Keim: “We’ve let our fans down”

Posted by Darren Urban on November 21, 2016 – 8:19 am

Steve Keim (like Kevin Minter Sunday) said it right away Monday, about how he sounded like a broken record. The stats were better than the opponent, the score was not. The Cardinals’ General Manager, during his appearance on the “Doug and Wolf” show on Arizona Sports 98.7, was also blunt about the hole the team is in after 10 games and a disappointing 4-5-1 record.

“We’ve let our fans down, especially when expectations were so high,” Keim said.

That was the theme of Keim’s thoughts. “There’s nothing I care about more with in this organization than winning and putting a product on the field for our fans can be proud of,” he said. And this: “The season is not over, and I know that’s not what the fans and the people supporting us want to hear. But we’re certainly not going to quit.”

— Asked specifically about special teams and special teams coaching, Keim said there will be discussions about that and everything else after the season. He said the reoccurring theme not only for special teams but also the offense and defense was inconsistency. Keim is at practice daily, and he has seen and heard the coaching, not only on special teams but team-wide, and he noted that the players have to get better as well. “At some point and time, it comes down to those guys executing,”

— Along those lines, Keim said he takes ownership in the problems on special teams (and elsewhere) because he’s the one who supplied the players. “It’s something where we all have to look in the mirror, and that starts with me.”

— That was reflected on the long kickoff return. One issue Keim noted, sometimes it’s about “guys running downfield and having the will to make a play.” That’s about fighting through blocks and having a want-to he’s not seeing.

— Taylor Boggs was in the game late Sunday at right guard because Earl Watford was suffering from stingers, Keim said. He added he did not know if that might impact Watford’s availability for Sunday’s game in Atlanta. “We were down to our third guard,” Keim said. “(The Vikings) were running a lot of games and stunts (up front) and we had trouble picking those up.”

— Keim said he wasn’t sure if safety Tyrann Mathieu would be back this week to play, but said he was close in Minnesota and felt there was a good chance Mathieu would be available.

— He said, knowing how sick Michael Floyd was — Floyd was apparently up most of Saturday night ill — that he was willing to give him a pass on the deep pass where Floyd looked to slow up on what turned into a Carson Palmer interception.

— Palmer was impacted by receivers not getting open and protection that wasn’t very good. But “he made some critical mistakes as well,” Keim said.

— Keim said he doesn’t have a problem with the effort this season. But he also said, with limited things he can do to impact the current situation, he will continue to look hard at the back end of the roster and see if he can find players that can help, particularly on special teams.

Otherwise, he said he’ll continue to work by the motto he said he’s followed in his 19 years with the organization. “Be part of the solution and not part of the problem,” Keim said. “I have to be a positive leader.”


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  1. By Dan'O on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    Carson Palmer has been more of a problem than the receivers have been all season.
    These guys are suppose to be pros and do the job that they’re getting paid millions of $$$$$$$.$$ for, all of the lame excuses for loosing is getting old.
    I knew and said after the “All or Nothing” stupidity claim before the season even started, that this season would be a failure.

  2. By s brown on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    nothing that SK said on the radio this morning was false. Yesterday was a tough game to watch, even after all the plays against the Cards, they still had a chance with two possessions in the last 5 minutes, to get the win.
    just could not get it done, I would say , again, another total team loss on the road.

  3. By F*** 2016 on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    Yeah well no sh** Humpty Dumpty, but hey at least we can be thankful for Robert Nkemdiche. Happy Thanksgiving to absolutely no one.

  4. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    Letter to Steve Keim,

    You are to blame for this year. 100% You. This was an all or nothing year and you absolutely blew it. Your incompetence is unacceptable by those of us who have paid our money year after year for tickets.

    I have no faith in you to right the ship next year. None. After all, what evidence do you have?

    Oh you traded for an aging QB who saved your butt and hired a coach who brought an attitude to the team.OK, I’ll give you that.

    But your drafts have been a joke.

    2013? The 7th overall pick was a guard? Horrible. I mean, that is something someone off the street does. One of the worst moves in cardinal history and its your first move. What else in 2013? A slow undersized LB and an overpaid slot cb who is injured all the time? Great draft.

    2014? you have a chance to right your wrongs. You get Veldheer and then stop. You flip flop on center, and you fill the line with Ted Larsens, and Paul Fanikas. You also forgot to get a RB. Thanks to that, we lose both our QBs. Great job!!

    So, do you fix it in the draft? No. You get a safety who would have been a backup if Betchler didn’t say, I have no LBs, so let me try him there (which by the way, why did we have no LBs). You draft a TE who never plays, a pass rusher who rarely plays, a QB who was a joke, and John Brown. How did that fix anything? What a terrible draft again.

    You have to go out and sign Larry Foote because your pick of Minter is so bad. You went from Dansby and Washington to nothing.

    2015? This Humphries is terrible. He makes me wish for Massie back. This is your first round pick. a terrible RT.

    Then you get lucky. If you had it your way, you would have taken Abdullah in round 2 and would not have taken David Johnson or Marcus Golden. Pure luck, Abdullah was taken by the Lions

    2016 might be the worse. While other DLineman are playing big roles or starting for their team, you find the problem child who had a history of not working hard. HOW DO YOU THINK THAT IS OK? You take a CB who played 1 year in his life and has no idea how to find the ball in the air. AND HE IS YOU STARTER??? All or Nothing. Whooo.

    Even Chandler Jones was brought here because the Patriots contacted you.

    So in 2017, you will screw up the draft and bring Tony Romo in as QB, you will sign Floyd to millions, and leave Williams out at CB and say he really improved in the offseason. You will draft another guard and tell everyone how many pro bowls he will win and then draft a 4th round QB, who just needs seasoning.

    How does it get better with you. You will keep Humphries and eventually make him LT. (I’ve been feed that before – see Leonard Davis and Levi Brown). You have a gapping hole at center, but will feed us garbage about Boehm and his amazing off season. You will resign Minter and tell us he is playing at a high level. It goes on and on.

    Just step down. Do it now and allow someone who understands talent to start rebuilding this team.

    Season Ticket holder since 1991.

  5. By D on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    We would like to see Mr. Keim try to re-sign some more players for next year, J. Brown was a good start. This team has many UFA’s after this disappointing season is over.

    -Too much offseason hype hurt the players and coaches, much was self inflicted.
    – More OL issues killed this season.
    a) taking a chance on an old often injured RG in E. Mathis, didn’t pay off for Keim. RG needs to be addressed this offseason.
    b) Not signing a proven vet OT as a backup hurt this team. You never hope to lose your Left Tackle, but Mr. Keim should have been more prepared.
    c) I would get the rookie Center more snaps at Center once the wild card chances are at 0
    -WR’s not named Fitzgerald played below abilities.
    -Palmer is showing his age, holding onto the ball too long, some due to WR’s not getting open and he is under pressure way too much. He turns the ball over way too often. Mr. Keim needs to find a future QB this offseason.

    Besides Larry, the only bright spot, and it’s very bright is D. Johnson. The kid is a workhorse. DJ is probably the second best WR on this team today. He is a great building block.

    The defense is way too inconsistent this year. Too many mental errors. The biggest miss is the rookie Nkemdiche this year. Hard to prepare for possible loss of C. Campbell this offseason when the rookie can’t get on the field. Even though Jones can disappear at times in games, the Cards need resign him for big $.
    Mr. Keim also needs to keep one of the starting safety’s. I would try to sign Jefferson and also M. Cooper at Corner.

    This defense has way too much talent to not dominate, I would entertain bringing back T. Bowles in some capacity once he is let go in NY.

    Special teams is a mess right now. They have had many injuries but they need a lot of work this offseason. I do not know why they brought back Butler, they need to upgrade the Punter this offseason. Peterson is the only punt returner that should be on the field at crunch time.

    BA’s game management has been questionable. It seems he never knows when to challenge plays and the ones he does are the ones obvious that they will not get over turned. When we still see mental errors by WR’s and OL not picking up blitzes, coaching has to be questioned. He moves away from running the ball way too quick.

  6. By Xeano on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    A bit disappointing this season, but I’m not really surprised. After the beating in the NFC championship game, it’s probably still nagging at a few of the players, despite how much they say it’s not. Been some good performances this year regardless.

    Darren, do you feel that Keim and Arians may begin pursuing a QB in the draft next year? Or perhaps make an offer to a prospective free agent?

    I know it wont happen, but how about a trade for Aaron Rodgers? Cardinals have the defense and supporting cast, and with the O-line troubles his mobility would be the x factor to get the offense moving more efficiently.

  7. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    I am a big fan of Bruce Arians. I really believe he is a great football coach.
    But I am disturbed by some of his moves. Puzzling.

    1. Keeping Amos at special teams.
    I don’t think you can find 5 fans who think this is a good idea. I think anyone who knows football can see STs have been a disaster. I see the claim is players. OK, What the hell was Keim doing? Anyway you look at it, it was a disaster.

    2. Bring Butler back;
    I am not sure what he sees in him. The rest of us see the worst punter in football.

    3. Not being able to adjust to teams taking away the deep pass. What the heck happened there? He was in shock for several games when the deep pass was taken away and he had to move the ball 5 yards at a time.

    4. Why he doesn’t use DJ and Ellington on the field together more. I saw a couple plays but he could have gotten creative with these two because of their receiving and running abilities.

    5. His receivers running the wrong routes. None of the receivers are new, yet the continue to make mental mistakes. What is the receivers coach doing?? These receivers have cost us big time this year.

    6. Not using his TEs as receivers. The cards had 2 big plays from the TEs sunday. But the plays were there all day. With a good run game, TEs will be open . Use them.

    7. Team has played uninspired. Why Coach? Why

    I’m not saying fire Arians, and I am not sure who is better that you replace him with I just don’t understand some things that are happening this year.

  8. By Steve on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    Darren: Would you say the team is disappointed in the progress or lack of with DT Robert Nkemdiche? I mean do you feel Arians and Keim had expected much more of an impact from him this season than what they are getting so far? Thanks

  9. By Darren Urban on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    Steve —

    RE: Nkemdiche

    Disappointed? That’s probably fair to say. They said before the season they were planning on him being part of the rotation. The fact he is not can’t reflect well.

  10. By Tradersbrain on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    Football is not my occupation, I’m a fan … and as a fan …. Mr. Bidwell may I have a refund?

  11. By Eric G on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    Easily the worst season as a Cardinals fan since they moved here in ’88. All those other bad years you didn’t expect much of them. This year, is just disgusting, I’m done for the season. See you next year. The team has phoned it in all year, so it’s time for us to do the same.

    I hated the Nkemdiche pick from day one. No will to play. What’s the “injury” now? Some players cut off part of their finger to play the next game, him, he gets a scratch an he’s down. He has 1 assisted tackle and 1 pass deflection. Well played there Keim. Great first round pick.

  12. By TucsonTim on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    It’s tuff to say our season is over when it never really got started. Even the pre-season was a mess for the first team offense. And as many others have stated on this blog, this tail spin started when our team mutinied and decided to slap our coach in the face and take a week off against Seattle last January. Well documented in our now infamous movie.

    We have never been the same since. BA has not found the formula to coach the lazy out of this team.

    His GM, coaches and players have let him down and he must be miserable. BA get well and make the hard changes.

    Prayers for Coach Arians.

  13. By clssylssy on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    I don’t care who we get for a QB, even Aaron Rogers or Tom Brady wouldn’t be successful behind the 0-lines our QBs have been dependent upon to keep them upright and with time enough to do their jobs. Behind a good 0-line, Carson would have been more effective but after getting beat to Hell, sustaining season ending injuries and now a concussion, he understandably has lost some of the pep in his step. Keim’s ability to recognize talent has been abysmal as JTDG chronicled, and, if their is little to no QB talent in the draft to begin with, I don’t see us developing anyone; not a very bright picture!
    We have had the talent but where we have messed up, IMO, is by not having proven and qualified leadership at the individual coaching and coordinator positions. I like BA, love that he brought in Tom Moore and some other Yodas as consultants but has let personal friendships cloud his judgement; again, he only has had input into staffing and Steve Keim “is the guy being paid to make the big decisions”.
    The decision to let Floyd play knowing he was as sick as he was (being up all night and having to be on IVs) but keeping Tyrann Mathieu out (after he told the press this week he was good) is mind blowing to me and only adds insult to injury.
    I agree with JTDG…this season is on Keim, but, we can still try to not be quitters and, at least, try to stay ahead of the Rams in the division.

  14. By Joseph Robinett on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    I surely do appreciate coach Arians absolute investment in coaching his team, and, seemingly, to the detriment of his own life. I am thinking about you, coach, father, husband, and fellow human being, praying that your health revitalize, not for coaching’s sake, for your lady and children, who are waiting for you at home to return in health and to the safety of their comfort.

    Be well good man, be well….

  15. By Steve on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG: I agree with your assessment of Amos Jones needing to be replaced but I get the feeling that Arians is EXTREMELY loyal to his coaches and will not fire Amos regardless of how bad the unit plays. The only way I see Amos sent packing is if Michael Bidwill himself orders Bruce to cut him loose. Will that happen? I hope so. This man crush that Bruce has with P Drew Butler is indeed strange, I thought Ryan Quigley did a solid job and to cut him for another round of Butler and his bad punting is annoying to all us fans.

  16. By Erik on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    I wanted to comment before reading what others wrote. Obviously I am disappointed, but I will continue to watch and hope for a bright future. I am having a bit of trouble with that however, given that not one rookie from this last draft seems capable of contributing. Will that change over the remainder of the season?

    Shipley is not in the teams future, I would think. He does not pass the eye test and the metrics confirm that. Keim drafted a center, I hope to see him in action soon.

    Keim was also talking about Boggs, saying he just came off the street. Where is Toner?! He DID pass the eye test in preseason and the metrics backed him up. Why is a guy off the streets deemed better than a draft choice who has been here all year?

    We have all seen Brandon Williams play and Nkimdeche not play. Pretty concerning. Not much else to say there.

    While I’m at it, let’s look at the last 4 drafts. Honey Badger, M. Golden, Bucannon, and David Johnson. Can anyone name any other players that have been drafted that are objectively above average? John Brown would have been on this list too, but this season has given me doubts.

  17. By Smitty72 on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    This is my evaluation as a Cardinal fan for 40 years. Arians has to swallow his pride and realize that he is not an offensive coordinator. He’s going to have to realize the mistake they made with Palmer. They had the opportunity to draft Carr and didn’t. Every offensive lineman they have drafted were flops. Their defensive coordinator is horrible, their special teams coach is horrible and it’s time to cut ties with players like Calais Campbell, Kevin minter and Alex okafor. Move Deone to safety where he belongs. Go sign another corner and never put Bethel on the field again except for special teams. This team is in shambles starting at the head coaching position. There is a reason why 5-7 other NFL teams didn’t keep him around..and don’t even get me started on why in the good name of God why we ever kept Drew Stanton…

  18. By Marcelof on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    Palmer will probably play another wastin’ year… it’s time to drafted a QB, first-round product. I know many will agree QB is not the problem now, but I see them as half way to sucess.

    Cards sure may have won 3 games whether ST had played better, but yet they could’ve won despite those flaws. Offense is not at where they’re supposed to be.

    you’re not going to win anything if you cannot neither put more than 15 points on the Rams nor by missing a couple of simple FGs (they represent wins). At 6-4 Card will be in great place running for both West crown and Wild Card. well, now maybe a miracle gives them a wild card spot.

    I already said that and I repeat it: “As a foreigner I haven’t got 1% of the knowledge you guys do” but as a die-hard Cardinals fan since 2009 (first trip to US territory) I’ve seen lots of things that taught me how to understand a little more of the game. (I also play amateur football here).
    Let’s see.. you have an excellent run game, it opens up several doors to unimaginable options on offense, you scare defenses, specially when you got an out-of-this-world threat at running back, an experienced QB and one of the best receivers of all times on your team. You MUST capitalize something out of it. You let Vikings score 30 on you, go there with this offense and score 31, go out there and do not depend on a field goal against the Patriots and hell score more than mere 3 points on the Hawks. Ok, I know there’s the O-line issue, but Seattle has it too. Every team has its own problem, no one is perfect on both sides of the ball, but they are getting the best of what they’ve got of good and Cardinals are not.

    Game against Seattle… if you kick the ball on 3rd and goal at the 2-yard line it’s because you don’t trust your offense can hold it, not when you claim your goal is “no risk it no biscuit”. And this lack of trust may be one problem no one can really see.

    If I lived there I’d sure be a ticket holder, I’d suppor the team year in year out and probrably I’d have better arguments than that. It just seems so simple sometimes that I find it hard to understand why that L column is with a 5.

    Sorry for my English, hope I was able to express myself.

  19. By Kevin S Mesa on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    Eric G:

    Re: Phoning it in:

    OK, this is where you and I depart as fans.

    I agree with people like JTDG who post thoughtful comments about how management failed the fans by not addressing critical needs (e.g., the corner opposite PP) in an “all-or-nothing” year.

    But people who question the effort on the team? That makes no sense. Sure, there are individual plays where you see that happening from time to time, like Floyd slowing up on that long pass — because he didn’t think it was going to be thrown to him in the first place. Receivers on the opposite side of the field taking a play off because they know it’s going to be a run in the other direction? Has been happening since the NFL began. So, sure, criticize Floyd on that play, or John Brown for letting a punt bounce, but overall, the team is trying as hard as they did in the “good” years.

    A missed FG is the reason we lost two games. You sure as heck can’t say that’s due to lack of “effort” — the guy doing the kicking is trying his darndest to make it, because if he doesn’t make those kicks when it counts, he’s ultimately going to lose his job. Failing to cover a 104-yard KO return is more about guys not doing their job (getting in wrong lane, etc.) than about lack of effort.

    No one can watch the Cardinals and tell me that they see a team that’s not trying. You’re just using the results of games to infer that this is the case.

  20. By NPP on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    Cards went what? 4 losing seasons w/o a QB? Arians, Keim, Palmer take over, and we get spoiled by being in it to the end for 3 straight, making the playoffs the last 2, climbing that mountain…

    This is first season where the bounces, calls, injuries and special teams bloopers don’t go our way. But our guys mostly have fought their guts out. Yet, the results painfully do not reflect the talent.

    The reasons are not complicated. Its the combination of human failure and bad luck. The silver lining is we KNOW we could, and SHOULD have had better results. In the past, we knew in our hearts the Cards weren’t good enough. We now KNOW they are, and we’re pissed. I like this better than the hopelessness of of a no QB mediocre, untalented team…

    2 more top OL and a QB to apprentice starting next year and we can go to playoffs every year, or be pissed bc we SHOULD have…

  21. By robert on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    I must say Im disappointed and add in all the hype for this year and its deflating. If it wasn’t for David and Larry we might only have 1 win. I feel bad for them because they bring it every week!
    I mainly question the play calls and Carsons lack of awareness for a seasoned pro.
    Sad to say that between Steve and BA (4 years together) we don’t have a next up franchise QB. That is what will hurt the Cardinals the most going forward.

  22. By mitchaz on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply


    Here you go again blasting Steve Keim. No GM can hit homers with every FA or draft pick. The fact is, Steve Keim was the architect of the winningest three year record in Arizona Cardinals’ history. Including this year, his record as a GM is 35-19-1.

    Keim’s decisions have been a heckuva lot more right than wrong.

    Describing the Honey Badger as “an overpaid slot CB who is injured all the time” is unjust. Keim stuck his neck put to make that pick and got a game changer, sure 1st rounder, talent-wise with a 3rd round pick.

    What’s so refreshing about Keim is his candor, his indefatigable work-ethic, his self-reflection, his passion for the game and his humbleness. He’d be the first to admit his own mistakes. But, as Wynton Marsalis always says, “If you aren’t making mistakes, you aren’t trying.”

    Second guessing drafts is way too easy. Jonathan Cooper was a consensus top 15 pick in the 2013 draft. Keim personally scouted Cooper. No one can predict injuries and what they can do to a player’s psyche.

    It’s 4 years later from the 2013 draft and

    *Jonathan Cooper helped Keim trade for DE Chandler Jones
    *Kevin Minter has been a solid 2 year starter
    *Tyrann Mathieu was named to every All Pro team last year
    *Alex Okafor had an 8 sack season and has a couple of sacks off the bench this year while playing with a torn bicep
    *Earl Watford has been a solid backup/plug-in starter at tackle and guard
    *Stepfan Taylor has been a solid STs player
    * Andre Ellington, when healthy, has been a 6th round steal.

    Every GM in the league would take that kind of a production from a draft. How many teams have 6 players still on their rosters from 4 years ago?

  23. By Eric G on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    Kevin S Mesa

    Let’s see, how good has the offense been in the first quarter all year long? Let’s start with that. Then, let’s talk about the lack of passion out there from anyone except Fitz, DJ, PP and a few other players. I don’t see many out there fighting and acting like the care that they are losing. Palmer certainly doesn’t care. Floyd doesn’t care. Offensive line doesn’t care.

    This team is playing uninspired football and they are flat. Being flat is the definition of phoning it in, imo. Player’s only meeting anyone? Extra practices anyone? No? Bueller? Bueller?

  24. By mitchaz on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply


    Take a look at how Keim has built the defense:


    * Calais Campbell*—pro Bowler
    * Corey Peters—FA 2015
    * Frostee Rucker*—bargain veteran FA
    * Rodney Gunter—4th round pick, 2015
    * Josh Mauro—claimed off waivers from PIT
    * Xavier Williams—UFA 2015
    * Ed Stinson—5th round pick, 2014
    * Robert Nkemdiche—1st round pick, 2016
    * Olsen Pierre—UFA 2015


    * Markus Golden—2nd round pick, 2015
    * Chandler Jones—acquired in 2016 trade
    * Kevin Minter—2nd round pick, 2013
    * Deone Bucannon—1st round pick, 2014
    * Alex Okafor—4th round pick, 2013
    * Kareem Martin—3rd round pick 2014
    * Alani Fua—UFA 2015
    * Gabe Martin—UFA 2015


    * Patrick Peterson*—1st round pick, 2011
    * Tyrann Mathieu*—3rd round pick, 2013
    * Tony Jefferson—UFA 2013
    * D.J. Swearinger—FA 2015
    * Justin Bethel*—6th round pick, 2012
    * Tyvon Branch—FA 2016
    * Marcus Cooper—acquired in trade 2016
    * Brandon Williams—3rd round pick 2016
    * Tharold Simon—waiver claim, 2016

    * re-signed to second contract

    That is some serious talent and depth, my friend!

  25. By creditcard on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    I see a trend:

    Each game this year the Cards do not start clicking until the mid point of the 2nd quarter. Another disturbing trend is the start of the 2nd half. This boils down to being either out-coached by each team, and / or a lack of drive / spirit by the team.

    To me, it appears the sense of urgency is not happening this year.

    As for QB play: Carson Palmer is not having the same stellar season he had last year. I think other teams have adjusted, and the Cards have not re-adjusted to the opponent’s adjustment. Coupled with that, the line is playing horrible. The loss of Sendlien, Massie, Valdeer, and revolving door at RG has been troublesome.

    Players “off the street” are somehow more fit to play than drafted players that have been around since spring. — this tells me our coaching is not teaching the players properly.

    The Cards have done a good job in drafting small school players in the late rounds. The early picks have been woeful. I still cannot believe with all the special team woes, why the Cards released Marquis Christian so that Butler could be the FG holder. — that is one for the ages.

  26. By Adrian on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    All these people sound like spoiled cry babies… we finally get a great coach that has done nothing but win since he got here and you’re ready to run him out of town because we’ve had a disappointing season so far….. IT’S NOT EVEN OVER YET!!!!…. do these people not realize that if it weren’t for 2 FG and a bad long snapper we could easily be 7-3. I’m ashamed that these people even call themselves cardinals fans when they talk more trash about the team than opposing fan bases do. The main thing that has hurt this team this season is the injuries on the oline we could easily be sitting where Dallas is if it weren’t for the injuries on the oline and missed field goals. And to the guy who said ty is just a slot CB you abviously know nothing about football were one of the best defenses in the league because with him on the field.

  27. By rod on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    Well, all you idiots who want Bruce gone might get your wish, he’s in the hospital again.

    He hasn’t seemed right all year since SD training camp issue.

    Hope he ends up ok, but he’ll probably need to step away…so congrats.

  28. By Richard S on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    In years past when the team was not all that good, it would seem like the Cards would get in field goal range and for whatever reason come away with no points and when you tallied the score up at the end of the game, the lack of even 3 points in field goal range would cost them the game. Yesterday at the end of the half we had a similar mishap. Forcing a pass instead of taking 3 points ended up in a 10 point turnaround which could only remind Cardinal fans of the Super Bowl. Keep up the good work as the team could use some low round draft picks.

  29. By Richard S on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    I mean when I think of not taking 3 points, I think of Cramer’s advice about investors getting too greedy. I can’t remember the first phrase, but the last phrase is pigs get slaughtered.

  30. By krehbieo14 on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply


    I hope you did not send that letter to Steve Keim. Your anger has gotten in the way of thinking clearly – you are overreacting. For example, you said, “In other words you (Keim) will resign Minter and tell us he’s playing at a high level.” Yesterday, Minter had the highest PFF rating (87.4) apart from Xavier Rhodes. Keim has certainly made some draft mistakes, but you can’t control for injuries. Overall, he’s been a solid GM. Now that we’re losing, fans are looking for anyone to blame for the Cardinals dismal performance.

  31. By Kevin S Mesa on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    Eric G —

    Again, we disagree.

    What do you mean, Palmer doesn’t care. Did you see him yelling at JJ Nelson when Nelson dropped a catchable pass at a critical time?

    Floyd, when he allowed that pass to bounce off him in the Seattle game at a critical time, and ended up lying on the ground for a few seconds because he KNEW how badly he screwed up?

    Like I said, they’re trying. The results aren’t there and you can criticize the results. If you think the team is poorly coached, say so. If you think the GM has failed, say so. If you think Palmer makes poor decisions, say so. But Palmer throwing a pick 6 — whether you blame Palmer for throwing it, John Brown for not running the right route, Arians for the play call, or whomever, has nothing to do with lack of effort or passion or whatever you want to call it. I have no problem with people criticizing the team, as the results do not match expectations. Just don’t tell me it’s about a lack of effort.

  32. By Special One on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    I think that if teams like the Bears are looking for a new head coach a hot name that will pop up is Amos Jones?

    What do you guys think? I hope we don’t lose him!

  33. By clssylssy on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    If we had the best QB in the draft dropped in our lap, we have not been a developmental franchise at any position. I don’t think that older coaches like BA really have the patience for coddling and teaching these guys to take their first baby steps in the NFL (Jared Goff just started his first game b/c he had never been in a huddle before) and since the CBA restricts practice there is only so much that can realistically be accomplished while fans are going nuts expecting immediate miracles. Veteran players (even younger ones) don’t want to wait on some kid to catch on while their career windows are closing as time goes by. Even marquis players like the Honey Badger, with injury histories, are one play away from a career ending injury so every game counts, time counts. The best compromise (for our particular setting) has been to find a talent with a few years in the NFL and then bring them into our system. We got lucky with Kurt, Kolb might have worked if he hadn’t been made of glass and, AGAIN, we had a decent 0-line to protect him, and Palmer was good until he became the worse for wear because of the constant brutality he was subjected to because of poor protection from the 0-line.
    In Palmer’s defense, he is smart and has demonstrated skill and leadership UNTIL he became a walking casualty. He has been tough and recovered from some horrendous hits, regrouped, to go on to win games. But, any human can only do this for so long and the Cards have been negligent in providing backup.
    This is not a coaching mistake but a GM problem.
    This team IS capable of more but IS playing uninspired football now because we aren’t playing up to our ability and our QB is broken. If, this Falcon game is going to be a lost cause anyway, it might be just as well to let Stanton have a shot and then bring Palmer back later. Stanton knows the system, has had wins, and a change might make the receivers have to play a little sharper.

  34. By tom on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    been a cards fan since 1964 so I’m on board at 0-16. last few years have been great and thought this year would be good as well,and would be if our kicker could kick,i just think the mind set is back to how are we going to lose instead of how we are going to win.just play as a team and see what happens rest of way out.even if m iss playoffs let teams who do be glad they don’t have to play us.many statement games left away from home.lets step up and find a way to win some of these games.

  35. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply


    Here is my issue;

    2013 – drafted cooper, Minter and Badger, traded for Palmer, Hired Bruce Arians, signed Karlos Dansby, Jerrod Powers, and John Abraham. Cards go 10-6.
    NEEDS – CB opposite PP, Center, guard, LT, RB

    2014- He drafts LB Bucannon, WR John Brown, signs Cromartie, Jared Veldheer and Larry Foote.
    Go 11-5
    NEEDS – ILB, CB opposite PP as Cro leaves, OLine, No running back, no pass rusher

    2015 – Cards draft DJ Humphries, David Johnson and Marcus Goldon, sign Chris Johnson and Mike Iupati – line is better with Iupati and Veldheer but holes on right side.
    NEEDS, CB opposite PP, pash rush, Oline

    2016, All or nothing. Draft Nkemdichi and Brandon Williams, Trade for Chandler Jones.
    NEEDS – He takes care of Pass rush finally, but no one opposite PP, Center, Guard, RT

    2017, – so what is the issues? CB opposite PP, Center, Guard, RT, ILB, Safety, WR and QB.

    Do you see a theme? How do you not fix what has been broke all along? Especially when you try and sell me this All or Nothing crap.

    We have had the same holes for 4 years – Center, Guard, RT, CB opposite PP, LB, and no QB of the future.

    Not hitting everytime is not the issue. IF you struggle with the draft, then sign guys. He should have signed a center over the last 3 years. All or Nothing should have been Alex Mack. He should have signed a CB over the last 2 years. All or Nothing could have been Casey Hayward. Same with RG and RT.

    You have an aging QB and Aging wr. There isn’t time to keep making mistakes. Watching Palmer, I think the window closed. This is what angers me.
    We had a team to win it all but for a couple of spots and Keim didn’t get them filled. That is a shame that he couldn’t get the players needed that were so obvious to all.

  36. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply


    Rash ? Maybe. Over reacting? Possible.

    Minter – I can’t go with a stat in one game against the 32nd ranked offense. An offense that moved the ball and put up 16 points.

    But , you have to agree with what I just wrote to mitchaz.

    How do you need a Center, guard, tackle every year and you just cant find help? How do you continually need a CB opposite PP and not get one?

    I think we both can agree we were built to win now. But to go into 2015 without a passrusher (freeney joined late) and a CB. How do you go into 2015 without a “real” center and RG and RT? . Then in 2016, you fix the pass rush, but ignore the other two????
    The Oline and Cb was not a surprise. We had the same issues in 2015. Please explain this to me. How do you make the same mistake again and again?

  37. By creditcard on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    key personnel losses this year:

    Fau, Niklas, Jaron Brown, Mathis, Veldeer, Martin, Branch, Jenkins, and C Johnson.

    Aging team with declining ability:

    Palmer, Stanton, C Johnson, Gresham, Mathis, Campbell, Rucker, Peters, Floyd, and Fitzgerald.

    Questionable NFL quality players on the roster:

    John Brown, Nelson, Shipley, Valles, Boehm, Boggs, Bryant, Butler, Cooper, Hubert, Nkemdichie, Toner, B. Williams, K Williams, Momah,

    practice squad: No players on the practice squad excite me in any manner.


    The raw math is that 23 players will need to be replaced next season or the following season. Another 6 players may not be resigned due to age and severity of injury. This means 29 players of the 53 man roster needs to be turned. this is 54% of the team needs to be replaced. More than likely this percent is closer to 45%. Still, is huge considering most teams have a 10-25% turn-over ratio.

    The Cards are looking at some growing pain years ahead, add in some dead cap space + an ugly immediate future.

  38. By Scott H on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    Well, never mind football right now. Just saw the news of Arians being hospitalized after the game, and that is scary. I don’t like the sound of him having chest pains in the wake of a football game that was clearly a source of distress for him. We can’t have that. He can’t jeapordize his health over this.

    He needs to take whatever time he needs to to whatever he needs to do to rest, relax, and recover. That is all that matters. He needs to take the rest of the season off, fine. He needs to walk away from the game for good, fine. I love this guy and I just want to see him be well.

    Football coaches seem to be guys who only know how to do things ONE way. And maybe this is just not what he needs to be doing to himself at this point in his life.

    It occurs to me that all along, this year, Arians has been the one guy who has TRULY shown his anguish and frustration over how this team has played.. I have really appreciated that. But… has its limits. I do not want to see him do this to himself anymore at the expense of chest pains after the game and needing to be hospitalized.

    Be well, coach. Not just so you can get back to coach our next game. Be WELL. God Bless.

  39. By willie belton on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    IT not the qb its the o-line.Carson Palmer is doing the best he can with the o-line.

  40. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply


    Your list – Truth is….

    That talented group you listed is 4-5-1. That defense was beat at home by Case Keenum and Jimmy Garapolo. They gave up 4th quarter scores to the Niners to allow them to tie. Those are facts that can’t be denied.
    So, Are you really bragging about that roster?

    I can’t seem to find on your list a competent CB opposite PP. Funny, he isn’t on the roster in 2015 either.

    Campbell and Rucker may be gone in 2017. Are you confident in a DLine of Gunter, X Williams , and Nkemdichi?? Huge gamble if any of them can start.

    Jefferson, Swearinger, Cooper and Simon are all gone in 2017. Can you afford to bring any back after all the money given to PP and Badger?

    Maybe you move Bucannon to SS. Now, both LBs are gone. How much are you willing to pay Minter?

    Lets say you resign Rucker, Cooper, Jefferson, Minter and Swearinger, who do you have at WR, Center, Guard and RT ? Let me guess, Boehm, Humphries and Boggs? Can you do that if you have a 37 year old Palmer at QB? After 2016, do you trust John Brown and JJ Nelson as your receivers (with Fitz)

    You have between 32-37 million. A huge chunk goes to Chandler Jones, who will make upwards to 17 million a year. So, you must rely on the draft to fill spots. We have no Safeties (take that back, Branch is still signed), one LB, no CB opposite PP, a dline that needs help, and 15-20 million to fix it.

    Not good.

  41. By rojobird on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    BA needs to get more creative with the plays, we are not fooling anyone anymore teams know what our intentions are when we play them (deep ball, deep ball and more deep ball) we need to use our TE’s more we got some pretty big guys that could get the hard yards needed to make easy on everyone else, we also need to get all our RB’s involve more, specially when our WR’s are not performing well. We got very talented players but its up to the coaches to get out of comfort zone and start getting creative, sorta have an ace under the sleeve when shit is hitting the fan at a game.. Anyways please please please save whats left of this season and in the process punch a few mouths on the way to the playoffs…

  42. By clssylssy on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    On a different note…looks like Matt Barkley will be starting for the Bears this Sunday against the Titans and may finish out the season as their starting QB.

  43. By georgiebird on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    Guys -let’s be realistic. Except for David, Larry and PP, who are the above average players on this team? You might make a case for Markus Golden but even MG consistently tries to bull rush the opposing player. MG would be better as an ILB- he doesn’t have the speed for OLB. Nice motor but not the right tools.
    But anyway, this team does not have the star power to be any better than 7-9.
    Who are all the stars on this team. On the 100 yard interception, John Brown could not catch up to the DB.
    In 2013, 2014 and 2015, things broke well for the Cards and BASK have to be congratulated.
    But, really, who are the stars on this team???

  44. By NJAzCardsFan on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    Nkemdiche? Can you spell BUST…????
    If fact the last years draft was horrible…??? A 1st year CB in the 3rd round and then start him??? The starters not playing together in the pre-season for more than one set of downs. I still think BA has tunnel vision using D Johnson as they were not spreading the ball around to different WR’s and RB;s. as they did last year. Both kickers should be released the moment the season over as well as Stanton.
    I stopped watching this team when they tied the Seahawks…… a game they should have won.

  45. By Dave on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply


    You are on Fire Sir, May I add my thought…

    This is the time of the season we should look to be grooming Paxton Lynch for the future…

    Whoops wait a minute – we took worthless Robert Nkemdichi. I almost forgot. My bad.

  46. By Wild Blue Yonder on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    Mitchaz & JTDG,
    There are too may holes in the roster for Keim to fill in the 2017 FA and draft class.
    Don”t give me the BS that the Cards’ roster is filled with “TALENTED” players.
    Get ready for a 8-8 season next season (at the best).
    And, I believe that Ariians’ “Coach ’em hard and hug ’em later” is wearing thin with the players.

  47. By Wild Blue Yonder on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    For those of you who haven’t visited the NFL website lately, here is a lengthy, but pointed item about OUR Cards and Palmer: I think that Mr. Schein has it about right.

    • By Adam Schein
    • NFL Media columnist
    • Published: Nov. 21, 2016 at 12:50 p.m.
    • Updated: Nov. 21, 2016 at 03:55 p.m.

    “My Arizona Cardinals are cooked.

    Last week on my SiriusXM Radio show, “Schein On Sports,” I called the Cardinals’ visit to Minnesota an “elimination” game. I couldn’t see the loser having enough time to turn things around and make a run.

    Welp, that loser was Arizona. And as a result, I’ll declare my Super Bowl pick defunct before Thanksgiving.

    I picked the Cavs to win this past NBA title, and they did just that. Same deal with the Cubbies in my MLB predictions. And I thought this fantastic roster in Arizona would end another interminable title drought.

    Not so much.

    The Cardinals, now 4-5-1, just haven’t been good enough or consistent enough. The special teams have been off all year. Bruce Arians’ dice rolls just haven’t paid out in 2016. And the offense has greatly underwhelmed. Of course, part of that has to do with the aging trigger man …

    Carson Palmer is not a quarterback you can win a title with.

    Palmer has always been my one “yeah, but …” with Arizona. Heck, I argued for Drew Stanton a few years ago. While the Cards’ discouraging campaign isn’t all on Palmer, it’s clear that he’s not a championship quarterback. That’s been proven in playoff games. And this year, he looks done.

    I think the two best places for Tony Romo in 2017 are Denver and, yes, Arizona.

    Something has to change after this organizational setback of a season. This is a major drop-off from being on the field in January for Championship Sunday — when, if you recall, Palmer deep-sixed Arizona with six turnovers.

  48. By Dan on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    Not happy with most of the draft picks………should have drafted a QB in rounds 1, 2 or 3……..I wanted Paxton Lynch but he wasn’t available, plan B was Dak Prescott and I don’t even watch College football…….just pick the friggin obvious. I don’t know, maybe I’m just a natural. Thought Nkemdiche was a good pick though, not sure whats going on with him. Is he lazy or what?

  49. By Dan on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    What ever happened to the “talk of camp” Brandon Williams? If he was the talk of camp then I know whats wrong with our team……….our offense, specifically our passing game. If we can make him look good then we were in trouble from the start……..and we have been.

  50. By dan on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    Recipe for a great team……….STUD offensive line………Stud QB……average RB, average WRs……….solid defense……nice punter would help. If u have an incredible offensive line, u can keep your QB healthy, give QB time to throw the ball, run the ball and control the game, give your defense time to rest etc…………….STUD OFFENSIVE LINE AND QB………period, end of game.

  51. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 21, 2016 | Reply

    Scott H,

    yep, BA just got out of the hospital. This is his second visit this year.

    One has to wonder if BA’s health may lead him to step down.
    Then, the national media reports that Palmer is done at the end of this year.
    Of course, rumor is Fitz leaves if Palmer does and certainly if BA does.

    So, are we watching the last games of BA, Palmer and my favorite player Larry Fitzgerald?

    People what to know why I am so angry at Keim, that is it. Keim dropped the ball, when he could have sent these guys out on top.

    I hope all 3 return, but I am leaning more and more towards they all 3 leave.

  52. By Canadian Redbird on Nov 22, 2016 | Reply

    Heh , don’t beat Floyd up for pulling up short on that 45 yard bomb interception by the Vikes. Hell, that was 10 yards more than a Drew Butler punt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope Kiem follows through with his evaluation of special teams coach Otis. I do have some concerns in that he was somewhat deflecting the coaching issue to a personnel issue, which means we might be seeing Amos on the sidelines in 2017. The ST coach is like a cat with 9 lives. Not sure which one he’s on now but got to be getting close to double digits.

    I agree with a previous writer regarding getting an Offensive Coordinator to call the plays vs Arians. I know how much the players play there guts out for Coach, however he has to learn to delegate and then make them accountable, much like how he has handled Ndemdiche. We have some mixed messages in our coaching philosophy.

    Looking forward to a bounce back game in Atlanta !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. By NJAzCardsFan on Nov 22, 2016 | Reply

    In regards to Romo coming here…??? How long do you think he would last with the Cards OL…. 3-4 plays before he goes on IR…??? Let’s hope the Cards start with someone fresh and NOT Cutler.

  54. By Dr. G. on Nov 22, 2016 | Reply

    Off subject, but very pertinent….many fans can only afford to go to 1 game per year. Regardless the record, each player needs to ignore the want of post season, and play his ass off now. ((Not my 1st post on this subject))

    Each game is an individual contest. “”One game at a time, one play at a time”” should be the mantra & slogan…surprising how success comes long term when we “”concentrate on the now.””

    You would not want to hear what the financial sponsors have to say…!!

  55. By shannon robinson on Nov 22, 2016 | Reply

    This is real extreme response. New Zealand is hiring suicide prevention counselors to handle recent national disappointments on the rugby pitch with Ireland. Should I put in the call? I don’t think there’s enough blame to go around. Make sure we cover everybody including me.

  56. By mitchaz on Nov 22, 2016 | Reply


    You are lamenting that Keim did little to address the C, G, CB and QBOF

    Are you forgetting the salary cap? There are only so many upgrades a GM can make in FA and the draft.

    Another factor is that BA made it clear to SK that he would be fine with A.Q. Shipley (pushed by a draft pick, which turned out to be Evan Boehm) for this year at center and with Justin Bethel at CB (whom they just re-signed last year—a player BA has raved about talent-wise).

    Shipley has been solid. Sure, he’s not ideal, but again you can’t pay top money for more than a few FAs.

    What people forget is that Bethel was expected to take over for Jerraud Powers. Bethel was supposed to be ready to be a full go by training camp. Just the same, Keim drafted CB Brandon Williams to develop behind Bethel.he also added Harlan Miller the defensive MVP of the Senior Bowl.

    I can tell you this—the Patriots were hoping to draft Brandon Williams in the 4th round. They saw a lot of Malcolm Butler in him. They has Williams in for workouts at Gillette Stadium. Keim knew this—and he knew the only way he was going to beat the Patriots to Williams was to draft him in the 3rd round.

    Then after FA and the draft, Bethel injures his foot again and is not ready for training camp.

    So, Keim goes out and signs CBs Mike Jenkins and Alan Ball. As you know, Jenkins gets hurt and is lost to IR. Ball didn’t pan out.

    Seeing that Brandon Williams was likely to struggle, quite understandably, as a rookie, Keim goes and trades for Marcus Cooper. Then he claims Tharold Simon.

    What more could you want from your GM, given the circumstances and cap limitations?

    At guard, he signed Evan Mathis. Are you going to tell us in hindsight that this was
    a bad move by Keim?

    Keim didn’t draft a QB because he has Palmer and Stanton signed through 2017.

    As for the other 2016 needs, you left out the pass rush.

    Going into this off-season Keim’s #1 priority was trying to upgrade what has been (other than Dwight Freeney) an anemic pass rush.

    He was able to trade for Chandler Jones to play opposite Markus Golden.

    That’s working out pretty well, isn’t it?

  57. By TucsonTim on Nov 22, 2016 | Reply

    Everything you need to know about how important a punter can be in the NFL is on the first punt of the game, Butler 36 yds with a 13 yd net; and the last punt of the game, Locke 72 yds. Even if Brown had caught it, it still was a spectacular punt when his team needed it the most.

    If they had had a punter like Butler, we would have been close to mid field with plenty of time. We could have actually run a draw play or a screen play to help Palmer out.

    Mr. Keim, special teams matter. We need a change now.

  58. By mal on Nov 22, 2016 | Reply


    I think you’re right on every point you make.

    Don’t judge the typical fans by the folks who post on this blog, tho. I think this blog is a place where the whiners come to vent.

  59. By mal on Nov 22, 2016 | Reply


    Have former Cards players ever posted on your blog?


  60. By Darren Urban on Nov 22, 2016 | Reply

    Mal —

    RE: Players

    Not that I know of.

  61. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 22, 2016 | Reply


    I am not sure we are watching the same team.

    Shipley solid ? – He is a journeymen spot starter at best. Plus, there is nothing that says Boehm can play. No evidence. So what you are suggesting is we go into another year hoping someone can stap up. And if they don’t…

    Palmer was pressured an insane 63% of the plays on Sunday. He has been sacked 30 times (already 5 more than last year) and has been hit more than I can remember.

    Those are facts. You can’t argue them. There is no way around it. This offensive line is one of the worse I have seen. Shipley, Humphries, Watford, and even Iupati have been bad at pass protection. Humphries is a guy, who never dressed out and was named the starter. He didn’t earn it. And he has been bad in pass protection.

    Claiming there is a salary cap is a bad excuse. Alex Mack signed a big deal with Falcons but only counts as 4 million this year. There was no excuse you couldn’t bring in the pro bowler.

    Mathis is fine. The issue is, don’t you have the same issue next year? Why not fix the problem.

    Again, we don’t see eye to at CB. I don’t care how much potential Williams has and how everyone wanted him, he has one year of experience at CB. You know people are not throw at PP. You can’t think Williams is OK to step in when you think you are a super bowl team. That is insane.

    Bethel? I said he was bad last year. that contract they gave him was another huge mistake. He sucked Sunday. He isn’t a CB. Keim went into this with Bethel and Williams? Horrible , Horrible decision. And yes, I said this back in training camp.

    As for pass rush, nope I didn’t leave it out. I said how Keim wanted Abdullah, but 4 picks in front, the Lions took him, which Golden fell in his lap. And the Patriots called Keim (thats a fact) to ask if he wanted Chandler Jones. It wasn’t a plan. He just lucked out.

    But again, here is where I am upset. I don’t think you or others get it. Palmer and Fitz and for that matter, BA, all could very well hang it up.

    I am the biggest Palmer supporter and have argued with Scott H and others defending him. But even I can see his body has taken a pounding this year because of this line and he isn’t accurate. He isn’t the same guy and I can’t believe he will be better at 37. That makes no sense.

    Fitz has been rumored that he has talked retirement. He also has been tied to Palmer.

    Meanwhile BA has been in the hospital twice this year and who knows if he hangs on.

    2016 was the last hurrah for this group. And you went into kit with this Offensive line and no CB.

    What are you going to say next year when we lose 2 of our starting D lineman, both safeties, 2 CBs, 2 WRs, our QB, and have no one good enough at RT RG and center. Not to mention a new coach.

    Hope Nkemdichi can do something, Hope Gunter will step up (who has 8 tackles for the year), Hope Boehm steps up, Hope Williams steps up, Hope the Badger recovers and stays healthy, Hope Boggs can step up, hope we find a QB.
    Yep, just keep wishing and hoping cuz you know Keim’s plan has not worked.

  62. By Dan on Nov 23, 2016 | Reply

    Don’t resign Campbell, release or trade Bethel…… Bethel sucks……sucks at just about everything. My Grandmother has more ball skills than this guy. I see no improvement………time to cut this guy, the lights are too bright cuz he can’t see whats going on. We need a winner not a loser…….he’s clearly a loser. On the bright side, we need to keep TONY JEFFERSON who has been a steal and a huge bargain since he has been here and deserves a good contract…..unbelievable. Minter looks a lot better and has improved his game. Swearinger is a stud too. Cooper, not sure about him yet but at least he has skills and talent and some good ball skills……did good getting him. Humphries makes bonehead plays……..blocks the wrong guy etc……not overly impressed with him considering how high he was drafted. Cole Toner and Boehm I think are going to be pretty good………I think Toner may be a solid player.

  63. By JASEN JAY on Nov 24, 2016 | Reply

    We have had the injury bug from day #1….it is not CARSON PALMER who is at fault…The O-LINE is gone…….the recievers can not catch the ball,everyone says PALMER can not get rid of the ball fast enough…well who could with that o-line…..why is Arron Rodgers playing so porely….it’s the o-line folks………not PALMER….and missed field goals..?….the other day 12 extra points were missed…..that happens……’s injuries,injures….and other teams re-building and becoming stronger….the Cards have a QB getting over 300 yards passing in losing games….math doesn’t lie…..he needs protection…what makes a great QB great…a great blocking O-Line……look at things for what they are…then you have poor afficiating…and bad luck…in over 100 years……3 different states……one super bowel apearence….the cards just have allways had that bad luck thing….in 38 years in St.louis… superbowels and only a few apearences in playoffs……it’s just part of that bad luck thing…they have had years when they were close,or even good….but even the great teams that dominate only have 6-or 7 superbowels in their entire history.DALLAS……PITTS……..NEW ENGLAND….ect…..check NFL HISTORY………some no matter what just are not meant to win…So just enjoy them no matter what….That’s what I have done for 40 plus years.From the days of JIM HART to KURT WARNER to PALMER…..Jusr enjoy the CARDINALS …We have has 3 of 4 years of good football.with BA and with Warner their only SUPERBOWEL apearence in history.It’s how it is as a CARDINALS FAN.

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