Floyd, Mathieu active and a new O-line

Posted by Darren Urban on November 27, 2016 – 9:34 am

The Cardinals will have both wide receiver Michael Floyd (hamstring) and safety Tyrann Mathieu (shoulder) on the field today against the Falcons. The Mathieu news wasn’t unexpected. Floyd worked out for head athletic trainer Tom Reed before the game and looked OK. It makes the inactive list one devoid of big names, unless you want to count first-round draft pick Robert Nkemdiche, who has been there more often than not this season.

One other player active today is guard Earl Watford, among reports there could be changes on the offensive line today. We’ll see of D.J. Humphries gets a chance to play left tackle and/or Ulrick John plays right tackle. If there are changes now, it would seem to be production-based, since everyone is active. UPDATE: And the changes have been implemented, based on pre-game warmup. Humphries is the left tackle, Mike Iupati the left guard, A.Q. Shipley still at center, John Wetzel at right guard and John at right tackle.

The full inactive list:

— WR Marquis Bundy

— S Christian Bryant

— LB Sio Moore

— G Cole Toner

— DT Olsen Pierre

— DT Robert Nkemdiche

— DT Ed Stinson


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31 Responses to “Floyd, Mathieu active and a new O-line”

  1. By Carlo Milano on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    Nkemdiche cant play even third downs
    Jesus, what a crappy draft last one

  2. By Rod on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    The two last year Rd one picks were absolute whiffs!!!

  3. By steve on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    Robert Nkemdiche is Wendell Bryant part 2

  4. By faster on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    is the NFL complete out of their mind?
    i`m looking the cards game and see teams playing, red soxs against red sox, white pants against white pants and red white shirts against white red shirts.

    unbelievable ….

  5. By faster on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    the playoffs starts perfect, with a touchdown on the first play. go cards …

  6. By Dr. G. on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    Well…Peterson gave the 1st half away all by himself…to wit::

    * when they go at PP ~ ~

    * he won’t wrap on a tackle…likes to just jam

    *gives Julio Jones, et. al., lots of completions for critical yards

    *HUGE penalty ((1st down) on the goal line leading to Falcons’ score

    *ANOTHER HUGE interference call for another 1st down..and probable score

    *EXCUSE MAKING! Jawing at the ref makes up for multiple bad plays

    *Didn’t block for Swearenger on the INT.

    This, my fellow Cards Fans is your pro bowler…costing us field position & points. When opponents go at him, his true colors are evident…now even as he says he’s trim and in great shape. This is only THE 1ST HALF… Do your damn job as ScottH would say… Yep, jtdg, he is not my favorite, never has been esp along with the bragging, and for what?

    These are STATS, not opinion…! DJohnson & Fitz are the bright spots…

  7. By creditcard on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    Half time:

    The Good:

    Butler’s average has improved from 36-yards to a massive 37-yards
    David Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald
    O-line slightly better, however, I still don’t understand the playing of Shipley
    Catzaro … 54-yard FG
    Atlanta — no penatlies

    The Bad:
    Tackling, blocking,
    Play makers not named Larry Fitzgerald, David Johnson
    Shipley and his holding

    the Ugly: 2nd to last possession of the Cards …. wow that was ugly, I think it was 4th and 39 and Butler managed a powerful 37-yarder. The chain gang didn’t have to move much!

  8. By creditcard on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    Falcon’s punter just booted a 59-yard punt. I think Butler must be thinking the laws of physics has been broken or the football was inflated with helium.

    The Cards need better players, and many of them. I am in hopes the drafting will be handed over to someone other than Kiem — especially for the first couple of rounds.

  9. By clssylssy on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    Our “top ranked” defense looking kinda…pathetic. You could march a parade through some of those holes!

  10. By creditcard on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    Wow with 15-minutes to play, Atlanta still has not been called for one (1) infraction.

    The Falcons average not quite 2 penalties per quarter. Geesh, they sure must be coached really well. BTW, they opened an 11-point lead, and are starting to exert their will against the Cards.

    Cards look lifeless.

  11. By rod on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    I’m done with Floyd.

  12. By CARDS62 on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    Start of the 4th quarter and you are on the 40 with a 4th and 7 and you go for it???????????

    Believe the coaches handbook is you punt the ball and try to pin them deep and get a safety or 3 and out. Penalties have just killed us today!

  13. By dan on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    Here we go……….first of all, I’m a 46 year old male, been watching football since I was about 10…….pretty serious fan but guess what? I’m pretty much done with football, sure I will watch it if I feel like it but this whole game of football is a joke. First of all does it really take that long to review a friggin play? 2nd and was really is irritating me is the lack of calls of offensive pass interference when a WR pushes the DB out of the way for a catch but a DB can’t so much lay a finger on him without getting called for PI……..unless your a Seahawks DB. I see it every week, WR pushes of right before he catches the pass just enough so the DB can’t knock the ball away. IS THAT FAIR? WTF is that? Hey, both guys have a shot at the ball. As far as a DB PI goes, if its not blatant PI then don’t throw the F-ing flag. Unbelievable . I say take the refs off the field because for 1, they are in the way and interfere with the game…….they should be above the playing surface in a booth watching tv because I can clearly see more than they can…………it should he a fast judging system……….10 refs……..random calls…….calculates if a flag should be thrown by % of how many refs agree or disagree……………quickly too……….got friggin cameras everywhere. Have a referee ball boys.

  14. By Eric G on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    More boneheaded mistakes. Ugly game. Fitz is the only WR playing for Palmer at this point. Pathetic.

    Offensive plays are atrocious. Why are all receivers running 20 yard routes? Why aren’t there underneath routes?

    Butler: “Another bad punt” is the only thing the announcers said all game.

    I said it before, I’ll say it again.

    C an
    A nyone
    R eally
    D oubt
    I t’s
    N ow
    A nother
    L ost
    S eason?

  15. By GARY HICKERSON on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply


  16. By creditcard on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    Ok here’s the picture: were down 18-points with 8-minutes to go in the game with a powerful 4-5-1 record.

    We play the Redskins, Dolphins, Saints, Seahawks, and Ram. I see 1 to maybe two potential victories. Best outcome for this season is 6-9-1. Ouch!

    Based off of whee this Atlanta game is going (loss), the issues with the O-line, Special teams, lack of tackling, desire, and the outside potential of winning maybe 1-2 games — i think the Cards s/b trying out players for next season.

    You know what you have in Palmer, Fitzgerald, D. Johnson, Buchanan, Peterson Campbell, Mathieu, and a few more. Start playing players ho are literally in try-out session for next year. This year is toast.

    Play Nkemdichie, Williams, Boehm, Gunter, Stinson, Olsen, X Williams, Cole, Stinson, K Williams … see who is a true NFL player and who isn’t. Retain those who play decent the last 5 games, and release those who don’t.

    Simple, and I think you will see better effort on the field than what is currently being displayed.

  17. By Chris on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    One word, SAD!

  18. By creditcard on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    I predicted during the first two weeks of preseason, that the Cards would be lucky to be an 8-8 team. While others were chanting super bowl, I was thinking they got their heads handed to them by the Seahawks and Panthers, and then just barely beat a very “iffy” Packers team.

    The first two games of preseason (an I know preseason doesn’t counter), but during those two preseason games the Cards were totally out physicalled. You’re not going to win too many games in the NFL when losing the line of scrimmage on a continual basis.

    Based on the two items above, and with very little personnel changes coupled with an awful draft — I knew the Cards were headed for a year in reverse.

    The Cards will not be able to sign C Jones (unless they break the bank) — but why do so, if your problems are much deeper than one position. They will also not retain many free-agents — many players will see the Cards in their re-view mirror.

    Therefore, the Cards need many new bodies and quality bodies next year. Time to look past this year, and literally see who wants or does not want to play for the Cards next year. The remainder of the season, s/b a try-out for bench and practice squad players.

    The Cards will end up 6-9-1 (best scenario), 4-11-1 (worse scenario). Either way a very forgettable season. The Cards need bodies. the best thing they can do now is trade aging stars with high payrolls for draft picks. They also will have a high draft pick, thus they will need to trade down and in hopes getting a 2nd and third round pick for a first round pick.

    The cards have holes, one or two players will not solve this equation.

  19. By creditcard on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    Let me classify the issues:

    1. O-line is horrible, back-ups are worthless, a couple starters would not even make any another NFL team’s practice squad.

    2. Special teams is arguably the worse in the league

    3. Immobile QB, with no quick passing attack

    4. 1-2 receivers do not have NFL bodies, and cannot hit the desired areas, due to lack of size

    5. Few very high priced players, that are injury prone, and of average quality.

    6. Several aging free agents,

    7. Lack of depth

    8. Aging coaching staff, that has an inability to counter-punch a counter punch.

    9. Extremely poor outcomes from high end draft picks

    10. Cap issues.

    This pain will linger for a few years ….. I disagree that the Cards only need to tweak a few areas to right the ship. The ship’s hull has many holes and we’re taking in water. The Cards are merely rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic.

  20. By TucsonTim on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    Well the easy money with the ridiculous point spreads has been made the last three weeks. Pretty sure those days are over. Really don’t think this team could beat the Browns and I’ve felt that way for quite awhile.

    How do you allow a snap over the QB’s head to totally derail your team? Hot headed coaches and players that have no confidence in the coaches or one another.

    Look at the punter Atlanta just signed off the couch. Anybody see the graphic about Arizona special teams? “extremely, extremely” BAD

    Clock management….bizzare.

    Do you think Palmer is going to stick around for another beating like this?

  21. By Scott H on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    Final score – 38-19, keeping alive our streak of no wins against teams with winning records.

    I REALLY hope this puts an end to the desperate hopes that this team is somehow going to make the playoffs. It’s not happening, folks. Let it go. Embrace the horror – and the reality that they are probably not even going to finish with a .500 record.

    I stopped paying attention to win-loss records weeks ago. Because it didn’t matter anymore. All you had to do was look at how this team was playing and you had your answer – this is NOT a playoff team. It really hasn’t looked like one all along. Has it? Not really. Because how can you feel like you are seeing a playoff team when your only wins are coming against the 49ers and the Jets??

    It is adversity time for this front office and coaching staff. They really haven’t had to deal with that since BA came on board. But…..take a big whiff, fellas.

    Making the trade for Palmer was supposed to get us the QB we needed to get to the promised land. And that window may have another season, but…’s really not looking like Palmer has it in him. So….

    It is QB of the future time and that is where the front office guys really need to get it done. We’ll see if they can do it – in the draft, where it really needs to get done.

  22. By Dan on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    Floyd Sucks, Campbell Sucks, Butler has always sucked, John Brown Sucks, JJ Nelson Sucks, Offensive line sucks, Palmer is not the answer…….not a clutch QB. Time to move on.

  23. By NJAzCardsFan on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    I chose to vacuum my condo rather than waste my time to find a bar that would put this game on. And I hate to vacuum…. I think that says it all…..

    Nkemdiche should have a his number and name changed on his jersey to
    BUST with number 0….. For him to wear Dockett’s number is an insult to Dockett and the way he played Dockett was a beast, this clown should be selling hotdog’s in the stands…….

    The direction of this team was set when Cat missed that game winning field goal against the Patriots…. This season has been all down hill from there…..

  24. By clssylssy on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    So much for our new 0-line…and the return of Mathieu and Floyd! I’ve been saying all season our DC was over his head and, I so hope there is a way they can bring back Boyles, if things go south in New York (although the Jets are playing better than we have played). At any rate, our defense is greatly over-rated and that is where all of our money has gone for what?
    I know a lot of people are done with Floyd, but Ellington has been a worse disappointment between his injuries and his not being on the right page. To think we could have had Chris today, who is a proven playmaker when given the chance!
    Very disappointing season after such a big build up, and I think fans deserve to hear from Michael Bidwill who seems to have become invisible since it became obvious it was time to panic, lol. This was the year we had to turn the corner and now we’re headed into years of rebuilding w/o much for a foundation. I’m getting to old to find bad football entertaining or worth my time.
    The way things are going, we could be fighting the 9ers, Rams, and Browns to be at the head of the draft line…almost feels like we took a dive!

  25. By Joe C on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    The O-line shuffling didn’t go far enough. Its time to bench AQ Shipley and see what we have in Evan Boehm. Its time to bench Kevin Minter and see what we have in Sio Moore and let Deone Buchannon communicate plays on the defense. Its time to bench Michael Floyd and start…hell, I don’t know, maybe Tom Moore?. Its time to find Tharold Simon some serious playing time for evaluation, to see what we have in our Cornerback position.
    The talent on this team is average but the heart and motivation seen non-existant. I must honestly say that the 49ers, who in their last 3 games played very good opponents, made their games more competitive by playing with more passion and urgency than the Cardinals have in the same last 3 games. Aren’t the 49ers supposed to be the team with the lesser talent? It sure doesn’t look like it.

  26. By Scott H on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    Dan –

    So…what are you trying to say?

    Just kidding, dude. I hear ya. I just don’t know what else to do but try to find something to laugh about.

    clssylssy –

    You meant BOWLES, yes? Yeah, I’m just watching the Jets – Pats game right now and at least for this game, the Jets are showing more heart than the Cardinals have been showing. But overall, both teams have been big disappointments and in both cases, disappointing QB’s have led the way.

    Once again, Fitz shows up and plays like a pro….plays like it matters, ya know?

  27. By dkerry5242 on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    Activate Nkemdichi and let him get a baptism by fire. What the heck have we got to lose. The season is over anyway.

  28. By CARDS62 on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    Credit Card I agree with you in that it is time to play the young backups and see what we have.
    Wins no longer matter this year. This is just not our year.
    David Johnson and Fitz. just great players.
    Very disappointed in Patrick Peterson today and the rest of our defense.
    Michael Floyd I am just in shock of how poorly he has played in a contract year. Coach even said after the game that going into the season our WR were a strength of our team and now a weakness, and you could tell he was disgusted with Floyd.
    Will be a very interesting off season.
    Washington coming in with few extra days of rest and preparing for us with a hot QB so unfortunately I am expecting more of the same like we watched today.

    Go Cards!

  29. By TucsonTim on Nov 27, 2016 | Reply

    EMERGENCY. Someone call 911 for BA. He just said this game came down to 3 dropped passes. He’s delusional and clearly needs a stat MRI of his brain. This sounds serious.

  30. By clssylssy on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    LOL…reading the comments, it sounds as if there are a few who think Nkemdiche played in this game and is to blame for our problems! Nice to have a scapegoat but…newsflash, a disappointing draft pick (AGAIN) is only symptomatic of a more serious disease!
    Everyone is grasping at straws looking for the magic bullet answer that is keeping even Larry Fitzgerald awake at nights and he is a pretty intuitive guy with lots of inside knowledge we, as fans, don’t have. I would say…no such thing, we need to redo our model
    The draft isn’t going to do anything as long as we don’t have people who can draft and I believe we’ve already traded away our second round draft pick. So, I really don’t see much hope there, just another round of bad choices and more frustration. As far as getting our QB of the future, this team doesn’t know how to develop a QB, and it’s not like they grow on trees or you can phone in an order. Even Kurt Warner was lamenting the quality of college QBs yesterday on twitter, their inability to function in the pocket, or have field awareness…sounds exactly like a few guys we’ve had and given up on already.
    It seems like BA and staff under estimate our opponents consistently and every week see only one guy as the person we’re going to have to cover or worry about when there are many others besides Steven Diggs or Julio Jones who run all over us because we didn’t account for them–dudes, this is a TEAM sport for most other teams in the league which is why they are winning and we are losing. Our preparation is HORRIBLE and besides Larry and David, we don’t seem to have any real “students of the game” who study tape and take their assignments seriously.
    I have said all along that our DC needs help, and when I see other teams running all over us through holes the size of Texas, players half-heartedly chasing down the field willy nilly, I have to think about past defenses we’ve had versus what we have now (and the money tied up in just a few players) and wonder where the thinking was…and, how nice it would be to have Daryl Washington (his baggage doesn’t hold a candle to some in the league) and Lorenzo Alexander ( NFL sack leader we dumped due to his age) not to mention Ray Horton or Todd Bowles!
    Peterson needs to redo his contract if he is the team player he wants everyone to think he is, like Fitz did, so we can afford to pay other players…and he’s no Fitz by a long shot!

  31. By shooter28 on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    Getting All-Pro Tyrann Mathieu back healthy is HUGE!!!! Mathieu is the best FS/CB in the NFL , he has just been dealing with getting his knee back to 100% and fully healthy!! Mathieu is just days away from the All-Important 1 year mark, he is almost a full 1 year out from his injury so it will not be much longer at all before he is back to being 100% fully healthy n back to be the Honeybadger!!!!

    Next season the secondary ( Currently ranked #2 n NFL) is going to be crazy good. Mathieu will a full off-season and Training Camp under his belt so he will start the season 100% and when he is 100% Mathieu is SUCH A WEAPON and makes the team that much better….Mathieu is the best run stopping n coverage FS/CB n the NFL so whom ever he covers is erased, and with Mathieu having his speed n elite quickness back he can do what makes him sooo special and that’s his nose for the ball, always being around n making plays on it!!!!! Big 6″1/210pd FS Tyvon Branch (can also play CB n SCB) who has Elite 4.25spd and excellent coverage ability , He will play this Next Sunday Dec 4th but we will also have him next year and he will have a year in the system and another full off season under his belt at camp so he will be even better in the system!!!! 6ft/220pd SS Tony Jefferson who ranks via Pro Football Focus as the 2nd best Safety n the NFL will definitely be resigned due to his Elite cover skills n hard hitting run stopping & 5″11/225pd SS DJ Swearinger who is Elite vs the run n excellent in coverage known for laying Devastating hits will also be back!!!!!

    At Cornerback Arizona has the best CB in the NFL in All Pro 6″1/205pd CB Patrick Peterson , but they are going to need to re-sign 6″2/200pd CB Marcus Cooper!!!! If I’m Keim , I would resign Cooper, he is a very solid #2CB who is good and reliable , and he wont cost that much either, unless rookie 3rd round pick 6″1/200pd CB Brandon WIlliams who posses Elite length (33.5in long arms) Elite Athleticism and Elite 4.35spd , has developed Enough in one year to take over that role & AZ also a solid CB in ST player & CB 6″1/210PD Justin Bethel possessing 4.41 speed. Cooper I think is also getting the more he plays , it would be smart to resign him.

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