nursing an injury, he’s dropping passes, and he’s a free agent after this year.

  20. By Kevin S Mesa on Oct 31, 2016 | Reply

    Just saw what Arians said about the replay (or lack thereof) on the Palmer fumble-that-wasn’t.

    Which goes back to a comment I made earlier… OK, even if the replay system has a “glitch,” the NFL is broadcasting the game on live TV. Fox had plenty of replays showing what happened. How can a multi-billion dollar enterprise not have a backup plan in place where, if whatever the “official” system they’re using has a glitch, they just look at the game on TV?

  21. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 31, 2016 | Reply

    Kevin S mesa,


    If I am the Eagles and I need another receiver to help out Jordan Mathews, and I feel like I am a playoff team, I would definately look at Floyd.

    I would ask the cards to give me Floyd for a 4th but would go as high as a 3rd. The FA wouldn’t bother me because I would deal with that when I needed to.
    If Floyd wakes up and plays well, I resign him. If not, I took a chance and gave up a 3 or 4.

    If I am the Browns or bears, of course it would make no sense. But, could the Chargers make a run with a good receiver? Maybe the packers with all their injuries? Since Bryant is out, maybe the Steelers would be interested?

    Throw out his name and at least see.

  22. By mitchaz on Oct 31, 2016 | Reply


    Wow—you’ve already stuck the fork in the Cardinals this year, huh?

    I think we are gong to see quite a chance in this team following the bye week. There’s too much talent and too much has been invested in this team for the coaches and the players to throw in the towel. They know what they have to do—and I think they are going to make a strong run.

    Other good teams are struggling too—but the cream always rises in November and December.

    Keep the faith, man!

  23. By mitchaz on Oct 31, 2016 | Reply


    My hope is that SK finds a way to acquire LT Joe Thomas. Trading Michael Floyd in another deal would free up the cap space…as Joe Thomas will cost a little over $4M for the last 8 games, The Cardinals currently have a little over $2M in cap space.

    And i have been thinking Floyd to the Chiefs for WR/PR De’Anthony Thomas and a conditional 6th round draft pick. Andy Reid might very well believe he can straighten Floyd out. De’Anthony Thomas becomes our much needed punt returner.

  24. By Scott H on Oct 31, 2016 | Reply

    It’s just getting worse. I mean, Veldheer’s loss and the HB’s being out 3-6 weeks are not going to get any better during the bye.

    I think this season and how things have gone for Tyrann have been been traveling a similar course. Unfortunately. The Badger started slow….was initially nowhere near his full speed…..but he hung in there……got better each week……started to come around…..and then, injury. And quite possibly done for the season – at least as far as being a real factor goes.

    And I think the team has kinda been on that same kinda path. OK, they haven’t been ruled out the way an injured player is ruled out, but…. the long road back is comparable.

    The one-two punch of half the season being gone / too many teams in NFC having better records and the mounting injuries ( which are really gonna start taking their toll at this point ) is becoming lethal.

    Oh, and by the way, we have mostly road games left over the next 8 weeks. If we were 5-3 right now, that would be one thing. But with the hole we’ve dug for ourselves, I gotta be honest – I just don’t think the playoffs are gonna happen for this team in 2016.

    BUT if they somehow do? There will not be a team in the playoff field with more character than this one. Because that is what it’s gonna take at this point. I’d love to see that.

  25. By richard s on Oct 31, 2016 | Reply

    Momah with an injury settlement: I hope that doesn’t mean I won’t see him again in a Cardinal uniform. I really like his play.

  26. By TucsonTim on Oct 31, 2016 | Reply

    OK some good news, Timmy Hightower had a great game against Seattle. Got to be happy about that!

  27. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 31, 2016 | Reply


    I think the injuries are mounting. But even more than that, they just aren’t playing good football for 4 quarters. They just aren’t.

    Can they make a run? Sure. And I will watch every game hoping they do. But I think, if you take the emotional attachment out of the equation, this is not a playoff team.

    As for Joe Thomas, he has two more years left on his contract. It is relatively, a manageable contract at 10 million next year.

    But what do you do next year? Veldheer comes back, who is the LT?
    Now, would you move Veldheer to RT? That would interest me, but Keim loves his draft picks and I can’t see him benching Humphries. Keim thinks (which is crazy) Humphries is our future LT. I just don’t see him making that move.

    Also, to get a LT for 2 1/2 years at the pro bowl level Thomas will cost you. The Browns will not let him go for peanuts. So, suppose Keim decided to put Humphries at guard in 2017, what does he give up to land Thomas?

    Would you give up a 1? a 2 and a 3? Thomas is not a FA like Floyd or others who might be dealt. I think at bare minimum, he is a 2 and a 4. Just can’t see Keim doing the deal.

    As for Floyd, I always like to swap with someone of like circumstances. Meaning another guy who is a pending FA and his current club may have an issue signing. Maybe New England, who seems not afraid to make a deal for someone like CB Logan Ryan . He would be an upgrade and better signing for the long run.

    What really sucks is how we didn’t grab Jamie Collins. The Patriots are good at drafting someone to take your spot when you are in your 4th year. One of my favorite guys out of the 2013 draft. At 6’3″ and 250, he is extremely athletic with 43 tackles a sack and two INTs, he can play the run and pass.
    I would have made that trade in a heartbeat.

  28. By NJAzCardsFan on Oct 31, 2016 | Reply

    Let’s all face reality…. With the injuries mounting, this team will be lucky to end the season at 8-7-1.Personally, I see them at 7-8-1. The Cards are done. Stick the fork in them…. I don’t know what happened this year whether it was the lack of the playing time BA gave the first team in the pre-season, the bad FO/BA decision to start the rookie LS and B. Williams at CB or the missed field goals. But the Cards just didn’t have it this year.
    The only positive thing about the mounting injuries, is that the alternates are getting a lot of playing time to see who to keep and who to let go for next year….
    Find a new place kicker also…!!!!!!

  29. By John The Draft Guy on Oct 31, 2016 | Reply



    I think there are several in the 2017 draft. Yes, even 1st rounders.

    But I will say something really out of character for me. If Palmer and Fitz return for 2017, I am all in to win it in 2017.

    Therefore, every move I make isn’t about the future, but right now.
    If I could deal Floyd for Logan Ryan, I would, and resign him to a 4 year deal.
    Now you have a pair of CBs, solid and signed.

    I would not mess around at guard or center. I am signing or trading for experienced ones who can play. I might release Iupati and sign two guards. Or, if you release Iupati and trade Floyd, could you get a Joe Thomas for a 2 and 4?
    I don’t know, but I would be like the Diamondbacks and be all in.
    After all, if Fitz and Palmer leave after 2017, the cap number will have 25 million more.

    So, I am gambling. Making moves to win in 2017.

    What does that have to do with the draft? I am looking for an impact player in round one that can help me right away. Therefore, no QB.

    I will take a 2018 with a rookie QB for a 2017 superbowl. I think if I told you, would you take a 5-11 2018 if I did everything I could to win a super bowl in 2017, I think most fans would say sign me up.

    If Palmer and Fitz come back and Keim doesn’t do everything in his power to win (unlike this year, entering with a rookie CB who was over his head, sub par Center and RT) , he needs to be fired. That will be the first time I call for someones job.

    2017, That starts with signing our safeties and trading Floyd.

  30. By papa bear on Oct 31, 2016 | Reply

    They should have traded him before the season started, knowing they aren’t going to pay him top dollar and some idiot team like the jags will. Trade him now and see if we can get a decent pick or lineman to help keep palmer upright. Palmer played great and we are still in position to take the division. GoCards!

  31. By Brendan B on Oct 31, 2016 | Reply

    All hope is not lost folks!

    It will certainly be tough, but the playoffs aren’t out of reach.Seattle has it’s share of problems too, and we could take the division.

    Palmer’s has shown he still certainly has the fortitude to lead the offense. To stand in there and take the merciless beating Carolina threw at him, and still play lights out was down right impressive. Heck, I feel like I need a Palmer jersey now.

    The team is pretty banged up right now. Veldheer being IR’d is bad news at a bad time…This year is simply not going to be like last year where we stomped half the teams we played. It’s going to be a gritty, bloody-knuckled fight all the way.

    Look at the Seattle game, and the second half in Carolina. This team has ‘fight in it. If our O-Line and Special teams can step up, the Cards can still do it!

  32. By creditcard on Oct 31, 2016 | Reply

    Card fans: I’m a Card fan… always will be. Earlier posts criticized the Carolina loss on our inability to throw the red challenge flag — get real. We got thumped.

    The O-line absolutely stunk up the place. The interior of line was getting physically abused. After each snap, both guards and center were instantly 2-yards backwards. The Panthers were getting unreal interior penetration. No wonder we couldn’t run the ball. No wonder Palmer was sacked 8-times, and gosh only knows how many hurries and hits on the QB. Why Arians did not insert Wetzel into the game … and early,; I’ll never know.

    The concerns are beyond our woeful O-Line. Something is wrong, and it probably will not be discussed to the public. Lack of leadership? Hypocritical words be preached by coaching staff / management? Lack of drive? Certain players getting healthy contracts when the “real non-media” great players went unnoticed and unrewarded? Skills of some of the older players deteriorating faster than expected? (Remember Payton Manning went from setting every NFL record one year, then followed by being inadequate and relying upon his defense.)

    Whatever the reason — something feels amiss.

    Also, some very good special team players are on the IR (Niklas and Fau), both of these guys were a huge loss to the team.

    I am in hopes the Cards can turn the corner, but in the back of my mind; it doesn’t look as if this will happen this year. Again, something is over-reaching wrong, and it has affected the team.

  33. By Dan on Nov 1, 2016 | Reply

    I guess I was right, they did physically kick our teeth in.

  34. By Dan on Nov 1, 2016 | Reply

    I say put in Cole Toner……….I got a boner for Cole Toner…….put in Boehm at Center. We need to be more physical on the O-line. Put some dudes in with attitude.

  35. By mitchaz on Nov 1, 2016 | Reply


    If SK is able to trade for Joe Thomas, he becomes the LT and next year Veldheer becomes the RT. Humphries becomes the swing tackle.

    I think that C Evan Biehm takes the starting center job and John Wetzel and Cole Toner can challenge for the RG spot—Wetzel’s size and strength is impressive, as is his technique.

    Thomas’ salary is very reasonable at $8.8M the next two years.

    Trading for Thomas solidifies the offensive line and makes it a strength for the next 2 1/2 years. To me that’s worth a 2rd round pick in 2017 and a 4th round pick in 2018.

    Protecting Carson Palmer and opening holes for David Johnson are the utmost priorities on offense. Adding Thomas would be just what the team needs to make the Cardinals’ offense elite and championship worthy.

  36. By mitchaz on Nov 1, 2016 | Reply

    Darren—do you think a trade or two are in the works today? Are the Cardinals going to be buyers, or could the Cardinals actually be sellers, like the Patriots? I wonder what you (and everyone on the board) think.

  37. By Darren Urban on Nov 1, 2016 | Reply

    Mitchaz —

    RE: Trades

    I do not expect one, no.

  38. By clssylssy on Nov 1, 2016 | Reply

    It’s amazing how differently things look after twenty-four hours, I would have to say that while the game looked pretty ugly in the first half, any team that can come back like we did to be within 10 points (actually 3 or 4 if the game had been called correctly) is worth holding out hope for. Did we play like the same team that played the Seahawks–No, but the Seahawks were in the same condition and fell to the Saints, which was good for us! I can only hope that the bye will give us a renewed sense of purpose and rested bodies and not be a momentum killer. Sometimes the best thing we have going is a thirst for redemption and taking a week off can kinda put those feelings in the distant memory. Clearly, we need to focus on winning one game at a time with special effort on our division rivals and hang on to the Division Championship by whatever means possible.
    Our O-line woes continue and Keim needs to get us some reinforcements –like yesterday! So many fans want to hang our lack of success on Palmer but when you consider the relentless pounding he takes, week after week, I am impressed that he is still able to get up and keep going. He is tougher than he gets credit for and he is smart.
    Keim is getting paid to put a winning product on the field and in past years has brought in quality replacement players who have also brought stability along with experience; this year he seems more concerned with contracts for the future and is not on point. I agree with JTDG, if he can’t get the job done, fire him and get a GM with NFL GM experience. The fans were sold a SB team by the organization’s spin doctors so it’s time to deliver. We have talent but lack maturity/disciplined focus and a former lineman SHOULD KNOW the importance of having quality line(s).

  39. By rod on Nov 1, 2016 | Reply

    Maybe we should all, including myself take a deep breath and a step back. It sucks that things are going the way they are this year. Something is definitely wrong with the team. And there is something definitely different or strange going on with Bruce, maybe that trip to the hospital during the San Diego shared practice was something more than we he and the media reported, but he sure isn’t the same fiery guy anymore.

    But looking on the bright side, this organization from the top down has been committed to winning since Michael Bidwill took over and it’s gotten progressively better almost every year minus this one. I am not a fan of some of Steve Keim’s early round draft picks either injuries (unforseen) or underproducing has been a trend…but he’s money in trading down for extra picks and getting talent that DOES produce.

    There are only a few mysteries in personnel though that has concerned me. Our backup QB, simply not 2nd string quality, nice guy, great side-line dancer 🙂 but not for a backup QB. And the issues with special teams that have been addressed poorly.

    But we should take a deep breath and a step back because this team was a bottom-feeder long before I ever became a fan and now they aren’t. Let’s enjoy that !!

    We had high expectations this year and we’re not going to meet those but we are competitive and can be proud of what has been built here in the desert.


  40. By Big Ken on Nov 1, 2016 | Reply

    Wow JTDG! Strong words about Mr. Keim. After the last draft you have to wonder what’s going on, so much behind close doors. I’ve wondered if he is in a hot seat situation.

  41. By pleasantfishing on Nov 1, 2016 | Reply

    Please draft Mason Rudolph this year if he is available. He fits the cardinals play style and would be a great fit for Bruce Arians offense.

  42. By Dr. G. on Nov 1, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG ~ ~ Can’t disagree with the emotional take when logic should be the director. …ala giving Mathieu a $40Mil guarantee while he was still basically on crutches. I recall Darren’s logical reluctance to guess what Keim might do before it became necessary.

    My take was that it is not unusual to take until the 2nd year to come back to somewhat good performance. After Tyrann trashed his knee in 2013, he got a “participation” trophy in 2014. Then he was a terrorist in 2015 until he had the repeat misfortune. It is unreasonable to expect he can be his best until he really heals…probably into 2017. But the fans’s and the bosses’ believed he deserved the biggest deal in the nfl at his position…surely emotion driven.

    Kinda my take on some of the deals that sidestep good business sense, but
    emotion can justify when that is your “only” basis…still don’t like the PP deal. Is it fair to judge some of their deals? …Be well…

  43. By Kevin S Mesa on Nov 1, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG —

    Thanks. I agree on seeing what we can get for Floyd; I was just curious what you thought we’d be offered.

    Then again, I’m someone who thinks you should always listen to all offers for any player. I don’t consider anyone off the table.

  44. By Kevin S Mesa on Nov 1, 2016 | Reply


    If we’re making predictions, I’ll go with 9-6-1. I think the team goes 6-2 from here, even with the injuries.

    Funny that you think we’d have to be lucky to go 8-7-1. If you think 7-8-1 is the most likely outcome, you’re basically saying this is a .500 team, based on the sample size of 8 games (where we should’ve won 2 more games if we could just make a field goal), as opposed to the larger sample size of previous seasons.

    If we were 5-3 instead of 3-4-1, which is where we’d be if Cat just made those FG’s at the end of the Pats and Seahawks games, would you be similarly predicting the team would only go 4-4 from here and finish 9-7? I highly doubt it. You’d still be optimistic if they were 5-3. So why does Catanzaro missing those two field goals change your view of the team so much?

    Other teams are dealing with injuries too, not just the Cardinals.

  45. By NJAzCardsFan on Nov 1, 2016 | Reply

    KSM- The missed field goals set the tone for the season. The defense played their hearts out in the Seahawks game and they had noting to show for it. The Cards were expected to have a good season and letting Garapola beat them and the missed field goal took the heart out of this team. Keep in mind the Patriots QB was a back up. Our best couldn’t beat a back up QB, thanks to a missed field goal. Cat is getting paid to make those FG’s and he isn’t. How does one miss a 25yd FG which is now a shorter distance than an extra-point, He should be sent packing….

  46. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 1, 2016 | Reply


    Trade for Thomas;

    If Veldheer was on board, yes, I would trade for Thomas. I’m saying there is no way Keim is making that move. He was blind with Cooper and he is blind with Humphries.

    At least Humphries has played and flashed at times at RT.

    But, yes, in a perfect world, I would take Joe Thomas for a 2017 2nd and Humphries. Heck, I would throw in Watford too.

    Keim just isn’t going to make that move. He just isn’t.

    While we are at it, I would throw in Floyd for Joe Haden. The Browns seem to be dumping their salaries and Haden would be big savings for them.

    Heck, Floyd, Humphries, Watford and a number 2 and 4 for Thomas and Haden?

    OK, I am dreaming a bit now.

  47. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 1, 2016 | Reply

    Big Ken,

    I have disagreed with many of Keim’s moves in the draft. He has been right sometimes (Marcus Golden) where I thought it was the wrong pick. But many times, I have been right (like all 4 of our first round picks).

    But that isn’t what upset me about Keim this year. It was all the noise about the super bowl. We are all in. Which wasn’t true.

    Being all in is bringing in Alex Mack at Center, not a journeyman and a 4th round project. You wouldn’t have entered the season with huge question marks at CB, which will be there again next year. You would have solidified the RT spot instead of hoping Humphries could do it. You would have brought in a slot CB instead of hoping Badger would be ready to go by middle of season.

    Even his best move was prompted by the Patriots, who called Keim about Chandler Jones, not the other way around.

    That is not all in. You have a 37 year old QB and a HOF receiver who may retire soon. You just went 13-3 and a game from the superbowl, and you enter 2016 with Brandon Williams at CB, Branch in the slot, Shipley at Center and Humphries at RT???

    Then every player in the draft can’t even get on the field. You kept Floyd and now will get nothing for him. He was a hot commodity at the start of the year and could have netted maybe a 2nd rounder or maybe a first. At worst, you could have used him to move up and land a Ryan Kelly at Center or Taylor Decker at Tackle.

    You made no decision on Campbell. Extend and keep or deal him? Nope. He cost us 15 million of cap space.

    Just not an “All or Nothing” response to the talk.

  48. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 1, 2016 | Reply

    Dr. G,

    I totally agree. The Badger contract was similar to the first Jake Plummer contract. He was grossly overpaid because they thought this would energize the fan base. They both were wildly popular, so let give them monster contracts.

    Badger’s deal may go down as one that kills the cardinals if these injuries keep mounting. 12.5 million a year average when the next highest safety was 9 million a year. WOW. Now, they will let good safeties walk because they have too much tied up in the position.

    Yep, it sure felt good at the time to lock him up, but it may cost in the long run.

  49. By clssylssy on Nov 1, 2016 | Reply

    Yes, other teams are dealing with injuries but they are bringing in replacements who can make a difference and be playmakers, not just plugging holes with PS guys. I remember BAs comments the first few games about the new players having the jitters…well, here we go again only we don’t have “a lot of football to be played” and we need experienced guys who know how to get the job done without creating turnovers and making rookie mistakes.
    Fans say the players have been flat but, it seems that attitude began at the top and in the front office, with it all rolling downhill. There has been no urgency about churning the roster to put the best players on the field who can help us succeed but rather an ambivalence I can’t understand and ticks me off.
    The loss of Veldeer is huge, already lost too many key lineman and our offense isn’t protecting Carson like they did last year. Now we lose Momah too?
    I’m really disappointed in Keim and while some fans are starting to see Whisenhunt in BA, I see Graves in Keim…the guy who had the owner wrapped around his finger and wouldn’t replace injured players after starting the season 4-0 (including beating the Patriots in Foxboro).
    As others have said, this is starting to have that old familiar feeling…that we all thought was behind us.

  50. By Dan on Nov 1, 2016 | Reply

    All said and done we will win the division which isn’t saying much but does mean a chance in the Playoffs. What a bummer of a season so far, expected a lot more out of our D-line and especially the running game and the passing game. Special teams hasn’t been special…………I mean they look special but not that kind of special.

  51. By Wild Blue Yonder on Nov 2, 2016 | Reply

    As I said in another posting, “Keim’s Halo is akilter”.
    I’m sure that several fans will disagree with my (and, several other fans’; see above) assessment, but the facts don’t lie.

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