Keim: Palmer praise and Butler answer

Posted by Darren Urban on December 5, 2016 – 8:19 am

Not surprisingly, Steve Keim was much happier today. The Cardinals won and played pretty well. One player the Cardinals General Manager mentioned during his appearance on the “Doug and Wolf” show on Arizona Sports 98.7 a couple of times was Carson Palmer. Keim said the quarterback was exceptional. Palmer completed 30 of 46 passes for 300 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions.

“Some of the throws he made were fantastic,” Keim said. “His arm, to me, looked yesterday as live as it’s looked in a long time.”

Keim was asked if that meant Palmer’s arm had been a concern.

“I wouldn’t say it’s as much of a concern, but some of the balls he threw, the velocity and the placement he had on them, and some of the things he did in the pocket where he escaped pressure, was excellent.”

— The question everyone always wants answers for was asked to Keim — what are his feelings on the play of punter Drew Butler Sunday. Butler only had to punt three times and did have a 50-yarder, but averaged less than 40 yards a punt and less than 35 net. His final boot of 28 yards let the Redskins start an eventual field goal drive on the Cardinals’ side of the field.

“Not satisfied at all,” Keim said. “Like any other position there are expectations, and that spot right now, we’re not living up to expectations. It’s a results-based business and if you’re not getting the job done, we’ll look and see if there is somebody who can. That’s the tough part of it. You’re in some critical situations. It’s not like we have a backup punter that you can put in if someone is having a rough day. We’ll certainly talk about that today and see where it goes moving forward.”

— Yes, he was happy with running back David Johnson (more on DJ later today.) “Every time he does things, it’s amazing to me,” Keim said, adding “the sky is the limit for that young man.”

— Like Palmer, left tackle D.J. Humphries was mentioned a couple of times as someone who had an “excellent” game. Keim also thought right tackle Ulrick John flashed at times. He has strength deficiencies, Keim said, but “what he does athletically, he jumped out with some of the things he did.”

— On Bruce Arians’ play-calling late: “Give a lot of credit to our head coach. One thing about him, he’s willing to take risks. He showed confidence in our team and they rewarded him.”

— Keim also said he liked the fact the players held a meeting among themselves last week. “Because it shows me they care. We’re all disappointed with the way the season has gone so far. Expectations were high. That’s the way they should be, that’s the way we want them here. So, to show it means something to these players, the fact we haven’t played well as a team for the most part this season, and to come out, when you face adversity, to fight and to not give up, the way we played (Sunday) … our playmakers stepped up and made plays.”

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24 Responses to “Keim: Palmer praise and Butler answer”

  1. By Steve on Dec 5, 2016 | Reply

    Drew Butler could probably average 30 yards a punt on this team and still keep his job…..for reasons I’m not clear about.

  2. By Tyler on Dec 5, 2016 | Reply

    WOW. You don’t say, Steve? The punting game seems off to you?

    About time…

  3. By Craig on Dec 5, 2016 | Reply

    The defense and special teams needs to clean up its play, yes the d kept the Redskins under 300 passing yards they still allowed to many points to be up on the board.

  4. By red2616 on Dec 5, 2016 | Reply

    Not sure how Palmer gets hit in the head while he has the ball but no flag. Cousins gets tackled while ball in hand yet flagged for late hit? They have to do something about refs. Not just from game to game but team to team and team to team during game. Refs are controlling the outcome. So not what Football is about.

  5. By JTDG on Dec 5, 2016 | Reply

    It was nice to win a game against a team fighting for the playoffs.

    Was everything perfect? No.

    But today, I am just going to enjoy the win.

    Palmer played his best game of the year. It was still the Larry and David show, but has BA finally decided to use his TE? Gresham had some big catches.
    Nice to see JJ catch one deep.

    And even when Fitz doesn’t catch the ball, he makes the play. The Floyd TD, Larry cuts under and the DBs bite, giving the window for Palmer to rifle it to Floyd.

    Number 3 of all time. Just think of all the receivers that have played this game. There have been so many amazing players, yet Larry Fitzgerald has bested all but 2 in catches. HOF, Ring of Honor, every award out there is coming. Congrats to Larry !!!!! He deserves it all.

  6. By Adam Smith b1723 fka NPP fka TLT fka DTL on Dec 5, 2016 | Reply

    Monday Morning Rant,
    Punter: “It’s not like we have a backup punter that you can put in” One reason cited for resigning Drew was ability to backup the kicker. Misguided. Recall Vikes or Atlanta had just signed a guy off street and the guy went 47-49 yd avg (or so) on a bucnh of punts. Even recall 4.7 hang time ringing in my ears, and recall our crappy field position, game after game. Drew, a wonderful guy, had poor ones yesterday, and a negative difference this year. But THAT’s on Keim, and BA. They need to get Special Teams right, we were shaky again but survived it.

    C. Palmer is not done this year, period. Neither is BA. He just needs to get on the treadmill, and cut out the pasta. Still , we must get a QB in draft if opp arises.

    Cant look forward to rest of season, focused on future, unless, until Cards “show me” they can play better. So many mental errors, poor penalties, guys out of position, seemingly lackadaisical play. Unreal, Wash took lead TWICE in third quarter, on our home turf, TDs both times!!!…sign of weak team. Expect more from my $89 seats! Sorry, no Christmas spirit here, just yet… Go Cards.

  7. By Adam Smith b1723 on Dec 5, 2016 | Reply

    PS: JJ Nelson, made a brilliant catch. Still, he has killed us this year, cant be counted on until he proves repeatedly otherwise. With John Brown iffy, maybe he gets the chance to prove his reliability.

  8. By joe holst on Dec 5, 2016 | Reply

    this guys name seems backwards, Ulrick John. , also the way Tyler Lockett is lighting it up for Settle, we need to find someone similar I the next years draft since our return game is so weak,

  9. By Eric G on Dec 5, 2016 | Reply

    I’ll enjoy the win for now, take it week by week until they are mathematically eliminated. Good game. O’line looked solid for once. Loved the 4th and 1 play call. If you can’t get that, you don’t deserve to win. I did like that BA is finally not calling 20 yard routes for every receiver on nearly every play now. Most of the drives were methodical and took a lot of plays. I hope to see more of that.

    Re: Butler

    Don’t have a backup? You mean like Quigley who had a better average and was just fine? Butler is the worst choice to have out on that field. I hate him so much that if the Cards used their first round pick to draft a punter next year I wouldn’t even be that mad. Ok, yeah I would, but my point is not one single fan understands why he is on the team. It literally defies all logic and explanation.

    Is he secretly union and you can’t fire him? Does he have naked pictures of someone? Did he kidnap someone’s dog and is holding it ransom? What is it? He is just god awful. Just own up to it now Keim, you made a bad choice with him. Just release him and sign anyone else to fill his shoes. None of us will be upset.

  10. By kauaicardsfan on Dec 5, 2016 | Reply

    So stoked about the win! team looked like how we are supposed to look!
    I’m glad they ask Kiem about Butler! Does someone owe him something? sure looks like he has some pull cause anyone else would have been cut. First excuses was he was injured so his punting was bad, now he is healthy and its still bad. If nothing changes, nothing changes!!!
    Even being all the way over here in Hawaii I could see that Butler was bad again. Sorry cant cover for him anymore. I believe we have great scouts, they have to have someone out there ready to go? Atlanta found one I’m sure we can too? I just watched a high school game and our punter was punting at least 40 yards, just saying stop covering for him already!
    Still love my team though!!
    GO CARDS!!

  11. By JTDG on Dec 5, 2016 | Reply

    Larry is now 10th all time in receiving yards and should finish the year somewhere around 7th or 8th all time.

    If he has the same year in 2017 as he has this year, he will move into 3rd all time in yards, only 200 yards away from Terrell Owens for #2.

    He will end up with 117 catches this year, which means if he repeats this year in 2017, he will have 1252 and 73 catches short of 2nd place.

    Catching Rice seems impossible, but being number 2 in yards and catches is doable if he plays through 2018.

    Larry will be 35 years old , turning 36 in 2019 with still 180 catches for Rice and 6000 yards. I just don’t see Larry hanging on for a record he most likely can’t get to. But I do hope we can get him for 2 more years and watch him get #2 all time in both catches and yards.

    Oh, and a superbowl in 2017.

  12. By Joseph Robinett on Dec 5, 2016 | Reply

    An outstanding, balls to the wall, game for both teams… A game like that reminds me of why the NFL can be so grand and within those three hours can take on a life of, dramatically, its very own.

    I cannot count how many times that the announcers have made the comment, as they did yesterday, Carson Palmer is one tough dude.

    When Carson went back to pass, within a perfect pocket, and a few minutes to go, planting his feet and holding the ball high and close to his chin, his technique flawless, he lets the ball go I can hear myself quietly say to myself “touchdown.”

    In closing, Chris Spielman is, in my opinion, one the best, if not the best, football analyst in sports today. He obviously has an incredible pedigree as a former player and, as a result, applies that knowledge with such insight that I could swear he’s selling me insider trading….

  13. By Scott H on Dec 5, 2016 | Reply

    Keim on Butler – “Not satisfied at all”

    Really, Steve? So….why did you RE-SIGN him just a few weeks ago??????????????????????????????? HOW can you do that and then turn around ALMOST IMMEDIATELY and express that you’re not satisfied with his performance??? And just so ya know? His performance hasn’t changed a damn bit. It’s been the same all along. So, it’s not like you didn’t know what you were getting.

    My God, man…..I was feeling really good about yesterday, and then I gotta listen to THIS???

  14. By mitchaz on Dec 5, 2016 | Reply

    Joseph—I agree with you about Chris Spielman who really has done his homework on the Cardinals. He offered more insight on the Cardinals and their tendencies than all of the otter cold guys combined this year.

  15. By JTDG on Dec 5, 2016 | Reply

    Scott H,

    I know the feeling. You want to stay positive till you get a snow job response. Then you want to come unglued.

    Same snow job with Butler as he gives with others. I guess, yesterday was his first bad day of punting Butler had this year Steve? We are going into the last 4 games and you are finally bringing in punters. Finally.

    Kind of like Humphries had an excellent game.

    Truth is, Humphries didn’t hurt us. He did his job most of the time. He was beat, and beaten badly, at times also. I would grade him out as a B-. Maybe for some with low expectations, that is excellent.
    If I knew how to attach videos to this blog, I would show you a half dozen plays he got an “F” on.

    Why not just say that? He did a decent job. Excellent to me is not pointing at plays and saying , well he was beat there. That is excellent. He was beat several times. I mean, did Floyd have an excellent game cause he caught a TD?

    To me, Peterson had a good game, but not excellent, because he had a Hands to the face penalty on the final drive giving the skins a first down. Can’t do that.

    Campbell had a very good game, but he extended a drive because of roughing the passer. Plus he couldn’t find the ball he tipped for the pick.

    DJ had a really good game, but fumbled on a TD drive. Luckly we feel on it. As good as he was, he wasn’t excellent.

    Palmer was as close to excellent as anyone.

    I just dont get it.

  16. By texascard on Dec 5, 2016 | Reply

    Translation. Cards wiil not draft a qb next year. Palmer is coming back. End of discussion. Good news is that it means fitz will be back. No question about it. And ba will be back. I think that narrows draft to wr, lb, c/g. Hopefully lions will take who keim wants and we pick someone good. p.s. Scott sorry for your loss. Hope all is well.

  17. By Scott H on Dec 6, 2016 | Reply

    texascard –

    Thanks, bro. The win on Sunday was a nice lift, ya know?

    I think Palmer will absolutely be back next year. I’m not even entertaining the possibility that he won’t be. Now, if we get the Carson Palmer we saw on Sunday back for 2017, then I can’t wait to get there. If we get the Carson Palmer we’ve seen for most of this season… that really a good thing? But regardless, he is our QB for 2017 and I don’t rule out the possibility he could play beyond that.

    Regardless, the organization MUST be thinking QB of the future IMMEDIATELY. I wasn’t on that page this past off-season, but I am now. This team could win SB’s in 2017 and 2018 with Palmer ( man, if only….) but his days as a starting are still limited. And we still got a future to think about.

  18. By Scott H on Dec 6, 2016 | Reply

    JTDG –

    Yeah, I hear ya. My feathers ( red ones, of course ) have been ruffled by many things that have been said over the course of the season that have just not sat well with me. No, I don’t expect Keim or BA to just blast players after a game, but….you can still be more “real” about things WITHOUT doing that. And, I must say, I think BA DOES a very good job of keeping it real.

    But when you’ve had a head coach that has been admitted to a hospital TWICE in 12 weeks with chest pains ( issues that can clearly be exacerbated by stress ) after a game……then things ain’t exactly where they were expected to be, are they?

    And in the midst of all that, you have a terrible punter that just keeps his job with no questions asked – while poor special teams play continues to play a role in most of the losses.

    NO. Sorry, that doesn’t fly with me. It doesn’t fly with you. It’s not gonna fly with any smart fan base that can spot problems when they are not really that hard to see.

    How you feelin’ about another dreaded trip to the east coast this week?

  19. By truths4all on Dec 6, 2016 | Reply

    It is important to note that the TV Color Analyst (Speillman) correctly predicted many times what plays Arians liked to call on certain downs and game conditions.

    If a color analyst can figure out what plays Arians is going to call, then NFL Defenses can also. This is why the Cards have had major difficulty on certain downs and game situations, thus explaining why teams seem to be able to defense the Cards offense in many points throughout the game, especially in the Red Zone.

  20. By clssylssy on Dec 6, 2016 | Reply

    Why waste a draft pick on another QB if he doesn’t look like he will be NFL ready in a year or two just to say we drafted somebody? And, what makes you think we’d recognized a future talent if he were dropped in our lap…we’d probably trade for another later draft pick that wouldn’t pan out either. It would be nice if we had somebody in our organization who was good at drafting or scouting which, is why I think having somebody like Tom Coughlin or Norv Turner on board would add a much needed different dimension to our tunnel vision-like perspective.
    It was great to get this win but I knew we were capable. We’ve had flashes of competitiveness against the Seahawks and now Washington, the problem hasn’t been as much with the talent as with the lack of cohesiveness and motivation. Perhaps the fact that the season is drawing near and players really are playing for their jobs and looking good on tape has sunk in.
    Just read an article by Antrel Rolle in the Player’s Tribune in which he reminisced about his days playing for the Cards, his chemistry with DRC, and our SB game, and, while that team didn’t have BA’s record, it had something this team has lacked in the way of passion (as well as more individual playmakers) and is why that team came within less than a minute of winning the SB.
    Interesting to note that Matt Barkley is now starting for the Bears and winning games, getting good reviews from PFF with a QB rating of 83.3, is even on the ProBowl ballot! I was never a fan of that deal but it does go to show that many times it takes four or five years for a QB to be NFL ready in today’s league. We’ll probably get our future franchise QB by accident so I’m kinda over the point of hoping for anything more!

  21. By Kevin S Mesa on Dec 6, 2016 | Reply

    These next few weeks are going to be very interesting.

    Obviously, I want the Cards to win, but if they beat Miami (currently that’s a pick ’em game according to Vegas, and they got trounced last week), New Orleans (we should be favored), and the Rams (who are now officially terrible), and then lose to Seattle (seems likely), we’d finish 8-7-1. If that happens, there’s a very good chance that we’d wind up in a situation where just one more win would’ve put us in the playoffs. Unless one of the Redskins, Vikings, or Packers goes undefeated from here, 9-6-1 would be enough to beat all of them for the last spot, and with as inconsistent as those three teams have been, 4-0 would be a stretch (plus GB has Seattle this week, and Minnesota, while they have a weak schedule otherwise, has to go to Lambeau). Tampa Bay doesn’t have to go undefeated — 3-1 is good enough to get them to 10-6 and a half-game up on 9-6-1, but one of those games is @Dallas; assuming they lose that one, they’d have to go 3-0 with home and away games against NO as well as a home game against Carolina to finish 10-6. While they’ve had a nice run of late, they’re still negative in net points and it’s hard for me to imagine them beating the Saints twice AND Carolina.

    When you think about some of the games we lost (or the tie), it’s maddening … the possibility that we’ll be looking at the season coming down to a bad snap/missed FG in the opener, and/or not being able to hit a chip-shot FG in the tie, is very real.

  22. By clssylssy on Dec 6, 2016 | Reply

    Or, it could have been a matter of the Cards not executing or playing up to their ability, which, I think was the case. Fans can blame predictable play calling all day but, it’s usually a good idea to stick with what works and what you know rather than trying to get all jazzy. If the practices are as good as advertised there wouldn’t be a lot of doubt that they would be effective in the game. Something seems to have being lost in translation and hopefully we have that fixed…probably a combination of a lot of minor things.
    Watching the games, I think the Bucs are going to take their Division and Minnesota is going to be even better in the final games with Adrian Peterson coming back.(Thay came very close to beating Dallas, SHOULD have beat Dallas but for the officiating) I would NEVER underestimate the Saints, on the strength of Drew Brees and could see both that game and the Rams game as potential landmines for the Cards if we happen to make it through another week. Even though the Saints and Rams have been eliminated from the playoffs they still could throw a wrench into things if they are viewed as only as good as their record. From here on out, every game is a playoff game.

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