Falcons aftermath

Posted by Darren Urban on November 27, 2016 – 5:10 pm

For a few minutes, it was exactly how Bruce Arians wanted it to be all along.

Carson Palmer, with a clean pocket, threw perfect chunk passes off play-action. David Johnson picked up six yards running just falling forward. The Cardinals scored a touchdown on the first possession for the first time this season. Arians was thrilled.

“I take a lot of pride in that stat of scoring first,” Arians said.

The Cards couldn’t get a stop, though. They couldn’t get a stop all game when they really, really needed one. I take that back, they did to begin the second half – but then the offense had a three-and-out in their lone full possession of the third quarter.

That’s frustrating, Arians and everyone else asked about it will say. But that’s expected. There isn’t any one part of the game (unless you go with David Johnson himself as a part of the game) that has been excellent.

Defensive tackle Corey Peters, the one-time Falcon, shook his head at the lack of consistency. He was talking about the defense, and there is certainly reason to look at the defense that way. But the offense and special teams haven’t been able to find any either. That’s why they can shred a defense for an easy 75-yard drive to start, and have just 109 yards total in the second half.

That’s why the Cards are stunningly only 4-6-1.

“We’re 4-and-6, that’s our reality,” safety Tyrann Mathieu said. “We’re too talented to be under .500.”

— Arians is beside himself about the receiving problems. Smokey Brown gets hurt again. Michael Floyd drew a pause and an “I don’t know” from the coach, after a game in which he could have made a huge fourth-down catch and he did not. Floyd’s season will go down as one of the greatest mysteries in recent Cardinals history.

— Arians said the Cardinals used more maximum protection on pass plays Sunday than any time since he has been coach. The group was not perfect, but I did think they held up – at least until the end when the Falcons figured a pass was coming every down. I fully expect that group – from left tackle over, Humphries, Iupati, Shipley, Wetzel, John – to remain the starting five.

“I really would like to see it on film, just to critique the small stuff,” Humphries said. “But I felt the way stuff was shuffled around and the wat we had to pull together in a short time, it was a good outing. But it wasn’t good enough. Clearly.”

— Mathieu talked again about accountability in the locker room. I don’t know if he has things in particular he is thinking of or if he just feels like, when you are losing, people need to go under the microscope. It may be the latter, because he said in the same breath they have to stick together. That will be tested these last five games.

— Patrick Peterson hurt his knee. He said he got kicked by the cleat of Julio Jones on D.J. Swearinger’s interception. We’ll see what that means for him this week, although he said it was “painful.”

— Swearinger’s reputation earned him that interception he made. Jones beat Patrick Peterson on the in-route but Jones was staring straight at Swearinger as Jones made his way across the middle. That moment of lost concentration – and that knowledge Swearinger lights up receivers going across the middle – caused the bobble and Swearinger was gift-wrapped an INT.

— Unfortunately, Swearinger couldn’t hold on to the interception later, which would have stalled a Falcons’ TD drive. But the way it went Sunday, that might’ve been a band-aid. Not sure the Cards could’ve stopped the Falcons enough.

— Well, the Cards and Peterson didn’t let Jones beat them. So …

— The series of plays before halftime was a well-executed as anything the Cardinals have done this season. The loss buries the plays, but after the Swearinger interception, the Cards had just 25 seconds at their own 37. A 17-yard pass to J.J. Nelson that may or may not have been incomplete. Rushing to the line to run a play and make sure it wasn’t reviewed. Then Palmer hit Fitz, who in one motion slid to catch a 10-yard pass and called timeout, using only four seconds of the five left and allowing Chandler Catanzaro to boot the 54-yard field goal.

Yes, I’m looking for silver linings.

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33 Responses to “Falcons aftermath”

  1. By Christo on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    This team is a joke in it’s current state.

    Hasn’t been prepared from the get go. Special Teams and Kicking have cost us dearly.

    Don’t call ANYBODY out Arians until you stop trotting Butler out there week after week.

  2. By dkgambler1 on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    I really don’t need to hear anything more from Arians the rest of the year until he explains exactly why Butler is still on the team and has been given what amounts to a two year free pass. If the answer is that there hasn’t been anyone better than Butler then I’d like him to explain how the Falcons found a guy off the street who had some nice punts today complete with a few seconds of hang time. Until Arians answers that burning question nothing else he says means anything because he has no credibility.

  3. By Eric G on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    Can’t wait to hear the BS excuses from BA and Keim tomorrow. Pitiful year.

  4. By Don Zerbst on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    OK, here’s my negative rant, sorry but I’m pretty mad right now! Hey, why don’t we just face the awful truth…the Cards are awful! Every week we hope for a change, but it doesn’t come. Too much early season hype, too many expectations but too many missed opportunities, then just enough execution to keep us hopeful. Then it doesn’t come and we go back to hoping for more from them in the next game. Well, newsflash it ain’t coming…looks like we’ll have to keep hoping for a better year…next year! The usual, which as always is Heartbreaking for us Cards fans!

  5. By joe holst on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    Time to rebuild, let old players walk, D-line needs playmakers, another cornerback, interior offensive line ,tight ends, future QB and WR;s need makeover, lastly special teams needs a rebuild, acquire draft picks, trade down, replace a few coaches, Goodwin, Amos Jones, . Draft a QB don’t trade for one too expensive, going to get worse before it get’s better but that’s the way it goes, at least the NFC West is weak now,

  6. By Cardinals Chick on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    The 1st half I thought it was going to come down to whoever had possession on the last play of the game. Unfortunately in the 2nd half, the defense made no (very little for pro football) adjustments to correct mistakes…so I felt the door close.

    Personally I am not sold on the DC (fire him)..let Floyd go (WAY toooooo many dropped balls this season)…and please can someone re-teach the basics of tackling to the defense? Please….smh.

    Love my Card’s…but this season is done.

  7. By D on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    This team would be the Browns if Fitz and DJ didn’t play for them.
    So undisciplined with too many mental errors.
    The defense players all appear to be playing for themselves and their next contract. They need more role players like Rucker and Mauro and less Me players.
    The coaching staff doesn’t appear to be good at in game/halftime adjustments or their players are too intellectually deficient to understand or stopped listening weeks ago.
    I would rest PP and the Honeybadger the rest of the year and would play the Rookie center and Rookie First round DL player. Get Simon and Cooper more playing time at COrners. Need to prepare for next year.

  8. By lacardinalsfan on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    No questions to BA regarding the abysmal kicking of one Drew Butler??? How can Nkemdechi (sp) or DAVID JOHNSON for that matter take any criticism from this coaching staff when drew butler is still on this team? Talk about accountability!!! I know we are talking about a punter but this is just to the point of embarrassment. From here on out for the rest of the season ANYTHIG SK pr BA says is junk until butler is gone.

    Urban I dont know how you can keep a straight face asking accountability quaestuins when this coaching staff and upper management continue to defend this JOKE of a kicking game. PATHETIC!!!!

  9. By Chad on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    Wow. Amazing how quickly people turn on coaches. Has it been a good year? Nope. But let’s remember the last few years with Whisenhunt…or more accurately post-Warner. Horrible. Under BA the Cards piled up more and more wins each year….except for this year of course. I think a lot has gone bad this year but not enough that we need to panic and make long-term, knee jerk decisions. This year might be a bust but that doesn’t mean Arians and his philosophy and staff and veterans are horrible. I feel like this is still a hangover from the CAR beat down last year. We’re learning mental strength.

  10. By Steve on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    Time to look ahead to the draft folks, we’re done. We have got to fix the O-line this off season and clean up our special teams unit by firing Amos, getting a better punter and a new KR. Draft a QB like Ole Miss Chad Kelly to groom, get some more pass rush help and draft some O-line and CB talent to upgrade what we have right now. This just isn’t their year.

  11. By kauaicardsfan on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    Seeing all the mental errors every week is painful, Floyd is dropping too much critical passes as well as JJ, smoke is not even close to his former self. Dont know why they even brought back Butler? 40 yrd avg?? Calais jumping offsides on the punt. Not sure what is worst, expecting the team to be good and under perform or having a bad team just be consistently bad? at least for the bad team they are no expectations I guess?If we had to look at other teams from last year, Panthers and the Bengals are failing as well so we just have to face the reality that our team is .500 team this year. It painful cause we had so many years of being bad that when you have a talented team fail its really disappointing.
    Will always be my team though! Will be till the day I die !

  12. By Tyler on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    Yet another disappointing loss…

    As an aside, I couldn’t help but notice how much better the Falcons’ punter was next to Butler. The former, not to mention, hadn’t started a single NFL game before today…

    Why do we still have Butler, exactly? Clearly better punters are / have been available…

  13. By Kevin S Mesa on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    Jaws called the team “mentally weak” on the Burns and Gambo show. Maybe he’s right. Here’s a sampling:

    Peterson, on a 3rd and 15 from the AZ 38, draws a PI call on a 4-yard pass to Jones. Come on, Patrick, you’ve got good coverage, so even if he catches it, you just tackle him and it’s 4th down around the 34-yard line.. The most they get is a long FG try… instead, it’s an automatic first down because you’re hanging on him. Yeah, the first PI call you got was bogus but that second one was legit, and totally unnecessary because it was 3rd and forever. But it’s very typical of this Cardinal team to draw a penalty when they have the opponent on the ropes. Same thing happened after Tony Jefferson sacked Ryan early in the 3rd quarter to make it 2nd and 18… very next play is an illegal contact penalty (by Bucannon, on a receiver that Ryan wasn’t even looking at), automatic first down.

    Floyd, on a critical 4th down when the Cards were driving and the game was still within reach, drops a pass that hits him in the chest. Just like he dropped the pass in the Seattle game on 3rd down that forced us to settle for a FG instead of having a shot at the winning TD. Can’t wait for him to be gone.

    Campbell jumps offside on a PUNT, for Pete’s sake. Not a 4th and short where the other team might be going for it and tries to draw you offside, but a plain vanilla punt, in a situation where there’s no way they’d be faking it. The other team is trying to GIVE you the ball, when you’re still only down a TD and a FG, and instead your mistake gives them a first down in your territory to keep a drive alive (which ends up a TD and the game is effectively over at that point). Few things are worse than when you don’t even make your opponent earn their first downs.

    Finally, I call “weak” on Arians for game management at the end of the 1st half. We have over 2 minutes to go, all 3 timeouts, and our first play after the Falcons kickoff is an 8-yard gain and takes us to the 2 minute warning. So, you’d think, hey, David Johnson get probably get 2 yards to keep the drive alive, right? Especially with 3 timeouts to stop the clock after a run. Except instead, we insist on passing, or trying to pass… and we don’t have a simple pass play to get two yards…. so two incompletions later, both of which stop the clock, and we’re forced to bring out everyone’s favorite Drew Butler for another punt of net 36 yards and great field position for the Falcons with 1:44 left. This, after we had just GOTTEN the ball with 2:19 left, and managed to keep it for a total of 26 seconds before the punt.

    We actually got lucky that Jones bobbled the ball and we got a gift interception (which turned into a FG just before the half) or else Atlanta probably would’ve scored again before halftime.

    With all the playmakers on this team, they sure haven’t made the plays when they’ve needed to.

  14. By creditcard on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    Stunning? Get real. The end of last season and preseason the Cards were losing the line of scrimmage on a regular basis. In fact, the Cards were being man-handled.

    Stunning? Get real, this was 100% predictable.

    Need large scale changes in coaches, management,and player personnel.

  15. By creditcard on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    Cards have more holes than Swiss cheese

    Time to test players for the remainder of the season.

    Trade older players or release them.

    Cards need quality draft picks. Make sure Kem is not in the war room during the month of April.

  16. By creditcard on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    Remember those glorious days back in preseason on the volume of bragging on how many quality players the Cards have, and the cuts will be so painful and hard.

    Looking at the whole sale changes with the practice squad and finding warm bodies off the street to start. Does anybody believe the depth was accurately reported

  17. By Dan on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    Special Teams blew the season…………Palmer has been out of sync even when he had time to throw the ball this season. WR’s other than Fitz have been a HUGE disappointment. Bad coaching, bad decisions on players. We need a young mobile QB who can actually see the field and can make more than 1 read……….I don’t care what u tell me, Palmer misses a lot, does not see the field well enough not to mention he’s a choker.

  18. By Wild Blue Yonder on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    For the old-timers on this site, you probably remember Don Merideth, the former Dallas Cowboys QB, who was an analyst on MNF decades ago with Howard Cossell and an announcer (whose name escapes me).
    When it was obvious that a game was about to be won by a team, he would break into song, singing “THE PARTYS OVER”.
    Well, Cards’ fans, THE (2016 PLAYOFF) PARTYS OVER!!!

    It’s time to start having some serious discussions on this board about which positions to draft in which order and tie some names to those positions (JTDG, you’re up).

    And, PLEASE, other fans, don’t give me some Polyanish B.S. opinions of how the Cards can win the rest of the games, make the playoffs and win the Super Bowl!!!

    PS: I can’t remember when I saw so many Thumbs Up (and NO Thumbs Down) on negative comments about the Cards’ players’ play and SK’s and BA’s decisions.

  19. By Canadian Redbird on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    So many of our ” Cardinal Faithful ” continue to question the Drew Butler punting situation. Today, Butler’s average – 40 vs. a kid playing his first game – 52. A 12 yard differential . What gives ? Coaching, Management is big on this ” Accountability Card “, yet fail to recognize the huge deficiency in the special team’s Butler and Otis , which if they don’t cost you the game directly, they certainly put the team at a disadvantage. DRAFT A F…………………N PUNTER KIEM or FOLLOW THE LEAD OF HOW THE FALCONS FOUND THEIR KICKER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seeing the same results week after week is ” STUPID ” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are we missing something Darren. If so, kindly help more than just a few of us understand why Butler is still a Card. Thanks for your help.

    Let Diche play and see what the kid has. I’m certainly not buying the kid is not mentally ready or whatever is trying to sell us.. I thought Humphreys played pretty good as our left tackle. The times we had pressure on Palmer on the left, was when we had tight end help that got blown up.

    Fasten your seat belts, there could be more turbulence ahead folks !!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. By mitchaz on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply


    * Best first drive on offense this year—played with good tempo and play calling. Didn’t let ATL load up on the run.
    * David Johnson—another stellar performance—160 yards total.
    * Jefferson & Swearinger—best all-around defensive players on the field for Cardinals.
    * Gresham’s TD and other catches—too bad PI wasn’t called on the key 3rd down try in Q2.
    * The surprise Wildcat with Williams and Johnson.
    * Golden and Campbell—good effort.
    * Chanler Jones’ big 3rd down stop
    * Peterson on Jones—1st PI was bull—-. 2nd one was legit.
    * Swearinger’s interception—too bad he missed the other one that he perfectly timed on Ryan and Jones.
    * The quick toss to Fitz at end of 1st half to set up FG.
    * Catanzaro’s 54 harder.
    * Bettcher’s edge blitzes in 2nd half—right on the money—to bad the illegal contact penalty prolonged the first ATL possession.


    * Sluggish defense to start having been handed a 7-0 lead.
    * DEs/OLBs poor so often losing contain.
    * CB Marcus Cooper, passive, running half-speed off WRs breaks.
    * LBs Bucannon and Minter—worst players on defense in this game, brutally bad.
    * No MLB on one ATL rushing TD—wtf was that? Buccaneer was lined up on edge with no LB in the middle.
    * Peterson’s tackling effort on Gabriel screen TD, totally lame.
    * Campbell doing the unthinkable jumping off-side on punt—turned a close game into a blowout.
    * Horrendous effort anf tackling on Gabriel screen (save HB getting held).
    * Poor offensive tempo in quarters 2,3,4. Palmer too slow getting unit out of huddle.
    * Bad drops by Floyd and Nelson.
    * Little to no help for T Ulrich John, making his 1st start. Typical BA negligence.
    * Gresham awful as edge blocker. Why have him on the l.o.s against Freeney. Off-set him and have the WR be the man on the line.
    * Iupati—man, has he regressed.
    * Shipley—Dan Quinn had designated NT hammer him and it led to poor snap and shaky play.
    * Ellington in Game 11 not on any kind of page with Carson Palmer. This team needs Chris Johnson’s toughness, but oh wait, he’s not their guy to come off the IR.
    * Taking a timeout on the 4th and 7 and even worse calling the pass to Floyd—same as on 2 pt. conversion.
    * Butler getting blown away by a rookie punter.

    The Cardinals (4-6-1) have to run the table to go 9-6-1. They are 2 games out of the last wild card spot behind Washington (6-4-1) who comes to U of P this Sunday. There is still a flicker of hope, however dim as it may seem. “Hope is a good thing, Red, maybe the best of things, for no good thing ever dies.” (Andy Dufresne). Let’s see if the Cardinals can crawl their way back into the light.

  21. By mitchaz on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    Issues Going Forward:

    Offensive Scheme and Tempo

    BA’s offense with Palmer (or anyone statuesque) at QB, “zero protections” and lack of slot WRs. is a recipe for disaster and the coaches refuse to change regardless of personnel and the GM refuses to add the type of personnel to make it work. It won’t work when 3 of your 4 WRs (Floyd, Smoke and Nelson are not possession slot WRs—they are too frail and shy—same as Ellington).

    Plus, with such minimal pass protection in the scheme, Palmer didn’t have time to hit Fitz and his deep crossing pattern and Palmer really hasn’t hit any deep passes all year.

    BA’s play calling (slow) and Palmer’s tempo (super slow) is agonizing to watch. Look at Matt Ryan’s tempo. Look at Kurt Cousins’. Heck, even Scott Tolzein played with tempo for the Colts Thursday night.

    There’s such little urgency (tempo-wise) in BA’s offense—by the QB especially.

    Bettcher’s defense—issues with contain, covering screens and covering RBs out of backfield—which should not be such an issue in a 34, yet Bettcher has the OLBers crash inside repeatedly and thus become sitting duck for reverses, bootlegs, etc.. Both starting CBs, Peterson and Cooper are awful at forcing the run and blowing up screens. Why were Falcon RBs able to run free so often to the outside and go uncovered on passing routes?

    Punting Game—there’s a good reason why every punter has a field day versus the Cardinals, even a rookie punting for the first time. When opponents look at the tape they see that the Cardinals put zero pressure on the punter. One would think then that the Cardinals setting up the punt return blocking would help spring returns, but no, the Cardinals are worst in the NFL on PRs and have been awful for years. Ironically, despite the team never rushing the punter, Campbell jumps off-side at the worst possible time.

    Personnel—Tony Jefferson would be a better ILB than Bucannon or Minter—put Jefferson anywhere in the box and he will thrive—he and Swearinger are the best tacklers on the team and have an excellent chemistry as a safety tandem. Steve Keim has to re-sign both of them. Swearinger is the only legit FS on the roster.

    It looks like D.J. Humphries might be a better fit at LT than RT. If so, there is one silver lining to this week.

  22. By John S on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    Carson needs to go but BA will keep him (he has blind loyalty). Culter and Romo better than him. He had his window to win and he didn’t get it done. Hasn’t been the same since the Packer game in the playoffs. I expect a Carson is our QB speech.

    Butler needs to go but for some reason BA keeps him. Makes no sense. BA won’t let him go.

    Offensive line needs rebuilt mostly. Lets face it the curse of Levi Brown. The Cardinals may as well pass on drafting OL in the first round.

    Floyd needs to go. Fitz needs to go, as in head to a team tha has a chance to win him a ring. The Cardinals had their chance but the window has closed for awhile.

    Special teams needs a overhaul. I would look close at Catman as well, not much confidence in him.

    The defense is stats wise good in some areas but in my ways that doesn’t seem like a great defense with the eye test. 10-6 Cardinals that missed the playoffs has something special. 11-5 cardinals were really good too. 13-3 team felt like the worst of the 3. But decent. This year that just don’t have it.

  23. By grizzlystrike on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    First off, everyone commenting on here that Keim needs to not be in the War room come draft time is overreacting just a bit. Arians and Keim had a down year for sure, this whole team really. I fully agree with the thinking that the Cards are a mentally weak team though. This whole season is riddled with countless plays of us beating ourselves. After all of the hype going into this season and All or Nothing they thought the trophy would be handed to them. Injuries to the OLine solidified that we aren’t a playoff team but they were playing bad before all of he injuries. The fact that Drew Butler is still on this team does make you question the decision making though. The kid can’t punt and if they continue to keep him on this team it’s going to affect the belief in our management and coaching by both the players and fanbase.

  24. By Andy M on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    When we look at the past sixteen games (including the Panthers in January and pre-season), the Cardinals have won only FOUR of those games. The sample size is “statistically significant” at this point. The 2015 season was fun, but now appears to be an outlier. Good teams find a way to win. This is not a good team. It does not believe in itself and is not mentally tough. A missed field goal or tackle here or a catch there is the razor-thin difference between a playoff team and one that is sub-500. These are not random events; good teams get it done and the Cardinals have not. Words to explain do not really matter. The question arises of whether to try to keep together the nucleus of the team for ’17–or rebuild in greater measure?

  25. By Jay High on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    David Johnson is a good running back but he is not a finisher when you need a smash mouth yard.Very little explosion on impact unlike Chris Johnson who can get you a couple when there’s nothing there even though DJ outweighs him by twenty pounds. This teams head got way too big watching themselves in ” All or Nothing “. They should have had a mock DVD burning before the season started. Losing teams always talk about one or two plays costing them a win. Winning teams overcome them. Besides it wasn’t 3 plays there were 2 holding penalties that negated first downs and PP’s pass interference and the list goes on. All they can do is keep playing and next year hope to develop a team that plays with some fierceness and a big chip on it’s shoulder and please, please help your image on the field by changing those uniforms. Maybe some black helmets and black face masks to go with our black shirts. And could we please wear the black. At least the Cardinals could dress a little more intimidating.

  26. By Joe C on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    Well, it looks like we can keep the same GM statement from last week…”We let our fans down”.

  27. By TucsonTim on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    Mental mistakes, stupid penalties, dropped passes, poor tackling….

    Same thing week in and week out. Preparation and motivation, that’s a coaching thing.

    Is that card BA carries on the sidelines a list of plays or a list of excuses

    Sounding more and more like Whisenhut every week

  28. By Kevin S Mesa on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    Mitchaz —

    Good point on Cooper. You’re right, a couple times it seemed like Cooper was jogging after the receiver he was covering, probably thinking, oh, they’re not going to throw it here. Then, Ryan goes through his possession and… whaddya know, the guy Cooper is covering has three steps on him, I’ll throw it there… and suddenly Cooper is speeding up to try to catch his guy.

    I’ll add that to my “mentally weak” list.

  29. By CardinalChris on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    After last week, I couldn’t watch this week. Doesn’t sound like anything changed… Maybe we will have a top ten draft pick that might, I don’t know, be able to come in and contribute, or actually enjoy playing football.

  30. By Richard S on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    I watched the Cardinal game. Then I took a nap as I was tired after having my gallbladder removed Thanksgiving day. I then woke up and watched the Bronco Chief game. It seemed to me like the hitting in the AFC Best game was a lot harder than what I saw in the Falcons Cardinals game. I’m not sure what nauseated me more, the gallbladder removal or the Cardinal game.

  31. By Scott H on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    OK, here we go! I knew it wasn’t gonna be long before people started tossing names like Romo and Cutler out there. Hey, why not Josh McCown, too, huh? Might as well throw his name in there – he could do just as well for you as Romo or Cutler would.

    Speaking of such ridiculous things, I really can’t believe the Matt Barkley people aren’t rioting in the streets after he threw for 300-plus and 3 TD’s on Sunday! Actually, I gotta say, good for him. I still say he’s a lousy NFL QB , but good for him!

    Back to Romo / Cutler. Folks, please. That is exactly the thinking that this organization needs to shrug off and move away from. They need to dump the idea of finding the veteran with a little gas left in the tank and catching the proverbial lightning in a bottle. Enough. It is time to draft a QB – for the first time since they drafted Plummer – that has a chance to become our Derek Carr or Russell Wilson.

  32. By Okley on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply

    Problems with the Cardinals were obvious but ignored last year. Stanton is a joke of a backup, but Arians has a friend. Anyone can see that he tracks one receiver all the way across the field, and gets picked off endlessly because of it.

    I guess Butler is his friend too – they got rid of one of the best punters and kept this clown. There are dozens – no, hundreds – of former college (high school?) punters who are better.

    Peterson is a very good player, but allowed to make stupid mistakes. Did I really see him right before a game mugging for the camera and saying he is “legendary???” How legendary is getting a holding call 5 yards downfield on a 3rd and 23 play? Other coaches wouldn’t allow that crap from their players before games, but Arians is everone’s “pal”.

    Palmer should be have been scolded or benched for 3 seasons now every time he throws an ignorant interception on the goalline on 1st down (aka every playoff game last year, many regular season games several years). We need a developing backup who would threaten his position. Let’s see, 2 years ago we had to take Buchanon, a good but undersized player – instead of either Bridgewater or Carr, both instant QB successes. These weren’t hidden talents like the Cards keep hoping to find in the 5th or 6th round – they were legitimate 1st round picks. Now we suffer with a QB who can’t even throw the ball away far enough to avoid a penalty, even when the defender is still 5 yards away but unblocked.

    The offensive scheme sucks! Pittsburgh puts a strong, mobile QB behind a good line and it works. We put a slow, immobile QB behind a weak line, and guess what? We get sacked relentlessly. Look at the Buffalo tape – they had a play where they put exactly 1 defensive lineman on the line, splitting everyone else wide or in coverage. A competent QB would have 1) audibled, 2) taken the snap and run up the middle for 20 yards, or 3) at least called time out knowing his blocking scheme wasn’t going to work. Oh, or 4) taken a sack, which is what Palmer did!

    DJ had 90 yards in the first 20 minutes in both the last 2 games. Our game plan at that point? Take him out!!! Run Ellington, who lacks the strength to run up the middle and lacks sense to know what the plays even are. The same with Fitz – never throw him the ball past the first 20 minutes (unless it is the totally predictable/defensible lob to the back corner.)

    Any competent coach of this century would be running play-action constantly, not just for the first 2 productive series. They would be keeping at least 1 (better 2) backs/tight ends in to help the blocking. They would scrap the totally ineffective spread offense where Palmer is a sitting duck behind an over-taxed line. They would roll out Palmer and run draws or screens to reduce pressure. They would teach receivers not to run straight into defenders, hence getting some of the PI calls that the refs never make because the Card receivers run straight into the defenders. They would teach tacklers to strip the ball when they are coming blind-side on a QB.

    There is a solid core here, but it is time to wipe out the entire coaching staff, beginning with Arians. His health is failing and even if he wasn’t making all the mistakes he is, we should release him for his own good. Offensive coord, special teams coach, and receivers coach all need to go – NOW! Quit thinking Palmer is the golden child and get a real QB prospect in here. This season is toast – put Stanton in and let him prove how inadequate he is. Palmer would make a decent backup QB. And quit letting Peterson act like he is the greatest player alive; he could be really good, but his complete lack of focus costs the Cards regularly.

  33. By Eazy E on Dec 3, 2016 | Reply

    We can’t beat any playoff hunt/playoff teams!

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