Cardinals will bring in punter for tryout

Posted by Darren Urban on December 5, 2016 – 1:46 pm

On the heels of General Manager Steve Keim saying the Cardinals would evaluate the punter position after a rough outing from Drew Butler Sunday, coach Bruce Arians said the team will bring in a punter for a tryout. He did not name who.

“You can’t have guys kicking 28-yard kicks when you sit out there at practice, 50 (yards), 50 every day and then you get in a game (and struggle),” Arians said. “Drew brings a lot of other things but he’s still got to kick the damn ball.”

Butler had three punts Sunday. The first was 41 yards but was a line drive and returnable. The second was a good kick of 50 yards, but the third went the aforementioned 28 yards and allowed Washington to start a drive on the Cardinals’ 48-yard line.

“Kicking is a funny game,” Arians said. “And most of it is mental.”

Butler has struggled much of the season. He dealt with a bad ankle injury earlier in the year, was released, and then brought back. In six games, he has averaged 41.3 yards a punt, with a net average of 35.4. Arians emphasized a tryout did not necessarily mean a change. Holding on Chandler Catanzaro is part of the job description.

“He can be a hell of a punter, if he doesn’t hold, he ain’t getting the job,” Arians said.

Drew Butler

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32 Responses to “Cardinals will bring in punter for tryout”

  1. By 'ZonaFan89 on Dec 5, 2016 | Reply

    Goodbye Butler!!! (I hope, guess it’s not a forgone conclusion that he’s being cut, but there is hope…)

    On another note, why the heck does the new punter have to be able to hold for kicks?? That’s ridiculous! You can’t tell me there’s not another person on our roster that couldn’t hold for Catanzaro. Instead, we’d rather have some loser with a 30 yard punt average who can hold, instead of someone who can bomb the ball but don’t hold for kickers!?? So dumb…

    Also very dumb is the fact that our “Special Teams” is more talked about than the rest of our team, and also that they have cost us so many games this year! These clowns really put the ‘special’ in special teams. Bunch of Lloyd Christmases running out there for punts and kicks…

  2. By EricG on Dec 5, 2016 | Reply

    Struggled, just this year? Really? Just this one year?

    Avg Net Avg
    2016 41.3 35.4
    2015 42.9 35.4
    2014 42.1 36.8
    2012 43.8 37.8
    TOTAL 42.8 37.2

    Yeah, it’s not just this year, it’s his entire career thus far. He is awful. How does he have a job?

  3. By kauaicardsfan on Dec 5, 2016 | Reply

    Thank you!!!! Okay Cardinals scouts here is your chance to shine again!!!
    GO CARDS !!

  4. By Big Ken on Dec 5, 2016 | Reply

    Wake up call!!

  5. By Scott H on Dec 5, 2016 | Reply

    OK…..and how over-due is THIS???????

    I’m just done with this whole Butler thing.

    On second thought…, I’m probably not! But what the hell else is there to say??? Butler was a mistake that went on entirely too long, it took an injury to necessitate bringing in another punter, that lasted about 2 weeks, they went BACK to Butler and his below average skills, and now – mere weeks later from THAT point – we’ve suddenly realized that Butler stinks and we need to look at some other guys.

    Yeah. Maybe training camp would have been a better time, perhaps?

    Can you say EMBARASSING??? Because that’s what this is.

  6. By Shwtyme on Dec 5, 2016 | Reply

    Thats why we have the #1 defense, not because we’re lights out, because Butler sucks, and gives every opposing team a short field to work with. Its a hell of a lot easier to score from mid field, then having to go the full length. Dont know what ties he has with BA, but he shouldve been chopped a long time ago. Big Yepz!

  7. By Joe C. on Dec 5, 2016 | Reply

    I don’t understand why back up QB’s don’t hold anymore. Maybe run a trick play or something? I cant imagine Drew Stanton is doing something so important he can’t be spared on kicks.

  8. By Canadian Redbird on Dec 5, 2016 | Reply

    I’m with Joe C.; get Stanton to hold on field goals. Every team in the Canadian Football League has their back up QB holding on field goal attempts, which does add to the possibility of trick plays. To suggest as per Arian’s comments that any punter that we bring in has to be able to hold is ludicrous. Let’s bring in a guy that can get it downfield 50 + yds with hang time; end of story. Stop giving the opposition a short field to work with.

    I admire Kiem’s honesty regarding the present state of our punting game and not offering some sort of deflection for Butler. This is a result driven game. Lets hope that we can satisfy this need; worst case scenario – draft the best college punter in the 4th or 5th round.

  9. By Butler's Mom on Dec 5, 2016 | Reply

    Come home son. Play time is over, now let the adult take over. We’re late for preschool.

  10. By CardsNation on Dec 5, 2016 | Reply

    We need to get Jermaine Gresham more involve. Especially in the Red Zone. Just look at him, big and physical, a first round pick. Every time he catches a ball, he trucks over people. Darren Fells as well, I know Bruce Arians use TE mostly for blocking but your receivers aren’t doing a great job right now, get them involve and let them make plays.

  11. By dan on Dec 5, 2016 | Reply

    The good ole buddy system……….Butlers been hanging on for years……….must be a discounted kicker, get what you pay for. He must be cheap.

  12. By Darren Urban on Dec 5, 2016 | Reply

    Dan —

    RE: Comments

    What part of — you can’t use foul language or words that are supposed to be foul language — don’t you understand?

  13. By creditcard on Dec 5, 2016 | Reply

    If it has taken a couple seasons for Kiem to figure out that Butler stinks. I’m laying money on that it will take him a decade plus to figure out that our O-line is suspect.

  14. By Imus on Dec 5, 2016 | Reply

    What happened to Jay Feely? He was awesome!

  15. By Erik on Dec 5, 2016 | Reply

    Butler is simply awful. I don’t even know what else to say. How he has been here so long is beyond everyone’s knowledge.

    But the part that really makes me upset is that the team chose an injured Butler over Marquis Christian! What a WASTE!

  16. By Andy Kw on Dec 5, 2016 | Reply

    Matt Wile is the best punter in free agency right now.
    Bruce Arians of all people has to learn to let go. Butler has had his good moments but has had many more forgettable moments. Keim & Arians has to do what’s best for the team to succeed. They know what to do. The question is will they do it?

  17. By Greta Archuleta on Dec 6, 2016 | Reply

    They should consider doing the same with their QB

  18. By dan on Dec 6, 2016 | Reply

    Butler was cheap……..blame Keim…….guess he doesn’t think punters are worth the money. That explains why he’s been around for so long. He’s made some good moves and bad ones, more bad ones lately. Punts good in practice but below average in games.

  19. By JohnnyBluenose on Dec 6, 2016 | Reply

    Congratulations to LarryFitz. Without question one of the best receivers to ever play the game and always plays with passion at a very high level. Another receiver who has also had a great career and who is also near the top in career receptions is Anquan Boldin. He is 11th with 1061 but only 41 receptions behind Marvin Harrison who is currently 4th overall. Jason Whitten is there too with 1072, good enough for 8th spot. I do not know if Boldin is interested in playing one more year but if he plays 16 games in 2017 he should be 5th overall by this time next year. Not too shabby. Hopefully he too will be in our Ring of Honor someday and, I expect, in the Hall of Fame too…..great hands and someone who competed and fought hard at all times and a good guy off the field.

  20. By mitchaz on Dec 6, 2016 | Reply


    Any word on who the punter for the tryout is?

    Is it Matt Wile? The Cardinals just saw him flip the field a couple of occasions versus them in ATL. What better way to audition, right?

    Plus, with Stanton active on game days, even if Wile doesn’t have experience as a holder—how about letting Stanton hold? If he’s not comfortable—the Cardinals have a player who has the best set of hands on planet earth in Larry Fitzgerald. If i were Catanzaro and Larry were holding for me, I would be stoked.

  21. By Darren Urban on Dec 6, 2016 | Reply

    Mitchaz —

    RE: Punter

    They did not say, although Kent Somers is reporting it is indeed Wile.

  22. By Chris Lewis on Dec 6, 2016 | Reply

    if the offense wasn’t punting so often, we wouldn’t be talking about the punter as much, but we still need at least an average punter, field position is so important in football, while we’re talking about kickers, I’m not too high on Cat man either, he’s already cost us at least 2 games this yr., actually the special teams as a whole has been terrible. As crazy as it sounds, Arizona’s still right in the thick of the playoff race, if we win the last 4 games, we have a good chance of getting in.

  23. By Brendan A Barbeito on Dec 6, 2016 | Reply

    Sorry Drew, I like you and would love to keep you a Cardinal, but this is a production oriented business and you aren’t producing enough. It’s a bummer but it’s the reality of the situation.
    Best of luck to him if the Cards let him go.

  24. By Dan on Dec 6, 2016 | Reply

    Any chance Rich Camarillo comes out of retirement? Lol

  25. By dan on Dec 6, 2016 | Reply

    How many sacks with Cameron Wake have this week? 4?

  26. By JTDG on Dec 6, 2016 | Reply

    I have read several comments regarding Chris Spielman as the announcer. I want to toss my input in.

    First, as a player, the guy was a beast. I sit 4 rows up on the 50 U.S. Line on the opponents side. So I see and hear a lot said and done by the opponents. Spielman stands out, because he would pave the sideline waiting to get back in. He didn’t sit or drink or look at pictures, he just paced like a caged animal waiting to be released. From that point on, I was a fan.

    As an announcer, he was great. He was knowledgeable and could see plays before they happened. He had great insight.

    With that being said, he said every time Larry motions in, and steps up on the side he started at off the TE, the cards ran the ball. He said after watching film, it happened about 90% of the time. That is not good.

    But if BA can use that and play action off that, receivers should be open.

  27. By JTDG on Dec 6, 2016 | Reply


    Nice stats about Boldin. I wouldn’t mind bringing him back to watch him climb the record books too.

    Since Fitz works underneath , he really wouldn’t fit, but Still would enjoy having Anquan back and retire as a card.

    Talk about home runs, Rod Graves had a nice pick every now and then.

  28. By Kevin S Mesa on Dec 6, 2016 | Reply


    Re: Catanzaro:

    I hear you. Kickers have such a small sample size that it’s hard to know, when they miss in a critical situation, is that just bad luck (because they are going to miss sometimes), or is it a problem of not being able to handle the pressure?

    By the stat sheet, Cat has missed 4 FG’s this year, although I can’t really fault him for the one where Seattle blocked it by jumping over the center. He had no chance there. But the NE and other Seattle miss were huge, as you point out. He also missed a 53-yarder — which is tough, but makeable — in the Washington game at a point when we were trailing by 3. He’s had a couple clutch kicks (the GW vs. SF, for example, though that was little more than an extra point), but one might say he’s come up biggest when it didn’t really matter (like the 60 yarder against Buffalo, which was nice, but in the scheme of things, all it did was shave the deficit from 17 to 14 with 10 minutes to go.

    And I realize some will blame the NE miss in part on the snapper, but many including Feely as well as Cat himself have said the kicker still needs to make that kick.

    The difference between Cat and Butler though is that with Cat, you can understand the argument for keeping him. He’s capable of making a 60-yarder, and has been at least as good as an average NFL kicker. Butler, though, has been near the league-worst for a while. I totally get keeping a punter who doesn’t necessarily put out a lot of booming kicks IF he is really good at dropping the ball inside the 10 when kicking from around midfield… back when I was a kid and followed the Bears back in Chicago, they had a punter named Bob Parsons who didn’t kick very far but was a master at downing the ball on the 5 or so. Butler isn’t good at either — he doesn’t kick very far when the situation requires it, nor does he pin the opponent when the situation requires it.

  29. By Scott H on Dec 7, 2016 | Reply

    ZonaFan89 –

    I agree – it seems like entirely too much has been made of Butler’s apparently in-dispensable and other-worldly holding skills. Give me a break. People act like if we don’t have Drew Butler here to do the holding, we may never get a good hold on a FG attempt again.

    It’s ridiculous. And here’s how ya fix it – during TRAINING CAMP, you bring in a better punter and you have him WORK on other things like holding, some place-kicking, etc. And with all that work, that person, too, can be an effective holder for our ST’s.

    I mean, it ain’t like the kickers have much else to do during that time, right?

    Good lord, what is so complicated about this????

    And you are right, ZonaFan – at this point, it is absolutely absurd that our PUNTER is what we are talking so much about right now. Let’s face it – that only happens if your punter is exceptionally good or if he’s been a liability. Well…care to take a guess at the correct answer here? I’d give ya 2 guesses but you’re only gonna need one.

  30. By Scott H on Dec 7, 2016 | Reply

    So nice to see Boldin getting a little love here. How can ya not love that guy? He’s been productive everywhere he’s been. He’s not a guy you are going to start in your fantasy line-up every week, but he always helps his team where it counts – on the field. Everywhere he has been, he is his QB’s favorite WR, the guy his QB looks for when a play needs to be made, the guy his QB knows he can trust. And he’s STILL playing very well as he approaches his mid-30’s. Remarkable.

    And he’s STILL one of my favorite Cardinals players of all time. IMHO, he belongs in the ROH, and I hope he will get there some day. I’m sure some will say that his “attitude” toward the end should not make him a consideration for the ROH, but….I disagree whole-heartedly. That man was a flat-out warrior for this team, as tough as they come, and he was a necessary piece to that team that went to the SB in 2008.

    He and Fitz were such a PERFECT complement to each other, in every way possible. We were blessed ( as was Kurt Warner ) to have them here together during their primes.

    Actually, they BOTH still play like they are still both IN their prime!

    I think the trio of Boldin / Fitz / Breaston will probably be THE best WR trio this team will ever have. I mean…..what could possibly top that????

  31. By JTDG on Dec 7, 2016 | Reply


    Who could top that?

    Well, for a little while, we thought Fitz, Floyd, and John Brown would. But that didn’t turn out like we thought. 🙂

  32. By Scott H on Dec 7, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG –

    Ah, I was thinking the same as I wrote my post. But IMHO, I never thought either Floyd or Brown ever reached a point where they could be considered being on Boldin’s level. Neither one has proven to be as tough, consistent, or as talented as Boldin was / is. Certainly not yet, anyway.

    Boldin is an exceptional player for his toughness, his productivity, and his longevity. VERY few WR’s – even many who you could say had more skills than Boldin – could compare with him when you put it ALL on the scale.

    In that regard, he approaches that level of “special” in the same way that Fitz does. How AMAZING would it have been for then to have remained together here in Arizona for all these years???

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