Keim: Floyd, Nkemdiche and the future

Posted by Darren Urban on November 28, 2016 – 8:25 am

General Manager Steve Keim lamented Sunday’s loss, noting as many have the same issues the Cardinals have suffered through all season. He was asked during his appearance on the “Doug and Wolf” show on Arizona Sports 98.7 on Monday if he was now going to start working on 2017. Keim wants to see wins now, but the question was unnecessary, since Keim is always looking at the future. He was doing so back in training camp. Keim has long talked about taking a three-year view on the roster.

There are things now that impact later, however. In particular, Keim talked about wide receiver Michael Floyd, who will be a free agent at the end of the season. Keim was asked if Floyd’s rough season made it more likely the Cards brought him back because his price may go down, or less likely because he has struggled so much.

“I know he’s disappointed and frustrated,” Keim said. “In the past, there’s been some inconsistencies, whether it was dropped balls or other things that came with his game. At the same time he made big plays to compensate for that. That’s the one area where, quite frankly, we haven’t seen this year.”

As for Floyd’s future with the team, Keim said those are discussions that will be made internally. But “whether a guy returns to your team or not, listen, we get emotionally attached to these guys. I want the best for all of them. He’s a guy I am rooting for and hopefully he can turn it around with five games left in the season and have some success for his livelihood. You never want to see a guy underachieve or have the misfortune of hitting the market and getting underpaid. I’m hoping all these guys have success. If they have success, we have success.”

— Keim was asked whether first-round pick Robert Nkemdiche should be playing late in the season.

“Until he earns it and learns how to be a true pro, he has to sit,” Keim said.

Keim compared it to the learning year for D.J. Humphries last season. “It’s on Robert,” Keim added. “He has all the skills, which is the good news, to be a great one. But until Robert understands what comes with being a great player, he’ll be on the bench. That’s the thing Coach and I have always been committed to. Regardless what your salary is, regardless of where you were drafted, you’re going to have to earn your spot on the field.”

— More generally for the future, “we have some plans and ideas in place we think will strengthen this team going forward,” Keim said. He added that as disappointing as the season has been, he believes there are enough core pieces in place — both in age and contractually — that whatever happens after the season with player movement “I don’t think it’s a complete revamp of this team to make it better.”

— Humphries at left tackle was a bright spot, Keim said. The GM said Humphries looks natural at left tackle (which makes sense, since that is Humphries’ natural spot.) As for Ulrick John, Keim said he thought he did a “nice job” until late in the game, when some twists and stunts got to him and right guard John Wetzel.

— Keim lamented the lack of a big play when needed. He was particularly disappointed with the Calais Campbell offsides on the punt late in the game — a play in which the Cards weren’t even rushing the punter — which kept an eventual TD drive alive.

— He was asked about a possible problem with chemistry. “That’s a good question,” Keim said. “In my position, when you put together a team and you look at it on your board … and we’re potentially more talented than we have been the past three years when we had success, but at the same time these guys have to come together.

“I don’t think it’s any secret we haven’t done that yet. It’s the little things, the accountability. That’s a great question and it’s hard for me to answer. Only the 53 guys in that locker room can answer that.”

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  1. By TucsonTim on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    When you have a great business model with a long track record of success, then promoting from within makes a lot of sense. Otherwise you’re just dooming your organization to more of the same.

  2. By Scott H on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    RE: Nkemdiche

    So….until he earns it and learns how to be a true pro, he has to sit.

    Well, that sure doesn’t speak well of the player.

    But it speaks far worse of our F/O for making this guy our first round pick. Honestly, gentlemen – you didn’t see this coming? You had NO idea this guy has maturity issues? Well, if you didn’t, then YOU have made some really bad decisions that YOU need to be accountable for.

    You say you feel like you let our fans down? Well, let me tell ya – YES. You have.

  3. By TucsonTim on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    Keim, ” a play in which the Cards weren’t even rushing the punter ”

    Have they rushed the punter at all this season? Wouldn’t you have thought rushing a new punter making his first NFL kick would have been a good idea???

    Obviously, players have to earn their way onto the field, but Cardinal’s coaches can just show up and take home a pay check week after week after pathetic week.

  4. By lacardinalsfan on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    An entire interview and not one question about Drew Butler is a waste of an interview. Until Drew Butler is gone nothing about accountability on this team matters. It is just lip service at this point.

  5. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    I am just wondering when Keim might run for office.

    I mean, he can spin things and make people believe , when they just watched it not to be true.

    For instance, the tackles did well.
    Man, I remember in this game where Vic Beasley and Dwight Freeny were coming off the edges and hitting or forcing Palmer to release the ball early from the 2nd quarter on.

    If you taped it, listen to the announcers talk about how many times Beasley and Freeny are in on the QB. Watch it with your own eyes. Then tell me if Keim is correct.

    See, this is how he sells it. He said he has a plan. He wants Humphries to be the LT. He gave him RT with no competition after BA sat him all year. Now he is snowing you that he is a good LT.

    Also, the play from Shipley and Iupati is embarrassing. I have been talking about Iupatis play for a couple months now. To pair these two together on passing downs has Palmer taking shot after shot.

    Next spin, Nkemdichi has all the talent in the world, he just needs to mature like Humphries.

    He justifies his 2016 1st round pick, While complimenting his 2015 1st round pick. That is big league spin.

    Nkemdichi has been on the field and has looked like a player on roller skates, going backwards. And, as we watch the interior defensive lineman who were taken right after him make plays (Chris Jones, Jarran Reed, Vernon Butler, Jihad Ward) , he can’t even get out there to rush the passer.

    Talent???? I didn’t see it in preseason or the games he came in on. No one can point at anything and say he can play in the NFL. His preseason (ohh he was hurting), his games, he doesn’t know the defense. How about he isn’t good?
    But Keim spun it, if he doesn’t make it, it wasn’t my bad pick, it is him not maturing. Funny, 28 other teams didn’t see what you saw when picking him.

    Then he leaves a guy like Calais Campbell out to dry. Campbell has played his butt off this year. It was Keim’s fault Campbell had the 15 million dollar hit, thus turning fans against him. But he has had a great year. Maybe not in stats, but he has played hard and well.

    Yes, he made a mistake, but I would rather have Keim covering for a guy who has given us 9 years of all out play and a few pro bowls, than his precious draft picks who are floundering.

    This guy is nothing but a spin doctor making fans believe he is doing all the right moves, when really, he is the issue.

    Seriously, do any fans think he is going to turn it around when he was happy with those two tackles?

  6. By Mark Pearson on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    I hope you are seriously looking for a real quarterback the two you have are not going to cut it!

  7. By Carlo Milano on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    No question about the punter fiasco?

  8. By NPP on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    Uncharted territory:
    since Cards moved to AZ, we haven’t seen the combination of a highly talented roster and underachieving performance. No idea why, but encouraged its not bc of lack of talent so perhaps more easily fixable than alternatives.

    Chicken or egg: Atlanta was faster than us yesterday, fresh legs, rested, hungry. Excuses or reasons? Probably excuses if you accept we have more talent.

    Heard Wolfley this am on radio, he never talks to the players or enters the locker room, doesn’t want players in his head, affecting his objectivity. Said it may be a chemistry problem, something going on in that locker room. Mathieu talked about no more “sweeping things under the rug”. Might be clues. Might see some house cleaning in off season?

    NPP is clueless (again).

  9. By joe holst on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    Nkemdiche is Calais Campbell ‘s successor because they will not be able to afford to resign #93 so that is scary. Also they need to start thinking about an extension for David Johnson since he will be going into year 3 of a 4 year deal and that will be upper costly $$$,

  10. By casht1874 on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    Earn his way on the field like Drew Butler. LOL! Keim was very hypocritical with that statement.

  11. By jstork69 on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    Promote and play Zac Dysert, cant be worse than Palmer and we need to know if he is real

  12. By Dr. G. on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    You are what your record says you are…famous quote…

    Cards Fans, check out this link for the Patriots – the Cards have been considered in the recent few years to be one of the premier teams in the league. Now, I read all the negative narratives this week, most of which are sadly reasonable.

    If we are desirous of becoming an elite team, you must be a winner on a continuum. The PATRIOTS have not had a losing season in 16 years and have won their division in all but 2 of those season. You say it’s all about Tom Brady? Well, look at their success with rookie Garoppolo. They have strategies for building and maintaining well-coordinated team players. Brady is a loser without all the other developmental team efforts.

    If you want to be the best, why not look at the best? They don’t do it with constant churning of one-year deals off the street or trades you can’t re-sign. It is not probably to be a cellar-dweller for decades and start lighting it up without serious owner//managerial modifications. Well, Michael has taken care of the owner part, but it seems the managerial part is wavering again. This temporary approach will only work temporarily…the chickens have come home to roost it seems.

    When some of the fans suggest to clean house, it may not be far from the truth. It will be better to root for some developing players and coaches that to DENY the nearly immediate internal implosion… later Cards Fans

  13. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    The Tennessee Titans drafted Marcus Mariotta as their QB.
    They added a top 10 pick in Jack Conklin at RT to go with high pick Taylor Lewan at LT.
    Then even though they had 2 centers who started, they went out and signed a starter. They signed their guard from NE, and drafted another guard behind their number 1 pick who is injured.
    They signed wrs and RBs. They did everything possible to make Mariotta successful, and you are seeing an up and coming team.

    The Raiders drafted Carr.
    They created an offensive line that is ranked 2nd in the NFL by many. They drafted a top receiver, signed Crabtree, and drafted a stable of RBs.
    The raiders are now the top team in a very good AFC West division.

    The Cowboys drafted Dak Prescott
    Put him behind the top line in the NFL, gave him the top RB, and a slew of Receivers.
    The cowboys are the top team in the NFL.

    The Bucs draft Jamisen Winston.
    They draft olineman like Marpet and Smith, while signing a center. They add WRs and TEs who can make plays.
    The Bucs just beat Seattle and have a winning record and an up and comer.

    Get the pattern. This is how a team is built.

    The cards have;

    A 37 yr old QB, who when protected, is pretty good, but age is catching up.

    a journeyman at center, guard and tackle, a very average 1st round draft pick that Keim loves. Veldheer will be back and maybe the high dollar guard in Iupati will have a better year, but hoping doesn’t get your QB protected.

    Our receivers are injured and struggling with our best receiver on the verge of retirement. While our #2 is off to FA.

    We do have the best RB in the game. So there is that.

    But, If we draft a 1st round QB in 2017, how is he going to survive behind this line?
    Keim, since he will still be here in 2017, needs to look at the teams above. Get Lineman who can play from day one. Sign proven guys, not projects.

    It really isn’t that hard if you stick to a plan. Don’t get fooled by potential. Potential gets you fired.

  14. By clssylssy on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    This interview really says more about Keim than anything else; he doesn’t have a clue!
    Michael Bidwill needs to get himself a real “football guy” like other teams have done, i.e., the Redskins, the Falcons, the Broncos, the Chiefs…teams who have hired guys with PROVEN TRACK RECORDS for identifying talent and putting together rosters of playmakers and then creating an atmosphere of competitiveness and a hunger for winning. This isn’t church camp or a residential
    facility for “working through issues” or “maturing”. WHY keep players who cannot produce? In the real world of business, there are expectations for meeting performance standards, and, if they can’t be met, then, there is the door.
    And, to say “it’s on Robert” is such a cop out. He was your pick, Mr Keim, and it’s on YOU. You saw something there so you need to follow through and develop whatever it was YOU felt was worth the No. 1 pick.
    Keim’s refusal to take responsibility for the mess we are in is sadly mirrored in our players refusal to take responsibility for their mistakes; we teach by example that starts at the top of the organization.

  15. By Dr. G. on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    Darren – your often applied term “lamented” when describing Keim’s interviews seems apropos in it’s definition – – ” a passionate expression of grief or sorrow.”

    Your job and the other staff cannot be a party right now. Hang in there…and be well.

  16. By CARDS62 on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    I think everyone in the NFL are puzzled by Michael Floyd this year. If we bring him back we better have a backup plan, and that plan is not Smoke or JJ as we need a big body fast receiver.

    I am glad that we look at a 3 year window and when you do that you have to see that we have to have another QB on our roster. I think this is our biggest question for now. I just do not see Palmer playing QB for us in 3 years.

    I have no problems with them playing Humphries at LT and hope he stays there for the rest of this season especially against Seattle and the Rams. It should show us some things for the future.

    I also agree with them that playing time has to be earned and does not depend upon your pay or draft status, but the next 3 games we play some good offenses so I hope they activate Robert N. for these 3 games. Reason is and we have all been there you can talk to a young person for volumes or you can let them learn life lessons. Life lessons I find make a much stronger impression so do not let him start, but let Robert N. get his butt kicked around by the Redskins, Dolphins, and Saints o lines if he is truly a player this will get him ready for 2017, and let CC and PP and a few others get in his ear while he is messing up.

    I would also play our rookie center some and our rookie CB Williams some. Still try to win the games, but I think that is secondary now and player development should be first plus protecting some of our veteran players like Honey Badger with less snaps that we know are going to be on our team in 2017.

    I know a lot of you do not like CC, and after his off sides cost us 7 more points and his salary I get it I really do, but I like the big guy overall and I think his veteran leadership is good to have in the locker room and on the field. If the price is right I hope we can bring him back for a few more years and play him a few less reps.

    Will be interesting to see which one of our defenses show up against the Redskins this Sunday as they have a very strong passing attack.

    JTDG keep your eyes on K. Cousins for me as the Redskins have really messed this one up and we might be able to get him. Price will be high, but if we keep losing maybe we can trade down for another first rounder. I know you are a Tannyhill fan and we will get to see him the following week so great time to compare the two. Another QB which will be a lot cheaper is the backup at Tampa, Mike Glennon. Do you think he can be a player? If we get someone like a Glennon we will need to also draft a QB.

  17. By Rick chancellor on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    Being a die hard Cardinal fan. It seems to me that there are quite a few wide open opponents. Is it the linebackers or 2ndary ? Aside from special teams. Seems to be a gaping problem. RC

  18. By Andy Kw on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    We won’t win the division nor will we make it to the playoffs but at least when can get higher draft picks. When Peyton Manning went down, the Colts decided it is time for a change and they drafted their franchise QB in Andrew Luck

    Maybe a championship season wasn’t meant to be but getting a real franchise QB for the first time in this team’s history might be. We have a chance to be good for a very long time if we can get a younger offensive line and a franchise QB that can sustain success for the next 14-15 seasons.
    -RBs Chris Johnson & Andre Ellington were the bridge for our young breakout RB David Johnson
    -AQ Shipley is the bridge for our future starting center Evan Boehm.
    -Bobby Massie was the bridge for starting right tackle DJ Humphries.
    -QB Carson Palmer & Drew Stanton are the bridge for our franchise QB that we can select in the 2017 NFL Draft. We cannot pass up the chance to get a high draft pick so that whoever we draft can learn under these veterans while they are still in the NFL.
    -Jared Veldheer and Mike Iupati are the players that can teach and prepare the younger offensive linemen that the Cardinals can draft in the upcoming NFL Draft. The offensive line is a big issue and they know they have to get younger, become more consistent, and healthier. Wetzel, John, Boggs are practice squad options for a reason. The Cardinals need linemen that are physically strong and have the mental ability to succeed. If an offensive linemen can bench 22 or less of 225lbs, they will have a tough time in the NFL. That combine stat actually matters. A linemen that can bench 28+ is ideal. We need 6’5” OTs or taller that are around 300-310lbs. All need to have quickness, physical characteristics, and mental readiness to have success. Cardinals, Steve Keim, Bruce Arians. The time is now to get our franchise quarterback and get a younger more physically and mentally ready offensive linemen.

    P.S: Please let go of Drew Butler. How much longer do you want the Cardinals and Cardinals fan to suffer? Any Punter can kick. For all we know, Butler might not even be a good kicker anymore. He is still the worst punter in the NFL. Quigley was so much better. When will Catanzaro ever get hurt? It hasn’t happened yet and it won’t happen. I don’t care about the ties he had with the Steelers, he freaking sucks and is part of the many problems of this team. ST was solid. now it is just awful.

  19. By clssylssy on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    I just read this weekend that Cousins could be the highest paid QB next season in one article, in another it was speculated that the Redskins would try to franchise him again…which, might make him pretty pricey at over $20M/year. Do you honestly think that the Cards would even consider spending that kind of money even if we could, with all the other glaring needs we didn’t fix this year? And, behind our 0-line nobody is going to be worth the risk of paying out top dollar.
    Just say’n, Palmer takes a lot of heat however, he has been pretty tough and has gotten up from some brutal hits to go on and play better than he’s given credit for.
    I’m not sure Cousins has the kind of football IQ and toughness to withstand the kind of unrelenting pounding he would be in for with the Cards…can’t think of too many who would find that attractive given the state of the rest of the team overall.

  20. By Eric G on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    Already looking to the draft again in November. Ugh, but here it goes…

    My thoughts
    Rd 1 – QB
    Rd 2 – CB
    Rd 3 – OL
    Rd 4 – WR or OL
    Rd 5 – OL or WR
    Rd 6 – Punter
    Rd 7 – CB

    Keim’s thoughts
    Rd 1 – WR we don’t need and will pick an Floyd/Agholor equivalent
    Rd 2 – LB but will pick the wrong one
    Rd 3 – RB we don’t need
    Rd 4 – TE we will never use
    Rd 5 – Maybe QB or CB
    Rd 6 – OL because why not get the 36th best OL in the draft?
    Rd 7 – CB
    FA – won’t be a punter in the mix

  21. By D on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    This Defense should be dominating entire games, not a series here or one game against TB. Either it’s chemistry or scheme or coaching.

    The only thing to watch this team for the remaining games is to appreciate L. Fitz and enjoy D. Johnson play.

    Please, no more playoff talk or 2015 results/ talk.

  22. By Scott H on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    Cousins……hmmmm… he for real OR is he a guy that someone is going to severely over-pay for only to find out that he is NOT for real??

    Honestly, I don’t know but I lean toward the latter. He was really good over the 2nd half of last year…..then he started very poorly this year……now he looks good again. Can ya trust that? I’m not so sure.

    But I feel like the answer needs to be found in the draft ( for once ), as it was for the Raiders with Carr, the Seahawks with Russell, the Titans with Mariota.
    And as JTDG points out, it doesn’t stop with just finding the right QB – it has to continue with the effective building of the rest of the team around that QB. The Colts have one of the most talented QB’s who may ever play this game in Andrew Luck but they have done an in-explicably horrific job of putting the right pieces around him. Consequently, every week, every season, it’s ALL on Andrew Luck. And we’re seeing how that has turned out. That has NOT been the way.

  23. By Joseph Robinett on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    Let’s begin, now, for next year by inquiring for a new head coach, transitioning the Cardinal Organization into a new era of possibilities and success…. May the inquiry start in Alabama, where the head coach, one Nick Sabin, has had a little success and might be orchestrating another masterpiece in winning Alabama another national championship. If that happens, I believe, what else would he have to prove when comes to coaching the college game. How about nothing, which, I believe, is already the case. Where hasn’t he had success as a head coach, the NFL… He might want to change that past failure in a similar way that Pete Carol has, and I don’t think it would hurt to ask.

    I truly believe that the Cardinal Organization is very close to becoming a dominate force in the NFL, with Michael Bidwell at the helm, and, I believe, would be an attractive designation for a coach such as Nick Sabin. If they can use the wisdom of foresight, that belief, that I have, may become a reality; However, if they wait too long, giving the current regime, which is obsolete and dying, more time to drag their feet, the bottom will come sooner than later, and later isn’t going to be any better, probably worse….

    It’s time for a new genesis, a new era, in Arizona sports… And may it begin with the Arizona Cardinal’s, and Michael Bidwell, leading the way, by using the wisdom of vision in creating a new NFL Dynasty, shining and reflective for all the world of sports to emulate… Mr. Michael B., you can be that visionary of change, creating, from this desert landscape, a great masterpiece similar to the one reflecting from Alabama, and he’s just a phone call away.

  24. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    Scott H,

    Great example with Luck and the Colts.

    If we draft a first round QB, playing in this offense, he will be killed. Can you say Shell shocked like David Carr? (Derek’s older Brother)

    Kurt Warner was asked a couple weeks ago if the cards could make a run like his 2008 team did, and he said something along these lines.

    The 2008 team had 8-9-10 playmakers. Guys who could make a play and change a game. Fitz, Bolden, Breaston, Edge, Dansby, Berry, Wilson, DRC, Antrel Rolle, Dockett, Even Doucet and Hightower made huge plays to win games. Who could forget Hightowers screen pass TD vs the Eagles to send us to the superbowl?

    This team is void of playmakers. Fitz and DJ on offense. Defense, Maybe PP (although he doesn’t get many opportunities), Badger? Chandler Jones is a game changer. Maybe our two FA safeties?

    Warner had a valid point. You need players making plays.

    The fact that we keep sending PP back for punts hoping he can regain his 2011 magic and the fact we haven’t found someone (like the guy for the Falcons or Chiefs) who can make plays on punts is a shame.

    To this point, Larry Fitzgerald has to be frustrated. We know Larry makes plays, but to be targeted only 4 times yesterday is a joke when you know the rest of the receiving crew is playing poorly. How is he targeted only 4 times? What is going on with this team ?

  25. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply


    Cousins isn’t getting out of Washington. He will get paid. Tannehill isn’t getting out of Miami, he is getting paid.

    Hate Mike Glennon. He is a worse version of Nick Foles.

    I think this draft is the toughest to guess at right now because too many things are in the air.

    Does Palmer return? Possible. Does Fitz return? I think he will have a long sit down and see what happens in the offseason before deciding. Does BA return? I think he and his wife will have a long talk about that one.

    I think if you believe you have one more year to make a run, you forgo the QB pick and draft a playmaker in round one and two.

    Maybe you take a receiver like Mike Williams of Clemson or a CB like Teez Tabor of Florida. I love this Rueban Foster ILB from Alabama. These are playmakers who could help you in 2017. If BA wanted to add a wrinkle, he could take an OJ Howard or Jake Butt at TE in round 2. TEs who can stretch the field and open up lanes underneath for Fitz and DJ. (did everyone see how effective Gresham was for a few plays they used him)

    Or maybe you do your damage in FA also. Heck, kill two birds with one stone by stealing from seattle and get Doug Baldwin. Or look what Terrelle Pryor is doing in Cleveland. and for Palmer’s sake, get a guard like Kevin Zietler and draft a center like the kid from LSU Pocic.

    You have to give Palmer more weapons and protect him. He is getting hit almost every play. (Yes, Keim, the tackles did a good job)

    If they all leave, You get your QB, but you better get him a receiver or two and some protection also.

    You just can’t stick a 37 yr old QB/ or a rookie for that matter, behind a weak line and questionable receivers and think the results will be different. It doesn’t make any sense at all.

  26. By D on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    Not a great draft/free agency off season to find a future QB.

    Since both Palmer and Stanton are under Contract next year, doubtful you would bring in a free agent QB who would command a higher salary than a draft pick for the #3 QB spot next year.

    Right now, the Cards are 9 or 10 in the draft order.

    I would think of the QB’s in the draft that would fit BA’s system, the 2 Juniors, if they declare would/could be the guy:

    D. Kizer QB Notre Dame JR
    M. Rudolph QB OK State JR
    M. Trubisky QB NC–but they would have to get into the top 5 of the draft for him.
    Maybe D. Webb QB Cal

    D Watson QB Clemson looks to me like RG3

    Remember, AZ doesn’t have a 2nd Round draft pick as of right now because of C. Jones.

  27. By Darren Urban on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    D —

    RE: Second-round pick

    Not sure where you got this. The second round pick dealt in the Chandler Jones trade was the 2016 second-round pick. They have their pick in 2017.

  28. By Kicky on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    Ok the Falcons had a punter that they just signed off the street who was booming punts compared to Butler. PLEASE ask the coach how they can stay with Butler when there are clearly better options!

    I thought Butler’s departure was obvious after his performance in Carolina in the NFC Championship game! How can we continue to tolerate his abysmal performances?

  29. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    Scott H and Cards62

    Got to talk a little more about Tannehill

    Another perfect example. He is in his 5th year. He has had 5 different OCs and issues along the line. His best year was 2014, (27 tds to 12 picks and 4200 yrds) when he had a Rb get 1100 yds. But his other 3 years, they had no one to get 1000 yds.

    So this year, the Dolphins moved some of their Olineman around and added a first round pick to the mix.

    Their first 5 games they went 1-4, as Tannehill struggled with 17 sacks and 6 TDs to 7 ints. But Jay Ajayi only had 31 carries for 117 yards.

    The Oline began to gel in this new offense. From games 6-11, Jay Ajayi has rushed for 130 carries and 730 yards. What did that do for Tannehill?

    He was only sacked 9 times, and threw 9 TDs to 1 pick.

    The Dolphins have gone 6-0 in those games.

  30. By D on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    Just checking to see if your awake Darren-thank you

  31. By dkerry5242 on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    Play Stanton the rest of the year and give him a chance to be # 1. He’s definitely more mobile. Let’s see what he can do. What have we got to lose at this point?

  32. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    One more point about this OLIne and receivers

    Palmer has been sacked 32 times which is on pace to be the most in his career.

    His sacked per attempt is the highest in his career at 7.2 %, Meaning he is sacked every 7 times he drops back.

    Palmer suffered a concussion in week 4 vs the rams causing him to miss week 5.

    According to SBNation, In 2015, Palmer was hit more than any other QB while throwing the ball. In 2016, he has been hit more. Verses the Vikings, he was pressured on 63% of his drop backs, Which is an astounding number.

  33. By Andy Kw on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply


    RE: Punters

    The reason why Arians wanted Drew Butler back was because he knows how to kick. When will we ever need a replacement kicker if Cat Man is hurt? I can tell you think, I don’t want Butler either way. He is the worst punter in the NFL. Since he returned in the game against Minnesota, what has our record been like? We are 0-2 since his return

  34. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    Darren, this is interesting. What is your take?

    What is wrong with the receivers?

    I was ready to show how bad these guys were
    Jaron Brown, John Brown, Michael Floyd and JJ Nelson all have come under fire by me and the rest of Cardinal Nation. From talking heads on the radio to sports writers, everyone wants to know what is wrong with these guys.

    The results I found might be surprising;

    After 11 games;

    John Brown has only 31 catches for 399 yards this year and has only 3 catches in his last 3 games

    Michael Floyd has only 28 catches for 410 yards, disappearing in two games having zero catches.

    Jaron Brown managed 11 catches in the first 6 games before being hurt for the year

    JJ Nelson has 20 catches for 273 yards but had 8 of his 20 against the Panthers, managing just 5 catches since.

    That is a total of 90 catches for 1255 yards for 2016 (11 games)

    Yet Those same players in 2015 through 11 games had 96 catches but for 1578 yards

    John Brown is on pace for 45 catches far below his 65 catches in 2015.

    Michael Floyd is on pace for 41 catches after hauling in 52 last year

    But JJ Nelson is on pace for 29 catches , far above his 11 catches in 2015

    and Jaron Brown equaled his total in 2015 with 11 catches

    That means these 4 will have 126 catches compared to 139 in 2015, which is less than one catch per game for all four combined.

    That can not be significant, can it? No, I think not. The issue has been yards or chunk plays. They haven’t been there.

    These 4 are on pace for 1825 yards while last year they put up 2295.

    So, when looking at the stats, these 4 aren’t really catching less passes, they just aren’t catching any big passes.

    Meanwhile, Larry is on pace to catch more passes in 2016 (pace is 113 vs 2015 he had 109) but for less yards (1215 in 2015 vs 1166 projected)

    It is obvious. The receivers are not at fault are they? , Instead it is how defenses have played us and the lack of ability to adjust to the defenses.

    So, is it a coaching thing or receiver thing?

  35. By Darren Urban on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: Receivers

    I suppose you can make a case and I’m not going to say there needs to be adjustments made. But it’s not just catches, is it? Not having John Brown out there stretching the field or scaring defenses deep obviously makes an impact. And I don’t see how anyone who has watched the non-Fitz receivers drop passes or run the wrong way couldn’t put that into the equation. Happened way, way too much this season.

  36. By krehbieo14 on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    Although the injury riddled Oline of the Cardinals is a disaster, DJ Humphries has held his own this year. He has received admirable ratings from PFF and was noted for his excellent transition to left guard in Atlanta. Rather than a first round blight of Keim’s, I think he will be a bright spot moving forward.

  37. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply


    I agree with everything you said.

    But how do you explain that Palmer is competing 61% of his passes and for more yards per game than last year?

    The biggest difference for Palmer, and maybe this is the issue, is he will throw for far less TDs this year vs 2015 ( projected 22 vs 35 in 2015) while his INTs are up (16 projected in 2016 vs 2015 he had 11) .

    I agree with what your eyes are seeing (drops and no big plays) but statistically speaking, Palmer will complete (projected 403 passes vs 342 last year for 4688 yds projected vs 4671 in ’15.

    So, why less TDs?

    Bad routes? bad play calls? Or

    Palmers sack totals are way up (projected 48 sacks vs 25 in 2015)

    We also have had 17 holding penalties projected out to be 25 holding penalties. Last year we only had 10.

    So, as much as I agree and what to blame the receivers (see any of my post the last two months) sacks and holding penalties, along with far less passing TDs seems to be the answer of why the cards are doing poorly on offense more than the receivers dropping balls.

    So Darren, Doesn’t this year on offense come down to the lack of protection Palmer has experienced? ( projected 48 sacks, 25 holding penalties and a record number of hits on QB)

  38. By Darren Urban on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: Comes down to

    Chicken or the egg?

    You can make that point. But one reason there are more passes is the Cardinals are playing from behind (a lot more) and not nearly as efficient, as you noted, with longer passes. I’m not sure why this has to be pinned on any one place. Is the protection as good? Clearly not. Just as the receivers are not and Palmer is not. When your left tackle — a good left tackle — gets hurt, you are in trouble. When the veteran guard you signed to play gets hurt, you are in trouble. I feel Palmer didn’t play his best personally until we were already past the point where Mathis was down and soon after, Veldheer went down. And Floyd has been MIA the whole time, as has Brown, save for one game each.

    As bad as the protection has been, they’d still be fine — even on offense — if special teams hadn’t fouled up a handful of games.

  39. By Joe C on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply


    One of the answers to less TD’s could be the run game production of David Johnson, especially in the red zone. If you add DJ’s rushing TD’s this year to Palmer’s TD pass total, you’ll see that Palmer’s stats are fairly close to last year. Damn the run game !

  40. By Scott H on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    Hey, let’s look at the bright side – we are on our way to having a MUCH higher draft pick than we ever thought we would in the 2017 draft! No? Alright, I tried.

    But having a higher draft pick doesn’t mean squat if we’re gonna use it on another Cooper / Humphries / Nkemdiche type player who is going to give us….well, what we got from Cooper / Humphries / Nkemdiche. Sorry, but it is hard to trust the thought process that has been at work here.

    BTW, for what it’s worth, Nkemdiche should have the #90 taken away. It is just a sad tribute to Darnell Dockett that we have such a sorry player wearing the number he once made great for this team. Double D was a warrior. Nasty attitude. Motor that didn’t quit. Wanted to win. Seemed like it meant something to him to be a Cardinal. He was a beast.

    Now? It just pains me to think that that #90 is now hanging in the locker of a player like Nkemdiche, not even making it onto the field because the sorry-ass individual it was given to doesn’t have the maturity or the work ethic to even get on the active roster.

    I say take #90 away from him. In fact, give him the number 0 until he shows that he is worthy of a jersey at all.

    Even better, give him a jersey with his salary number for this year on it – so he can be reminded of the money he is is stealing from this team this year.

    As for Floyd, I say we move on. Floyd had had some great games and some some portions of seasons where he has played very well. But he has yet to turn in a complete season. And here in 2016 – in a damn CONTRACT YEAR for God’s sake – he has turned in his worst season and exhibited a stunning regression. So? What are we holding onto here? What is there to hope for? That in his FIFTH season, he might be able to play like he did in his THIRD? No, that is ridiculous. Floyd is what we need to move on from. Honestly, if he goes somewhere else and really gets it together, I will be surprised.

  41. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply


    I agree with you on all your points.

    So, I have heard everything from Chemistry to leaders not leading.

    Could it all just really come down to two missed kicks and a couple of bad plays against the rams?

    I mean 3 wins at home changes this whole thing, doesn’t it? Being 7-4 puts them as a playoff team. But have they played like one? Is it that simple?

    I watch them play and just think they are not playing well. I watch the first quarter and think they are going to lose.

    Maybe they have looked bad because of injuries ? As pointed out, Mathis was a big blow. Veldheer happened late, so you can’t blame his injury. John Brown not healthy hurt. 20 less catches and about 400 less yards is a killer.
    But I think your main players have been healthy during the first half of the season. (ie, Palmer, DJ, Fitz)

    To me, 32 sacks and 17 holding penalties is tough to overcome. I think it has stalled drives and the pressure has caused red zone plays not to develop. Palmer has had to get the ball out of his hands quicker than he wanted to.

    Got to believe if we had an oline like Pitsburgh, Dallas, Raiders, Titans, we would not have needed FGs to win.
    To me, on offense, this was the main issue.

    On defense, it is much more simple. The CB spot was a disaster. In both the outside and the slot.

  42. By CardsNation on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    John The Draft Guy,

    You’re calling yourself John The Draft Guy. What a shame, use your head and think. Steve Keim admitted that he is so so at drafting players. If he said that he made a mistake on Robert in the first year, what is Robert gonna thinks? Everybody thought Joey Bosa and Vic Beasley were a bust. But you see what happened to these two. Certainly, you have no idea what you said and you are a shame Cardinals fan if you are a Cardinals fan (hope you’re not) and I think you don’t deserve to be a Cardinals fan. One losing season make you angry and cry like a chicken? He said Humpries did good, he is encouraging him to do better and he is a better player at LT compare to RT. And that’s why the teachers always told the students, a good teacher won’t say “you failed this class, do better.” He is not not admitting his mistakes, John!! The real Cardinals fans went through this so many times until Bruce Arians era. And yet we didn’t do that bad compared to our records before. Stop complaining and the same to all other Cardinals fan!!!!

  43. By Darren Urban on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply

    All —

    RE: Comments

    I will reiterate:

    I have to approve all comments. If you’re dropping curse words in (or “fake” curse words with an asterisk in for a letter) I’m just going to delete it. Doesn’t matter if you are criticizing the team or supporting it. Keep it clean.

  44. By texascard on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    Darren. I cannot tell you how muchi appreciate your chicken or egg post. When you write as a fan just like us it is really great. I know you are in a tough spot and i must apologize for when i push it too far. I (and all of us) just thought this was the year for the sb win. Also. Scott and others. I truly dont mean to sound arrogant when i ask ” i saw it why didnt keim?”. What i mean is. Im just a dumb country boy. The older i get the dumber i get trust me. The only thing dumber than me is all the damn cowboy fans that surround me. I mean when rn was drafted i spent 15 – 30 minutes researching him. Alot of lazy scouting reports. Alot of drug issues tied to the player. The thing that concerned me most was reading that his brother was his worst influence (hard to separate a player from his bad influence brother). And every other team wanted nothing to do with this kid. If im just a dumb fan and can find this out in 15 minutes of research. How in the hell does keim make this pick. Jtdg keep preaching buddy. Go cards

  45. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    Joe C,

    If only that was true.

    DJ and CJ had 11 rushing TDs in 2015, while DJ this year has 10 TDs.

    Even projected out, that is 15 TDs to 11 TDs, while Palmer will have (projected out) 13 less passing TDs.

  46. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply


    What would Michael Irvin have done if Dez Bryant couldn’t get on the field while wearing #88?

    The guy would have come unglued.

    I think Deion Sanders hates seeing any #21 on any team being beat.

    Got to believe Dockett isn’t happy.

  47. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    Can I just say one more thing about the sacks,

    Only the Colts (38) and the Browns (45) have had their QB sacked more than the Arizona Cardinals (33)

    Palmer -32
    Stanton – 1

  48. By creditcard on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    The Cards have demonstrated an inability to draft O-linemen and D-linemen. the Cards have also demonstrated an inability to develop any O-linemen.

    The pure and painful inability to sniff our O-linemen talent, and what O-linemen we do draft, we cannot develop them anywhere near to the level of what the rest of the league is doing. This has been killing the Cards for years.

    The answer is to hire Tom Coughlin (Giant’s retired coach). This guy knows linemen. He has continually made the G-men a strong competitive team despite having average to below average play makers at skilled positions, along with an extremely conservative play-calling approach to the game.

    I think Coughlin would make our line one of the best in the league almost instantly.

    As mentioned, I firmly believe the Cards organization as it sits now, does not have the expertise in determining the difference from a potential lineman star from a dud. Furthermore, I also believe the Cards do not have the coaching staff intelligence to be able to squeeze every drop of talent out of a lineman.

    Hire Tom Coughlin as a special assistant in charge of linemen.

    Solution solved.

  49. By lacardinalsfan on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    So if I have this correct:

    Nkemdechi (sp) has talent not mature = bench
    Butler no talent but mature = starter

    Got it.

  50. By Jami Thomas on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    Nkemdiche will learn to be a pro by sitting down? That’s like a cook learning to be a A-1 chef by staying out the kitchen! Put the guy in his element and let his peers and foes mature him! That’s why Shaq Riddick, (#47), never reached his potential. If you can’t be on the field – your head stays in the fog! Try another tactic coach. The negative results are starting to show!

  51. By shooter28 on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    DE/DT Robert Nkimdiche long term is going to be fine, that kid is going to be a wrecking ball of a D-Linemen and a premiere player at his position. He is a rookie learning the Pro-Game, Even Calais Campbell didn’t look that good as a rookie and had Zero sacks & a ton of great pass rushers have sat their rookie years…. When Nkimdiche has played he has gotten after n pressure the QB, it is just playing consistently that he needs to do which is hard being that he has 9 veterans Defensive Linemen in front of him!!!!! AZ has an Elite Defensive Line and Defense in general , the Line n Nkimdiche are going to be just fine…. AZ should draft one more OLB and one more DE/DT jiust to boost the rush

    AZ biggest problem is having suffered to many injuries along the Offensive Line!!!! Going forward I think Humphries is going stay at LT and Veldheer will slide to RT. Once AZ gets everyone healthy along the line and maybe adds on guy along the interior, and Palmer has excellent protection, Palmer and the offense will absolutely light it up like he did in 2015 he just needs protection.

  52. By dan on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    Drew Butler must have some dirt on somebody……….or probably his Dad his good ole buddies with the coaching staff……..all I know is something ain’t right. Must be cheap labor.

  53. By dan on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    Oh yeah, and cut Mr. Softy Andre Ellington……..Bethel too, he has about as much confidence as me being on Jeopardy.

  54. By dan on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    We beat ourselves every week. Well, that’s what loser teams do…..we obviously suck. At least we have David Johnson, Tony Jefferson, Fitz and Swearinger…….gonna throw in Minter and Peterson. Honey Badger gets a flier, and Chandler Jones and Golden are fine too……….but Jones and Jefferson, Swearinger and Jefferson will probably be gone after this season unless we pull our head out. Calais Campbell is not a Pro Bowler, never has been……….HE SUCKS! So done with that overpaid tree, forget trimming him, cut him down. He tried…..but lets face it, he’s not good enough.

  55. By dan on Nov 28, 2016 | Reply

    Wonder who we will whiff on in the 1st round next year…………Draft a QB u idiots.

  56. By clssylssy on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply

    Wow…looks as though things are about to get ugly. BA has taken the blame game to a whole new level and is now blaming the veterans IN THE MEDIA for the problems within the team, threatening a major shake up!
    There is still football to be played and the focus needs to be on winning games rather than internal politics. The politics will be there and our objective now should be to salvage as much of our season as possible even if it means we don’t make the playoffs or retake the division. There is such a thing as losing with grace and going down fighting.
    BA accuses players of chasing the stat sheet while ignoring their assignments, and he should remember his asssignment is to win games. That is what he was brought here to do and that is what he promised the fans in his first press conference. To infer that the veterans haven’t done their job is ludicrous. We don’t have that many veterans any more and that was the decision of SK/BA. Yes, the defense is rudderless but remember who’s decision it was to cut Rashard Johnson. So, Come’n man, own your own stuff…lead by example and win this game against the Redskins! YOUR credibility is at stake.
    We need these last two home games BADLY. If Green Bay can do it, we can!

  57. By John The Draft Guy on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply


    Just so I get it, So your argument is, Keim is not good at his job so just enjoy the games and not complain?

    Keim admitted he is so-so in the draft? That is what you are saying? That’s a huge part of his job. Maybe the most important. If he said that, doesn’t that support me in saying he should be replaced?

    Then you use Bosa and Beasley as guys who people thought were bust but are now doing well. Right?

    Bosa is a Rookie who was injured. He came back and in 6 starts has 4.5 sacks and 22 tackles. 22 tackles for a defensive end in 6 game is pretty dang good. No one said he was a bust. No one. Vic Beasley started every game as a rookie. He has been a stud since day one. Why are you using these two guys? .

    I wish our rookies had rookie seasons like Bosa and Beasley.

    This may be the stupidest, worst put together come back of all time. How does anything you say make sense? You said “use my head”. I’m trying but you make so little sense I still can’t get what you were trying to say.

    Players need encouragement? This isn’t little league. This is a multi Billion dollar business where people are paid to perform. Oh, did I hurt Mr Keim’s feelings or maybe Humphries? Truth is, in the NFL, you do your job or you are fired. Feelings don’t matter, results do. That is all that matters.

    Let me help you. Do you need to go to your safe space now? Maybe I can bring in a rescue dog for you to pet? Here try this. Now, look in the mirror and do your daily affirmations? Repeat after me, I am good enough, I am smart enough, and by golly, people like me. Feel better now.

    BTW, One losing season? I bought my tickets in 1991. The first 2 years were 4-12. In fact I have sat through 11 seasons of 5-11 or worse.

    I have had season tickets for 25 seasons. In those 25 seasons, there have been 19 seasons that they did not have a winning record. One season? What a joke.

    Listen folks, I don’t mind disagreements. I am not always right and I enjoy a intelligent conversation among fans. But please at least make sense and have good examples.

  58. By Erik on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply

    The first thing I thought when I read cardsnation’s post was the principal’s speech from Billy Madison. Lol!

  59. By mitchaz on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply


    You and others keep referring to the Cardinals not re-signing Rashad Johnson as one of the reasons why this year’s team is struggling.

    Rashad Johnson is 32—he broke down physically the past two years and had two of the worst playoff performances possible versus Carolina. Yes, he was an excellent communicator and at times a good deep cover FS. However, he was never a good tackler, nor did he ever make WRs think twice over the middle.

    This year, Johnson has started 7 games for the Titans—he has 19 solo tackles, 13 assists, 0 sacks, 1 pass defended and 0 interceptions.

    On the other hand, D.J. Swearinger has also started 7 games and he has 35 solo tackles, 7 assists, 1 sack, 7 passes defended and 3 interceptions.

    Plus—in Swearinger the Cardinals now have a presence in the middle that gives WRs pause—like Julio Jones who heard footsteps that caused his drop over the middle that led to Swearinger’s interception.

    People are bashing on Steve Keim, but in this case, as with several others, he was 100% correct in moving on from Rashad Johnson.

  60. By JTDG on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply


    I would agree with you on Rashad Johnson. He was on his way out of the league. Swearinger has ended up playing well.

    Interesting though, that Branch was suppose to be the FS.
    Does Branch now take it back since he has been activated?

  61. By clssylssy on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply

    What we had in Rashard was his value to the defense as a communicator and leader; he was a much needed on-field coach. He and Freeney and Cory Redding helped keep the younger players grounded and showed them how to think in terms of “we” instead of “me”. The loss of that valuable leadership element within our defense has resulted in what we have now…a rudderless group who are missing their assignments in pursuit of the stat sheet. Not all value is measured in stats and not all players decline when they hit 30. Lorenzo Alexander is a excellent example of a player who “came back” in a Cards uniform, only to get cut b/c of age, but who now leads the league in sacks (35)! (We could use someone like that as a teacher as well as a playmaker) What made last year’s team succeed when this year’s team has failed, IMO, is a balance between veterans and newbies, plus the competitiveness/brotherhood we had in the “No Fly Zone” that was born prior to AZ, in the SEC, the likes of which was a unique gift, hard to replicate.
    I do like Swearinger and the passion and physicality he has brought to this defense, and wish we had more like him. However, based on BA’s most recent comments as well as the observations of myself and others, I don’t think Keim was 100% correct in his decisions surrounding our defense and badly underestimated Rashard’s value. Probably the best thing would have been to offer him a position within the organization as some kind of coaching assistant.

  62. By mitchaz on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply


    Even in the pre-season Branch wasn’t played at FS. He’s lined up consistently in semi-press coverage. It appears that what SK signed him for was to play man versus TEs and sometimes versus slot WRs when teams go into the spread.

    That said, thus far, Branch hasn’t played as fast, as sticky or as fluid in man coverage than what was expected. Not sure what he is going to look like coming back from a groin injury. It would be great if he starts making plays on the ball.

  63. By Kevin S Mesa on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply


    Re: What is the problem?

    You ask (perhaps rhetorically) above, “could it all just really come down to two missed kicks and a couple of bad plays against the rams?”

    I’ve been one of the biggest defenders of the team on that basis. I mean, even in some of the games where we’ve lost by double digits, there have been some bad breaks. Opening the game against Carolina with a 46-yard fumble recovery on a play that should’ve been an incomplete pass, but replay was broken? Against Atlanta, having a PI called on Peterson on the first series on a 3rd and goal (where the announcers agreed there was little contact), turning what would’ve been a FG try into 1st and goal, and a TD?

    Football is a game where so much can turn on just a few plays, whether they be referee calls, mental miscues, or just bad bounces. The Peterson PI call I just mentioned cost us 4 points. Campbell jumping offside on a punt, extending a drive for the Falcons and allowing them to score a TD, cost us 7 points. Floyd dropping a 4th-and-7 pass cost us at least an opportunity to continue a drive, for 3 or 7 points.

    Yeah, you can say that the games would’ve played out differently from there, so who knows what the final score would’ve been without those few plays. But in the Seattle and NE games, there’s no debating it — the inability to kick a makeable FG lost us one game and resulting in tying the other. In the Rams game, we completely dominated, but lost because of a few key turnovers. Against Minnesota, we held them to just over 200 total yards, but had those two 100-yard plays, one of which was a minimum 10-point swing (possibly 14) since we were on the 9 yard line, and at a minimum would’ve gotten a FG (possibly a TD if the refs had called the penalty for holding John Brown). When you lose a game by less than one score and one of the plays was a 100-yard INT return, you can rightfully ask what might have been. (See, Super Bowl XLIII.)

    I don’t think we’d have won the Buffalo, Atlanta or Carolina games even without some of these bad breaks. But clearly we were in position to win against NE and Seattle (missed GW FG’s), and should’ve beaten the Rams (turnovers), and played well enough to beat the Vikings other than those two 100-yard plays, one of which should’ve been a penalty. So, to your point, we’re 7-4 if you assume we win the first three of those (and, I would argue, we could be 8-3 if you throw in the Vikings game). Everyone’s attitude would be completely different at 7-4 or 8-3. And yet we’re just a handful of plays away.

    Maybe this team is truly a lot worse than the 2015 edition, but I don’t see it. What I see is a team that in 2015, won most of the close games and a team that, this year, is losing them. We were 5-1 last year in games within one score. This year, we are 1-3-1. Remember last year, the Ravens driving all the way to the 4 needing a TD to tie, and then Jefferson intercepting Flacco? Remember Freeney forcing a fumble by Bridgewater in our territory when the Vikings were already in position to kick the tying FG? Remember the team coughing up the big lead in Seattle, but then Palmer marching the team back downfield? Palmer starting on our own 16 with less than a minute and the game tied vs. the Bengals, driving us down quickly, AND getting an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty to make the FG a gimme?

    We could easily have dropped 2 or 3 of those games and finished last year with 10 or 11 wins, and we could easily have won 3 or 4 of the games we won/tied this year, which would have us with 7 or 8 wins and still 5 to go, so roughly the same pace.

    Look, I’m not saying this year’s Cardinals don’t have issues, but it doesn’t take much in this league to go from a promising season to a disappointing one. (Who were considered the NFC’s top 5 contenders? Seattle, us, Carolina, GB and Minnesota? Three of those teams are under .500 and one started out 5-0 and is 1-5 since.)

    I agree with much of what you’ve said about where the blame lies. Cat missing a FG notwithstanding, we probably beat NE if Brandon Williams doesn’t start at CB. So, one could argue, we had a couple ways to win that game — do you blame Cat. or the CB situation? Either way, the game was winnable.

    Disappointing season for sure, and the team definitely has some holes. But when it comes down to it, have they really played dramatically worse? I don’t think so.

  64. By JohnnyBluenose on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply

    clssylssy….several weeks ago i wrote that our team needed an “attitude adjustment” and that BA’s act was getting old and the players would soon start to tune him out. i don’t know what he said about his players today but, from what you wrote, it seems like it was not positive and just more of the same. i cannot see how that helps the situation. looking at this train wreck from afar i would say that there is a big divide now between the players and BA, maybe too wide to bridge. and to think that three months ago most “experts” had us going to the super bowl. we have been hurt by injuries but other teams have had injuries too and most of them (seattle, pittsburgh, new england) manage to show up and keep trying. even cleveland shows up and tries to play with spirit and emotion….something we seem to be lacking this year. there has been a lot of speculation this year about whether LarryFitz will return. i know he likes to play the games but he is on record as saying that training camp and pre-season games are a drag (or words to that effect). Fitz is very wealthy, he has interests outside of football, he is healthy. I do not know why Fitz would want to return in 2017 because i do not see things getting any better….and that’s too bad.

  65. By JTDG on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply


    All is true. It comes down to a play here and a play there many times.

    My issue from the beginning has been and will always be, if it comes down to a play here or there, shouldn’t you be equipted with the best players to make those plays?

    I understand Darren’s point that we signed Jenkins and had Bethel, ect.. But when it comes down to a few plays, is that good enough?

    Let’s just say, if we had 2 Peterson’s (absurd I know-but bear with me), do you think we lose against the Patriots or Rams? I would say yes. So knowing we have one Peterson, who no one will throw at, shouldn’t you have a competent CB on the other side? Doesn’t that make sense?

    Yet, starting Williams there was not only incredibly stupid, it was irresponsible to the rest of the team. Now if he was the best we had, Why? Bethel was never any good. Jenkins has been a disappointment most of his career. It just wasn’t good enough.

    If you had a (say) Casey Hayward, who cost the Chargers 5 million a year, (and leads the league in ints), would the season be different?

    Playing Branch in the slot till Badger was healthy wasn’t smart either.

    When you think of the plays that the other CB has been beat (big plays) in the Patriots and Rams game, well, those are the plays that beat us.

    On offense, everyone knows Palmer is not going to be mistaken for Michael Vick with his running/scrambling. I think that is fair to say. He is the classic pocket passer. Pocket passers are most bothered by pressure up the middle. They can’t step up into the pocket or step into their throws. Agreed?

    Upshaw, Babineoux, safety blitz, all came inside beating the center and guards. Same with niners game, Carolina had Loutulai sack Palmer 3 times from the A gap.

    Overall, Palmer has been sacked twice as many times as he was sacked at this time last year. He will suffer 48 sacks to 25 last year. Add in the 17 holding penalties so far, and it is not hard to see the oline is a problem.

    Personally, I would have liked to see a center come in who is solid. Shipley is not. An Alex Mack makes a big difference. I will say losing Evan Mathis was huge as our RG has not played well (whoever he has been), but the surprise, and I noticed this early, was how poorly Iupati has played.

    And not to pile on, but look at the Vikings game to see Humphries get beat.

    To bring in a Center like Mack (only 4 million against the cap in 2016 for Falcons), and a Tackle to at least compete with Humphries (Like they did with Massie) could have resulted in better line play. Who knows, the loser in the battle of Humphries and the other guy brought in could have moved to guard when Mathis went down.

    Bottom line, knowing who your QB is, it would have been wise to sure up the middle of the line. If we had 16 sacks and 7 holding penalties like last year, are we wining a few more games?

    So, when it comes down to a play here and a play there, what could have been the difference if they brought in Hayward and Mack? Are we 7-4?

  66. By clssylssy on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply

    I meant Lorenzo Alexander is 35 yo, not that he’s had 35 sacks, and that was an error as he’s only 34 I guess. My point is like, Fitz, there are some players who continue to be major assets even after by the usual NFL standards they are in their “declining years”, lol!
    I think that “climate change” within the team is like Darren pointed out, subject to how well the team is doing and things get a lot testier when the going gets rough.
    Kevin made some very good points, which echoes what BA has been saying about how the teams fortune can turn on a few plays. There are times last year we lucked out and won games we probably shouldn’t have, including the Green Bay game. I do think believe that’s when a veteran presence can make the difference–e.g a young guy seeing veterans like Cory Redding or Dwight Freeney or Fitz out there making plays sets the bar a little higher so that they are challenged not to be outdone by the “old guys”!

  67. By casey on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply

    Does Doug sit on Wolf’s lap during the broadcast? Who let these clowns on the air? These clowns are so terrible!

  68. By CARDS62 on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply


    Thank you both for responding. I know Cousins is a long shot for us,, but just wanted to know your thoughts on the kind of QB he can be. You are right CLSSY a rookie will be best from salary point of view if we can find a Wilson like Seattle or a Dak like Dallas. Our O line has driven me crazy for over a decade now, and of course we still have issues, but we did win a lot of games with lines like this past couple of years. Good stats on the sacks and holding penalties JTDG.

    I have seen enough of Drew Stanton to know that he is not the answer for us. Hopefully Carson will be back with us next year, but I think we need 2 new faces as QBs to compete with him, and we need someone to develop our QB. Coach likes old coaches so wondering what Cardinal Nation thinks about hiring Norv Turner as OC and QB coach?.

    Interesting that someone wondered if coach might retire after this season. Just can not see coach going out on a year like this one. He strikes me more as a guy who likes to go out on a successful year.

    I know this year is over and we have issues, but for most teams including our Cardinals the margin between winning and losing is small. I just hope we play the young guys the rest of this season, make some changes to our coaching staff, but definitely bring back Coach, and tweak our roster. We really need a big/fast specimen of a receiver, a stud of an inside linebacker, CB, a healthy Honey Badger, a healthy and smart Carson Palmer, offensive line addition, special team players, and of course our future QB.

    I am not ready to give up on Steve Keim, Humphries, or Robert N., yet, but of course I am worried. I just remember last year every negative thing that was said about Humphries and how he was inactive for all 16 games, but this year he is starting every game. I am not saying he is an all pro, but we have to admit his improvement is great. I am hoping we see even more out of Robert N., next year, but whereas last year we could not afford to play Humphries based upon our record and getting our QB killed, there is no reason why not to play Robert N., some plays every game down the stretch this year to help him develop even more.

    Go Cards!

  69. By JTDG on Nov 30, 2016 | Reply

    Let’s just say, if we had 2 Peterson’s (absurd I know-but bear with me), do you think we lose against the Patriots or Rams? I would say yes

    I meant do you think we win these game

  70. By JTDG on Nov 30, 2016 | Reply


    Norv Turner, Like BA, run their offenses their way. Both have been successful at what they do and at their ages, neither is going to give.

    Could you see Norv saying, so BA, we need to get a fullback and give our TE 80 catches?

    As for Stanton, all I can say is Butler is still here. So I highly doubt BA replaces Stanton. Everyone can see Stanton isn’t the next guy, but hey, everyone can see how bad Butler is.

    I started to think BA would bring in Blaine Gabbert. He did like him. But the more I think about it, the more I know he isn’t getting rid of Stanton.

    It will be Palmer and Stanton and maybe some 3rd-4th round QB. I am not being critical, I just really think if BA is the coach in 2017, that is how it goes.

    As for BA leaving, he left Temple because of his health. If me and wife had money stored away (as I imagine BA does) and I was a football coach who went to the hospital twice in the last 4 months and I looked like BA does at times, my wife and girls would be begging me to stop. Just saying.

    But, Maybe his wife and kids are use to it. Maybe he talks his way back. I would hate to see this run end on anything less than a superbowl.

    But, If BA leaves, the dominos will begin…..

  71. By Rick Chancellor on Dec 1, 2016 | Reply

    Doesn’t it seem a little predictable. Like some of the plays in the beginning of the game. Like when we go for the big play. I would say it looks like just what we did last year. Last year they worked this year they don’t. Then Palmer hits em on the key plays and the ball just gets dropped.
    The other predicable part is like the first round draft picks get there $$$$ and just bags the 1st year. Maybe they are better later , I guess. I would think you would know the punters is bad before the season starts.
    One year ago everyone loved the coaching staff, they where great. Thing go bad , now all the haters are out.
    Sounds easy I guess but you just have to decide who wants to play and who doesn’t . Maybe when they think we are going to run we pass and when they think we are going to pass we run.
    Die hard Card fan but not a hater……

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