Humphries, Veldheer and left tackle

Posted by Darren Urban on November 29, 2016 – 10:31 am

D.J. Humphries was praised by both Steve Keim and Bruce Arians after his initial foray at left tackle Sunday. Looking at all of Humphries’ 71 snaps against the Falcons, the video seems to bear that out. Without knowing exactly what the play was designed to do or what the protection called for, there were only a few plays in which Humphries looked like he was beat and it caused a problem for Carson Palmer.

The first time, Dwight Freeney used a speed rush around the edge and pressured Palmer, although the ball was completed for a nine-yard pass on third-and-20. There were a couple two drives later, when the Falcons used a stunt from an inside rusher coming around the outside to get pressure, although Palmer still managed an eight-yard completion. Later that drive, Freeney’s spin move worked but Palmer had already thrown the pass.

Humphries did whiff on Freeney on a play right before halftime, but it was the pass to J.J. Nelson to set up the late field goal. There was one more play late in the game in which it looked like there was an offensive line miscommunication, and a blitzer was allowed to come off the edge free.

Generally, though, Humphries did his job. He did not allow a sack.

Arians was asked if Humphries could end up as the long-term left tackle. Certainly he figures to be there the rest of this season. Beyond, when Jared Veldheer comes back? That is an excellent question. It’s not like the idea of Veldheer at right tackle is far-fetched. He is making “left-tackle money,” but as long as Humphries is on his rookie deal, the Cardinals will be paying the same regardless of what side each is on. Humphries is a natural left tackle too.

But Veldheer has played left tackle virtually his whole career, and Humphries did prep all offseason through Veldheer’s trip to IR playing the right side. There are pros and cons to both situations. Arians’ response was that it was a wait-and-see approach. It’ll definitely be something to watch as the offseason workouts unfold.


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  1. By krehbieo14 on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply

    Now that the Cardinals are struggling, Humphries has been mentioned as a Keim first round draft bust. Nothing could be further from the truth. He has held up well at Tackle and will only get better. Furthermore, I’m not ready to throw in the towel on first round pick, Robert Nkemdiche. Such reactions are premature.

  2. By D on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply

    I think Jared’s contract is good to 2019, so I see him still at Left Tackle, these games gives Hump some good experience. What is shocking, is the play of Mike I, it appears the players around him have brought his game down and his contractor is either good until 2018 or 2019. We know for sure that next year will require a new RG and so far, the current players on the roster are not the answer for that spot.

  3. By JTDG on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply

    Ok Darren,

    On how many plays did BA help out Humphries with a TE?

    Seems to me Gresham was helping out ( and getting beat) by Freeney as Humphries was taking the tackle.

    So, how many times did BA, who hates to use help for his tackles, have Gresham help?

    Would you say 30%? 20%? Any idea?

  4. By Darren Urban on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: Humphries

    I’d have to look at that specifically. I don’t know if it was as high as 20 percent. The vast majority of the time, Humphries had the man coming off the edge.

  5. By dan on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply

    Arians offense puts a lot of pressure on the Tackles. For some reason and I don’t know why but I think we should have David Johnson and Ellington in the backfield at the same time, that would open up the passing game and both are a threat catching the ball not to mention put some fear into the defense………..duh! Is there anybody out there? Is there anybody………….out there?

  6. By JTDG on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply


    I am sure you heard about the selfishness article in PFF.

    If BA thinks some on defense are playing stay ball, one would speculate pass rushers would be first on that list. Is he talking about Golden and Jones?
    Maybe Jefferson also.

    Funny, the big plays were on the outside. Is he calling out Petetson?

    Who do you think is playing for themselves as BA and Badger are saying?

  7. By Darren Urban on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG —

    RE: Playing for themselves

    That I don’t know. Frankly, I think it’d be wrong for me to speculate.

  8. By JTDG on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply


    I hope you are correct. I would rather watch the cardinals win than be right.

  9. By Ottis Anderson Fan on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply

    I’ve never been a fan of teams drafting a guy who’s excelled at LT in college and then asking him to play RT in the pros. I wonder if Levi Brown would have been any better if he had started his NFL career at LT where he played in college instead of RT.

  10. By lacardinalsfan on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply

    Can either punt???

  11. By D on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply

    This defense needs more physical players. We all assumed Nkemdiche would help in this cause. I think if the Cards want to join Seattle and Carolina as one of the better Defenses in the league, then I believe they need a Stud at ILB, like the other 2 teams.

    Reuben Foster from ALA would be a great addition to the defense if he is available in Round 1. He is an upgrade from Minter. He is aggressive/athletic/explosive and can bring the hurt.

  12. By krehbieo14 on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply

    I think Arians/Keim need to be held accountable first. It is selfish to continue a failed tenure with Amos Jones, Drew Butler and special teams. It’s that rigidity (good ole boys network) that has cost the Cards multiple games. Also, failing to make necessary adjustments within the offensive schemes to counter defenses protecting the deep ball, has been a problem. A lot of head coaches display this stubbornness and it comes back to bite them..

  13. By Scott H on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply

    Well, in Humphries, perhaps we have one of the building blocks in place for the future. See where my focus is going? Yes – toward the future. Because that’s where the present is prompting me to look. Pretty sad, but….I think that is where we need to look for success.

    The worst part about that is knowing that Fitz will be gone by then. I hope he is back next year, and I hope this team can somehow make another run next year. But looking at how Palmer has played….that sense of hope has been dialed way back at this point. Who knows, maybe Palmer finds one more bullet left in the chamber. But as I see this 2016 season getting ready to go under ( don’t know ’bout anyone else, but I don’t see a win against the Redskins this week ), it is just sad to think that the SB we’ve all wanted for so long is probably not going to happen with Fitz on the field.

    It is stunning to me to think that we went from 13-3 in 2015 to such a strong sense of the need to re-build with there still being 5 games to go in 2016. But….really, for any REAL sense of hope right now? You have to look toward next year.

  14. By Scott H on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply

    Again – adversity time for the front office. And the coaching staff. I think we know we might have ONE more year with Palmer as the QB. And ya know what? If come this time next year, he has not played any better than he has this year? I will be glad to know that the Carson Palmer era is coming to a merciful end. Of course, by that time, we might also be watching the end of the Larry Fitzgerald era as well.

    Then what? Really, then what? We know Drew Stanton is not our future. So…..who is?? Will we have any idea who our QB of the future is at that point? Don’t know.

    But THAT is where this F/O is either going to earn its money OR show that it really doesn’t have the ability to build a team through the draft. And I feel pretty un-certain as to just how that is going to turn out.

    As I stated in a previous post, we pretty much have to go all the way back to Jake Plummer to find the last QB drafted by this team that appeared to be a legit QB of the future type player. Jake Plummer, folks. Let that sink in for a minute. That was….what, 1997? Stop right now and find a picture of yourself from 1997. Ladies, can you believe you EVER thought that hair style looked good?? Guys, do you have to go back that far to reach a point where you still even had hair at all?? Yes, folks, it was THAT long ago.

    My God, we still had VCR’s then.

    Since then? Nothing but failed draft picks and assorted veteran re-treads that was interrupted briefly by a Kurt Warner flash back from 2007 – 2009 and one year from Carson Palmer in 2015 that he will ( probably ) never touch again. That is a 20-year span during which we enjoyed, say, 5 years with a QB that gave us a chance to be legit.

    So? What now? Are we going to see F/O office find that all-important player that you can’t win without, yet has eluded this team on draft day for the last 20 years????? We better hope so. But…..gotta say, I’ll believe it when I see it.

    OR, will we see them go the veteran re-tread route yet again? Most of the candidates that would seem to be lingering in the picture of who might actually be available at that point make me want to say God, please no! Shy of getting Tom Brady or Drew Brees, like, right now? God, please no.

    This F/O needs to show us that it can do what this organization has not done for the last 20 years. And that is cause for some concern.

  15. By texascard on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply

    I love the idea of ilb from bama (r foster). But 51 has been solid in my opinion and bucannon needs to be on the field somewhere. Can bucannon be a playmaking safety to fit foster at mike? This would take pressure off a declining dline.

  16. By joe holst on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply

    The move when Jared Veldheer comes back is (1) Move Humphries back to RT, (2) Ask Veldheer to restructure (3) Trade Veldheer (4) Release Veldeer, … It will be move Humphries back,, also need to use a 3rd rounder on Tackle and start grooming him.

  17. By Joseph Robinett on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply

    The offense is an old school offense like their coach, which can be a good thing and, as we are witnessing, a bad thing. The good thing is that an Arian’s kind of offense is grounded in past successes, yet when that success wanes, like what is happening with this year’s Cardinal’s offense, something has to change, or the outcome of decline will continue… The bad thing is that the opponents of the Cardinals have figured them out, as is obvious, when, seemingly, every pass route is routinely covered and heavily contested, resulting in Palmer’s surge in interceptions to touchdown ratios and the decline in his completion percentages. Also, the opponents DL, of course, knows the Cardinal’s routine and is beating the crap out of Palmer, but coach Arians is an old dog and is hard to learn new tricks, so what is… will continue….

    Where do we go from here and I mean we, all of us, who care about and have supported the Cardinal Organization/team through all the frustrations and futility and occasional and miraculous season or two, maybe three, and I’m counting about fifty years of my life witnessing this, the little train that couldn’t, but, occasionally, does.

    Let’s start next season with a new beginning and a new head coach, celebrating coach Arians and letting him be… without the stress and dangerous consequences of the grind of a losing season like currently is transpiring…

    There’s a pretty excellent head coach down south in Alabama, who’s done everything that is possible for one to do in the college game and might want to consider his pervious NFL failure by proving to himself that he can materialize his excellence from the Alabama experience into heights of the NFL… I, absolutely, believe that The Arizona Cardinal’s would be the perfect opportunity for a coach of Nick Sabin’s stature.

  18. By CARDS62 on Nov 29, 2016 | Reply


    I think you make a very good point. Rest of this season should be used to experiment, and it is not like our offense has been tearing it up.Ellington and Johnson are as good or better than our receivers are playing now anyway plus will give Carson more protection so less chance of getting hurt and hopefully we run the ball more which will keep Carson healthy.

    The other part of our game I would like to see on offense is us trying to throw to the TE more. We just for decades refuse to use the TE like other teams.

    Go Cards!

  19. By Jim Richardson on Nov 30, 2016 | Reply

    There have been a lot of negative comments on the past few blogs. We were all caught by surprise this season. The other teams took our long game away, we’ve had a lot of injuries, etc. Life happens and we have to deal with it and adjust. Look at the Packers. I just want to say that I have confidence in Michael Bidwill, Steve Keim and Coach Arians. They will make the right decisions and put a quality product on the field next year. And, Darren, thanks for your blogs. They are the only news I get in Southern Arizona, especially since the Cards don’t have a radio outlet down here this season and reception of 98.7 isn’t consistent. The fans (at least me, anyway) don’t “revile” the Cards, in spite of what Blickley writes. The season isn’t over – let’s see what we can do.

  20. By JTDG on Nov 30, 2016 | Reply

    Scott H,

    Unless BA’s family talks to BA to step down in the offseason, here is what I believe I would do. (OK , way too early, but…..)

    In a last hurrah effort for BA, Fitz and Palmer, I would go all in to win in 2017. So what does that mean?

    As I said before, I am looking for a playmaker in round 1 and help in round 2.

    With Palmer at QB and Fitz in the slot , and DJ as the back, we need more weapons. A healthy John Brown and Jaron Brown would help.
    But I am giving Palmer an explosive playmaker.

    I would look at Ju Ju Smith-Schuster or Mike Williams in round 1. Both guys are big, fast and everything Michael Floyd was suppose to be but wasn’t.
    These guys will play from day one and give us a true number 1 when Fitz does hang them up.

    Round 2 – Take Center/Guard Tyler Orlosky.
    Maybe Boehm figures it out, maybe he doesn’t. But Tyler can come in to start right away at either Center or Guard. If Boehm can play well enough to be a starter, Orlosky slides to guard, if Boehm is not very good, you have your starting center the next 10 years.

    In FA – I am looking at Guard Kevin Zietler. Why double up on guard? Lets face it, Boehn is an unknown. If Orlosky starts at center, we need a guard. If Boehm starts and you Have Zietler at guard, Orlosky could be looking to take Iupati’s spot.

    If Palmer is coming back, you have to protect him and you have to give him another weapon. There is no reason to bring him back with a bad oline and only Fitz and DJ as weapons.

  21. By JTDG on Nov 30, 2016 | Reply

    Scott H,

    On Defense;

    I would let our two safeties go, just because money is too tough to pay them if you fix the other areas.
    At safety, I am giving Bucannon his shot, and Badger is the FS. When they go 3 wide, Badger walks down on the slot and Branch comes in as FS

    Of course, that leaves a big hole at LB.
    But I am looking at a round 3 stud (even if I have to trade up) at Bucannon’s LB spot Azeem Victor. The guy is good at both run and pass. In the Apple cup he had 7 passes defensed and a pick six. Adding that other LB could be Minter if money is right, Could be Zach Brown if money is similar. I like rangy guys so Kiko Alonzo would be my first choice.

    That leaves CB. This is where I throw my money at. You save with CC departure and the two safetes, dump money here. I am signing Stephon Gilmore to a big deal.

    Listen, with Palmer, Iupati and Fitz’s departures in 2018 will free up a ton of money and drafting a rookie QB in 2018 will be very little at the position. You can pay big bucks for Gilmore if you are all in.

    If you have Peterson, Gilmore and Badger on receivers and Jones and Golden coming off the edges, it will be tough on teams.

  22. By CardsNation on Nov 30, 2016 | Reply

    I think we should trade Veldheer for a good RT or a good draft position. A good RT is really crucial. It’s way easier to strip the ball from right side because most QBs use their right hand to throw. QBs also scramble to the right side to avoid sacks. Veldheer had too many penalties and i think it’s worth it with that much money. Yes, he is good, but a good player with bring us a good player. I think DJ would be a great player on left side, he gave up 3 quarterback pressures over 70 snaps.

    The most essential thing to do is keep to Tony Jefferson, give him a 3.5-4 millions deal. Many players contract need to be restructure. Keim also need to learn from his mistakes in First round and bring us a great leader and player.

  23. By creditcard on Nov 30, 2016 | Reply

    Before drafting any linemen, the Cards need to hire a qualified line coach. Hire Tom Coughlin as a special assistant linemen coach. Coughlin will then hire one of his disciples. Coughlin knows how to sniff out O-line and D -line talent. He then knows how to coach them to a high level.

    Currently the Cards organization neither has the ability to know who or which lineman to draft and why. Then the Cards certainly do not have the O-line coaches to develop these players to a suitable playing level for the NFL.

  24. By Aaron Yang on Nov 30, 2016 | Reply

    Players NEED to keep:
    *******************Tony Jefferson–3-4 millions contract/year
    ***Chandler Jones– 6-7 millions/year
    D.J. Swearinger–1-2/year
    Jermaine Gresham

    Players trade or restructure or walk away:
    Michael Floyd– too much for a player like this
    Calais Campbell- makes big play, cost too much, old
    Kevin Minter
    Chris Johnson
    *Veldheer (trade)

    We restructured PP contract recently, great move by Keim. I’m thinking it would be nice to restructure Carson Palmer and Larry’s contract.


    1– Depending on the draft position, QB, CB, WR. (Cardinals had bad luck on drafting offensive linemen, so it would be good to trade or get one from free agent.)

    2– CB, QB, OT, OG (trade this pick to get a good RT or players on offense).

    *3– WR, OG, CB (where Keim shine before last draft)

    WR– Tall and Physical. *Health
    QB– Good accuracy, great leadership, could scramble. *Health
    OG, OT– Physical, pass block, put them in the position where they were in college. *Health

    Get guys that has no injury background


    Keep most of the players. Improve leadership and *communication. Sign Freeney to help out as a coach, as you see Vick Beasley, 9.5 sacks now. Markus Golden, 7. So yeah.


    Protect the QB and speed. Tall physical WR to block for David Johnson.

    Speical Team:
    Work on the kicker and punter in a crucial situation. Mindset, don’t get nervous. Good blockers and returners. Players can tackle.

    Overall, sign Tony Jefferson to an extension. Trade Veldheer if it’s possible. Work on pass protection. Keim needs to learn from his mistakes in the first round. Work on communication on defense, find players with great leadership and communication skill. Work on special team issue.

  25. By JTDG on Dec 1, 2016 | Reply

    Aaron Yang,

    Chandler Jones will get a contract between 16-17 million a year.
    Tony Jefferson will get at least 5 million a year, wouldn’t be surprised if it more.

    Why do people want to trade Veldheer? He is our best offensive linemane by far.

  26. By CardsNation on Dec 1, 2016 | Reply


    He will not get a 16-17 million a year contract. At most 13 millions. Von Miller has a 19 millions contract. They should place a tag on either him or Tony Jefferson. Trust me, Chandler Jones wont get that much money.

  27. By JTDG on Dec 2, 2016 | Reply


    Olivier Vernon just got a deal worth 17 million a year in 2016.

    Chandler Jones has 246 tackles and 44 sacks
    Olivier Vernon has 242 tackles and 35 sacks

    If I am Chandler Jones agent, there is no way I am having him sign a contract for less than Vernon. Why would you?

    Justin Houston signed in 2015 for 16.8 a year, surely the price has gone up in 2 years.

    Now the tag, that’s different and most likely happening for Jones.

    The tag number is dictated by the top 5 at that position. This why players rejoice when someone else gets a big deal. The second happiest guy besides Von Miller was Chandler Jones.

    The top 5 OLBs are
    Von Miller – (signed 2016) 19 million
    Justin Houston. (signed in 2015) 16.8 million
    Clay Mathews (signed 2013) 13.2 million
    Ryan Kerrigan (signed 2015) 11.5 million
    Jerry Hughes (signed 2015) 9 million

    That is an average of 14 million tag if no one is signed between now and the start of FA.

    Remember also, Mathews deal made him the highest paid OLB in 2013, Houston’s deal made him the highest paid OLB, and now Miller’s deal has made him the highest paid OLB. I’m not saying Jones will get more than Miller, but he isn’t signing a multi year 13 million dollar . Heck Tyrann Matheu got 12.5 a year from the cards.

    Also, Lets just say, if Jones feels he is a better edge guy than Vernon and he gets tagged for 14 million, it could get ugly.

    BTW, Tagging Tony Jefferson will never happen. The top 5 safeties are well over 10 million .

    Tyrann Matheu at 12.5 mil
    Eric Berry at 10.6 mil
    Harrison Smith at 10.2
    Earl Thomas at 10 mil
    Devon McCourtney at 9.5 mil

  28. By Big Ken on Dec 4, 2016 | Reply

    Anybody down for trying to trade for Andrew Luck? I know at least two first rounders and more! Would the Colts bite? I wonder what BA’s assessment was of him?

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